SoccerCast - Bruce Arena's impact on the USMNT

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Tuesday, June 13th

Ben and Russ talk about the USMNT under the Bruce Arena and why we are more optimistic with him in charge than we were during his first tenure. Ben has no use for the US Open Cup but Russ see's the value.


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Yes Tucker cast here on. On WEEI dot com and of course on iTunes and stitcher. He's so kind please leave us a rating and a review will reader review. On the show sounds good. All right so here's a we're doing it room we're making it happened so that we talked about last week we are a lot of people asking a super actually gonna do we're actually doing it. We will be down a Gillette. On Saturday the seventeenth I'm sorry show. That's fantastic a look at sports or will I stay for the game I don't know I haven't decided yet but I either way we're going to be due ownership from the tea pots then that's a wonderful than. Well or to the outlook for two to a lot of people talked to me that if you know listen or when people in the building metal real news show that I didn't know listen. Big hazel worry is going to be fine. They autumn season ticket holders like woo IC all the time when you tell me listen here. It's funny is that guy's gonna listen to this is the I'm talking about him right. There's a lot to talk about it and let's start the reds are Oka and and I wanna ask your opinion and he'd give a (%expletive) about the US. Opened up. Well I think it's a chance to play players that haven't played as much is first team players so easy OK it's hard Osgood said. It's not what it what it is with other cops across the world but. Do I really really care in my heart of hearts. Just a little I I would say just a little I'd like to see them progress. I do follow them. There in the US open cup so I will be falling. Eyes. Is it dissolve a portion as analysts is of course not blood off this could say I Carole little bit. Com. A boy you I don't give issue at all. Com and I feel Gaffney some ways that you really only care Jews who see other people can get on well I wanna see whose plight yet. It's really don't review now under. I would say I wanna Singapore's haven't been getting much of a look. Get a chance to play CI a to Cecil I'm looking at a door Walton to progress yes yeah obviously now we don't do would like to see him win Norman at the end of the day doesn't it doesn't really matter really doesn't matter. I would say and that's a Littleton and I'll stick to that because I do listen to while in this competition and it doesn't matter enemy aka. Click. Who gives a shift of during the Rochester rhinos. No I get fell apart today Carolina rail hawks are right now there can't write that if they ended up winning it that's something to hold your hat on and that that's a while ago I had on the table that I saw that. And again I think enough of them I had no. Well it's that's what I'm like this into law any competition so that's why I guess I got a little bit better because they're I understand what you're saying. I'm regardless of who and when they play US and when I still wanna see them what I don't wanna see them lose and don't get me wrong especially when your plane. You know division three teams essentially you don't see them lose to those people. Anyone listen to all in all and I'll use Liverpool as an example to UC will report to wallow in the FA cup. May be the only other car cut means oh hell lot more than you itself a true. This is true put on I'm using that as an example because that's something income parable for us are good. Every government or US open cup and I know I've brought you did bring this up you want announcements like civic cared little bumpy and honestly. I always wanted to be a guy while only 1% led to be dishonest on this ordeal but of course. Doctors and I expect nothing but honesty and virtue from. You and Alex we're gonna how Alex's. Yeah three weeks in a row without him it's been awhile since since we've got on the show you. Alex on the show and he is he's just a little busy right now. Yeah he's on vacation. Aren't whenever. He keeps this up to be on permanent and while. I hope Arafat's cabinet. I hope not to do so it's wherever you are. I hope he's listened. He's probably fifth minute Texas and to know listen rich Joseph. And then you won't comment on missile notebook she. Did you see that the show is now available yes and you guys. (%expletive) you where are from now hopefully I know we won't be here next week either. I think he really just retired. I don't think so that I dissent that right now he's in the middle of have been some time with. I for and I can't wait for the thirty for thirty and Alex Goldberg's come back to suck your best. Okay. That would be very interest now I'm looking forward to it as well I I would love what I'm myself actually thirty for thirty don't trust Goldman let's look at. Well the one you would be scandal itself. Yes there'd be down wouldn't be good we wouldn't want that arm. Well this is watching the one I'm Marcus Dupree wouldn't be a scandalous is Alan. I. You minus all the money it's probably me more so price did more stuff than he did in his short time arm let's leave that Boca. All right US men's national team that two World Cup qualifying games. Reports. The victory when I just is that there is such before we start. And hockey environment let's look at a victory and the drone Mexico at this audio stack up. It's such a good result. I think even up one nothing would rather score in the seventh minute. He scored early. I think it's a tremendous. Result you know and dot I've actually seen some talk about it. And talk about the lack of Bob possession and we could talk about it because I think in this instant and you and I have talked about a long without Alex. Possession doesn't always tell you the entire store this is one of those matches that certainly does not I think a point at the stock is NASA's. Well I've liked them to win I think that would have been aborted spent to go in there and get a point two. Nick's seven changes and change your approach to change the formation and get a point there. And basically. Go by your game plan and European currencies not a point I think it's a massive result I think the bigger point. I guess it's it was good in the three points against Trinidad today that they needed that to get a point out Azteca is is huge. Not only was it big but what I found and you're saying was you mentioned the seven roster changes yes others which is a big number up from game to game. From not only that the change of the formation as you spoke on that and though it was technically three in the back it was really five in the back right. I already like would Bruce arena's approach. Is and has been to this team right now more so than I was liking what you're gonna Klinsmann was at least for the last year of Klinsmann. Right RD like him more he he understands a little bit more about the nuances here and we'd this roster. Then Clinton seemed to ever understand right but he also understands CONCACAF. He knew what he had to do to play this. Applauded they planned this in advance they're playing for far in advance and as some of the players came out talking American it was Bradley and some of sports talking about it like. The last time they played in Mexico last year and it lost. Klinsmann set up a game plan two days in advance I didn't have a ton of time to work on image is kind of went. Where is Arenas set up this game plan two weeks in advance these are working on it he yard you told them who's playing in that game. And his what I want you guys doing now obviously there's a couple of cross over players but. He would put a game plan in place two weeks before understanding exactly the problems with the going down to Mexico City implying there. Heightened elevation nomads stuff. And just the challenge of going to. Azteca which is an amazing place supplies. Very likely he's doing in the sense that he's really taking a long look approach at this team that's right he's not just would panic game to game going OK who played well last game let's give them another run. He's like okay this is. This is the thrill one back I want Cameron to kind of be the focal point of this defensive line here and he was awesome it was fantastic it was. I would say is the the player of the match he was the man of the match. Absolutely and Brad whose goals on Franken believable but Cameron was the best player on the field and I thought it really wasn't that close but. Their whole defensive unit played really well he brought up the possession. Well when you send of that kind of formation. That's kind of what your expecting to do. It was the game plan and they they were expecting that they were actually saying come on tell us and that's exactly what happened. And the way he set them up go when Ford was to take advantage of the opportunity when they had on the counter and that's exactly what you saw he had speed going in the otherwise so he set them up well defensively. But he set them up pretty while moving forward because he had the pace in the Bobby warned. I've heard a lot of criticism of starting bug would go when you think about it then starting him over out dorm mates that's because of the pace in the war rate. Where you were playing in that formation you needed someone PC up front and it worked it worked and then of course you had it all. You know we definitely have to talk about a sick but whatever Corsica have the ball and I know people have talked about that he was. Why it. But I think that was also part of the game plan because they weren't gonna get that many opportunities. And they were on top whom when he got the ball. But he did have a wonderful opportunity to score and I opened the future he has a better result than non he did on that one opportunity but. Whenever he has the ball in his speech he still Extenders they have they've looked dangerous this is not just sitting back. And holding on for dear life this was. Practical game plan by arena that. Was looking at the opponent and said this is what we need to do and prepared in advance. They all knew their role all of these players knew what they had to do and they executed simple as and it was game plan and execution of it. And that's why pick a point. Is just here I you know upon Mexico. You can tell how frustrated they were you can look at the coach that have shown that coach you looked extremely frustrated and then had a lot to do with how arena set them up and how they executed. Is this a team now that the other country yet members fear again because it was for awhile. This is the top dog the US was the top dog in CONCACAF and always kind of pass it back and forth between Mexico and the US for a little while. The US was the top dog right and it must have leaders we've seen Costa Rica become a very dangerous seem. And pent up become a very dangerous team to a certain extent knows what's grocery can. Some could argue that closer to my do the best team in Concord African. I think that they should be feared and I think a good amount has to go to not just the players that. That are available I have to go to arena and his approach arena is now looking out of you know you you said Nash to match he is looking out to national match to match to match up against an opponent and take advantage of the players in the house for each opponent. Like he said he doesn't matter if you played well against Trinidad Tobago doesn't matter. If he's looking at the important this is actually I hate to say use a patriots analogy. But then don't you love to use an idea but but in this case it makes sense yet because you know if you look at it. Pelletier we'll look at one game plan completely different than the next and were all matter on the opponent he was matching up against this opponent he wanted to frustrate. Mexico at PS jacket and it worked brilliantly it really did because if you look at it they only had one shot on target and they score that's at. If you watched backed up match especially in the second half inning on a shocker of them. Kind of balls account yeah and it was a little bit of a Boehner by Bradley. What he got beat. Oca. But if you look at it. If you look at their goal and you wanna give him credit because you know that was. Off of a situation where US men's national team had a chance to score than they went right down and and got the opportunity and that was after really. You know a nice goal by them. But beyond that ticked about the opportunities and Mexico had. Set pieces they were dangerous fine up tick that it did that we can be dangerous on set pieces and you keep them quiet. Everywhere else. Got to me is doing your job and I just kept looking at likened to see the confidence. You talked about the back three back five what do you want the three setter backs. They looked very assured and not and I have to give a little laughter Tamarine biggest memory foam plant yeah. Play with a lot of confidence dealer who is truly Jersey right now or my phone Jersey and I just have to say that out of the three he's the one that that people won't be talking the most about. But he just did his job he would confident docked their own all three of them I thought were excellent. Cameron. Was definitely the man of the match some some key moments with hand this to stop their attacks and that was really about Cameron and and and Omar was was huge in the air so between the three of them to set everything up go forward and then you have. You know Bob Dempsey with dancing I'm sort of forget about Dempsey. I'm. Easily no no. God why am I blanking on the on the gold strike him from doing this. Michael Bradley. Michael Bradley really played well in the middle along with Kelyn Acosta Kelyn Acosta comes and I was a very good addition to help him out. And and it was a Smart move by arena and guy who's used to playing in altitude then I who knows how to play up there yeah that's I mean. It's a feeling this team is getting more. Of a thoughtful approach as opposed to a kind of new age. Hipster who approached that Clinton has gone. Well it was and it's a good point you know the approach on how was I guess you could say old school. And it was more of thought just think about it we applaud as it was a very thoughtful approach and I think we boo you obviously we're going about it. About what arena decided to do. And it and they get the result of that negated they get appointment. But you said moving forward I feel very confident that they should be feel I I do I I really do and what I thought was great is that. Couple players that did imply I was glad to see you know outdoor does come off the bench. Clint Dempsey. I like the fact that that Clint Dempsey wasn't starting wiped out fact because at some point then you have to move on from and I thought this is a good opportunity. To show what you could do without Clint Dempsey without out the door get the result. And think about OK we comply without these guys an all pro in this as well because. There might be another opportunity to play. This formation. Now you know you can do some thinking about if you go in the World Cup maybe there's a teenager that you want to. You wanna play this why because you know you have the pace on the Connor. Two. To hurt a team. That is gonna have a good amount of possession that's what I found interesting about this you played this well defensively this formation he could hurt the team. Doesn't take much and you saw that. Seems like the three names that dimension and again Geoff Cameron up Michael Bradley in these. Market in the Marcus isn't more ages wander. Is this guy get a plane another freedom World Cup obvious I this is what his fourth World Cup I don't know I don't know. Didn't make it to Tony eighteen vegan at all won't play hero at all. I like the player of all is like the color. He's made a couple of mistakes when he plays a straight a fullback role we've seen it happen. But you could actually blame him for the goal you know as partial blame for the oracle. Fair enough. We've seen in my many mistakes back there bodies generally solid presence. You kind of always know what you're gonna get them. Outside of the occasional gaffe Bennett plus he has the pace then OK you do you just talked about moving on from certain players right. Why hasn't been such an inability to move on from b.'s report like yeah he's still good we still like him and everything but. Their house to be better alternative out there. In terms of building a core defensive unit sure there custody yeah I'm not and I'm there with me you have Devlin on the other side. Eight when yet. And has really stepped up yet only two years something that's. Like he would be much more an offer of at least six years he started growing into his role he's looking much more confident but I hear what you're saying on the other side. You just. Created yes but I think that part of this had to do with. Would airplane. The the role that he was gonna play. Experience. Now readership you know it all homers on our leadership with the revolution. We to ship that's going to go and ended today Estee it was probably very important but yes. Eventually you need to move on move a good thing about him is no game is stupid crime scene essentially at all now. It all and that's what they also also talked about the as the players our out there. Did they feel awed by the moment by the location by going into the stock up. I don't think any of those pars were in awe of where they war of the moment. And that's me as something else to take out of that Sanyo is that they just looked so confident out there so yes I understand how many changes. But this is like it's goes back to the beginning it was a very well thought of plan. That was well executed. Very well thought out plan an outcome. I'm excited to see where this team goes right now Bruce Arena when the first point numerous kind of liked. And I don't give it a chance that's him in terms I was kind of thing yes that I got to be how's yours kind of cancer I think both viewer I only when those little OK with it. And even I wasn't like. You know why would they have a final hurdle back to the past you know the only way you announced that the same thing I was kind of along those lines Leslie you know went that would suit the different approach. But the different approaches been excellent and he knows. CONCACAF he knows international. Soccer so. It doesn't accents and I was through I've been proven run so lots of good to our arena rose super. A difference. Arm. I really. Need to see this team do well in Russia. Then he too vain they have to well here's the thing I could they have the opportunity to. And I'm not talking much just get out your group because in Brazil. Just getting out of the group. Was thought of as a success right we need to see. A real progression now. We we both agree this team has a good amount talent not a ton but a good amount of weight can we get her bread is on. Some I'm done with them I am no he's for Eminem. I I think you definitely have better options and Brad is on. This team. Next summer. Needs to get to the quarter fun. Okay. Well let's send it it's all gonna matter what group they are and if if they get out of the group then. Then we'll see we'll see you quit passing you know they're okay. We talked about embers owes a group of death which I never agreed to remember that right yeah I never reduce the group of death because I was a week Portugal team. Donna is probably on par wins the US to a certain regard and and Germany was eventual winner. Okay good group at a time it in the news that are real death England cracked their shoes. That England France. Europe way group. If I'm correct that's me seem more like the group of death. I mean I'm I'm based in rehashing old argument. This team. Should be able to get out of every group of every World Cup. All they can spot he should okay well I disagree with you should because of all how many great teams there are. In the world that and so you know Ken yes I I don't know if they should. It matters who they're going to be up against that's the way I look at it but something pragmatic they should get out of every group OK fine. Oddly it's only going to be paired up with the Germany Brazil and I don't know Donna in the same group you know and then you look at a group ago how the hell beginning as there were Germany embers on the same group the second happening. Well that's it that's like that's what happened here. If we continue to see the approach of arena. And Russia. Along with the players on his off. Disposals for Nash to match. I see we're going on that day definitely can get out of that. And move on and on what excites me and we really haven't even talked about it. But I think for me one of the reasons that gives me hope is. Building a team even one year out around possum yeah you have to you have to rate and it's in no. They don't really needs to be about him and building around him he's basically has to be Portugal's Renault F. Right ultimately the entire team is obstructed justice get the most out of him because he can get the most ever run out. Right right you know I I if bomber arena I look I look at players that call that a compliment to hand to help him be the best that he can be. Also with the idea of playing against the opponent but it really needs to the end up in the large scale be built around. First impose. It does he's he's going to be your Ronaldo he's going to be your Massey. I know that's high priced under same for an end to us and anyone listening don't want your Dempsey public public that you density or your Donovan he's the next guy yet. It's just what to say right now he's journeys trending better than both boast up brand that's known producers that at his aids council. Yet. They have to continue to build a simmer until. And if you're playing him an essential player making role. Is that that's why one of which I think we're all kind of on the same page and on. And I understand the defense of reproach of and we get a three man back line they really have a five minute rush can understand it. Did the same time. You've got to make sure you attack certain team. You can't do that five man back line. Against certain teams that you need to put the pressure on the Trinidad and Tobago as of the world sure you cannot lose or give it points of those teams you half. You have to beat. All the other teams in CONCACAF. Or draw with Coastr. Right down but I think that formation was all bomb Mexico I don't think you're gonna see it that frequent I think you're gonna see it again on a deserted opponents. But I think other reporters you'll seat. Dents in Altidore out there are together or. I knows about Mexico but at the same time. If you trying to pull that out against the team that can control the ball even better than Mexico can. I shouldn't throw fine they'll do certain genes that control much better and they make you pay for that they'll sit back approach. You better have tactical awareness event and assured us out. That's right that's the thing that I don't think this is sitting duck for sitting ducks say this a bit different on and either. This is not okay we're just gonna have everyone be behind the ball and we're just gonna sit back. This is a little different this is tactical the slowest okay we know how you can. Part us we're going to eliminate how you can hurt us. Especially in the midfield were taken at all way we're gonna force you wide. And then when you lose the ball we're going to pol to we're gonna go forward and that's exactly how it played out this was all game plan there are teams that will sit down. Just to hold up to do elect that was not the mission at all that's not what I think they complain again against the team that. That will have the possession because did you feel watching this match that Mexico where this dominant force I never felt that they were dominant I just felt. It was a controlled state and they kept them in this controlled state. And that when they had their opportunities. The US took advantage of their mistakes and I love situations where. Let's hope we talk about political Madrid noon. How different assistant to Holler political Madrid would play not very different and okay double to me is the example to look at and political Madrid you know. Forget letting go Madrid has a world class attacking Chelsea they can afford to play that way because they know they have people they Greece and I I get them. And Coke and yes. Rask a day of bombers. Right but if you look at the whole view us now have had that luxury moving forward if he plays us like like he said Bobby Boyd. Has the pace to play this life. And I wanna see more if I Benazir altogether more Oca. He is those are two guys that are employing over in Germany understand how to play that style which is a little bit faster now there in regards less physical the faster. I wanna see them play together more because you know I've been tired of outdoor for a long time I know I did or doesn't provide you much anymore because of what. Out of your speed is gone. It's just a physical player and just a body deck in you know he can still do things but it could also shut up just teammates who did set up two goals so head and they're concerned that in but I like to see more Bollywood out there I'd like three Jordan morals does sound like to see Jordan more I like to see those guys I'd like to see you build a real core around pull a sick. We've those separately I'll give you another player that really stood out for me against Trinidad and Tobago and I was dollar to nag me. Another MLS player who has a good amount of pace. And I think he is someone that I was a hell of a play he. Held an effort he put together for that musical instrument very bright. Tigers of time while we agree we do agree we had to get out here mocha. Saturday. June 17. We will be at Gillette Stadium it's okay do ownership we want to come by we'll have a table set up whoever you guys. Crap out their seat can only see who where we are everything in just combine Jonas don't want. The we just wants a difference. I don't no service. It. Well that. As always you can post on Twitter at ross' underscored Goldman and act card stock reform. Football club updates you know his follow me on Twitter at young men WEEI like I said if you could be so kind. Easily the rating in review on iTunes it would help me out tremendously. All right. I'm done anything else they'll write good divides the.