More on Yawkey Way name change; Blind Mike Geary in studio

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Friday, August 18th

Hour 2. Christian continues to react and take calls on John Henry's statements that he wants to change Yawkey Way's name. Blind Mike Geary is in studio for another edition of Tonight in Social Media.


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These these late night with Christian arcade Sports Radio. I would ninety winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock its kitty goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. It. Here's Sports Radio WEEI late night euros Christian are candidates that you this year this evening. Live and our breaking studios. A full fault lines right now but if you wanna calling keep trying to 6177797937. You can text me 37937. Tweet me Christian or can't. We've been talking about streets tonight. Among other things streets and Nazis. And basically is and the Maine through topics here tonight we did sneak in one Red Sox call an actual team on the field call. And that is not off limits here tonight by the way folks if you would like to talk about the Red Sox I am on after every single Red Sox game have a lot of thoughts about this team I assure them every night. Not allowed to go off of here tonight is there wasn't a game by looking ahead of these yankees series and after that even. This Cleveland series in Cleveland starting on Monday. That series to meet you be all season and there that right there is your playoff preview of that is the team that swept you in the playoffs last season. That's a team you won two games too crazy games earlier this month and then lost to Trevor Bauer the other night. They're probably your most legitimate competition I would say in the American League outside of Houston. Houston is a level above everybody else Red Sox and Indians I'd say you're pretty pretty close. And the Yankees may be a step down from them I think the Red Sox if they went through at a three from the Yankees this weekend. Will really sort out they're not gonna put the nail on the cop and he can't do that August when it's less than was that like endured twelve games by it it'll be ill go along way I think. Towards accomplishing whatever goals it is this Red Sox team is looking to do here before this month is out obviously wanna build a bigger believes he can. And I think that's a good thing for a couple of reasons number one. This is a bullpen it's been pretty well overworked there's been guys that were expected to pitch a lot of innings and didn't pitch single inning this year Kirsten Smith Tyler Thornburg. Those guys were supposed to be important set up man on this team. And aid in pitcher also you've had. Guys like he'd Embry guys like Joseph Kelly just came off the DL Matt Barnes guys who have thrown a ton of. Innings this year and I'd like to see maybe some of them. Get a break that's well you know get him nice and rested ready to go here for the playoffs. But you got to when these games first in this Cleveland series you know I never thought I'd actually say that I'm looking ahead of the Yankees series but I I really am and it's even weird because. The Red Sox and yankees the fight it out for the AL east. I think the reason why is because they're playing again after that the plane at the end of August beginning September there's another series and that's the last one thing. That is the last time deeply Cleveland and it's a four game set and it's in Cleveland. And there are some tough match ups there there really are Palmer rants clover that's going to be a whale of a game right there. You guide he club injure and that these club manager Rodriguez to start off we'll check the actual schedule but I mean that's four games. In in Cleveland with probably your most dangerous opponent I would set. And a team you're probably gonna play in the playoffs that's a huge series to me in them almost looking ahead this Yankee series that which is not some I thought I'd say in a the pretty tightly contested dailies playoff race here in and would pass the middle of August that's a weird place to be in the here we are. Six on 777979837. Is the phone number also of course or when talking about John Henry telling Michael Silverman of The Herald. That he wants to change the name of yawkey way. Cities haunted by the organization's past. And a lot of people sort of interpret that as pandering. On some level I think I kind of do too but I don't have a problem with a really don't. Sometimes pandering he's not the worst thing in the world in on it's really sometimes it's okay. Not always sometimes and you know in this particular instance I did maybe it just be itself which I wanna have changed the name yawkey way for years. And I've been saying that on these airwaves for years. So I'm glad that they're finally starting to do ordered starting the process of doing it or whatever it actually take. I don't know exactly what you have to do if you go around is John Henry asked only go to city hall and you know meet with some Department of Transportation big wig or something like how does that actually where I I've I've I'd be interested in knowing what that process actually looks like. In down I mean we're talking we're not talking about Joe Schmo going to get a permit for his. You know who for whatever I review for his pool in the yard like we're talking about a guy trying to renamed a street I got big busy street. And that sounds like very a lot of red tape their when you're John Henry. You know he can cut through that red tape you know with a little green tape. That's kind of how that works. You can. Petition for new street and cracked or fill out an application for one in application. Welker. What that's like. If the pay if the pay to change it probably doesn't get enough signatures detail and I know I had occasion you do need odd door to door signatures you do door to door signature. Says take the form adored adored that. Interest and I guess that's to get everybody on the street to agree. The only thing is jockey way what's what's theirs though who's on first this calls some else narrate. Telling the basement bar or some like that this pad stop on who's on first he would be getting shot outside of it there's the souvenir store it is like to souvenir stores. Com and on the other side streets at the park so. John Henry says so in the probably auditor agree I think the only one that would have their own. Decision to make there is. Although now we are QA does extend another block though. There's that building across the street from the park there and across from tasty burger. I don't know what that building has been that's something I guess they have to agree with that though if they're considered running arguing amateur there. But F I mean it seems like they'll probably get signatures. The not a lot of signatures to get a solid people live on the street. These businesses actually caring about it. You know I'd I doubt it I guess it depends if they change it to. That you know if they change it to. Tasty burger sox' way that a bit tasty burger pro really hey guys with Michael Cain got a working. You're right I have a feeling they're probably won't though. Anyway 61777979837. If your phone number let's say get back to your phones here that is the late night proms do it early enough it'll start this hour with Joseph and Austin hi Joseph aria. Hey question what's up. So I you know. On the taxi driver boss inevitably brought in my cap at 3 o'clock have been bounced around all the stations you don't AM hand out some unions. You know everybody's negative suggestions or change in the name I agree. You know I don't want to see the big yawkey associated with the Red Sox anymore IP wasn't Josh Gibson even an option for us at one point and he wasn't. If that's true that might be true I don't know I know that I know the stories about Jackie Robinson Willie Mays and you know Josh Gibson's and they're still wouldn't surprise me but I don't know that so yeah but I mean it would mean it wouldn't be shocking at all that was the case I mean they were just they they were strict they added they had a role they. Did not want any black people on the team and they stuck within as long as they possibly could. Sold the thing that struck block Armenians everybody's making that suggestion don't amateur history whatever. But nobody's really suggest and arch suggesting that they should change in the game to. I may have that will actually reflect why we changed the name and actually I mean I have a suggestion and I know so some people it's gonna sound corny. Why. You know the address right now was for yawkey way. In its way like you only in Italy and street at the street wrote as a road. If we called it. A wave of change. So apparently park and it could be a wage to win. The way you seem way it's a little redundant as well Bubba just call it the way of change and it could be Fenway Park port but later changed. Under our note fell below forty but mine is a little codes. It is a little corny but my point here don't change it to Jersey street it was Jersey streets let's put all the reviews the big. I know but basically just taken a name all particular may launch. Each change it to something that's. Tell everybody why are we took the name. I. Joseph listen I'd say get I think your heart's in the right place here but I feel like that's gone a step further than you really need to go I mean the important thing is the racist guys' names not on the street anymore is an enemy is now were looking for here late. The way of change I mean they hit and I guess. That's just. I don't know I don't love that I mean I do yards did you listen Jason organize guiding your heart's in the right place but I don't I don't know about that. I don't I don't think you need to pander with what you changed name to. Some people think pandering change the name at all I'd which I don't put. In down there there's a way to do it which I think won't be in control of the way of change. It's a baseball field in only c'mon. For change. Where is it that the at the Fisher cats play a line drive the New Hampshire. That's who read that statement. Would have been perfect 6077797937. To go to PD. Even had the guy in the market looking yet recently thanks. You know he is like you call that being your that the Hogan are gone Charles you got definite that it appears so happy that. All opening their attack you know is some sort terrible people on the apple side. Apple's. On both sides you have a one side was not the mean c'mon you can't say there is anybody out there is a bad as the Nazis. On the other side. You hated Hitler era in and Cuban Communist anarchist and that is Nazis. You take heart that you can Google. Or people yeah and then. As an anarchist better than Nazis and Communists by the way that every time he has the solid either you know every Nazi was Hitler it's it's different under communism could be. You could be eight or talk about change. We would have democracy via communism right. I don't listen I don't have any luck for communism I don't think Tommy is a good thing either beats you compared to nazism. You think it's what you want or not he is definitely I. Communism is certain places where there haven't been mass murders combined not isms and one thing and one thing only market. Are you are to put or or or or kicker what. Purple purple balls bad sure but yeah the public. Like kind of a good critic Republican the world. Or not it would happen too stupid but. I don't think your reason becoming an anarchist you'd act. Erica cracked. What people aren't going to let those people. And people. Does that's not a terrorist attack. There's not driving your car into a crowd he's not the same thing. You'd. Want to people aren't always. I don't think that's I don't think that's a good thing to do that's a terrible thing it's a crime was he was to be arrested but it's not a terrorist act public public we're republic republic senate are. Something about their burnt apparently broke. It's not just seems killing people. People don't. Are you may break some which was seems to write what people. You. All the Republicans. Are bad guys. But you don't know that I don't. US debt next scene is walking out to a field with a machine should be. I don't know I don't know I don't know I guess it kind of did you are just the thing. Is that okay so well that that. He could but he got got the answers before you could who didn't have a mark. Bart. I agree with me but they got they got the article that I read a lot of people like okay. You can't march if you're not no you cannot. It. Your opinion is wrong if your not. But it does not mean Santa violence that Matt morale who is it is a former marine. Bind the guys who you talk to by the way people just before before we go any further here as far as the First Amendment concerned I agree I think people should have the right. To assemble and the right to free speech but would you not agree also that not c.s in ice is our enemies of the state in that they should be. Sort of treated as such and not give my same protections as everybody else. Yet rotator okay that's aren't. I would pay cut in their boat I would say not the end I would think it kind of hate. But that put you right here on it like that crippled sticker all around the People's Bank. I didn't say those people weren't hate group vice that they weren't terrorists bulk sore right. Not everybody who is there was doing that either everybody was part of that Nazi rally was and that's the your total lack excellent fit right. People smashing into that let people speak opened up a. Of course we're going on and I think that's terrible that did people do that I died not listen I have criticized anti for many times. On the air in in Britain's with that when I was ranked terabyte I did not go easy on them okay I don't have a lot of love in my heart here Fareed deepen. Late combined. Into Eva verses not easy yeah I'm an anti beside. And I'm not very often but in that particular fight I am. You know it's like Syria. I don't like aside he's a monster he's quite nice this okay prices I support that I don't support gassing his feeble I support inviting places. Another shirt. Groups that you support their enemies. Almost unconditionally. Are we eight really I mean like ads that's kind of word is for me. I've lost family members in terrorist attacks I lost a family member on September 11. I'll play that on any so I don't care what the race of the person doing it is. Terrorism I don't play it. And I can't I can't. It just would allow people lewd compare that did a write a riot in a terrorist attack are two different things. A year rides aren't good by the way I don't think the right answer a positive thing I'm not sitting here saying go out riot. What you can't compare that to a terrorist attack you can't. Go to market New Hampshire I'm mark. They questioned why it was. Hey you know. I would talk and no color truck I want to be a good idea Europe got behind the glad they did rocky don't have a right to to. To protest the top march. He said Ed that's his belief he doesn't think mark no Nazi should be allowed to market. I would he wants to selectively. Choose under the First Amendment who can marching to keep. I think what his well I'll let LM explaining now why it why do you believe that. Odds are believe I was EC needs he's asking why you don't think ninety should be allowed to march when they shouldn't have to be glad to the similar market. That's a belief system that's just wrong it's all about hate it. We all know that mr. backed it hate. But they just it's Colin captain insanely idiotic thing he can say you'd believe. I'll come line. Sorry mark it as easily as it has nothing to do reports hawking I would is that a great announcement like talking about the irritants are talking about sanctity. Where English soccer. Yeah there's a difference between right now at least you would think he's okay. Did you overcome without choke Julie who went to a human who I believe in the First Amendment of the constitution of the United States. Because you know than not she kept her like how much is longing to target goal of violence okay what happened which added heat it got highly. March and ice is ice lab the march is nice this landmark. Of course they get rob righteous people in this kind are they marching. Yeah see emerging. Well what we're gonna crisis rally in the city anywhere election Christian you differently. You'll we're by the way today to get repetition Islamic terrorist yes I want can you talk about that I have not talked about it you can track at. Because you know he looked left leaning in the media respect are you trying dumping on don't form. And in this incident that happened watch. On Saturday you know in the lap spending time talking about you whistle something that happened in another country and it ain't gonna hate. He's still was in America aren't in the pop world Christian is radical it's locked it didn't not the Nazis who will not the Nazis. Than that not one cent of Americans are radical Islamic terrorists mark on the side not seem to be a little bit more in this such. Christine. Less than one point 1% are 325. Million people allow themselves he would not seek a white supremacy. He'll end up front did you say at the range of the ranged in you went in the lip. I'm not in the left leaning media martz and the year also talking about radical Islamic terrorism like they're not a tiny sliver of all Muslims in the world either that's exactly the same argument you can make them cry aren't literally. And and Nazis don't. Mark please Jesus I'll my guy. You think they're not you should marched anything that ice issued march. And I consider those two groups enemies of the state. And I feel as though they don't they should not get the same sort of protections that normal people get. Millions of Americans do not fight World War II for these guys to the march around today they fought in that war too. Eliminate that from the world I mean that wasn't just to stop that was to eliminate that whole ideology from the entire world. That's what that war was about I mean like. You know some of these people they apparently. Have relatives that fought that war in their appeared there at their marching like it's it's blows my mind you really does. Like supreme look at NBA. Supremacy. I wouldn't say there. I think that's good point. Go to Wayne and women on win. Well someone. We love doing it. You're right I'm well it's not immediately I need just finally want to talk about your problem on the let thank you for taking my call and I appreciate what you do attrition and now. Covered them up to an American perspective. And you know we're talking about the Nazis are welcome to the kkk but no let's talk about. This history of African Americans in America. You know we. And equipment tropical would appoint and even though the symbolism with a kick taken down a confederate. About steps you coaching in the name goes just symbols we we we need. Chang racial change in America to recognize the Specter of the in. In this country have been being impeached sort semi and restore law and created. To destroy families of local loop of Africans you know we've been. Ripped apart and then in and admitted it indeed if you thought you vehicle on a side armed talk about the rights not. The whole point is that. Black people in America have been decimated. By laws that will create a mean you know European immigrants came here it would get into it. Given trying to exit to produce product on that men and we have African slaves would just say OK you actually. No clothes. No home language nobody. Now I don't know not allowed to vote out any of the races to you know do government people Wear their value is yea your lesson that Blaine obviously this isn't. Changing the name of the streets not gonna do anything but it's a huge it's his statement that should be made a map of the team I think. But you know you can compute how many steps in the probably the war but it does he got that in my I go. A local matter it was it was this is not the bonanza Little House on the Prairie we've been taught we taught to think so no conscience. In the slate but this was linked to think what about it where there was no. Wouldn't quit when the slate couldn't work from what it was sent out some weird ending an infant and absorbent. And slaves getting what you don't know what went to a tourist and looked at the pilot system. About slavery in the violent history of the so how is probably what took took took took took to strip with the but I America to keep that type. Ripping. 4072. What I told you the wind is going to look into an. Without which there'd been a lot. I didn't want to look at the point of how we can educate each upper and then go to the fiscal action. 222 to the basic rule or the formula of what's going on and see what's what's happened. And we channel port. The fact that it has been a negative approach to. Applicant in this country come to know we've done about racing you know but financially was still surprised. Economically with a group that we it was still suppressed. Educational arts up in America that's still haven't it's called shut down. And try to put in place and not neighborhoods and go at depressed and that in this conversation the talk about symbolism that's an iguana changeup he winked and you know it's all about. All right. We'll read. Yeah I'm Wayne listen I don't disagree with saying he says well. Yeah I don't disagree with anything you set I got like ego because were way over for break it thank you for calling heightened call back any time or I went. Aaron thank you appreciate that we got to take a break you're 617779. 7937. Is the phone number. Been a pretty heavy shows so far hairs are gonna lighten things up a little bit next segment line Mike is in the house. And that we have a brand new installment of this week in social media and it's coming your way when we come back don't go anywhere in his late night on Sports Radio WE yeah. Patriots and Bruins Red Sox Celtics and more let's get you back good Christian I can watch Sports Radio WEEI. Student athlete. We're back your Sports Radio WEEI this is late night I'm your host Christian are can iceberg. Stay up this year. On that pretty heavy show when things a little bit here it's this week and social media coming your way. In just a few minutes but first I want to welcome in our now this is three Thursdays and are on the bridge just about. I'm Mike program and then via lighten the mood is one that's what I always think Entercom part of the team here formally or stool sports intern UN. The lovely young Dana lower interns on the same day various and she was getting all the attention and it seemed like things were going on as you were balking out of the room. You turn around blurted I am blind you know I shouldn't. And worked in network in the spirit of renaming things. Blind Mike has run its I'm a man as a man inside through its its art are able would you prefer I'm just I mean I Khaled. A memoir that some yeah. Never thought about yet like the big Roy Orbison sunglasses in a hurt people like recognized in public. Honestly I I want to wears sunglasses in dollars. The you have the best excuse that in a way but the problem is I see so much worse with round yeah so it's just it's doubly so I was looking averages I was checking and you like your phone as you can see like but it's huge yes it's a bigger in Texas it's bigger than trumps lace the font on his path and is no cards they're a very large anyway I event manager we don't. But apparently there and it you know it's. I think it's a crazy week systems are going to attend studio yeah I mean it kind it's just me here but it was still sort of like get tense studio that true. It's good to have you back here it's that time of course for this we can sort of meteors will get through in just 12. But before we do. I was just thinking about last week. How we're talking about like Chelsea handler in. All the other stuff. And for some reason this week everything answers so why does everything I was I believe I had someone on your Twitter called me all right that's right someone to do this evidence of what has happened two days before Augusta and I denounced Clinton had a uncle did spin it into and out of ten. Weird you know and it's going to be where and you show up you know if you show up to the common on Saturday but the ultimate adult an excuse ally in the al-Qaeda I don't know walking around. Like all right I'm Mike there you go are without any further review let's get to it it is time for this. New edition of this week and social media here. All right this meager social media we do this every Thursday and we recap the week in things that happened on its Graham Twitter FaceBook snapped jet setter. And will lead things off with a well with a milestone. A milestone hit by a certain mr. Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan and instead Graham. I don't know if I noticed reached 2000. 830. For an excuse me 283000. Followers okay. Those numbers. 283. So we not remember what the score of the soup. I've been it was at I believe it was 28 to three. I'm a slow person I don't I'm sure that Matt Ryan is gonna continue to acquire and amassed Twitter followers. Herb in the Gramm followers were reduced it'll eventually be through a 284 that he five but I think we should all just for the time being now taken into account. And remember his I think it's important that we always remember never forget. That the falcons had a 28 to three lead in the Super Bowl that is that is the story in the patriots won the suitable. He's just delete his account lost it lost the game process itself. It's kind of were met with all of this as well for. Moving on to Twitter in this isn't really sports related but. If you notice what's going on HBO or you HBO fan base that I'm a huge HBO fans were right in the thick of game with drones OK we got like a half a season and a half left. And you know I I happen alike Tolliver LEV while lake is Silicon Valley they've been silicon about it to miners is great turnout I would love him thrown surprise you don't watch him throw a ground. It's getting good right now and you're gonna start has and has a good time US game at the agreement I do big Faneca. So that. All these Twitter accounts are getting like hacked and someone broke in the HBO and is like releasing episodes and spoiling all these shows. In all this stuff and I just out and now it's weird because even even though like I can watch. This coming Sunday's game at drones they like release that Spain or something like that. I don't want to like actually and big exercising discipline here in lake these leagues scripts and stuff I'm not gonna read them I don't wanna read them I wanna be I wanna see the show why that's something that I still have to say they have a breaking them neighboring Baghdad and I think a script came out early for the finale temperature right and now I used purposely and with opera. Brandi what might that might result in his HBO go on the way of Netflix and releasing all there. Seasons at once great drama one of these stories today the UA well first of all before we get to that. HBO tighten it up please and then come lines well there's you have these people packing them in demanding ransom yet lately curler down I think it's little amounts 250 how well they shouldn't negotiate with cyber terrorists racked up thirty minutes of the game. It's true this is the CGI I didn't enemy to dragons and so much that. I find that in their couch. But I you know it's pretty mainly HBO if you think about it like they've been around for so long and it had the same business model and it's gone this long and and this successful and now. Some punks on the Internet are trying to. Ruin everybody's good time like I hate that a good site yeah I don't the worst thing that happened this week but it's certainly not the summer offensive definitely up there moving on to other sports world LeBron James and a huge viewpoint this one out to me I knew that he made some comments right but I did Nazis tweets LeBron James weighing in on the Charlottesville. Stuff. And well let managing give me your take on the first. I think. I love to hate on LeBron he I've I've defended Tom Brady effort similar things I don't think LeBron really said anything of substance and he was kinda. You know he may call on the so called president. Yes I mean. Yet he may I guess that's more than Brad solo run is that it brings us all look like passive aggressive pitching of so called president such a LeBron wade gets criticized trumped up culminate hole 100%. But with my my problem with the people criticizing me is that they were criticized of granite. If he said Vick a great opposite argument some extreme statement visas and why you're doing is just focus on Basque. It's there's nothing he could have done and we're in an age where. Everyone feels the need to comment on everything for summaries so he had to say something about it if is that nothing minnow would be wise whereas LeBron on this rate is a big. Hillary Clinton supporter wise he's aiming now. There's nothing he could have done. To look good in the situation yeah it's kind of like we were that Brady withdrawn. Kinda is that the concern is that just don't and. Don't say anything and had basically what he's done in town for all the crap that Tom Greg Brady guy he never once publicly endorsed trump for president he never said to who's going for an Iraq and we did vote for and that was you know he made a point of not doing that it was his choice he's an American you don't tell people you voted for. And I agree with you there finally. In this weaken social media Barack Obama. Five days ago. Weed out the most re tweeted tweet of all time cy. And it's a picture of him. Looking up into a window where there are three infants basically it's one they seem to be different races one obviously is different reasons like the united colors of Benetton his mind is when the and Obama is looking in the window. And smiling at these kids and it hit the quote in the caption of the tweet is no one is born heating another person because of the color of his skin. Or his background or his religion. So he fixed racist you know he fixed by the way all we're all good can't help but notice you only use masculine pronoun there very I'll rock come as stag feminism EC. Because of their skin or their background or their religion okay right not just he writes Barack. I'm sure that that was probably like a biblical over something that somebody says but still. Most re tweet most popular tweet ever it was like. As of right now I'm looking at it I think for a million times 4332000. Times it was re treated at one point six million times. Policy is at us for such a bland point like it's not yeah it was even a point it was not. Yet really was it was it was sort of just we receive we can effect and Seward is now what do these numbers and as an hour there and a four point 3000001 point six million. Re tweet say this. I don't know what the previous best week ever was most popular suite ever was but it was probably like the amount of cells in the Justin Bieber and around Vieira lately amounts. John Legend and Christie deeds you baby pictures crap like they don't beyoncé and her. Pregnancy pictures say you know what if this is gonna dig the thrown over from them. I'm OK with that I think that's fine it's a nice message I guess in wait in light of recent events but the most popular tweet of all time. I'm from Barack Obama this area final minutes from the earth and we got something done. Are right now we're gonna take a quick break we'll come back up line Mike is in studio we'll get his take on the jockey race stuff. And other Red Sox and everything else don't go anywhere as late night on Sports Radio W media. Piece is Christian art can. On Sports Radio WEEI. He. You know it's funny hold generational and those Will Smith is like the parent that added. Willow and Jason Smith. He was a really really your effort as he does have pioneered that's Elizabeth and I haven't heard this and I am I think it just know that it's. Then he had nightmare in my street time to chill is a great sign. Pairs just don't understand that they weren't done. Summertime obviously it's a big hit. You so much bleaker remember that went. As rates on about a good woman who had some of those with a car must he's taken eternal wild ride them. Then she rear ends of and the whole thing is about you some of the weaker big that's what the course this. And I was like in 1993 is Smith getting blue yes that was his that was his blue moment at that as bad as it got well obviously a blind Mike the big story of the day. The hockey way of being well now on the table here from John Henry. Said telling Michael Solomon of the Boston Herald that he's open to changing the name he wants the change in name and he's been haunted by any racist past of Todd the ghost of Tom jockey for however license they were on the team. And now I guess I don't know exactly with a buy you petition for it or. You get signatures there would executive Mattie was looking up the what you actually have to do what's your take on change your name period went to patty field. Changing the name in general I've had zero problem of Baghdad Baghdad city showed my in my life so it's my problem with the whole issue is Thomas I John Henry sang. I was haunted by the insight that there's value bought that he had no problem buying the team rates and to you fifteen years did sane in the about it. That's how would you haunted you he said in the interview that he tried did bring the issue up with Menino Menino didn't I wanna hire firmly believe that's a complete lie you believe that yes because he is why the human alive at a dead I mean ambassador absolutely hate check. Driven Menino you can't straighten this idea. Why is why wouldn't you say back then why would you make a stink about it and say I believe that Tom yawkey was a racist and I went to Menino and set I want to change its name. And he said now why would you make a fuss about it pol I would it happened a deck of the week. That this stuff happens Charlottesville and that at the years that as Adam Jones stuff comes up and I think it's completely. Because John Henry once Twitter applause when they good guys there's no one that the idea that fans are. Shaking at the knees walking down ya do why do I did go down the street racist man. That no one day no one thinks about it. Now if you do you think about and you realize who timed out is that I have no promise change and don't actually do this holier than now guy that's been pounding at the desk of the mayor's office for ten years then yeah you thought that this. I guess I mean I I think the it's possible he could have you know been this is something here's how I sort of look at I think is somebody probably always believed. That is something he always sort of thought about they would but it wasn't a huge prior priority. Lake you know there's obviously much bigger fish to fry when you own a team then you know the name of the street especially when you have to go to the city and do it by the way. Many just came in here with the guidelines for completing an application to request a street name change in a public street this is hot stuff re here that. The application needs the current street name consider for the change the proposed new street name a map that identifies the location of the subject street. Application feed through thousand dollars which where's he gonna get that kind of money. Made payable to the city of Jackson or from Jacksonville I guess this is what is orbit. Sounds like this is just an example this just an example of what of the things that you have to do here come you have to do. Submit the application yet the pay. The planning and development department have to decide if the petitions valid beat me commission complete their review of the street name change and then. They prepare final report in the mayor reviews it dollar us that stuff so I mean it's like it's. This is sadly there's a lot of red tape that's on its just gonna happen right away you know how the you know City Hall works anywhere really but especially around here so I would say. They even though it's it's nice of him to say it is he's saying right now but it's not like it's gonna happen tomorrow and it's it's sort of icy what you're saying like this is a good time to be on that side of something but it also could be a time is aside he's always bad nine. And now's the time where he wants to be extra vocal about it and I don't really have too much of a problem was shot. And I I think you visa aiming as far as I know is a pretty liberal guys on so yeah I'm sure he's always believe that. By my my issue that he just the the padding on the back that yeah happens all over the place. People cannot win I don't. I don't know he knows Christian but a lot of my friends and I've only learned is this week are not not what they aren't I know that because they told me. 3000 times on my face thrown out and that's your edges and partly it's the guy problem with a guy and I can't Nazis I don't. I don't get it but I but yet he he wants that he wants the via the at a. Boys that he gets from. From people on twittering and FaceBook and when you know whatever. It's kind of amazing the get at a boys just percent and that's into Rex that's a that's politics true lowered the boss he has written some anyway so I could certainly. In that point how do you the delicacy that deep glass door does it stop I would I would sort of put this out there. And I I haven't heard too many people say that tonight is I think this is sort of obvious I mean. You know we're not talking about the street that was named yard QA vacuum you know when Paul Revere was riding through the streets in Europe you know it's not like it really dates back all that far they changed the name. After yawkey died which is 1976. And any change in 77 so I mean. You have a forty year history which is an all that long. And you know people are treating it like it's you know the civil war or statues and yet he's not mean. But there is I there's something to what trump said about Washington and Jefferson it's like. I understand as much as people rip dom for. I understand that it's like if you dig into the history of everyone in this every every. Street named after someone in this country. You're gonna find a lot of bad in fact mostly bad sure you don't mean our red changed its annual hall which I don't know all I knew enough about the guys annual but I mean I guess there's others problems there too I didn't know thing you'll I think that I didn't know that was name different person I do we know is cited incidents I didn't Neiman but. Have you looked. This country sadly was built on slavery so if you look at a lot of the name names of bridges and tunnels and roads. It's going to be up to some people that have a shady past yeah. They so yeah there's only so much you can do and as he is one of renamed Everett again that's the only other alternate really. But like I like you said it's kind of cut right here it's like I mean he wasn't that wasn't really that great note. Know is that they were not a good don't know what the World Series and have a sense this time. He rents passes on Willie Mays right not a good owner not a good baseball mind that would set wrecked it seems to me like people get more upset about a name change like this than they would about. Remember when they're gonna change on the subway now with T stop names. And give them like in a Dunkin' Donuts at Harvard Square like Carlos things and every time they changed TD garden it was a shot on its Saturn fleet Saturn out TD garden and yet. You know when corporations come in and change the name is something I you don't get the same kind of angry and don't change our history type you know it really doesn't seem like that's there's two different. I noticed that the rules for this it would if you tried to people get mad about it and don't really change furiously to be tried to change Fenway Park totally in Boston on his part in whatever. Then again he's he's an hour but there's also a thing of if John Henry just said. I'm I'm in spring training next year. By the way we changed the that we got we got it done we changed the name of yawkey way to Ortiz and wanna change it I don't think people really. They be sucked but it wouldn't be this thing where it's like. John Henry kind of traded off the fact that he got at all of this congratulations from one side to getting criticized but it's kinda did the tree Jamaica. Do so I would say patty it is the fact that the Iraqis since you know since obviously since Tom died that the yawkey foundation has done so much in amazing terrible work in this city I mean that that counts for something what you. And that's why didn't care they kept it really that that its name at the time got him out is appease the garbage so you can change you want but. I never associate I I am I mean I know time yacht is obviously. Born I go to yawkey way when I go to Fenway I never think oh boy this street races demand the outages yawkey way and it's time know ten minutes I've known for all these years the and so it's never. Triggered that and mine mine tonight. Honestly most people in the state don't know who Tom yawkey it's yeah I don't think that word. Is necessarily associated with racism Null supported. Still I mean you know it's it's named after him and he is hooey isn't theirs you know you can't. And it's changing it I mean it sounds like a pain in the as bureaucratic lever than selling anything that you forgot to John it's not right I agree with you there are ethical phone calls here before a blind my cast split the start of pollen New Hampshire with a thought on the unnamed changing our ball. All parallel. And mom. Saying there. You know I I didn't say probably one of the biggest things about it economics. Everybody on yawkey way has it changed there is now. Do they know now that the change their business the change their address here. I go to the post office in glanced. If you're running it you're on yawkey way you had sheer business that you have to change at eight. So I mean I can imagine now on that's. He'd been and also Paul I mean it's to a souvenir stores and it ended bar I mean I don't think they have a lot of theater and we lost. What's on you are you why it's like every time may change the name and address. Any business anybody we're on their pay after change theirs. Welcome all I'll sit here for Micah I don't even that tall really him anywhere along I moved. Yeah same is moving right. Rail I doubt thanks Paul I didn't take it seriously enough arms are let's go to David nor for cadence. They have gone what's up there. 0% long time no. But it you know I don't I don't mind the whole yuk yuk UH change I think it. You know if you wanna do it do it and it's great. Not get the symbol show that where we don't stand for this race is an action but. What's crazy is the excuses that people have trying to keep. The way the street the name that it is that you just respect all the talk about a week that's crazy you're taken to second the chancellor. Yeah or changed their letterhead Blake you're reeling Lleyton OK sorry. Called I called baby Mason they specialize in answer now when I type and for yawkey way to my GPS it's not gonna send me anyway when I gonna do right it created. You know and that was probably the worst excuse ever so it was the letter an appointment that's pretty bad. It's a billion up right now. I just wanna like give you get a quick shout out early get done for the Jimmy Fund thanks to this past week. I think get the chance the call earlier in the week but I have donated my accent so that. Few months to cancer patients of the other stories later on. But yes you're going to get it done. That's really cool you did Dave thanks for the call in and thanks for checking in tonight's 617779. 7937. Robinson Somerville Arab. Rob so what's around you're in the habit. I've been looking and all day and not on the show before you've actually had a reporter on a broke story yes Silverman we're gonna rerun an interview later in the show by the way guys. And he says exactly what they need to do to change the name of the street it actually only two signature they need to get I'll it was eerie in the De'Angelo family I guess they own. The shops in the gift shop and all of a property. So they really only need those two to sign. And then he says it's gonna go oh boy oh. Boy it is now. Turned down a name change on at all so I believe and I think Williams the you have have you thought about the letters again this year and power it will take. It. That there would be like it actually that big deal they don't need to two people are entitled to your business owner so in notably in don't mean yeah uncertain business. I would imagine in the end you know I don't know the De'Angelo family but it sounds like they own the building at that did whatever who's on first call now and there's two souvenir storage. That's it's them or all that. Or for a and this Geithner are okay and very good. Al thanks for the car appreciated thanks for clarifying that we will rerun the Michael Silberman interview a little bit later on here in the show. I did miss it before so it partially for me to do your way to he had to say. And now we'll do that for a little bit later on let's take one more call here before we let blind Mike for cutting loose John as the main jumped up. I'd sell out its parent want to get the name of the street changed I'm on board with Emma under that. I think like John Henry and his organization has done for the Boston Red Sox ends. Better than what any other ownership group has got a lot of Red Sox. I want that birds that are in my life into that game one of the 2004 World Series. That was the first did you ever went there. Yeah while the greatest Moammar but like all the boy. I was quite a lot and it acts Friday -- the way you look at me you don't get down yours makes cents a school act pretty good source in the notes that. I convinced my uncle about it ticket she eat well not to purchase there was a lot more expensive venue it back. Now probably that is expensive load. Anywhere you like what you got there at any rate you know. Aides figure her and I'll. It and chin you know Red Sox Nation ban base everything in our current maturity and the team quarterback I want and should be. All right well John thanks for the call appreciate. There you have it. It was kind of an odd point to make but whatever he's done he's there you know John Elizabeth and John Henry brought this team you know and he's practiced in three championships it clearly changed the Donald Trump way we could without ruffling feathers on things they couldn't Trump's name on stuff you can't really well if I do you have any suggestions what they actually should guard if they change. You could. Call it impaired on iTunes when it's the ashamed of our blind Mike underscore on Twitter away you can do that he could do any of those. I mean I. I wouldn't be the ones the 800 suggest it was David Ortiz I wouldn't like that only because. Either you mentioned earlier that the idea of naming things after people that are still alive don't like that Joseph pot kinda ruined ruined it for the rest of us. Inserted Saddam Hussein introduce Alan and several other people but yeah I agree I don't like statues the people who were alive. I think they'd. The easy in sort of neutral way to go is just college Jersey street again I'm fine with that Fenway street is fine how to death then way. Fans. And I'll pick guys say that way of change or whatever. We have chase would say for the way of Q a for the way of change. He's vomit all of the streets. Have been in the senate that I would play the they have to guide you guys seem like a nice guy but that's I'm wasn't OK with that plan might guy's fantastic work is always sir. Great to have in that I'm I'm not sure there's enough we next Thursday if there is then multi even if there isn't you know like I'm in any that are generally aren't as wander around Steve Asher. At home we're gonna take a quick break by Mike's gonna leave and we'll get into the weird part of WEEI Alina which comes after twelve which is right now. It is officially. Friday everybody we made it congratulations quick break we're back after the.