The Real K&C - Vibrant Vito, full-time Tanguay and Billy Bob Minihane 1-19-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, January 19th

Curtis and Ken attempt to redeem themselves after a lackluster performance on Monday.  The guys recapped a memorable performance by Tanguay and Mut's battle with Reimer. 


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Okay nineteenth of January 28 team can't layered Chris Curtis we earned your Friday and why people were sort of podcast but it was so wild fish. Shark there's a cap I don't mean to wrecked yet directs made some points alchemy points and a brief. I thought Kurt what. The concert. As you embarrass sort of the sound effects why you do have a podcast is unbelievable just I would do with them I wanted to go all I saw. Kirk's review of that before I listened that I wanted to disagree with you and I'm one defend these two idiots. It was terrible president proved my point from the start we wanted to and ended what and why you what are you so BZ equity it would it would make your job different we do. We will be schedule there Ocalan today which different. We have a conference on one decent there the blog. Look we set it up on his cup in adult you'll do it at that we just tap that he says parliament and likes to bring time's seekers. Is 1170. Sometimes is swinging Amos says Michael Scott says you miss an episode of the shots you don't. We all came into this room and gave view a golden shower well you know what where's my golden shower. Would you look back on. Why it was so terrible I actually thought it was okay lead figure. Basically we were sewer and sold better to do a short version as podcast and not at all she is this rally is gonna go well. The reaction tomorrow right now Kirk there's about halfway through his head on the run Andy's was he plays again plays the same. I think I sound better this. It he doesn't pay to get to put it. I'm blaming you your higher management knew were. It'll lead management. Your wife didn't like it off for that season podcasts what happened. Kicking and Nazis they use stink we got skewered for that right after two rate garrison is degree to which you teased over god. It was it was OK. I've built a tad too much news on Oprah. Russell. Against my cheek as we muscle for our playbook. And those chilly autumn night the five times a week. By the time we reached a two bedroom. We were ready to bloody. The story of naughty talk. Made Tuesday. Spread its proximity to ghost towns and school. 51 flood oversee under me who. Sex print media motoring naked it's never gonna reach the heat. For me the the U love behind the glass his pen falls easily to the floor in roles my feet under the control port. Knowing that only minutes remained the stigma he moves quickly to retreated to a chance. Suddenly I feel as whiskers against my size Sunnis explored parts of mead I never knew existed. Kirk and Jerry pound on the window of rest go to break he seems so far away it's on import. Just all. One man. You get. Oh. Just ball and I have that law. On the other side that the charm that was like couldn't through the writing woes of a sudden you're on the keys you hear very much it was you sort of clustered in a little flustered as the snake can't layered is going to edit this greats anyway Wednesday for Thursday for an issue like he's our number one guy I enjoyed that show the highlight for me on Wednesday was the then questions. Humber and Alia. The peg in the next thing Peggy. My eyes light up guy. Weren't. Complaining. What's your question. I am glad to say hi great job guys. Thank you thank you nice nice job by you was well received with full lives pockets hobble all day it's much print preview in the game for me. Of light open right now ask apple tag nothing core you know not your next at Tom Brady guy Corey course your chance to talk to Tom Brady you'll tell your kids are great it's about the as the rest your life. This is that come through Brady let it be doc and pretty poor. I'm. No I got a question or do you put it on a little earlier. You know about people bought Stanley what you think your point that the lad being here me being at the request for a but the question. But yet my order my outfit that the daily conversation. That. That your breakthrough busts which you correct it was a bad. Idea play answers from TB twelve that it matched questions out up I initially started pulling. Answers that would make sense but the questions the caller we're going to ask. That's the question. I'm very fortunate and I really love what I do. Kirk then said no that's not funny. Let's get separate things so there was sort of a a miscommunication on matters of real Britain had many responses again the differing of opinions between Kirk chair which sort of reared its ugly head again today. With the private jet fiasco Ole miss situation that's currently going on. But to me there is no greater experience than avoiding commercial airline you think I according to biased all right tricks and and enjoy my experience you do it very my closet. And affected the famous the most famous red tricks like you and me in the back I know a lot of us. Watching our friend John Dennis just. As the life of the party desperately wants and just an in house it was a memorable experience probably the most memorable day of my back it was to you or come with SCSI is he can be fun you you wished you know was coming as I do you do OK we commit what happens say Al what does that mean gang banged. So just for the stores to come. I hope you enjoy it. So the catches he said the mid day guys are coming with us and the program directors and the way this and I said no problem actually great enjoy the flight. I don't give a good time a fight back with you guys I am not gonna be on that plane I hate Glen. I don't know I Joe's going I don't wanna be part of the experience has me excited to experience you sit in the seat and arguing why I'm telling I Texas executed some time remitted yogurt some activists in the second after Tampa fine Texan joints and I'm not going. It's human life Oprah tells you doesn't appear conflict and why would he do that. Because we have a seat for you we play for you know why you need to go commercial no because I'd hate Clinton and so watch. Well because I don't like bush did did anyone tell you had to sit Cohen about why he did anyone tell you had to talk the Glen abbey now works of fights like that I'm gonna do now how much do you flu among you let you flew to you know few times and you hate them. Here's part of my shell. So what I'm I'm doing ardea station module but it is I'm not doing it or urinating. Obama doing. First of all for self discipline you for being do you care you're gonna fly private Super Bowl there are some times where I look back at my drinking in the way I lived before next. You hear from Jerry who says. We're not doing but. You'll tell it how many things I took for granted and didn't really appreciate because I was so ocean basin this miserable it was slightly flightless. We use it he doesn't say can he get to the I don't know what what moment what would most want to understand is. Your last front I I really don't remember much of the the flights I really don't because I got so blasted before hand. Our guys are doing I was and communication and psychology. And even the last what we took the big fat photo with the tree out today cheated the new pictures this team knows keeping that fat boy. That flight there's no Tia states exe to bring liquid so I brought a hydrogen left in my room filled up vitamin water like three quarters of Jews in the splash park water I. Brought on the plane and that the president would be to change to the bathroom there. On the private jets pounded. God knows some oxygen on Netflix or remembering our. Draw would be really cool with just over three of chip in that would before which should. Charge you a lot harder to keep it just used the Stew which is pathetic. That sock puppet I for 1 am jacked and I'm about privates. Return for his ball kicked balls just the realist right after the show that's it pry it takes here does. The report and we pump the brakes a little gonna lose now that we get the whole series films segment segment. About somebody's hand in full I say the caller who had the thumb injury was super. Go to Matt a kind man tells a bunch of them I'll go here. Matt. Yeah and then quiet hockey idol. It back the arc like say. Two weeks but playing hockey you just have all the stick. And don't you it's a little harder grip as call football holder that's on the colemans and so it's not that helps. OK she's just thanks man that's a fascinating fair. And I thought we scream co. All their all that all energy I got this wouldn't watch hockey records going back and forth that's on the air and conflict needs all the blog it's at the suddenly W abortion huge tree. On abortion stories and in known them that's abortion Tuesday we'd like that I third at least on the story the first segment Friday was the best sing. About it crushed. I which is not having Roemer holds for four hours a night for five is on the radio and you are he's not better on the raised about your better on the show that he is he's a better host he's. Better hope it's not. All eyes yeah I he is not even close aides are having on the post is also not even a great columnist how everything is re written that you guys that when it does he writes about we talk about her in the our most and so he's Smart going to be I should be looked at it he should be here writing about what's on the radio leaders need go to Minnesota at Indy instead of Ramon added issues. But some destroyed he's got his shirt and tie and we still don't know why the mud they've read a line. Handcuffed by my ankle to a bench okay assorted. Good start today little the all over the place and got into the flight drama bed full does Jack the alt lately to join us he seems to be eager to be part of the show I don't think that's gonna payoff for vanity. Always substantial and get credit he sees countless bigger morning Ben how are you. Greg can you really wanna break down the jaguars game yes now the patriots can. Slow them down on third down by I want to bring up the topic that we talked about last time because they I just can't let it go oh yeah. So. Member on the 88 he thinks that these forty niners at least. Have an argument that's being provided one might be better than 542. Our madness experience and that is incredibly stupid remember you saying this he's got to put ounces not as good as Billy Bob in new care to all my favorite. I was that good to stand on the week when music that was. Awesome this house in the read good. A it was don't own uphill lie it was all good. It's we got on hand out Albuquerque and I hop along knockouts and right now it's going owned shares washing every Jim Jim and I Jim another regime here dogma about their defense it'll be really good or do you believe me like we really do you like the SEC and achieve the Alabama to repeat as national champions. When there. But you put out what did I don't think disposed Chu and in the studio now mostly a student I did not he would have lowered their. This will be a little bit different for the night I had a weight problem walking game that we and does good. And now what wash not to boy man no bargain Brady get up and I knew him pretty creative. What about an average Humana. A game believe Dale Junior retired. And just he's is it time I terrorism here my heart on broke when he stopped. When he's operate around in my you go boy could burn in my guys human dramas some and a a different mama I live enjoys it very degree would. I'll probably turn out America that marriage about earlier than only being an extra countries joggers there right now I'm like these women who adopt and bad about people guys who grabbed him inappropriately obligation we have a Gary won their jobless apparently agree later. I tell us about these demands of loud barking out to ball games we can now is over no addition Otis oh man and a guy hollered at night you wouldn't number the Jersey you're liable I know blatantly of the ball they have little or whatever or can run again be really into. And I had turned to sling blade here would bring his best does that add does not I don't area as. As I really off adored by days and I'd never seen Humphries. That never. Without Mars it's a bit and I've not got out. You are no good here. There are couple things that make me laugh every single time one we played in the file segment today show which is when cherry pick the Steelers. And last Thursday to chip it to him ago 3113. Team a team Steelers and another is this that go home be a real tough from one or all beat them. Noise advantage when they're playing at home. Don't be a little bit different as all meals a dome the only regret it simple it's such a weird he thinks is like a man. So doesn't this don't be albeit in different ways day today in an arm to dig about not hear it all really different topic football how vocal with. That's going to be really good that that was aspect is that's. Was also little salty sounds. Today though as an actor and I see a look at dinky town in Minneapolis and it's right next to resume or taken out to know it was Steve's brother in law and beaten down. Down to you've got resolved the better news for Michael is right near a zoo. There you go perfectly good Asomugha could maybe you may finally be tomorrow may you be more comfortable there post enrollment and child Curtis is now mocking people shot up at the last night he was all over vehicles Leno who is a item veto it's like here in Boston good evening how are you. Just kind of out of my Danish no apparent a lot of stole appear realize gonna rub it is now come on a lot of snow up here. It's freezing it's cold nearly below freezing this morning I don't I don't believe that will be a lot more snow for war. Of these teams when they go to Minnesota. In a couple of Sunday. Hello how hungry and tired I was the start they show it's the with their thirteen minutes are older than he does cause a lot more snow when they go to the Super Bowl. That means it's Minnesota same course I don't was more snow in the city Minnesota the B in high Jackson Miller Bonderman and Minnesota's us that he curveball and more than we do. Secondly how do you know that. Because I checked before you don't want yes on checking every day that's Alito is going to be energetic he told me before the shot I thought it was gonna fight on his seat treats take utilities vetoes Twitter avatar gets played sound to be all we commission led veto already has alive for thirteen minute thirteen minute that was the start so it was another team Marlins. So much wealth that. I'll decide back detail for a second. He mentioned on Wednesday show that he's interested in working five days a week with us he likes syllable is that is total (%expletive) I think it's time to offer me a full time deal well why you've taken the best in the things economists contractors got the contract. I'm unhappy I'm Sally annual June conversations with the start again down and I believe that this is coming from port where he's not happier about feeling like the NBC Comcast of this coming everywhere at the stations though Comcast to grow sucked so he's sort of place you Lackey for the is like there are obvious move away for elders to receipts up the S I don't think so I find Comcast to be just so (%expletive) boring Ascap trinity. Is out for still allow. Sure she's posters of I don't know obviously she's that you wanted to occur so that was in the play and so who cherry Callahan. Has always ago stricker trophy once there should be there and she has commercials or who are. I just looked sorcery Kirk thanks very. Wise that. No less than ten times ever heard and catapult trainees governor who are some than the last two days but that's about it. Boats aren't scripted but that's. It was accomplished car czar Steven Providence is though he got a stake in the days O Steve Stephen oh and then words from each other we're Steve what's going on. If anyone ever argues that the Friday numbers have been personal Ers just played a question then owns the I have I public abortion doctor I have via a six. You Arturo flea problem beset that there is eight seats to sell preschool at saint Clark Jim. In part. Except the presidency. Possible that you just can't make sure that it the second dessert. Is a lot of serves big planet cookies that passer or. Among die phenomena have to this can be my cheap to Monday species that. But it was an accident and one it was a Monday that there are. Why southern port to herald the boat obliged us a picture thought it was Carter a Texan my my my concerns that it was not that's. Mark mark Bertram right. Where you don't want. One market power to be unrealistic if you watch it is hot dogs in a bottle Coca or or sports now. We have a phone system where it recognizes the number and so liquid over the last. Information place Edmonton number will pop up on the call screener from Rhode. Island tells racist writer's block substances you know huge bad races. Why is a matter he's caught in education was a matter. Because total about quarterbacks in the NFL. Why are politicians better quarterbacks he has because like I don't think Gately well I don't think they intimate bird. Course the games to dictate held next week goes. I think Mondays are usually pretty much says the arrests the week will be I think dominated by the travel plans to appear. Workers flying food spoiling what is root of choice it is Jeremy talk Eagles fans every. Think of it. If the first illegals have the worst fans in sports I've heard it's a miserable nasty brutal awful people might be roaming the streets to be causing trouble fights who like. Soccer hooligans the just awful. We don't want them there are taken over the city Minnesota people and nice average age years. Ranches here ship orders. I don't ever remember seeing in Japan has spurred this this is everywhere it. Ryan's trees here in a wheelchair if you're his everywhere and it's a museum watched you for two personal assurance process attention or racquets and he's. No. They did not I didn't always parallels what you guys are links to bigger story three was the Coughlin factor health it columnist. The Coughlin factor is actually being the nobody believes and he says it doesn't portals finished well Jesus Christ Jesus and his son Tom Coughlin thought walk right across all saw on the right guys in the room museum here no comments on this program like that it's not funny when they only straw you can grasp is the president of football operations you don't have much terror solvents and he's going to be sitting in the same back stadium that scared and balls in the air. Tara Sullivan who is the worst writer in the history of mankind. Is writing stories about this you get a grip and proper for tomorrow as liberal at an act happy anniversary to the weird for us all thank you have a great fiftieth anniversary is awesome January 20 1968. Well now. I was concerned about seeing the pirates earlier this week but the ticker Jerry technicals treated very well go to captured the real despaired Pittsburgh for a come back for next week tiger one question for for ten Pittsburgh it was a reaction in the steel Celestica. Gotten us. They traded Erik Cole for four. Nobody's ponies horses Zito and asked them. Narratives I was I've I don't remember ever right rooting for the steal my whole life I was a kid there were dominant he's completely live broadcast of the few what are your daughter spots and Jerry do elect on. Recently entered. It is currently threat and Jesus where that's what's trending now on WE RU WEEI dot com. Could weaken.