Mookie Betts Player of the Game Interview 09-05-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, September 6th

Joe & Tim talk with Mookie Betts after the Red Sox come from behind and beat the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2 in 19 innings. Mookie talks about the heads up baserunning that allowed him to score in the 19th and what he was thinking, as well as what it feels like to play in a game like this


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Both he and outstanding base running and you two doubles of course I want to set up the time arrives at the other help you score the winning run but. The base running was. Outstanding. You get a really good read on that pop fly by nearly reveres the score the run near the night in the B ninety betting you tell us what you saw. I mean. I just a news. The Akamai. Have to Pelosi and it's accurate and and I just instincts. Right. The deceitful are playing deep did you notice how deep he was now. I should have. Next time I think in our interest to let them today. What he must have this internal clock herself accuse you. Everybody else's look at where the fielders are you here and I didn't look not yet come out on I got this. And allies in the instinct you know epic basement running things. I trust my. Then you certainly should it dead in the night that he hit that double and then. Hanley a ground ball to ferreting through the first eight you work timed it perfectly to go to third but made it possible for you score the time running to ground out. You were pretty yep pretty well aware of that situation. Yeah you know that I am I wasn't as tired inside out of locked in a little more. You know on the to make that play there and I guess that not just our return adjustments. Of course clear mind at a game like this inning after inning you know pitch after pitch I think for you know 500 pitchers are sore throat and this one tonight for what. As a player in the league you play every inning what goes through your mind and how do you keep yourself sharp mentally. Tom you know I've. It's just one of those things very. You know I think our confidence and competitive fitness comes in the play on another step to the box. Kind of involved now. When I'm in between pitches you know its he's seen for the wrong but I think. We're all professionals here are there any. Rookie were you guys who we're and you have to look at the scoreboard right there that. The Orioles game from behind and want him to run walk off in the ninth inning to beat the Yankees Alley we've side. I don't know we've as. And how we deleted CNET. About Jackie's role you know I. As south watch out like maybe eleventh the you know when he threw it felony accuracy while I mean that was I enough. Article about him. How well. There and it was perfect one opera that Bo is medium depth center yes perfect I mean. It just shows what kind of and that kind of team and Apple's IV it's there and I but the way you laid out the kept that line drive hit by you you rain away back in the thirty many hours and hours ago yeah you know. He's trying to make a play there in. That come up with a never have one of these are coming up for the miners anywhere in nineteen innings or more game. I don't think act and this. That's like the second one this year. Not ninety buttons along at 66 feet off and play to. Definitely have. Though it may raid was mine that. But yet the V two rockets that night so that was a really good sign yeah yeah I'm just trying to. Continue to work in the in an attempt these. Get your rest bookie congratulations I think. Always a lot of fun. Honest answers. Not a fact that we we're giving them all kinds of credit for great reading yours I don't know what I saw hundreds of innocent and I thought I can't. That's that's gonna tell the American League MVP runner up loved last year right there. Presented genuine young man he really isn't that it just so much fun to be around them and you know I've heard a lot of people say things about this but that made the young guys on this team make it a very likable team when you talk about bulky Jacqui it. Many of all these kids that Vasquez Leona. They just so refreshing so many ways and this right now or you have to look at it as. Maybe the biggest individual winner this season especially with the Yankees closing of what happened the last four days. Yeah absolutely certainly unit that this none of you know puts a Yankee series behind. And I knew he picked up another game mom it was a blow heartbreaking loss certainly for new York and a heart wrenching win. As this Boston Marathon and here tonight. And in nineteen innings but you know she kind game like this unity come back tomorrow's final game don't sister's been pitching very well if you could take two out of three. He can't. Really worry about what the Yankees are doing which you keep an eye on that sort of scoreboard watching season obviously about. They but it does take the sting out of some things right now on. And as an extra games so it didn't look like at one point that the team was going to be able to pick up again they're hoping to stay even at two and a half but they end up. Having everything work out tonight and everything known as the clock struck midnight in an hour later worked out well. Well I'm nineteen nervous breakdown for road and each company in this ballpark tonight the Red Sox to survive it may nineteenth. Final Red Sox win it day in nineteen innings three to two.