The Real K&C – Inception, dog collars, Reimer groveling 6-13-17

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Tuesday, June 13th

Ken Laird & Chris Curtis pat themselves on the back and give you their view of the early week so far on K&C


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Okay back gadget in the thirteenth it's the real king and seek similar to here Chris Curtis brand new web site indeed the dog collar photo was live I thought Monday we actually get Friday night moved Friday night 6 o'clock overdoing them all over the world on the web the leash was out. I was next in the Dudley and the Red Sox closed pictures need to. Up lieutenant Doug Weight emea. Just totally discussed the union I sensed you were shame on my behalf. Should -- deep down the united and some was applauded appreciate which you do for the shell or Jerry who you know I'll Jerry you know that he's like a second dead yeah I mean dead and in most cases and again attacked him no government to get cap penny on the show you're not an attack to a small one. Small watcher orgy gone GC pre order now look at this. This happened. Way back in the fall overtaken. And he was a lot this bid city did he was he felt that first thing I've ever seen a feel bad about elective subjecting saluted humiliation show their we've right and then like. They rejoice at the front lines this week and her record of government yes. You know if you're looking adequately answered but it's fine it's it's stupid picture we get autographs the pictures right what was ray. His right speaking of behind the scene Italy the little gossip perk wasn't a back room I locked in their 34 minutes after the show Jerry seated there Curtis is seated there and who else not Alex do. Now this is the other the other around. I'm Ali and sugar food out here. Roemer who's online. Our friend Matt Roemer and that would be he's finally sobered up from his if Alex is that young Elvis in the box of and we had a good time right place right thank you most well mile or highlighting his son to come out of the shoe like Matt and Matt. Good morning Matt Alex three were himself is in our office what time Al did that happen. So after the show Roemer and news fresh out of the shower white shorts and saw register. I'm. Guess out of breath you know where is Kirk quickly you know some reads the shot of the dog in the and I was like are you lefties. Commentary comes then he tries to talk to Jerry for a little bit and give the details from the air tomorrow but a let's just say the rumor was on his knees again. Oh man literally I live below the ways correct but like I. Kirk's gonna respond it is quite frankly it's you know it's a continual. Like in some ways you gotta appreciate his dedication. To the shell does I think true regret was that there's no defending what I. Well Kirk likes Graf. Does it like rattling or not he does but they're only to a point. Kirk doesn't like anything very much outside of Springsteen as kids I mean iso 888. Like them and to trying to do one more social ever walked out front phenomenon but not monitor who is she never sour on my ten year sour on Monday as a performer not as a person what stinks about him around a solid performance looks it's a very delicate balance of her effort to balance that many times in my life commie daddy wants just do what you all wanted to say it. Say where you're sort of like you know. Kirk's this that you but you don't wanna be attributable was did you notice the rang it Tuesday somewhat yet but sometimes you just want you go away right listen he came down from a lifetime ban. I think Jerry forgot about this yesterday was down two years with a five years and a year be reasonable the year everyone always says that what you on the you do not moving from like every few years and years to be sure division one ounce of care but in the end at this rate he'll be in by 9 AM Friday right. Just have to get this up like Chester three are all mad or humorous now throwing me under the bus. Blast occurred at what I could Curtis. Like you'll trying to aware the. Absolutely. I crews are clearly Maloney euphoria Wilson was with Curtis he didn't raise an issue with that at the event between now Roemer. Mind boggling to me little crashing down Chris Curtis would win over my dead body. Is it a I blame the dog leash but it's like. I don't sit here yes I should've told him that you know yes at an end and yet but to credit the show. Like number 82 on the list of reasons why this was remorseful I mean Alex was the man on TV I picked up into solitaire he was the person getting all the credit he should have given some of that credit. If not all of the credit to the show for putting him everyone else can make a second income here why cant die I can't sit there write them notes before he goes and does an interview. You are you don't get wet. You know. You are who you you argued they would they would like I said. And then he writes a story about it. This imagine me once in the stories saying thanks to its all because of me him getting there that everything should be based encrypt it to me. Do you credit any of its work to me IC you'll. The heat get. Within ten miles of that building if wasn't for me he's fully supportive and so he gets all this stuff at all gonna show for it because she's getting shipped from Perkins just rolls downhill jury Kirk have a point. There right to blame as the producer haven't really blink you. The bigamy I initially did not feel pissed off about it but I got to Kirk's that's next and thought about it it turns character catastrophe after thinking about it identical I could've told Mel he told me he was doing it you don't columns by hill walkers. I don't know some shrewd and if I want to thank and Chinese city UB on the air tomorrow talking about that's how it works but my point is is that if if they wanted to give me (%expletive) that's. Rights act and how might have went for him not during the show and did you tell you they can't say they shallower you credit the show. It's been knowing him. Stupid games two parties are still put your parents. Post wire parents do you think you see him if that does and again I'm not blame on the parents to blame congress did you re strangled by the in the open court well. I may have been I don't understand like viewers and we're Sanger. I do entirely if it's slipped my mind I usually your gallery here for no mention she'll write a program it's yeah under what Felger and Gary tuchman on the team's. Why did she say two outs as the producer of the show. One that you mentioned show wire on the phone with them. I made a mistake doing it in the current impressive but no matter remote as you say. So I should tell Alex if you hit British gas to show us yes and and even after would you do you'd think he'd do anything wrong you didn't. On the question you're gonna suspend Alex five years and occurs is no. Ones that someone else agrees must do occur especially when you throw a piece favorite of the on the basketball cards picks up there was a good point. Remember himself to just automatically go after me right awaits. The second the temperature got denied I point you Curtis knew I was gonna be he was going after me and it's it's it's embarrassing it's an embarrassment literally I thought of them. I went to Jerry and I said I've got to figure in the room when we absorb while I said what are we bring Roemer my idea. Whose idea was that the goal of Rollins my idea we get this whole thing going I invite Reamer get the tickets we got this thing done and all again. Is just no credit package problem do you blame yourself at all in hindsight I I talked about this I should have said something about crediting the show it just didn't dollar and it's my mistake I should have said if you're going and promote your parents shall the next. I also you know you mentioned as a strategists and Kirk and text to tell them basically everything it's. So you get into the clear yet that's not my first instinct just check with a check machines it's a constant state of paranoia that's the world yeah. It is so you're assaulted this nodding off usually take this. Actors and Alex even come to meet with any of the ships are muzzled the students on the podcast and a problem because the second I see him he's coming into this studio. After going on with all math and talking a mile. Well I guess I dimension here a couple times I didn't hear the audio because I was editing the podcast I was Oregon aussies in here until Monday show overdoing it and it's it's it's can I was not a conniving things. It's incredibly conniving with the mossy who has did body was well before today admits that he's he thinks he's conniving as much as I do agree with the idea. That Roemer is a little conniving. And tonight there will be in night you know for instance in my back at some point that means it good for our show but I just we elect street for why this is like this is a potentially situation you just can't walk out and just come back next week it's going to be a lot Iger and Jerry isn't sort of fighting form I think but he's also will be he looked at him a little like this that debt he was kind of turning Ottawa detectives and Mehdi dreamer and a much better performance that should that. I'll that I couldn't believe electric buffalo and and he's like this is that reimburses Curtis in my daddy's like ball in a lot of studies put it all families. Making me the you know the victim accidentally. Alex Meyer are kindred spears yeah all of which I would like take a little credit that Kirk's idea to have on for sure last week brought mop on there that these Franken at the start them a note to pass a public obstacle and now I know how to feel like that's right either on air or in this podcast I'm like inception. Plant the seed and Kirk falls out later getting credit I don't want any I guess it. Conservatives are I don't know about it or get some apps you're the first tournaments in October 2. In fact I thought Kirk's face light up that great life and when that camera's agree like it's a well OK you know we we've told them. I'll begin. By the Mossad agent today at those all Sony plus Hamas seeded very good first hour you mean we had mad dog Russo to booking by you alliger YouTube that ID yourself but it doesn't just about -- the dates for the ratings period are coming to a close sort of figured we have a bit ago while. Mad dog would be good today. All right and best part of the interview another Curtis suggestion in the Adam Jones ticket. That Major League Baseball should look into docking Red Sox a draft pick forward you claimed happened to Adam Jones at Fenway Park to members things. Wow is. I should correct this problem. It was it was heated discussion it's so funny though when you hear that like that the way the national media just believes everything which is why we fight these narratives because Ehrlich three elements of the story that one thing from jail on Saturday Night Live. They have thirty for a less one night in. No no no they don't that was made I was I'm Mike I chase joke yet that was sent by fellow new Yorker writes Ellis Island joked on. Nationally syndicated radio host was completely wrong on does he just follows the headlines and as a resource yeah. And I find. We only had a couple times have been at the Helm but he fights with them to a point but he he backed down he initially just. And that may or may be I misspoke there are threats such public happy. Went. You made his day he loves Kirk in by the heat policy and we took our center in front. I call them up that theory called in Holland today I talked rumors that currencies like. The I was brought joy to so thrilled that talked to them and it's a you know he's. Obviously one little maybe too much talked about the thirty for thirty coming up according to Jerry Rubin has that as the subsequent. Accurate woods said it with what you're talkative guy Rupert another headline news but it's different says it was one year away for retirement as you look at offers so now it's just idle at a conference is still yet. Collect our their once we got an a Metairie or territory in the second half the shows laud. You know Kirk was actually crediting. Dale Polley a bit and heaping praise you know it. You know keep get all fired up on the he couldn't quite articulated well that's okay back to speak. And there are sort of playing the deal Ella Ella. More Somalia as an via all I have to say it was odd dale kept popping in this morning talking about porn sites that AXA art that the porn site X art. Expect or use the U I gets hit headlines today for not having the proper Alex Jones on your eco any else for Alex Jones are positive. As the address the voice we were won't Arnett is in any else from them. We have Stella you get sent on afterwards and what he said Alex Jones re talking in the headlines we have anything else from extra just the -- and kill me and Alex Jones talked talked with sandy hook which would seem relevant we do. Let's play the preview with meg and Kelly from for Sunday night in my Myron refresher of concern and now it's it should be that hard to get some months notable. Meanness she offenses. That was a Phil by me while boldness on the audio. Short notice the budget anticipate these guests we did not isles I guess I assume that we've we do have the audio now I just assumed. That there would be more isolated strong commitment these. Alex Jones. Fifty minutes long probably sees long meandering easily he comes out dances this was folks here's why the Nazis staged mass shootings operation MR. As a pretext to take liberties of the week the excuse me the Icrc a little bit upset there well I think what led to that to be honest was the segment prior I agreed with Jerry talking about the attic that pre would get if he was more vocal more of trump that's not a hundred Izzo asked the Otis Thomas and show us he's from Arab and Kirk doesn't like when I'm on the year ever but. Unless you know to mock me especially it's about I'm on the year agreeing with Jerry disagreeing with him what which matter it would be a bigger headache and is likely how more options when the media off. In years past and so at the end of his rant at me during headlines was a wanted to stop worrying about Jonathan show. An accurate sound form from Alex Jones instead of talking on here Chris about you know Jonathan child by its sound. Any accounts Jones on so that was the seed you talk with planting seeds that was received open and it's true inception in your partner. But I like the first hour was a little sporting a got to admit that deleted super teams I'll go to school state that was a post game we we do off and firsts and six. On a dot PDA bashing which is always good PD eight notebook. Was hit it but yes that was great fun by you yesterday via Peterborough at 630 was right at the buzzer or PDA tweeted it and of course I'm on it. I'm Pamela a local subscriber. Yes read the added Opel. No like it literally so yesterday around quarter seven or so I got a text from Ken saying you know it's check this out punitive perfect right to the top of the rundown is anything should repudiate you know fail love is is great so that was a great get by you yesterday welcome back and we actually it's awfully left on the floor today it was just. It was a big games busy. God I'm. Some it's a podcasts out there that is very very marketable and we got even more pressure of people that just keeps growing the audience it's amazing then you're happy about this very happy but the people keep tweeting the show they listen every day they're like you know it too taut and did this at 330 spoke with important I think it's and there's no way after listening to Neitzel yesterday human. He comes out I don't remember. There's no room that's studio for another man now it's Pete studio. You might yet onslaught consultant who's gonna say godless America yeah. So we're off to the first pitch before Marciano for Chris and Pete I'm Craig Jim and thanks for listening and god bless America. And who's gonna throw strike. When their threw out the first pitch and I game at Florida oh yeah and excuse we should do yes I'll got to get that guy he says who struggle to ET on impersonation. He did a big like it fools say and that. She's human just through high changeup which even wanna do is who's trying to ripping human for this normally is anyway. It peaked in a much on these are only 4058 feet and some sixty feet six inches. Forty feet close Pete. On Monday's show was stunned. Lead into a show podcast yesterday. This week's look like Tuesday Friday for us we got to bring us on Friday and bring Melissa Frye that's a date when we got to recap almost Sox duty Wednesday night. Yeah as much in for us tomorrow like the hole and all you've been talking about this from a home for about a week now like public delegates get. Ellis cut. So it was too relic and bush together for how long tension or more hours it was it was awful. There was more laughs in the keepers of a a a it was it was that it was a terrible tuchman talks. Went through a schedule that does them. Radio islands is remotely schedule for the month of June after coming back at the end game road here don't for five days. And on a nine team. Roche they go to Hugh Philadelphia. Julia root for Lehman to Philly and three in Houston will actually be seven Roche. Accused. Eight game road trip to and Billy throughout Houston three Kansas right they didn't come home yeah. For two teams the angels in Minnesota seven games three against eons before it's and so did on the road. Going into July. Toronto taxes in Tampa loophole though right away from other well I. We have two homestand this one for five games it would isn't electable and we sold what to. We gets out we don't completely literally. Ours got caught noble should I got in here Monday morning gardens 44 I don't know 140 funny couldn't sleep my wife was like what he's doing a second Sampson there's there's the seal island to two parsley. Allison is going to work is I knew there was so much weekend or robbery urge relic on both days but in different combos unit like. She already in Italy Giles was sitting there for a couple hours. Little to dart which was in and site I just came in listened. For like three hours a Kirk won a bad weakened body that's not art sold were sweating and you're never played much. We played other stuff little prayer for him. All the stuff is desired that we don't have but that's annually but I do have to say though when Jerry Kerkorian the shows are very smooth but from Aussie. Already confirmed for next week we always say it's like we're mother feels the show yeah just feels like it's organic yeah. To mossy feels like to show you real doesn't miss a beat and green now these guys are sorry and he came today with. What do you do some researchers stats yeah ice at that so we even you know while pay heated UK what does it do anything we elected but the mossy Mexican prepared. In yesterday's show was referencing collars as a Wally the old man from jeopardy texted me last night and what you think were you know yes or. Fired up about it we get this this this so he did I mean I think once a week keys you can tell he's nervous about now a dreamer celebrates those she'll list. To mossy two days a week that might keep pushing what would you care about. Nother note I think once Rica's great and I think he's up with that as well. And tag way. Who's been flip flop all over the place he is in this week well I mean as of this taping Thursday he's in there's Oca. And so that's kind of become a solid as we got the last Friday was excellent thing we've talked about last all right perks but there was. Excellent show Kerry there he's back to Philly he had to mossy we get to solves that plus arm so tank late Thursday much Friday for battle to bring us three Kirk was very particularly -- wanna move much off that Neitzel. You know because initially tag it was Friday. But but to preference this week. As the clerics are reported that doesn't bring history. But Kirk was steadfast that we want mutt Friday as we've promoted and I've got to say a party had a couple good perilous moment this rigs in mid may heaney and Marty Smith went over like Maria last Marty Smith with the guys OK Marty Smith. Partner church that was good idea as. Our right hang in there you do the same my friend and a possible cinema and that tomorrow he's a final post are you.