OMF - Trying to fix the Patriots offense would only be a short term fix; Who has the better squirrel moment 9-13-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, September 13th

HOUR 3 - Just a few days from the Pats road game with the Saints. The guys are wondering if anything is going on with Rob Gronkowski after his less than Gronk-like performance last week. Squirrel moments are generally a Fauria thing on this show. That doesn't stop Lou and Glenn from trying to inject their own topics from out of nowhere. And when you think David Price, you think Man of the Year, right?


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On you wish. Beach Fort Wayne and bony and 48 but this is a problem I have with Tom. He's just always comes off disingenuous. He was disingenuous about the play gave the same thing that happened. During the presidential election that he acts as if he doesn't know Donald Trump and can't have it all the way the worst people in the world ought good people. With Chardonnay ahead when bad things happen with glee and Lou in Christian he's able to say you can't sit there isn't quite careful here careful where you don't want to hurt somebody a lot of these players think they want their mom and dad to be up here call McCain and talk radio talk radio's killer. He says in this town and shout out shot out. Yeah. Yeah there's ambitious enough that gets thrown around. On Sports Radio WEEI. Changed my whole life style. What would. Except the middle of my life from now WW ES that we know he's a little restraint and limited way. Was respectful what excited about this before what does it say about the dreadful open. And yet you wouldn't attacks. He would they he would Beatty allegedly tried yet again it just kind of a tribe he's given the old college try. People that's horrible quick with the beginning of that podcasts here and actually today does your don't act gets right into it yeah and records that all. Yeah I was gonna. Enough if you aren't allowed me back up and everything. Yeah he's serious serious projects. Can involve go I now it Bob don't do it religious well they're talking to Santiago I'd love you because you just dive into. I mean just resent it. Robs robbed it would that would primarily Animal Planet on mice is sure to parcel boxes to check of eating out of my hands here at the tournament what does your hair easy questions and suddenly when a camera. Ellis if I didn't and we gunfight with quiet. We gonna patriots game coming up on a Sunday. Com. Is concerned. About this game on Sunday or did well what you saw on Monday night give you enough evidence seasoning on that ice does. I don't know why Monday that would change your mind. Other than the fact they lost their left tackles while meeting New Orleans and lots both tackle them both tackles done but I mean it's not like all good. Cassius marsh should take advantage of that without outside rush. I Monday or I should not multiple moves like Monday night doesn't change my opinion because they are what they are right and not a very good defense rate that now. No not not a Mary. But nothing changed your opinion of new law is changed you at the weren't very good defense although I think you'll Bradford played great he's got some weapons. And offensively it was great because there on the road. And it looked very narrow. Don't put up thirty on Sunday urged agreements Cuomo. I don't think there. Cooler about it but there's patiently against our look up their home road and I think there's good home team as you anything and it's not offensively. Office already it's consistently suck no matter what which they are what state they're in but offensively they're different team inside while fast car just. Looking at dinner you know. Well they got some young guys they eight takes a lot of young behavior a lot of young guys yes kids I mean here's here's here's what stands out. One bill during his press conference really really really focuses on the partner. Like like you give them a debt they got from the rams last year stood Fiat this guy's got a good steadily grew. At a Johnny yet hackers lately he's our doctor I think although of course there are plenty allotted but he had. Added securities on average close like that. Indoors final against indoors and oils also soared to us it doesn't matter yes that's always. A concern to me quite okay what does he really hiding the Al east of the guys get potter a case is gonna is Suzanne you know flip the field on your. Okay are you going after the Ponte and trying to block from me or you just assuming that no matter what happens are gonna have crappy field position. You know what he starts folksy I'm like I deal backs it Alvin Camara restarts you know comparing them. To Reggie Bush. These are going hidden okay well you cannot stop that guy. You did mention Ager Peterson didn't didn't mention. And Ingram be totally bogus because they were all its call because Ingram and Kumar are a big report is based on that first game. To their profits of one thing that you you can tell when Adrian Peterson comes into the game. Where you can bring your base defense back it yes because systems error ever they're running right on Tuesday and are ironic you you can use it. You know the guys that it can't pass protect so Leslie sought Ingram and tomorrow in the game early on right together so. But it's I just a random Roberts attuned to think that. Maybe it did Minnesota's defensive front at them do that through the payment centers that we can't empowered irony to this line were crushed tendon running at the patriots line. Yes like that might change the biggest givers to me as they don't have Eric Berry in the don't have markets Peters. You know in the second yes they're they're they're personals not nearly as this should be a lot more separation. I would think with the wide receivers and it should be a little more. Opened up here for talks OK so I think it should open up for one. Rob Gronkowski. If we look back at first game what happened to Rob Gronkowski now we know we went on the at the TV twelve diet he's changed and he looks a little bit thinner. And but he also a lot of what we kicked it into what he announced that it was that he was he would he would do not like a week and a pocket all I would like I'd be trusted guide to going out animators like he's been doing it like the entire off he's able to like two weeks as we did we know did we not also here after the game on Friday and say he looked a little bit sluggish. And maybe it was Eric I don't I figured out. Sluggish he think don't. He did not look good neck and now Eric Berry is one of the best in the game. It changes everything and losing him with Kansas City. So the question that is what happens on Sunday. This should be a come out get thrown out exactly this should be if Rob Gronkowski is a fine. If he's fine but should be a huge game from this is how you move the chains in this game on Sunday. If he doesn't. We come out of that game on Sunday you probably should have gone so wrong with Brooke is at the back. You know just coming off the surgery is is the difficulty now. Is that these are very is he still think you would win that match it more often than he did we did one time on that that great you know. An and there was it was after all I catch. We're kind of I'll miss out muscled Eric Berry known in two catches and one of them was. Was good cats and those kind of trafficking in a great catch in the post moves right this there was a few that you just though it's still crops that are urged a player but he can win that match. If you win this matchup this week he's healthy and if he is grow. You know the best tight end in the game today. Because should have a huge game against this defense. OK so and then that you're making good ones and I don't know whether there are cast so. When you hear what you have. There are three rookies. On there starting defense. One at will linebacker. One it restate the and one right quarterback. So that alone should tell you that there's going to be the a lot of choices there. This is not beat Kansas City Chiefs defense and we all found out as much better than we give them credit for OK and and this rebuild process by the new orleans' fate especially their defense to their office has been in office forever but this rebuild. Then finally trying to get back to normal or like at least respectability. You have three. It's important positions to second level guys yet linebacker and you have your two yet corner and safety UN won't rookies won the first shop picture the other with the sec round pick up David too and that it. That doesn't need a damn thing that you have a practice enough. You Richard warn that you have AJ Klein who came over from Carolina okay he was kind of a back up players their right but yeah yeah main island ID had not meant to detail analyst is still on I was single walled girls he's not he's not in this direction. He's going to be a starter the thing is that anyone got lowered botnets Jordan in Jordan yet if she was kind of he was a beast there on Monday night is in everything it seemed like so they get. They don't want guys that left defensive end of they have to kind of in anonymity bring honor yeah pile on over there and I can handle it on him put put if you're if you're passing T even if you do not have. Element this is the team you wanna apply and I don't mind playing and and I asked her ass hey this -- not that old slow track is renewing talk about their defense does have got to believe the world is gonna play better on the offensive side than they did that came because they were terrible and Drew Brees is a really good quarterback. The defense should put up close to forty points if not forty points and SK I'll. We were as we point out that's been -- article earlier that suddenly the patriots top priority is fixing the offense easier and yeah I think that. It's weird because it's a short term long term correct if a short term I would agree. You've got to get this office policy it was a regular season games. You know you could you have to click you have to start making masking what you're doing defensively right so short term yes you've got to start score in the thirty seek and get some w.s get a margin for error for the deep but we all agree that. The priority isn't long term fix in the offense correct long term it's fiction defense. While the short term long term to let's put it this way Lou it's at the end of the season. Would you be happy if their offense was top three in the league top five in the league. In their defense was middle of the pack your okay. It can't be. The bottom of the barrel right now they did the twenty a.'s defense after one game OK what is it me read it yet but I'm just saying like I think I would agree with this because you can need to go down in Orleans and scored thirty plus. They don't come back here natural born maybe maybe maybe more we're not forever but still. Houston eat you need to be this type of boss offense that can just win regular season games and pound football team to even if you can be given up point 70 whatever might be thirty I don't even know. But long term. I don't that's the priority because that we just figure it's gonna work long term it is figure out how how the hell you get the personnel to mix and that front seven. He'll outline backing crude offensive end that's the long term priority have. Cured of the next two weeks and you lost Andelman and they got to figure out ways of getting to the offense. And this week you're playing a a real poor defense and secondary you should be able to score that well. The weekend after that. You have to score thirty plus points when you get used to take this is lost all the tight ends Houston right now has you know I know back issues OK I know yeah. All Altria are tied and had concussions right and their brain of a guy that's practice squad guys with the outcome should ask protocol right now so. This book and assault. What's he gonna have to score an active. It could have scored more than maybe twenty enacted into one that it. And but again there issue is and bide by time they get to Houston and we'll see what they're often how carefully arc is at what they've learned last week. It's that they can't take any chances beat they they can't allow. There there offence to give up touchdowns for the other team. I mean Jackson had so many non offensive touchdowns it was like it didn't matter what they're doing Asher solar for that ramp for over per hundred yards but by that point time it. He was worn down stiffness started marketing enterprise was great to have him start him this that's what's frustrating I think vote in the office that in a dole went down we look at and only scored 27 points but it. Even when he went down those sectors that they still have enough weapons. To be very good. Offensive to forget about you the best quarterback in the league. I had it in that articles always point up in 2013 team in Austin of the ball a Broncos in Denver. It earlier and Ian Austen the dangles a thirteen to six and they had briefed on passes to Aaron Dobson chemical Tompkins Brandon Bolden in whom it. And an AFC title game Matthew Slater was in form Mulligan Austan call me right you know look and say I even in a dole camp play. And Chris hall and you're Brandon cooks. He would deal Brock. Alan can chip in you good James White. You know Dion Lewis carelessly the goal line you still there should be a very good offense and everything almost an I don't know them cats are helping clients but he can't he can't say wall that's part of problem FaceBook from last year I had a dollar goes down and no game is huge part of your game plan obviously right -- catch a hundred yards hoping to change he sits court go deep. Let's chuck it. Which are still on agree with. See I would think that their needs to be. It did and Angela the Dolan he's still the bullets so handsome instilled in you call the dole. There's just the trust factor with him to Philly eventually. Something's gonna happen but he needs to be on some sort of pitch clock like just to preserve him. Like in the movie Zoolander and to put that on balloting hand model to put his hand into an act. Can you put him and that's the deal not to kick my own files thank you very much does it just didn't know. Something's gonna happen the patriot defense a story of a step in the home and the sun. Or about. And fleet are obviously it is as them. He's an easel. He's a low dollar and dollars and if you are so it's also often capped so yeah because I'm at the united and I did indeed I did you snapped last week I only that you get is that Thomas again yeah. Leaner it's got the putter so it's not a great. And they have a lot of young players board. And you don't want culture. We'll do with young players they're gonna look at tape and gonna sit through this is what we're gonna export guys this is a terror part let's go right now did you tell me and our defense a defense they're gonna. If they don't rip this defense support and put thirty he's at thirty lest I say 38 loss. You know if they keep up 42 last week and a hole into Kansas City. You've got to be bitten up forty plus. Down there in new ones and they might have to with their with their defense on let's get its talk a little bit about the page as anybody. Concerned about this and locals are all excited to. It's a big game for a new war zones right it's a contract year for Drew Brees right. ID add 38 you in that division you fall behind 02 and division might be a little bit of trouble. Pitchers on afterwards if you go 016 days. I am still walk alike knows that they don't have any Colin happening issues there and they're never going to be on the clock go. The saints they did they are never. The saints while they have a career back in two most enduring these things under repair backlog right now who's I don't know I don't think I have one right now AM on the open to suggestion unrelated us ability to draft is overrides and I feel I feel we should -- close it and pick him and mr. relative first I ordered it on the colts but did you think they went in there on their off Christian first quarter Drew Brees goes on breaks collarbone. Noted not mountain I don't know. Nothing against you know why change today they don't know rescue I think the drought the maximum I think it another drought is over at this point I'm draft is overdraft close we'll see you next year. That that's I don't say it is Monday that edit in Brazil Brees breaks a callable in the first quarter chased in south daughters and I expected it doesn't they went out that's a good fit you've got to lose is simple also calls out there. Be good corporate who else is out there right now Zell. Org. No pop up looked out and biographer and won the hassle backs of Robert Griffin the third one I know it's wrong. In an Apache carries an evil and those videos and he has getting black ball is nobody in Ireland is there any on him. Right it's what he wrote he's he's he's taken strides in it I saw that to shoot hoops and missed them. It's like he's playing with a guy your size and your age let's remember who ultimately he should he should he didn't there's not ever gonna got a product shot and watching folks are gonna put it short fat guys like to advantage Georgia yeah. Volatile but what's wrong with you should I take him I'd make a more he well we're gonna it's a vocal style social 6177797937. You load them up talk to you coming up. Christian rants about them hat socks b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter had Christian Fauria. Right now we returned a moral or way Maloney and Fauria fox Sports Radio W. Is he sucked up for the Colorado buffaloes. Senator Obama. Refrain goes Saturday buck. Right it's all bucket NASA Johnson editor is that annoying. I almost feel like it's worth the effort to not all be on following among on Saturday at my dignity back up again on Sunday at mount on him because I don't wanna. I'll follow you and Tyler Davis of the celebrities are not on warnings this weekend. Eagle and just as you hate college football I don't know what all's well you know what is it called almost like you listen acute sleep this week and maybe the look that the best games I've ever seen it on mine network who's gonna get scampered buffalo who Stanford would open the ball flow and our again. And Virginia Tech and I make. While what are we don't we thought at army is he gonna they gonna go all the players they're highlights how are now this we've got and that's what I got to ego. This is the greatest week in our network. Clear for. Or hindered did you detect. I have I host a post calling this edited to make sure you're on point on mr. gold your highlight a little Maloney drop back. I'm. A look at. I was kind of happening some nadu that a look at the room Sheehan network and they're not there I don't know you can't do because they're not there but you can't see them but I don't they don't release that are you know release is there is a liar he's everything that don't exist everything. But blew the funny they are making them up ESP and and the SC six is coming into focus right now for CBS sports and in the OIRA is about a man I don't feel bad chemicals. And other better than that. The better than six. He can do what he does nothing not do much you can do much at least that's been promised. Soviets on the and it felt they don't is Greg in Rhode Island I Greg Olympian. Hey guys. Question this step but that candidates heading to a state. As far as tradition eighty yards movement Ramona version San Diego state athletic. I'm going to fly by loophole puck. It's the first of many. Well last season he gathered to cover yes there'll. I think don't bought back appearances. But it but it points right yeah then I could about Tony Bennett and acted suspiciously like that. And out crowd style by diplomacy. It's a totally different if you would have had a crush on Tony. I don't. It just does all of out of Baghdad. Let's just think this song before. She does wallet I've had trouble with because. I understand that Michael Bennett probably is gonna be very sensitive. In that situation is a black man in the depletion put him down to the ground and obviously he's been. In a big part of of of dealing with with the cause serious and activist. But I did it. Sit there and tell me that it was racial profiling. When everybody that's running out of the Phillies virtually every single one is African American I'd do. Do you show let this. But the you know here's a funny thing they were able to sell it to scold back and look at that Good Morning America ABC peace would have challenged with your buddy in a decade it's and it. Fine I just I guess it's just the way it is now Johnson's south John walls and give up. Great to give us that don't get lucky unwritten and I had I can't find a great not to. I don't know what to order and I don't know if he's somebody we would do the job. It was up yet it's. So I have a question Christian. You today I mean hazardous and his helmet on get this decision. Last Friday where it innate goes on he said basically that. If it that it is one in back he'd go back. And the president I think that's what's missing on defense yet they could say was not one person. And him I think he is one that one person. Attitude I think noise if anything he's he's is. So he said if you what do at the patriots wanted to be back he'd be back to you just. I know that I was noticing that ambulance and. It was un un Hill Man Morning Show. We Freddy is that right after the game. Sure he didn't say it. No I'll be glad I don't feel the FB was in. He was there is always another suspect wasn't gonna blog you spend it. Little odd way I'll be out in the flow LB but it's our first edited closed nobody Reagan suspended for fund runs right by our power is on it and cardiac. Is that Comcast that night when he EC hasn't closed the door returning you know me you'd still in the back of his mind that I can you know I'm not closing the door. And the day helmet they come on out I thought the headline was more about the pages have been contacted him yet the voted saw that part of that they call that I would come back but. You know he's not like you said get a day or at least not Dana thank you plea of Mac you Von Miller back but what he does do is he brings that discipline their professionalism. He knows we supposed to be I think more importantly. When I tarred does come back get back to where it belongs and put it back in mill the field so it's always a full body you know just like on. Other you need to adapt because it's like it's its week two and you already have what you guys what's marine who else is gonna go down so what happens it's gone from pitted. Trey flowers. It's like gay a bug bite. Right related like he gets they get the biggest stunt might be there on an epi pen he's got to go to the house before we finally. Who's taking his spot vacant crap on all of my point I honestly I don't want to jinx and I don't wanna get hurt my point is if he's gone for a week. What was that look like. Any early look at hightower right B net of the green dot mil the defense moving the start move and act right now is that you put him a different position pretty much defensive end. You still be that vocal guys are more concerned about learning a new position. Unions are still vocal but he's also. More conservative what what my reads are what I'm learning a new position consummated takes a little bit away from all of that as opposed to Ninkovich. Who sit there were Trey flowers these guys say this is what you need to do and Andy got I tower behind them on this is what we need to do it's easy to better fit unite our Beck and. That's because legitimate. You know argument here in that. Everybody keeps on him while they were mess after I tell us to game the defense was not real good what I tell was trailing when he left right. They're not real good when he was out there. And there is an awful lot to the communications the Mike in in dealing with the with the defense and what he brings. To the table that's part of the confusion I Trey flowers brought something up that I never expected. That he would actually reveal on the eight the year the other day you know. You know that I cannot refute the heat how he how can you filter throw it when he talked about the confusion. In the movement of the Kansas City offense that they made a lot of mistakes cause they bought in to certain things even though we said we were told. Not to gulf that there are certain things that he's he's still at all or not they take the bait and you look at it. Anyway what let's talk to the right because when it Tyreke hills coming around your likeness. You know I've I've got to be ready for him you know young and you sort of fall for the disease so fast. But that's just part of Indy Reid's you know with famous Shelby made look over here because we do in this you're not writing you're not gonna get that this veteran guys like got to believe and trust. Film trust your coaches and say I know what that is at the Pete Cowen let me gulp. And make a play. Where is not the younger guys maybe just flying around in experience and just fall for the PO taken to bay. Yeah until it happens and I'm not here that second time around and get Kansas City Dallas and their outlet to Marshal friend who did they say it was Kirk who was it. Ten weighs about as this is this team. Or is it crazy to think that his team lieutenant six. And so I think it's cars are the phrase. Because of the division of and they'll how many guys and out of the division I get it because the general besides the names of the Powell case artists and decisive reason they say that's a bit of a case of the first year I got here. Pictures are just wonder the Super Bowl. And there they were filled account everybody that was on the team was well they're all wearing red jacket and now of course Obama crazy enough or opera hall of fame right what happened. Or not it's not a really some potential into you have known Iowa and you're actually categories just look at what the best. They no that wasn't me I had agreed an investor ever. But that they're not as such deaths so what happened and so what happened and make you just also they forgot how to play they start reading your clippings. They start to a year believing the only reason there Zain. Not a lot Lou it was not like Ted Bruschi was hurt he got hurt that Thanksgiving game here his knee. He was gone but nothing bad is Alan. Miss the others they had it barring injuries right now. Now be surprised if they want it's pretty pretty hard for body drop down again is it a great thing and went right along those adolescent demolition of a lot of Angeles Jennifer exactly it's the NFL on me what happens if it was my turn things visually along when Edwards have gone doesn't draw you know week six. Whenever if you lose so whenever you lose Gilmore a little Butler Gilmore one of those guys obstacle to Miami and into. Exactly how they concede and during united is it possible yes but it would have to be they would have to get a hit clippers appear Israel and the cliff honest let's. All along. Here I am yeah. It would all over the injury shouldn't let it affect a major Internet so you'll see him handing you lose him use that Abreu you don't lose and only plays and and lately he's just hurt and he's got like connecting. He won't he won't do that grapple. If that's the diesel think what they're doing Koppel is complete. And then if he sucks why our own I would totally unified what are guardian or suicide once that's what I did we don't know exactly north have a disease his mood body return black elected Boudreau get rid of it in Nicaragua to boot so no I don't see it because of the division look at the division. The jets are awful awful as much better. I'm still not convinced Miami's gonna be real bad data and they'll then you'll have you'll have a crappy division. And yeah you'll you'll make it to the playoffs 97 and prior won't. Seven I don't think we welcome you you you're not just win in the division I where you kind of they have got a more games outside the division that's all you going to win. Scheduled till we look at it Denver only for December of one about it on and on lately look pretty OK Sheila. Did I LA Chad just. Isn't it it's pretty. Listen they I entries that no it isn't that it has an injury or about August going that you wanted there's clauses usually eat everything and his schedule. And if you sustained some injuries there there's. Yeah there's 45 has five losses that liberals remember that he's going to be sustained an injury it's more a little bit more like listen it's it's Dele. Was. Was we all coming off the girl are basically and you're basing on those can I have I don't know I don't understand like I understand after one after one week. Of evaluating all the teams. I you I guess I'm allowing everyone. I'm doing this I'm allowed to want to reassess their position on this team iron issue have we all get a Mulligan fourteen all of get a Mulligan we're going more needed to be there one more loss. I need to see what happens what does we pointed out that's institutional and I think I'm a but I you wanna burn my sense senator bigger take of them still not ready to give up and a dream yet 512 wins twelve for an aside I think they have some transition here that you that you rover. You just from an agency of overreacting based on the last game that you see which is understand always I was holding on to sixty you know when it went down and systems like. OK so that's going to be. It's gonna be difficult when I've I've Marty jumped in and I still think they can do it and and its and he goes down you see the impact high tower. In and Dolan are these guys are so let me get the applause with certain anymore. If you promise they go into into a New Orleans. Into the dome on Sunday they had no an adult OK we already know they're already RD week at the wide receiver position. They walk away fifty to detect what your reaction going to be a month. It's not going to be at their back that's all it's fun it's installed foreigner. That's realistic. Where you think. You figure that you Google fifteen and one no I think people and I think you relax and I think most people are reacting backtracking and we're sitting here trying to figure out how they go 106 or ninth and seventh. We're doing it all based on that first game with a minute and a dollar a minute adamant went down you probably should have reset a little bit and said okay this is now 8813 fourteen went to if you thought there were sixty you know it's a big impact. So then you start losing other bodies but you know why we did that we did because you know you'll play the game sixty you know I don't really know they go sixty you know. And Adam and every addict has to do all my Beasley and urge you did what we was supposed to do we didn't follow Malia the script you did right what you mean. When you sing you dropped from sixty you know down fourteen to do right if I had to put money out. And why because of sleaze you dire need for a heart actually. Bordick to. Eric and they might grow its CF ROTC ninth it was vote against horrible am so pissed right now at a C I just. 33 out yeah. Yeah he wasn't there isn't necessarily there to look at him yeah I wanted to add to that equipment to back counties. We thought we got a blank we got recent one contains forward we have we have is that I become good Kamal fight let's tell everybody the next segment and sock and I don't think it's been assigned a negative what went where we're going to be awesome up until the highest east. Who is rocking Twitter before during and after they show at bloomer Loney. We're back to more importantly Murr ammonium 48 right now fox Sports Radio. I'm there and no one else. That's coming up at 115 we got like greens I was wondering I was gonna brilliantly Michael Montgomery of the fact that. To Kobe percent is being cute spread the Indianapolis Star Ted. Presets big arm fleet feet fit with colts. You start out there aren't. You trumpet my squirrel moment with your own squirrel moment Vietnam analogy is if we was just you can't you can't trauma trying to hide it because if I and I are trying to. Maybe we heroic if you throw 31. Seconds ago our political winds here and in his statement. They've got an oil bottom part of what you little I was worried is set Indians tigers scored the top of the first inning I was a little bit concerned I totally agree it is later we want to go. I got some. Forget it gets. He forgot north Intertrust is our vision of the Rashard. Now you can cedar so you're of this gap. It is and he just made me think about this the collective bargaining agreement in the discussion we always have. About whether or not apple players would strike or not yes and how would go and how long would they be able to allows social does not give Peyton right. So 1987. Season of the NFL that was the year that the players decided to two to strike. Letting it happen Easter they strike but a struck started it instructs the strike started. It says that unless there is this strike's start it struck us September 22 yet today after the first David and Ireland based Leon all the guys just laugh right. And it was funny watching this year this gathering as it was it was so funny like now just like we think all the guys. Just decided like they wanna give up on the money so they just they broke lines lady went back to work and it was sold just discouraging. That they were fighting for free agency they were fighting for the right. To basically not allow these owners of these teams to all of them for the entire careers to be Barry port not nothing to do with CTE concussions or anything else like that. The right to be a free agent now like the number one being Gene Upshaw was talking about all the player rep all player rep got together the all agreed to strike. So it may strike and then what and how long the takeover approach for them to finally come back. Like at least one guy comes back and another week and big name big name player Joseph Montana. Randy White from Dallas on Tony doorstep from Dallas. All these guys site to come back and they basically lost everything that you said screw it. Basic scarlet they decided after three weeks really for weeks one week to get the replaced some players ready in three weeks of the season with a Washington Redskins and winning every single game and don't going underwent a suitable. So the date the date they sponsor they're going it's exactly the way it's gonna happen it's I think of the police pulled it. There's no way no way they're gonna sit there and allow sells its older bitch and complain about halos at 30000 dollars a week. It's now like two million dollars three million dollars or not they they're not gonna do it. It's not just it's just it's insane the backup. Via the paychecks work in the national football. Weekly weekly or biweekly that your choice or what are you pay. When axes and into every week. But it depends offend you so that you get to choose to get there two weeks a year. No only during a season that's for me only to Assisi to think but that's why does the players association changed that around where you have the power you read the leverage. Is during the football stuff right. Why would you get paid enforced the the pay structure to be every other week. 24 payments per year. And and separated that has the thing I picked up on that and a challenge that was such a short period. Those guys were living week to week thing yeah afford to do is if I don't think. That's an excellent point because if if that's going to be that's gonna be a big issue guys are gonna need the money so if you know you're gonna strike you need to change that. Now one out now let's overnight so if you pay you do get paid you know for Milliken normal job. And not all your money is made in four months yeah stretch it out also when you're if you miss or four months with a big deal. You still get the majority of your money so it's you know if if they know they're gonna strike they need to find a way to protect their income. They're there we police last month we slash yearly income because what Tex Schramm did the GM of the Dallas Cowboys. He had all these clauses in light certain players' contracts but where it was tied to bonuses incentives land deals so Tony Irsay didn't play. He was gonna lose the land that they attacked with contracts that have been that lets them if you look at it not get away and that's why the big. Venison donated gonna do their best but the bottom line is you owners item that is they can't get everybody in the same page. They live beauty here again I think that you all week to week both say but but they want to make their money you know and because they all know wicked and they all know all that they've won sub par year. That team just gets rid of phone even if you're under contract at once you kind of use that salary cap number is it all works but politicize a six year deal it's really too. That setback that the third year may be the second you didn't get ready when they don't pay you anymore so. This is they all know that baseball is completely different. You're young give a Gigabit attending. You've no problem strike and right now number one because you make it 500 and you know it still a lot of money to him but you know all. The can be in this league for ten years you know you gonna go to arbitration you know you negate. Free agency and qualify that in the NFL a great young player to sister says there. I don't know I'm mad at 333 year. I Dexter Manley was on the cuteness football games now that he was talking about how it all he wanted to do decrepit from wrong on this likes you sought and if you get all the home. Thought he's he just wanted to get leave it. Injuring keys in part he's completely yeah I know we'll look my point is put you tell me there's not built like that pretty high right now I really can't doesn't matter of 1000 never gonna. It's never gonna work I feel it's gonna work is that somehow they can protect their salary so this you can tell him soldier you gonna lose the Yi. I'm people do you think can really sit and say okay let's spread this out. A wanna make this all somehow put my money away so it feels like and get in this every two weeks. I'm deeply don't think was that there's an argument I'm myself as a million bucks I get a. Right now I guess it is gone to three months that it Goteborg at all it has been punished somehow stress in pro rate their money some how words not. Thank you it's you miss or a month of the year you you missed a quarter of your salary. So I mean I didn't like guys like I decades I get this they get that got a mortgage to pay. You know so they come back Oregon and incentives tied my contracts rethink commodities through. Obviously growing up against you good guy. That would have their ass to it and I need the money fourteenth in my ninth it was a 1414 and fourteen when the other day fourteen with him and most solid that was my score moments in Saddam rethink in this so. This is going to be the case and DeMaurice Smith is saying that look out we're gonna strike because everything is aligning for that. It's like I tried it Abbott said try this it'll be a lot of rhetoric in the same thing will happen in the at what Major League Baseball had loser guy by the name of a marginal. And heat they should the statute by the with a player's association of more Vanilla. Because. He knew how to do it. And he got and the the players were were supportive of of Miller a New Orleans stick it out of the wanted to get me about that. That documentary last night and I don't remember it being that big and maybe it was the way they presented it was really neat so at the end the strike is over. And the players have to come back and they have to be backed by a certain. Day was it one game in 9 AM or some point 11 here are some 1 PM and if you wore you weren't eligible to play that Sunday. So the Redskins who seem to be the team that that was most together and sit there saying you know screw the NFL. They didn't come back by 1 o'clock so the the replacement players had to play in the first week back of the regulars. Because. The NFL said screw you any ownership and in the Redskins at screw you we're gonna go with a replacement players and did the replacement players go out there and beat the. The Dallas Cowboys with Randy why yet ready and you now I see why Ed too tall Joseph only Doris at. All their starter and that made the owners even more wealth which is units at dancing sit. Needs us we can put ruby AstraZeneca blood any. Area out there in a rescue uniform and beat the mighty cowboy with a straight out of a movie to be a guy that there was imprisoned and god knows a lot. It doesn't apply to a they just like dom the other replacement thing that are now like nortel's forty or you. You know big or. He wanted to hold machine I think the colts could use Aaron Hernandez right Mike. I am they brought this guy out of president just that we can play but the reality it assumes the strike was over they stuck it back to prison. Or. You know this isn't like it. Equates for a moment because doesn't velvet the unions as we you know basically baseball universe NFL union. In Marvin Miller the guy that you know was the strength buying Major League Baseball and got free agency and everything else. So today they announced the Marvin Miller. A man of the year award nominees every team has won it. David Price. No they didn't as the Red Sox almighty god selection for the Marvin Miller man of the year award quote whose on field performance and contributions to his community went on most inspire others to higher levels of achievement. Send it forward excess. What was at this this really isn't this really isn't a score more this kind of ties in perfectly. All of a talking about what's gonna what did he do for committee's serve was goes project wonderful organization and he's got his his benefit that you. It pissed because nobody ever talks about right. Is on the field performance and contribution to his community inspire others is this for this year. Or is this where two years ago three years ago this year he's the nominee of a team one of thirty finalists are Miller man of the year award 2007 through the who's making I don't know who's coming up man I mean. Reiterated the whole hall of fame you know he screwed up the whole things stinks methods these strippers so it's Steve it's so it's not the Smith senior that played for the ravens and not the right predominantly. For. Children yes so it's so there was a lot of papers yet there was confusion because the the committee that gets together to this football people all right the committee are Smart Smart football and a football Al Borges. Peter Peter runs its leader king if they really screwed this up I don't know they all got together and they put together the nominees. And one of them was wide receiver named Steve Smith. Okay now there was. Any Steve Smith that was one the just retired last year Steve Smith's and you play it right it plugs defense I think is the Smith senior and another Steve Smith that plea for the Oakland Raiders and played four. Both orthodox. USC became a US it was Pakistan. Paid the giants. Which one is it I don't I don't trust this guy played with the giants. Tyson did let the giants Eagles and risks yet okay this is Steve Smith but so he was out of USC played. Com. Parts of six years. In the link it to when it's 45 catches before all kinds rebounds for his career rear where he was a pro ballplayer once and everybody gets some of the Pro Bowl army in one Pro Bowl in 2009. Got a 107 passes and that was obviously the Pro Bowl year it's seven touchdowns but before that he 57 catches 48. 1114. This this guy's. Rick is. Know in baseball. Once you're out in you have so much time in the league you're automatically and about are we always joke about the got a bond about the evils of gotta get one vote so you. You qualified no matter who you walk are no matter what you've done whatever right zones you've. Played long enough. But yeah it does not like that right to get a ballot he got to be pretty good to get a ballot right. Forget about so. Europe and it took so there's forty cyber setback in his whole career so this confusion apparently in this meeting. Okay because some people must've thought it was Steve Smith senior. And she just retired. You need to be retired for five years. These the guys that are voted. They don't know the rules and that's so they got confused because the guy had a familiar name Smith. Popular name hit the same exact name Steve split there was no senior there. This is why we know they screwed up even though this and now now Sweden's dropped that he didn't screw up. And hell is the Steve Smith the play for the giants the Eagles and the brands. Within Islam said twelve career touchdowns in there with the likes of Isaac Bruce Donald Driver. Torre whole Boston red mosque TOL always strictly she started trying to order a pick but here's where they forgot. The notion that one Steve Smith was simply mistaken for another it was reinforced. By the hall of fame voting age for fans. At NFL dot council the fans were able to vote in which Steve Smith was listed in there. And guess it shows a photo of a player in a Baltimore Ravens uniform. It was Steve Smith seniors picture hey I screwed. I felt right at it now are there any more stay updated now has everybody exposed to it so what a fool you always no longer listen he's no longer and about it and always in every voter and then he's on the he's just not of that thing and vote he can either nominee. These guys you just wished he'd hate he made it had like better years than this guy's career. Twelve plus Johnson's career here isn't it they all had better years all the time bit than this guy he will be able to say now forever IE. Was nominated for ball all theory and the number of athletes they screwed up on out my worries. Is coming up next right here and on them.