Not Sunday Football Podcast, Ep. 1: Sad week for Mut and the Patriots

The Not Sunday Podcast
Tuesday, September 12th

The first edition of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features Kirk Minihane giving an inside look at what it's like to interview Tom Brady on a weekly basis, Christian Fauria detailing what Bill Belichick is like on weeks following bad losses and Rich Keefe looking ahead to what will happen Sunday against the Saints as well as if Mike Mutnansky can rebound from a rough performance on NFL Sunday last week.​


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Greece needs an ad sales. Sunday. With Ryan Hannibal current men and handle rich keep and Christian Fauria. Season this get started with the NFL. Thanks Sunday and now here's why in Hannibal. Welcome to the inaugural not Sunday podcast I write him earlier posts here you go we're joined by rich Kieft part of the NFL Sunday show which you could tell us little spoof from the intro I just you know while we have you here want to get your thoughts on you being a member your show and your co -- really didn't like you watch the game on last Thursday lawyers thoughts on the. It was a terrible week for months there's no doubt about it he really struggled personal he's given way fares if I think pick up all the San Francisco 49ers I jokingly it's yours to Brian Hoyer Carlos I'll these guys. Forget that the big take away from Sunday for us was. A lot means a lot of callers thought Tom Brady in that game for you did as well. Might not so much my body might find my body was go to Mike have you not watching Brady for the last fifteen years without not a good performance I don't or interception. But it was a messy morning in completions. He had that pass for news older line of scrimmage I did not think he was very good he's gonna have to be a lot better I don't know how you feel about it but I thought out for the worst if you've seen along very. Yellow then to this later we have more talent Cuba I just wanted to let you know I think that you and much be thanking me. For doing this for your for your lead in on Sunday with no coop for months performance last Sunday I think you should be thanking me because we have a lot of guests coming up we got hurt many and Christian Fauria and use I think that you know we're regulatory tell what you guys over the course of the year that it really does that all throw line right there athlete who's who WPI. Are right thanks level here you more later all right we have Kirkland hand on the did not Sunday's show thanks locker for joining us house of feel burdened the person to be inner ring you and not be your viewing them. Repeat agreement sure it's did not Sunday's show you can't figured out it's too funny not NFL's on the show. I've I've managed to to crack the case what you want to thank you and I look forward my first about safe. Tripping over ordered two and a half before. Call or classic that you react dot com podcast it's just kind of put the way we have that problem some work. Part of a project that Robert float away it there I wrote that worded better. I. We'll we'll get to the questions I think we have some good ones lined up for you do you think that you saved is that Tom Brady interview I was in kind of boring over the years. Absolutely bill today and thank you for noting. So you know I like guys who really like you pray or Alex Guerrero. Any of these guys and for years and years and years you know the soft appointment spot on her for anybody poverty the county area. The getting almost pornographic or going over that line protect crews who it was between pickers who quite. I think it it was just got to be too much needed some other really I think a microcosm felt it was stale. The show with their officials thought the show for 65 year old man. And we changed it perfect but it operates a person but that's okay operate from a PDB Tom Brady did person I can handle. I don't agree with that do you think Brady himself has changed this year as opposed that maybe the past one or two years. Is fully changed you know I couldn't I think the perfect operating. You can really ask that you want he knows I mean you can literally ask him anything you want an answer he thought. Oh answering email like the question soccer behave like hey Belichick it would Dale Hall. Last week whatever it is can Iran the last. A regular turning extra polite about it. I think Brady. Part of the jury of officers there social actually like Brady just felt hurt. By the entire. Year and going of the flaky now it's just so happen it's gonna turn and I were. I embraced soccer I think Brady was all like Icrc. Correct Brady would discriminate back forces on the side of the perfect the whole finger. Really earned him I don't I don't think he's. We doing. To answer questions as honestly as he would have been say you need six or seven years ago which is frankly understandable. I really don't blame them. Even yesterday we asked about Africa. And Tara Parker lava. That are a couple of short or how we can answer effort if you answer one way. You know they got throat cancer and other away. People you know he really a thrill so it's kind of a camera situation in the ask him a lot of questions. But you know he has no. No way of looking at it yet. Not argued that the one thing I kind of thought about what that kind of making history was there is no faults was that. How clear and you guys partner was there not a reason to press them by not really giving an answer. I think you're right I think you're good spot to approximate the fair here I think over the course of the season with the guests whether it's Belichick of the dark desperate Belichick got. Order that would and again it's why you act like that you can't do that any any recalling twenty week. If you think with a guy like I'll break out there especially you know over the course of 78 and he got to pick your spot if you Norman Mayweather and get ugly not quite well you know maybe your best second per capita question. The two or three weeks down the line if definite becomes a story again that he could that second or third question. And they the next couple weeks it's sort of backed to the generic X most of it really is sort of a roller coaster. They're getting in depth of the these interviews and made it that outside reader questions too do you ever get blowback from the patriots over the question that you may ask that non football questions. You know I really don't come to Guerrero I think I'll go about a couple years ago but they really didn't. Enabled like I talked to speak games every once offered several once ever if anybody digital innovation god can be I can't speak for. Jason wolf for her Kevin Graham or or jurors are fond of it never come means an atlas. You know don't have that are palm doesn't want to ask that I can honestly tell you that it never happened. Maybe partially because they know they say that at some point I would say that they told us you know they said that they they don't want that happened. Other organizations which in the city obviously have weighed in at times but the patriots without its. And again you can you can maybe to better question for me and I've never. That's a good thing for for your par for a guy who doesn't like any reason self but if you asked him at number one star in town anything you want I think that's a good thing. I mean I guess felt offered the porn company I guess a lot of trees start I am I don't know that got pulled this pole on the Twitter account and otherwise that correct. Oh. And Braden you know I'm like interviews that are used like having on Brian Billick to preview game and went to because I think it's fought as I've always had a procedure did start your audience. You change the channel we don't give a (%expletive) we're just trying to mail this segment with Dell but Tom Brady I mean you know that you can go ballots checked those reported her. I think those are ones worth doing. But we I think it's good. You know certainly I recognize the value freedom station economically financially for the ratings perspective I'm in it you you you can't buy and pro newsmakers perspective I Psycho the last couple years in the mortgage Brady and the placate the big reason why don't. In years. With him. No it almost seems like after every every teams he's picking up something just because that these questions don't get half of them on a regular basis and you know you guys seem to bring out something different. In all these interviews and TMZ and always other outlets in the go offer that so I mean that's that's good for both sides Alexei. Yeah I think you're Smart essentially taken over the Tom Brady beat her dot com I think it's been almost essential at this point your business and you can heal people like you are York ought to. You joke around about it but I mean the reality here. People want I mean you're not doing it because people are there's obviously you know you can click scheme to every hole people click on that he has. It weighs in on it whether or sort of people like about you talk a concussion is quite thoughtful concussions. No he goes away on the trip people here. I don't think. You're ever gonna yet again to that extent it's sort of perfect marriage sport at its peak although it turned the quite a little bit. And and Africa every match play where in the inner it is sort of social media exposure it's weird convergence you know. Absolutely I mean. We're wrap up with you here Brett and they're not bring into the predictions game and knock amassing your your thought on the game on Sunday that your idea of the things 59 nothing but. Are you or are you worried about the patriots this year. I'm Laurie yes I am I was actually my parents great guess they arrived. And I sent them both look I'm actually really sort of pictures to share. And I have my kids are pulled him aside yes I know we're going to yearly physicals I'm out I come out I'm really worried patients this year. And I was up plus rated to 15 in the morning and you know wired network the patriot my try to go the bathroom I couldn't hear me or basically because. Of my war Macvicar under being opposite it's to god thought. Not until we understand just like two guys that mark. Correctly it's really what is your recent. Like not much effort gonna do that may we apple. I don't how it was odd. I mean nobody ever. Can I do not own truck and IF ideal vehicle affect got. Now I'm Stefan now the station. Correct. We actually just made fun of that man you're speaking up well with the rich keep another one your favorites here as well and he was for too critical he was pretty critical much performance last week. The the go outside the markets outside complete Carol what are you or when we used to do that he. Night he was all right it was actually pretty good he actually late in the ma he was pre displayed with a guy that was hosting an apple Sunday and even watch the goddamn game to beat you. Now that that does not come up that we keep this is supposed to be a season long shall we we get we get to sixteen weeks. Here. Act immediately gets playoff this is this is the podcast there's no there's no restrictions. Oh. I think you have about three weeks ago I think on the they were at my. Now this is this is going to be a weeklong thing a season long thing I guess I can guarantee it. But but my plan would do is to keep her for par 416 weeks giving I can do it. And we've really really really really really. Likely won't walk at wideout pockets of the well you or if you know you're at you're the star. That again we we toddlers two to farmer driving and that's so summing yen during. Department our fault right now didn't keep him Corey doing it liable in the studio risky for senator trust me. I heard reichert boy oh boy ego. Thanks man and her back with Christian Fauria on the not Sunday's show welcome to show creation of the few would be to BR on the first edition. Yeah average number number I haven't bought. I mean I got to go to the title it's not like hey I'm having a terrible I'm so hopefully. Delegate that. Her I mean we're we're going back to your playing days I think you could relive some some good moments but whatsoever some bad moments and I'd viewer and a and the Gillette Stadium is still be the week after a loss. What what does Bill Belichick like this we port forty member him remember most about these weeks as in the building. Lobby at AMOCO losses but. You know we did. You know I was I was curious how sometimes. It's choice was you go to really really be overly critical. And then you'd better not the situation that the Pentagon would probably year was. The how big losses was in earlier and what was make it a bit to eat whatever we lost the buffalo or more Beloit deal. Network that really it and ask you what I really like you know you get everybody that it really make it and we felt like crap are you able. So it's really has to wonder. Really it's I want ordered what we're gonna make a deal worth noting we all felt like crap. Situation like this. It won't do it but he came here who and Holler and yelling and screaming call people out. Based on. The dynamics. Yup C didn't think this simple ball. You know the build up the Braves. You know the parade and you know although it did you know taught that you don't people I bought into the but I think. Bill could just try to do it. Back east or do you use. The public perception of the CIB's. Course to act to certain way they did outplay. Because all we expect you there. Art. Because they're true I get real and won't be. It really you can't read your could be you don't believe the hype. You know you have global ignored all the way to do it. I don't think act adding to do regret not making it on fourth and wind or I don't regret it can do you know feel more. And Courtney or upbeat coverage. Or Jack it's march a little bit beyond what you'll admit certain situation under great script this short time so. A lot of people go bid but. Not here this early. Mistakes being so egregious. It's best that the court game that he did a lot and it looks like he did you get yeah it did collapse. Like crap. And they gash year at a store where quote from from Rich Ohrnberger who said that the even the food was different after losses do you remember anything like this. Our. I don't know what are you didn't give a crap it's good because I've had all the but it's good about it. I think there was a little little bit different food yet not not as good as there's not a good as food is coming after wins. I don't remember that. Did you book what they do it all the way that wrecked the red carpet it was crap your food go out. But it got put so much so. It. But. I will say catch. There. You know not go back for same hotel white people we play in the game. Electric like Pittsburgh put that old Greek. Simple little birdie on brokerage. And that streak was book on it and losing. A game in Pittsburgh or what played them well if you can do it next. We're on that year we did it out I'll. Just. Why are our goal back. To rebuild it felt good about it spirit that but it but the terrible dates are now. You're not even gonna go back I don't sell like arm our ability. Yeah I wouldn't be the well. You know maybe a crap girls now it would help out more about it it's been happier now. So awards night we are there it is worse. Brett. Yes so so this week when do you think that he puts. So last week in the past and starts you know get positive about the same thing is using Wednesday when you have that first practice. You know I'd take a loss this severe. Really kinda. Barry Bonds. And into the that we at a speed we did you. Pick it up Burton. Everyone got to deal wit. I and why there for this practice Thursday Friday. You know he did very good picture and a it's not see you. We're supposed to be but we met or goats so. It's everybody it's odd dogs do a lot. You know we only grabbed it like it's all brevity is the way it bad it didn't take. I agree because it's you've got to get back there you know it's your fault that you can act like ground zero. You know. It's buildings. Are you gotta like stretched out. You know you know best time it hurt and hopefully they didn't do later I'll hear it. Did you do so after an actor Bullock. You know. Speak out more about your job scared you the competition and it beat. You know and he spoke to allow. You know take yourself. Out of the facility and here you know it's your. Football watching itself right now. What are your thoughts on that first game you figure was just 01 game thing where things just didn't go right bad matchup for you really think their season long. Potential problems with this team. Well they gum. The blood greasy. First couple we did not and everybody out there in an an earth is some big operatic. You're not there you go back you get yourself. You know. They have lost app speaker. Update on paper. Pad and I think they'll figure out off I do go up until weapon but it did it take a little bit longer. We're ready to got to come together because this all about bear out about there. Bigger guys but in the bowl. Committee would break your look for the debt that's out there really establish himself at all. What. It's tightened up we're big yeah it's a little bit. So you know you could you anybody at. And beat up players I don't open it is a great candidate I think we're built on all the way. People regretfully. Tell the brake coach here of course they expected. Burt Murray gave credit to good a player in the accurate player. It's yeah great player back a look at it mortgage at these great players they Paul papers what you like great player. All players. Players. That these players. Stars all gamers. It is about it all the rope to be incorrect and everybody was trying to. Security people wait it's but I don't know that was more Florida the other guy who literally cut you felt like I never felt great football or. Grow small but I think you might walk out you know. All I don't like. Network good call. At least Billy. That we are all about did so. But we'd still act here. They're talented. And important areas. But in other areas you can see it. OK you have more effort Richard it's yep more culture. It changed quite tiger to be liked it happened everybody get paid you know. So don't worry is that what they're for. Back I give it more effort in it would be given more effort to eat it it had hit coach did get a better positioned and the other guy. So. Book open. You know I I still think you're better see to believe. But like all the other thirty the other 31 feet away. I don't know about blew up their personalities are going to be at the end of October then you're gonna know and got he got they got some battle. Like Gallup poll ballot really. Got surprised that Powell they were. Well they keep me. Coupled with some injury he did this become a couple bad calls miscommunication. Eternal over it's always any Big Apple teams but truly heal. Well the way you always been outweighed average. So deep that you gotta match differ do you buy into the first month is basically just an extension of the pre season and you really don't know what you have until you said after you know six weeks and end October. But no like yeah he's got a they used you how many reps did your religion and our policy built a cigarette I should at least know I don't lineup yet. I don't you know. You're free agent and agreeable heard everything Manila he beat you guys that would outlaw torture practices. That it did it into a situation. Maybe it doesn't know yet had enough rest nobody should be helpful to how it broke it. Like in all this place you know step up. So he didn't use the pictures are up other scenes of this boycott because of the nuclear that they had because there. There's been a lot of familiarity. With BP and they're just. You know they understand what's expected of them and everything else a Cogent. Lots and coaches dig deeper at the huge. On the other side like that it's better to choke I have great hey. But excuse. Do you think Brady's comments when he makes these comments after games though attitude and a better mrs. does that order. Indicated that some really serious is gone America's not too often you hear can use those words about his team and making cars. Probably on one hand every time he's done in the eighteen years he's been here. I just really start to the hole like you do up there are quite. Sports. It was dark side. Worker on your attitude to start working your mental. State. Now like what's important. All this particular place or go. They're not quite picked up the ball. All of app now you know. Nobody you know I've felt. There are pretty I'm. You know there are. You know are artists Bert do dealing with a knee jerk reaction and it's been working hard all the bloody war. Any big setback. Or we lost to buffalo. 31 not. Throughput so. A portable and all. Kyra sitting out what's next debris. I remember talking. Remember the life you know he was. It was quite. I'm being the bill orders these. It was cute looking at what they're doing quite like yet did we got a few more like that we got what apple we got you there had to do. I would like. Outfit well I mean it's it's we want. Every advantage of the turnover is not that I doubt you've got a great. Program like. A way. It or don't I don't think we're clean up what we got off. Oh. You know the media I. Am where there a difference you know all ally. And deeply people bought what the other who's got this. Trust also got politically you're out there that believe. Pierce's. You know you deal. Let them before you go we at the saints come up this week from from my perspective seems to pick a good team they go against her for a bounce back game with a pretty suspect. Defense and I think that their offense looked as if high powered added that in the past spent without Willie Snead so. Do you kind of feel that the same way this is or good bounce back team for the patriots this week Darren warns that bounce back and get back on track. All that really challenge right and it. You know you write a treatment that they didn't just sort we bat for years like historically that ought. So he bobbled it got a call dumb. I don't know I don't know anybody else but don't look really good. Because all of the space. Will be how they got agent Peter good bit more eager to do that some weapon at every golf ball county. Yeah well so I don't know I guess my questions like who are directed. I don't speaker identity it. They they had it deep it is apple worked out there that are broader. He got a big back like in and do your Peter only to hear what you don't. Yeah commit to a rod and speed he's OK don't. You know I hope that we should get war. Our incursion thanks a lot move and we hear your own and a post on this week. Always good and got really good day I'm right now my dirt. If you are probable bought it but it. All right and things locker room will touch you next week. We're back with rich Keefe. What's it about two days ago Monday. Down Gillette Stadium where or your thoughts were with bill budget was this morning here tougher tougher inner reason ever had. You know what I mean I'm not surprised Vilsack was the way that he wasn't coming off a bad loss at home where you can actually spending in the fourth quarter and it's by the following day. Michael was trying to tell tale of me. You know I think it's gonna really gutting of the weekend to think about things that Monday's committee would be really good isn't it better mood. And immediately is that is that doubt you could tell that was not the case he was fired up he's upset. We've all the questions about it is that team and they took it out on us. I for anyway he hit it too personally. And I I don't fans. Loved it when he gives media members a hard time I understand it like yours. You're not what you're listening to a couple of asking questions you'd think it's greatly makes people feel awkward I completely get it. We try to get as much as we possibly hood out of you know we asked them about the chiefs game we asked about the things we got a lot of questions in between. And he just wasn't happening you know and I started. Last year in December unaudited December January and in the Super Bowl those are all time like it does speak with Celtics haven't done it nearly as many times this dale Polley. I think I was maybe part of they boot ever and they've got a lot of zig and how they you actually were part of a colossal admirably if that's my first loss and you master and yeah that was. That was the or use the most critically. All. Has it been what you thought it would be interviewing Belichick. The AZ. And between breakthrough for you get him is the the it's it'll obviously but sometimes he'll walk you won't work or break. A couple of Mets for a talk to Theo is doing talk about race and often in them there we go this most recent interview with an example of we or on the air her I've met through thick and sit there and and and we multiple break in and talked for couple minutes afterward but. I thought it would be you know you gotta be really prepared and should be prepared for home. Without a particular. You know that you asked that question you can make you whereas if you ask them you know a stupid question. They might take it and still answer it nicely for like it they might still think it's what you meant. Where it felt that will just you Hewitt who workers are. Trying to do what that is if you're players I think users from crops are. They lived in every two coaches in town John Ferrell and Bill Belichick do you enjoy one more in the other notes although. Temperature don't object. Over the last forty years one five of the most important sports figures showed today in Boston right. If you're all the people you know your fan of the four teams here office. Who would you like you who talk to weekly basis Tom Brady on that list. I'll check the on the list. And you know well maybe maybe you. All here serving them like that though school until politics race and a coach all I'm. Topic for them or open your secret after all but about one thing. If that vertical field talk to. Cardinals attempt at a game last Thursday what are your thoughts do you think this is still a one game you know blip on the radar do you think there are some serious concerns that this team. I think there's concern of serious concerns running the defense obviously got some issues and and their depth isn't great I can overlook that honestly before the season started I was one of these ninety you know people but they're going to be. And now salute wagon. I'm not concerned about the offense got everything that this week but. They didn't look very good results 2.0 ports and Brady's going to be better that he was on Thursday for the rest of these in my opinion. Defensively though. There's certain teams that have certain kind skill position guys that are going to be matchup problems more like Kansas City and I don't think overall there great offense. With a tight end in the running back and a kind of shifty receiver it did not match up well for the patriots and a lot of linebackers we'll. Completely out of place somewhat worried about the linebackers for the athletic secondary will play better going forward so. It's gonna be another year we see a lot of these for the offense is gonna have to bail out the. Nam with the a lot of those things I do think that people or elect decide good achieve its war. They were at number two seed in the AFC lecture for reason they of those poetry do you running backs that I think that exposed the Peter's weaknesses on defense. And I guess I think it was a matchup thing now looking ahead to the saints game this week. What do what do you expect this Wheaties you'd expect a big bounce back rhetorically what the defense went up against high powered offense. Yeah I do I think the saints you know watching them play against the vikings things. I don't we corporate and I understand but I don't think this thing it's America. And yeah Willie Snead disparities are going to be there. Drew Brees is not the same Drew Brees as it was before so I don't think they're gonna go away and up plus with their running backs that they use. I think the patriots can use their speaker kind of run stopping linebacker more as try to get that matchup with actually better for what Michael promise the very good receiver. But I opted out of other guys don't really scare me. And it's a perfect game for Brady background for a minute safety rather think secondary I mean anybody can throw a nice thing I ever did so by what. Next week if we're talking about Brady having similar numbers to what if in the city derby big time it's there because. The saints get thrown off by literally everybody so he should be at the office to be really good. And the defense got you know three fine but I think they're being bounced back with reverend. What do you think they do on offense after earlier receiver do you think we see more adult or sad or the blunt in that that caught me and we Kwan was the lack of the running backs they have been away for. Running backs guys at perceptions in the games that I would imagine they'd get those guys more involved. That's my guess is more chief white more Rex Burkhead I don't know though torso is ready for yet I don't know if he's still just running you know deep routes are wrong if anything else up his sleeve. But it probably going to be a lot more. Based on the depth at they have I don't think Evan goals you play maybe by federal you know it was an investment or on the answer on. I think it's going to be a lot of you know cooks Hogan may be too tight ends and running back or one tied into running back figures and a lot of those kind of offense that hopefully. More you know were headed white. Running some of those traditional element that's an out expect to field. I know this and they come up you're going to be near your real time soft want to leave that to. And FL Sundays not really Ana FL Sundays. You know both of them are the it shows passive but we're act or additional 91. That's very real both of these years. On the US or answer the double and news broke that. Hope we mud comes more prepared than them last Sunday. Law aimed at you write an article speaker. Hopefully as a better drafting device. One. Of the prime or those guys going to be one. Are you can hear more from ridge ski and Mike and Nancy on NFL Sunday this Sunday from nine to one thing's operation we'll talk next week.