Mookie Betts Player of the Game Interview 6-14-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, June 14th

Joe & Tim talk with Mookie Betts about his 2 home run performance in Philadelphia, the stellar defense the Red Sox played, and his being a triple shy of a cycle tonight.


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Well he went at night there's rights for the yet know that line secular left that they have a double what to all brought you really at the stroke going. I mean you know it's just when they get. Gotta put together couple that we status of going home. They have put together a couple you get a couple of home runs as is the eighth time in your career you had a multi home run game six times as a leadoff hitter. And when you're able to get out of the get out of the box right away and do what you do the first second innings gave Ryan an extra base hit what kind of lift you think you give this club. It's coming and not take pride in and in turn squirrelly things for the first or second. Thickening you know things it definitely gives the team a lift in so that's that's kind of my mindset going in. He bit off if that leadoff role again for road to the bottom floor now work. Is there are a lot of good difference from. Your approach where he really third. You know I don't even think about it is that whatever happened happened. Distract. Take my bats as they come in in the room trying to think you need more than than what's going on. This the ballpark years always had those little small but immediate the balls very well tonight that left field wall as a little. Inviting to you made at night it's further than Fenway but a shorter but as an inviting you right handed hitter. I mean you know you Agassi you could say that you know I'm. Is trying to work the work the middle of fielding song can stay on you know more pitches but it definitely feel laws that would. It stayed in by Richard. How about the ball that boom he hit it used tonight with. Six in the third scoreless innings it's an outstanding yeah they've been they've been doing great arguments opportunities vehement. Come back Lleyton games and win in in in depend on them to put some zeroes for so. If they give us a chance and you know we can only thank them for. Rookie tight defense was the name of the game so you had a great catcher in the news in the fifth inning Jackie at one day in the game that I intend to have when he pulled out of the stands at the how about that play by a Pablo cent of all the sixth. Yeah I mean you know and be beating at a nicer and I went to so. You know we get all around you know we we did a great Gavin defense today and I think we don't think Friday and be in the best in VO on the incident. How about that only 326 that I if it receives well over four hours. I mean you know put. We got to be happy about that they've been go back and added he's an hour and get some rest. It's a sprint tonight compared to the last couple of guys and they get him. Very early this morning so you get back on schedule and and a good opportunity for four game sweep over the east village tomorrow on I guess have to look for that. Yeah I mean you know. We know they're gonna come on fight through it avoided a command and it's my game Leo would do. And last at bat better national of the triple yeah I mean at some point on I've liked it to get pitcher who not that the take home. Okay bookie adulation things majority think you have it. The other side with its ever been through a bookie or for 52 home runs to that level. Three. That it.