OMF - Danny Ainge is on the cusp of his biggest deal yet. 6-19-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, June 19th

Hour 1 - With the Celtics agreeing to trade the #1 pick to the 76ers, this is Danny Ainge's biggest move since aquring Kevin Garnett & Ray Allen. Glenn has a thouhgt on why the Celtics moved down. Gary Tanguay left Christian a messy gift. 


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On you Randy. These Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. Answer. So I don't soccer players on the street. So that's actually his new girlfriend that's Jeff assembles. With Glenn Lou in Christian almost boy Kobe who played ten years professionally just made me a grant that got stalled. Or David Ortiz on poppy rocket Knauss. For the little bit of that that's outside for ball poppy rocket and that's it for a strike is just. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. What remains. Your own image I tell you what. It meant to be out there should be a standing rule. For anyone. Who is case who is being co host all time I don't care who it is when you leave your workstation. Leave the wave bounded. Don't leave. Screen. If this thing you see that the easy thing we G like that you what is it to your knees. What Cheney's approval Jimmy knows what it you know the missed or another I missed like a pumpkin seeds. But he's a pumpkin seeds that are upon arts of immigrants beauties about in this logic ought to ask. Now he has a long conversation with you you guys at each other years well stupid laughter. And yeah noted owner excellent the crow no one cares nobody cares just. Amassing everything in me and I think you'll aren't mad that was between him and myself cleanup what's the work you're right and he's clean clean it. Did you had a tough guy real logical dredges yesterday. An all and went and had me cleared up he looked at me like Alice speak experience does back here like you and I are talking about. You know hundred Ron Rivera and yeah it is rooted in auto Diego her daddy admitted yeah. As Beasley based on diet and. And we'll. We. I wanna know what these are these pumpkins easily hop bands these little Al beat Toledo at least somebody coming here take these fans across a day ago. Somebody had investigated somebody needs to do is nobody was well in his sufferings and this only he's simply do not today I had no it's not about sampler you know baseball players that you play copied it. That's as stated I don't know you know with failure of these student. And don't want live as. Well yeah I asked aren't my. And we guide is paid my guys they burn through the there are united anyway. You it was today I don't know. They also listen to what you're fresh yeah. All because a lot of we had. Yeah. He's a victim of the own success Lewis McCain can go over the life rafts and nobody gets a lot you started when what Jason is in Miami guys but yeah everybody morphs into the minded guy they sound this evolves pretty. The class again I'd do it. Not only. Christian Fauria now that the W. And you Shannon. It's you said that Miami guy can hit the post lightning win. No way that that Miami guy Miami guys global remind me I could not hit the post well I could ever get a lot of issues. One of in his or her that he realized just sort of ended the whole messy news that they assume that on to pick up his math ability of picking at child after my. Adam's first fifteen minutes so I could go all you don't want them here because he's too lovable you can. I gave me and I like it too much but you're you're watching you feel bad that this number OK he's. The topic is calling a number of the number three inches. And a wallet he's blind. And he's Massey. Coal and pharmaceuticals and how does the things that it's got to write about it he's got to like honestly right and I was. There is an. Whatever the violence senators and as I was embarrassed. Missing person they are now the along. They are okay. Once. We don't always that you get behind the guy to come in in Finland one day in sync pass were. It should and should be dealing with these published soared way. We've seen all the way around Malone. But when he's there are. You're always on the blog okay. I did my. People who will have to go to Baghdad. Yeah I mean these guys who live out there I heard about. I don't know I don't know will go the pelvis my thoughts on a. So with the willful Clinton will play your spot up but but ten we needs to know. For future notice. Don't mess what you spend I know I don't know what your buddies pay it up and leave it sounded. Obviously nobody let note when he got here was clean that was spit it out some flowers seeds. Do you know when you don't you only have both of them come to work prepared Harris we would use rigid national officers to both of which crowds this weekend what happened. I had had a good weekend forgot the point is is material. Good weekend here that we gave the list Austin in a virtual our our heart horseplay got aren't. I was suddenly issues with the connection and have headphones idol ball my business we still put on our shell report. You guys as soon to go well or he's going to throw that it's gonna be good losers it only showed they knew that I had phones didn't work I don't need headphones that are you to talk. And he gets to promote the US here without headphones. I hear him speak and African realm. I gotta I gotta leave so he's he's ready acted like a professional yes you are a long time you guys all week was gunned down there in that corner and now he didn't know now you on the other hand got rattled by a couple sprinkles left by tests are angles. Yeah series go off and I guess I. I don't know Ben and Jerry Lewis Carl Lewis oh guess what any you already we shouldn't have identified what went through it came from. Not to mention all this like he's losing gears losing here too so it's like all over you and yet like that all over the place. They think he shedding he stressed out we sheds like like a Labrador Retriever and am. All that here than there is not real time line for us or tendered. Sure they. I'm upset I'm sensing we're gonna have a big weakness below our polls and sensing you know those fireworks everybody was worried it's common that it. Fireworks account you know what I am sincere about Lincecum which was that because of that Friday after our show you know my first thought was. Listening shortly ago I Trojan. This attack and what's gonna happen. I told tackles as a whole marks the I called that the holes and if I have different ways I think different day I get around if I said five different things what they had to be right. Don't go dry. Estrada a little bit about date but that I was staked out series what are you give you sixty square on Friday about about fold. Only thing the one thing that we Omaha. Okay is only one thing we all know one business because he's not saying an awful lot. Because more compliant. He doesn't think faults is good he's got the key is don't I don't watch the game did he does not like apply. Because of evil like the player he thought the player was going to beat these guys. That's about ours are black that you phones. Iphones are you guys to what is your ordinary today you can't always imagined that unbalanced. Some down data while he tries to get the rest of the world to go on down now I don't know you'll usually if. I don't know balanced into the giant and its Arab human school's out for Mikey so committed so I markets and weakness that out. Everybody's asking that dated it. On Europe and at that yeah beautiful. Wife my kids and for the whole week. I don't wish I had that programs I don't think. A classic out of and lucky you collect it and I've no idea. Yeah I could keep going through this so how could how. What he wants that you called it a big way all the uncle and at that be patient keep it on each trade Paul George. But then he should keep it that Michigan illustrated in the trades again dollars and fifteen I don't look well it's all or there's little on what ever is what he said translate whatever whatever he does now is perfect now this the right to know Enron the smartest guy in the road in pretty good at this IE you know and it and I'll be any week opt out I. I do trust them because I think he's pretty good that really affect what a circus people that you trust and others that you were. You're a little bit leery of right yes signal a bit leery when Nebraska does that he's dealing with like bullpen and stuff like she should absolutely poke at this point there's a track record there so I feel pretty good. About Danny's not to say that he doesn't make mistakes and whenever. And if this kid Martell faults were talking about him. You know fifteen years and now is being you know maybe he's better than Jordan been gaining his legacy is gonna be tarnished his people are gonna look back at this and say he's got re telling. Yeah out of this hole look at a direct you on aren't. So but did he didn't like the player. That's what this is all about what I've said it all along bell what. Not that I have that I don't think Danny right now at this this is my take on it. I don't think any sure that he can get Hayward. I don't think he shortened got so what he's trying to do was and he doesn't like this planner I think he's trying to put himself into a position. Where if you can't get Hayward I'm not sure does anybody else appeared to Alan Murray much does anybody else up there. The UUU lost four or right when it comes to free agency. He's. Protecting himself by getting another pitch for next year maybe that he thinks that that. You know he could strike high up on the trampoline he's got it at least position that is number one comes up he's going to have. Two opportunities probably number one next year right. One Edna who would know opportunities one on. We got to choose one of the work on part of our complex gonna. And I won't have Phillies. Kick one from Philly it's gonna be two through five. So we know he only has one chance and that's Brooklyn because of Philly gets number one next year he doesn't get. On the five. Net on them they get to defy that would protect and doesn't want. I don't think you're wrong about that I think they protectionism the protection the other way that protects ability. From two through fought correct so Philly gets 234. Or five. In Boston gets one or six and below. OK if it falls one or six and I usually doesn't last. I don't not believed that the camera sell eggs can't I don't know yet can hold at home Celtics get 2017. With three pick in the lakers first round pick if it's two through five. Otherwise get Sacramento. It is a chance number one. Italy's chances two through five witching which they could we isn't just one okay and that the way it's really not breakdowns and inner chef from a. They like the idea this year reduce my little funny about it they do not like I'm looking router I'm looking at the original pact the original pic comes from believe it or not the science. Okay it's an original song as picked it would took the lakers it was all part of the Steve Nash the an imminent. It basically says that it it is. Unprotected. In 2018. So this was an add on by Philadelphia and the. That Amanda I because it was arm protected are get a first novel I'll say this my third year I don't mind this I just noise and get more. OK I don't mind it's because I'm in the camp of draft the best player you have in this draft. And Engel and try to sign a free agent and move forward he's still I believe going to draft the player he says that its faults. You might think that it's Hayden who we can get a full or Jackson if he falls with. 403 rather or whatever it might be so he's looking at saint I think one of these guys Jessica's fault what I did was undrafted player that I think is best in this draft. Am gonna require future asset instead it will free agency nothing is changed in my book but he better not be wrong double faults I just thought he was gonna get more. Because the lakers drafted last year. Okay and the sixers didn't get their pick right because it fell inside the top three in the lakers got their pick which is huge for them. This year next year 2018 was completely unprotected and in this deal he allowed Philly to protect it at one. I don't understand that you do you should have the pick and it's one through five. Matter understand how he let them off the hook it also at a protection to you should have one through five well I think we have. The wait till we see it comes out today because if you remember we went a whole day thinking they were getting to draft picks 21 round draft next. I that was reported by awards wrapped it was reported by older they were all reporting. The Celtics were going to get and the we're no protections attached to it we're gonna get the lakers double one. And I did look it up at the time and it was an unprotected pick in the third year of its of these usage. And they were also good when you get Sacramento's. To meet that was an absolute steal if you do when that we've now seen. That it's a lot less than that as time has gone knocked so I think you have to waited up in want to player anyway. And the only thing I would I would disagree with when people are talking about some people out there who want to mark Carol faults are pissed off I get. They'll come can punish Egypt and thumbs up Italians love excellent market didn't really seem polite and so. Salty ocean and then the lottery was just that got to get one got to get one got to get one got one in trade it for three people would one gives you the ability to do that though you have options off of one to ten but this is the option pages yeah. You don't take it did change is very good at this. Acquiring draft picks. Making good traits you know to me an idea that obviously you know crowd and everything else put. You'll in the draft it's in jail brown will see Marcus one will see aria. I don't know man not. Inside look at I thought. That he was gonna get more. And really different streak to five and one went through five is a big difference. A dispute portage union next year's post to be an absolute stark if they order one through six of one through five that you got you now you can sit there have that argument Poland. That they have Brooklyn's and the lakers. We'll see how this thing fault we have two shots at number one. Is that generational player may become an out of course where Euro weighs what we say every single time when the Celtics past and lose on draft picks we see excuse script can be much better. But the fact. Meet what are the lakers get Paul George. They're not gonna fall through through five that it's gonna be twelve when those eighteen and elsewhere so now goes to Sacramento 2019. Everything that may be the better days and I think is that as a flip when you looking at there are no conditions on that. That may be look at Sacramento we don't know that I conditions that may be the best the report is that there's no condition that's. And that is other source let's say. That there possibly could be you know what they're protected on the ground as well correct there's a bunch of stuff going to think that they traded away number one they would get more than drop down three in next year's. I expected actually I thought Freddie that they will get into accidents and go oh my god I can't believe what they got was unbelievable. It was unbelievable but did does not. Like that player that's what I'm do you go to Atlanta otherwise I'd like about liking him as it was when you look at the top five guys. Or do I don't think one guy stands out more than the other guys it's not like there's this huge divide between our faults ball. We don't Jackson paid down there's not the issue like this guy so much credit there there there. Specific to us to that team and what that personnel what that team has as far as their personnel is a look at. I'm mark up bolts but there has to be somebody has to be number one. Just more everybody is picking me he's the best player in the draft. You tell me they got it then this guy bolt who's ninety as opposed to. A ball who's ninety as opposed to Tatum whose nightly as opposed to Jackson who's twenty. Really what do you really know. Pick one guy to me doesn't stand out more so it doesn't isn't completely hadn't head and shoulders above the rest. What difference does it make if you're picking two or three if you if you if you feel the same about all the guys in URK out of Jackson I'm doing Tatum. That's what you have to do does not guessing wrong be always on the on the people of sat there and you know I think of man exodus story today the enemy. The ball bought people you talked to. Let's say faults is number one period and stored faults is the best player in his draft. If he turns out to be and how did you do keep pushing this thing along keep acquiring more attitude in general chairman and that's where that's where you look bad info if folks goes out becomes. One of these great players and you look bad with the Steelers out of Iowa I put it but that's not are a lot of people's suggestions. That this move was made for Josh Jackson it could have been made for justice and it is what you just that Christian. You're looking at the other guys on there so you look at it Tatum you might even be looking at fox and you're cynical anyone of those we get to number three were happy with. We're happy with Kazaa are all pretty much the same. Except the one that. Because the lakers can jump in and take Jackson at number two you know that's why I dive at hand but don't put yourself in is that the same ports that you didn't really like you know Tatum. The united duke. The food the Celtics give us the labels score suppose the lakers when you take Jackson understand your position would you like 34 again. I wanted to in the draft the best players that the teams in his talent evaluation. Feels is the best player he doesn't feel its faults. And find drop back I just thought if you drop back from number one. Two and number three there was a huge price to pay for that and next year protected from two to five. And we'll see what sacrament of the year and later in nineteen if you don't get through to five if that's protected as well to me doesn't seem like enough a club bitching that they've done it. I just expected and get more and it's going to be validate what he's a trader with that third pick in the for a so the promo. He's got traded away I believe he's gonna try to do the book deal I believe they gonna do the book deal or number three. Three and more as we mourn quoted net you're getting Jimmy Butler. I wouldn't be surprised if you look at the numbers so if you try to figure out how. I think Danny is not going to be patient if you think he's gonna sit in my I think you protect himself. By getting himself a future first round draft so we still protects himself with a youth movement we're gonna build youth. But I think he's going to be impatient and I think he's gonna jump all over that fact I would not be surprised at all. Because I think right now they're worried about Gordon it would go to Miami. He looks at it says we've got to make the Butler deal. By the by the draft on Thursday we make that deal so you send. You said Avery Brad question why would you make their deal and edit the draft. Because that's when deals are what usually that's because because Chicago might go elsewhere with one to wait and see if you can sign Hayward first. And pulley Kevin Love because if you in the late the Cleveland Cavaliers to their liking gay Hayward. If I can get Gordon Hayward while what do I trade this third round pick for Jimmy Butler what do you get perfect what does he give both Hayward and Bob yes. What did you get both so you'll get to the dread out of his scenario why I don't think he's gonna do that. You get to first day you sit there and go you don't want to hold off and Jimmy Butler because. We're gonna get he would OK a little bit interchangeable players they can both play the two of the three you can play one of at fort you don't small Hayward is 68. And you sit there and you say he might go to Miami we're not convinced that he what is gonna come here he might even stay in Utah so here's what we're gonna deal. Chicago we know specially now the Paul George Strait and that's gonna happen very quickly Chicago's gonna sit there and say we need to jump on this let's move. Let's get let's get somebody get used to it let's make the deal. So if you can't you sit there going I can't lose out on Butler why is Chicago doing. Title gambled that most people could be lost because I got what three years let this kid under contract there is much worse team the Chicago what they're talking. Chicago's to fifteenth hole. There are a lot of budget to Paul George stuffed with insurance payment he should always evident this weekend Hussein the Chicago all of the pocket he's hurting anybody into Florida equity. It was fun yeah that's right so I had ever thought your Danny change if you get to Thursday. And you blow. And Jimmy Butler suddenly playing for some other team and they you can't sign a few days later according they would concede decides going back to you toggle back to Miami. It's. A nineteen year old kid he's not even that number one kid in the draft and then what you gonna do. Writer for next year. And here's the worst part about it. This is the summer you had the money to spend on the freeagent. Next year you have to re up Isiah Thomas. And now suddenly you're using up all the cap room rented to the ceiling on resigning to god sort Hilliard says yeah it's. I'm Butler but you make history for Butler. And by acquiring a future first we don't all of them to be two to five next year or from B Sacramento's we don't know the protection their awaits you and things finalized. And you signed Butler because he yet on first round picks and still have a youth will move forward. That's if you don't include one of those picks for Butler right three and next year's. Brought you to give away yours you can give away Memphis you can get with the clippers shoe that's so cool look at the list of picks they have. Yeah I I wouldn't necessarily get the Brooklyn tech away next year would you do that held the I would not do that. But here's why I would get I would I would include Avery Bradley right now Jimmy Butler is an upgrade over Avery Bradley. US Avery Bradley cheap dollars from one more year. Give Jimmy Butler for three years of what 171617. Million dollars Chicago once Avery Bradley for one year for one maybe they think they can re sign him to a managerial. Maybe they think I don't think he's not been born out of a rather have a reason I did an excellent he's not gonna get a Max deal. You get Crowder ran there should get the number three so you get to reset the table. So you could include sell you this a bunch of stuff you can do. To bring the money up to where it needs to date on site Gordon. This of study got to do got to renounce a bunch of players it's not easy. But is it possible that that's what he's doing right now he's looking at it and saying where it what I would tell us the dig they wanted it to players. Two players. Why are we assumed that that second player is the third pick overall in the draft. Maybe it's two players one you acquired by trade. And one that you acquire via free agency. I took a phone calls we go coming up next. Lot of Celtics up obviously it's going to be a busy week of the draft on on Thursday. 61777979372. I tell you I'm more or AA and the low won't eat. Guy you are just the dinosaur now back come Christian and that she racks on Sports Radio W. They believe they got a shot. They didn't hold Jimmy Butler and coordinate it and obviously this is how it would work. Because you've got another three pick Chicago wants that it and ultimately it certainly isn't Jimmy what looked like she got the money. In free agency to go out and recorded it with that combination of bolt. What the Boston Celtics looking yet but also we'll we'll leave that faults would work with I think you top that as a back court. They could if they like them like this feels that they don't think that would work not nearly as well obviously is Jimmy bluntly coordinate with companies and I'm. If they do it finished pulls this off the next two weeks and we really have massive fireworks here. People are gonna sit here and say all you doing this for now he's still can't be equally. Much sure about that you you certainly have a better chance Cleveland's slight favorite as opposed to a massive favor which they are right now. And then even if you do you can't beat Goldstein. Put this out the window when you start seeing what Paul George is doing and what will be the new trend in the NBA. She could sit there all you want to say while I'm gonna do what Philly and then bring along these players like the you know ms. Simmons and indeed and an ability that build them up. For awhile the league is now going to be a bunch of nomads who we're gonna move from team to team to team and formed super teams. And when all of those guys are up for massive contracts down in Philadelphia. Obama gonna leave as well then alchemist and so is it smarter. To build your own super team with some protections and that you. Have a massive list of draft picks here for the next few years if to somebody out there in the draft you still have an opportunity to get pick up. Well if if you are. You mention I you know Avery Bradley Butler deal if your plan is to did Butler indicate Hayward. Are you trading David Bradley or you trading Jim Brown. What's eagle. We knew what to do if you got Butler good Gordon Hayward was jailed brown what's he doing with you. Jim Brown's what are your future players that we're talking about over the next couple years you miss on the men's champion I saw it Gordon Hayward where's he where's he where's he turning into a starter Aniston if you two guys are completed a three. What is viewed it touched the ball picked you get chance detestable because of the way though they'll plot is that they'll move different bodies in there. It's Jalen brown gonna be a starter now no but maybe his two years from now three years from now and you're trading away Gordon. You're doing it or somebody else figured unit six and who knows maybe they look at Josh Jackson we talked about Josh Jackson. The Celtics are looking Josh Jackson saying. Chicago really wants Jim Brown it's what that's about they want so now we're gonna do is gonna replace Jalen brown will be islands part of this deal and we will. Give them Jalen brown and will keep Josh Jackson. Maybe that's. What do you think the acne what's what's the worst thing is the whole Paul George situation. Who in their right mind. He's going to make a move for him knowing that he's gone after year we will get Clinton's way today for Celtics fans that want to make. That gives here's here's and here you're my king and we've heard or yet that that's what they don't they saw I think eight games. People think it's part of it you get in the building to be given the building and give them a year and let him see what's possible and how close you actually are. That he'll all the sudden change his mind his lifelong dream. Changes mind decide you don't let the East Coast is where I wanted to be. Forget about the fact that I'd rather be in Los Angeles. But that's not gonna happen that and plus if you're the lakers. You really hope so you're sure you gonna wait a hall door for a year. Well maybe something something better comes along or maybe Paul George gets hurts. George Mathieu did himself no favors. And out into the world. Oil field that he wants to leave and he's taking tremendous and it's like in the young lady won't know what he did he get his team a solid that would be let them know that he wants to leave so they can trade him release. At least he could leave them with a party get what would be assets for what would be draft pick because some teams. Maybe maybe maybe Cleveland. Because there and making it because they're nervous and they know maybe they have a small window and LeBron James made he only has one more year so maybe it's it's a Paul George. LeBron James Carrie Kirby cabin luck as they also. Again that's going to be the situation and they all leave. Then what's what the pacers get in return for that I I had no idea. I I don't have bought two or what else is where well this kind of would have all Georgia isn't going anywhere asked if he can't play there anymore because they're you know Paul's merchandise for free to navigate away I think he's in forcing the issue it. It's a bit. And what you saw why would you want to take him to anybody I would here's why would you trade for him he's going to you when the year am I went on to get pennies on the dollar for you nothing he's gonna be a steal for some team for one year. But he's also gonna be a distraction. And if he goes to Cleveland and how you worked a deal out without giving up somebody like loft is. It's not a matter of equal talent going in return to better fitting commander 128 million dollars already. They can't sit and they would. I don't know how they do so either sell it to give up your wrong first know and when I won here for basic on the table I don't Arnold eight moderate your own pic which is what forty something whatever it's that nothing into Chrysler went to. For one year. It ain't gonna walk on dissidents or whatever I'm pleased Jake Trotter was somebody anyway it's no big deal but really it is not gonna go. And do those blazers got a deal yeah and you know no matter what kitty they're they're very they're not gonna win it next year aren't yet and this year next season. So he's already said listen I'm like I'm not saying no matter what you can give me no matter what you say I'm leaving to Larry Bird knew this was all coming down. You know when he left here a month ago. Threw it right on the lap of Kevin Pritchard he's got a task right now the pacers will suck for the next few years to going to sock. They're going to be bad. What they're gonna go to the bottom because it's just there's just. If you're Paltrow is just no way you're staying you're just treading water just you know. And even if the lakers don't want to the lakers don't want to say you know we found somebody better our young guys are actually. A little bit more along the we thought there would be. We love you but man we don't have the money for years I think in the end Richard goes back to the lakers and says listen he wants to be there is there something we can work out. One lead into a sign and trade is there something we could do to get anything in return just to save some thing new Walter. Active on the hook or is that and also for all. All the Lofton for the wanted him. But if you see Paul George do it now. This is not gonna stop we saw the bronze to what we saw door and do it now we're seeing Paul George Hewlett. Guys are gonna get up and go where they wanna go so why waste your time. Starting to build a team with homegrown talent off of the draft like Philly is doing right now. And sit there and say oh Minnesota and said that's okay are gonna build for the future because once one of your plays that you guys now there's an ego that goes in there. It's great to say all we're all gonna be able to give something today given taken compensate our game so that we can. Do you have a better team or whatever these guys are going to wanna go somewhere else you're just and that's what this league is going to become. No way it does yeah I think this would of all but two mercenary yes but all much mercenaries and out say it this was not at the mentality was any to for twenty years ago you just couldn't do it as easily. But if you are able to jump ship and go and lead proper team team and by the best bit on the best match but it would be doing what two years ago. So what if if it's just as simple as Gainey. Doesn't think faults is the guy which we all obviously that's that's that's only thing I think we know looked right he we know he's our guy but he got the bad drive is what if he thinks that Tatum. Out of the top four in things to be the bachelor the best score then it's too dangerous what he did or Jackson it's too dangerous. Feisty Jayne you know one of because he's number three he has to like them both. When you say he likes this when he likes Qaeda or election it has to be that he's looking at saint. I'd like both Jackson and Tatum better than like faults so on went on to do something that red did. Back in 1980. He'd like Mikhail better than he'd like Joseph Barry Carroll and I'll get sucked in return out of that but that's what he's doing Nelson 125 year old Robert Parish. In that deal well that's what I think that's something which you dropped out one you got something. But Parrish was under achiever in in Golden State he personally he's at it again in 1012 it was a man's thirty and the only reason you might have been missed but he was a player this time you just gotta pick. But what if what do you think is a player what it's a it's a player it's a border in the future. It's apply and but it's not a player. On an actual human being was playing in India but you don't want a player right now. Because you're trying to make move all this we want to tell you take on why trying to take yes Alan. Is it what if he's just thinks he's an ex guys the best player actually draft the player at three. It's as a muzzle accumulate future assets what do what doesn't treatment as well get what he just takes the player. Both he likes the player you're right you take the player. I heard it give you a scenario that maybe he's looking at Chicago when they really like Jalen brown so he's a replacement for Jalen brown. And what he does is he just reverses the clock one year and the drafts. Jackson so he says he's going to be might make a little browns got to somehow make a treat for Jimmy Butler announcing that the guy talked and I think if he doesn't offer treatment Jimmy Butler just goes about it pushes this thing often of the year or so accumulates assets and just says you know what. Will revisit it next year. This is our team to make a running hey we're gonna draft Tatum put money team and political force. It's too scary because if you don't get Hayward and one happens you lose your ability to go out and get a free agent. Because you now have to sign Isiah Thomas and listening gonna get rid of Isiah Thomas. What's gonna do that. And I don't think that's happening I think Isaiah is here for the long ball. So that's the case you don't have what you had this off season. That's why you have to have fireworks here in the next couple weeks ordain any. Suddenly has restrictions on what he can do right now he's got cap flexibility. He's got plenty of money. He's got right now tons of assets okay did he can deal away are India's the flexibility and he may be looking at this where look. Number one pick in the draft was gonna go seven million dollars to was app right away. Right away on July 1 seven million was gonna be occupied even whether they signed it or not. Now he goes to number three down five point six million. It's attached to was capped a look at it and say get rid of the five point six and highly. Get rid of that draft pick alma had a couple of players money send it to Chicago. Get myself a better player in Jimmy Butler that I have total financial control over for the next three years. Effect over the next three years make less than Avery Bradley's going to make. And I do every Bradley's part of that gets an upgrade I don't eat crowded anymore sealant Chicago large crowd. That apparently was they they hold up if you remember in that the previous deal they love our. So you send him there. Now game he's using his flexibility they make the run and coordinate. But I think he's fearful that he's not gonna get Gordon Hayward right now and that's why you've got to make the I think you gotta make the Butler deal as we don't you. You really why do you believe you don't have very agency without haven't you you know Bartlett goes elsewhere now. And then you suddenly lose on Gordon Hayward and you lose all your money in the offseason. Noted that the ball is rolling now I group you'd like it's going to be done some it's gonna happen before the draft. There's going to be a player. Either trade or whatever way you wanna call it that only that will now be playing for the Celtics before Thursday. Then you still a lot of get a free agent but there is going to be a new player a marquee player reporters like 6177797937. Are found ever. Radio and one half a show for tough talk enough with the excuses are ready for a bunch of pansies and the lineup like John mentally weak and he's now back or William or moaning and 48 Sports Radio. Phone calls we go 6177797937. Q who like with the Celtics did did you meet with the Celtics did tonight. Do you think it's there somewhere either love or hate relationship of all this. And what happens this week is I think. Everything that happens this week will give some definition to what happened this past weekend here's Ralph and Chris and it's up Ralph. Big echo in here. Reward for an idol always with but he made a point yesterday by making it difficult few doubt that it actually another guy the comeback would it be considered valuable helped. We feel about that. Especially if you were a lot of people quoting that we think he would not a a big key if it was what should make is if you'll I'll go again it was I all the negatives. In vote you'll set possibly the third. And crowd up for possibly George I'd make that will milk the hot seat. In a statement. On to send in say that. All right art but who was who was throwing Lou with tonight's evening I wanna give up nothing trapped Paul Georgy that is your what 28 pick in the first round and Jake products and replace him tonight. That's what he's a network the court. I don't think cloud and a lot of people don't think he's what would block for the future at all because nobody. If you bake it deal book. You have coming back pictures Uga Thomas you've got the corporate you've got rounds still with this team. And these Google and it would go to Alter and maybe they looked at. Worst comes to worst way and you let. Walks or surgical what on the plate he'll probably play is desperate contract which you spoke. We still have got in the newspaper we're still have a pulled out that you have only picnic yet god don't speak up. Kelly you're gonna have brought would open tactics in the future. We're owner Ralph I'm just curious what you. The rough report and so he signed Gordon Hayward your plan right what you've given up for Paul George again for William. I would hear the shirt off runs out of fine. All that why all too and it makes no guy goes against negotiate with you round it never really cool. I'll do I'll tell. Wow Ralph you guys nonsense you've got one year and he's not staying he's already told you worries don't. By the way it's not even about the money because you can make more money by staying in Indiana. And leave angry it's not he's telling you where he's going so you're gonna have a distraction all year next year when everybody is coming up the ball George sick or you're going to be playing the lakers edged income. Ralph can't do it. We're better off taking a crappy package and learn game do you go to AJ Carmelo Anthony. Couldn't solve all the problems or what not what. About the only not as bad. Nick and I don't wanna pick up the technical lectures that go up at the bucket covered with you regularly get extra. Can't 2000. I assume he's alienating. Not to act now to add another name that's the Anthony Davis was another game. Yes so that the names and that we've been hearing for the pass I don't two months. I'm appalled Georgia's. Kamal Anthony and that Anthony Davis. So underworld is gonna do. Is. They've already locked out they rarely did one of the best players in the draft so they snagged him actually ended trading begin DeMarcus Cousins are trying to make that whole situation where it didn't. At least in the short term data and they have Ahmad they have Anthony Davis of one told 20/20 one. So you think that. That but no one is gonna or not you people think that what no walls would do would be. Trading Anthony Davis get more pics with Mormon I'd be below average stood back a lot of great drafts. And just gonna throw this trade him away when he's young he's established and he's an artist and I'll start now they've built around there. In a breach that they would want the league and the number one pick in the draft is a lot better than it just three yes correctness. It would have the thing with amazing all of the options and where there's uses crock cancel out it needed here that he is that if the players anti Davis out. Odd to me Butler possible. Paul George know your dream scenario. That you want Paul George that's not gonna happen. That's just not gonna happen makes it makes eagle to get everything. Danny Ainge has been doing over the last four years wedeman certainly wouldn't give with the third pick overall I might. Give away the package that loop is cable and because I got that from one year and then I can reset the table next year. Maybe by next year Jalen brown is my 83 not that he's progress it has not been good moderate at all to acquire all. Don't hold your furnace is not that that deal I don't know del potro or I do best the one and done situation him on a rental and for the rental scenario. The only team around what he would do that would be Cleveland. That's the closest we get the simplest and easiest route quickly then when you jump ship with Cleveland would have to give up somebody like cap and off. This is a lot more now that they have to give Obama saying. Its crew on how often Nagle I think ultimately. Kevin Love. You know I think he's underrated as a player now before used to be rated men now population is what you Brees has been deep doubt. Paul George is a better player but is he not a lot of what LeBron brings to the table so Kevin Love does bring. A unique skill set to the table. In the makeup of that tape I think would be a disaster we would spend the whole year. Where people would be talking about LeBron and Paul George. Heading to lakers next here to bring their own you know serve Regis that's what you gonna and don't give up the nothing the owner of the cavaliers would be stupid. To do that deal have to deal with that distraction for a whole year here's Mike at a car what's up my. Hey hey guys can get Robin. The grant that that well. Every for George of one year's solves all your problems. So ridiculous that accurate but I don't give our pick urgently Butler that would be great at it got out that the sicker or indeed the talk yet but if it turned it there in our pick in the draft. It to eight future pick their second get back here or. Back at it argued that failure by. It should be talking out of it but it could be a long. And then go straight look at it Butler yet. He's he's one of both was is nothing wrong with that he's using protection says he's got a safety net. Yeah yet or they work quite as they are sitting there probably about pretty big or are you get doubt that. Laundry it is a bit late as it. It's not just actions not ready to play at a high level in this league right now none of these kids are Christian was talking about it earlier. You know that they're just c'mon now I mean you can't thank you can't think. Martell Fultz three years ago was playing GV basketball OK they're not ready yet I cannot even go to cash everyday. 34 years down the road is different story on they did he wants to win right now he doesn't wanna take a step back he's not the one that. I don't give Butler is going to get traded and Danny knows it and he doesn't want to lose out on the opportunity especially if he's fearful now. That he might lose Hayward he at least has got to get somebody to play that wing spot and Jimmy bought was going to. Yeah my name football club and a whole thing that they made any changes he's gonna end up regretting missed. I think you know. Twenty years ago 25 years ago may be one when players stayed in school you know for three or four years that you had a better idea how good they weren't. And really the impact they could have on your team. You have no clue it's so hard to figure out really you're just guessing. If a guy's really going to be a standalone changed the team title player you have no clue to nineteen years old. Now three years from now. Maybe have a better idea what actually Durkin of people right now. All the whole the whole thing of like always gonna regret all this is gonna be seen and come back to haunt him. Markel ultimate you know playing for the sixers in depth it would Benson is an jewel and beat and you know routing the Celtics you know chance at a championship. Really tree slowly that word about the nets 54 years down the road well I'd worry yes him. But does it wouldn't believe the Phillies and make the playoffs picture. I think about Philly so Jeff Simmons Sybase an incident not always offensive is out this sixers as a team. With all the young talent that they have. Like big bears get a mature overnight mark couple coaches character how they work together and that's not gonna let them figure it out. When I talked about that competing for the conference finals. Which are on competing for an eight spot in the playoffs absolutely concede that. Now they get a stay healthy obviously and impedes banged up he can't get to a season Simmons we don't know yet but you can't see them compete for the eight spot. We're talking about half who married an agent maybe getting outside. Of the spots yeah I'm not it's not I can't go I just don't have the same feelings you know I still have the same feeling that I had before Gainey made this trade. I want them to draft the best player I want them to just keep moving forward here where they are right now. Try to sign a guy like me were if you don't get a word that you find that next guy that's sick because you say what they lost what do they gain. You wanna go with a kit that's ridiculous I wanna be operational Milwaukee area cast and I I would tell you I don't wanna see I don't see with that you become I don't. And I'll tell you why I don't because you're seeing what's going on the league right now. Sound about it it's about super teams. And it's about players moving to go to other super teams so if you maintain flexibility and you've got big name stars on your team. You can deal players off if you add to your options coordinate with signs his son's eight. Four year deal. But he's got a player option after two years but the policy and the bay much abilities. Have to do with the young core that were developed and with the original Roswell to see with Tyreke Golden State forget about through the draft. Teams are jumping ship and going with other organizations that in because they have drafted the core young players I wanna see. What these young players can become a one and to draft a guy does that anymore over three years from now. They get a free agents will want a flock to add to Boston because this guy is a draft of that guys they draft has become great young. We have watched a horse all these teams like Detroit Philadelphia and all these teams do this year after year after year we see them you know when we see them we see them on draft night. And they all sit here and don't get excited up from the podium and then guess what happens the next year they suck again. Okay and do the kids that potential shortage and did they get hurt and something happens but they never develop. A team okay and then you get a start like did with Oklahoma City and it assists. Or just in Cleveland the number one pick. Who was a you know a bit of franchise player says I'm going to Miami. I want to. I want I want the team to be what's and it's only it was do you want it now. Old enough built for announcing drastic against compass on bill for now say they're closer. How many did think openness is announcing drastic NBA finals 8687. At all and that I heard he he remembers it as solid hurt 8687 when the lakers beat the Celtics and and ancient India a damaged foot. All you heard what I'll wait for the next 345 years it's gonna be the Celtics and lakers and every single one of these Celtics never got a sniff. Of the NBA finds out of apocalypse and yes I thought the talk wasn't ready held onto it into law. That was in ninety you're talking a good few years beyond that after they couldn't do it because Detroit was all over them. In the late eighties now when it is seven loom everybody thought so it's a different game and you know. It's a different era it's not players are getting openly different if if if this were the air now Larry Bird would get up and goes someplace for a look at the players are leaving. I don't wanna build young players. For four or five years and then have that player get up and go Milwaukee right now may get them with the with the Greek first and then he gets up reforms is always a. Wait wait for those guys. So so so so when traveling after wrapping up at the right time. For years and that's a treat all cast so I am so let somebody else the I'll let somebody else you know deal with all the growing pains and then wait for him to mature about snatch him up. You agree that's true I don't wanna come here play with a aging Al Horford in aging. I T and aging Jimmy Butler who might walk you don't always on cellular meet and greet frequent or two other guys to be named layers are better you know there's a generation possibility that between crazy it was brown and integrate freak that people wanna go play with them because the draft and develop. Studs move this team's got draft picks in the next couple years to continue to get the most players. And what's to say that with the Celtics are drafting they're not gonna get better players the Milwaukee or any of these other teams. You don't Skip Carey was the single note well that I was trying to draft him. Will never know that lets there actually deported eventually you have some of these players in Houston who eventually they're going to do it. But in this case you know he didn't like fault. How they gonna deal if they trade for bar so eager to other three in Jalen brown they give up if it was a Braun an excuse pick three this year next years pick. Who these players are drafting if you can continue to kind of use them to acquire this town. When was that dunk for the gonna be development. We're young corners of the tradition corny NBA you cannot believe they developed a young core and Cleveland. And they couldn't win an NBA championship and LeBron James said screw this I'm gonna Miami and they get developed a great young corn Oklahoma City Kevin RSS past. I'm not I don't own a restaurant relax the NBA. Excellent agrees I wanna be part of today's NBA writes the no I'll wait do you ever shut up they drafted a great glory Golden State how they don't. Alito. There aren't they are exceptions to let. Let's see how gracious figures on every go to Tijuana Oklahoma appreciate it an exemption while for every Oklahoma city Utah local state. I'm just saying LeBron went back to Cleveland why can't I can't I can't do that because most of the teams don't operate the wiggles and Golden State has been a fluke and all of this San Antonio goes and signs free agents okay that's what they do on big drafting collide letter kind of helped a little bit truth in Antarctica and Danny's got trapped a year low -- I don't you think they're all. San I don't think it'll steer topics over the next few. Would you like Antonio loaded up because of free agents. With the done a good job with free agents of the year I mean Aldridge you can look at some of the players don't respect them before with the bill good player I don't has departed soldiers don't regret player when they want with a what do they went with a mean right that was the best player draft pick all of you. Taking one team Golden State that is anybody. Fire all this. I I'm telling you that the stars move now LeBron moved okay. Kevin Durant moved and not all Georges saint spur Indiana I wanna go to the Laker in the movie and I'm Danny hey gene I'm all for the the crap that's what young. Core to go play songs and to homes and we're the young core where in my hand he was an important vital if that was a young core when he. He admits straightaway dragon. Holder and a solid hits in Chicago and Cleveland. Only to noted Kevin long and Tony and an agent JR Smith leaving don't shut she's known for Arizona I didn't do it and just general invites other developmental and Malaysia are you wary about always so I disagree can we disagree I it's good enough salary went lunar new details on the Internet camaraderie he's not here you listened -- journalists and number eleven on any don't worry about it outside to send the -- announced already posted a girl with you through most you don't shouldn't farms and what do you do you let everything out everything you said I Saddam Fries taste anything and everything that's happened is that homefront and on to thank you.