OMF - Michael Bennett shares his side of what happened in Vegas; Tom Brady doesn't use his super powers enough 9-13-17

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Wednesday, September 13th

HOUR 2 - Michael Bennett sat down with ABC News as he detailed his side of his detainment by the LVPD. The guys think he may blanked on a detail or two. Tom Brady has drawn the ire of Rob Parker for not doing enough. Enough of what, we're not quite sure.


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Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 but this is a problem I have with Tom. He's just always comes off disingenuous. He was disingenuous about to play games same thing that happened. During the presidential election that he acts as if he doesn't know Donald problem we can't have it all the way the worst people in the world bought good people. With Chardonnay ahead when bad things happen with the wind blew in Christian do you say what she's saying you can't sit there isn't quite careful here careful where you want to hurt somebody a lot of these players think they want their mom and dad would be appear on the game and talk radio talk radio's killer. Especially in this town coach and a shot out. Yeah. Yeah there's ambitious enough packets to all around. On Sports Radio WEEI. Pussycat. All I always almost. We are Dubya gave label blow hards. And I don't. Blow hards out here's a much producers talk about it we will get through a park that he would next. I know you saw this this morning when it was on lives finding is that if you haven't seen it I hit your drive and I nearly. Identical I showed up at a horse Boston while driving the presidency twice about used to seeing you in your chin Iowa. Let DC Nicklaus these new drive listen armament accounts where you don't need to do and if I admit that he did he plays like he did knowledgeable delegate and why the united player for the page you're irritating little reference I have evidence you have played I had -- -- It's related problems I have seen that yes and some millet. I'm an electrician goes through this is I think his reaction is probably. How quite a few people worry role reacts so it was on this morning Byron Pitts so widely used to be channel seven here in 2000 news reporter. He's doing the interview. Good Morning America would Michael Bennett first time he's opened up and talked about the sensor. If I like a movie almost because everything's happened so fast before like. Writing people were scared 'cause nobody knew what was going on. In his first interview Michael billion describes it chaos and fear before he was confronted by police. She's so as word spread and there were gunshots and bomb the crumble to see. And people to go abroad but no one saw a gun battery once saw panic. They're myself panic in Dane we saw police and saw swat and everybody's on the ground Carlin at people asking what you can do what are we going to learn so. We started in sort of turn regular. Once outside business sop. Okay that's a big leak there is a big Jai enormous gap in the story right off the bat so drew winds whistleblower says we're trying to get away. They're myself panic in Dane who self policing themselves why and everybody's on the ground crawler and people asking what you don't do what are we gonna do that so. He started in sort of try to get word. Once outside. Okay I really don't here's we're out here it's it's so big they're paying this picture like he was just done. Outside he lets seized pals and he was just you know gingerly walking down and beyond that that's always kind of hanging out that the initial statement like he was walking back from the fight and you know on the street and he saw people's flying out of a club that it was on the street like what's going on I'll run do. Edgar we got police report as they're like please report it resonates in their third leading so much outs even as god Byron Pitts local kid right. It's completely worked. A whenever he's local. Okay here's what here's a please support as our uniformed officers entered the casino will be observed Bennett hiding behind the slot machine did they say that in that. Did they mention it but he was actually in the casino hiding behind a slot machine most of it and number. But when I'm you know you know semi both assumed like this huge gap all once we got outside the note that not okay let's keep going. So when officers a turn towards Bennett. The casino. So he started running my days that and his little one on one do that you know they were talking about beating out here right because it was hectic and chaotic. No the police actually saw you told to stop that you ran now did you run you ran the casino. You leap hole or off or put barrier wall. What did you happen to be walking down the sidewalk and you casually like look at all the lights and Shelton the people now you know I don't and. You then go from. Trying to be safe. Through trying to not be caught up 20 boy did go to mean it is aren't watching regular okay you know longer trying to do is go to safe ground near action trying to avoid. Collective consciousness of of guilt he's doing something much differently than everybody else yet he's describing in this interview. A Good Morning America he's doing everything everybody else is doing. And he just skipped it so might. Simple others more organized and I think there's there's but that's quick parts of the ultimate you don't know we don't start the whole penalties Yeltsin died a passport yeah he jumped over the barrier wall and that he hid from officers. As he crouch close to the wall so. He talked all along that he tried to hide. OK so it just jump over him walk he eat he continued to try to evade the police after they pulled him to stop. So I want you to hold two thoughts to comment because it hits. Worse contains outside this says he was accosted by accident police officers who he says single them out. They select color of his skin and about senator might someone's ticket on the ground like you notice that these guns are drawn in slate. And therefore I'm particularly. That is his real right now about this video. We're going back to the color of skin again. Yeah tonight we're gonna factor that they profiled in the cops he was walking down the injury picked out loud and amongst at all odd that the block guide but at the black guy. But no brown was he was in a duck club he ran out they were chasing him. He wasn't just minding his own business it was the wrong person at the wrong time though he created a scenario himself. CC NN nobody's doing that if you put yourself in the position of the police officer first of all. The profiling. Of him being a black and we thought initially with a story first broke. May be the description was 65275. Pound guy that not look if not getting to get. And and a majority of the people in 90% of whom coming out of that group that club. The casino. Were hacked so obviously there's no profile. Attorney. Who is about to file civil rights and was Smart enough to actually already revealed that on the record and say knowledge that wasn't the victim. Of racial profiling. Because he knows the videos out there he's got no it's would that how was it that Michael Bennett. Is continuing to stay with them as not I don't get it gets more sorrow continue. And therefore I'm just stick it like it. Why is Israel right now this video obtained by TNT sports shows have been on the ground and officers company. Yelling. He says he was terrified to make the move. We see as a suspect and guns are drawn. You don't know to do you decided where or what did I do that's why I'm asking you please tell me where I did because I'm scared. I just wanted to what they say T we have the tenth year. Over and over you move to terrorists say hey Michael best asset he's from percent. OK okay. It is the next the next Clinton it is really the holy hole OK so how did you tell them. You're Michael Bennett. What does it matter what does point out does it matter did you tell you thought you somebody a bulletin that all I am I did get her back out of OJ Simpson. Cup title Aaron Hernandez out there and put us through that basically that you questioned by a media person. Who's working for a ride freaking you know I asked you know why not why can't let you know I. Somebody I don't care what Indy minutes I don't if I'm an officer at least I don't give you lost what makes him or use and how about how to that we need. You don't pick what did you tell that once you pull your players caller is what does that mean in all does. You're also a story like home because nobody religion is no way act as ever commit a crime. What we don't get panicked on the nick Kennedy just keeps getting worse to continue to terrorists say hey Michael bell says that he still sit. So you think because humans who believe they could you can do Augusta from the community the community treated as a human game and all our I was a scene is that the Madison. As a suspect. The only body cam video of this could these recent shows bingo on the ground according to the police eventually Google's home to confirm it was. Things change and you realize you're my little things deals are probably from being an area just a black man to being a football player. Okay no no that's that's not true that is extremely inaccurate you went from being a suspect. Had not been a fast you want to be you worst suspect because you are running all the way till we go all in hiding to being. To not being a suspect. So. Even if they edit the EU has has nothing to do with big Google you've just because if they all fell on. But the only reason they let you go because you'll Michael Bennett. They let you go because they realize that you had nothing to do with the incident secure use being Michael Bennet had nothing to do it being let go on the front that I. Building a protocol within ten minutes. When he obviously set something they went and looked it up and matched it up and said okay this is not a finished favorite doesn't mean he could have a golf players can. Especially not for us this question why don't we have more videos. Of the police taking down other. Patrons who were running away or African America. Visit I take my title I have a tough time just trying to get understand. The racial profiling you know what happened in just because he's black because the reason this won't just say if he was attic Kenny Chesney concert yes. And something broke right. And they chased the black man. Yet then okay. Yeah you know you got to watch it pick him up you know but when you breaking this club resort where I should I finish as African American. Eight. No I think today let's let it will blow I think it's his action that's what the the Vegas police department is telling us. That he did something out of the ordinary that other people didn't do. And people I I laugh when I heard some of these people obviously they have a different view of law enforcement they're cynical lot they put the because we have no shortage. Although gun being put to his to a set right which I think if we did see some of that. Then I think that he would have a little bit more the case there chance that the guy and the balcony at the gun drawn on him. He did I'm just at the top. But not not up against his. Temple putting a lot of people division after reading his post who I'm I'm hearing and reading a piece when we showed you why did they Paul. Guns what did the police pulled out. We'll wait and telling me to be like you're parts of Europe were up so let's say on all. What I'm saying is that you know question that is well this cup is going to be cops got a gun aside his temple passes if you move so that's my vision. Now you look at and say OK so got somebody was handcuffing among his partner was up above. With a gun drawn in case something happened here is part in his back while he's trying to handcuff and that is a different scene that seems more like protocol. That seems more like what should happen absolutely trying to detain someone put cuffs on that should be you're all apart is kind of this YouTube. Pollster your weapon. Put the cuffs on him I got of it Casey tries to separate out let's listen. The members he's accused shooter actual breakthrough but shouldn't the narrative that's out there guys. In that people are presenting it first of all why did they have to pull guns when you're dealing with a an incident a nightclub. Incident. We have seen nightclub incidents that it ended up in that it. OK so you've got a shooter or at least at the time you think there's an active shooter route there. So hopefully that police have to commend it would get. What are they supposed to call watch it and say anybody anybody shooting supposed to have an athletic Campbell why why would you like wheat. The stories out there here as weak weak link on the go to Michael Bennett. We Gould did it Austria against. There parents of so here's why exotic news. The question metal and it going to go to the interview that we just heard Christian. Where was Byron Pitts to follow what up if you commented if you gonna be a journalist. As opposed to being part of the cause which is the problem plan would journalism on both sides of the aisle these days. Everybody's part of the cost everybody just wanted to whatever cause they wanna collapse onto and why wouldn't follow up question Dave but Michael. The police are motivated by hand of this police report. Claims that you were doing something that nobody else was doing first boy you were hiding and then when they tried to get you what do you ran and jumped over a walk. Wasn't that suspicious behavior why did you do. Why did they follow that up. Using the facts from the other side. Not I'm sitting here telling you that the facts on the other sites are correct or what are you feel why don't you ask the question you don't want. He wants to believe she wrote it plays with their narrative with their. Atlanta Las Vegas club. On in their Aston NFL look into it in a vote basically said no. Allen expect to see. More videos coming on here next week like that is if you're Georgia the police department you're the Vegas police department. And you're sitting here getting skewered by ABC and everybody else I what do you what do you do don't they allowed Williams sent us. I want to Vegas police department because I wanna see if there fulcrum right. Well they've gone outside might pay out wanna see the videos because I want to see the big east police discovering their ass. Our our love the scenic camera like the fact that cameras off but I wanna see the videos. To get answers. That's the problem people don't want answers they wanna believe what they believe right OK I actually look at this this starts to make more sense. That that the police version that they thought they had a shooter because the way he acted but now won't release that they say show me the video to back it up. For both side. I agree the aunt so viewed as a workable and play and take a break in could be doubled he doubles down again. On the racial profiling but yet what they I'll never buy the rich don't ask you this way you wish her luck and honest about it latest that we wish you hear who he tells it. Okay we'll do that coming up next in your phone calls. Load up let you react to what it's excellent 77797. Under through seven. ON math on WEEI. 140 characters of new England sports know how every day keep up with the show on Twitter as always match. Shot let's get you back to more of Fort Wayne where ammonium 48 right now what Sports Radio WEEI. Very little information as the shooter was. Or use location. Problems pushed path and crowds. Do you think we're done or. Group or the nightclub and debate later this. As officers broke. What's been. Quickly ran out of the cell doors. Open wallet legal road east. Boulevard traffic. Into action and information after I don't believe anything at all. Q could it chase. I can't see on the report there isn't an actual police and reporters are down crimes. What happened is that Kevin. Make it made me a deal. Was the guy that represented the Los Angeles police department in making those statements that had him. Because this thing had just blown out and now it's got to the point where Michael Bennet is is going to sue. The Los Angeles police department in this if you think this thing's gonna what you occurs floating. On the news of a lot gonna you're you're definitely around this but this was. So at the end of the interview. Was it Byron Pitts your body or away. Your old cronies it was a bodies isn't working until something important yeah I animosity doesn't ever show in his first news and it's a testimony of the 8 o'clock o'clock. But this is where he gets into because of the debris indicated in which obviously is sensitive and I completely understand that. But it's the message that he sent to his kids that maybe go way and a. Times assumes emotional plea from recent to sit down and explain to your boss stereotypes and racial profiling and it. Would have used to view of a black man in America and would enemies foreign view of the young black woman as she grows up in his country. He's a brother my. Can which is important right that's that's extremely cornea like that part. When when he throws in the stereotypes. Which are real but the racial profiling again. You weren't racially profiled your attorney do we have the letter from the attorney his own attorneys I don't think there was another I think it was a all star of the sitcom comedy yes. I'm racially profiled. Because I think what happens after that video came out the attorney was looking at it and you know they were saying what this is not something we're going to be able to sell. Because a majority of the people were coming out were African Americans listen nobody is is is question in the racial profiling. That may exist in this country but did it exists that night at this club. I'm not sure this case there are. Well Internet is that Michael Bennett's. Whole case. But it is now what this really is all about. Is the fact that he was singled out because he was black and treated this way because he was black yeah the north. About look I I voted against early let's see some excessive force might be you know going after that as well like there was excessive force when it was excessive force because I am black but to meet. The entire statement. And the whole incident was first introduced publicly. Was this all happened to me they picked me out because I was a black man. I could be honesty I I don't known video they'll show more hopefully you'll see more of him jumping out and and chasing and running after the police immediate and screaming stock I don't know maybe that the near the police I want to I wanna see that video. I think one thing I think is for sure is that. That he wasn't singled out just because he was black. But this entire club in 9590%. Or so it was Africa that you don't get get back to your original point and someone in their shot somebody they thought at the time so they. They were gonna stop somebody who was black just because of the crowd. It could've been a short fat. White guy who probably wouldn't be able to get over the four foot wall and it probably would again to a lot quicker listen to racial profiling goes on in this country and it's part of the cost. So what Michael Bennett. Who had already been an activist he had already been involved in getting the word out there and I'm not saying that. That's the cause he's fighting is not a valid one but what he did he wanted to put himself into this thing. And he thought this was about as close as I can get. To putting myself that I'm but he used it for the Capra a cause for the cause of a black lives matter and everything else that's what he's doing here. And he's kind of coming out and what is the book on. How to make white people uncomfortable I. I do that every day. Thank you end of the day we did it concern in the senate we did race all if the body cameras and multiple videos come out and that shield that. He was right then apple apology absolute but to lose point. You have bomb. Who's this guy. Detective Steve groundless who's the president. A Las Vegas metro police protective associate that this lawsuit is just Las Vegas days ago yes Posluszny is obviously. What would it there's no way. If they're gonna double down and send this this. This letter out to Roger Goodell without having all the information you would think wobbly day and it would it would it sounds you would today they would like. If there's that even a chance that there's another view a video camera or off our street light camera casino camera across the street but there was to figure you know it. The odds are I don't think it doesn't pick up with senator. You would think but but also did their house at times to this officer was supposed to have his pocket camera. And they don't you know we've already heard from some police officers who are very sensitive about that at. Well doesn't always happen that way. Well if you can't zone and gonna use that as evidence now to show that got you have followed for Paul. Your camera Scott the sorry it's got to be all right. And so I candidates but I think if there's some holes here. In a Vegas police case and that's why I thought Louie and on it you're gonna get videos on instinct is that that the Las Vegas police department. Look bad in this thing and the media. Is taking the other position thereby need you to start with ABC this morning they're buying into Michael Bennett story to the point where they wouldn't even challenge you all know about food about what the the beta. USA wanted to bring it up like all the here's a statement from the police base that XY and Z right. To me that's like and you you just you choose to avoid acknowledged they avoided. But they they hold a story. And they may they completely. Just how how interesting how much more interest and would this interview of then if they said to him. You know. Obviously people duck and hide your hiding behind a gaming machine but everybody was able public or hiding behind it yet but it's okay confirmatory studies are guilty of anything going now. And it was. Was there contact with the police was I contacted to tell you this day did you notice today and it did you run. As they told you to stay we walked. Yes I did did they tell you to stop. Did you did was they were chase today continue to tell you to stop did you hop offense did you hide and the other side of the wall did you run into traffic. At. Why when they let him answer those questions those accusations or is going to be useful or at least address the accusation. That's that's why you aren't very suspicious. Of the interviewing process and sit near you seem more and more of this on both sides of the aisle where you know even on the other side when they're interviewing. At that the conservative that it's never giving her feeding you softball Shia. That's the problem today we no longer half neutral green journalism. We now have you're either with this cause or you would that cause and you're gonna painted the way it works for you. I felt well this guy Byron Pitts planet was he. I just planet I mean I mean it he's. He's via the journalists called journalists. That's doing a story and I don't know if he has editing control when I'm assuming you would have a little bit of say and how it's read how germs journalism in this country is on life support right now mind that the dead that's on all I want to use because it can't be another term. But let's go pick up calls let's go to the phone calls 61777979. Did you ever say hey Michael best says he's told so. You should listen. I'm near an end of things. OJ Simpson. Portland's only yeah. I. OJ I can't believe Jews Cotchery for Obama's margin Cambridge first openness now what's up mark. Hey guys played on. So I have a couple things Saber first. I'm glad to hear what you're. Comments just recently after the break about. That Bennett is doing this because of his book and diplomat I don't think that's affecting the seven leading insiders had side. I can I but I didn't but I can at least. It now and give an opinion of what he might be thinking what the motivation might pay when you have a book coming out. And the book is called how to make white people uncomfortable. And you had been a a loud. Activists which I do not have a problem with because he believes that that's what this country is all about but before this incident he wants what he knocked. So if you put all that stuff together you're gonna come to some type of conclusion that would let a little bit more of the story. I don't I guess I'd be so the wayside but that's not really what I. Why can't I think. You know it's quite possible that all of this is true debt. The police. You know we're doing their job you know date it was he ran away it all that. And it's also possible that she felt. If he was being profiled and that they went after him incur. Okay he likes it has been to there's still telling him to stop their cheese and so at that point time it doesn't matter how you feel but I understand. Here's a quick here's a story I always come back and now more light back right so here's a story that I always come back to because it was very profound and in my life. Driving back to college a million years ago whipped by remains African American he's speeding we get pulled over extra ticket. We pull away he says that cop pulled me over that was black and I say dude you're going back about an hour on an extra to what color you work. But then it it'll ask you this question he said when you have interactions with people do you ever have to think about the color your skin. And I thought no I never applicable to color my students and eight and I have to think about it all the time he's had more often than not. It doesn't matter but it matters or not. That you start thinking that it matters all the time. Can I agree with so we don't so I think it's really hard for us and we have no idea what's what a person of color feel when the police. Aren't quote regardless this. Evelyn personally when I saw and I agree mark Republican senate that we don't know what they feel when the police just present. So that mindset of Michael Bennett. And I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that when they see the police they feel threatened. Whether you agree with it or not right so. Yeah yeah I think you're right and I think is his chance and I talked a few people about the is that it has a chance of Michael Bennett just when he sees a cup. He doesn't feel safe. Or he doesn't trust them correct sort cop says stop music screw you I'm running from the guy who shouldn't number out of from your arrest because I don't trust you either. And then when he does get stuck in his mind sickened and only came after me because some blocked oh it in his own mind he might be thinking about that but I think big picture when we look at it. You say well I don't think they'd. They singled them up because he's black because everyone that was there was black and you looked a little suspicious of those is doing their job. It's all legitimate. What he said what you can say but then how to we solved that problem how do we get beyond their problem is it by an up and go about it but they lack of trust but by some like this isn't the way to go. No in my stride shall we get a real case of racial profiling then we bring it out. We we we call out to people who are doing it and we make an example of them right and we prosecute them. An occasion where we're just gonna make it up because somebody feels that way or has those inner feelings. I don't know how we solve the problem that I'm gonna continue going forever having the same problem the same feelings of Michael Bennett and others we're gonna have that same feeling. It's the same problem we were bringing in a about it that the case that at Fenway Park if it really happen. And we've got evidence. Let's throw out what's embarrassed whoever what was was and idiotic enough to do something like that so that people understand the ramifications need to do something like that again unacceptable. But instead we go about it around about it and do you got to get to the real issues because what they do was a mask the other issue the real issues are mass if we're making stuff. 617779737. Experienced the land. 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Short way now back to more or waiver of looming and Fauria watch Sports Radio WEEI. I'm Becky Illinois matches 6177797937. We get along this stuff to kids who we wanna get some patriot starts ago. It gains come upon so be bored Ross Sorkin the biggest game of the year although it's ever going to carry it where about it. You only gave the boy rod Parker he owns emea and it's come very. Hates him what what's what's I don't. I don't know what it is he's hated him for a long article your own Brothers. Brian is not wide enough he's not black enough. He's not as you know socially conscious enough. He's not down for the cause he won't as that's a phrase you always likes to use I don't get. He's trying to force. All athletes to speak publicly about social that's that's really wants the president wants some guys will do it some guys organizers are comfortable well they they tried to do I don't know at some Monday Monday they tried to get is the low. Monday. Callahan and and Kirk tried to get out of Tom Brady something about the the happen next up for the play. Led to rob Parker having to make income you pay much attention camper next offered no. Not much not much not describing your work at turtle attention goes in a lot of places so I'm. So that was the it was I'm at all that you know he wasn't gonna answer I alliger shouldn't play isn't enough OK now I really can't answer and is o.s he didn't have an eight or 92 pause this time yes yes I'd be ready for this course of the law bought business so rob Parker obviously heard this and he went on top. Ladies sit here and say you know what's going on in the league would have been a story for over a year. And holds the host on WBIs that are you proud that none of your players have participated what what games are they watching today know that. Bennett and according last year did it. And then in the game to get the chiefs. What's his name markets. Peterson Peterson mark. He called me right big 18 outlook didn't want to count in that game people holds emotions closer Tom Brady doesn't know what's going on. And it's kind of like well that's all about football was that true to what the receipt. JJ watts is wasted money for the hurricane. Is it football season what he'd like to avoid all what's Colin once socially you can't have it both ways but this is the problem I have with what Tom. Skip he's just he's always comes off disingenuous. He was disingenuous about. To play what are Ed I don't know I don't know the ball boy but I got a hundred Texas women but I really don't know what that did you know okay instant and then Tuesday. He made that nothing that happened. Lie during the presidential election he has the hat in his locker that said make America great with Donald Trump what that is all these pictures of them play golf whatnot. What did he act as if he doesn't know Donald Trott through or not. And tied to a woman and anyway you can have a ball way that's on the line work people in the world. All good people who Chardonnay ahead when bad things happen. Wondered I wonder Tom Brady to seated no notre. And it that he thinks he is famous for exaggerating he's making you know adding to it will this is so obviously I think life so what he (%expletive) them off the most. Is that he never knew the ball boys we're now. What pissed off rob Parker the most is. He wouldn't take Capra Exxon Tom Brady wouldn't take efforts are supposed to prop what what these guys would have been Aubrayo buyers and that's what's great Roger did they don't like oh yeah I doubt it he's just panders to every these guys are liars when they tell you that they want. Athletes to be outspoken. They want athletes to speak the same message they believe yes. They don't want athletes to be honest I don't want them to come out to somebody criticized the the date that the trump went down to us a Houston and and there was some athlete that had pitched about a wise eagle went down when they're trying to. You know get people out of shot like that he's getting in the way of some they don't. The war on him to comment. About. Get up they ate your age here to their politics. That's what it's about you know price trying to stay. And they right or wrong and you can meet critical of the approach of Tom Brady. But it's pretty clear that just a few little brush fires he'd put out from being one of home. That his stances. I'm sorry. I don't opinion on anything publicly. Publicly. You know it's just a lot of that I'm staying out of it we are franchised believes in you know don't listen the noise don't create stories. You know I've. I'd Goldman a little bit I had to had Donald Trump I talked about the ID be cool pews president at it destroyed by that. Tell my wife mentioned somebody concussions led to an investigation. You know we might not agree with my approach but I'm done. Giving my opinions on things because everything I says it scrutinized delivered little things so or taken out of context whatever you just don't like my approach but that's his approach well you'd sit. You don't even more aid and it's almost sorry it's the whole machine the aspect you know it. In other words a person is a good person that sees something it doesn't do anything about it but I bet that's bad things happen. So bad things happening Colin Capp pretty. Is black on a good person you should do something about it you have the power you have the platform you have the Rolodex your colleague Brent. It the Donald Trump should also think about that department. And now then they like his faults so we disingenuous. Because he got up by hand and play along. Narrative that along when everything. Here's where they're working people of the world ought good people who Chardonnay and when bad things happen. Yeah I think they should be they should be reveling in the fight. The Tom Brady felt uncomfortable going to the white house with the his own team probably because he was fearful. That this was going to win someway affect his business maybe he just didn't wanna do and just want. This huge eagle mania. Who lives in the White House who went out of his way to use Tom Brady on numerous occasions my buddy Tom Brady Tom Brady. It mention a word of Tom Brady was the MVP of the Super Bowl the White House because of the in the Super Bowl he does not mention and by the way. Does not mention him sense. It's like it like like he's this all and Tom Brady and instead the wrap Parker's of the world's nickel back. I don't want. They don't even do that because they need Brady to go out of his way to say that this guy. Is a white supremacist. Like Gmail killed it or say something even worse if there is sometimes he's just think it's like it's it's open season Tom Brady like for you not to legislate you know defender embody its flight. If any what if anybody has any status. And they and it just decide they don't wanna pick a side. For whatever reason is an account of their business anyways they closed choices that whether they wanna make a difference or not. So he wants to sell books that he wants to sell you know to be twelve and play ability to fine. A lot of the current I am getting a I am getting a wrist band looks one of the I'm getting one of those. Lance Armstrong little lives lives strong wrist bands but it's going to be like WW ED. What would it do. Bachelor governor do you WW. What she do you like about I don't know WWE. At all what is today. Not what would extend it that's already out there chemical everytime something comes up to before I speak of the exit. And you just didn't matter factor and just telling him. Great philosophers Tony first I don't know if there's a vote that brought Tommy says there is an academy if if I allow it. There will how old I will do interviews. To Wear my friendship with Floyd Mayweather will be discussed. Spent ten minutes on that time defending my friendship with Floyd Mayweather. With Donald Trump. With whether my wife's a lie or not you know. With a my best buddies gives to proper foundations or not. Whether call it cap prediction play or not late. You really think he wants to dive into that world so he chooses not to. And then you know gets crushed for not doing it's a whether you agree with that enough that's that's just his choice but. He really could overwhelm himself with all of these issues that we throw to him. Instead. He's and a paralegal with this the Mayweather stuff what trump you don't I'm not talking politics anymore well capita I don't fall with that much once you with that crap CLO they. It is that's his choice and I and I I have no problem with that I'm not one of these people who think that athletes. Gore also citizens of this country need to be silent. You know I I think. They have to figure out what works internally. Within the structure of their team because if you destroying you came because of that there's issues there. But I don't have problem I think people should be outspoken opponent of an issue that. But I think it's hilarious when somebody does not want to be outspoken because maybe it will affect their team. It'll (%expletive) the way people represent their team and he said they got nine I want to get an. That's a problem. So in other words that he's taking a different position. Then you are earnest drop if you got a problem with the Asia that you think that the country should be open and everybody should have their own opinion and people should be outspoken. Because you're not say anything. May be that is your speech that is the message you wanna present I thought I thought he showed a pretty strong message. That you would think the anti trust people probably would've. What a vote would have scooped up and they didn't. They didn't on that White House visit. Crazy. Or go for whom yes go from. This is Anthony missed a computer which are we can't hit it. And what's your own aunt who were not much else to do is okay baloney. It. Christian and I am. Oil onward stored or or way like that this storm islands and stick or storing data and hundreds of the mature it's the best out of disrespect to spell Paul Morton and Kyle Orton at how. He's not well anyway. Do we get to the point is we only have a four hour show okay and the thing. It is either you talk about this and that story on you know. How do you pump we kicked the can understand hockey shell oil and. Would we we don't understand how we felt there was already brought that up that he might have a different feeling towards it because of the fact that. It trust factor with with with the police at least he has trust but you can't sit there Anthony and it in a case claim. Racial profiling when 1995%. Of the Pete people that were coming out of that place where African Americans it's racial profiling. As a police officer in this happened to be of oh look you know police officer how they're always going to profile when a majority of the people large majority. Our our president do that. I understand now where. I'm a black man. You know we're well on the left regards Chris. Thanks a lot about it. Since I was sixteen encouraging you bastard that a few times you you tell us your size hole. Once. She. Martina had to re William would have to this disrespect and didn't answer my heritage also that's how you feel how do you see. Well I'll Google. In a little cake look he's. I grew up a lot of racing. You know that's the way it is I'm not angry. But I stopped. But that popping or. You know we will never improve relations. And I wish more people would stand out. So we we we we all listen I understand we agree with that but it I'm just talk about the Michael Bennett. King so you you say in his mind if we talked about a second ago maybe there's a lack of trust and caught. Is adjustable. You not to. It was all right. But that's recent days that the whole case that he has put into your house that's hurting the cleanup isn't it. But isn't that this whole case that this happened to him because he was profiled and only because he's a black man and any of his own words. Ron Armstrong time. Pleased about it. Obama saying. Six foot tall to seventy. And that you Google I'll ask not what happened snowboarding and what it in check. So when Kenny I certainly growing up in the sixties I understand that you probably dealt with a lot more of the stuff. Then some young people or even dealing with it today because it is better it's not far from perfect but but it is better but if it is somebody kind of exaggerates. A little bit. Does that help the cause for that next young black man that might be on the side of the street that nobody knows who the holiest. Who might be the victim of this does help or does that hurt if we're making stuff up or exaggerating. Stuffed it simply did not happen. That's what that's our only point or make. Only what we're make I I you know I can't and none of us consider here and say how it feels being a black person in a situation like that. Well let's get to because you said that it's not you know what was Sam's Kearse and what what do you know of it do you. You did you hear the part of you know maybe he was hiding behind a machine the cops came in the and it deliberated stay where they are and he took off running and yeah and. Does he know depletion tar went to a nation when they set. Stay where you are. Don't they all this there was Darren when they got in contact with them and and he ran and he jumped over a wall and and hit new set of wall in Rand traffic does that look suspicious fear cop. It. So. And it's so Dan. I understand how he might feel as a black man you understand that better obviously than we do. But if that was the toast of the facts. Then how can you fault the Vegas police department. 95% of the people were were black that we're coming out of it certainly is a racial profiling but if he's acting much differently. Then all of the other people there. He's the one person they took down because they were fearful he was acting suspiciously. Hey there were reports of gunshots in there it's a nightclub we know how serious those things can big week. Which we've you know we've seen some recently that have been shows. How did they act improperly. He's sort of allowing entity that's on hold it's that's what it's about that's the Volquez he's selling the police department for that. It's not about his feelings growing up as a black man you party express that and I'm not disputed. Tonight somebody tell me what it is or just talk what this recent some people who guided me analogy and he says Lotta black men look at police officers the same way you look at me. And when you're walking towards me late at night. Ointment that you know and assumption an African American guy and it's a countered admit that's what I admiral Michael Bennet like. They might look at it police obviously don't trust him just liked it's. The white guy walking down the street at 10 o'clock at night in the black man's approach him on the same sidewalk that this is a lack of trust and spending happens it turns and you know what you don't you know that that type of thing so. That's the side that he's he's right we we don't understand. But even argue that he said I mean if that suspicious act. And you might understand why the police acted the way they did. Part we're gonna get semi football coming up in the next step our picked outside and greet our buddy little Mikey race will join us at war and it's fifteen all ports there's one.