Red Sox Review - Villani: What move will Boston make at the deadline? 7-16-17

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Sunday, July 16th

Hour 1: Chris Villani is in recapping a 3-0 loss for the Sox in game one against New York.


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Skis Red Sox a review on Sports Radio WEEI. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. Crystallize here at Fenway Park her Red Sox reviewed taking your phone calls it 6177797937. I see guys lined up we'll get to you and one other. Sordid side thought here going into the the Sunday night game. A lot has been made and deservedly so about David Price in his abilities to big game pitchers post season pitcher. I since coming back from injury he has exceeded every expectation I had. I thought is over under for innings going to be something like eight the third. It felt like a one start and then in the second start. Second inning or something he feels something in his arm and next thing you know the year ends on an operating table. That is not been the case and good on David Price for being able to do that exceed some expectations including my own which are admittedly very low. That's set if David Price is any form of an ace number one guy stopper whatever. This is a start where he should rise to the occasion and in come up with a good for a lot of reasons number one the Red Sox had to use a pitcher's last night. In a sixteen inning game number two obviously as we've talked about the first twenty minutes here and has been painfully obvious. The Red Sox are having a tough time hitting the baseball right now. 22 straight innings without Iran. You're 31 million dollar pitcher. You are frustrated with the way that you've been treated and looked up by the fans at some of the media here OK here it is. Here's an opportunity for you it's not a post season game. But it's got to smoltz in my either for the Red Sox attempted to division game eighteen its struggling heading into another series with the division opponent. Coming right on the heels of this one. The bullpen is taxed. And that they cant hit right now. So it's a price in my mind to deliver big outing tonight this big spot for David Price. You wanna be an ace you wanna be that guy whatever one may behind Chris Sale okay go on for a gem tonight. They win or not give this team which is struggling offensively mightily. Give this team a chance two win this game tonight. Signing a lot is on price and hurt again for a lot of reasons go deep into the game. To pitch effectively and to do it in a big spot on national TV against you throw that into the mix as well. But the Red Sox beat some that a price here because. You look at it and say how can you really count on big crooked number on the board heard this red socks off that even with. And Dustin Pedroia in the starting line after the second game in in having some of the guys back. There were not starting against the lefty sabathia here's a big price start my mind tonight. Paula TD can answer the bell winds are loaded with get your phone calls we'll start with Freddie he's in Maryland and he like many people very mad about the Red Sox guy had friend. Hello how are you think it's fast. Hired where I'm curious Sheryl I'm eighties and you hear all about brick Red Sox fan but I am extremely me at a bat barrel last night because then. The game three times last night let me get be in my feeling to see you what you feel about it yet Chris sales and aired its seventh two thirds innings. He talked about it because she's said he threw ten pitches and it's hit. Judges doing so well but the guy after him he has struck out three times. Ali thanks and out of the game is the second time that. I had to start our reliever has cost of my game and and and they and that in the inning and the port and then won the rat tat tat but. This second base out. The shortstop. On army Pedroia on second base camp with no ads. And Bogart. What I think but to get a bit third base to get my chance but when the gang that they stay very day he got demoted and she. Then neighboring investor. Who is as far as I'm concerned that doesn't deserve to be honest I am. And they act Workman who who is normally a starting pitcher got a bench more than one relate spending so let me see you still what I just said EU. I appreciate the phone call their Fred looks take this point by point on Craig Kimbrel point last I need dating I disagree with you there. I did not have a problem with John Farrell going to Kimbrel at that point. I teach we did it on first gas. Yet sale already this season high in terms of pitches to get air in judge at the lady at the opportunity to go righty on righty and Craig Terrell gets paid to get that out. LT gets paid to get the next three which he did not do at least and without surrendering a Matt Holliday home run. But he gets paid to come in in that situation. And get that out. So I disagree there I'm not sure how it would've really change things one way or another Kimbrel still coming on in the night. Chris sales not starting the ninth inning at that point not a 118 pitches so disagree there. As far as the situation in the fourteenth inning I am not a bunting guys. Unless it's of the red light blue variety I am not someone that likes to but in general not not a big fan of bunting but. In that spot with a wave Bogart's has struggled. Maybe. Maybe in another opportunity if it was with Chris Young at the plate. I with runners on first and second with nobody out trying to remember all the innings last night there were a lot of them to try to string together. Any young up that day was against the lefty if I'm remembering correctly so that is a spot re typically light came to swing the bat but. Desperate times desperate measures sort of hear anything that there and they're not producing offensively united getting much and that includes from standard Bogart's. GB not the worst idea in the world. As far as using Fister in that spot. You're just and not ya have a lot of good options in that position if you're John Farrell so. I think it's more on Doug Fister to be able to get some outs rather than sort of expanding work and at that point I would've liked to seen. Obviously didn't yelled more effective but outing there from Doug Fister in the other parties you burn Fister eyes a starter now on Tuesday is not gonna make that start on Tuesday night by. You're seventy pitches it pitchers in the you've had numerous opportunities to win the game so. I guess I'm not as fired up about some of the moves that John Farrell made as you are. But we with Timberlake SN it's a hard disagree I can see your point terms of the bunting given the context of what this offense has not been able to do. And again you have a lot of chances to win the game I just keep giving the Yankees chances to win the game eventually they're gonna cash in on one of them and it seemed like he was just back it it felt inevitable. Like what you were thinking last night at least I wasn't as the innings are piling up is forty gonna get that walk off home run it's just a matter of time. That never felt like it was even in the realm of possibility. The way this team is hitting right now. So it felt like you're just gonna get to a point where somebody gets hit where. Somebody struggles where there isn't an error a walk something that allows the Yankees take the lead and then. The Red Sox play catch up and they for a free team playing at home that's been very good. It extra innings games Red Sox are seven and one going into that game last night in extra innings games were undefeated this year in games that went past eleven innings. It still didn't feel like a very positive situation. I for the Red Sox last that is the innings a sort of mounted there. Let's get on a new one to Connecticut Jeff is that next at 61777979378. Jeff. They didn't like to give you my evaluation of the red side is actually. And you've got. Three. May have stayed type players. Is that. Pedroia. In Bogart spirit like the core of the team. You know it probably is they're not. Manny Ramirez. Ortiz. And Schilling. You know it it's not their fault in their young if except for maybe Pedroia during yeah try to think it's changed and I think it has taken more a lot of them and they got. Especially would bet in poker you're trying too hard. Would first phase would morally and get it to sixty hitter. 25 home runs. Nobody played at third base that's we need some doubt with some power. Can I change. Leo last year. And it was just so. He was hit 350 perhaps for the year that we haven't seen him after that disable wayward they ask is. He had a hot streak at the beginning of the season Hughes is 350. Finality he can't find themselves again. The pitch. I have no complaints. With the pitching. The only pitchers that get my nerves a little bit. If there are Barnes. And push so. But I I still see great potential in my eyes so. Is during the that are that are season around I I know they have it in them. And before is they have a live like to have a did you comment enough problems some of ball sure. My feeling would probably have a voters. I thought the Red Sox learned their lesson. When they sign Crawford. In a couple of the players for a long term highly contracts. Prices low one I thought we say what I heard they signed him well. Who is fourteen million or whatever was for fighters this is this guys look at the last I think the same thing happened. Problems well it is happening. To Hanley Ramirez again for years to forty billion dollars a year. Not really into playing web site baseball. You know there there are looking at the bank account they can't blame them away. Clearly shows up half the time to have good timing does independents guy. Pablo they say OK okay we you'll hear 48 million dollars. Go through the minor leagues and work out your typical. Yankee Stadium refuse that dump. Appearances. No I'm not go to the minor leagues better than that sort of risk sites say they would check. Book 48 million dollars. Big campaign by analysts say is. Beard I thought it was so they'll throw the bag subpoenas from the 2000. Yeah about hope but like Jeff and adding you you understand a way that the way to work here thanks to the phone call up first of all you want to many names in there I don't put David Price. In anywhere near the same categories obelisk in the Pollard Carl Crawford when it comes to signings price has still been pretty effective so far. When he's been healthy you look at what he did the second apple last season what he's done so far what I want from price. Is cute sort of take it to that next level which is wind starts like this not only wind starts like this but. Put through a gem tonight. For toy sale like performance out here he do that and an Indy still can't score you lose two to one whatever oh OK maybe can live with that depending on the way this team plays out tonight but. I want a eight start tonight that is worthy of a 31 million dollar guy that wants to be anything feels like he's not getting the kind of respect he deserves your boss. Still I is much is yes I want more from that any has a big time contract. He's not even same stratosphere is published in about who gave you nothing nothing. Seven million dollars a home run. For the money that Santa ball's gonna be paid fees paid out the entire 95 million in the buyout. I from the Red Sox the second biggest dead money contract. In a Major League history behind only Josh Hamilton so they're an entirely different stratosphere is now. When it comes to beat the player valuation. That's where the two are linked. In terms evaluating Sandra valls the guide to can succeed. In Boston will continue to work Carter performed after he got his contract none of that stuff turned out to be true. You also couldn't keep himself healthy. May be a function of the weight I don't know we DC to play pretty well I despite being heavy in San Francisco we couldn't make it work here in Boston. With Ramirez at the guy can't hold out hope that you will get something. Of value again we've seen over the past couple weeks the flashes of power from Hanley Ramirez get a really really bad at bat. Earlier today in this game but. I guess I just don't want all of those guys together now with. Price in this is where they are linked with clear valuation David Price has got to be that guy they can not only win games consistently. End. Give you you know a chance to win every fifth day and put together the overall numbers that he has. Last season and what he's been healthy this season but he also has to be that guy to get elevate his game and a big moment. That's what separated Pedro that's what separates in my mind Chris Sale and if price wants to be that guy here's the opportunity it's coming tonight so. In any you pay a 31 million I assume the Red Sox have evaluated. Him as a guy that could do that so whether right or wrong. We'll see is the contract continues to play out I guess I just don't want price in the same category with Santa ball who's arguably one of the worst contract in baseball history right. In 49 million dead money's got to be by the way it's our report that said the giants could be interest did any reunion. With Pablo Sandoval best elected them. You want him you gotta that's that's fine by me Wally in Fall River up next guy he is also not happy with the Red Sox since we have been so far it while it. Now let's focus a lot to cry about between ten night I mean today last night look at Matt holidays. Or home run last guys seem to have been a momentum change we got a head he really stick a knife and then. Back to the Yankees. How we of one night game but knows those crying over that. But. Barbara runners is I mean we just about debt two times on the ropes yet by and watch what we just waste a lot of good agent. But I've just been here what in the MLB network. And that this day and a browser has been talking to right size about Dave Robinson and I'm afraid Demi can get these guys horribly it's bad enough. By price could go wrong page tonight. It's seven and give up three runs. And we go to work when not Garland runs. The way they're gone right now probe price get her a complete game and give up one run and had to be honored and I could still lose. That's it's it's not just about the result for for David Price tonight. And yes of attacks to Sam getting up on him unfairly. It's more about the offense or the lack thereof I I don't dispute that at all what I'm saying is. You understand the context right now. The offense is struggling. Ever reasonable leave that they will struggle again tonight maybe they can break out and a couple of hours who knows baseball's a weird game. But you know the offense is struggling coupled with the fact that. You had to use a lot of your bullpen last night he had pretty different pitchers in the game last night to get through sixteen innings. You could use an opportunity. Even though they didn't use a ton today out of the bullpen. You could use an opportunity to rest guys have starters go deep both teams are in that boat that's why look for David Price did. You know put together a big outing right now there's no question it's much more on the offense and it is on anything else at this point in Wally Sampson would right there wasting. A lot of good pitching. A heck Chris sales start last night. Stellar absolutely stellar strikes out thirteen I thought it and again I thought jumper put a perfectly at night to commodity exactly the right time. You get Kimberlin there to get that out to get married judge with a ten page back. He gets them on the fly out. And then gives up a home run mount olive. Thought that John Ferrell played well just. Unfortunately the Red Sox offense couldn't give them any sort of margin for error going into the ninth inning that was. You know that was kind of a frustrating part there 617779. 7937. And by the way clicked on our report sellout. I thought he pitched well today. And people look at the twelve losses for poor selling clearly is not Dan. The same guy that he was in terms of command last season he still throws a lot of strikes but those strikes seem to be getting a lot more the plate than they did a season ago. But if you wanna talk about which I who the baseball gods their are sort of evening things out. It's like Damn Yankees and he made the deal with a double and socal gets his sci young but then you're never going to get run support ever again. That's the deal here Rick take it or leave it. I think he took the deal because it's now ten starts ten. This season out of twenty which is half. We pierce he has not gotten eight single run of support. Support so good shopping great. But while Lee's point about wasting some some great pitching. You've wasted some pretty good starting pitching I think from reports cell including a pitch well have to win two of the runs come after Bogart's kicks a ground ball or soloists are today. He was not the issue at all. Is that the glorious home run but no walks reports always struck out sixty got hit around a bit which is then the ammo for him he sees and I understand. The enough former Warsaw winning game tonight so it's a wallet when he does that sleep balladares well keep them will burn up next on policy and a volley Keith. Daybreak. I'm hill hey I'm get a little part of everyone's talking about and Bobby in the worst trade the Red Sox ever made signing anymore and anyone should know that it was pretty room. But benevolent that those those are two different things one is he signing the others train. Well anyway our route. Didn't work out well there I acknowledge that. Went better I'm all. Well our home on sound. Who is let's state judge has some really good second yeah okay and starts suitcases sixty mark. Well you know I don't blank it's not really no one out of work in in their mind because. Is seen anything bonds. Or buckle our torsos or whomever. You know I think the that big boomers in the late nineties. We're good for baseball short term but I think they've just messed it up in the long. It's don't have the when I I came into the game six he won with a man on paris'. They say they'll root problem I don't think it's ever a clear cut you know we don't have a group to be we've got three. You know drug take. Kids these days man kids. I don't know who who he's got thirty home runs at this point. When McGwire. Hit 33. This is what 1987 Dwyer 33 home runs before. Well I guess it's a before using steroids maybe who knows but before the all star break and that's the record. For a rookie free all star break judge came close with thirty he finished with a wanna say forty eater 49 home runs that season so we did get a lot quieter is the second half goes a long. I think it's just as likely is not that Aron judge hits south of fifty home runs they'll get into the forties you'd think he's got. Seve more gained seventy some odd more games to be able to hit seven more home runs their ten mormons are they get to forty so we'll get into the forties. But he's back chasing anybody realistically he's not gonna hit sixty home runs. He's not gonna get anywhere near bonds and as for who they're chasing. Unless they decide otherwise the record still belongs to Barry Bonds so it is what it is in that regard to chasing seven DE three yeah. 33 right. We can map the marine that he doesn't care 73 I think is the at this. It's the record which which finally goes to -- point 61 was that iconic number four years decades. And then bonds in these other mutants come in and essentially ruined the game or rule in the record book they saved the game rule in the record book. And now I think bonds had 762. And career. 73 M pretty sure is the single season record but added numbers don't mean what they used it. And baseball realistically the only sport read here that much about the records to begin with but as far as judge goes. I think it is likely is not that he hits. 48 or south of fifty as he gets over fifty hourly for break we'll take one more call because why not Todd a new report on Hanley Ramirez take dot. Everybody doing today dual. Excellent. I don't see any reason why Hanley can't play. Bookends you notable ball games today. He's only DH. You know and they really need him in the middle lineup why can't Chris young's sit. Adding force I mean. I think they want young against the lefthander. But that you know the fact that dead. Did you have in their Mir is unable to play the field right now because of the shoulder injury. Limits hymns I think they wanted young against lefty that's why he and Lee sits and I understand what you are saying especially the way Ramirez's hit the past couple weeks in a way that he sit against the Yankees have pretty good success against the Yankees by. I wasn't that surprised put it that way on first gas to CI handler mirrors nonaligned after the first game. Well you hit nineteen home runs. From July on last year so. But it was a big mistake I these tentative at all. It's not meant fairly began at the end of the year people with the game in the year and say oh my god they can win these games in these would need they need these wins now. So I'll yeah. Yet so I just thought it was a big mistake yep put put Chris young and what you'll maybe. Dropping down the seventh eighth spot in the order I understand that but. This guy is really got to get a goal and the team and they they really need him. Yeah I think Himmler mirrors and and thanks to the phone call Todd I agree with that point I think he is a potential lynch being guy second half of the season for the Red Sox team. If you put young in left and you taken an attendee out of the lineup granted it is against the lefty need to go for the practically everybody take no for today. I go back to the point Emmy earlier. With what the Red Sox had. With the lineup they put out there Leibowitz and Travis in the starting line up in DeVon Guerrero NC where you win you still got that's Bogart's antennae get young against the lefty. I yet Travis who was hit lefties very well and continued to today he's the only got a guy on base three times. You had enough. To be competitive and certainly more competitive than you war you had enough to win in the lineup as it was constitute. But the second point he makes there about Ramirez in the second half ice trending in the right direction and it and I think it's something to look for the second half of the season. The difference between a Red Sox being OK there in the mix may be when the division get a wildcard spike into the playoffs end. Okay the Red Sox Terry team that we are looking at seriously here as a championship contender. A few guys can swing now one way or the other and thinking in the Ramirez can be one of those gas 61777979837. Text like 37937. We get right back to your phone calls Chris Hauty hanging out with you from Fenway Park it's Red Sox review Sports Radio W Wii yet. Sports Radio network. A lot of it out if you. I Sox Fenway Park as they say 6177797937. I've ignoring the tax line sorry about that article one now. The hall of fame Frazier went Oprah for hitting 207 as of now. Yes as they said Todd Frazier is not a guy that you say while the Red Sox just made a blockbuster edition. When you look what the Red Sox have gotten production wise both offensively in in the field at third base the better defensively Marrero and win by. No pop whatsoever from the opposition lacking power in the lineup I think give the opportunity awake in the line up a bit if you put Frazier and it. And part of it I'll be honest. I'm hang in my ad on the idea they. Frazier a dead pull hitter can succeed. At Fenway Park may build bit more so that he can act guaranteed rate field or guarantee rate fielder would ever in the world they called it field. Nice feels really really really stupid name let's go back to the phone calls John in Medford is up next on the Red Sox in the trade deadline he John. How could tell right here I'll break out basically is that these got children locked in this bout I'm concerned especially would be letting you get against. But with Chris Hill the other night in and act. He he tested dominated the Yankees like whether he's yeah. What that was on the home field at yankees stadium where he just destroyed them and they can't score many runs. That many runs and now today they lose nothing and they get they got locked out. On the scoreboard but they couldn't even help themselves. And that's about the trade deadline goat now. I like the idea pleasurable than I hood also on the on the game today that this sort of looking at. Possibly David Robertson. And devious and I think I was yesterday and the Fox Broadcast A-Rod. Predicting a blockbuster deal for the Red Sox. I. We I'm where they would end up with Miguel come back and it and the first thing I'm my I've lit up but I heard that have been. Winning makes its contracts and the next couple years I think the only way you can do that DO. Is that the Italians or to swallow but at least half of that contract. Yeah I and there are not inlet is much I appreciate it good rolled are as much as the next guy and Alex just did their John Cabrera is not come. That anybody else at said that won't even be taking it remotely seriously A-Rod set any other beyond television when he said it so. Now it's a thing but I really don't think it is I haven't seen a actual reporters with sources. Either here or in Detroit. Look at that as a legitimate possibility I think. Basically transformed himself into a Sports Radio collar. Calling in to either Detroit radio or Boston radio I think hey what about this trade. But I don't think there's anything behind it to Iraq happens to be. Hall of fame caliber baseball player that's starting a whole other debate but you know what I mean and happen to be on television when he said. I as far as somebody like David Robertson are just adding to the bullpen in general the names that that the most recent names linked to the Red Sox right now. I wondered suggesting retired but the tigers' Justin Wilson. And nick apart wrote about this. Red Sox are also looking at Dave felt that knee Shaq from the Marlins and Phillies respectively. But Wilson. This year 29 years old I he's a lefty. 34 innings he's got about a thirteen to one or thirteen strikeouts per nine I three and a half strikeout to walk ratio. And at 236 ERA. The Red Sox have gotten decent production in terms the left handers Fernando about Robbie Scott this year. But he would be a fantastic option potentially for the Red Sox he's an affordable contract I'm not sure exactly what he would cost in terms of 88 compensation package going back to Detroit in order to get him. But that's an interesting name Phelps the shack are named Pete for quite a bit ostensibly expiration. That's it. Now that that's pretty much the only name that's been out there. The only other name is an internal name is Raphael devers who. Had a big game last night and the target but he's twenty years old and just went to AAA on Friday. So that's at the very least not an option that tapping in the next say month yourself. Any give devers a little bit more an opportunity to Nat and what they don't want a running T was a situation like they had with the arm on conduct. Which is he bringing guy out basically saying okay this is your job they did it hit the ball for a week. And you try to figure out you scrambling and figure out exactly which treated him. So it looks like they're going to I don't see slow play with devers Denny only took one. Not rush him up to the major leagues and looked external Lee. To Frazier most likely to try to help out there at third base the bullpen third base it's been pretty consistent. For the last couple months when you look at the Red Sox and what they need and I think gave dump rescue with this team has shown Dave Democrats if nothing else. Even for their shortcomings the last couple games last couple weeks. What they have shown is that they are worth investing. They are a team that is worth spending. Not huge capital but some capital the trade deadline. To infuse with maybe some power Frazier some bullpen help with somebody like Phelps or Wilson or whoever. And try to put them over the top in in 88. Quads I competitive American League that's the thing you look around the AL. Outside Houston. Who's been great all season long that it's a little bit compared to what they were doing that here they Iran earlier in the year but let me teams are really. That's scary across the American leak. It's it's a not the Red Sox lead the Indians leading in the central but nobody's really great Nat division in the other teams via least there's no dominant force. Which is another reason why I think this team is Red Sox deemed worth investing in and I think. Is a few other GMs around the league they're gonna look at the same what bill and mauled and up next on Hanley bill. You know I mean Hillary wants the TV copy there's no doubt about it he thinks he can be but he. And that's what poppy said recently. His biggest weapon with its head and been able I figured things out of the plate and handling has no will. We saw it sometimes. I. You didn't have a leg is bad in the ninth inning today I don't know what he's doing now that. We can't. Yeah arrests a year earlier in the series F. I'm Amanda and he can keep trying and he can triumph but until we get the head game out of being up there and these guys. You need not ever do it and if you want to be handling. I mean our pocket and knock no you can't get. I'll forget about poppy at this. Point I mean just take any semblance of consistency with Hanley Ramirez but that about a talked a lot of that and the ninth inning I don't know what is approach was there. It seemed like the approach was hope that jab and throws four pitches that strikes him and in Italy's defense he did. One of them happen to be called the strike though and I don't think. In that type of a situation where yes you need based corners that. When you're considered power back you are a power bat on this team. That's not an approaching tactic 6177797937. What are you wanna see the Red Sox do with trade deadline. I was tease people on the line not happy with John Farrell. Can weigh in on that 6177797937. But a rough one for the Sox this afternoon they lose the read enough bang. Red Sox are viewed taking you up to the nightcap Sunday night baseball Chris bloody with a Sports Radio WE yeah CC. The W. Sports. Radio network. Four games Su. The double header tonight. Red Sox and yankees here from Fenway Park Chris baloney with you until Red Sox pregame John writers going to be taken over for the night game 61777979837. Won't get to the Red Sox lineup though quickly here. I'll bet is back and rate field Ben attendees the left fielder. Dustin Pedroia back in the lineup he's the second baseman Mitch Moreland back in the lineup at first in the Ramirez back there as the DH. I Jackie Bradley Center rock hole to getting the start at third base Christian Vasquez and ensuing alien rounding things out at 89 David Price is on the mound. And just quickly on hold. If there's any positive feeling from this afternoon's game minutes is probably the only one. Brock called just getting back into the game getting an at bat. He had a huge ovation from the fans here at Fenway he did get a hit the old herbal the left side but whatever is more than pretty much everybody else did this afternoon he'll take it. And just having him back out on the field everybody including Johnson mossy. Wrote off. Some of the comments that the Brock called me earlier today. And he dealt with a concussion issues he dealt with vertigo. Anytime you're dealing with something like that in Red Sox fans the certain age remember nick is ASCII. It can end a career aching completely. Unlike. Knee injury aid charity cl or rotator cuff for need Tommy John surgeries a pitcher those types of things are bad enough. But. They're corrected by surgery. There is a timetable was set timetable window that your going to be out okay 69 months three to six weeks whatever it is. In its established by. A lot of precedent of OK guy gets this injury is this surgery this is about how much tiny mrs. And you have a reasonable expectation of what types of side effects in other challenges you might deal with once you come back. None of that exists. When you're talking about injuries between the years none of that exists Virgo ends careers. Concussion ends careers. And there's no way to know. Whether you're going to be one of the guys can come back or. Whether you're going to be one of the guys that only air remembering made an all star team in any got a concussion and then he had vertigo and then we never sonic. Sell the fear and trepidation that Brock holt has or had. I absolutely. You know in desert when he when you look at what he had to come back from and what he dealt with in some of the that the gray areas when it comes to you how different guys react to concussions sometimes just one can end career. And vertigo. Like as that is it is indeed careers in the past and holt. The longer that he was out the locker he was unable to. To get any kind of string any kind of games together and start a rehab start now have to stop again reset the clock. The more that that doubt he said. Started to creep into his mind so great to see him back out there and he's gonna get to start John Ferrell announced that earlier today that he be starting tonight at third base. And that the case at seven tonight. And in the lineup at third base and I imagine you'll get another big round of applause from the stands that are in here for Sunday night baseball. 6177797937. Let's go to my aching Connecticut he's not happy with John Farrell and Mike. Bankrupt what somebody first off I don't wanna kill him so much I'm adds little thing yes because tactical 5050. I think you're richer buster Turk. Any sort proper guy who will be offered to leading get out of that and I'm curriculum or bring in Campbell and you made it terrible bridge are so. I have to tell him what we have the first to land time and he Equant happily don't call her blog just because Christiane dug back. You know you are all about action wasn't sure they were kind of bought their gross I mean younger perhaps 300 that are. You Misha wanted there. Yeah I mean I I again and that that the image of this earlier I'm not typically a big bunting guy. But in that spot the wave they have struggled the other risk though. If it doesn't work out he used Leona and that's by thing year that catcher if anything happens to Lee known after the fact so. That again that's a consideration. But an aggressive play there. To try to in the game in that spot in that position this is one of the rear instances where I look at and say dad you know. Putting down upon trying to manufacture something. Our hearts earlier we're client. Odds right Chris Young came into I came in a pinch hit an image data catcher. Yeah not like LA it's that it's it's a valid it's absolutely valid second guess and I saw a lot of people mentioning it. You know on Twitter and whatnot yesterday on first gas wanting to see that I'm not usually a big fan. But the way this team is hitting it made it may not on the worst idea in the world. And what are you said. I also treasurer you don't get a meter brilliantly here Arnold think you have to give up department get the operator debuted some products are. You can I have no power. Ads really have no Padraic church or not at all all of Turk bull car is not an important are Drury and Doug and assorted are. The more and wait till march over Sri general. They need to get a par or better and I would like just in just Waltz that part indeed an art object stricter. He had not agree across the board there and in Wilson of the guys have a really good season again 29 years old I'm not sure exactly what would cost to get him. Very affordable contract not that really should matter too much to big market franchise but it does we understand that. For Frazier most of the reports I've seen indicate the compensation somewhere in the neighborhood of prospect raided eleven it's whiny and a prospect rated somewhere in the twenties. Still you're not looking at a big time return going back for Frazier I got it's a block here a guy who as you know some of the taxes the pointed out. Even though he is a power bat is not any. I heater that's having a great season he still hitting around 200 but. Look at what they have right now and there are games dead and we've talked about it throughout the course of the season there are some games just like we can really is a home run. This is one of those. Even a game got three nothing late in the game we need base runners but early on in that game. When you're not getting a lot of base runners through hits are getting some walks but you're just not getting anything going. To get a home run to get something to try to jumpstart this team to get something to try to put a little bit of pressure. On a starting pitcher that he doesn't create himself to all the GMs that the Yankees arraigned today they created themselves through walks it's seven walks today. So to have that threat to have that that potential win there on add to with a guy like Frazier inning makes sense now that said. He himself doesn't put the Red Sox over the top you still need more from. In some of the other guys that Mike was just talking about there are some of the guys have been talking about all season. Hanley Ramirez who keep bad Sander Bogart's the guys that are you were stars need to be your stars if this is gonna be eighteen to compete hurt for a title. But adding that. Added power back you putting another guy they came. All right you know walking nanny can hit a home run early in the game potentially or drop one off the wall for a double just give you some. And ability to put some pressure on opposing teams opposing lineups and more consistent basis. Is it something that's an obvious I need for this red sex game along with the bullpen. And that's or somebody like Wilson becoming. 6177797937. Another hour and change to go Red Sox review we gets on an ad baseball little believe Iran. With the Red Sox in the Yankees 720 the pregame there Chris Lonnie with you up until then Sports Radio W yet.