Red Sox Review - Villani: Sox offense is struggling 7-16-17

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Sunday, July 16th

Hour 2: Villani on the slumping Sox offense as they get set for game two of a doubleheader with the Yankees.


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Greats such review with Chris Maloney after the game on WEEI. Second full hour Red Sox who are you going up till about 720 years so if Red Sox pregame. Sunday night baseball match up. But the lineups for both teams out even the Red Sox won them over or so ago that's been steady for. Royal Moreland Ramirez Bradley holds Vasquez and landed. I yankees' starting lineup Jacoby Ellsbury is back in the leadoff spot. With a little bit surprised they'd Ellsbury wasn't playing the first game is a great numbers lifetime against reports solo plus. Lefty righty situation will start against the lefty price. Any eight Gary Sanchez judge holiday. Starling Castro middle lineup DD were Korea's two and a home run. Also claimed Frazier. Gary Cooper in there as well. And rival to rise also lie in the game hitting ninth he's the third baseman tonight to knock is the starting pitchers so. That's your line up for the Yankees game number two of these day night double header. Red Sox a lead in the division shrinking a little bit rays are looking for their fifth straight victories so. That's something to keep an eye on in what's been a frustrating. Stretch here. Offense for the Red Sox over these last couple nights and as has been pointed out on text line and on Twitter. The Red Sox three walk off walk on Friday night away from. Maybe staring down the barrel before game sweep. But able to come back their first win when trailing after eight innings on Friday night and a stopper that yeah you be looking at to restore. Wins for the Yankees a little bit morbid dire situation I do feel like this the big game tonight and a few callers have made. That's similar point the yeah that's not late in the seizing you don't have that in margin for error that you have in September but. This is the game against the division rival this is a game where you would tax your bullpen where you're not hitting the ball well where you've got a guy. On the mound and David Price who should be able to at least in theory. Give you a star effort. And it's here you really could use a lift going into another series against the division team. So I think this is a a significant game is significant start opera David pricing and going back to get a lot of college points. They all count the same the knee are all big when you're looking at a competitive top of the division with the Yankees and rays right there. And needing to stay wanna stay in a playoff race. So there's a lot. I think riding on tonight I think it's a a significant game for the Red Sox need to do game for David Price. An opportunity for a bounce back after going 22 straight innings without a run. And one run in the last 25 innings with a sixteen inning game last night there's a lot that was frustrating about last night and another note. It was mentioned before the game and aids sort of been forgotten because it didn't have an impact on the outcome last night but the Red Sox are still. Moving forward with that protest. On the weird Matt Holliday slide I interference call back into first base there critical bored with that protest. And that you would immediately rules they did he gave would have to be. Protested in May be pretty clear that what ever call was blown. Had some impact on the outcome of the game that's not going to be the case here for something tangible to happen so. The loss will be a Los nothing will change in that regard. The reason that there looking approach testing this in moving forward with it is because they don't wanna establish any kind of a precedent. And making clear that what Matt Holliday did last night was illegally my look my result that was it it was absolutely illegal I don't see how you can. Justify what holiday did. Essentially is forced out at second app when he got the play sliding back into first in disrupting. It was pretty clear interference the umpires pretty clearly kicked it apparently you can't reviewing it also highlighted spotlighted really. Another fault in the replay system is they. Don't have any Mac it is and to take care of these things quickly. When there's that kind of a dispute was close to a ten minutes elect. By the time it was also indict you had the conversation prior to the actual replay. The nearly five minute replay conversation after the replay were both Joseph Girardi and John Farrell won an explanation it was it was pretty brutal. Even if the game didn't go sixteen innings that the stoppage like that. So if effective implementation a replay. I still to for the life me don't understand why there aren't that this be category of things that are and are not arguable. Very very odd to me almost every Colin ball some form of judgment from an umpire should be able a look at these things apparently they can't the umpire said it was a rules Jack. But here to go forward with that protest again. Not to try to change anything in terms of the outcome of the game that's unlikely to happen but. To. Tried to just cement the idea that you can't do that. Your rays to second base to kick turn around right back the first to try to mess stuff up there and it powered case where a great way to break up the double play. Just turn around run back to the base decent jumping jacks get big get away. So holiday and a big holiday was going out with any kind of intent to I'd disrupt the play out on the knew what was going on I think he. Panics so to speak. And just reacted and his reaction was go back to first thing John Ferrell told the gaggle by the way before the game. That was something he seen a holiday do in the past. I still don't think it was any sort malice but you don't need intent for interference so I just a note again from last night's game was another. Frustrating moment it was up overall frustrating night that spilled over into this afternoon for the Red Sox 6177797937. Text line 37937. Let's get back your phone calls DN in Westwood up next let's talk about the Red Sox in a Red Sox leadership again. They're Obama you don't. Act so I have a trouble they don't do what are what the leadership all dot com. It's inflicted the genes are like really roll it forward Astros and Dodgers. Are. I did it how Blake it's some sort of better and our leadership in the area that we do to open it seems like cop. Good to problem. There are many fresh faces besides. All of you know mismatch. But the pitcher he don't want to be part is that I think are much did you you know he thought he'd thought. It was. Again not dire called damage your phone is is breaking up and had a hard time understanding of I think at the upshot your point. Having any leadership presence in the clubhouse and Ortiz type having that guy. The logic would would suggest it Dustin Pedroia as the veteran position player guy. I think David Price is starting tonight has tried to be that guy in his own way I don't think he's been terribly effective in the way that he's gone about. Prices try to be that guy is sticking up for his teammates by go attached as in the media. Which I don't think again has been the most effective way for him to begin his mind. That's the way they they ate he shows his leadership and his ability is a leader I NER Gabby Chris Sale. Just by virtue of being the best pitcher in you can argue best player I guess best Eddie's job on this team. But when you look at the the Red Sox though the leadership that they have. In that clubhouse I think that's a void that was left by the departure of David Ortiz that they have. Didn't maybe they're struggling to fill at this point. And I thought it was interesting I was listening to turning to mossy. Yesterday. And they had a gen McCaffrey on for mass lied and she was talking about. Sort of the mood in the clubhouse and what it was like after that win on Friday night and you would think. In a comeback win. Which the Red Sox got a lot of this year but none that late nun when they've been trailing after reading thinks they come back when 1991. From the Yankees. I had to start off the second half all sell it comes on the heels of a rough into the first half against Tampa. So you've gotta sort that juxtaposition we are feeling pretty good. And she was expecting tenement Jim McCaffrey now she was expecting that there would be a little bit more. Energy. In the Red Sox clubhouse after the game and she said that wasn't really the case. I don't know if that's a function again of what game was just talking about leadership. I guess they were doing or random drug testing for certain guys as well so they were in now wouldn't. In guys were word handling Madden and taking care of that business that might have been part of it but it was just sort of an interesting observation. And maybe it speaks to sort of the makeup of this team. But that's a void you know that's something that was you have you have a hall of fame player who is Danny your cornerstone on the field and in the clubhouse for a lot of years he's gone. Try to replace that. Whether it's production whether it's in the offense the power bat or the presence in the clubhouse I don't think it's something you can just dismissed. I really don't need some being just dismissed 6177797937. Tex wanted 37937. Let's get the couple these tax because got a 774 is very angry. Says Christian first of all Obama name your job mr. Reid detects the come in. Not just take phone calls homeland if you really want your union to be heard crying now I'm whiny techsters art. I firmer and I went feel like these trade for Mike whose stock has. Bring some power to the lineup. And fire up the offence that the Red Sox to score more runs it does look like Todd Frazier is the more likely. Option when it comes to adding. A third baseman in adding some power lineups talked about quite a bit. I another one just be happy no matter how bad the Sox are they can't equal 1978. The collapse of 1978. Now we'll say they're hitting you have to build up a pretty big lead in them blow in the next month yourself. Another taxpayer wants the opposite techsters are getting on chili Davis in getting on the coaching staff. And I don't I have always come from the the school of thought the coaches managers specially in the sport. It way too much credit way too much blame right now I don't think chili Davis is the reason that the Red Sox struggling offensively and out. I think it's just a function of what they are some of the limitations of the line up that we do know what about all season. That we knew about coming into this season. And it's in part. And you know again not having Steve Ortiz not having that big power back. That's that's what it's. We saw even with Ortiz by the way last year it's not like you is it. You just to cure all even having a great season as he did even with a lineup that produced the most runs of any baseball. The that's still went quiet in certain stretches and they went quiet. At the end of the season last year. You know that was that was a big part or reason for the the quick ouster in the playoffs against Cleveland. I texted chili Davis testing go. But that same tax during knowledge being you know and Ortiz and not having David Ortiz. And grab a couple more text you're 37937. Few more wanted to. Chris Young to bought last night in that spot. We had runners on first and second another one bloody pleading for price to step up easily pitching Jan cycle is 211 nothing it's shame. They're for tearing away all of this good pitching. And I had to read that tax district plea for the word Frederic you don't see that text messages nearly enough to keep coming at 37937. Yeah whether they win or lose tonight. What I want is a star outing from price. Don't think that's unfair to ask. 31 million box ace all of that frustrated with the way that he's been treated and portrayed sometimes the big bad media in Boston. Frustrated by the way he's been treated by fans at times in big bad Boston. Okay pound pig don't you wanna be a star. Here's your opportunity bee's start. Your team is struggling offensively. Bullpen has been used a lot national television. This you know Roger Enron all the time and say you only perform. In nationally it's old heist games both tend to be the most important. I never had a problem with a lot of performing a nationally televised gate and a lot of other problems with the rise of Iran though but that was now one of the guys can give it triple double every time the teams on national television that's conclude post season games. And gains against other marquee opponents that help you get to the post season. No issue with that whatsoever he wants to play well there and take a random Tuesday night in Milwaukee opt fine. So I wanna see that from David Price tonight and if he does that and it's been outing similarly we saw this afternoon to report solid pitch well enough to win. I was depressed about nine hits but reports tell pitched well enough to win this game this afternoon. Red Sox don't hit me losing game two to one the price birth to jam priced. Gives you start that were coming weeks and at the end saying wow David Price did enough for the Red Sox to win tonight but I'm happy. It's not just about the result I wanna see that type of performance from David Price and I don't think it's unfair to ask for. I at all 6177797937. Rain Revere in the Red Sox third base situation erect. Yeah I'd say this keep doing it championship but I think it would be a well pat Beck I thought we did two under if bet on the comedy good. Seeking medical data that he'd he'd bring it up bona fide hit. We will look at that I'd seen bitter and play up to ensure right now we are certainly there at red a lot to run for it. The edit they have the pitching staff that they literally been shut out each time. And I don't think you'll want to state for the wild card featuring need to play to win this division. And I and out product that the profits up up and swallow dec contract this week. But really they hit it over the luxury tax maybe they've picked up a big up there world number. And I think it's worth it because it's built up irritation that scheme in which it. Well we'll look at that as their name and mine. Was stuck it to the name. You know I mean I don't know well I'm not to GM but I would bring in a meaningful impact player I wouldn't you know wouldn't be afraid of clog it up there they did that eventually could probably move yet that it had. And well and and that's then face the phone call rate that's a part of it is not wanting to go you'll put themselves in a position where. There they're creating a logjam in front Raphael devers because they believe in him is their third baseman of the future. Now as far as the stock is goes really anybody I Kansas City. If they keep playing the way that they are playing. And they might put themselves in the situation of being as sellers sooner or later they're right in it with a wildcard there are only couple games out of the second wildcard. Right couple games out of first wild cards pretty close there in general with that right now the rays and yankees is those two wild card teams but Kansas city's last five in a row. I don't think they're great team I think more and more and re seeing. Seasons. Teams have have come to the realization that even after a couple of games out of the second wildcard but there's still one of six teams that are. In that mix they're not really in contention they're more in what I like to call folk intention so they're not. Making those big time investments. I just don't know that's an avenue the Red Sox are student going down because I don't think they want to you. Invest in that somebody long term account positions that Rafael diverse. So. They the thing he got away there is the first point the rain may. Do you care primarily about winning a championship this season. And if you do you deal with luxury tax ramifications you deal wit. A log jam at third base you deal with all of that other stuff after the fact. That's sort of my approach to it. I just don't know if the Red Sox during that same boat yet championship Kitna really. If you win a ring. And Hubert Colin bitch complain about the logjam at third base next year in the get a life you re just won a championship in Draper. I and you don't wanna deal with that. So. I understand that and that's that's again how I would approach it. I just a big Red Sox management is in that same sense that's why Frazier makes too much sense. Because either walk year you know what it is it's a couple month rental you say goodbye at the end of the season. And maybe you're looking at devers. As soon as next year 21 years old depending on how these next couple months go Foreman AAA and if he gets a college in September 61777979837. Iraqi is in a hole. Up next once talked bunting Ella good punting talking Iraqi. Hey Harry don't curve great all through things I just wanted to or thought about. I just I loved John girl just cannot wrap my Tehran must. First and second nobody out. Christian ideas right are you can't find it special and the director of land it five all at once again. The ball when successful. It just it just doesn't make any sense. I mean I I know that doesn't sound like give up parts but yeah you gotta play the game always boasted play action. It just as an accurate sense meant church here. Yes I mean they're a couple of collars are brought it up rocky banks for the call and and I said the same thing. I'm typically. Just as a rule of thumb not a big bunting guy I'm not wilds behind it I'm not wild and given about the Yankees try to bond last night eternity would double flight so. There are it seems to you and this is maybe just a complete tangent but what the hell. No we didn't do it. It touched it to which they don't work audit. At NATO that's that's sort of frustration especially for longtime baseball fans that remember more so manufacturing runs. But it really seems like I struggled to. Actually physically execute these freaking bunt. And that can be maddening. Would you like bunting you're not eat guy should be able to handle the bat well enough to do. That point aside and understanding. That I don't typically subscribe to the idea of yap bond give up outs in that spot. It seemed to make sense. In that spot it seems to make sense in their couple second guess is people bring up John Farrell. That ranking get on board with and got on board with the eighth inning usage of great kimberlite new issue with that whatsoever in general did his job. He also. It's been a rough. We get in my opinion for the ad the guys in blue are the guys in black as a war and beat you empires have been. Very very rough balls and strikes and big calls on the bases the holiday to Michael I'll last night the way they handled the replay. Part of that also in my mind I watched it three different angles bunch of different times I'd like Craig Kimmel got -- judge got twice. I don't come out on the ground ball this UA Wendy appeared to deal right over the line. A lot on the line and then throw mud at first many got a fly outside no issue with barrel on that point. With the bunting point yeah like it's one of few people brought up in and I definitely see where they're coming from there. Brian is in an even know there was a north Woburn and apparently there is is that's where Brian is say Brad. They say going Kate yeah I really kind of besides supposedly are really double pane so they've cities slash two losses. It's already. Double B Dombrowski. What age they do and really. Consider. Obviously. Relief pitching the ball and need help now. Yeah Kelly gone down. You. You know the other and I don't in more. Moya or you know and that. And believe boy it was actually pitched in pretty good evening only had a rot but he was taken pretty good borrowers third base I also agree with you. We haters stop gap. We know the damage is probably come up at the end of September. You know this be ready Gambill he's been going well you can't run double double a patient data that Tripoli pages. So we already know what you can do the only problem is we cannot be given. A lot about Bob. For any of those two position. But he got a lot left to give up I mean it there's been some big trades obviously the sale trade was a big key. In a big deal in terms depleting some of the assets I just saw Ryan animal is in your a couple of minutes ago. Discover negate after WEEI dot com any wrote about sort of revisiting the sale trade. And was it worth it I can actually read the article I just assumed that asking was it worth it there is just the word yes. In the body of the story and then that was it now ranks Twitter handle any kind of move on but it did give up a lot so there's not a EEE. They're not a strong position in terms of dealing guys did you not gonna give up devers not to give up some of the other guys that are laughter still high up. Oddity in that era in their farm system for. What is realistically available. Out there Frazier is not gonna cost you a lot bullpen arms in general. Especially guys that are non closers set up guys are typically not. All overly expensive at this time of the year so I don't think you're looking at giving up a lot that the eight the areas where they need to address the areas where. Either we're gonna make moves here those have not changed their exactly. What the last collar mentions third base and bullpen we know it's gotten gap more dramatic after the Joseph Kelly injury and also Boyer. And Kelly it was weird to yes chip Haiti is John Ferrell made a point about Kelly being the eighth inning guy and like an hour later he's on the DL. And what's what happened. All right now who will save he comes back and of people in some cases are leaving the porch light opera Carson Smith. But you need help in that point and I think gave them browsed he will be looking at both of those positions I'd be shocked if he doesn't make. Additions in both of those spots both the third base likely Frazier and in the bullpen. And we kicked around a few names Wilson being out one of the newer ones. Talking about David Phelps sign Miami pat he Shaq. And a few others have been bounced around I'd be shocked if Dave Dombrowski doesn't address both of those positions. Between now and the start of August 6177797937. Text line 37937. On Twitter he can chime in if you like. And Chris baloney 44 I'm with you up until Red Sox pregame that's coming up about 45 minutes for. The second game in his day night double header Red Sox looking for split keep it here sports hernia WB yeah. Fix these Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox a review on Sports Radio WEEI. Terror attacks your view press law anyway if you high atop Fenway Park. Ahead of game number two of their day night doubleheader between the Red Sox and the Yankees after three nothing. Red Sox a lot to the Yankees earlier taking your phone calls 6177797937. I couple attacks here no power no win for the Red Sox. Not a guy says he's listening in a backyard having a beer is Dave's brownie and I am jealous of him. And one for me brownie and still buy an hour away from that becoming a reality. Another text from New Hampshire the problem isn't necessarily third base the problem is. In a shortstop with six home runs and as the weakest 300 hitter I've ever seen. He's basically a public stand the ball gets one extra hit out of every ten at bats while one extra hit ten at bats difference between the hall payment. I guess going back to San Francisco maybe after getting hot and being a 49 million dollars. Bogart's is struggling right now there's a reason why he's out of the lineup tonight and I think that fit I he's out tonight he's hitting it's 179 in his last fifteen games. So a much needed. Night opera Zander Bogart he took a no firm as many guys did earlier this afternoon. I don't put him in the same category Pablo obviously any experience largely in jest but. Yeah that's one of the guys that needs to be better second half of the year this team built around a couple of different premises or proud night as it worked. Run prevention. Really good starting pitching a really good bullpen and for the most part check in check it done final long along those lines. But also built around having certain offensive threats that and on Ortiz huge power bats but. Guys picking people lineup moving keep an offense moving and put runs on the board and support. The run prevention model that they've sort of built tier bowl guards the part of so we need to be better. And it's spend a couple weeks what now for him I I think overall first half the year and have a lot of complaints in Santa Bogart's he was in my mind as deserving all star. And little Indians nepotism may have kept him out of the game and forced into that final that file fan vote situation but overall. Not a ton of issues of Bogart's outside of these last couple weeks but if you're telling me he's got to be better yup. And we'll keep that is the next category as well intervening ten these guys the younger players the younger stars. That this team is built around and they're not the next thing anymore they are the guy they are the core of this team. So you need more from then the second half of the season that's. Regardless of adding somebody making a trade or anything along those line to star is going to be stars in the last couple weeks Bogart's is not that. 6177797937. Jimmie in North Attleboro on trade deadline he Jimmy. And we got on great. I'm so I think a lot of oil a lot of people think. Raiser in a while average guy at 200 but. I had been the doctor out of these in what thirty bought a home run. Off for the heat and there's been bad barely any parent it's your and he. I think that I built forum I think he. You know put at least over thirty home runs. Up this year. Yuck the monster in left field. They power left the I honestly don't care peace in Q tiger tigers are you on drives and run and it's some power because that's we elect here. Yeah I think you need somebody that's a threat I think you need somebody that's a threat that when you have a situation like today is the perfect example. Yet seven walks free yankees pitching you have multiple opportunities with runners in scoring position. About one guide to threat to drop the ball off the wall and get something going they they just didn't have that in the lineup today Frazier can potentially be a guy like that. Yeah I'm not sure you saw armed Iraqis take Obama got here your network Abbott unit and any thing. Now wrapped I gonna go after Miguel Cabrera what are that. Now now that that's my thought its that's not gonna happen he's owed a billion dollars or something between now and like the end of time. I asked pigs puts it happened it. I just don't see it happening in a verse 34 years old he's been struggling with the injuries this year. He he EZE. A shell of of what he was. Going back to Triple Crown season or going back to even the two years he had before that there were arguably better than this Triple Crown season. I said this earlier in injury made out of the listening but. This is just Iraq sensed something on television and now we're we're kind of running with a in jumping with a potentially Iran is. Is transforming himself into a Sports Radio collar and saying hey maybe this could work. And or Sports Radio host a much slamming collars here just throw something out there that's what Iran's doing I don't think this is based on any semblance of reporting. And I am appealing Jimmy I go down its routes or just pulling up. A brewers contract here he's 34 years old now and he's got. Twelve home runs he's a thirty million next year thirty million a year after thirty after that thirty after that 32 after that. And 32 more after that. At takes an up to age forty and any of the couple vesting options. He finishes in the top ten in the MVP voting which the way he's playing is not something attempt to be concern in 20/20 four. When he is another thirty million dollar option in the another vesting option to thirty million bucks after that. It's just not realistic. And yeah on the tigers that there are some legitimate trade rumors that are swirling around the tigers their bunch teams that are interest did ING eighty Martinez. Diamondbacks are one of those teams but there is just no written Miguel Cabrera barring. Something dramatic. Change somebody being willing to take all lot of money. The tigers being willing to spend a lot of money he is going a retired Detroit tiger. I just don't see another way around that he's owed too much money. The rest of the way for too many years. It be kind of like you know body been used to get the million bucks from the Mets every year and we will. Cabrera gets thirty which every year for almost as long as Padilla gets his million dollar a year paid quite against the gets that's elect when he 35. Those things seem like a good idea at the time for the Mets didn't turn out of work out that way to get Iraq said that he said it on television he said it out loud. He has some credibility as opposed because of that one time when he walked around the infield in Miami did smock would interviews in the lead the all star game for awhile but. There's nothing. Realistic behind this guy in line 6177797937. Fraser on the other hand. Very realistic an actual reporters with sources and stuff. Had talked to post how realistic that is 6177797937. Text like 37937. I Twitter Chris Maloney 44 got about a half hour ago. I half hour forty minutes or so up until Red Sox pregame for gain to this double header Sports Radio WB yeah it's a good opportunity to sit him down. After a sixteen inning game last night after. 880 another rough offensive outing for him last and it's been a couple weeks. Where he has struggled couple weeks' worth it deems his last fifteen games which encompasses obviously the all star break. He's sitting around 17 so. Yeah I do think it is a much needed and I got in that sense that the needs the rest but. Take a night off take a breather trying to get jet right to the Toronto series because he's got a Red Sox are are counting on. I text or forgot to Brock colts was a member of the Red Sox he's been out for a while. Touched on this earlier very happy to see Brock pulled back with the Red Sox. He won in only feel good moments this afternoon with seeing holds get the game. And managing hit. After earned the Ian played since April 20 with six games this year. April 20 it was the last one against the blue jays is attending game pull that hit in that game. It was game number sixteen on the season for the Red Sox now the last we saw of him. And it hasn't mentioned any time you've got that at any issue that involves the head involves concussions. I in this case was also vertigo. That's the stuff that ends careers and that's where uncertainty creeps in because there's not an established timetable of injury it's fixed by surgery and then. This is your rehab period based on medical science and what a thousand other guys have done before you. Who have torn their rotator cuff I've strained a ligament. Torn ACL what ever. It just doesn't exist. You don't now and hold didn't know coming into. Is rehab stint in the first and that kind of started that stopped again. Some of the Dow cracked it was my numbers ever gonna play again. So yeah Brock holds back he's in the major leagues hitting infield single earlier today one of only four hits the Red Sox on day when they were shot out. If he's back in the lineup tonight. As the third baseman. And eating seventies in the bottom third of the you're batting had a Christian Vasquez and see way to win. Out of the down the bottom of that Red Sox lineup tonight for the nightcap 6177797937. Sixteen inning affair last night and this is something that I stop pop up a little bit on social media. That really frustrates me every time it does this come from the same group of people. But they were is in there isn't any in nineteen inning game earlier this season the Red Sox and the second longest game in terms of innings. This year with sixteen the longest game they played against the Yankees at Fenway and like fifty years so. Anytime you you have those situations pop up the idea of limiting the innings. Gets roped in and I feel like that's popped up a bit these season. In sort of dove tailing with the whole concept of speeding up the game and moving things along. I still continue to think it's one of the most ridiculous ideas ever. For one it impacts such an infant as small amount of games how many of them actually go without long. And if European if you come to a game. I am and you don't wanna stated to see it to fruition you have the right to go nobody's forcing you to stay here same for people that are tuning in on television tuning on the radio. The reason it frustrates me is it seems like it's one group of people that brings up. Wow why don't we have games goal all day and night when nobody's watching and it's ridiculous we shouldn't do it and that's the sports writer it is the plight of the sports writer the people who are forced to be here. I think force did you get a gun at something else for a living if you wanted to you could have covered sports at times but. Those seemed Peta people did bring this issue up all the time and I could not have less sympathy whatsoever. Like I was is that hostage the last night's game as well I'd stay till the end of it. It's ironic it done something else for work I chose not to it is what it is sometimes you have to stay at work longer than you anticipated. It's the pet peeve of mine because it seems like that's the only. Really group of people that are clamoring for this I'd still get the sense among fans that. They're bothered by these marathon games for won the marathon games have a chance to give you the great moment. The beef fantastic end to Red Sox did manage to walk off with a win. Last night and it can happen against the Yankees and came in dramatic fashion to game you're probably talking about a few watched on television work you were lucky enough to be here it's eight double thinking we talking up for a long time. In any Teddy it's a walk off home run or something like that happens. Didn't work out that way obviously the Yankees got the win but. You get the opportunity for the great moments and those types of games and it acts such a small percentage games. And to lump that into you the whole piece of play their pace of play issues last night. The inefficient replay. The nine minute or so stoppage between conversations and replays and everything with that weird Matt Holliday should have been interference slide at first base. Those are legitimate points to bring up. But in baseball does have a tendency of trying to nibble around the edges when it comes to making. Fixes when it comes to making big changes you know limiting the yacht the personalized app that music to so many seconds war. EL OK you know intentionally walked find go to first base. And not making them throw the four pitches the intentional walk rule saves like. What 45 seconds the game on average maybe when he when he hit intentional walk. They nibble around the edges instead of sort of attacking the problem this would feel like. In a scene even before last night's game some articles that were penned about earlier this season this would feel like any solution in search of prop. Very few games in very very tiny percentage gains go north. 101112. Innings it doesn't happen all that often when it does sometimes provides for great drama and baseball the issue is not marathon games in terms of innings. Baseball's issue. I is denying any team that last three hours and 55 minutes that's the issue. Not the sixteen inning game the last six hours you see one literally the last time you sigh game. Go down like the Fenway Park is the 2004 ALC yes. And it was the longest game between the Red Sox and the Yankees of 1966. That is a solution in search of a problem. The problem is the MI body the dove White Sox TV announcer talking about. Albeit a ten game homestand in Chicago and they tend to play long games there are pretty good. But ten game homestand at Chicago didn't get 103 hours not want. That's the issue. Not the sixteen inning game that it. Just feels like the light of the sports writer. He plight of the poor poor people who have to stay here and a lot of people do when they get frustrated buy you dinner reservations implants I understand that the timing scheme. I would never wanna see baseball move in the direction though the could allow for eat high now did you have lights and every ballpark it should be possible to tie and it's got to stay that way. So it's a silly conversation to me when he comes up I psychology bit. On social media last night I don't think it's something that bothers they ends all that much. And it's something that is just such a that I feel like the only people there really bothered by the people who don't have a choice once they I start and and have to stay at stick around. You don't want to game the whole way and that's fine that's your that's your right the problem though is not sixteen inning game it's that. As likely as not based on the games they've played this year the Red Sox and yankees through the first pitch at 805 tonight and not for the last pitch until after 1130. That's the issue. 6177797937. We it's time to squeeze in a few more phone calls if you like. Going up to. But 71 years so it's Red Sox review and be another Red Sox game coming up. With the Red Sox and yankees at 720 John Reiner and pre game Blondie with you until that sports hernia W yak.