The Real K&C - The return of Kirk and Sporty R. McKenzie 8-7-17

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Monday, August 7th

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis are back after a two-week absence to recap Kirk (and Sporty R. McKenzie)'s solo Monday show(s).


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Yeah Lou Kirk gets a year. And layered Chris Curtis here that my problem of being a solo host I'm a cookie fortunes inevitable. And you know or have a lot more respect for different Dan Patrick you know now more from the producers the producers seem a little nervous that Kirk commit and show that it's the glorious return the real key antsy August the seventh it's Monday. It's that'll allow dress that globally in the podcast but. Offer Kirk to Kirk was back today and get the testicles to attack fort testicles to be mean right now what the producers girl active today I would sales to active and the people export the people here more sport. But you. I I agree yes read my guys are apps return for ya gotta deter it brings some water hear my voice is shot from the show you question my authority. Nervous about them agree our performance got you great Meehan agreed you. I'll give you. The U much. On our. Well lately. I can tell battery. A they're human coach without being polite we recorded interview I'm term again I'll give you a stake does not think of us are ninety some percent of this is real. These are shows night. That map thank mr. analyst. I give you a C minus. Because the only reason it's a lower is because you didn't have. I don't really know what to anticipate today's I don't know if you knew you were going to be such a big part of which. Like simple things indicates he threw me off red begin really three Ottawa laws I just and we take all facts is correct I can. You talk they talk utility you can faxes at W. Dot U I I felt like the need that I needed to be funny yourself. Now on I'm not funny obvious why I said this orchestrated you know playoff with sporty sports should be easy right players can acquire a pitcher thanks I couldn't that was. Accelerated. Oh. Before we get to the callers into the guest I wanna go outside sports for 12. Guys desert island movie. Accelerates. To over your movie purely as an island you understand is this is again. Some in a program director is second to get to do stuff outside sports or. This accelerate the real fruit if only what. That's about the movie I thought it was the video blog over overdosed Qwikster my own movie knowledge which as you know Bob bass Steve talking to me. Other sexy yeah old taxi that's what Christopher Lloyd reports doing grew closer you were smooth I collegiate and handle and that that. But first I'll remain while the first hour he knows my first time working with sporty as nice as I told mr. McCain. Okay thank you I can't believe you came in during the break and you're critical of your own work so far show. That there were able to be my it would I don't. I don't like talking about things behind the scenes I don't have to say can I don't think this is a criticism of Chris Curtis is a proforma you on the radio this morning and if I were somebody else I would give you quite the grief for that but I want to thank senator trying to best you can right. I appreciate you owed that's absolutely no problem. Takes a lot of little bug report so maybe by the end when callers were a bank thankful once my personal favorite was. It's forty making sure through to break we knew who the college lined. Ice I'm sporting a MacKenzie just make everything talk show host as we've you're in the car driver on this into the show this morning and those support NC wanna know that. Sean and Kevin and Justin and John and frank are waiting and they're from all over New England will certainly get to those callers and we're gonna do that next. Yeah that's one might fit. Let's let's go to reach an host moved to go to the innocent and it's also if you had a couple lines open eagle mentioned that you mentioned the first three columns that are on say. Joseph Dan christened the rest of you even though there is Dario rested with the DA staple at night you'd always mention the names of the callers. But before break we got room for use excellence and you know that's fake radio why why I dug itself past shot Eads want to make it to feel important like milk she'll feel it because the producers gonna talk to the people during the break mixer with them here so you've. Say that as they are hooked to remain on hold now does not then it's to try to impress the listeners that the show is this it's years. What you're saying is strong reaction I believe there is intent to keep the people article is wrong with the progression the only boss sucks so bad. This little time in its. We'll sporting got to Laura collar and blue moon whose critical of the sport I'll get riled caller yeah rank profile and I think it was. Started talking about the pro bowler so ought. And and the like correct the end and I think they say they caught up they looks like six fellows they. All or no regrets that boy Franken thanks for calling him a bit of perfectionist. That's gonna really is that's boring so was followed. Dale techsters Albany annoyed by it texture but the biggest she. Starter of the mall is that these people still don't have a (%expletive) clue what's going John how are you. You I'm doing pretty well so I'm looking at the the US women's bowling open and it appears that this Johnson has won her tenth major title Mike and let me let me let me put my glasses on her tenth major title. Yeah you do need to put declare that the seed that they concluded that incredible. How is that I'm sorry I am I a bit. And I'm among Maximus interrupt this is I'm on music. But but so preachy she is one head 10 major titles. I mean that guy John Mark means you O'Neal whatever leaning against the sport yes. He's not on a whole listening to sports you do is no nonsense for five minutes and still comes. Target about the tenth made it a little Linda Johnson oh yeah. A good job and I get a little. Glen Johnson is approaching. The status of the Tiger Woods of our sport with her performance in majors he was into it you know he's stassen a list Johnson. Yeah you could tell the good cricket guy kind of knew he'd be Geeknews. Well Peter thank you so much and I can I usually give a trademark climate I don't know a darn thing about cricket but thank you so much for joining us in the opening. Our eyes and ears and mouths and noses and every orifice really to the great sport thank you so much. You okay fine god bless you godless America really well he responded to my request. By saying sure I guess talk tough Clinton honest and considered to be too gung ho about the whole thing but I woke him up this morning so he was a lot of it is well. Anyway that was our one it would replace the best is 4830 other. That it was Kirk got to get back into the into the flow the best stuff I thought from Kirk today was the thin stuff and that got to go in and seven. He's Bosco is on 937. Sits there and lets you know Scott Zoellick a Marc Bertrand work each not. That's the way it works over there could Chris casters on the shots is on that's a globe station I don't. But so it's it's it's really OK I mean you know hit though like it's not working we're winning our our our show is we mean. We're on number one rock and what sports show where the number one show notes is the store because he didn't have the guts I guess to mention our names. It was a certain Sports Radio some Boston. If we carry with Yoko lessons threats or he could occur when he does not care about your income plus interest rate your first guy I don't care yours for the care Michael Felger. It has a righty he felt it as. Asteroid really cares that much of an a move Farrell makes you screaming about. That's real as I said made for the podcast last week. For meat and I say is because I do this show is more reopening of the show by four and thought I thought no more pissed off at each other we bring it on here were pissed off our producers we bring on the air as government we bring it on the air. Other shows don't when the red light goes off they bitch and moan the Bradley comes on they smile and pretend. That's a difference a radio better that's a different argument but don't call us fate that element that's triggered. Fake annoys me there is nothing fake about the show nothing zero absolutely nothing okay our threes with the biggest tool bag in the offseason should. Boy that's boy as I turn it just Herbert. Of all the things that happened two weeks and he has gone Kirk was weighed in a pretty much all the the big issues he's right price and records lease pretty much done. But the thin stuff got under his skin the most. Yes I think the 97% straight line McCann group on and make an excellent when a room wanna do outline is obviously trigger for Kirk as you mentioned mr. And the fact that he throws it out there. And that has is nothing. To back it up with the other. Or don't want me that tweets that are out there that night it's embers of the show's fate he gets called out by Kirk. As no responses whatever comes up with will say is alive either he's talking about my alcoholism. And alcohol. Or is talking about Roemer on the show I think is exceedingly high speeds are about I don't know what he's talking about that he has something in mind. That he doesn't have the balls were his name to and he's wrong about. What ever is Roberts tame way meet Jerry incur. Whatever it is with whatever the show's been dealing with whatever stories have been talking about he does something or at least several things in line because of its ninety some percent and asked would be you know the vast majority of what we do on the air every day right. And he has not one thing he can point. Correct and I think you which could say Kirk sensitive to it in your right from the senate appointment that's his whole life is authenticity. He lives his life. 100% real so for somebody to call him in the show fake fake news segment that Curtis pulled out foreign taxes low blows you can possibly a truck. Is a new low and you know like this show used to be Kurt. References army mcdougals are on this was straight a lot of it was up to each his old when it comes to identifying with your own particular personal favorite it was posted on the aerial act like we get on laugh remembering the greatness and anything. On what struck me today but I was thinking back to when I talked to the guys on my alcoholism big radio is applause good for you you know we're not asking any tough questions right because everybody would wanted to scare away from that and say I'm just proud of you for mentioning. What was Kirk's first response to me when I said so that was my big could grab our actions that. Not that great. I'm sitting there like. Big important approval about it you know hovered just pulled this deep rooted story to go back. Because that was real Kirk that was as a reaction you know to me like it's just I don't know the whole thing is just idiotic and nonsensical. While and when you juxtapose it with this sporting McKenzie that's the reason that's a funny bit because so much of our business some of this industry. It's littered with those but we're talking sports and that's what we do hear some people can't get don't have the range to get outside I can recognize that it. Walk around greater oil reserves and walk around Super Bowl right there's 400 radio stations all broadcaster from one place doing the same exact thing and wondering why there have batteries this show is unique it stands alone because it goes. Against popular believe it goes. Against what everybody's already thinking you know an I don't know why more social too. And you know it's frustrating and it's hard to do that's. It requires. More energy in terms of dealing with (%expletive) yet turtles have been this year play you know it you're gonna fight with people right through it to get back what what's the what's the difficult and have a one on one conversation murder portion router while warming sit down some speaker partnered. 100% honest and are you feel them and that's what you avoid the Davis a whole lot the minute you wanted to attack deflating ourselves to register whimpering and you know upbeat. Food deal what the (%expletive) was asked. That treating out question mark about Kirk sobriety. A new created disloyal cherry accident ever. Unfortunately that's a guy who's protesting a little too much of particular. Child news dual but I'd just. In my limited experience in this in the world sobriety that's one thing you absolutely ego to elect told Chris Curtis on an always listening he told me a pretty personal secret for him to do that at 12:42 in the morning by himself. And you know to redeem itself out reveals a lot about who is. And I support rewrites inning goes basically Guerrier for self. Step on who you must step on they die they die like Drago said I was a little struggle first huge relic is on bands today that was kind of a subtle. On then maybe you and I were so bad Kirk through hell it's. Throws coming back prospect that's fine it was dumb I didn't know we were exclusively seen each other he served his time eventually you get out. Saddam needed a stupid thing he apologized for pot welcome back. Peter my headline is that what you alligator all your I'd like your boat what did it last week all right well liked Chris retton and affairs are separating. Anything else gets a bad ideas that got. She makes it behind the scenes over throwing ideas operative about the stories of some will be so about he's like that Sox would do is open script. Anthony Weiner has no friends and had Anthony Ridder might have more friends in prison and he does now and go ahead and aids and next story on host it was the Chris. Chris Pratt is proud at first I thought that was a good line. Obviously the go to and the first Chris Brackett separated. Would cater to big secret -- and she would care about Packers I I saw this morning I thought it was interesting why they just digger she's hot in night out which example I was going to be the other for a long time they seem like a Hollywood couple that were on a somewhat. From a couple of his assault them. We talk about the bourses all the time on this there's some Jules Holland publicly times typical Ben Affleck. Then Catholics. Vault with Brady there's a connection with his knee injury lean. He's an alcoholic and there's this is the lot thing in the victory I thought it was a tough loss and guy Chris Pratt the big star at a Paris press renewing. Oh it's a little bit that. First the accused could save the papers you with the ball story via the next. Whose idea was that goes and Chris go ahead all right Kirk good morning Eric Bolling suspended from fox made lewd message allegations in this story. Just yes off to a decent start the Fox News would you two sec from vacation but does it matter if the president is actually in the White House in the building itself was a matter. Guy getting bush. Was shot in the vagina in it for you enjoy it for a second. Yet the idea sexual fantasy with dreadful consequences he serving ten years in prison for mistakenly pulling the trigger loaded shotgun to but he stuck outside the puck out of the craft of that's like this we're witnessing every day and some thirty you'll hear me doing them. CNN headline stress that we currency Retief it's not real ability in my best and one quick idea Jerry is the album we heard that today Christ is Jerry -- might all my goodness the talk we had this weekend rule engine like what you know is amount by in the week it's like a Monaghan yeah like it was in the forties and last implement it pretty good job what should do 180 with the political side is you're only like some limited disagrees. Modest try to playing agreeing with Jerry. You know. Even vote for trump report binder that did not vote for truck he'd. Catholic ready Tuesday at state was excellent there can't thank you for highlighting how good it was there so maybe if mark and maybe you know start poem for Euro was warned that in more there was one dollar Friday were Gerri it's -- and Jerry game yield little in on the conversation and he would yet they owed about this clock management says that back right used to steal block off thinks it's about them pretty well also. Money here big reason for the number one success last week about Kirk moon Mormon slower guys feel on the issue wasn't much discussed the awful Kirkland. I hate doing this because you know I checked I do try status but the port at the point we're getting close the point now we kind of need to know who's going to be before you put these guys. A class Monday cannot happen. Yeah you make you guys they're pretty unfair to listeners not fair to anybody in these mental health it's not fair to people who were on the verge of suicide to real issue out there. You can't do that to people again that was a terrible terrible thing you wish that upon. Now there's light at the real about it so he teases her son I'm sorry it won't happen again I didn't blaming. Him just I was texting or one that was true. What's more than Bradford in to listen I think Jerry Watson I love rob rob Schneider's going to stick and and I think mask church respect yes couple things Turkey on coupled and he didn't he's certainly weighed in on the unifil piece titled did a couple of occasions responded to a trainee at it Tuesday. We're trying to use urged things to try and he doesn't know like what the candidate played one of these songs in the show which is like a grates on issues and know that we close and arduous talks. But it's something else I was early on the show. It was a deal reference shouldn't stop she's doesn't she did that's what I mean she doesn't care about the show that's an issue for me. It says in a weird way not as big as that is because the real thing Hamachi people don't care about the show. She's in a Wednesday he says he's pretty much doubled there but that's a flight is gonna continue at least through midweek Wednesday will be good because we'll have as we. Proven with the casting couch is that there's always drama with water to people and Peruvian girl and confront whatever Kirk's issues have been you also Dick from Upton had a pretty rude comment over the weekend about a tree and boy did he ever. If you give an interest in training if it doesn't work out here. I say to you before. Well congratulations pick from up there and at present that Wednesday he didn't really attack touch your budged today catalyst that you know it was a Twitter beat those guys that adjustments in the same breath that both the you know and torture unblocked. Yes and certainly Dino battle lashing. The deal. You couldn't handle me seat on your fat hands and knees. And crawled away because you couldn't handle me because I am too much for. I beat chew out of the business after forty years you could take me what happened when you left we were number one because you were dragging show. And the station. Down he can protect I mean you can you can tell when you're sober that's fantastic that's great good for you congratulations adults at their question my sobriety Twitter okay. Not cool I know I'm sober Audi to tell people everything am sober when you do that to me that may be a red flag for some people maybe not you. But don't don't don't you dare question my sobriety I don't trench on. I know that I'm comfortable with that you can do what you want you can live your life good for you good luck we got rid of you we did better you're dragging the show. I think it's can't tomorrow in Chicago and enacted miss. It's gonna have come the president and Jeremy Jerry hated gym more I can bring his attempt to right drove out Terry did you Mort I did I just go or just this old guy he stuff got you on the way we start role. There were questions. Directed to Kirk as do worries spin. Always forthcoming that information yes Kirk is not suspended he's taking personal time this week spokesman for station program Cobb said in the Toledo. That is exactly happened at 22 personal time it was really uplifting and needed more time off. I have enough time off I just decided after Monday's show you know what it takes a personal times why did that was really personal it was really timing really enjoyed it. And durable vacation. On that it was a optics can layered. That I mean I thought that you know your world little slow out of the gates with a pretty soon got into little gutless things movie he could've been less snooty about it incessantly how well as Siemens. When you give me a let's. Do you see plus a path means. Agree or delicate about it's hard to replicate your delivery of it so I think just that in of itself was selected entertainment Rezko had our current good morning you better that I Kirk's right sporting attracted better than analysts in the opening up shoot this acoustic while sporting I'd worked together for real but more report minister all right our podcast has been MIA here for the last couple weeks. Notes people take shots at me assume lazy shifts. Is it looking you and I are not as lazy that's not suited. Not accurate on the defensive on that that you put hours and you are not lazy or the opposite of woods and to talk about would even go with it. The Al my father lies not well so. Fortunately he's got a pretty serious cancer diagnosis that happened suddenly so. The lifetime and go on the weekends. Heatley and another in Muslim Montreal so we are going up there and back quite a bit and it's. Our daughter who just turned six months mind. Minds and for daycare but the last couple weeks it was going to be her parents you know my mother follow economic watchers that we would not put in daycare. So we were stuck without babysitters Alaska site to fly out Yorkers have a great job picking up some slack for me so just bottom when we didn't have time after the show was just it. It's been. You know a busy couple weeks for for our fitness. Incredible back and forth the Montreal went what's into the game Friday Saturday morning at Real Madrid like yesterday. Yeah lift him up again at some you know bulldozers promotes low lights of their now so it's the John McCain diagnosis notes awful it's an awful. It's an awful situation so no way around you line. Marketed the podcast put the sometimes it's real it's got to. And you set the table for the week a package relic for a second on. He rebook a flight to be more. He's very concerned about it is the Buick Kirk once trainee to be. Into the show a drought like I got to give credit appears to be into the show. This was a big moment for relic so today a cent of attacks in Rome curse of what's Stewart. It's up responses hey I'm going to New York tomorrow have a 7 am flight is or any other days like and do. Said honestly know this week and next week will be tight because of the Jimmy Fund radio Thon. And who knows what the schedules going to be. And he said let me call jetBlue. Seaport and changed my flight next thing you know attacks five minutes later changed his flight season so he made the flight change prioritize the show is flight later deceased Finley in New York tomorrow. And he'll be in from sixty tons of that is a very very good move by April more and more buzz. Talkie will we can talk Q and what do we say go belly up the Bartlett but yet belly abundant belly up to our bar Cecil sit.