Should the Red Sox try to extend Mookie right now? 6-17-2017

Tom Giles and Evan Drellich discuss the suddenly scorching hot play of Mookie Betts. The topic of Mookie's contract comes up and the two debate what the Red Sox should do in the next few years with their star outfielder.


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And now media react. Do this myself my name is. We might only if there's ourselves son Giles. Edmonds relic. Comcast sports that we were wonderful let's get CSX. Pursuant. The short shelf that we don't think. And to see you still know so much to teach you. I don't know. But this show all right here's gold Giles and relic. With jets drier. Whose name I screwed up like three hours ago at Stryker. He did liked it striker which apparently is very close to. The name of an adult film. Actor if you look at a piece and I didn't hit him and on the text line. Putts. You know. Jets keep it aerial forests Cubans on the air. I'll take your calls it 6177797. ID 37 you can also text us at 37937. With Celtics Sox. It's a patriots in the last blocked everything good on the tax. Nobody. They'll once we drilled you suck which in. Heaters that that's just there to fuel their and a drag you push it forward and we got them some tax on the area get a read on but I don't want freedom life because that's part of the guy that's how bad it is brutal that it happened so soon. We'll call it like it was a. I may just repeated here in the second time use that interest on that Jason was. Yeah he's the interest percent of the same song. Odd guy out on that is out as an insider you stop. By on the edit copy our use that usually show we'll have an intro because. This this Giles relic Experian and experiment is we have a way visited there. It's a that I know this is has been a show before as your first for the first time so it's an experiment. Don't know if that actually if we'll analyze the results that we don't have a we don't have a an open these guys yet so it's just going to be did you decent I didn't know that this would be a repeat of thousands one moment for me unbelievable and it doesn't. By the river yeah. Unreal I've sentiment could be to start sounding fantastic. You go to him. I don't know meant I think I was a pint sized pool somewhere at least community pool you have to telecommute people type into in training I ever get a community people. I don't really like brought up like your Jamaica Plain yeah. It's great to hear your Medford that it effort. To their of the publicly that you go to and you use it was that the subject I do not now. You don't Beltran is gap between people sense that she likes. Yes she spoke very highly of it in north and poor pros and share to an event. And it it's probably very convenient for. I don't. She's getting her she it's she asked. Aesthetic and entirely social union bosses and them yet include Belgium and how he's banned from the to be elected as being got reduced to a year went from place to get. Explain what the link the mind and in. Your wit that I band as well yet heard that one on station extra ten minutes. After it after coming in here 1 morning. After reached a hole. He said that not. I did all of that that was line though. That was not a truthful statement. That the morning show you ought to be truthful. In his radio there's no truth. That's the entire basis were. Port should you join the radio play like if you enjoy this more than doing both sports and. I like it it's far is definitely fun it's very free flowing out of someone yelling at me. On the set I don't have some audio handy by your telling me that dad. You know raping go to break because it's hard times you know our TV times the F get through right there's there's no bull call asking local phone calls here. Or relaxes. Its its very relaxing morning flip flops I've got my feet up. Yes you do your I'm tired and I'm comfortable. Are you look at the Philadelphia. You probably you know where you're though when you walk out and entered Philadelphia. You get on a plane to get here. Be regular fish don't know complain but I am looking forward to a couple. Yes I would've liked to being in Houston notably the way we've been doing this season. Is he just can you look fortunately Toobin it's but he is not that bright element. Two and a half years I covered. The answers revealed. Announced produces. You surprised that Thursday as they are this out because like it except for that long. You've got to and other law at Cleveland Browns well exactly right that so if you if you if you tanking you don't. Guess of where you really if you can't win by tanking. And then you you're you're. At and at the present team that seems like the Yankees Red Sox and accept. The teams have been able to do with out having those drastically terrible season. I think with the effort that was stupid but who do you give more credit. The team that maintain some semblance of winning in Indian keeps Andy's mildly interest of the team that just has scarlet. Given out of sync peculiar. I'm impressed with the Astros because they built this thing. A lot has audio players yankees Red Sox with the amount money yet that that's that's what I respect about the Astros is that they've done it. Whether homegrown guys. Toward springer goes they'll be available what what are milky bits is Google Earth object and then I understand ample. You know how they done it big they just did that that's that's been their latest phase but what do they do win the Astros were terrible. Since 2005. What the Red Sox do they went out and spend a ton of money on big name free agents. Right as Houston done a. No they finally add the big problem last year was that they didn't and they missed the playoffs after making between fifty and then this year that finally go out to get a job try to at a Brian McCann but. Now the Red Sox. Look at 23 if there's always been a homegrown element. In the where's the Yankees lieutenant. You go back a decade drastically got away from and just builds on the Gary Sheffield when they sign everybody's trading for everybody. They've I think it's totally lost. Their sights on homegrown waited in cash and kind of you figured it out a new Ebert refocus themselves. He figured out you're talking about Philadelphia and Philadelphia earlier Kara swisher in Houston right now. Are there other cities not a. No I don't you take that is an tinsel on an insult. I would like to be there because they covered the team I'm very happy anytime you. I need that you want running your girlfriend actually on the now I just want to depose the pictures that you could see it. Or present there on FaceBook yes. Your. Principal accept Michael's. And nickel amicable breakup the most recent one. Houston one Houston. Is amicable but we do not talk there's no communication. I've had multiple ex girlfriend's just a friend via FaceBook. Might be for the better. Because like you wanna post the picture of your new girl from and you get one like. I don't want to. It's just trance post anything appeasement anymore that that's kind of glad that that's what instrument or control them and the way. Yeah I don't know I really do anything I think you know old little bats are on them yet. Ladies call him. We're working this debt. Did you like the schedule it's Monday to Friday nine a midnight and then weekends they don't rally here right side exactly conducive to a you know being lifestyle were you about this in their cities yet so you are Philadelphia today yes. Luckiest and other cities that come all on the schedule worry late. As a guy who's a beat reporter and and say you know insider now column elect him all the songs does everything the column it's that you will do little. You're here and everything to active. We like manicure way to go to Chicago is that cities is Rochester because a lot of a lot of fun. Mean. Council made where 4 AM cities are exciting elect New York because there coral there that that's their basic competency for it's a combination of what is there to do in whose agency right now out of the writer friends in Chicago. Such a good time Seattle Paulson is not a two man city Seattle's a great city. All of the Washington it's going to be involved little watery catch historic a year or two ago. Tells you follow a bull apparently Seattle more than San Cisco is in danger of kind of a colossal earthquake right how how long did that northwest how long from now second happened to think they. There was an expectation the next fifteen years older than fifty there's a new Yorker story on. It's Catholic high brow kind of thing now and your argument of the people. Sure he can blue collar. Well a blue collar. But I mean yes yet somewhere and I guess so. And I'll grow partly like I just follow what I drug I girl doing farm that really yes absolutely was not far. I grow on a farm but yet look at what you are picking corners like 4:30 in the morning at the age twelve you know. Boris farms in. There is that first job done tobacco all that stuff in the can do more content yeah I don't really audience farmer people who don't this is total interest. Cold lined up that yet you know all the late as. You know. Better verbal. Connecticut River valley soil. That's what made you the that that you've built your work ethic and all that right method became this is every baseball players story SP. You of the former week and then the Red Sox farm system that you know exact sort. Yes he yeah that really gets through our no line now as we touched on this earlier but we did you'll get enough bolts baseball I just wanna know. Bubbles and also started two of the last eight games that's why he's not here in the starting line up once again and Austin. And Hanley Ramirez once again is not in the starting line up it's Chris Young team. Standard here while we don't understand but we know that he should be back in there to. Tell me. We don't think they're suggesting this is like an intentional benching typically don't think it's an intentional pitching on just. And an interest it would John Farrell believes that hamburgers and dog and some. Wouldn't that be a move to just say screw it you're you're not playing until you complete this with some consistency. We just sent him to the problem is lineup needs him. He. Among almost like he would I want them. Like I am and yet. You're you don't feel good you don't like what we're just gonna register for six. They can't afford deal John Ferrell can't Ford do that he knows that. Eight yeah definitely still one of the most talented hitters on this team that's that's that is the problem deep east what do you bless you 31 home runs thirty home runs. And over a hundred RBIs in his most home runs and 2012 is what is best opens he would get over 3000. He had a monster second half last year he also at home run against the Yankees. At Fenway that walk off that just kind of launched them into the playoffs. Any errors 46 points lower. Than what he finished the year. Is nine home runs you're thirty you're 3111 laughter. He's not he's not he. Organized. It yes. Point eight weeks that while. Those natural gas. Absolute yes. You picking at least be scrape and forty. RBIs. We we know they're not really that important anymore and that's. Kind of shocking we know low numbers. It is with the Netflix line. I ended up okay and actually do want to bring this up because people minute text or bring up the fact that we keep that is your best hitter one of the best players in baseball and easier leadoff hitter yeah. Whereas it might benefit you to hit him third. Obviously which is where you typically want your best hitter especially best power hitter. But that's the polite and maybe even hitting well they've been hitting much better late. Right I know you the one thing Chris L game. Did you lose to the bill they might not be a gain this year. The best he's biffle went 60% in the top right we note yesterday for example that the real dispute with 60% chancellor. That game might be geeks the game more than any of 162. That they were favored to win and might have been like seventy or 75% your quick sale going to the National League team. Betty Orleans based law dealer seated as a team misses. The playoff by which they won't put him. If today. Let's say miss out on home field that may sound and vision. This out of home field while coat whatever it is it's one game matters. You're gonna look back at the Phillies immigrant who will mean that pitchers they couldn't what why couldn't week's course and I'll run for Chris Sale. I was victim that he's out exactly who he's nails it. That was the first time I've never before it was my first I'm hearing his name was on Thursday night when he beat the red size you seemed to have him on the scoreboard. This is anecdotal I'd I'd have to look it up they do seem to two stroke and she's known him right. Yes it's the pictures they haven't seen we're just like what we're we're did you go like it you hit them. They don't have advance scouting until the middle prepare for these things they know the guy as a pro. Yet a lot of tonight yet that's the drive Bogart's Moreland then attendee young Bradley. Rutledge said he lay out so religious in a third base or Pablo Sandoval. Chris Young is in a DH hitting. Six. I think it's just Josh colleges in the third. That's the more bubbles in ovals like that as though this is the spot that being occupied. It's no longer. Is Paulino already here lefty righty is a right. So. Ellen Chris Young. As the DH. I mean usually use him as a against lefties and he also late yesterday at that designation. Of Sherry does he's gonna play music easily. He's a nice player to have taken insert. There's against Iran agent Mitch more islands. No wonder which of those two guys are or where waves waited as Mitch Moreland shown enough that you. Throw some money right now. Walls it'll associate Travis your future at first base. Wouldn't. I think that that's what they think but I know what they have in the small and right now then again it's only then. 02 and a half months he's a good thing good defensively where I'd like to and I think he's without him this seems. Right around 500. He's literally been the best there which moral you got a bird's law is a gold Glover. We've had trouble staying healthy and in the past. With basically a streaky hitter. In addition it's not Hanley Ramirez looking back at this point has kind of return to form. But moral until PF it would appear quickly might actually still be better than what we try. You know he kicked the problem there judge just finally went rookie of the year might win and pay. But with trot out this is like big year this is the chance from located two. It to finish first. It is. And he's coming on strong he's he had two home runs. Earlier this week added to go I don't run last night also made that point it's actually defense and yet you just looking aired judges numbers he ranks first in the AL and every everything home runs runs on base percentage and slugging any second in RBIs who's ahead of their RBI and a Nelson Cruz 53 years 52. Can you match it's. It bats. Stardom in this town reached what it should be. I don't think so and I think that's because love. I think he's beloved but I don't I don't know people realize what a superstar he is because are also putting him in the conversation constantly. Would bode arts and Bradley you know Benny attendee so people kind of look at them is as a group. And sometimes I. That is clearly the best record. Yes I think sales coming in. Overshadowed boo with the budding stardom of rookie Q could you add this big name that's been in the league for years and Lotta people Hokies got off to a terrific start. And we'll keep bets as amazing he was last year hasn't been on the team throw that long so I think the name of sale is a little bit overshadowed. Started looking. It is what your four. Fourteen was first year. Fourteenth fifteenth and with that if you thought I think it's thirty Andy's third Zinn Zander I think is. And it came up in and thirteen right but I think yeah. And so. A rookie that's in June 306 threes it's a repeat it's it's excellent so he's back rightly he had a very quiet may the law that has not looked. As good as it does right now. I had more patent rights that flat this month than at any point this year even though it scored two runs the last two days yes. You know they they were. Two games can tell you which was two games I know I don't I don't let's get back into Giles let's get back to to moved you bet that. Artists union intra day night and they can sympathize with Bradford who says I mean at all. Went beyond something if you get a if you're assigned rookie deaths. Do each assignment Q that's so long term deal right now socket. What do cost. The problem is so if you're looking years agent who also calls Korea. And my dogs is that legacy agency and Greg Ganske against the red crayon. That's gonna make it on the money. If you you have the harper Machado free agency coming right and everybody thinks it's Hillary said the market talk and I think there's speculation 400 million but at least 309 right he we have it has been years since that we've got away from kind of the 200 million right acting priced property at 500 million it's gonna it's gonna be knots whatever it ended your rookie why would you sign now. When you've got you know he's Jordan brand he's got endorsement money. You don't need it. In you know you know you're this good I may Bjorkman in the winner that the red sections should not sign some of these guys that way because. All of this heat rookie do it again rightly the paper a one year the guy. It's just there's a risk that that may be. The possibility that rookie that had his best career year last year. It was a great year also share an amazing. Second in the MVP but it goes to sit there and go that I know who to bet is gonna get better and or be worth. You know. He put the money you pay for last year's production for pulling that contract wouldn't make it very big leap right now. Right. His earliest year above free agency is 20/20 one. So we'll get arbitration over. The next few years. So get more money. Free agent after her. That's going in a tweet went right. Eighteen and yes. It's easier three and you meet six years because they don't think he would sign something like a ten year 330 no knowledge or the that's market European market value through something in the isn't the point of these deals to save little money. Right and you're in you're in if you like but but it won't be market value five years from now. He'll be an everyday and that's what trusses body hold up the idea yet smaller guy 59. That's right now five fights with an athlete. But you know it it if you're gonna pan am what I would give with what are you saving by paying him 330. You know you're gonna lock them up your your saving yourself from possible and he compete like he making. Three years from our four years from now. Yeah he might make in the upper thirties. For annual value. Is the savings enough eight because we risk an all you also talked about Bryce Harper in and you know how he's getting kind of set the market. He's can get a ton of money. Oprah won and an NF Bryce Harper doesn't perform oral similar to that contract and sailors and embrace harper so we need more money. Part of the problem is right now Q do deal and I I don't them. Be the highest technicalities of it but there is a luxury tax for social concern right that you give out into right now. I think it does matter how many days of the year the concert account for but you do have to be concerned that your your adding but if he signed that thing tomorrow. I think that's problematic public text bushel at the very least if it didn't put him back over. It would it would make it very difficult to add some but he insists he's gonna have the troops. At least one position. Now we go all in Fall River who Lowe wants to talk about the Red Sox lineup so Wally. Which he got to the site slated. Yeah what's up I like to direct my comments on DeVon drilled and I'm enjoying a panel Sunday and I noticed does it better than anybody. Let go listing says he could get and the fact that he get the cell attractive place. But. Excuse then and the Yankees out of the lineup that we had last six well also because scratch for runs. As follows third base I mean. So literally they get a bite the bullet that went public it element yet I'm in Tampa Bay just picked up several pools they get this guy conductance. I mean you saw that I think we're all of them but that makes sense for them I think that that based web when cross have a lot of money's not Frazier or maybe Davis free. Well I wanna see devers. That's my eighth. Feeling its just get look at the guy in. You have somebody tearing it up maybe it's a little early but. I don't think you're ruining his career could take a look at him in and even in July he's got to get the triple. He's not a AAA yet right stolen easily on that I that I. The shocking amendments that now he's still Portland tonight I don't quite understand why. Why you went in which mr. Yet a couple home runs with Portland earlier this week so he saw it double it looks like. But yeah aid to the prom is that ever going panelists at the Internet attendee. Com his ability to make the jump from double A to the majors and then out of their computers it's not now but it that in a more mature player played calls based. All why why are we sitting Aniston Jennifer was in kitchens the I later is ice right so you know this like. The optics is still having Pablo Pablo were gone. The people would perceive what's the problem. Exits. That's an interest in point out. I think we do look at it and say you need rosters by needs here to policy and the ball but I'm. I and it looks and it looks like just relishes the guy don't fall or he's and start a lot of once again tonight bubbles and balls once again on the bench and he's ruled by going to Monroe. Plan. I thought over six or seven cents at 97937. It's a quick break take more your phone calls you're Texas while mr. Alec jets.