THE REAL K&C - Ratings, Reimer and the big reveal 7-14-17

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Friday, July 14th

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis recap a historic week on Kirk and Callahan.


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It's a July 14 edition of the real K it's CK Hillard Chris Curtis while it's been awhile. I guess I should apologize it's mostly been me my apologize. Yesterday course you're on occasion guys who normally gets on and I was in Italy for about him yet he relieved and can mayor himself since this believe occurs when the fake news I could both Kyle but. What to cheat on you when your way you do cheat on me with jet and burial oil or oil were loyal to one I love that knows the start of course is. The state of the show ratings wise the spring book came out which covers what Peter acres eight roll through Jerusalem in Italy in April to June 20 something like that. And Gerri to lead this out last night in twenty years it was the best ball he's ever had purchase. Stunning to me. Kirk who's eager to say that Jerry's half of this year though he slowed the program I think giving out credit Jerry got done his fair share. The opposite of blame pot that credit pot credit bank credit credit dive for the success of the show I would say. I'll give 6% of the rest of you guys distribute what. 3%. At one. How much of that period. It's easier but it's definitely point five. Like 6% that would double 3% and maybe there was literally a bit of a fully was going so oppositional by 8 o'clock we were finding ways to grease the skids mergers departure Showalter that is utter insufferable nonsense. Berkman and it was eventful. Know you've got a different anymore I want people crawling around me all the time. It's Morris go to Howard Stern used to do is put out a mean. Now again I don't know. Number one dale. Put on the shoes for the shots and time and be worth it scenario Kirk in Cali and the number 1 radio show morning in Boston which was. The entire gravity avenge showing the market correct corporate. Number one is a big day yesterday people can catch up but people can tweet us and say you know virtue that you need to do is they would to know. Note today twitching those guys yesterday in a negative now OK number one and you know maybe over I summarize them. We're gonna wanna fall. And green to keep winning and winning and winning so it just it just get used to it. They thought they had the show dead and buried and I came in here I sat here for awhile by the law along a scheming. I knew this day would happen and here we are supposed to rest of my laurels and I want to be celebration of Maine. I want people are calling its 617779737. Praise me. The praising you should want the breach occurs what we presume Curtis. Number one not just been 45 to 54 which is either 4554. Point by the 64. Those of the coveted demographics. Adults 2554. Men and women as book incredible belly up to our bar. Before must have been a four yesterday was texting back and forth with the news and we were sort of skimming through some emails that may not have been overly praising what we're doing. We knew we were doing great new numbers coming and acts we knew there was solid Basra show but when you actually see the number and the finality of the book and winning margin. Whisper mark. This is SP ORT capital last four exclamation points happy face coop mode and clearly Kirk's house huge part of that and you know Jerry's. Expertise is veteran savvy reporter well last year we know that twenty years in the business helps that it's strong opinions great and you blend it together like. Think you know I work well together at this point I'd done that I was in the casting couch Kirk asked us to direct the today accountable on the spot just our personal Leo we also variations right what was little happy iPad two in my list so much second. Gary third I ten was third Tran he's fourth. Add some minor that is my leader she has been around that much income to the wake withdrew funeral thank you whose fifth. Guess meter by a focal. And Roemer I guess is remembered I think it's a populist who ordering speakers one mutt I agree to Tomas Tomas is an axle. Anyway for trade. Five me. I would go mutt. Hang way. Mossy tegra is great unity calling return for me who else would say it. Obviously it's true history who also say that Jerry nines in our parents death through turn operate except meat of angry too. Mossy. Three I just tried before can flip flop them to up the track meets real loyalty she's been around one too mossy you know. A couple of good weeks here boats while it's not put in their yet to mossy for. James five dual Roy six that are probably go meters seven. Meter or even still on the list out after last he wants to view. Lost Jerry which is the one I was fortunate you know Tomas easement Tony I think he's been very strong put him up the number one what would you care about nothing. I hate the sale at least he was third element to space available in steady modest dent. And strongly and the mosque in the garage follows Brittany and I saw most more than Larry Bird into the return to theory garrison DO fossil Kelly and reading in the. Boris it is there's parts great adjustment and it gets good Terry. Are. I awoke today I am looking down at me the hair was Silber is face wrinkled its breath smell like a big Mac. But he still had that smug sadistic yet seductive. Southern chicken bleep grin that got him elected 29 years ago quote. Hillary you bag yourself a big one he tackled. As it be just fell between Monica Lewinsky's guys. Well the 100 time you've. You caught foxhole Callahan trump gave me a shout out at the inauguration. 199229. Years ago. Don't in my twenty years and it's less I lay completely naked and tied to a cold metal slam. I displeased my thighs to prevent my boys. And sneak it through his music icebergs surface. Now. My ass fell. Obviously you Roemer was big talker the last couple days. He is no longer among our own list of rotating coast part of that is in relation to your big announcement yesterday of course. And Kirk you recently discussed the passing of your parents and very open podcasts like filters and an element of what I've been dealing with and who I am that I looked off the show because I was afraid of judgment and help people would perceive me. I'm alcohol. Then last April came to a head I had eight intervention so to speak with my film we are blessed Christmas. I hit this almost entirely from people very close to me well and I like my family about how I was doing with that I blame to show what when you guys. So people like quit the show I thought there who get off my back. My drinking increased last April and I had alcoholic hepatitis last April 25. I cut myself shaving before going to a Celtics game the blood didn't stop. All my patch it up for a bit I woke up and pull what does a kept leaving when I went to bed and went to the icu for two nights. And come from there. Went to a rehab facility through McClain in Boston. For a month classmate got out last June and then over the though those civil wants from June until August when I came back. Have been just dealing with my anxiety and depression and other things that popped up my life over the years and Lester 25 of this year was when you're sober from alcohol so. That was my big good gras actions. Not that great. He gave the background on the show today. Why he chose the make this announcement Kirk yet more questions might have more questions but that just in general value field today after the big reveal great it was amazing the amount of people I used to work with the radio you know old friends of mine the elephant in the sports bar to day the reach of the show is. Unbelievable you saw a rating of African sixteen June's group obviously a lot of people listening but I mean my form is you know buzzing all day with different people checked in and then that felt great in a lot of people are caring about your. One thing that was a little frustrating yesterday is that a lot of friends I get a text from him in total producer worked for previous yen or somebody at CBS or whatever. An acrylic over must of heard the the segments and open attacks to get that Brandon Marshall out. Yeah nationally Brandon Marshall was a juggernaut and everybody up all. Our stores get treated differently we said there's a different standard that you said the black athletes were held the difference and where are meg considering score that you guys. So if that's what she goes when I do mean you can go to bush. Like guys do black guys in the matter couldn't treated differently period. OK so obviously we took we admit that Brady was treated pretty solid stars like guys and America is treated differently. Sure I'm but I but do you think the U that professional athletes are treated differently but that we're having been hand suspensions they gave they look at us it was just like in disguise what I mean you we don't do is interview. Cargo for this interview. I'm going to go that's it ashore have positive why. Because then we just have some stores or rumors you know I mean come on mate going back to a year ago broker. Let's part of the bands that you guys made moves and I get rid of martial artists they like you treat differently announced its that was dropped the Mike what you guys that says if you believe what there's a difference in these and actually times just all of their conversation as we talk O Brady's Brandon talk radio all the time with what we do you quote. Change the subject on gitmo from governor Mike OK guess what the other thing we're gonna ask you do you think that. In the way and sprint Marshal of the New York Giants when you do you think in the way. Luck is not the word of one use but if you we've been to Houston in which it accused him in the past. Rea on don't you it's about the apparent consensus user groups that in the questions. Throws off yet. Partially because units at FaceBook live video Ford. Like earlier Patrick teaming him credit. That was a good job by him you risk and he kept rolling as we got the walk out walk all right rosary showed copies bill Lowe is a talker did he spoke to cut potentially did not. The the sari and and you heard in the background he gets Phyllis coffee yet rated audience here Nellie that bout that was an act to better he did he know he every just ask you face and he was apologizing for any any was actually try to clean it up for us it was you know as it was fuel and of course Roemer and he has. Holding this over your head. Mysteriously nobody knew what the secret laws I would like to talk Chris Curtis I wanna know is listening he told me a pretty personal secret about himself a few months ago but I've kept under wraps so if you wants to see Al stream or be a snake. I'm not tying it now. That's not the kind of person I am turning. By CU got a little something it would be a shame if that secret had to come. So you've got a little something on Chris Curtis that you can hold over him at a Fiske as a little out of hand and you feel like you've been pushed to the brink. Let's Packers is caught I understand that but you know the gleeful piling line and now hearing in the producers podcasts like. The frosting on the cake if you. But it really is unbelievable when you think back it that it was his instinct flawless. It is. Exploit your battle with alcoholism. I mean. I know you've been careful subject and I can understand why does it put shoot a bad spot almost you get Roemer in trouble it's it's a burden on you. She more pissed at me. You want me fired a buyer for you to be honest I would F king hate everything about right now I procure trust. My point is while I want my story and who I am to be about your misery in you getting fired how does that help me getting you fired in the long run just creates a headache for me. I don't wanna wake up tomorrow and semi and burdening in my alcoholism led to you're gonna parred. I'm also I am leery of giving himself knows god effectively transcribe this as polished enough. I am who I am today because of hard work I've put him because of my wife and her trust. Somehow she still trusts me to do another show that's one here I don't think I'm. David anyway by saying only on I got does it all fired. That doesn't do anything for me I did a million things when I was drinking. That would have gotten me fired in the second it's not really my job to get you fired for what he sold well so he self you know thoughtful and so reasonable I don't like that. Riverbed a bunch of mistakes here that is clearly the biggest one and he's done tradition yeah all the that they it was a Kirk set on the show today is that you can march and Matt well the day this happened you were in Montreal with your in laws and that week and so IE you know we often do when one of us has gone through check in with on. And I told you about it I think via text and in your first word is one a snake you know. You could tell immediately. This bothered you mean there is nothing worse thing you can do to someone as a friend as a coworker then what needed to meet in terms of violating trust. You tell someone something hoping to help them as well as you in the show. It was all for synergy case you missed that we are gonna to restore together for the web site have released the morning of a show that he was then. That way every has context we can discuss that similar to how we did today with the rehashing of what happened yesterday congress' belt and then for him to do that I mean there's. There is no lesser form of the person today and to do what he did yesterday really crystallized at the reaction to by people Kirk's reaction. The visceral hate towards river that already exist but then you put that real life example. That's where I really did feel like you know by it was a mass alike to get him fired. And that's not something. Reverse talented he's obviously young it shows up here this was maliciously reckless. He's just got some lessons learned to businesses and for now. It's just so it's so distasteful I can't imagine Jerry we want him back to try everything except sex with a man your announcement otherwise Kirk met with today. A ten on a scale of but he did reach out to you afterwards as well and it clearly it was. Yeah and I served arrived home yesterday was you know. Great you reach though we spoke commandment talked to Kirk and Gerry called later yesterday afternoon and Jerry actually said to me and coming from Jerry you know is he's a guy I've always looked up to and he says you made radio history today. Repeating those words to my wife last night there was about as big moments ago route so that was awesome. Turkey Jerry. Is Marlon that you hit it for so long which is amazing nothing. Is kept from Kirk. That's the you know the amazing part to me also just add on to court finds out everything. You'd keep that from in his stunning you can't stop Kirk Manning and it's impossible. I'm a runaway god in training there almost so callous what I was doing so unbelievably. Detrimental to both my health and my job performance and everything. That it wouldn't strike you with something that you could physically do like. I feel like it was. There was never some on the radar because I never was drinking in front of them. So for them to go from the leap of that is he drunk this morning. Obviously never cross the mine I guess that's true my wife to this day like yesterday after the show. When I talked in shoeless into the segment she says I'm stunned they didn't know what she thought that eventually when I would say it she says bill though bill sale ago I saw this or soda. And she was floored and it's as many as Paul Sharia claims sausage audience. All gonna die young anyway in my eyes what's accelerate the process that doesn't surprise me at all I thought when I was gonna thought you know when I met with bill for large last June I thought. It was gonna come up and somewhere issued performance but even right before I got hired again last August. But there was going to be some questions about my drinking or I always thought up until I signed in light was back of adored my bad I thought there was going to be some questions and even when I first came back but there's going to be somebody in the hall. Who it's checked in on me incinerated stop drinking in nobody ever did was I I was against on myself. Congratulations and years something your fifteen months she said the team consulate and the only Kirk's gonna bring this up Beverly show he's not gonna thought she was this certain chews on like there that we have a new a new criticism or whatever you call it what Graham that's that's that's the new ones when there's about caller on Tuesday via drone corporate Curtis. He's ME Chris presented the sound recess is that it though is that's not the general during their buy yourself a string goes well with that. It's an ideological ally of the burning down a nice feeling guy I this. You know it's inching with your phone you could put liquor store to Google Maps by the ones closest it got crazy it's like it's only 110 of -- perfect pentagon or they are around your hours obviously close your favor what is on the president gym bag in Florida and that's what makes this. Great it's like all of our flaws everything that's bad about anyone of extremist extremely it's all at tables that there's no bull (%expletive) like free thought Bradford. You know it's not late in afternoon hosts like. Rich Q for things that nobody wants that talked about this month. Almost as much Roemer a lot of courage to admit patently year. Here's sold there like that like I say a grand Marshal thing was kind of anti climax. It was those that I guess secondary to the that ten real life stuff now. No it's let's talk about the baseball field next to your house and see how busy it is this time is that per 36. Subtle only he could barely hear it and it was Dale's like I said a grand Marshal thing with. It's belittling your battle topples and two out two hours of radio captain. City yesterday regents. Anyway. We're number one and at work product. And pretty pretty incredible stuff this was unbelievable for many reasons I mean even yesterday's show with. The announcement with Brandon Marshall and then you get the the great ratings news all within about a five hour span it was a pretty cool. Taki Monday and that means we get a weekend store is currently threat and she's a smear that's what's trending now WEEI in WEEI dot com. Could weaken.