OMF - Celtics officially announce pick swap with Philly, 6-19-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, June 19th

Glenn, Lou and Christian break down the official announcement from the Celtics, involving a swap of 1st round picks, and a future 1st rounder for the Celtics in 2018, or 2019, depending on where the picks end up. 


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That trade was just announced his official this is from the Celtics apparently the Celtics announced today that they've acquired a third overall selection. Com and favorably protected rights to future first round picks from Philadelphia. So they were received the details in Los Angeles Lakers 2018. Pick if it's within numbers two to five. Aren't we said earlier outta five. Of next year's draft if it's not the Celtics will instead receive either Sacramento's. Or Phillies first round pick in nineteen whichever is more favorable. Then however and if either of those results in the first overall selection Boston will instead receive the other. First round pick. So play that out so. The lakers draft does not fall between two and five but say it's one it'll get its 86 or above they don't get it so they don't get next years pick. I know of a choice between Philly in Sacramento. But a second mental pic is one. They don't get it made it Phil Liggett would filly could be which ten. Fifteen. So of all the picks they have going forward. The only one they connect them being number one overall pick in the draft would be Brooklyn yes. I don't like it even more. And the the question is do we do we have you know. A number one and who knows this kid Michael Porter I mean what. Hello hello about judgment issue but they have lives in the and allowed Philadelphia to protect the first overall pick in the the next years or the year Xbox yet seems to different occasions so why would you -- out like he did he get enough why did you not only walked that you only went up two spots but you still. So this gave the number one overall pick up what you gotta Lotta repair blow all of on the latter and I hope not NASA. I'm just saying you played out worst case scenario 20191. Of those two votes Philly Sacramento lottery gets number one. So what did you end up with you went from one to three and a 23 that you end up getting used to the worst of the other two which. I don't know maybe if it's Philadelphia's. You know Sacramento gets one Philly gets it. You don't. Then then you take fort Phillies pick will be in a first round that could be fifteen. To did you just trade out of one to get three and fifteen and 2019. Spots plus while in 2019. It's possible which you could also when you're looking at those two teams. Specially Sacramento. You could end up with a number two pick a number three proposal inaudible all that's pretty substantial blow if you're moving from one down do three. And you're getting three from the other team and you're getting two or 32 years from now. That's a substantial haul guys that's Richard it's not who's hot stuff again Bertuzzi out with a minute and if you think your difference in the play. Why even bogey there is no difference in the play. It's about the value of its about the value of the one. Might not be difference in the player same thing to talk about football move up from 31 might be that different who knows. Both are in but the value of one and you turn around and get. You can't get one next year you might get you through five but if you don't you could end up with a pick me. I guess I guess I would remove all these animations yeah I would remove all the stipulations with the picks if ands and buts that maybe this one and you know pay this guy L about this team did that mean they pertain to see that I cannot move. Moving parts were you more in the power positions so does has no moving parts whatsoever where you weren't composition get a. On technique yes but if you are in the power position to the point where you can demand that they lift that because you've got other suitors other takers that you could do that. Not your what are this is about Vietnam mortal this topic they want but this is the best deal you can get all this if you don't get a better deal showed up on him to simulate a you are any ultimate power position. He's doing to protect next year's first pick on the tech a year after I was an assertion that one of almost Felicia that's the only way we do the deal. And you're looking at a you don't want more skillful. And affect you feel very comfortable moving to three because you can get the same player and then you can Ed. A second third fourth fifth sixth or seventh pick from a draft next year the year after that. Do. Why not we're doing if you don't like mark awful we've all agreed. He does not believe that mark health Fultz is this sick you know franchise player. If you did. He's not making this move if he really was convinced that mark hill Fultz is head and shoulders above everybody else TJ and Ainge would have to be a fool take what's best. On on what on Friday. Six days before the draft you sure that's the best offer. The you can walk out your goal from one to go to three this year and possibly six and 2019. If that's the best offer was six days that go all you couldn't make this deal Thursday with Philly and so because I want to push the envelope because I think he's trying to make another day. That's what's going on. And he needs oh how does this is what you know would be just gonna that it would be as well and they failed but you've got to put yourself in the position to if you wanna succeed and make the deal you can't say the answer we'll do it doesn't make the deal then and it. He he's he's trying to put yourself in a position. Where he can get another first round pick for a deal that number three right now can get somebody like Jimmy bought. So next you have your your your own first round pick yet Brooklyn's first. First round pick you have Los Angeles and we just talked about it it's yet protected. So you could possibly have pending on what these keep you could have the first and second pick in the draft. That's a let's of their that's legit I could happen Brooklyn could suck all over again. You know that that holds again later in the first since. Would that be pretty good if that happened Lou what would you say that. Well again though it when I thinned out and be a great they get the flu this year great girl why is it. Yeah I why all of our you're gonna go as scenarios he just gave you the of that that's a sign Elba but it's the unknown I know what I got this year and now it's a vote. Government moving for this unknown he knows what if you had but what about hold on images that he knows what he's got this year he does not like mark helpful you don't. That's fine. He's he doesn't I don't love him he doesn't when he's out anybody else he spent a lot of time. He does not believe this kid. Is the franchise player if he did. I'd be shocked. Why would not make this deal why would not sit there and say parts we got us straight we got the next Jordan if he doesn't trade for Jimmy Butler before the draft we sit there at least. God at least be somewhat critical saying why aren't you wait six days. Deceit maybe you can get their restrictions off some of these experts say biggest fear that I have is he's not going to be able to pull off for Jimmy Butler deal. And then he's going to lose out and Gordon Hayward because either they would decides he and George children stay in Utah. Or for some reason the kid is opened up his Verizon's and suddenly love South Beach. But instead went whenever you don't you all the cars world but hey you're getting out of all the power and world. Philadelphia they drafted bigs left and right there one mark L fault. It they want their best guard in the draft and you can't pressure him enough to at least pull the number one selection restriction off of the 2019. Picked. And listen it's a legitimate complaint it's funny because most people tell me. The Danny Ainge wants to much in return and therefore he's incapable of making deals now what you're telling me as he was too soft amnesty he gave way to far. What does it look like TO. You don't think he told you off until I know I don't necessarily know he does want more health holds on. I don't ever call me at a Guinea suck because because you and I happen to disagree. A cat. Disagree but what Intel did was he doesn't want more skillful so he's you're looking at mark health folds as the number one pick he says they go on most teams want more skillful. I don't want him. So I'm gonna be happy getting number three. In the draft this year because I'm like Jackson I like Tatum I don't like fox maybe he'll Xbox when they liked Martell false. So now we said I'm frightened it's kind of thing and swollen. And that he doesn't isn't Marco faults but but we also juggling a little bit right or anything else you win some rapid. Market later he would address that the player elected everybody gets it is like mark helpful. All I'm saying is that you. You've given up the number one pick to drop back to spot which is fine you might get a player like just as much fault. You couldn't get more unique and got them just on protect their pick. You mean they they basically put restrictions on everything have their rehab and unprotected late depict but you can't have one we've not protect the Sacramento picked that you can't have won there either forget Stewart. You. In London do that sir do you think I don't like that you think that was a better deal out there for him I don't know you don't know there was but neither one of us now. Ornament if there were a better deal than he's an eighty. I cannot call the Canadians will be if there's another idiot may use impatient or use impatient I think that's his personality and it's why toe issue I think he's going to do something big this way. Right because I think he's impatient I don't think he wants to sit around and that's and he also knows he's got the perfect storm here. With money inflexibility and assets and everything else that might not exist as much a year from now he'll have a lot but he won't have I can't believe them do that. I'm just an honor I just don't think if there are another team that were out there. Then I would say eighty you know. Then he he he took a weaker deal it makes no sense I find it hard to believe Norton did of those who only get better or worse you out there a worst day maybe and uses leverage enough with Philadelphia. So do you think maybe there were some. Time constraints here that they've maybe they would do a deal somewhere else we'll play you know Philadelphia was doing a deal let's say. With Sacramento. On who's going to settle for Cameron fox. Not a possibility. And he sat there and set. I'd better make this deal has now they're gonna do a deal Sacramento they gonna get their point guard and and we're gonna lose out on the steel dropped to five and at that point. They're gonna get Eric Morris of featured at the want to make a false eleven more and but I don't yeah but there and they ended Abdul would. But maybe that was their order maybe they looked at it said and we'll take fox and won't give up far less than we're giving up here we don't even have to give up. That first round boy I hope this doesn't turn into one down to three. And then 201912. Pick. In the draft could point. And what if it turns out that you get the number one pick her Brooklyn. And the number two pick to the lakers next year and and and a draft. That is loaded with bigs you are controlling number one number two possibility of yet and you love them because those committed eighteen years old popular rental I trade their ass right I better get rid of him right away.