The Real K&C - State of Tanguay, ESPN & Kirk vs Steve in the car 9-13-17

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Wednesday, September 13th

Producers Ken & Curtis recap the Tuesday/Wedensday September 12th & 13th editions of the K&C Show.


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Go real kids Sione September 13. Or. Moon welcomed the shell. Hitler here Chris Curtis know a polish of the that lasted two days it's going to be into. And we can. Opt for just a hiatus. Well Kirk idea is he is one of the year two members of our show that listens to this post. Noted that on days. Where we do it podcast they won't do the whip the poster webcast B name or ethnic minority have a partial podcasts that brought some partial pre election and so three days in cal Ripken junior streak missed on real bad for your manager was arts and stronger premieres camera is the lead producer of keynesian might have been so. News note this whole thing apart and they can about the beautiful people's ball Maria bears signed seating and yes and I was up front with the stars as him in the move after it was India. Section you can get better view it expertise I was I get a better seat than Jake. It's Gary tank I think that's the M. The main talker in the back group after the issue today if there were push of the inning guys may have kicked this around what is the future Gary tangling. As a member of the casting couch it isn't as bad. As Kirk and Jerry are feeling like ten wing has been. As some point you stopped trying and menu I was happy I was just in the office and Curtis laid out every story we're gonna talk what you didn't touch any of them. Never really did it I'm I would say that's not your but it is sort of an on air effort in a few like you know. Cares much used to be force affair probably I feel like the show is limited when carries and it's not like hmm what it's. Limited at times because she agrees with Jerry sock puppet he's not this route to mossy trainee character Roemer personally eakins repeat the (%expletive) out of it and you know move. Yeah pretty much every time to mossy trader in you can count on they're gonna disagree with those guys sold something politically he comes up there and show you want oh and orders I did not save act all Democrats have for open borders I can understand not. You're not pretty everybody just utter yes or no we're not. Ed art. I feel like George die lighter and a rack I happen again from issue ads but today like during the show I'm printing things and getting things stapling a lot of stapling or waitress to sports radio and you know we're removing along avert. I threw it whatever place in front of Gary whether it's pre show what his desk at 530. Or during the show. It's not even touched it's like. I could be handing them cash anywhere and even paying attention to. I don't I don't get it I don't know whether he's trying to do this for shtick in that like keeping by not paying attention it's kind of cool I read it I'd seen it like there were stories that we're going on today that I didn't even really addressed with during Kirk because. I knew Gary was a good read them like this rare story that came out you know Kirk produce quick little real synopsis on Michael Smith saying Eden. Holmes never heard of Turkmen and ever so that means we own them that's perfect that's only need to know and even use my hand today that's it looked quite at that story and all in all I don't think Kerry was aware of 90% of the stuff we were doing today. In a way it's not a problem if he handles it well like. It's a tactical move to me for potentially he wants to be different even sets of the about the on the show today about when when his TV show comes on he wants to stand out how can it be different from the crowd. That's not a bad qualities not like you have to do everything by the book K forty I've got to break I'm not vital break mosque is an hour and we're polish her Porsche is that's certainly what Kirk wants to casting count and mean. Bulgari was at his best before the second walk out he was spot I want that's so to that sort of social and it's gonna go to groups acts yet energy he brought life to show here I'm gonna. Bone bank bag full whole league. Bleep now it seems like he comes in with one thing that's on there has a rumor involving Boston media people you know in the rest of the show is trying to trying to be like in different or I don't care Ehrlich he left today to discard tobacco times they're using morals to walk at the last break and is not return tell you the waters card against phone and then you sort of want. Could be anywhere right now and competed and that I hop down the street he's got to the other end of the east of the meter energy level the Specter discount is there the rest of the ship ten humidity coming back I was fortunate W yeah is this a total wash because he had the and nine. Who. Is a job opening in New York. It's all. It's such a rumor. That was a good twenty minutes content or whatever right it's like you don't have to disappear for a half hour economies in NC. And like today right he hosted TV show that competes with the six in Boston. What was his ticker and to smell he counted said Schilling was worse that was his one. Schilling's actions were worst injured wasn't as bad as Schilling that's it I'm sure you re tweet to wasn't due back at Schilling let god Jerry go on a little that's asbestos. It's hard on who's gonna defend you don't define anybody who's to defend Michael Rappaport is funny it's important topic you defended its you know what would you do what should they have done as they TV host last night we played the sound probably open to talking about (%expletive) savage and Shawn Watson your work. I don't feel like even listened to what we were playing coming you know breaks that it was bad today it was it was but I don't. Only was necessarily Gary's fall that it was bad and we've just been the topic matter but welcome we have talked about not nothing understand some sort of deja competitors not novel a lot you know we did the best people could. As far as topics go Arnold we had the wrong topics it's just this the was to sit able to them were Michael bad that was back up in his right. That we could or more Michael Bennett. I I just think. Should obvious tournaments work for us it's a good topic generally for us and I thought they deserved to get the B Shapiro and yeah which they did. If you gonna fire shelling for that. You should fight your Gmail hill of course is ESPN's existing policy I would fire Gmail hill she should be out of a job by the way. Her ratings frigate sock while that's what I'm going don't want to watch it but ESPN's afraid to fire her because she is black. I guess treaty would have been better that she probably would have defended I'll shoot the Fed regional Bhutto's final tomorrow is a chance anyway get my assessment. I got a soft spot for a hit the post wasn't good but it wasn't as bad as Jerry meet its deal. And not one WHB I it's great news radio recently became out of Michigan his New York car and AM. God I thought about this because. I have heard and you. That was the last time he was and today it was not a good show but wasn't necessarily Gary's fall he was okay. Don't just overreact and say he sucks let's get rid but I can tell that incurred jury's mind you slide he is sliding at a depth chart. I wanna get rid of him yet. But it felt like we couldn't our show couldn't do everything I wanted to do today because he was like there was an element of him being an anchor on what. Like they wanted to discuss and I think Kirk or Gerry or both of the amendment to the over the course of today shows that he sucks yet Sergio room. He sits there like a law Obama's fault when they're trying to you know be engaged in overcome rescission field buck effectively puts his feet up when you sit back Emmitt. I hate talk and sometimes you look at eat it necessarily join in on the bashing like gitmo or in today it would have been three guys agree but at least my god what would add more energy on it would it would only he has moderates it would as a moderate. Which she would have been blasted for Gary trying to make a point couldn't. You know woodland. I think these two days okay how do we stay relevant. I don't think there's a while I personally know them by Michaels and that you know humans don't want watches congress trying to make a point. Okay we'll get there are still ugly with a huge out of it now I don't think there's hits the likely useless statistic I mean you know it's it's it's like writes it. Go ahead penguin please god telling is I don't think like John. And Isaac and I don't like I. Mean I don't I don't I don't think that. I think John's. I. Memorable when should I thought I assumed it was forgive me for the name caller was Bob Bob Bob collar with you in a room. Yeah no I I don't I don't want to interrupt the F riveting you know our occasion in my property stock panic. We greatly over 245. Let's go around the ropes if you guys don't mind over under 45 how food out of the marked Roche could be when he got a map. Stroke under. That's a fair question is there any holes and now well it's 33 who he is not an. And lose. A little wonder how. But the room was almost like an ask Kirk editing and it was ask keynesian. With this current jury's reaction effect that she. Like it was my first as a blow you write more question I like Bobby should have a couple of days it questions there and that's what Amy Lawrence is there. Diana ordeal minded enough yet know the answer bent out and not be right how much we appreciate. And that's enough right there to explore how awful that's terrible. I drove I typed in what he wanted to ask that they would have you know the Joker have been dogs like I did question for the room of course there's studies at. And mitigated through it from. It's time I think Bertrand took a worst beating today the ESP ended actually. He certainly made best boobs and Boston according vicar espresso market Bertrand. And the screw them now wanna lose Matthews when will be keeps those puppies grip it good for him stick kept mark. We had of course he thorough review of stronger today as we eluded to get through there as a unit were not yesterday Jerry. I too will be full hyperbole very often great seemed to enjoy Jake jewels performs the shock to me you know if you thought absence prize. I was stunned moved Jake Gyllenhaal as Jim Bowman. Is the greatest acting performance I have ever seen that you're gonna go to I have ever seen. Yesterday on his them world famous webcast to be named later he said he was gonna find 97 rotten tomatoes or and he came in this morning had 99 rotten tomatoes for people who who who had who formally held held the first position Carroll O'Connor's Archie he's the barriers our cars are even bother yes he'll he won't he had a month. Freaked me out how good he was Jake Gyllenhaal know these people are all between them you know you can't like him he's a big liberally Levine Jones and he loves Bernie Sanders. And I met him we have nice talk took some pictures with you changed my politically. Yes I did they stick their explain the whole doctor thing to German journal but I do think men and giving an enemy minuses you know pretty sought review from him I didn't like patriots there it's on. I can't recommend stronger enough it is excellent I hope it does well much or how well do it's a little story and it's hard to watch yet highly critical critic. Or feel like nine DB now the greatest acting performances all time right below the godfather and Marlon Brando and number two right now is Jake to stronger based on today's reviews so. The show accident I think. Serve would have at the box office commit of this program the thing -- when she took the number one releases yesterday on the program we get to mossy it is another pick up five start the lawsuit to critique you know again the mossy delivered on a Tuesday. He thought it was a highlight it I think from Aussie you know as usual Tomas is gonna send out the rundown and got a couple quick things for me. Wait Monday night he's engaged you know anti tank where right now. And he said the bill didn't. I hate football story when I watch a game now it just feels dirty blankets and Monsanto ever watched I mean I watched the pats are lesser pats because I have two from my job first of all saved from the weekend we get a new that was prior and I think that might have been the first time and this is no sleight of to mossy but maybe in awhile for any of sarcastic note deaths since the parole hearing with streamers that. The night before real buzz about a lawsuit being in just go back and forth with a drunk and so on Twitter and you know people were called him out on Comcast's so there was good and you know like the Sergio depth and name that was just. He's not on again. Yeah it was the greatest thing I hadn't heard it I got into the station you know our hero for listening I heard Amani Toomer reacting AZE English is not his first flight and I was area turtle boy also wanted to piece it's a mosque in the dosing. Memorable exchange there to turtle boy is next eternal about stirred a ball I please educate me. I don't report that I heard the video of this you can see him jumping brick wall. Okay when they go to the back where Michael is certainly not they like. Being like being around skydiving my terrible. You know what I'm not gonna sent out what needs to pull through I'm not a hobby I give but condit's turtle boy the respectively desire idolized her. Come on eight and tell us what you got it to restart and jump owns that patent here and I am trying to have my name rat out. That was decent but of course the cull of weeks so far Steve Kerr to rough headlines to critique the GO Steve's an economy Steve. Ya I'm my car accident got a digital readout that says WV. Sports rate. And then then then this is something else Steve on a Seattle manager Larsson was there something else go go somewhere else. 01 will be. Quite. Would be doing it we've been doing now for over a year over them and I'm now number one show and see the hat Stevie. Wouldn't talk about speed and what would you like to talk about you Kabul and we could argue are. What what planet are you showed the all sock and the rest and I'll show and. Staged or talk sports I promise you. Lula Christian and Glenn and rich and Michael and Gael will give Steve are exactly once you'll Bibi stop would you blow up with lots sports talk. I promise of becoming a theory is you know Jamal every orcas in your body when you listen to those shows I promise. Absolutely promised land or wait and Dale Arnold combined to make it happen because they slowly so you. Are there. My parents ray and may god it's. It's a good deal it's Steve Jobs Oprah get rid. It. Yeah hey stay away and Lago it's is. OK it was hard on her car. And it does matter. Can I ask these. Should not shock. You shot it. Up a bit. Preview of the film about it it's admit it's the club. Q but otherwise steep cuts or something. Your wife to track them and said the Kennedys of the upward rallies and mislead the and you'd Steve can I ask that. Maybe it's the IC would like to ask you quite got around the room yeah. Steve can ask question. Steve. What if you had your choice we can talk any cash eligible would you like us to discuss. I would love for you to talk about the the upcoming game between pictures. He wants a preview of football game on Tuesday that his great radio and dummy want to get a job as a PD and surprised you're tired and I are solid yet you do the idiots. You have kids. Do you have kids yesterday. Your kids you have yes yes and yes. I suck socks he's allowed some kids off. He's got us again. Now the worst the worst. So embarrassed about away. He goes to school that was like oh my god your dad Stevie socks he goes about the league cries. And he goes home and your wife at the once a week should be crucial up and she pretends it's Kirk Manningham we Bolten noted that. I know it's not and you probably try to talk like me all happens if you can finally get off for once we know that it's okay Steve. Your pathetic. A loser and you love me you worship me pleasure yourself to me every single time. These rivers of your main issues that you have released because of me to admit it. Is just you know you Letterman Medifast revert to the famous river in a masters the steep river. Which is all my which is just huge just Turkmen and love just. Just say I love Berkman or save lyrics they now say hey I love bird in the hand usually trade hello. Did you like that you like not what you want. What do you talk about your bear bit. How long sessions where you read big erotic and just chug along what do you what do you talk. That's exactly let's talk about Steve I talked about Tucker parents being dead. That's my children attack on my own issues attacked by a battles I go in there and taco myself because I image the myself. I come on the air taco myself because people are fascinated by meet. I am again the only person at the station with a shred of relevant to a Barack wanted this overtime puzzlement on the mid day guys definite guys for what their ratings. Again if I walked out here got hit by a car. To be country music 937. With pop along Lou. In got you Christian and you know Danson Dale Arnold Obey the station Gerry Callahan like you did before we playing the corporate game like there's no tomorrow. He telling. And on Friday shaking hands kissing babies. And on air colleagues. Because they do their job prop. Well I don't help psychotic separately knowledge and and and and and and and and and and and now three I fired as fat ass or wait four years ago he crawled back here. He stinks at his job. He does Chris Shuler terrific talent. They're carrying him rich keep Kirk Manningham I the only people WEEI who matter and I wanna work a risky fallen into it every day because Steve your right. He talks sports. Give me an SUUPQ. You know you mean are you knew T you been asked what does that spell sports in this regard that it is part of our dissidents. And any else Steve. I have actually if I just talk about art but it. A day. You grew her. Right side and it's sort all yours oh mark but that. The good did I mean when this I've talked to the people what your kids did you know some. I. Suck I wouldn't it's you suck that's fine no problem. You saw that not an issue. And maybe you seem to be natural we understand we got that I understand any LC not a car. What. About that I think that's certainly digital hub concrete I think it's a fact he said he had one last thing seized as we went into it. Who move and Steve Nash on the route map wreck that. What's the rest of the week all we do a treat to morrow in the Fridays have been up in the ever we know what's Alicia all right we know marks on the show. Regards some thunderstorms. On the thunderstorms in the forecast for Friday yup so lie on the golf tournament up in the air so to speak so we will see what happens with that but. Trivia tomorrow I think more Healy is in from six until and I coconut solo be good and Charlie Weis nine to ten to develop their planned tomorrow to try how are you. Lol. Yeah it was our football I guess for all got mr. Adams show after on Friday morning okay let's usually. It's wrong now you may be yell about Acropolis contract for five minute it doesn't change and they're not trade and talk about the bowling maybe seven or early light. Normally I don't double these. So what do you should global leadership. I thought that was great today we've. Vehement Somalia via boats that press conference returned or came to lose the little little. Stop the sincere from this there all of one can life is on the line answer from the coach got five pupils precincts all reports show webcast today if it had erred. Yeah some good stories in their today yes sir we relived Avaya a Tupperware moment between men and I can nearly back in the early days due to overcome any of first breakfast second breakfast and an early lunch eat. On the course in the sixth attention and a from time to time bring in some bowling news or some offs though. And he gave it to Kirkwood times and Kirk. Left with Thierry putted up probably through the trash complicated. That was that could be you know story of this. You know extending all the production of those eligible you know the leader humidity the door Kirk tees but you don't leave your shoe manatee outside not. A little upset a it'll Boston account would Ricardo. Soap service. John Dennis is sitting in the eye of Irma yep and is seeking out. A guy who worked with them for what two months six months artsy to a six month of the deal is now over a year removed from. Seeking out your back up Twitter account yes the block is a new low. Jesus I we have a great relationship you're Dino was actually. I think this is what he pisses him off. About me in particular he was off the air like. Promoting me trying to like help me out. A stick with me Audi Q. You go far in the company got a put at a good word for you that sort of thing in and Woodson he left. It was drop city you know it's ideal drop city you know what's more forward we get to this morning it's nice. You are friends good morning I'm assuming that's what he does not or just eats the show general public gay guilt by association Elam modestly but I'm not a big deal. Like all my accounts and I think we know so I don't seven. Adversary like dogs say I'd mind is clear than than yours. And speaking a morning show people on Twitter Freddie it was that he's been obsessed with the dog caller who he lashed back at you you're no friend of mine that lets you hit hard atlas podcast listen there was good and this morning for a TT and the middle of their program develop the and police released photo again didn't say public domain this financial figure hurtful did you feel like Hillary read I recovered. After paying how do you do well it's gone down the scale I mean it was probably 25. Levered the new host of rumor and torture is tweeting out dollar caller photos of me consumed by Crist cars and as as Kirk said about Michael Smith these. Space and said you becoming. More powerfully can ever imagine him bolstering image yeah dialog city it's up at our house you know we just thought it's 1 thing yesterday morning how stunned were you one out of ten. Ten being you're. Woke up with your. They stapled to the carpet. You're pissed off but it's about the pot well I was just stray. Ours is garbage we have what do you expect it's her fault it's didn't seem that complicated I understand a public have to be seen over the course of years it right it's your fault it's my fault I tried down. I thought we could do a two minute video of this place you know number one show and in the world where I think at last time I checked in and as soon to be the biggest radio company in the world this mean we are right now hi we do not have the ability to adequate to meet EV DO and tweeted what's your FaceBook did you guys think it was good. This idea what you can you asked me a bit what is wrong with you. You're creation right so as to what did you think Lieberman had a little English Curtis and I wouldn't answer worst person can lands named graduate of whatever school of engineering does that matter most to do it. OKO has posted. That was forced that was Jake. That was the 3% of them is right that or don't want me. It's. Certainly perturbed. In Napier it is due to concussions from his football days it was just it was a lot he instructed us to do it he watched the finished product. The reminded me of when Jerry came back from after Christmas vacation this past year. He was opened the show mad at me he. I thought it has to be pressed up. Remember how god awful these well villains I had all that awful Christmas wrapping tips and you know I thought I was gonna get beat down for those reasons. They opened the show and Jerry is flip out because I didn't speak up too with the fence about him not being a move talker that's. On the on his juvenile that I could tangles listen you're my neck standing up. Where is this going from. Roger and I love Jerry OK well they get the picture a great picture it was picture particularly well. Cherries still with Scott Miller our web goes office turned the purple. Brady blow hard you guys a Brady below especially huge algae to low blow hard front of all I DB page is great that you can do it's great. Will be back tomorrow training and support Vick stuff we put a little bit in the headlines at the film that might put some of that for training via Clinton with the Euro was sexism. It's unbelievable she just walked through. At the end of the day I think on the cost me the election but I think also with our. A. Well. She is located.