The Mark and Jason Show - Swagville Origins; A True or False segment for the Ages

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Sunday, July 16th

Hour 2. Mark explains the origin of “Swagville.” The guys discuss the ESPY’s and the winners. Another legendary edition of True or False.


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He's no Martin decent show up hands up who got an express train out of Boston get a that if I had expressed Danny's been felt bugs in third base that. Your reaction to the event. Who was minutes and it was inevitable and and this is gonna go down as the worst of free agent signing in the history of the reds are really came down towards feeling that we were not a veteran club. If you listen. Our club but eventually it may go down as one of the worst free agent signings in the history of all sports I would not be surprised to see we've been brought along. A blockbuster. And getting Miguel Cabrera. Who who have sought. Good luck and never let me tell you why it's fine I like they have the prospects and Boston and the resources. We Jon hood tonight is do I college. Neighborhood of my career. And scored 3103. Point seven WPI. Probably march 2. Too many shenanigans and is out bachelor party outing big pharma was never ever. It's a busy busy facilitating about the private. Did just what I am off next week got to facilitate a bachelor party. I'm looking great I'm up there are under no bearing on your boobs factors haven't neat stuff but did on my face that's that's presented at the moment that you broke. Yes his fifth at. Absolutely an embarrassment and I'm sick of what his thing on the air to his ice it's what film that's that's marks thank really yes whack. I'd give a crap that make. Tag says he's as Eric judge home runs might feel as if you zoom is so funny I'm. I'm gonna criticize you don't listen to it. Doing your thing you know it was like thoughts and he was like the we point seven. The mark and Jason show one of three point seven WE. I'm mark done Darrow Jason terror valley near Providence, Rhode Island. Red Sox played double dip today. After a sixteen inning game in a five and a half hour game last night thank you Craig Kimbrel. Two against the Yankees today. We were a break I just tracked down real quick. Real quick one of the highlights I did it was a Braun basketball highlight where I didn't mention the word swagger bill now just to profits Israelis. Quickly you it was. So in highlights we've hired together to see you know there's an establishing shot so what that means is a picture of Hanley Ramirez because later in the highlight hamburger Mary's home run to he's would you seizure into the highlight this establishing shot. Was a kid a student who hitting half court shot four. I don't know some money 5000 bucks and then you utilized the words swagger bill at that time Matt if you wanna play that I would appreciate. Okay this student had this half court shot tonight at ground. The brown you'll need to get 5000. Dollars in the spring breaking up the slack violent. Six. Village's conclusions. They Cuba. Or comfortable or not having spring breaking up slack violent I just make quick made it sound like I'm just out there are flood though. Bill Elena goes at it's it's strategically placed than when I'm and I use it very strategically. And accuse you listen. You need to watch Michelle again you need to watch the show. Why. It usually see in the semi read the highlights about a game that you've already seen or knew about how it ended goal I had Manuel doesn't go wherever you know do my shelf I wanna I wanna know all about the kid now. I wanna goes where it's wet sack while Chris Wragge bill where is is it is village Jerious Iowa do you need to make a special invitation to go to Spagnuolo wag village is wherever I say it is okay. Because I created the word. Writing and create the word but I you I use the word more than anybody else you have leading create so somebody her guiding created somebody created a but I use it and it's wherever I say that's enough. Geist. Anyway I just had to where that one is that my dad and get that off your chest slack off and across. Self. You know it's funny. Did a good at what the hell is so funny why you months ago McKinley to go to. Slack violent. We were talking about the pitchers before the last break. You arsenic in. At them every year. And I forget I don't think I mentioned this on this program I picked and basically for the last five years to go twelve and four. Every Arctic but twelve and four SE question thirteen victory what. The Super Bowl parties were kind of stuff they have at the Super Bowl parties the Super Bowl party yeah I would you do have a lot of spike. Now for Crandall. And you're getting on me for utilizing swagger milieu making jokes like that this garbage showed you she Dallas yet have my certainly create a slack violent. Minor more subtle than that yeah you try to grab the floor come at me was some joke I dreaded Q and that one and breakdown and you throw. You know you utilize it in different ways that got the you'd you know depending on the time of year you know if it's fault. And seven he has a good game in the fought might say he buys his leaf blower at the swagger build apartments or setting up you know enough so it is wrong. Right now who created a where I need thanked them wags who area. Anyway as I was that you looked at a bonds consists. The patriots every eye damage at least the last few years ago like twelve and 413 victory so that means they lose four games three games. But every time they lose. I am surprised. I always picked them to lose four games three games they may lose and I'm still shocked. So this year you know and I said I said screw it did go to defeated the roster stacked loaded and I pick him to go undefeated what did you find about sweat. Two people that visited dragged look at is that actual town no telling whether got a house. It's not real. It's OK good it's at eight city. What's I again that's perfect yet so I can use it and it can be wherever I want to be. Dies at that I mean that you are you are always her surprise when Nate. When they lose but it just I think that's gonna lose four games every year it's within the context of the game that like maybe they're up by ten in the Dade that they blow fourth quarter lead that you'd. Don't expect the team like that to blow they love one game last year wind Jacoby Ellsbury Jacoby Ellsbury Jacoby respect. Was flying. Okay that's a one game and any other one was at home against Seattle on a short week. They never should've lost that game the defense is garbage that night and they had four chances from inside the five to what was a tie that game yep and couldn't do it. Those are the only games they lost yeah they've got it all these pieces. They'll have got in all assuming health we don't know. Think it'll the schedule is went over the schedule and I will say this we talked but that's not fair I don't love the fact if there was a season where I was gonna pick them to go undefeated I don't love the fact that in that season the plane in national game I don't love that. Yeah in this in again they got a tough stretch and it's a good team and through fifteen is an actor to be not going to be easy and so many so many things happened during the course of a football season is tough to predict heard. Say that there would feel a 100% confident that the gonna go to nineteen you know because you said. Off the air is a new things happen you know the team do you look at right now like Tampa Bay. You look at him today and say there aren't they they get the added to char Jackson they get a good young tight and they got a pretty young defense. They they have Jackson to go opposite of Mike Evans and this is the year that Winston is supposed to make that jump to become the quarterback a lot of people thought he could be. When he came in the leak into it and it's a Thursday game which those injured are historically dog food. Yeah so that when you look at it right now and say hmm. That's that's going to be a little bit more tougher test that I think people realize. But then week five balls around and Mike Evans as our. Janus once is playing like crap. You know does this thing the defense is in common to go like it's a general at the beginning of the year before the Erica look a lot more daunting than actually turns out to be I mean last year. We all hyped up that week one game at Arizona but by the end of the year the middle of the grieving Euro like is that the Silva gave it was good again will give Arizona was not the Tina and not that rig before they turned into a pilot got patriots helped them turn into a pile of crap maybe. Maybe maybe he's it was a little bit of backbiting between aryan there was some what was it that was and after that game during the course that we dappled general manager. And the and general manager came out and said he was embarrassed how they played Riyadh. Yes so I mean just schedule that your kind of glorifying might not be as tough McCord are ivy Carter than we think yeah ever knowledge we focus on six you know I don't care about that are I don't care about them going undefeated I care about them. Winning the Super Bowl that's all I care how they get how they get there. Is is irrelevant to me as long as they get their day in and they can win at. That's that's the only thing that as in New England the end that I care about jostling. But if they went way if if that was on the cables or you wouldn't take what he went what do you get when you go in nineteen you know. A bar room argument with a birdie every argument the odd 190s RT what you're what do you know what you win if you win the Super Bowl because saint they knew what you get if you go in nineteen and out. Except you win a Barroom argument that's the only added thing that you do you get out while we want to win all the argument why not you can put a banner up there you can actually put a banner up there have been going undefeated not yet they why are we there there's two things you just told me I would win. I would get I would I want I just don't care about the so much as she should not on that not on the top my list of things that I'm worried about. A cut that's fine. But if you're gonna give if they win the Super Bowl and you're gonna give me. A thousand dollars or you're gonna give me a thousand dollars a gold watch and a golf membership I'll take all of those things that you just mention a much better than win in a bar my argument. Okay basically the other stuff so it ought to have that if you know. Maybe my next also are available I snakes impostor it's not surpassed that yet. A major funnier analogy though they aren't. I just don't care about it I really don't you know as I Deco we all know that they're going to be good team they're gonna be excellent defensive team. And it's gonna be a lot of fun to watch them on both sides of the ball I just that's what I get my enjoyment out how they get there get into the Super Bowl is Rogers wanna see the team improve every week. I wanna see how good this defense is gonna because on paper. It's support it it looks like he'd be one of the best defenses in the week but. We know how defense is that are built on paper sometimes often look like Miami Dolphins are one of the teams that has spent the most money in the league. Over the last fifteen years I think to a top five in spending money on free agents over the last ten to fifteen years players and you know. What does that result the diamond you know will what does that that event as of right now nothing out they've won nothing so you know. They have the greatest coach the world that the greatest quarterback in the world and all should work wonderfully it and they should look like a dominant team. Com. Yeah now would you settle the issue this would you sign Darrelle Revis. I mean I did why not if he's if he's gonna be your third quarter yes yes fine sign. I don't care as like you have a feel for your team. If if the guys like I'm McCord beat the guys in that room yet they all my ego plays late. I literally and third quarter. Because that's usually designated the slot just opposition right you big he's quick. Well over the course of his career he has been able to play in the slot on the talk about over the grunt on the talk about it after a Revis probably don't even bring a main. I mean it's really immediately is not cost you much you put safety Eric in a pinch if you need him to probably. Which are fine but on the first heard me about Revis is just. Oh historically that those positions. Are should say those players at those positions those greats. Don't just. All off the table at 3031. And read this I think is he 3130 to 32. Charles Woodson is terrible that he's ready to champ alienate pro bowls after he was thirty so they beat these guys who are all time greats have done it before. I've I wanna think Revis is capable of continuing to reproduce it there's no question he's capable of it. Of it's it's up to him whether he wants him. Because he was definitely not. In the in the mode of wanting to last year he played like crap last year. And he was heart. He was just not good so you know that the willingness is earth does it that's how levels there is a question about that whether he's capable of doing it. That's that's not debatable the absolutely is capable it's whether he he wants to whether he cares enough about getting in shape he's out of shape last year. It actually trying to make a football team then you know it if they can bring Amanda's third quarter as death corner absolutely judged to want and start and over over Gilmore or. Or mark Butler way no way now that's not why he would command he would be guaranteed spot in he'd be a nice insurance policy when Bernanke is one of those guys got hurt. You also make the argument that if he came in he could utilize. His wisdom. As an advantage and try to help you know cultivate if he wasn't ripping it up on the field and I mean and a good way. May be Gil thinks okay he's not the player that he was three years ago but. He still very intelligent he's he's no wise veteran Maliki Canadian assets eighteen to the young guys to this guy who's been a young player who's coming up and is promising defensive back he is played against the majority of the receivers that the page you can play this year. You know wait the more tea and he knows he knows. Probably better and he's one of the he's excellent at film study. And in he knows tendencies for a lot of these guys and how these guys like complain how these like guys like to get open and what they. How how they use their hands and there's a lot of teaching skills that every discourage. Could give to guys like Butler and and Gilmore is. You know. Tomorrow I'm not commence of I don't how good he's gonna be but I'd like to bell as the number two. Yeah that paid him like an aborted did he got a light the match too and we listen unconvinced about what I'm getting from Malcolm Mueller I'm convinced. Gilmore no I'm not as convinced but it's it's who don't you could. Aren't you were a little worried about that it would have what does that the end of the year public scorn or got in a more than you have DeMaurice reasonable I'm worried and look that great but they weed killer but that right now because Gilmore could be common number one he could play like a number one they could have another guy on the roster another Malcolm Boller. And I don't I don't have the names are renowned for enemy will have them in a few weeks. July 27 training camp begins. But they have had some guys who have watched some defense about to a flash now we know. I forget payments and we splashed I just remember tweets here from those those this guy did is this let me say this. Malcolm Barr I remember this that I tweeted about it. You can learn a lot in pre seizing Butler first set something to me in a pre season game against a Washington Redskins in a what you're is that when he fourteen. It was August of 2014 I remember tweeting about it that night on Cape Cod is like August 13 or whatever wise. Malcolm Butler who is this. It meant something. He turned into a player so we'll find out quickly does it have it you know not everybody has to be Josh Norman were twenty years old they emerge out of nowhere. You can have a guy and we'll see they have one about to say I don't know maybe they got a guy that can be promising. And my year to could be a real player. We just don't. Everywhere he's at right now yes I don't love the fact that Stephon Gilmore could be their number one. I'd rather have bought in on Dodgers I'm just projected and in the next year but this year and ended. What negative things you can't say anything negative negative about team right now at all the anything out there when the Super Bowl. There'd there'd. The overloaded there and every one they offseason and the super ball their great great they're great offseason and Indy didn't spend in. They spent a lot of money and Gilmour but on the other guys it and spend it on money we discussed it how it's you know I mean that guy is her do you think he feels like a perfect fit durable guy. Veteran Gil loves them. Ballot check is on the magazine on Nantucket. I mean this guy is just Dominic and nick talk magazine that he's everywhere. Sure he was so please do that. Pictures with the wife he looked toward the Finley he looked. Didn't look annoyed be in their looks like he was enjoying it over a slack violent it Annika anybody like you is that you're right Judy go to sweat like the Bill Belichick or whatever island he's on a cycle that when you know what I'm Super Bowl go look at those pictures again. That I spread that they did formed. With him in the him and Linda problem and I just which are not press conference not that we want wish there was a press can't not ones smile in any of those pictures yet he did all us talking with his eyes and in these tough really idea chief wanna you wanna expound on that a little he was he was. You know shooting a hole through you with his eyes. Over it and not yet. I don't figures have a good time now Arab figures happy Inca. Who's happy you have you and right there when the wife says we get a good view pictures absolutely is not a not want to thank you. And how we have Islam is usually now there's no way it's it's a two hour situation that turns into a four hour situation because nobody can it's they'll know when you think about like a human being. Now I cannot America as a man or whatever I couldn't imagine him being. Excited to take part or participate in a photo shoot for Nantucket nags and I'll just stop now I can't see them now I can't see that out of the wanna do that. That goes against everything but beware have a good summer he's got a couple more weeks to ride the boat and do that com. OK we get back the patriots did take home some hardware at the espy's Ruth talk about that more this the mark and Jason Joseph wanna three point seven WEEI. You were listening to a marked increase in show on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Look remarked on Twitter at mark didn't aero follow Jason on Twitter at G terra bella WEEI. So. Welcome back to the marking Jason show won a two point seven WEEI. That was weird to the end thanking you remember Adam it was on the fields although they. You react and then the referee Brady is like not and now they got to review it and Edmonton rounds as well. That goes a little disappointing because eating get organic reaction because people they know what to do and then write whatever settlement with the ballot check. An up or is it did did it reveal they're good. He just kinda it was sort of like the Al Wimbledon final yes I don't know if you caught that sort of awkward had a review the last place. Eighty know that. Remove Rousseau won an idea and then I was like oh she won just kind of whatever. But nobody's complained when the super ball whenever they were there had a review the final play it's five. But that was the game that took on the SP for best game. Obviously I mean. Looked AB cubs verse Indians game seven of the World Series does a great game but I'm site is the Super Bowl. This is over time you've never had an overtime Super Bowl game figures hey it's come back all the way from point five points down in the second half. That's better than Federer vs Nadal. In the Australian Open. Sell yet they got talent right let's just go over some of the other winners at the espy's now one of the things that I had an issue with I know some people in this region it is well. This in Eunice Kennedy Shriver. I appreciate you know the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver she did win. One of the U with the courage award I believe was a guy she was the one that began or started. The Special Olympics I believe. So I understand but. Impeached for eighty's still a lot for mail us he did a lot. Frail a much money he's raised right. And over 200 Georgia million dollars he's raised four. For Eilat wrecked it felt like you know being a former athlete yep. If felt like division one baseball player Boston College this might have been a good time to honor him with that work yet based on everything he's done the national recognition he's gained it's amazing what he's got and you know obviously the report or was it during the course the week. Not to get off topic that. That. It was a globe article had that like how article Michael Y the past right pass away and they totally lost and now. Node the family is gonna be getting funding. For help boost for the health. Dove keep in keeping Peta home which is fantastic himself why he needs it this sort of at a good time give money that they have to pay that to keep ten. At home is is. Astronomical to unbelievable. Amount of money that they had to try to come up with to pay for is bills and fortunately finally. Somebody's gonna help fund that and that's that's awesome because he's raised the ridiculous amount of awareness fail us. Ridiculous. So it felt like that would have been a good time to give him that award that's what I thought. And I'll I'll just leave it there the icon award in skull no issue there now guy's unbelievable. Best moment Chicago Cubs now the cubs win their first World Series and a 108 years it was game seven was it an extra innings game. They had the rain delay there yet so obviously a great get you had to give the cubs something. I think they threw a bone here with the best moments cubs win and I don't have a problem that. Call that the best moment best male athletes. Russell Westbrook of the NBA. We think he beat out Michael Phelps Sidney Crosby and Chris Bryant. Chris Bryant I don't know why Chris Witty here who is. Which he hears and these other nominations and a one in particular. Russell where I've no problem with that Rollins knows about best an average of triple bubble press you know press sciences Oscar Robert Reich so he also won. Now let me ask you this Phelps won it would have elsewhere. Best. Phelps won best record breaking performance over Westbrook I would have given that to whisper to Phelps broke his own record at the Olympics. A cap and west until breaking records. He averaged crippled probably didn't you know Oscar Roberts is triple double averages never going to be touched. Yeah he he holds the record now for most triple doubles and of course as she's right here. And that's record I got cash. It's an Olympic moment it's a little bit bigger than something over the course or regular season if you're gonna give Russell whispered best athlete male athlete. I'll let felt when that other award that's by. Asa mobile's. Best female athlete over Katie wood decking Candace Parker Serena will not. I can give that award to Serena Williams basically every year every year and I think that's why somebody else got yeah. Serena Williams pregnant not in Wimbledon this year that's why Venus probably was able to advance the final hours it's smoked best championship performance. Kevin Durant. Tom Brady. Nominated she nine women's college World Series and Shawn Watson in the college football national championship you have prom with eighty winning award. Yet because it was easy. Heck even we're near the quarterback of of a team that's down by 25 points with six and a half minutes ago in the third quarter in time is of the absolute essence the out. And he what is he put I can never really completed like 4050 some passes in that game it was insane. I think that I'm sorry listen when you have Klay Thompson stuff curry endgame I agreed alongside you. He played fantastic in the finals he was no question their best player but I peaks that they give makes it a little bit easier to accomplish that goal when you have those three players. My next few. It's just when you're the quarterback everything you have to make every call right you have to read every blitz you have to adjust properly your offensive line that there's a but coming from the left side of the right tech there's so many different things that a quarterback. Is responsible for. In he did everything. Flawlessly in that with you in that 45 point come back here's the thing. He did throw a pick six so he contributed. To the hole that the pages were and charm so that can help he was not good in the first half for the most part Tom Brady. But yes we knew I mean this is a football game are you telling me that in. Any stretch of the NBA finals Kevin Durant and struggle what about the game Cleveland won Dini disappear in the second half and now one game yet so. Look Durant was great he had that moment in game five I think was one of the games in Cleveland it was game four. Game four where he it's right where he hit a shot over LeBron and I second so. Okay that was a moment he had he was great. But this is Tom Brady in the super boy yes he contributed to the hole that the page featuring. But 25 points down you have one chance to get it right you rally the troops is an unprecedented come back. That you dig deep mental toughness you find a way to win got to a championship performance is or all of they never did never look tough for the Golden State Warriors in that series it was it was a little bit more competitive I think people. I would say they thought it was walked through that series were you know like it was just stroll through the the dandelion but it wasn't what what the pages had to combat not reckless so I I don't have a huge problem with Kevin Durant but he's a major star. He finally won his title. He was the MVP of the finals are I don't have a huge problem with it but I think the correct answer here was Tom Brady that's Brit breakthrough athlete. Dot Prescott over Aaron judge and John is after the combo I judge probably and Christian up police. I say it goes such illicit soccer American soccer star. Deleted still woke up he sure is so. The deck press guy one Edward luck Aaron judged I think it was just time. Yeah I'd get more consideration had this it's really all this on you know who has done this is that you know the next that you would be judged to be the breakout performer for next year. But it was because in the new could argue maybe Alley over and over Prescott's. Sure how important he's a quarterback of the I know how an Obama like they and it doesn't matter what position you play in the cowboys if you're producing like Delhi was producing you're gonna get a tonne. Tonne of ton of attention and total Bob and you you could argue that Elliott could have been in there also Lori Hernandez the gymnast news. Nominated for that award so. Just discredit which she would do you are okay here we go best clay. That's a play that tick tick up and lodges. Here's our future and that's whenever. We want to set respective Essex not that I respect gymnast in the slack violent they're very flexible and they go to like a lot. Look at best play winner Aaron Rodgers to Jared Cook now that was the play. At the end of the game a personality divisional round ran against Dallas next play better than Julian elements kept timing futures nominee for catch is that the teachers that Brady threw to anyone else receivers that were better than I what about the sidelined. This is great physically the playoff was unbelievable what about the sideline toward Chris Hogan a seventeen yard comeback sort of pick the first sound what about the over the shoulder. Absolutely perfect. Touch pass to tedium a dole along the right side to take the first hour flight eight yards in that game. I mean there Ed adamant catch I mean maybe. Maybe deaths I get it. It was a it was eight absolutely insane wrote that he made that catch on the raw and oh wait from his body to the sideline to Jericho to pick up the first down into two win that game but. There were there or if you put a few plays not digits of quality Uga Uga won with over that throughout. Best team. The Golden State Warriors over the cubs Clemson football the penguins the patriots South Carolina women's basketball in the US gymnastics esteem. Oldest. Yeah I mean the runaways and I don't think it's an away. A yeah I think. Is it is singer Jackson must have been talking about the patriots. Golden State stimulus I think that it could have been the patriots. A deacon in the cups. Best team I mean the warriors won a title. Sure they were the best team in basketball they were loaded but I think it could've been another I don't think that was. Now how hard is it to be the best steaming out those four guys that I don't think it. Look I don't I don't that encapsulate what it teen had they won the championship and set the record for wins in the same year like they were trying to do last year that I would give that to them in Iran yen but the cubs I think you could make the argument that okay. Best international athlete you've seen both. Become a McGregor Cristiano Ronaldo. Some other people so whatever best NFL player K Aaron Rodgers. Beats out Tom Brady easy Kelly at colonial Mack and Matt Ryan the MVP award winner. Well without now. And Roger great quarterback Rick quarterback. As you're gonna make the argument for Matt Ryan this year a lot of the struggles that at that team has had is not. Not his ball and the most of its offensive line in defense issues you remember how hard remake got we thought they were gonna make that run they got hot it beat Dallas you know. I forget who did play in the in the wild card round Aaron remember the giants in the giants they beat the giants in the job Dallas today that Alan yeah. And every I was pick and then to beat the falcons. And a land. Wendell white the forward on the floor. So yeah I mean lucky in italics Serena Williams you can give it to him every year I know Louise Sutton your team with if you have a choice of any quarterback in the NFL right now. Yes but you know he's 3333. Now you start new start nuclear Sargent Tom Brady guy now yeah now flexibility imply boat liability by the nuts last won here are my favorite one. Best MLB player Mike Trout one. Com here the other nominees Max Scherzer Chris Bryant David Ortiz my man. Reports. Best MLB like Rick or sell one that's like bring you know winning their I got to attract Kevin Durant there I was hey there must be. A clause or something where if you won the Cy Young the year before your hot and likely put as a nominee for the S I guess is out of jail and that's did you that's not right MLB player now Rick Marcelo is headed in the best pitcher on the team. Well the best pace picked off best pitcher yet timber sale price. And then and then and then maybe congress before press Obi his comrades is Evan about a year. Them been been tricky Rick did you watch any of Peyton Manning's monologue now. No I didn't pay any attention that's he's I think they're outside of the child ready I this year. Out I don't know I think it's likely that are not outside thought outside of the charitable stuff that best he does with the Jimmy V foundation and all the cancer research money. That they raise I have zero use for the SP I I think it's eight A it's an absolute 100%. Waste of time the monologue was funny he made fun I thought Julian elements quip was hysterical used sob out yes and I did. If you didn't see it alma got this I think he was accepting the award for best team our best game and he. Just made a quick comment about how Peyton Manning was Killian tonight and any as well as we were indoors yeah sell and up. That that was funny but Peyton Manning the fun of himself. Set how the Broncos had to carry him. To the Super Bowl last year. Or two years ago whatever was also made fun of Kevin Durant saying that the US gymnastics team is so stacked that Kevin Durant. Want it to play for that next year yeah reckon not the police did not usually that you know to use and on that I don't think so I don't tomorrow night. I'm not I'm up by an adult that you is that this stuff about something that patent English should've been pit stop it looked to me like he was. I hit it really enjoy that common EU EU is in it look like one of those forecast sixty like a little look at look at idealized maybe it was. I distinctly was. And that was it in eight the duct that the insurance joke was funny. He began on in the AFLAC duck or whatever that brought that up so now I just paid no attention to I think it's a waste of time I think some of the stuff. That the awards they did after the fact you can look that are interesting because then you can. Got to go back a un special excuse me the year that the pages hadn't all the moments and all the great highlights. From that from making specifically kind of relive that a little bit occur that there. Look at who we get back here wanna go to break as we get our group which were false plus wrap things up a couple of quick comments I wanna make the market Jason Joseph wanna two point seven WEEI. You were listening to the market in Jason show on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Looks remarked on Twitter at mark didn't aero. Follow Jason on Twitter at Jean terra bella WEEI. But it is student had this half court shots and and it wound him wound you'll need to get 5000. Dollars to be spring breaking on slack violent. Lot of nuts. I wish I save more my saliva comments I had some good ones and that's some good ones whose that there is taxer about the on the McGregor fight. Wondering if he has any shot of knocking out Mayweather now you know thinks I'll. I don't need a bit boring fight. They'll get me started on a non heavyweight fights. I don't I don't well I mean some of the other night at two as I know got back not on getting on the I can get your often attention on that now I have time I think that. Mayweather has. A chance to get of course is there's always that chance by. You're talking about a guy that. Is one of the best defensive boxes of all time. Fighting somebody that has never boxing is in a higher share ya yet is not a boxer adjust I don't know. I don't that chance but I figured HM big names 2% it's it sounds more like a celebrity death match demean any. Actual actual match because my disguised in a boxer and his guys the best defensive fighter like is that ever. Towards the end of his career older guy. But I just don't expect much and I expect fireworks are expected great fight I don't expect McGregor to win you know paper are now. I'll watch them new life I'm not gonna waste my money and that. Just just to clean up a few things here I know you saw this. I caught wind of the the Larry Bird lookalike Wimbledon oh my gosh you'd east oh my gosh that was in a credible. That woman looks exactly like Larry Bird if you haven't seen it. Google that Larry Bird Wimbledon. It'll come right up long lost heavyset sisters slash Bravo especially I mean the fans like the mouth the nose hair it was perfect kind of lays Larry Bird river Cruz that its patents as a now. Yeah yeah kind of the kind that have the situation or nine you know I really sure of its a man or woman ya. It it looks like just like bird so you wanna know something that secretly just freaks me to F out. Speaking of look alikes. You never hear the band Hall & Oates. Yet a question if you look up you go Google rain now John Oates and look at a younger picture of him. It's me with a mustache. Really John Oates does that scare you it just freaks me I mean it is free give me with a mustache a younger picture of John Oates. Tell me if I'm wrong. Not wrong its may like I mean eighties art can freaky usually they that he's mean that is forgive me. Just with her during her mark and then only hairs a little different you need a perm unplug from what the mustache the eyes the need to mouth night facial structure a nice porn mustache and say in in a great Berman you. Look just like a young John Oates. It. I mean it's unbelievable I could somebody said that to me a while ago. I mean this some pictures here. Let's. That's for eight net. Nobody can hear it see you guys this doesn't look like me what does this this picture of him doesn't look as if that's him. That's him right at doesn't look like that's but these old pictures. I mean for crime that's me. If that's you are right that's unbelievable. I I don't wanna talk about that Catholics like oak. I mean that's me is me. It looks like yet. Just I don't like that I don't like that Alex and looking back close to the will be like when it looks like now because that's your future. Fredricka got a so you wanna play true or false yeah let's listen to a fault or cracked get a few minutes tour false the Celtics made a mistake. Not drafting long till ball after what you've seen in the summer. Fox. Follow this pretty good so the need to point guard. I'm pretty it would be easier to play Chinese magic John and asking your question do you need a point guard. If I can you as a job strictly a point guard I don't think he's going to be a good score. I think forces it to 36 I think fault was it the once the other night would have been a different question because faults in play on the ball in off the ball it helps that. You know it felt that Jason always has looked good that house yeah archival saved faults right now I don't feel good. But I will say false just because of the way Jason Qaeda looks she looks really good and it looks like he didn't miss there. Our tour false LeBron James goes to summer league games because he has in securities. Now false by regardless finally does Vegas. That's like oh is there okay you go watch basketball you know I in his free time when he's not at the USO think Jesper. Kicks he went to watch launch a ball play. Well the guys would also be the next great player you know soup stock but he went to go seemed like yup. Everybody did and it was like a who's who event that was that was going to see it like they were scalping tickets for 200 bucks. For the lines a ball game for his first game so yeah I thought just one negotiate on the ball played. Not not because he's in America I mean listen if if LeBron James and Westbrook and Paul George all say I'm going to Al work on LA next year. Once I hope all is a backup point guard. Yeah that's the bottom line now I think this answer is nothing to do with his insecure I disagree I think this is true. And they get these securities and that is why he says things like. On the best player in the world. He's trying to convince himself of those that with a yes exits and so I think he does I get in security I like this is gay marriage watch is stuff curry playing college. He wants us he's still coming are off base on this side of funny he. Likes to hear itself talk have you not learned that about LeBron James he likes to hear itself talk. Art that's why speaks about himself in the third person Arctic which one I think yes and securities and I think that's why part of the reason he goes summer league games he's scared of a rookie AJ was scared a city any securities yes. They can be small insecurities but I think that's part of this. Our tour false the home run derby is a better event in the slam dunk contest. A right up through no not even debatable that the slam dunk contest as sucked. Yeah for our since when we Griffin jump over the cars even that was kinda corny that that was a little much. But it's not even close ever since they put at the time on it it's been awesome it's been an. It's been a home run okay well on mean that I mean it's it's been hit right you know what I been it's been an absolute. It is it knocked it out of the park with that would then put the neck clock on there and put the time. On how long guys have been Omar is because is more urgency it's more exciting. You get extra time refuted a certain distance. It's cold I don't know everything that they've done with a homer derby as far as adjustment and that slam dunk contest is being crap for along time I was skeptical the clock initially but after watching. And again this year I I like they don't it's fantastic yeah I mean it. I don't know baseball the answer is true maybe you should do it in like a real after game two no. Yeah focus and to separate possession of the NBA's you know it took two timeouts off the fourth quarter last year in. The NFL seeking to TV timeouts away so it taken away like what 30% in their commercials gap. But DB Major League Baseball they've had the freedom Hitchcock. In the Arizona Fall League they inserted a four years ago there's some reason they can't put the forgiving in there V. Answers troop. I think part of the reason the answer is juries because you have more stars that participate in the home run derby and he gave the equivalent to -- judge in basketball did slam dunk contest. Maybe it's different conversation if they had stars actually doing it these known names in his jump height it has a really do reforming the answer is true the derby is better at least right now. Two more real quick the LB also our game is better off not determining home field advantage in the World Series tour false true. True true and you know why would you want my resident bad the only reason that they ever came up mark was because Bud Selig was panicked because. The all star game ended up at. I ended up in a tie in Milwaukee. Yeah so he can sit now it matters now accounts that as a slogan the next year and it's like you kidding me sit actor award the team that. That bust their ass to get the best record in baseball whether it be the American League and Nash beginning and it. To sum indeed you can hit it to the AL the end I'll Payson. Offered and of that the nobody cares about. I didn't lie and feel strongly about the also are game determining home field advantage I actually liked it but. I didn't the reason I'd like it was because I wasn't sure how baseball to take advantage of the all star game being an exhibition. You play baseball like basketball we're Shaq can do and one moves and it's fun and funny baseball's baseball however fox and a good job I thought. They were interviewing who was at George spray there interviewing somebody during the inning in the field. That's how you take advantage of this game being an exhibition. Rated your harper. There in the middle of cartels are brewers harper was also talking mad at opera was talking to Joe Buck. Never talked about during the game what what on the field what stacked deck and look like this year because you look great last year and joke is obviously new buck. Joe Buck. Did a tonic gains for the cowboys into the Tony Gibson fox obviously that's cool so that was cool so I liked the more that. Taking a picture with the umpire or whatever and I I'd like the fact that they ogre and you know baseball is about. You know consistency over a long period of time toward the team has the best record in the World Series. And if you're gonna take advantage of it like they've been doing or they did this year you know for the all star game not being. Meaningful. Last won Tom Brady will host the espy's one day tour false. False I don't think you'll be bothered with that I don't think he's I don't think they'll ever be by the recently that troop. He and I never would have dreamed he'd be pitching in eighties today that he is two years on end. He's a really do I that he really harbors much of a grudging get honest maybe not but I just don't think he beat everyone be bothered with some point that you don't think after he's tired he misses the limelight a little bit. Get back out there no way these rings around I don't think he's that have a guy I think after awhile. When he stood decides to go dark in go quiet where nobody can find and he's gonna go dark and go quiet and leave where nobody can find a because that's what he wants to happen at some point right now I'm sure likes it I don't be reasonable assessment. Got. Partner I don't. That's hit a doubleheader today double header. Doubleheader today Red Sox yankees after the sixteen inning affair last night com. First game 105. Prior to that will take you to Boston where the brat flow into relic show is currently in progress. Evans relic rob Bradford. 105 start Red Sox yankees Joseph and Tim have the call beginning at 1220. On the Shaw's WEEI Red Sox radio network. Good I'll be back together in two weeks earlier big show two weeks big show that day so we will I'll see you then. No more bachelor parties actually of the wedding this time. I did bash are part in wedding within two weeks. Growing so I directed the speeches and do all those things so. That was negated there you go sell it anyway. As we got will be talking about patriots all that training camping may have will be. Did so in that weekend luck to look forward to coming up here this has been marking Jason show one after point seven WE I have to go. It will be spring breaking on slack violent.