OMF - The entire crew is back, the guys react to the lengthy series with New York. 7-17-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, July 17th

Hour 1. The Yankees were in town this weekend for a four game series, one of which was a 16-inning marathon. A controversial 1st base play is discussed in-depth. Pace of play, MLB player popularity and Miguel Cabrera are touched on.


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Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. In. Or. Yeah. Quickly and Lou in Christian congratulations. WEB IE the morning show yeah. Manning and Callahan and the cast of thousands. And amid days ago would or away ferry area Maloney now on Sports Radio WEEI. Broadway carrier Maloney. Hello yeah it is barrier and Merrill and McVeigh the first time Somalia butchered that they've but it isn't. I was actually goes back ago I was actually on today as a drunk driver and a gaggle of boys at their north of the border and they drop dead in what way Maloney in in Korea for. Whatever that stupid I don't remember you conjure hell of a plan for you really don't and I don't want to yeah I don't know watching her forget that not what we have ever forget that. Not long amnesty guys. I really doubt that I miss you guys see now you wind is here realizing it we noticed you are more than Eunice analogous endless vacation dilemma we can sell a little Johnny and I think it was a blur that work I don't know how I don't remember anything. And those of each time there's some lobs there's some steam isn't just at times. Johnny throw anybody from the rooftop his enemies could make a practice known little rates so that he teed off at eleven easily slipped and Easley was old golf his own golf yet exultant about seven more so. Oh massive yeah. How did that it's called the reunion right now long disaster last actually you checked in your permit you and I were we saying to know what. And that that was condensed Aminu is that a lot of heat. That a met with like Johnny and his boys that earlier on six it just started with some band playing a lanes down of the animal league and we are chilling that was it it about the other Brandon Marshall film that sentiment data NAFTA was good double talking trash about them mourning gases that you don't dole it. Please have your staff 88 black. That's arises out of the law. I feel your pain and it was neat. Jim Rice gambled on a great loss of Idaho's I I feel your pain pain hate black man there's a crowd we I realized there rise fly or Rihanna right is still marvel Emeril I don't know yesterday. Slash utility I'd I'd let him know what these guys are all about race meters in a game five. Please don't run it all just. Yeah I do that and I've never actually won I came so close to murdering him. This dad left short little skinny guy anymore and you wouldn't ask India to be that it announcement. Man there was there was one day I almost the economy day did not think we will make it to the week we hit a third day of us. We had a porn star. Right have a look at I think they would have a ridiculous eight not only did we win this trading period but we were number one points yes well yeah stars and that's. Doesn't ever want bills that does it get to this guy and Barry's job in the building I saw this on Twitter to Malaysia was she on the phone. We always owns what in studio working on Christian alternate to and our pentagon and operated you know working on it. As happy with the job well done. Feels that this little little. Brother and current and just say this because I didn't miss the whole thing and I'm very proud and very happy with the hole don't this spring ball it was very nice to Lance we'll and it's it's time slot from votes six years she's would be we didn't notice absolutely out of seven's I don't think. Never asked about I know everybody Arizona are sticking to sticking with us and and but it is very very proud moment. Leader asked willfully five or six years it's nice it's nice now think everybody should be like a little bitch really tough time. I actually we have get a quick here's the thing it's funny cause you to sports okay. But so we have a quick little we had a thirty to thirty with my command out to do little recap of baton. And while we're recapping we kind of got into wives you know what that would bans would have with this in order was telling his old school stores that are but he used to listen back in the early eighties were calling in talking about what level of his immediate and your last. How whenever I've heard ladies man that's that's. Tell me. It's concern enough stirred up player we we adequately discussed above and the idea messages from Ben realized Tom Obama how he. I can't do that shows no lights album out Sulzberger talk about him for the ratings and somehow. Wow either he's listening or there's somebody locally that it took them into exactly what's go on on. And act is that we don't we don't like life three we don't like breakdown between Alec every single segment right right. But there's only certain ones don't they don't get pushed out so you don't hearings. First hand and it's not on the apple or we don't put our website and others on here. If African pisses me off I can set any of somebody appear normal some I don't know if you get talk much he is what's again. Oh doubles I think that's what's good we're all back. Together well allow hold on now that's not true. Hole unless they're early on then yeah he's certainly got bit by torrential. Yeah in bright isn't he showed us this like spotted his leg or whatever the kind of like is said it was a rough is that it recently as he could lose its neck out and if they may sixth nothing to take an odd dogs have more time he's got he's got in my column is gonna market his legs and sides agree for. Bread and any site under negotiate doctorate yeah you think. Additionally a couple days ago if you out of the rule what did you government bounty leaving like he was apologize we're happy to save his life gotta have faith bilateral court I'm a product doctor an idea paralyze I don't know it was a little pushy on Saturday and Sunday with no show anytime we could have on our standard of a clinic definitely my attic right you're tested for the study weights he shows up here in the morning to fund its original I think it's time to go to the blocked illegally on a hard time and some. Bought out what are your words are really going okay and he showed a picture but he didn't actually shall listen lane so pictured probably look at somebody else wants Al Davis final leg. Fraud and see if reports are traditionalists who is like I didn't hear about it. So let's say we we settle for a basket Kirk Haston its own right we'll see whether with the responses from all like Sanford past polite. We didn't hear now we supposed to thank him alone and we did aren't currently UConn. I think the best I think we I think. They are yet announced that it's nice to everybody yeah. And I'm right back it's it thanks. Thanks for the lead in Canada that somebody's listening and I think they don't sell us 45 is listening at twelve thirds or listen now that we got our masters lead let's just off the year for the knicks are long way to run Soledad really the most important. Key is is our money that's really that's really the guy gets the them all it is far play you know who's teeing off personally really symbolic move him as an exhibit and we thank them. I think before the sure you would say gets made against him so Saturdays. Thank you can't see one thank you. He needs like an echo machine something sentences satisfied the gluten so I don't think you need a buried in the Brandon Marshall Thursday. After aren't food that are and I did an air traveler racist they hate black people can donate it Larry game. Yeah well what that when viewers a week so we're we're you we kind of hovering around I was on the it was. I was on the boss the shuttle that was taken all the people from their you'll see you on the bus that John battled through their acting. This nugget Jackson UN Mohegan you know Brit must restore coffee admitting and my blow what the hell's don't know so I got about five minutes late tremendously. When I saw voice and found what happened as a. Any any outside he didn't roll saudis have to yeah I'll slip it was an awkward exe can he had a really great opportunity to make a really cold. You know dropped the Mike in to leave revenge yes but he drops he spills a copy all of places this is. Awkwardness and videos even better because like I try to fix it is are companies that fast greens leads. There really is ongoing to grasp and that's I got news RD only boomer carton. And we'll go over like you know morrow she's titles Yates and what you what you see it was just like of his it's different in that we put some of that. On Friday is on the back you have professional pride and you wanna let you play your best it would seem to me that if I'm a veteran player I'm already miserable. Yeah because you know you're not gonna win all the you think either one you try artist. How did guys in years but not enough Raza again I'm Vincent. I don't know coach about that question load on those and I just mayors in time that question I'm gonna ask you injured near the houses for mom under for the US the studio. Mormon here right now I'm actually I cooled off. To hold off on fox a good yeah out of pocket has it not it at a flashes and are you going down I don't know about it a little. What is this studio usually is Cole right usually by now it it starts getting really cold instead today. It seems to be awkwardness that is good news exists between Lou and I when you actually do fall and we both looked at each other and so call. Let's play let's kick me since they've always liked chicken just kick me out of the way. That's soldiers obviously after that Brody of the company's ethics and when I don't stack up to a targeted recruitment element of the pack. Pack like McGraw I don't admitted to immigrant you went downhill then back up our site owners got some months not a prop so looks good to see you back in and I think what we should do is we should give you a little bit of space because we. So awesome the tweeting over the weekend and there was a well. Little bit. Of angry Lu China but not one last night Avery in David Price look terrific last I noticed today one of the yeah it's your day. One of the positive things down but this team is that he's been doing this now over a period of time you start to feel good about the great maybe not in October but. Up until a terrible war and I don't know that we'll get. So if you won't get anything off your chest. Feel feel for it you know I had no idea. I said last night at this. And watch this team looking in the Yankee series it's sort of I feel like they should be like six games up if they can just get out of their own way. Weather is based rather with a just. The analysts added really pissed me off so I go to the gimmick you results a negotiator judge she will keep that's not the season ended up secret sale face little leaguers are helping in the civil space yeah it's a terrible tragedy get a nice little picture with a in the dugout. So it was it was nice and then we leave a little bit early. So I get home I'm DVR to games are really get that what really. Happened in their tenth inning on until late Sunday morning and Sunday morning all of a sudden wake up like I don't need this in my life from watching attendant at a honesty with how one hour. It with a hold Chris Young thing at the that's what it is certain situations that Philip to kick it out there. Why did you should know better John Farrell laws and also incursions as he he he's going to fine. Those stats you know it's almost answer are are doing in that in the dugout they're finding a way to get and that that for curse moment that's all they do so it a case of mad men attendees on first base at the right feel bad antennae so hasn't doesn't wanna get on base as he has been all year long he's afraid to go to third he should have been on their base not first or second nobody out. Which is hardly a bunch. Save save Babe Ruth the pinch hit for Clinton. Instead you know it now becomes it hits in hasn't McGwire wouldn't it bought second third and tenth inning with back part of the order come Chris young museum bats hoosiers who buy what you. That Leona guerrillas about month and he gets fully and what they did do second that it Walker's young appears to motif and McCain should have been all right there in ten months Sunday comes though sabathia got to play Chris Young got an important. You all Christians or PS is last year last year against lefties 999. Yours is this year. 577 that's a drop have second thoughts about our side and that's a drop. Let me read it got to Jairo PS it's got him for. The Chris Young tonight's player the way use some blows my mind. But it is just obvious pictures on I don't know what's going on and marvelous he loves himself some coupled this play your best players you can money also operates with a platoon. Played that attendee every single day as the DH guy can't play two games in a row. Play your best players and little Chris Young play when somebody hurts. Or needs a day off where you gonna pinch hit for somebody. It's just it's. This first place they're very good team they're very talented rotation loaded at best closer in baseball. The gators haven't performed at the level they will with a runaway at this division. If they'd just get out of their own way at times. Right so that's an angry that's aggravated. Little bit of that's not act now I don't hi guys I had bounced consumer really good about it like it's a little Agnelli was already noted these are absolutely concerned looser not a lot of them know there's there's no music. Counterproductive at all inclined I was a little you know you're tattoo figures Sundays at all those unable into. Because I watched the extra time there and experience. But at the weekend the weekend we can annoys me I mean the Yankees were playing well you. Wanna take three out of four this week and you end up splitting. They can score that cannot spore looked. I'm with you last week I I told Christian they're gonna walk away with the division showed just not nobody. Has got enough to knock them off they are stronger and better even though they've got some holes. And I'm worried a little bit more now about the bullpen especially would you boy Joseph Copeland John Allen an injury I. Third base we all know what the situation is there but it's still better suited to wanna wait wit that. That division of the Yankees or the Tampa Bay certainly did Baltimore's given up now and and Toronto. But the kid can have their own way because they can't score how is so this team with good young. Hitters in the slug is general David Ortiz did Ortiz make that much different to a lined up right now. Petty is one of the whole war in baseball and home runs guys are hitting home runs right now eighty record a little balls and of course. The balls just at least it again visually the only the only team that doesn't give Jews baseballs or the Red Sox I was the only team. What is it they can't hit an all the candidates it's. First off or go back because Saturday go to the game at 130 like you know lose him they released the dobbs right because unfurled 130 said that the Joseph Kelly is eighth inning guy. A here at 130 on Saturday in those that it. He knows that real. Actually nobody goes to school lets you exit gives up runs and loses the game and then you make in the eighth inning grab but that's okay. 4545. Minutes forty obviously ignorant you know now. We know that. It just doesn't it wouldn't buy immensely and the other missile was like on the way to the trading remote lunch all by the way you want it. Joseph Elliott may pinning down what he's 45 minutes later in life you know it's real John Lynch or anything like he's on the Marc Savard coming up at the democratic and it was that big yet. Yeah it's not tell you what's going on I'll say this you talk about offense. Is a we already have a talk but this for a couple which are ready for the big boy a lot of Pernod. What's available in the big boy lot of does that get everybody out of their cute little spot to leadoff spot right and beating a double bogey informal. Welcome to go to the big one line of thought well that just Mendoza had a good look out recommendations I broke the original lineup for the loss adjustment those that came up and that. This is what the line of should be if the Red Sox hit a frenzy did just that. It now the sooner these on the phone department around him and we have as many of them I was on the phone we talk into the boss man. Okay what lost me. To receipt. Of Chile's agent is you don't show on behalf of what we're the only way to Armenia is not regularly go and test. Pedroia. In the freezer burn through this season. Thank you leave the kind of I've read your book it's. 345 spot. It's a lot of doubles. Thank you lose. Stranger things and that quote it's still think it is. As does being. If he starts beat you down. So we make an entire we don't know we call you as information about now is about as they item of you don't know crap if she doesn't have an intervention the last why he's updated though I know I've heard to your point they got about a nice you can believe I'll tell somebody you don't know crap in Portland and the Red Sox did Frazier mall injured here. Third hit the wall don't think. Level. Why would you do that and the problem you have with Frazier is peak in 200. In the world really a home run. Every once in a normal and hits and if they do give Frazier eighth. Yet he hits eighty you're catching its ninth. Frazier in its seventh. Now we've gone all this before. We'll keep Betsy is your best leader for God's sakes enough with the cute little leadoff spot and talk body went off last you know yes but he did. Go look at his numbers doing it for free last year or what do you third Vila excuse he was great in the opiates tyrant formal. It all depends what you want to do better attended. But enough but joy a one Bogart's do you want may be one coming in third fine. We put smoking third whatever you wanna do I want penance and you playing every damn one of hitting against lefties I don't care about committing a lefty righty thing with Jack and not put benefiting at three hole while that buddy wanna move on down fine. Pedroia Bogart's milky bets. Hanley Ramirez. Legal betting ten B five Frazier six. Jackie Bradley seven more than eight whatever whatever order you wanna do it. But it's just mow the guys around a little bit again get weather really supposed to be mid August when you guys went and esteem went off. Little fifteen a three they ran away with the airlines. With smokey in Austin now on one investigator get mother Tim leadoff spot do you think if you mix and match and change up the line up. This side this suddenly this team is going he just put him in the spots for the should be okay but he gets on base little pop standards ball the other way got a popping either and then you put your big dogs who stepped Poppins line while movie is gonna hit where we're sent Harris got away. Well you know what I only did he get that stock is the media took on the task about not getting. Against lefthanded pitching right he's supposed to destroy left handed pitcher suddenly what is he doing what he's hitting against left in a pitching which you don't against everybody else and nothing's coming up in key at bats and giving you nothing can always count and we're not expecting him to be David Ortiz out. We know he is no big poppy good. No potential but here's what scares me. The bullpen really bailed arrests out through a good portion of the first 22 and a half months of the season divert the starting rotation right now has been very very good. I'd. When you look at it. First of all David Price has been excellent as of sunlight. They've had their Cy Young winner who now has twelve losses this year and does not deserve twelve ounces as in many of those games. They can't even Muster up a single run for a okay he's been watched you when he was last year but he's not as bad as a twelve loss pitcher right now. Hombre let's start to give you something you've got Rodriguez coming back tonight they have got a really strong rotation. But you gotta get to the post season and somebody's got to score some runs there's got to be some in this lineup somewhere right. We're. Is it all David Ortiz is that you think it's just all the. So why don't I don't know enough on the I don't think Steve and Todd Frazier. Is is all the suddenly thought that we go to I mean you know take Todd Frazier from getting nothing in her child with Don and Mike it's enough and inhuman not to give up that much you know I like them a game because I mean a I like them in that you know to finally have their basements plays every day. In and hit him seventh in the order that it Holman once in awhile but the Red Sox fan should be prepared because until you see tool five to ten hitter every single day. You don't know what that is a possibility that that's very frustrating to me too tepid about. Because it's gonna be king's I have to get ahead he's gonna kill you mean that in a moment once awhile but he would at least solidify that spot and play defense veteran I understand I don't give up too much put it that the. Defense has been. She's got that up themselves what is moral particular down at third base right now and you don't want to bring in anybody that's gonna be here for longer than a rental player 'cause looks like rough field devers might be here. By by the spray my appeared in first of September might be able LP right when he spent posters. That the thing is you don't give up anything right now even for a bullpen arm. Or four AA Frazier that Miguel Cabrera. Where's that coming from is that just a Roger's thinking. No that was that was the most random other off that's you guys are not thousand. Well half Oklahoma he he pleasure to try to wait a minute there's a connection here to browse and was indeed a later date they told they told them for the show's target this economic. He can't muscle like you know nothing that some random hot heat so there are such under the radar RT so who who who we not looking take. And the does get an eating disorder does exactly what you need right now right with a long term contract at an arena is so. Sets and Dave Rodgers with the making Koran other things that. Czar. I'm just saying Medina in edit that they obviously could use an everyday upgrade but still I think third base. I'd rather get a veteran reliever personally now I think again. Frazier could help but Guerrero and inland month of July morose and 375 Lindsay tuna and he said some mean. When it bucked and you know they're playing defense it's it's okay did you sort of moving along. They they can use Frazier I don't want to look too much for but he is again it's a pop but I think eventually my and also question would Joseph -- to right now they absolutely need. I come October which one of these guys are Democrat capacity. Any Americus in October. We pomeroys the only really Reeves last year in October right in gets clean visually relate to what I mean Matt Barnes stole the ball literally been shaky. But Joseph Kelly Matt Barnes every Robbie Scott. Any idea and veterans in October at pinnacle Democrats themselves don't. It is less margin for error because this team can't score like Red Sox teams have been an experienced and will say but I'm available better it'll veteran back there aren't we're gonna get to the phone calls. Below when I'm up at 617779793. Show and all three of his backyard on the show today. And will be for more. 56. East peace time for another good morning media relations and action. Good food chain. Still remains he's right now the wartime against. We are in good good show right now I don't say okay. I hear they have figured it out to export way more Loney and Fauria talk Sports Radio WEEI. This is me not Ken Rosenthal here okay nobody is. But I would not be surprised to see even prosecute pull off a blockbuster. And getting Miguel Cabrera. Chose the Red Sox. And I missed let me tell you why find out what six years a 184 million dollars owed to him no no trade clause. And they have the prospects and Boston and the resources. We Jonathan me to make this deal out for a half I can't. I did read somewhere that discoveries could permanently damage aboard. And our rent and payroll some promises of love. A month. In jail. Is like his his reasoning is blown out the window and who's thinking. 101 and it's. Iraq you know what are we say 184. Million to get the club the brought rocket back prospect could you imagine what we're sitting here saying the next day. If Dave Dombrowski packages together. Hi in prospects to get Gil Cabrera. Like all my god. Me it's just it is it's it's it's laughable not is don't want. Would you ever want him. And I'd love Miguel Cabrera who's like 234 years ago right beat and again for these last six years of 3032 million dollars isn't in the deal works best as and when the does that get old deep into the contract no par and then you're gonna have to pay Bogart's and bats and Bradley and everybody else that you're gonna be saddled. With this old fat guy's contract. She says that because he's in good shape it suited for this effort for a guy like no one that is now on to the phone calls Rio. Here's a Bob and Waltz and first up on today's Owen map what's up. Today you know can we lost a lot more than just poppy and I don't mean to go play in the Balkans it's obviously a big loss. But since Los means that we also lost what I consider to be apparently repairs as producer. Or watch or whatever or call ovaries. There's there's. Whether it's helped our attitude I think it's part ball probably Marat stupid helped so you lost that special all right there remains. And then unfortunately these younger guys have power but. I don't know there's some rebels saying I just thought about that you know well we don't have poppy about Italy is not played well that you see these are the guys start doing things like expanding the strike zones we knew that this is that it used to sway patent. And they go. Bob do you think if if if if Ortiz walked in the door today as like console not a player. This is ethnic assault and as a second half console. You'd think that that also on Hanley wood under the gun he respects the that would. Change his mentality. I didn't think so yeah I doubt if Philly that proposition that might not help as much as we'd like but yeah I do I'm convinced. That would be a big fast. I don't know I don't know I think I saw they need to bring him back at least for the whole game is a cannot just allergist who had not not just for an Architectural Digest what. What adverse affect air attacks apparently dug around in the in the dark out and out what happened around more often than not especially during the second half the season yes. Drama and absolute sense of cluster them both and then on the wrong word but you would have to have. You could just be a passer by just give it can't appeal Watson I would say this I think Bob's on something now. In that I think this is a different Handley. With no David Ortiz that David Ortiz certainly was one that you know got him interest that got him focused got him. But but I was also job opportunity it was like a job like it was like I did your job next year. Exactly it was like he was like OK I'm just Osama a mama squire and I'm just watching to see you do is make sure do everything right and they want to leave. Odds do my own went here's Kevin in Connecticut a DeVon. Hey guys they don't they figure out who really honest. I value about posturing general look at a sports this year. On the road you couldn't shoot 6711. Bob I think five Sloan responded to them by 230 yeah 41 games on the road and its cargo is a great inequality worst nightmare that stadium mean Lou you know you were there. An and I just thank you did great clubhouse guy and B agent acquisition. Yet I actually and assign me to promote the deepest part might be left field I think that's a band box and plays like that summer ball flies out of Chicago. And I and I can't explain the road splits the home road splits with with him this year. Again I have one know what the but but the return to being what you did to give up may be able to give up anything other ideal for because at least it solidifies that position. And you're not playing this ready left the game in Nina Marrero and Lynn Holton a mix and and the maybe it's devers later on but I I don't want golden gate Frazier dazzle popped in at seven Ford. A little bit about barrel not sacrificed one and has been an out and one as a person. I like it at all and like another big small ball god that this lineup. They have a nationally 89 hole hitter in onion that's his that's his way they are right now so we get down that part of the water. You but they get moved he was up Pedroia was up and doing that book if I got. Sandy Leona. If he can't gonna pinch pinch hit Moreira he's gonna go when it there anyways and gonna pinch at the Lin no I think you'd Def. In that situation that the mood that don't probably nobody knows how to bunt on that's an original agency like that you're seeing that it's it's cares if it's a guy is a giant by the way it's other teams know your opinion on all the time they can't pull off it never works. The best month of the of the weekend was by Aaron judge that was not really bond it was a full swing and especially what about twelve feet. I think you'd be played your personnel at last night for example when Jackie there are yet to nothing Jackie lead off double Holtz up next nobody out you're up two nothing Jackie's on second you just came back from the DL did you know locked in right you know any feeling go to dish. Now you're left the control run some get a ground ball first second move that runner. But you just came back and ideology no we all are against Poulter is in that rut where he's at swing the bat real well rather and he's in he's locked in that we've seen him thin fine. But you just got back to bunt down get Jackie over third base in Europe to nothing punt put another run up with price too he's thrown into it and execute. Just little things and do little things that at times it doubles game Friday double steal that that might have been the biggest play the weekend and I need to do these things at the ball a ballpark. I tell you what the lie and I watched a lot of that this weekend. Expecting that maybe we've turned the corner. Maybe he had that the rivalry is finally going to be back in a few chance during the weekend of Yankee sock you could hear that the background. And I I've watched most of the sixteen inning game. If this morning there was more. Or Saturday's game was born. More million in the mornings that I drove I drove in New York back against the law. I'm like what happens going on and it. Well hello Dana go ahead of the holiday that hole I was playing good. You can say all you want about again about that that was so funny watching too though it bothered him was going on it was just because it is only am I watched goodfellas that I watched Shawshank redemption it was a lawn get into a god father Manuel gone with the wind but. But that there weren't even any threats during the course of the game sixteen innings and and they they're playing nice with the Stanford got a where's the rivalry thing. It's and the offense our bodies want to elegantly with the white wigs in the black Ronald clueless that's adult court adjourned the rather junior or. What does that tell you that Major League Baseball even building of the Mike Troxel the world. Bryce Harper's did get to receive great young players in the game that in the course of about three hours lasted what Jones on Monday night. They have a new face of baseball is all that and it came out and adorn its that this isn't that grounds of his new face of baseball. Yeah ratings are long ball so I'm just saying like the chicks do dig the long ball fans due date that's why this team is boring move things along more he came in as advertised he put on an absolute display and indexing in on me are judged the big winner. He walked out of there in three hours he accomplished more than what Mike Trout done in five years its greatest years. People talk more about Aron judge than anyone else and game because of what he did the home run derby. And and there's no question about it right now yeah he's one of the face is if not the face of the game. Just so totally somebody hurt for somebody hits it it's been a lifelong Red Sox fan. To watcher Red Sox yankees series over the weekend. And to sit there and try to get excited talking about it on the money it's are we get to double steal cool then we had the base on balls that's winning run a lot right now are the Jackie Bradley junior protection center field taking a home run away from. Hope that's. Sir I that's all you're you you you are hoping that somebody hits the ball in his general Eric how. I have power. You that's something I had this whole debate about personality and fund exists and it's nothing new personality. If you did the did the fine is anticipating somebody coming up the baton hoping that they. Siesta probably knows a lot of talk with the last week. You when you talk about six EC will keep that's your favorite player and you wanna watch a Red Sox in what smoky beds. And he gets up in the first inning and then you're like I see an hour. After players get up again. And it seemed was club borrowing. And avoiding it for five at bats. As opposed to say Isiah Thomas who every single minute has the ball in his hand is playing defense think he's taking twenty shots a game of combats that guy you can't wait to watch. It's four past the course of three hours yeah. I mean that's. That's part of it you know the other thing too was. Let's think about just earned a break gimme during the weekend you know present I heard you guys one day talking about late. Recognition of numbers right Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski football ignore them helmet on you can still beat everybody knows these guys by the number of my ideas on us English and my parents listen idea let me ask you isn't bush and President Bush. And this is adjusting to prove the point of lake. Marketing and how they promote their superstars to me. Two of the greatest pitchers in the game right now or Clayton Kershaw Max Scherzer out two of the best position players in the game right now Mike Trout and Bryce Harper iconic players. How many people out there can tell me what number those four players are. I can't. Anyone chart 25 and even 2599. Anyone that's in our veteran back there and I know that now retired judge you all night but I didn't quite easy route I'm he's. Clayton Kershaw told me you know around no clue so he's also walked around an angels Jersey with number 27 on you say all that's trial. DC who the hell is that. Mike Trout. Her shot 22. Anybody know address field. It that is there is our interstate because there had been number recognition is more about purple ball players. Visitors are not seen her face for like if you were a baseball players in the past I think if we go she's our goal is telling us all. Greatest of all times and different you asked a baseball man all in all wearing teal group of 100 baseball fans 75%. Can't tell me Google's four players numbers but they can't tell you all the great players from the past that their numbers in baseball they know those numbers. They know uniform numbers. But it it was different but getting back to the Red Sox the lack of power the lack of the long ball is a killer in watching this game. It's Boren. And the pitching has been great. You you can ask for more than what you've gotten out of a David Price also add your two months ago three months ago and said yeah you'll be on the DL he will undergo surgery. They they'll they'll redo the elbow he'll be back next year. Easy back this year but he's pitching right now at an extremely high level. Aren't I know you're a little bit of faith and Palmer is putting the ball okay and I know we developed the third pitch. So far. And in the U got personal people said if only we didn't get 75 or 80% run out of what we got last year and a Cy Young award winning year for Purcell I'll be satisfied just what that's exactly what you're getting. You're hitting 75 or 80% in Atlanta last phones in the last five he's getting a lot better. So you've got this great. Starting pitching rotation. They can't Muster rock now a free can run. These guys these guys are hanging or play a little strong brand and in the sixth seventh eighth inning bushels when he starts they've scored zero runs that ten of them it's unbelievable tent we walked off the mound you know runs and of the stock. What more do you want to do what they. Fortunately he's the ways these last fall by gays don't ball better but before that he can bitch about principle will you go to five. You can't really ER NUQ to bitch about run support yet by Vieira. But lately but the little ball real well pitch and consult and he still won it three in his last five with a 320 against school pitcher not gonna solve that with the Todd Frazier he might hit a couple bombs were more maybe once all the answers from within exactly Hokies gonna be sort of course really got to and play. All I was got to be Lobo but exactly aren't 61777737. Right back to the phone calls to get a ball small balls are one big balls. Our show. Support and how she whiz I sure hope we. This is awful feeling amazing you're getting typecast as the next month all show idiot I have range back to more important way Merom Loney and Fauria fox Sports Radio WEEI. I thank you Paul and have all three of the guys are actually listed them one Friday. When it went orient champagne. What. Is your. You know I don't know global that was married and wants the ratings but could do is Democrat to be addressed said about half of them drinking beer while we're gonna show cracked it open with a good. I did notice indicating his ass out no kidding get dumber you know it's a martyr you know you know will there are you all feel now no no I know what the team now under the circumstances that relies Canada or no umbrellas and translate command did have a command should have to be your pride back to the phone calls keys and won't learn what's up keys. Hey guys to come Chris and I think that's really party big ball they all. But. I'm a little while that you guys don't like certain debt space you know. The seven we had seven innings so certain that they. And I love that but the main it's called. Well is this Tom. You compared. We're two well rock of Brooke slot and I've heard you right in a lot of lot of it or don't know anything about the guy. Ridiculous do acts or. Judge Hoeveler who on the did you compare not field ever to his troubles and tucked around. And say well why I thought you meant well armed. I'd certainly be different show we talked about the average we haven't. Easy young kid who I think it's it's it's probably more closer to long touted invent Andy as far as raw. And maybe not ready but they might have to find out they can't acquired Alec Frazier or somebody else the deadline. But you know with this young developing young he's young kid he's got a lot of pop he's getting better defensively rumor that the Chamberlain yes and saw the highlights some putts I could the other night four for four Greek play doesn't sailors it's it's. I can say he's not policy advent's Andy you know maybe smaller Markota like this is gonna be some holes there becomes up but we'll see how he does. But it's similar to last trade deadline. In most of the Sox got Beltran of the trade deadline if you went to hear you would have seen bent sending till this year he never would came up I mean he was like plan. They missed out of left field and about a that in sending he showed well and he played really in obvious she's a very good player. A devers in the same boat as far as I'm concerned you'll be tried again every day third baseman if you can't find one. In mid August you know made another through three weeks down there he's still playing well and shows well then maybe you make that jump and she Rican duo. The ball pretty well jerseys sold in a journal that one again and from me. I look at it lab I think you look at a police lineup. When they score a little bit earlier than they poured on they can put on twelve months somebody. Yeah tried hard when you've got any pressure on this slide a penalty you got a couple of zeros straight in the long. They just start to struggled. They eight choke up. I mean. Purple situationally hitting their terrible they brought it out all day long do. And quite an about it just drove me crazy. I don't think it's front running is much true as it is when it's as bad pitching. Think they can score runs but they say he's good pitching. And they have problems it's CC sabathia wasn't even supposed to pitch right and you know that's what he said it's just actually. A that the game Saturday and talk to him Saturday before the game and just McCain was there we just talk and Steve Coleman. Arguments nasseria Imus listeners. Next scene only companies that on the mound on Sunday the 1 o'clock chemical and good looking to get on the ball while but I didn't consider them front runner. Amount. Agency that against him jumping on teams they very rarely just destroy teams that are playing at a handful of them. But none as amazed me we've seen kind of in the past. A journal I think it's against bad pitches and they can score runs that tells you dare not a good hitting Eric and I pray in the week yes it. Nearly a little bit like two weeks ago or weaker than that it would Hanley which was just for the most unprofessional at bat I'd ever seen in the back. That hearkened back to Maine he. At bat against Rivera. And though he's gonna get campaign closed or are we gonna disown him slider after slider and eat all the don't make contact. Or he'll make a guy coming in destroy itself and he wouldn't it can be met so packed. And misses the ball quite worried BL etiquette thank you look at it like back into the pressure that you get out. You can't get the ball and everybody noticed slider. Why we have these crash came about ports he tried he actually took that picture Haley was typically get police fighters walk back that. And structured. Beyond frustrating you know. He he only does it when you pay attention to loan and you can't write about it cry for help you ride a mop and and you you've he's suddenly so you don't think Connecticut's Richard okay I'm gonna show you picked. Please we can't do what it would have beards and that it would have had a column every week everybody wanted to Edwards got to lose it and that's what I think they should do if I'm John Ferrell I'm paying off Evans relic of one of those guys just put some off everywhere every week right. Google and because he's he's he's a income yeah at least a month until it on the other doing a thumper I could bring this up is not only these games when you get. And he the two calls before law of the the sixteen inning game I'm sorry when you have a rear gate night doubleheader the next day it's going to affect both of those teams in the quality of life. For the next game the next two games and may be beyond Monday Tuesday and Wednesday these games may be affected by both of these teams. So to me I'll I almost I'm willing to go along now. As an old time baseball fan with what's changed the extra innings from what let's do the guy on second base let's go it let's move on. We don't need all these extra inning game I but I don't unity you were holding on to not changing guy I like I was I was I was sitting there saying. I think you've got to make changes because. You've got to bring in the utes into into following Major League they say that's just practically express what are good. You know that's a good decision that's just that's it showed how could put on top of that Major League Baseball still is so screwed up the interference play what holiday at first base I still don't understand this. I cannot figure this out so you've got virtually a double play ball. He's got a forced out at second place he is out he is no longer part of the day. That he be part of the game because he decides he's got to go back the first place and we know how old warrant after the game. But this is not the first time he's done it this is a little game that he plays even though I'm no longer part of the day. I'm gonna as a reenter a game. As you Jackson you're British. As answer. But I understand the play it's just that it didn't fit into Sarah put on this if I don't I still won't vote it and won't and don't touch first or second I do I retrieved them. On the retreat. But Moreland isn't as tech Levy say first but more and wasn't even close to first base. So when you look back and she or he has he's been close to the bag. So him going back to first made no sense whatsoever. I had no clue how that's an affair so what does he think also the protest means nothing just did it is more about. Trying to call attention article at all to not a lot of scrutiny that you know if they went to protest what happens nothing nothing nothing is they'll be scored Soto just beat. Let's identify this wolf so it doesn't happen again that's what I wanna I wanna Major League Baseball apple wanted this was a major blunder. By the umpires but how do you want some little. Because they don't leave big gains for what ten minutes it seemed like it went on for ever exactly what you need an extra inning game that's it even more. Cook with wood. One's gonna go back over the web sites I wondered with you this is that it NHL thing right during the regular season we saw the World Baseball Classic I don't mind at all. Tenth inning man on second nobody up okay. So we'll score you know in if they don't somehow been OK we do at eleven. Not a regular season during the playoffs by acting. Regular season let's end this thing to connect I. Not a million men in that are exciting yeah it's not even though all you know it you keep you keep your stats. All of this only happens at some time but ample times to game's going to pedals more he's had no more decent but you get it's good great 1680 and you haven't even if it happens twenty times five times so what use the rule be done and move on but the answer that that the traditionalist who gives you. It's if that's the beauty of the team and so there is no clocks are you go forever the problem. And this is what is it really affects is affects the next day. You have a date night doubleheader it may affect these teams Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday of this week it changes how managers use lineups use our guest tonight. You've got a sixty minute game it affects the bullpen on bolt of those teams can have. That's sport bring again let's beat the NHL let's have a little gimmick so we don't we end these games its regular season in post season. Play all night if you want to miss you Bernie and. When you're watching a game and us six dating and it's it's taken forever Regis I got to see you tuning out right it's 930 and you just can't take anymore. All of a sudden does everybody the social media thing is buzzing everywhere. All of a sudden like an hourly you get extra innings that free ball extra innings you know you go back today game casinos a man on second and it's a shootout. You know I mean you can say what you want about overtime three and three for five minutes and issued out YouTube use you watch it's a good point it's an arsenal last seen on a commitment launched have been spending their second nobody out those things done and haven't watched some of school around the gains go to and and get people to combat. I agree it might help it might help to game but I thought it was ridiculous that they had to go under the the the headsets. Not once but twice because they had to check. On the verification. Of the interference rule. That's what they had to do but don't published. Home on the field did not understand. The interference. Rule and did check in with New York to make sure they have the rule correct. So to get the straits he can't. Be sliding to second in you slide beyond second dates. Or if you sliding veered towards the guy at second base that's obstruction. Correct I mean I'm just saying obstruction of a double play now would do its second base. But you can turnaround and stand right in front of the first baseman let the ball go off your hip but that's not obstruction or a fierce. After your party being eliminated from the Plainfield and if so they don't know if it's a game we're picking up your peace a movie get off the Bork. He's off the board he's already out of how is that possible want to play out and you know the way they were in anyway. Can they look at the situations and interference calls non interference. If it was still alive lawyer. You would look at it differently he's dead. I'm very easily gone rules too complicated common sense day and a just use comments analyst on the you don't have to sit there and really dissect it look at the book look at section two paragraph. If you've common sense to make a decision. What's to say that shouldn't happen again if you know based and that's why the justice communion. You're in that same spot you're at first base. One hop rocket the first based NATO's second year out Tomo. Louis fell back the first bite into it and don't let the first baseman catcher if that is not interference. I'm a manager in Major League Baseball until my guy every time there's a double play here's what I want you to do when they call you won at second base wrong. Towards first. Sure all is not extended then a couple of your zombie like going to excited at first but he's very bright yeah. That's chipped away you've got to be kidding me the guy is automatically out at second base on a force plus. Any skill. A lot of IQ it reminds you of I missed the lately NFL coaches manipulate the rule books and trying to find an agent and once somebody does have a couple times. Everybody tries to do it they wait for that situation. There's an addicted easily come up again is one of the smartest player an older player like Walt nothing's as I can't do that is so it's gonna. I don't baseball should look at this play they should look at this protest the agency that's absolutely right that is an appearance and changed the rule right now in on and over time. Although it's an extra innings the blitzer it's simple we want to talk once the guys out with a forced out at that second place. You're out of the equation can run back to its first place because if in any way. Even if you get between the guy who's throwing the ball back to the first baseman. That should be interference correct and you're no longer apply or Europe and Moreland was in subway obstruct it was he not. Forget that back. I'm believe grit that he always you know his apartment that week it's its stride towards right field which he likes to do anyway like that is the norm for eyeball let's get back to your phone call 61777. 7937. And ghost stories. Paul believes that we need to get to the people into marrying me. I don't care so let's some. All stories and the broadcast.