Michael Lombardi joins OMF 9-8-17

Friday, September 8th

Michael Lombardi joins OMF to discuss the Glenn, Lou, & Christian. Lombardi believes the officals favored the Cheifs in the opener and Gronk wasn't getting calls, and the Patriots will use September to fix the team for November and December, and if who the Patriots should look to for defensive help.


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Welcome to the program. OMF Mike Lombardi I don't. I'm great thank you guys aren't you got carried out good or greater editor Eric let's say listen. Wisconsin the way I like we get the waiver wire every day we do business in Europe you often or are we right when I was asked to take a listen we gotta we gotta board on the wall right now with the all the available guys Stephen A Smith is up to you Brian Billick alcohol. Here Rick Ramirez alt left. Great. So let's let let's start because you've got inside knowledge you were around Bill Belichick you work side by side you know bill I know you talk to bill on a on a regular basis. What is bill sinking today isn't a personnel issue is it I didn't get guys to buy in that this was important that we commodity take hit. What is he thinking today and what does he do to fix this. Well I think get to go back of September's the month of really trying to evaluate your feedback are a lot to work work hard and you know you can't just. There's a lot of that happened last place especially. You know early in the game and then really badly they gave that you got a psychiatrist. First he's got to do the first album slowly. The way that the cheeks had to be second law Beckett and die. And then when they were second or that put the ball in the FaceBook also I don't think you're ever gonna cynical culture coached because they're able to craft over seventy are. A woman was almost sixty yards and then the other team's streak of three of the roads so. Agree it just goes back and basically we can't give up equality. We capital vulnerable whatever they want to a first down and I think what you watch the game closely the cheat sheet and they were higher in the game. They always had control of the game because they were able to dictate offensively what they wanted to do it Alex probably true but incomplete passes. So put bill. It's about September is going to be a market listing tricks so that we can you go to the November December and frankly all the talk about all of the cheated out local which is good. Yet no one on this show me an hour ago you would never go that deep into something that's exactly. It might listen so okay picks in the first and second down run defense right okay sounds sounds really good sound easy. But I don't. That this is a personnel problem and you look at that our defense specifically the deeper does that look like a championship defense even though it's early again it. But there's not one person on that front seven maybe Alan Branch. Our fear. Trees flowers a mile trip I was on what we need so many good years last year I mean who knows of that's who is every every year so cool out there that they can get. Why don't we kill the arrogant got bigger better I think a couple factors here you know what they try to it was a try to clinical trial last night against the change. Both cheeks spread attacks and they can beat good look at your whole look and brought to you try to battle. And older I have to find a way they had they had. They had Jordan Richards on the edge of the defense so you go to there's this black inside on the as they were trying to be in the position to where they could see. Car and also on defense. It went a little bit smaller it works well they're gonna go back to recalibrate how they want a lot of the pieces of what they wanna play got loose and hightower hurt. But they haven't heard are all summer so at hotels on the pitch count you could have becoming gradually complete back in their. What they're gonna have to get more production from the fact urged the gonna have to get them to insert the expert well ball. You know Mike for years this offense similar right while the right to settlement and then tried to be Amendola for awhile and that quick release that that quick past 56 yards move the chains it seemed like obvious and the settlement in any Amendola goes down it was just vertical it was just throw the ball deep Aston affairs get this thing open. And if the figure out a way to get the short passes involved or can they be successful on vertical. No I think they got to have a control offensively they've got all the way to get. If there's got to find a way to get the gay actor lobs sampled shall pass the Arctic blast our officials or buckle up pet recalls hard got to appreciate. That it's cool because I think it was seeking in its favor to achieve shall have a war in the secondary. We almost and that's the reason she's ultimately she's all but they were better last site. I think a waiver filed a read the associated backing it looks on paper cheese because they're gonna beat the receivers epic. The picture by the Morse subtle offense where they can control the ball and get knocked. Necessarily chunks of police. For those twelve and thirteen aircraft was the epitome Britney got tired of all the all. Last order and I picked it they have required apart it's really to call the Serb leadership so pretty piece is right. So let's go to the electronic you know 101000 the government you'd they can't cook at all surprised. That the fact is that team that can run most things a a accurately record yet refiner vanity. They are more vulnerable and have they been more vulnerable. In the first few weeks of the season because it's so difficult to game plan you've got some change where it goes down with that injury so they're going with the the kid on right out of the out of the gate it seems to me that they have been more vulnerable. Early on in the season and then because of Belichick because of the way they game planned it can be kept it on people like kind of figure out your weaknesses. Right Arctic that's true but I think what can't they didn't who can't always it last like six regular on the ball they wanna win first down. Alex has really doesn't want all the ball downfield when you don't cover guy you don't carry that guy in the coverage Eddie wide open you're gonna all the also. And if you don't sir yes they can on the ball effectively so a lot of them can't seek it looks like it was a responsible. Well what are the patriots have a great effort they have nailed down the picture Turkey get back to what they believe their. Offensively and defensively come out on a Saturday. I think that's the challenge for the remainder of child. Yeah and you know you're you're a man about town and you're you're you're you're yet that your your finger on the pulse of the NFL. At all Sears didn't you play around sucking up to ten mile I want yeah yeah that's a real player not Rob Ninkovich did the other rob these these numbers are he's he's he's driving hard awful right now. Video player out there that you think the patriots have identified now that at some point timetable kind of make a move on defense of. Arnold picker on my I think that without the players they have on the and that Arctic is about who your. Secret that the numbers if you got to get these guys that are ultra flat level. It Google while they have to get all walks much better of me. Look there's no matter to rehabilitate eclectic on the ultra loose recount that they don't works it's a parallel there are monetary salute 20000 the week secretary. I got up on the Little League get it right and I got to get back to the basics so accurate picture the only way to go to work. And they got all the way to make those players they have it there's not a just last artwork on the greatest spot in the creature had. We had a bad right now as a place that would understand that they are. Let it be used to. Then I'll be it political art treatment coaches like high school coaches so they can quickly get somebody else could commit. The make players better Arctic Circle there might that you have to you have to make players better. But we just talked about the trade Jacoby percent how to use that tree chip Weathers were defensive player org Alec Phillips source said was that's the situation were to teams looking to move on. From players and it was just to fit. Way to go specifically look. I think that I think it was the perfect fit for the patriots beat look at all our culture last night in new settlements leader hurt receipt of these somebody to go out there where the defense and help on the helpful in certain areas that I recruit soaker. Gotta have the plate everybody was that about that when you look at the gain. I think it's one of those states will vote ticket picked rated better throughout the point out a lot of things that went bad in the game charm and a lot of players nobody's from your nobody has to consult the beauty. Let's talk about this case. Yeah you know you said you know there are heard that wide receiver but they're also curtain on the defense van that hybrid position linebacker area until it that it you have value into Culver said. And you can overcome I would break it overcome their inefficiencies of a young wide receiver he's done it all the time. I like what they would have been better served getting it he thought the player or took over second set about wide receiver. Yet our party that the Gaza that it's really hard to find he took the players on the field I think that's the problem and I think there's not a lot of effort to record or most he. Amid celebrations on the street police and security problems well for the most order Carter our guys. That are that are out there on the street the outcome of the popular player I really can't hurt stresses on an update out of the players they had better wise. And Malcolm brown and those guys they've got to play better of me not to actually achieve Lawrence got those guys are better. At all and it Robertson was better linebacker. You know like one of the things that surprised me with high tower going down in new using all these players and Cassius marsh is in there. David Harris never saw the field it seemed like to me what people thought this is a great signing the veteran guys that Kamal we are serviceable New York it was even out there. He was out there a little bit extra tackle early in the game away from restricting your back. You try to look at all he's done a nickel player related so speaking moved away from work well as certain he's been able to. Let her style that allows our daughter earlier with a picture too literally about. Try and by the nickel market they can hold up for the market that could really do it. Give it if there and a third had this you know one back situation yet they have two to tight ends on the field is that basically just the regular front anyways. Well a bit of a help secrecy. Like OC burst. You try to do that and I mean actually how come out how you treat all these order probably work correctly that child you have to work out. Mike and you can't tell an awful lot about players even young players certainly young players in the pre season Austin Carr played really well he played in that slot seemed to have that. Adelman type role Adelaide goes down bill ends up releasing Austin Carr. You look at the roster now especially with the injury to him and always and it could use Austin Carr he'll be playing in a game against New Orleans. In a week and happy he's gonna be playing in a saints uniform how to bill make those decisions in it at that point do you think he just didn't think Clark could do it or did you think he was gonna clear waivers he's gonna get him on the practice. I think and so he looked well like he he thought he could. Help but even last as you could see it for God's calling. Everybody was watching the pictures roster this summer so it would it would argue signaled it was easy to get through the court Malarkey this. Eric Eric Eric Eric the ability goes like Becky and the chance Bogut he can't keep everybody. While everybody wants you keep everybody can. I might we look forward to it will do what we do I talk to the next would appreciate it I've been have a good runner for Michael wanted to see appreciation would like to sponsored by Thomson Tyler compliance insurance company.