Mookie Betts Player of the Game Interview 6-16-17

Boston Baseball
Saturday, June 17th

Tim Neverett and The Rocket Roger Clemens talk with Red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts after his solo home run proved to be the difference as the Red Sox beat the Houston astros 2-1.


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We got out of the Red Sox dug out alive right now with Roger Clemens on him and average them. Brocade did it again you scored both Red Sox runs tonight. The whole run on the first pitch from the wil Harris Rory thank you when you know Harris was coming in your head into the plate. I mean you got to know kind of pitcher he is and what his record here isn't. And don't throw a lot of strikes and it's a lot of people out so. Cannon you ready hidden within the 7 o'clock. Also how you. This rocket. I was not that I thought you're pretty much set on like do you dislike you just said you're gonna get off the ambush you get off on the first pitch a little bit yeah I mean you can't wait around. And you went around with guys that if he's gonna he's gonna put you liquid filled you know China and you rarely. What signal for level when you seek your will can model of mom and pop at it's like you don't even need to. Just not fair thing you know they occasionally guys in the play. A lot of weak contacts in he hit them out through this with Noah you know. Let's rock again but it sure is fun watching you guys do your thing man. Getting. What she gets off that. Have fun doing it looks like you're doing. Join the game and have a lot of fun we've we've definitely. And have fun every game you know when that's the that's that's how we play nothing that's what we have this. What about the performance of drew Palmer ranch tonight this was a very of the efficient performance client and a very good performance of their own home run chase them and it was the only run he gave up and other than that. He seemed to be right on his game tonight I mean yeah I don't think he's you know on the they hit very good balls hard and threw a lot of strikes. I mean now that that's for an open up zero and then they we've been doing. We'll congratulations. On this win 381 of the years now back to nine games over 500 chance to gain ground on the Yankees are tied with the Oakland midway through the game right now. We'll get him tomorrow night if there the guys I've broken bats he had a game winning home run tonight and he also scored in the third inning when Mitch Moreland drove an. Within RBIs in England and Roger want to really thank you for filling in for. The other Red Sox on favorite focused legally own and I'm sure Joseph really appreciate super great insights tonight. Thanks sir for all of its and I really appreciate. I had a blast that appreciate and thank you so much that made fun night for me like you said Palmer let's watch how far that he what the game. And then I got to see joke oh I love watching him there accident Kimbrel finish this thing off it was a treatment busy these guys come in and treat me to sit on the radio with you know joke stick asking me do it and get to visit with the my second home survived my second home there new England and Boston so I loved it. We'll see you this summer probably an earlier reports in batting practice for the Jimmy Fund again. And we look forward senior Fenway next I'll do that I look forward to that good luck to your sons the summer thank you so much Roger Clemens. Eleven time all star seven time Cy Young winner joining us here in the final score of the Red Sox to and the Astros won.