OMF - Christian embarrassed by OBJ; Is Gronk learning how to fall? Let's just hand Goodell a contract extension 8-22-17

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Tuesday, August 22nd

Christian watched OBJ get hit low last night as well as how he handled the hit. Christian wasn't thrilled with how the star wide out reacted to it as well as the people calling for various year long suspensions. Some pundits were puzzled to see Rob Gronkowski play in the Patriots second preseason game. Is Gronk taking a different approach to this year? And leave it to ESPN to jump in front of something innocuous and dumb to spare peoples' feelings.


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Beats Fort Wayne and pony and 48 I thought that I'd. Kids see this guy stepped up the F I hit it if you wanna focus on the night that. There are. Not we gotta get where they're all got a got a hole you got to get our year ago. When exactly did cloud after the manager at the cemetery and they are and it's not that I stuck. I've stopped. With glee and Lou and Kristi my wife came out this year's. Like what the wall I was where. She's like what you want you know landing yeah that's a competitor in him I gotta fight yeah I would edit out that dynamite. My featured outlets that god had a well yeah and opium and. There's very good stuff prominently on got out as a major don't. On Sports Radio WEEI. I've pretty much. Summed up first couple hours I would say would you guys think. I don't agree with Israel about a colonized up there are other guys about politics you catch it nicely though there untouched. Little though the whole gallon gas five gallons of gas and sticking this and is lighter and I think the Democrats. Stick of dynamite he what is out there it's right here on out yardage while you really want to explode as expensive. Five gallons at noon. We do with whatever it takes Sheila. A lot of John Farrell talk and that disappointing loss last night double in the eighth hum. I wanna I wanna get to this today exists. I don't know that it's just some reason I started seeing other reaction from it just sort of hit me did you see this at last then yes I did. Yes I sonnet and I X rays apparently just to spring it didn't look good right I mean it could've knee could have been knee Connecticut reluctant out. So apparently you this week it went up and went for canceling Cleve last night pre season game to. Brian bode Calhoun. And exactly in the quarter the rookie three team in a joke chaotic in annihilating him kind of low. Father and on the need just above the knee whenever wasn't as ugly so everybody. Has been going. Going nuts over this Don van not a junior who's this I don't know into dom and out as the sun between you know if he if you do this pre season game we should be suspended for the entire regular C. The entire. Internet that's is stupid and he's cool calm and he's got to be a giants fan and it's got a view that's got to be wondered if he's a giants fan. I did it looks. Ugly it looks uncomfortable but. I hate goal hold old school Robert that's part of the game it's not ballots not a penalty it's completely legal. He's not defenseless player he's been lead with his head to head I mean I hit the rules can be changed but Lou I'll say this. That's that's one that's one issue okay we can talk about that the other issue is did you see old dale Beckham junior after they hit it. Our and then in the tunnel and her mother should have been back out for the way he took office helmet and threw on the turf. The second part is just the Olmert dramatic yes or just all please give me a break. Mealy let's on the ground all off season is that exists the tactics. It's just over the top can we just like I know we got hurt. You're not the first guy to get hurt you got a birth got to get hurt whether bright future in and is making a lot of money and it has a lot of swagger that you're not the first. So we can't hit. He takes office nominees passes throws the ball because I dare you rumble go back in June how did you hit me like that especially some rookie. Roses come on top of the approach to come and not make it bitch and complain and it goes up the field and he's walking goal of the plate and he initially he gets up he starts walking. But he's fine they're barely middle and so we wait till we get into the tunnel when he knows the cameras are on him and eat it ethic how all over his head and it. What took. Us all look at all he's he's broken a couple of ours he shattered his career to be overseas in Kabila Brenda Martha got hurt your law. Of all that to mean that to me as an at bat out of the way it was so embarrassing. For not only himself but anyone who has ever played football. Down hole all the antics about him you know nobody around him is the cameras are Ronnie all the ground. But the issue I had was their reaction towards it now to our Slater's his boy you know at their LSU together. He came out and said this is why hate pre season BS. So there's a lot of Demi and a member of years ago with a two years ago they majority got hurt during a singer Aaron Rodgers talk remote pre season football. Here's the reality. They're playing. Football. I know it's a pre season game. And wrecked and patriots fans you can sit there and and and you could you know he'd say well you know it happens a guarantee of Brady goes down you know weeks three. You can be sit there say this is crap Kweisi even playing they're playing. Because it's their job. It's the sport they shelves. If a guy blows out his ACL spring training we don't sit there and say I hate spring training games I know this board is different. I know that there is contact but if you missed all of camp. And let the one of the reasons why we're seeing Rob Gronkowski on the field here you missed all of camping you avoid contact. His tears that we first acting contact you know we had. You get injured yet and it's really got big download big rich or somebody said I'd like actually contacting camp because then my body gets numb I think was male yet but you Mick did you wanna see it. Did the Ann and Jerry said there's an earlier and and I so wanted to bring ourselves but in college. They are pre season games. There have there have warm ups and may have Scrooge this truck. You know internally their scrimmage and their first game is actually the saudis the first three games officially next week next Saturday September 2. But they don't have it don't you begin law. Far from the same for him but it's unfortunate. Decaying and have a guy gets heard misses an entire year I get it. Everybody busted their ass all offseason. Came in determined to have a great year and whether it's a cheap shot or whatever might be deployed the season's over it's it's awful it's it's unfortunate I don't know that I would say there's Derek rivers. Assailant would vote. You know it. Derek rivers or any I know is not O'Dell Beckham but a teacher why it doesn't matter when there's still valuable guy Gaudenzi cl yeah he busted out some of these unfortunate for him it it it happens it's the sport yeah football and chicken and practicing is what they play and specifically today hits. So here's what. Ben Mecca he says is that you can hit you can't get a guy Heinze will you can't get launch and hit him in the head. Like what he said okay you can't hit it Diallo but that's not true you can hit it that low you can hit him if you try to hit him in the middle of the tough life for a for a deepens back yes. But you can't hit him low. You have every right to hit him low that is not part of the rule the rule. Where he would have gotten flagged for it would have been a defenseless player now you can go through the minutia of the of the rule and how it's written in what you have to do. It's a bang bang play. Big cats big reaction. People's outlook is looking at his knees like he's target and Disney is targeting the easiest place for him to get him down. Old bill back in June is a very dangerous player when he's in the open field. You wanna make sure you get him down. Studio but easily let went for the waste could have maybe maybe he runs out of it. Maybe he doesn't I think you have a choice as a defensive back he chose to go low. You can't get mad at them and don't give me this area fostered bull crap about you know that's set unwritten rule. It's odd defensive back at area boss is coming at me and in and he's catching a pass hitting a low. I'm taking him out right away. I don't want to get hurt that's not my attention my intention is for is to save the down. Is that forbid them and do to make sure that they don't get a first down and to prevent a big Y. But you have got the guys in these these are all mostly offensive players and here's Erik you rock it was uncalled for seeking my head he says. We lift weights all all offseason to throw your helmet that someone me like yes I yelled my kids say. Under what is that like is that he's got plenty room and he's got plenty room because this job and added junior guy like you're gonna sit there and and really want to guide you guys bad for the entire year. You ought instead of make another rule chain adjustment. Eric Foster back at a pointless to destroy another man's career. Maybe you're putting so much shame on this kid this rookie Texans second year player is if there's regular OK don't like it was okay ever Tibet. Your putting a lot of pressure on this guy. Because he's being instinctive like he's just doing it he's getting the guy down its socks. Everybody's gonna get hurt and I care what if this happens to some school rob undrafted rookie nobody stated dance. I would say this like this on many ought to go right into it out not dirty at all. This just unnecessary especially in pre season. So sure I wouldn't say that yeah if that it happened. In a joint practice all Albert yes correct all hell breaks loose but this is a pre season. Full contact football game media the hood if that happened if this hit happens. In weeks after. People going nuts was just because it's it it it later says I hate preceded it yet it's. Although Beckham junior they are going nuts if it's Joe Schmo from Idaho. And he just may he's just he's in just made the roster now they're not gonna worry about Josh mount. Although Beckham junior is a star ode old Beckham junior plays for the giants. Old old old back injury. Big giant jet agents of context or people get injured and affected there's even pre season games when it is a full contact sport every time you step on the field could be. You know the last snap of the year right ACL could gulp and at any position. On that football fields so it does seem like high risk however in order to get ready. They feel that they need to play in this. Yeah you know it in in the pre season are made it's I'm fine regular pre season because what you're what you'll see. Was more is more re college atmosphere which is fine and you'll see joint practices controlled by the team's. Note note tacked onto the ground no cut blocking no hitting below the belt no head shot Bobble Bobble up and then. You know you're ready to play game to scrimmage controlled environment and go on to the next team and you'll see teams traveling and if you need pre season games. It's for the young guys the young guys will play in it. Or some you know maybe a rookie quarterback or something like that you have to above. This is the way it's going. The players want it and all the way the owners want to be the one thing that both sides will agree upon when they changed a CPA when both teams want to. 'cause it's the whole knee jerk reaction okay this must be bad for sports. This. What it's gonna go to a case on if you heard this the other night we talked about it before Vegas with Tommy covered. Was talking about. He said he take on risk when you do this now Rob Gronkowski played on Saturday night. For the first time in pre season since 2012. And we all sat there and said you know. I think we are been fine if he continued that pattern we offset there's and don't need for granted the plane. There's no need for Bristol lot of these guys to play they get their work in. But Tommy congress talk normal life he believed or brunt of the the explanation of the reasoning media why growth decline. For May have dictate where it was Rob Gronkowski being on the field at all the reason I look at that it took me a little while. To understand it it had to do with Tom Brady's comment after the game that sometimes when things are happening in your wife for your career you have to decide to do things differently. I think that's greens. Rob Gronkowski is on a different physical program this year one that doesn't include resting for the entire offseason. Not playing in pre season games now he eats sleeps. And then place. Who do you think sold the war was it Alex what was it Tom Tom. And Tom just said to them. Hey come on now yeah I think this is like this keeps happening to you. Watch a chart that way to see what happens in which it it barely before he was that he anesthesia. I think he was on a mine that I have to do things differently got the death over here. Here at that sits doesn't mean it's it did the thought that because I've been getting hit and injured more ready to play more. I could take some hits the I think I think is a chance that this could really to be more Alex. Guerrero then Tom Brady because we all we've heard this before from Tom Brady. One of the things he does with Alex Guerrero is he learns how to fall. His body goes limp he's talked about it before it's it's only the same theory as opposed to a new get a drunk driver out there gets an accident. He never gets hurt his his body's lymph pepper you don't mean sleep and as you just a good draw these bodies led there was an accident. He doesn't fielder pat impact of some and it's like often puts their hands up and stresses and next thing you know all that causes injury. Brady is sort of taken that approach Alex has taught him to practice falling down how to take a hit. And it made me think about crop in camp and you tell me if I'm crazy but. Remember early in camp. The tunnel Rob Gronkowski. And effective he's actually been on the ground more than we've ever seen people concerned about him and blocking. He's been knocked to the ground more they're taught us losing strength the B twelve. I remember having this discussion guys that charity until parried everybody talking about always being blocked in seems to be being global manhandled and they've ever seen. And it made me think. He's practicing falling. Did you get to that he's friendly going way out to the ground to learn how to fall and avoided injury but you wouldn't do that. In blocking you wouldn't allow yourself to get manhandled so you can practice ball you would only do in practice WA 800 billion would gain wooden practice will use that it's insane you would never. Ever do that you would never ally yourself to get. Pushed back knocked down just because you want to strategic and and getting knocked into the play that's it but what they bill says all the time and really any coach. Stay off the ground. The ground don't aren't they want is somebody slips on the ground you'll hear every single coat. And that's still so no I if he got knocked out he got knocked out it wasn't him try. Now if you wanna say okay he's got to learn how to manage the hits he takes better. I would say. Yes that is something that he needs to do the same time all right so. Are you gonna be like to hold Deion Branch. You know in a poll like you know it you know Wes Welker and we wanted to him to do just do an adult sometimes as you avoid content he is gets down. Glock is a bulldozer Clark is a bull he's not just going to. Catch a pass in all down that's part of his problem what his biggest problem is he never gives you never gives up. He keeps fighting for extra that's what you problems so he catches the pass. Somebody somebody hit some. And then he drags his person for like five yards. Then a linebacker comes he hits it out and that a the safety comes in but he gets the hit on third at them either hit a lob is put a body blows. So what that so hot as he's okay network. The thought of you know staying healthier. By plane taking hits. You know I think I think you know there's there's something to that obviously this risk that goes with that I remember in in 2005 when I dislocated my nickel. And turf it was awful but it just had to ground ball my foot it kind of stuck in the turf in Minnesota. When I went to throw usually your back leg sort of turns on my leg of comical that just turned out of my leg and and it was awful. And an all five like that whole month of April I didn't even that I was even used like. So she's had me there you know mean moderate their base was sucking and I just I didn't play. It when I hurt myself wanted to forget it is Adam Kennedy came up to me right away music is he will repair on the same page you configured out like why you over here. He's a do you know why you got hurt in a wide that happened. I don't like. Yeah well as its stock is ago atrophy. Is he got weaker in the imply in your your actions weren't like you know you sat so much your actions you your body wasn't used to these movements. To the point where you are you to get out there are more into public I don't really think he had more to do with the turf. I still don't know several I think it more due to personally. But that is because of the amount it would never lose muscle now. What is the thing because no because I'm used to not playing the fifth I body's used that but I think there is something huge debt that is so late I need to. Feel this action whether it's you know pushed or did hit a couple of times to build a little bit of this thing up and that's why he's out there more and that's why he's author's attic yet. It's to me I think it's I think I think it's more of and overall mental state that is mine because I've been the guy who's been injured I've been a guy that's. That was hurt in the pre season hurt the year before had to miss games any count ally. He got a field. Out of it and not part of the team and it's more of an accomplishment a personal accomplishment. Move reported you can get rid every single practice. Every single pre season game at every single game like that that's what it's like a goal which are both wanna play every single game why because I'd never do. And that when he stumbled me. Do you do you think the figure pre season games altogether. When you sit console every seat on its video we do joint practices. Bleeding all would do every single Tuesday Wednesday election even aero. Well look there's never going to be tackle. Never gonna be attack on a wide receivers to catch the ball is not gonna get popped. What their quarterback in position a do it on the safety position but has never going to be a tackle do you think you'll be more injuries if they have a pre season like that what can be one week to. Here's the ring or less I think I think the injury stayed the same because. Even in college you you have lied drills eventually. You're allowed to do everything eventually Europe that the coaches able display it's gonna be in the game so I can't. Have the first time you try to avoid just be you know in a real game. Alabama Florida State native first I know they have live tackling drills. You have to pride doesn't like it has to be part of what you do. But I and the maybe they change it up but I think the injury stayed the same I think guys just get hurt. Guys just are at now are reactionary. They just you know it just they don't listen they're young they're desperate they're anxious you know older guys. We did not know how to protect themselves so there's really no at their pride doesn't get hurt and they're not they're not worried about losing their job. Or may in in sold because whether or not that's why did make applied to deal like everyone's healthy right. Yet I don't. I just I don't like the reaction though Dell. Then her car. I don't like the reacts to this that injury hit or whatever it is and try to tie in the pre season that's all. You know because if it's always this is assault operation for president Jimmy slates so if week one. O Dell or some great player or tear ZCO week one week to. You know it would talk about the hit you know we talk about whether it was legal and we talk of sports it is all the teams can move on without him. But it happens in week three of the pre season game the talk is we need to get rid of pre season games. Yes and no I'm let let me read from I don't I don't agree with that it's it's should still be that same discussion it's in its pre season games whatever that two week one. And we never talk about that. I just hate the fact that it's. It is it's turning into. Some dirty play or shame on you. Are you should know better. He should be suspended for a year. It's like oh how dare he how dare he this guy who may not make the roster just took out the best player in the NFL so it's less about. The rule it's more about preserving yet preserving that. Albert that that particular player look at baseball because of the status and the attention that so old Beckham junior doesn't play what it's it's the Dallas Cowboys ended and the New York Giants Sunday Night Football. Think they're always plays football. No go Beckham junior why. A resumption of them from some scrub decided that it was it in his best interest. His best interest because he's trying to make the tackle. 222 Dick although Beckham junior now legally. Legally and other bolt. At this bull their livelihoods right but. There's more Bible old about computer that's why the rules will be changed that's the same reason why they changed rules of quarterbacks you candid quarterbacks and handicap him blow you can't hit. Wait that's just all the way that's the way to as a candidate to put behind Brady listened this year they CO the heat they put in a role. Death Buster Posey gets wrecked it'll play the literal. World Series soda whatever is ALCS and you know second base. Tisza and one guy up to put in a row. And that happens a lot but but but the baseball example. How is she did you have at second base with the with the with that new rule. Okay how often did it happen tied with everybody. Was everybody like blowing out there and he are breaking their finger or if there locating their ankle early. Five instances at second base I would say four of them were because of Paul full work with a guy turning sure okay do the fact that the the base runner. It's just pull footwork and decision making. Of the field hurt themselves they put themselves in bad spots but. Because it was on a national stage with that one ended beat but because it's a great player late Buster Posey. Rules happen. Yet that the call every play you know and it is if I can give Alec it's like the plate the plate. A catcher can't block home plate I know something about that but doesn't seem right to me. It kind of like removes like a part of you know physics talent in the game which and that's the only attorney you have to see it in baseball. I doubt that the bit the united have the good fortune of having a guy running. You know home and edit the ball come and it and you may have a collision. To see that I'm a big change several I don't squirrel moment fine but man just just not snapped my guy hurts it hurts them. So they hate it's they will change its rule though. This'll hitting a receiver low act three catches the pass if his back is turn and the rest will only be able to call this is a good luck trying to find it. It is head isn't turn. And he doesn't try to become a runner. Then you have to as a deep into that yet to come up high. Yup to slow yourself down you can't be a heat seeking missile canyon my candy to low used at the wrap up and wait for help. And then nobody gets away Willis and now he's. Tackling more. I listened outlets about what 23 years ago or above what two years ago journal the flaky thing. Your patriots fan and you knew that maybe the fate of one Roger Goodell. And that Robert Kraft could have an influence that it you'd probably say good. Go get him Robert rice. Well yeah out not to kill our guys on the inside not the case we'll talk a little malvo Roger Goodell and the influence. A one Robert Kraft is the M efforts continue right after this 6177797937. And I'm sorry that our show we have Moret. She wins I'm sure I'll be. Home run this is awful feeling amazing you're getting typecast as the next month all show idiot I have range back to more aboard way Maloney and Fauria on Sports Radio WEEI. Probably back here Maloney for me or lays off one more debuted back in here. Tomorrow a lot of baseball John Ferrell early on. Thought but this'll they'll Beckham hit Rob Gronkowski playing pre season games. This was announced yesterday was for first of reported. By sports business journal has confirmed by the globe look at Ben Poland's article or Roger Goodell. Getting an extension. And he goes in talking about you know I'll be dealt and it took over here. 20066. Billion dollar industry. Labor agreement that the owners. Unilaterally hated. More than a decade later it's down fourteen billion dollar industry and growing. Most lucrative television deals most or friendly collective bargaining agreement all of professional sports there it is. It did help that he's had played a major role in particular and she BA. He destroyed the CBI I mean who plays my job. Here and so. In this guy sends a five year deal and I had a contract on the 2019. And apparently the owners. You know we go back and talk about how. You know rise again I mean Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones in some of these guys are happy with the way things are going down. Bottom line has been these guys are either either just lying to a senate and a personal level all. Meaning of the deal they don't appreciate the commissioner the power that he has. Well that is able to just separate these things personal business better than humans ever seen the wrong in the raw businessmen. So it comes to business. They know at this guy's good for the league. Suzanne Jerry Jones is just yelling in hoot and Holler and his old Texas way in his boots because he just wants to a pieces fans he's not really pissed off that easy you Elliott economists six games. I think he's upset. And I think Robert Kraft to sincerely upset that Tom Brady. You know I was gonna miss four games I personally wrote a letter to the commissioner. But I think the reality is is that Robert my thought was gonna get reduced it was an O Jerry Jones might think it's gonna be reduced and Woolsey. But in the end they said they'd one point people set down a city you know what. It is what it is. I'm still getting my checks. I'll continue hoot and Holler because my fans wanna hear. But for the most part I still a mumble but this guy because he's doing great things for my wallet for business. It okay so you so why not just at least. It I guess it's a the last so I think the last couple years. Use it did their status NFL status was switch forgot what it switches so you don't did they don't have to make there. There around their salaries public when you don't know what rugs you know makes anymore in two years ago was like thirty something million that he made. But those 35 to 35 down like 3031 thing I think was 32 implicated in some extra paycheck or whether there are orders let me go to restaurant there you. Why don't why I just at least bring somebody somebody else and just two candidates and like called the Rooney rule the commissioner okay Brit a black guy out negotiated just. It didn't want anyone to do that job is it because Roger Goodell came up through the ranks he was an assistant Ian rose Allen and he kept working his way out. Is that why he's he's he's just kind of tie again. And in and then and it doesn't matter what he does the CPA is so it's wrong. On his side you it really doesn't matter so they do some symposiums you know bring some people and okay you're gonna. If you're gonna have an investigation may got to make sure the raw hand picked. You wouldn't bring it at least a couple guys maybe just a Laura's salary. I know we don't wanna pay a 35. We ought to paid 25. The Eagles on says that the maze owners' meetings in Chicago back in May. Owners 32 owners agreed to allow the six person compensation that committee to determine good else faith. That's six person committing falcons owner Arthur Blank chiefs owner Carl Clark on Texas owner Bob McNair giants on John Maher Steelers owner Art Rooney. And the patriots. Robert Kraft all the old school been there for ever done at the right way wanna once a generation loves arena near Texas so Democrat is involved in this it was a dude it's a five year extension. My question would be. Why would you why would you give an extension for two years left in his deal. Why when you sit around and wait and see if that is another into the fire they got to put out for this guy you know or see what happens the next two years. India we travel managers or coaches like lame duck coaches lame duck manager that's tough right is now the players thinking I'm going to listen you you're anyway out. Channeling duck. Commissioner in his final year of his deal and just to show me in cash to continue this whole thing ratings came down show me an hour around on this thing about this show me. That the stuff that you'd think we can change it actually works. Show me that this stimulus has not decreased this year in ratings now the owners got a pass but you know what they got a for the next seven and Alex let me just. Wait and two more years of an extension of. Last three years was like some sort of you audition in order for him to get a new a new contract. All the things that he had to deal with the last three years starting with Ray Rice starting where. Ager Petersen great party in villages of the big ones that we go to what's coming early and you're growing and he's on Tom Brady you think he handled. Ray Rice the correct way. Mean this if you read judged on how you perform duty you know red ripe for their retirement or question it is now. He can handle the heating handled great party right. Josh Brown after the new domestic rules were put in place. Did I today. Hit eagle at least at least separate investigation Vick put a bigger hammer. On easy you'll Elliott than they did John Spratt and Josh proud eaten. To tighten. You outline of Armenia would reduce our fast so. At least has a power argument that is legitimate with proof. That the girls trying to shake him down. Tom Brady. Some people say you know it's it's it's it's it was exactly what we want it. Lots of attention on the NFL Brady ended up winning the super ball begets eagle rock low ratings put. So it's. Done wrong he hasn't done anything wrong. I knew little of what he did to the players union in this fast EPA bill that's of owners routed a buddy did a good job let me ask you honestly. Didn't anyone take down the players association info yes but yeah it's ours on this yesterday like you know. It is guys now is it Winston the head and everybody else they'll prepare for. Right DeMaurice Smith via the is it bring it on is almost certainly will be a strike in 2002 yet good luck. Good luck with getting everybody the same page but the Janet. Do it I think yes Uighurs are NFL yet you you you can do if you if you just went down now. Framingham. Pawtucket Providence. You could find little ceremony room you could yeah you could find an attorney just walking down the street just look at the just look at the look look first of attorney at law bottle by attorney at law. They can read the contract and and they can do it is. It's what the NFL player's wants and how they want it what they're Willy how there and what they're willing to put up with is insanely. Embarrassing. For anyone who play in the league. So yeah so that's all he's gonna get a pat on the back he's gonna get an extension but because after every hey listen what it meant they were they were coming at you. You your public perception was bad on you that you should do to make it teach you to make it on a new. He's he's kept on his exit this guy. He can look like a complete the foo he could screw up on multiple occasions not unlike rules. That's sort of bits it. Rules we're talking social. Shoes you know an Angolan points out that you know the they don't know it's unanimous. In they don't know if it was if Robert. People for no one out of five Wheatley of we have no idea and an even if you do that because it's late and you're the one guy right yes six guys and they're gonna know who. Girl talk in the old good old boys are gonna know who did. So how do you would you be but yeah Santa business as a fan. You know given everything and now riled up this fan base and how people feel the ball Roger Goodell. To build the owners on a committee that game a five year extension. Because business is good. The Euro owner think she's doing a good job. You know after everything that went down this fan base hates Roger Goodell for for for the flea gate and then the links that they went and everything else right wrong with the you agree with him with the agreed Brady screw this thing option of broke his phone whatever it was we know what their reaction is a Roger Goodell. So who think so everybody screaming that they despise this guy to owners and apparently it's game a five year deal. You know army Jerry Jones scream and outlook and hollering he's not and is committing a got a surprise is not as committed but he's not okay. By your deal. The order a little Aga in on Friday. On say Friday just sought. On Friday is likely he precursor to next year's hall of famers like 83 votes. Of who gets into the hall of fame and if if Jerry Jones got an a hall of fame. Robert Kraft is getting an exciting next year it makes it into who's accomplished more than this guy that time with all the Super Bowl appearances a Super Bowl victories. Are you go back to you ought to let New England patrons leave town are going to that the last TBA that they signed. Yeah so I'll play next year easily it's he's really he's be sooner rather than later but got to wait one more year. It was really feel bomb Robert Kraft the patriots owner Robert Kraft. Giving syllable ring to Donald Trump. This trump on it and everything you go to yours has apparently been put on his little museum or whatever might be and have it out there don't try. I'll say this like a wrinkle the president a lot of guys a lot of people get rings Dunn's yeah by applauding and I don't get to dictate who gets a ring. And now or whoever provides support in and it comes and budget different ways from. It just every every year is different and some guys it's on like some guy sometimes guys who get a ring. I haven't won a spectacular ring and who he is. I am tired of I don't promise not no question about it I don't have a problem because he's Robert Kraft fields and when the patriots. The orders of the rings he's president he's friends with Donald Trump who happens to be president would you agree with the presidency or not. It doesn't matter Democrat this transcript. So it you know the latest country is a difference Donald Trump that re H shootings and yeah I don't know. I you mean I mean I don't even bring it to Obama because he's President Obama when a prominent not a. But IDC is the people but I'm sure there are people who are what he's talked about it I thought it. All amid its I I don't care one bit. DeMarre he said it like it or any give Donald Trump a paper airplane. And people be pissed off that you watch TV and happiness like paper airplanes and we want to suffer like that solves a lot but again. The only person we know about so if you if you're getting on particularly you know critiquing trap for giving tropical rain settled down. Who put your mask on go start go pick it somewhere else almost a bit more important. Like tomorrow when Colin Chapman it starts you know and it's likely start protests and counter. In New York City today is that tomorrow I think it is right I mean it's finally arrived I feel like that's that's finally here. We still in Jackson was an o'clock London and nothing happened we got his rivals in downtown Jackson will still he goes on o'clock it was. But this is a square mall a map the weight on my way to take a break I I am I gotta get them off on external auditors and this is an ESPN. Cowardly move. Seeking crappy mood. Then they just pulled off booed and know that book Kohl who on ESPN own ticket just you know just whip out. And let fear dictate their decisions they'll get up. Google gave Chris got summed up as just lost that your call 61777979837. Until the extension of Roger Goodell with doc what that is is Christian also as those horrible and as voted for it configure at that there's so. Marks sports' top current multi lingual singer was a force of nature in the blue carpet she wants the foundation although here's another one. Highs just cut uncle's advice and help. Let's recruit with more Ford Wayne reloading and Fauria. Aren't Sports Radio. I everybody hands. Gloria Allred yes and let me make sure I did the right read error is. And I am very messy. That's right before before we did you Los school moment in and you go to some of that just believes the united I would to have the saying that this hours been brought you by complaints insurance. Just want to get them off when pressed up until now what do you wanna get off your chest is again to take you off Tuesday Howard's left I think the first thing is it so. Because football is right around the corner yes it is porous status played Alabama right big being up opening weakening game right you know Alabama border state speak. And what they did what what. Yeah college football that they're they're Twitter page of the website the what they did is they came out and they released like a marble comics version. You know front page opera program yet so they use the big elephant representing the prison to crimson I am OK and drama. And that you know mascot is the Florida State similar and he goes in the senate especially in the rating unbelievable call also on her experience right they use. What what it's known as the Garnet and gold boys what are these two guys that. Paint themselves one instance of gold over shiny sparkly separately a guy Pete himself Garnet. And they just sit in the front row on the young screen. So that the news so the seminal did not use a seminal in that an it was on purpose that it is a mom purposely last. But just so stupid because. Why. I don't why everybody else knows why they're at liquidating and they they were fearful. That they were being backlash. How they represented. The seminal in length how dare de. Like. Dick changed the way it looks and maybe some people think their races maybe it's a fence of a with some people. A maybe they're insensitive that's onset of doing it the right way. I thought of using the seminal and you would just their mascot officially the Washington Redskins that is their mascot. They completely remove the mascot like he doesn't exist and use them to knuckle heads towards students. Who pay our body and that's on the cup. Or of the program. My first Asus ESPN is bunch of cowards that here's the bigger and this is actually kind of funny elected so. September 2. You VA there's a game in is it's covering a couple games total budget games but there's play by play guy by the name of Robert Lee. Now Robert Lee. In actual football because of what he isn't he's a play by play parents probably don't name Edward I don't not know I looked it up and find I hope it's easy to deal with Edward or easy. Property is name is Robert leak yes and he was supposed to call the UV eight game in Charlotte all boy. Odds right. He's both now Robert Lee obviously that the commander in chief Bernard army located at that went on to Charlotte do we get it we remember the Robert he's calling. You know rocketing and so Robert Lee yes but not anymore what happened they pulled them while they pulled Robert Lee I don't know me and I know and now he is calling the pick game on the same day much to much and some other guy is colleague it's a skating Dade weekly is now calling. The UBA games Charlottesville. I hit a coincidence is a little weird eerie. But it's just the overall the year that exists with them they did it sic who would play by play guy is for the Baltimore Ravens. Payments. Every Louis cardinal Bernard Miller of Spitzer Jerry's and does everything and that's a that's a terrorist and does apple available at least we talked about it and remembered like the Jerry sandusky was obviously you know arrested and you know hole. The whole yeah crap that Jonny Gomes it to litigate that your wife Tonya hockey news. I'm on the aisle we it is that is pretty good at Jerry sandusky of Robert Lee is Ronald Lee Ellis they took him off. They proactively took them off. But knowing connected as till next week's September 2 so they took it off. For the same reasons why they removed the Seminole Indian off the program. Oh it it just the BP C politically correct in order not to offend anybody but it. Bear mascot is the subtitle is the end. That'll come home. Coming through. They're once that was then sports radio and yeah I'd say. I don't know if it's is that. God I think I think yes the Robert Lee Robert Lee days are numbered and it broadly games as well built. Which I just the latest the first step away slowly and slowly that's about their without the owner of and it went in Charlottesville went down last week whoever was last week. He says it'll dedicated to first game of the year I mean I'm in Virginia do you view again. There are edited out like all that they're very down Robert hue scattered enemy it probably at least. It doesn't admit it's like you know lake yeah this and I understand again. You know it's a cute they called love citizen Robert Morgan of the movement on the ground and solid and he's a gay again if it's like not having me fly the West Coast of the Red Sox down in. He acknowledged that it isn't there it's just an overall. That's the guy's name as though they're not related they're not friends he's not a distant cousin. Just like they are sick just like Jerry sandusky is not related to the real you pedophile Jerry sandusky that was a defense of coordinator at Penn State. They're not related at all I get them comfortable and there's a stigma attached to the name again it's. That's a few thoughts of Manhattan to the picking them there's there's there's action there at night that gave weekly. Do you BA games so nobody's talking about it okay it's Q there are afraid of hall. ESP and they should have known better they were sent a guy by the name of Robert Lee enters into Charlottesville after what happened last week called hot air day. Take away your subscription. If we had. It or him. Isabella that's been more unedited. Soledad it's hard it is Bob about the game and I don't know how do you Robert Lee what that does go by Bob. He'll probably loads are now Wear that but it's spelled differently Bob Lee LEY in bodily LP that's I would do this he's a buddy Charles though Gordon. Albert Lee Bob Lee Bob Lee. Know of some I don't really is I don't know that Robert Lee he's one of the best play by play guys in the country they want it and there are listen I'll watch it if you if you happen to miss. That first segment we discussed John Ferrell and in the incidents last night Apolo son together for you. Little angry Lou montage I would say you know would do that though won't we come baskets and efforts. City without Broadway or when Maloney for each is Christian I've talked sucks a little bit next. To distance. Will land mine in that. Way which mentions he's sucks.