The Mark and Jason Show - Mark is back and has a confession about the Avery Bradley trade

WEEI Providence
Sunday, July 16th

Hour 1. Mark is back from his bachelor party and he had such a good time he didn’t know Avery Bradley had been traded from the Celtics. Mark and Jay talk about Pablo Sandoval being DFA’ed. The conversation moves to Julian Edelman calling 19-0 a stupid wish.


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Yeah. He's not markedly since you know not a handout we got an express train out of Boston get a petmedexpress. Chinese iron belt busting third baseman. Your reaction to the event. Who was minutes and it was inevitable and and that's this is gonna go down as the worst of free agent signing in the history of the reds are really came down towards feeling that we were not a veteran club. If you were his. Our club but eventually we'll remember down as one of the worst free agent signings in the history of all sport that I would not be surprised to see we've been brought along. A blockbuster. And getting Miguel Cabrera. Those who have sought. Good luck and never let me tell you why it's fine I like they have the prospects in Boston and the resources. We Jon hood tonight is college. Neighborhood of make good. 10 we. We point seven. Remarks like get him too many shenanigans and is out bachelor party outing that Barbara was never. It's a busy busy facilitating about a foot par. Did just what I am off next week got to facilitate a bachelor party something great I'm up there. Mark on you know carried on your boobs factors haven't neat stuff but did on my face that's that's breeze that picked up on the liberal. Yes his fifth cup. Absolutely an embarrassment and I'm sick of what his thing on the air to his ice it's what film that's that's mark's thing really gets whacked. You crap that they. Guy says he's as Eric judge home runs might feel as if he's just so funny I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna criticize you don't listen to it. Doing your thing you know it was like thoughts and he was like the. We are going Saturday telling me. Commendable Martin Jason show won a three point seven WEEI. Mark dined there our Jason terra -- here in Providence. But he had his ideas. We are supposed to be a lay up in Maine instead he was hell bent on going in the Portland every night and ended up. Crashing into the wall so to speak because he'd. You know drank too much on the boat on Saturday. So he was useless in Portland on Saturday night. It could've told them that didn't wanna listen I will say this though we won't name names but we ran into a bachelorette party up there. One of the bachelor the bachelorette of this party was a girl that I work with so that was. The girl that I work with that we PRI's that was Kitna unbelievable congratulations America had to keep my bachelor in line a little bit. But all all in all a very good weekend and nick quite who filled in for me last week Lisa worry about his own game. OK go well and that's sports department Eddie really sick go run your department didn't really. You really say swagger go about all my gosh I say so and let me tell you about swagger they'll. Keep have you ever heard it no because you've I don't even watch Debbie you're on twelfth right angle watch it and show Marty young comfortable. Can't thank you doctor no and another. Quite loves it. Everybody that listens to it at the station loves it now I having gotten direct feedback from the viewers but trust me it works and it works. You go worry about his own operation over that he's got plenty to worry about so go worry about your wanting Nikki. I rhino out he loves slack. You know the old at that at its. Watching they can make an accurate assessment got. I don't think I need Cuba now you definitely do as a I ought to get you today Tom. Gordon Hayward officially announced by the Boston Celtics a wanna discuss that summer league basketball. Wrapping up Celtics lost woods it was that you're trending the Soviets lost the mavericks in the Celtics summer league playoffs in the trendy massage. Catch it the was that important. But it Hayward is on board. Jeremy Irons aren't you put Tennessee in your friend and it's the finals there. This is Roger Federer won titles that are deployed right now the player and yet when we make confession. Stop with that now. There may confession shouldn't do it but I'm gonna make what. I'm gonna make it right now I was in the car on Friday. And there was one of the trending someone of the stations I forget which one. Com and they're going over what happened you know the headlines of what's going on that day and all the sudden I hear. Avery Bradley introduced today by the pistons. I had no earthly idea that he restraint in you know and this is Friday two days ago I had no. Clue I was at the party. We were golf thing other things going on. I had I missed I missed. I was on Twitter I missed you went dark I would darken it felt great I was disk I was looking at the clock wasn't looking at Twitter as disconnected from my phone. It felt great now it's not a good luck Andy no I wasn't on the show so it didn't hurt me it was network didn't hurt me but I'm embarrassed I'm embarrassed to tell you that on Friday and Friday night you had no clue no. That earthly idea detection view called view message use now. Is she would happen now and then so then what I did what they started have your phone with these huge you've completely don't follow north and I had it but I wasn't really on. I REI put it well so then so that when I decide to do as I was a cabinet. I got a tweet site because I wanted to say something about on Twitter so I had to tweet something to make it sound like hours reviewing what happened when you really I was out I was just. Shock Chiming in for the first time. So that was embarrassing oh amid those an embarrassing moment for me I guess probably crack at. With that being set I will say this site hate that I don't like it I don't wanna see Avery Bradley playing for the pistons jag OK because yours is a problem right now what's the problem you talk money I don't know. It's that it's not about money this year because they get a captain nick to move other players. In order to keep Avery Bradley by. OK so Gordon Hayward Jalen brown Jason Tatum all played roughly the same positions some people think that Tatum can play. Before sometimes which means or food play center again which is fine. But let's just say that what Hayward. Tatum and brown all play the territory yeah. So if David Bradley is there is just gonna create more of a minutes cards and he's in he's going to be going next year you're not paying him. You're not you know I can be pain in the pointless going I don't know I think even the Celtics internally in their cut which would admit that they didn't get the better the deal Marcus Morris. Is nowhere near as good a player as a group out he's a good fit for the team. With Avery Bradley that you're not a better team. With Bradley in Hayward then with Morse and Hayward you just not. You're not a better team. If you had kept Bradley ya in not traded Marcus not trade of Marcus Morris I think you they were a better team but it's all right it's and then it's a knitted staying. I feel and also that I can pay him I mean. We all always have at we'll I've at least talked about. Getting these young kids minutes in they needing to get significant minutes is I really Rob Brown. And I think that would complicate things a tape your brother was so they are not that I don't want on the air I don't think he's a good player because he was. Eddie is defense is a little suspect last year he was as good as some people think he was. But for the un on balance is scoring year in year. Got better and better in May be his. Focus on getting better offensively took away a little bit from his defensive game because I just don't think he was is good as people make them out to be. He should've been on the all NBA defensive dean is no question about that but I I think people talk about him like he's the best two way guard. It in the league are the best offensive guard in the league and I'd there's some other guys are a little bit better but the Jewish. It would have been fine if they move Crowder. I I was that was the guy is rooting for them to move but then. I guess you know it premiere comes down to a year not to pay the guy. And you're saying he was gone he's gone anyway they interactive data guy and be. You. You need to give minutes to some of these young kids and I think having Bradley there would've would've not heard it put it would have made it more difficult to give the young kids minutes that. Maybe Gainey Brad feel like they need to get this year I don't know about you but this came back to work led me back to a place that we've discussed before what are we trying to do here win now win for the future. It just felt like two steps back one step forward if you're bringing Gordon Hayward you get in you have to get rid of Avery Bradley who is younger a year younger are you not gonna pay them. Okay but Bradley good two way player raked up above average defender and a lot he's an excellent excellent defender. And it should have been on the all people one of the all defense teams and an improved. Significantly improved offensive game 26 years old younger than Gordon Hayward I like that guy. On the team I don't wanna see a big rave about him in the locker room. Sure I mean listen what are you gonna do with Tyree Irving now markets mark gonna cover that guy probably aren't that I was that bad defender he's not as good as he's not as good as Bradley but I mean you're also looking games played. You know Belichick always talks about one of the most important statistics is games played in how many games Xavier badly missed his career as soon as he's had a ton of injuries and not in significant ones pretty significant injuries that he had to deal with and I just wonder of those are gonna start to crop up. As he gets older and let me ask you this or I'll say this got to give Danny Ainge a little bit of credit because it appears he got rid of Rajon Rondo at age. Was 28 when he 728 couple years too late another guard and that's right. It was definitely the right time if not a little late because it's way too late is a game an extension of the debt over the season they gave in the three year extension and said that he was going to be the leader. Our locker room and that complete an escort Duffy as he's played for how many teenagers get signed yesterday by the pelicans there. Kings pelicans mavericks bull I mean he's been all over the place. So not hasn't worked now he's playing with hall of famers in Boston I get out but obviously it was the right time to get rid of Rajon Rondo may be healed. End up being right here with a Avery Bradley I don't like seeing him go. I'd be Angel last nuts matters but he was the last player from that Big Three Iraqi gives the last guy that played with KG and pierce when they were still. Somewhat relevant self I'm not in love with seeing him go. As far as Gordon Hayward goes. You know we knew we signed. Like it. But here's the thing one time all star and I have a list of other players who are one time all star now. He's 27 Janice act compose a one time also but he's 23. So he busted on that seemed faster other one time all stars where Kemba Walker DR Andre Jordan Andre Drummond Jeff TE Kyle Korver Tyson Chandler Jrue Holiday Brook Lopez. Andrew Bynum had any of them come Abbas and US excited about them is Gordon Hayward now because isn't that the same. Sing rock wholly different player I know when they're all the time I saw that it wants at least temporarily he's been improved every year again what did you wanted to do not do anything out. Now head to spend money Ari you would did you wanted to sign that some. Some mid no free agent that was it worth twenty million dollar note that I like so. So what's the problem with the deal I mean he's better than those guys drew holiday he's improved every year. That's the thing and listen I'm not expecting him to be great I don't think he's a top ten NBA player. But unfortunately. You know you have to pay thirty million dollars for the likes of Al Horford whose. Worth in my opinion fifteen to Tawny yet. And 82829. Million for a guy like Hayward that just the nature of the business just try to figure out which got this list we get to Fenway Park treatment. Him and his wife come and a lot of video listen the bottom line is we're durst rat Brad Stevens wasn't there. It Bret Stephens was the coach at Miami where do you think Courtney where it is. You're 100% right he's a Miami he's in Miami so you know this has a lot to do I think. A little bit to do would then get Horford last year in improving. Saying get into the Eastern Conference finals in show and they were what they what they're capable of with a player like him added to the mix and it's a huge part of that was was Stephens. You know anybody that says that it was Ted Stevens being the wind's been YE white Gordon Hayward here. It's just not read the tea leaves look you read the player should be and that he broke yup and it was it is 82000 word gushed job. About Brad Stevens in the relationship you know date he talked about. When it was it was time for him to go when he had his options of leaving after his second year. It was Brad Stevens that sat there rolled out all the options rhythm went over everything with them in a lot of times he talked about you know college coaches optimal. You know trying to convince he would do that Dan this to get you to stay. He didn't do that. You know Stephen sat down there with them lay out all the options win out. Doug positives and negatives or go to the NBA early. And you know eight it eat you referred to that as Symbian the only guy that he can trust in that situation you know and the only guys that he trusted in that situation and again. It came down to that in the decision. Relating to Brad Stevens I think that was a huge huge factor Weis here. Of course and no one else these these players these athletes. Most of bomb. You know I wouldn't know a College Baseball but not on the level of division one college basketball's about the same thing. But most of these guys rely on their college coach in situations like this coach what do you think a lot of those coaches have connections. They have a feel for the NBA even if they're not in the NBA are the Professional League that's who they rely on. Yunel may obviously parents but the coach is she huge I mean you play for but for however many years I'm not secured senior when he graduated but those are. Significant people in their lives their college coach and the fact that you're getting wooed by him. It's huge because if if Brad Stevens was in any NBA. He'd probably be consulting with Gordon Hayward on what to do that's how these guys think they rely on those guys those coaches most of the time. You know it's not always perfect sometimes or some rough relationship yet but that's how it goes so. He's gonna Wear number twenty. That was formerly the number of Ray Allen. Are you set they're not retiring rail outnumbered now now. You know I understand the significance or Ray Allen meant to the team by. It was it was Garnett and it was pierce. In in Allen was a huge huge part than when an A championship is no question about it but I just I don't know there's something. This something that I just I'm not going to be upset that that he were got his number and I don't know of that. A mauling on retiring number twenty for Ray Allen anyway because it just felt like Garnett was a heart and soul of that team. Got defensively. And in the leader of that team and you do not to retire ray Allen's number and absolutely how many other numbers and they get everybody got. You know. Joseph Klein's number retired at that they get bid they retire everybody's frigate number at subway get a slowdown in just retired the guy's numbers that. Deserve to be retired this like I think you stop Whitney and you know with that core players it's piercing Garnett. So you would that was corsairs Nash yeah I would retire having an absolutely. I mean at least five years for the site and just won a title that. I get that defensive player of the year yet fantasy isn't. Allen was a good player for time also with the Celtics instrumental in helping them win that title this part of the Big Three. But I think when you're talking about retiring and number you have to take into account. Especially. If you're only their few years and didn't play more than a decade you have to take into account. Off the court off the outside the lines. Scenarios that took place and the fact is he was combative at times she butted heads with the coach at times with the other teammates. And he left the horrible taste in the mouth. Of everybody in that locker room when he went to Miami not to have a problem with him doing what he wants him playing in Miami no. But that's something to consider we're talking about retiring numbers. I know you mentioned. The Celtics retire everybody's number two is not thought about this would I have liked to seen Tedy Bruschi had his number retired by the patriots sure. I think he's worthy of that honor however this is football and the patriots do have a hall of fame. So you put those players because of destruction they haven't Foxboro in the hall of fan writes have you don't wanna retire the number five I also think this might sound stupid. In back in indoor sports basketball hockey. There's something about having retired numbers in at the armed beyond said the arena a go to Montreal you urban to a game in Montreal for the Kenny longtime golf insane. You carried your your players in basketball talk about going into the garden and looking up at the rafters at. That means something in those what nobody. You know is into knots and the guys are intimidated but nobody's really affected. By the number little numbers on the facade out in right field at Fenway Park or monument park Yankee Stadium. Soviets but in basketball when they're hanging over you. I just think it not sporting means a little bit more I would retire Kevin Garnett number because of what he meant to the team because of what he did on the court. Aimed at you said heart and soul he was a leader he was the Celtics even with pierce that he was EU's arguably the face of the self. X here's what they're here this is there before he got there and they had that team was. Kind of brought to spit in there Rios a little bit when they got to the playoffs they can never really get over the hump. You know and they were a bad team yeah before with the and so was Garnett that brought that team together that put the detention of sharks and their butt. You know just get get get back to this team this year. Are on uninterested. Unregistered because I'm not gonna put our interest I'm not gonna put a lot to summer league play. Usually like rule of thumb is usually. Pay attention to the guys that don't play well on some league. That a high picks and the ones that do do while while they're just gonna do their job that there were disposed to do. They're dominating over guys that are going to be play for the main red claws and playing in the dearly at some point. But he items. He looked a lot better than you e-book in college at times and in his footwork was on believe all he looked great and yet he has a great turnaround and you want a guy like that would that. Type of offensive polish because there's no question him this year as a rookie. Is already has more polished his offensive game. And Jalen brown does and how did Jalen brown look now I know he's not the first game it looked great after that it was kind of spot it got any got art. But I mean those two guys who wanna get minutes you because it's it can be exciting what this team's capable of if those two guys. You know reach some sort of level this year if they do great. Because may be makes the series against Cleveland and more competitive. I don't know that you beating them at people say that they're in disarray but. And people say that about Cleveland at all my god they're just in shambles while the worst offense it usually does here. They're not playing good defense and I played together as a team there's turmoil in the locker room during the regular season what happened in the playoffs rolled the rock. They they see you aren't they proving you can flip a switch in the end they stomped over they stomped over everybody in the Eastern Conference so I don't know that there. That much closer but if those two guys in particular grow up a little bit this year specially Joe Brown expect a lot of people are expecting a lot of in this year. If if he turns into the player or somewhat close to level the player that any thought he could be when he drafted him. That can make you really adjusting against Cleveland. With Gordon Hayward there Marcus Morris is a nice piece. He's he he's a good fit because. I know he's not a great rebounder nobody on the scene is a great guy I don't know why they do you better than Amir Johnson all my god yes and yes there are others and one upgrade right yeah it's not even close he can shoot it you know what. A lot of people talked about. With markets marked the ads are great in the toughness and in an attitude of the team when he's on the far right LaMarcus more spring some that do not like his brother. Not only his brother his brother's brother mark Keefe did Lisa wizard ya got into with a pretty much everybody in the Celtics in the early in the second round last year but. You get X you get you get excited about that because there is you know with the first unit in the second unit that they can brawl out there. It's a deep but it's also a pretty talented team. No so it really comes down to his good as Gordon Hayward is good as I say is. And in an Al Horford becomes our dad. How those two rookies the Jalen brown and in Jason Tatum are going to be able to step up in making impact on this team right away it's going to be it she to a crowd are. But not the start and I'll tell you right he better not be starred. No way I've I've moved on Crowder mentally he's still here I know he's still here app. They have some sort of try to ignore him maybe it's just that they can't find out find funded team to that once the deal. It began he's asking too much which shouldn't wouldn't be a shock now. Yes to win every trait you love getting on about that but. You know I mean that's that's going to be in she's young that shakes out I'm just saying he better not be start over Browner arcade and not okay noted. Fours are 17371287. Or text us 37937. When we get back problem send a ball disgust me. I'll elaborate is the mark and Jason Joseph wanted to point seven WEEI. You were listening to the market and Jason show on sports Radio One 03 point seven. WEEI. Looks remarked on Twitter at the market didn't aero and follow Jason on Twitter actually terra bella WEEI. Not only from an offensive perspective there were some defense of struggles and we just really came down source feeling that we were not a better club. If you were his. Our club at the Major League level so it was a tough decision but it was one that we thought was right one. It's one that took ownership was very involved in because I that's a decision when you're talking about those type of dollars and days. Have to be involved in half a step by step perspective. As Dave Don Brownstein talking about the handout. Pablo Sandoval. Didn't work out those type of dollars Betty just mentioned. Forty million and a 41 million next season alone there's a buyout two for five million that they and then another laugher by. So the dollars ya dumb rescue gave John Henry credit. For cutting the cord now with all that money still at stake there are sure I'll salute that. You know you gotta run and July cycle of you can do oh yeah that course the way that you can do that unilaterally without talking and let me just say this real quick I cannot be more disgusted. By Pablo Sandoval disgusted. This guy was 28 years old. She 28 re now. Now he's 28 when they signed him in a cat when he when they signed him a few years ago in November of two when he fourteen Everly. He had won these rings in San Francisco was a World Series MVP came here got paid and mailed it in that is what happened. End of discussion. That is what he'll have to live would not maybe he doesn't care because he has he geocities Garfield boxing go count his money isn't there but that's what happened and that's disgrace. For professional for an athlete. I blame him for his poor play I blame him for the lack of physical fitness I blame him for basically not being available all the injuries I blame him. He was the one that screwed this up and it doesn't look good obviously so I'm disgusted get out. Who do you. And the indeed does signing though is on ownership. In my pin I I feel an ownership let me tell you what happened because because that's when Larry was still here yup. And there was usually Sharon in signing waiting. And yet how much power to charge really half point a cap I mean could charge him as. I think he needs signings big signings like that wasn't a dumb browse it was both he dumb Brodsky. Signings like that we're not gonna be made on on the back of charge and by itself without without a decision from ownership essar. And you didn't have that type of power that Theo that you know I'm when Hanley and percent of all Sinai called Hanley. Cap. I thought he was lazy I thought he was a zealous but he's about Asia sight he's like against something he's a much better player than that and then policy and of it is yet to think any published in book creator. Is is a decent hitter he elite he's a good. Good average Major League player yeah regularly nowhere that you know we're he made his money in the playoffs and that's what you remember those big moments in the playoffs why didn't he always came through for the giants I I blame. Play in the sand on everything that you said about his own personal fitness and cannot be ready to play again art. And just been awful. Absolutely awful that may be worth signing age it was between Carl Crawford in hand and I think it's him because at least Crawford played a little bit but. The blame I think as far as even bringing him here should go and ownership because. The only reason that he incited him that Cisco. Was because it was a Sims is a wanna put away clause in his contract. In he said now. Don't you think of your ownership that should be kind of a red flag for a guy that is coming here and get up putting away claws and yeah MIT he hasn't reunion is ever Cisco if you asked them to go. And he said no they don't sign him because that tells you right there that he doesn't care about his fitness today being in shape and be ready to apply. Well and obviously affected him because he was off the field he wasn't playing he played a 141. Games I think was on six a 161 in a two plus years yeah fourteen Omer Al Unser to 37 Y a hole through 37. With fourteen norm I don't not a power guy but come on now. It's awful it was terrible. I needed saves as though he was yet to 94 do you think he's the worst. Free agent signing Carl Crawford John Lackey aiding and Zollars Julio Lugo J. D. Drew Daisuke ousted market because use a pain in the Yancy was a child. He still produced when you hear you dead there wasn't like the numbers were there and he didn't play. And the Crawford at least plate. Sin of all property lies gossip sharp yes absolutely he was terrible. He was attacked it was a terrible signing the only thing that makes me wanna say it's sand evolved. Is because at least with Crawford in Gonzales who got out of the market. Out of the money this is still O 48 million dollars for this is not my buddy Bob you've got out of its of that makes you feel a little bit better. Yeah you know I make you feel this was just. And yet you look at Tom and I mean all the only thing he did that was productive was give us stuff to talk about in spring training because he was so big. He's huge and we were just worried about what you look like they're Florida's bell exploded when he swung the battle has great gift for mean or whatever was. As I need in the and that the picture him in spring training the year before when. When is. Stomach was exposing it just does does that stretch marks that he had this I was disgusting. They're getting care if you get the Stuckey JP in north products JP good morning. Well maybe going towards Iraq at I'm out there were people more. Well I don't want to quote sterling you were talking about last week. It's playing. Or fire sale. L I order a certain and cutting. About that didn't. You know what. They want true public I come back and let. One run. And. JP I probably would have cut Christian Ambrose you wanna enter whatever you want to know that something a little surprising maybe it went down after this game but Chris Sale. Had I think it was a second or third best front support in the American League this year. Think with its feet and I'm sure you and get out. There. Or I'm watching intellectual. Or certain that no such thing. It's unfortunate. And we can't get right to chew you now. What a lucky. Shot. Problem as my shot I would call one college away I called and like a lot. Like 101. On the walk. Stir trouble disrupt and any real change or a foot or so I'll show you except. You go to Reno and I'm like I like Democrat from the slide and I'm glad we kept didn't betray it can be done. It in Atlanta recovered got. The race track. Were urgent. Yeah and it it they do have problems and JP days ago they do have problems against good pitch and I don't know how much you put on Farrell last night because I don't know if it would've had a different outcome because. Kimball still give up the game title run in the ninth inning guy I know I put down on Farrell. I put down cricket but get guys out please okay okay hold on let me thought. The way but. We know how bad kimbo was in the eighth inning in I don't know if they do because it was a thirteen pitch at bat against judge. Maybe that you know he's not EEE. Book I don't agree with that. But there's something about closes not coming in until the ninth inning where there where they become less effective than the largest prominent in the cleaning in the ninth would you dead. Grant you but I wonder if some of the pitches that he had thrown the ape. You know kind of effective affected his control glossy a little bit in the ninth. I just think he was as sales at -- an eighteen pitches it's a minor minor bitch with sales at argent eighteen pitches there were two outs I know was a lefty on Friday a judge. Can hit the ball out of the ballpark but soak in three of the guys that were your face and in the in the next inning in the night. Between. Between heavily and Matt Holliday so I just. I would like to see sale to date and have chemical and denied the may be have a different outcome may be you know I'm not sure about that but maybe you don't. I'm with you I would have preferred Chris Sale in that inning. But that's not enough for me to blame John Farrell. Get the guys come up to get him out. Out. He is dominated right he's he's dominated everybody at Fenway Park Matt Holliday is an old washed. Washed up eighties and older veteran don't let the old veteran hitting game tying home run and in the game we'll go on you know. Five and a half hours and I can't get it on the high. Highlights at nine point resulted in him multiple opportunities and some of those later innings to after the after the ninth when it went to action is two when they gave two men on and nobody out of employment on nobody out dead dead. You know in one of the biggest ones was. For some reason. An attendee did not go to third base when judge who's going to his right and a base hit to right field and judges go into his excuse me judge go to his last. But it had he has the speed to get the third base. And the next play was a pop fly. Aaron judge where there's no question that it's at bats have been attendee was on third base who has scored a team that's costing you the game it would have been over there was some bad base running and I came by the IR how with lesson to us you don't become more aggressive and get the third base I don't understand death that was a big one that was a big bomb because they would won the game there was a question. Georgia was fought because the if it would have been and they out the would have indeed did to prevent any thing get over their heads. And our excuse me they were in shallow ya you know to try and try and can catch anything that the shortstop with the if you this can catch. And Ben attendee that was deep enough where judge would had to go. Back a little about our you have no chance and they are driven home in the game would've been over that's a big time down under that I think is fair to criticize a Red Sox were because that was a bad one last night. They should've won that game they should've won that game and now you're given the Yankees little bit of life and what they're based what two and a half games out in the standings right now. The two would have gains that can't debate as a winning means a valuable. Oh Joseph Maddon yeah now Evan Longoria has been there forever but they have those guys download yours is going well he's the pitchers. I think not having any open. A-Rod talking about you know some speculation that he thinks Miguel Cabrera is that something that you either agree with or are four. You don't want Miguel Cabrera wanna pay it six years in charge and forty plus million dollars with a guy here's my question why she'd been so average this year. Because he's over and the need to four years old he's played in 95% of the gays Nike hasn't played I eleven home runs in 41 RBIs batting 260 yet. A lot of guys. I love the guy but now not for what not for what you got to give up form absolutely not. Actually you know considering that Detroit may want to unload that contract. Get out from under that contract. I wouldn't that you may not have to give up as much you think for the guy. But I still don't want them get them and you gonna have to give up something of significance to acquire Miguel Cabrera. The name the name in and of itself is gonna command a pretty big name prospects in there's no way that I won out the gate where they gonna put him. He can play third base did the HM yeah beat him he's gonna play the field right he only got a lot of the field or refuses to play here if you ought to be so good on whether or not I'm. And they got. Ken Rosenthal. I forget his exact phrasing the way he worded it let something along the lines of it's it's all but certain that the Red Sox are gonna have a lot of great it is just a matter time before it happened OK so he's fighting a three year felt like. Ken Rosenthal as good as it comes in terms of baseball knowledge an insider information it appears as if this is the Red Sox are gonna get Todd Frazier third baseman. Two time all star. Home run derby so bonds who yeah. I guess I'd like that now Raphael devers was the last four for four home run. Unbelievable play in the field you Shipley made one that you may display one handed coming in from third. Fire missiles across the diamond again he's got that's one play this is triple a east twenty. I don't wanna bring Yuma yeah I don't wanna bring him up I mean I think their plan is in their hope is that EU. Stays he's so well he's a little raw. It stays in Tripoli for the rest hearing gets better defensively in terms on a lot of excuse little it was. So I think they wanna see that happen before they bring him up and I don't think you wanna waste a whole year. A service time bottom for our for the second half of the season a figure for Todd Frazier coming while because then I mean you know it's not like. Gaels going right Santa balls gone. Have Farrell talked about it last. Last week in an interview where he said boy you know. There are asking about say ruined in the he said you know this just an energy that guy's a column insanity. This is survived around him in even in in in the Indy brought up that Moreira Sunni city even when DeVon in there. Hoosiers dishes and actually jump. Two when they're in their so it's not just when those guys are out on the field. In the dugout did you seems to be a better attitude than when Sandoval surrounds it odd to see Mikey he was jacking the team down when he was out there of course and you know again that. It's two times this year that Red Sox have had six game winning streaks and both of those signs. They weren't that that that's when Sandoval was on the disabled list. No maybe it's a coincidence maybe it's not but you know it in and you put that on top what Farrell said it just. And I think for ages it's have a guy that's gonna. Demand to play every day. You know may be well. Navy navy navy they'll put at risk in really played for contender I mean he was on the reds it's a good team does a decent views but he never really played not so there's you know he would come here if there is Cincinnati Chicago right that's it. Chicago hasn't really done much com he's only to ten this year he's got sixteen months so I mean he's gonna bring some pop to the pots or imply 02 and a half years it yeah aiming it's something that they had this team needs. The overall problem was in eastern ramming during the game even legacy. You like that photo from the legacy now you see that photo gonna do. All right. Not I mean I don't think he's a temper got its gonna be in a hole and say need to play every day to Jesus in a he's going to be good role player on fort might not implement it's not cost you prospects which is what I like. Because Dombrowski he's done a good enough job of ripping apart the farm system where you have next to nothing last and I'd like to see them leave the farm system won't this year. And just pay for a guy if this is gonna alls is gonna cost his money prevent find it can't art. It can't hurt this situation at third base as much we like Marrero and win. I don't think Wynn's gonna be continuing to head the way he's hit since he's been up here Embraer is not a great hitter so. Yeah absolutely I mean they they need some pop in that lineup. 4017371287. Is the phone number yeah I'm with you. I mean win is nice but those guys here's the one thing I will say we have seen on brought this up before. In the past if they can get to a situation in the White House make a run World Series we have seen guys with no experience for the Red Sox come up and produce. In a post season situation. You know before their rookie year. Could that happen with some of these guys if they get to the spot where they wanna be in the playoffs I guess I would feel more comfortable if they bring in a guy like Todd Frazier a veteran. You know somebody that can stabilize the position not blow the world apart but stabilize the position and make sure you not to give up what to get them I think it's a good fit. Why not. What can we get back here I want to Julian Edelman made some comments. At a camping Denver's Massachusetts are wanna get to doubt we'll go over the SP zero last week. As well she got any problems with some of the awards that were handed out does the market Jason Joseph wanna three point seven WE. You were listening to the market in Jason show on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Look for mark on Twitter at mark dent aero. Follow Jason on Twitter at G terra bella WEEI. We're. The street this black. I'm back game easy easy games friends you weren't yourself. Yeah here so you know. Wrote a nice. Are welcome back is the mark and Jason show that was Julian Edelman on the footballers HBO footballers. Settlement also made some comments. On Saturday at a youth camp opened Denver's Massachusetts. I'll read it here. Cattlemen. And amused by talk of the patriots potentially going nineteen and I was saying quote you can't worry about what other people say honestly. I mean there's no script to this thing there's no camera this is in Hollywood this is real life. When you go play in the National Football League it's one of those things where it is stupid to even think about that it's never been done you don't really wanna talk about a my focus more trying to get ready for the season. Trying to learn your teammates form your identity. The nineteen you know tock is stupid. That's it. Those quotes. It is okay this. That's just that as a matter what you know it doesn't even matter until they get they finish of the season sixty you know great. This took a two games ago three tough games so racked you know I don't need the focus on that until you get to the Super Bowl because it doesn't mean anything until you're eighteen and now. You know I just. I think he's right about this late. You're gonna suffer some tough losses along the way. You're you know arc and had most likely you're not gonna win every single game they get a play the chiefs the saints are gonna be a little bit better next year the Texans you'd think. You would think that they're gonna have their they're guy a quarterback now. Now that they drafted on and he's knocking to be sit behind wherever scrub they have quite a Renault who it is. Carolina isn't gonna be it'd be. I wouldn't say aid needed needed that's AK trap game where the teens a little bit improved to get to go to tea Tampa Bay they're going to be much better. With what they add in the offseason you know and all about a man you know by the time you see in the weeks seven. At Denver is never easy you gotta go to Mexico to play Oakland to. Debt and that and then you started division plywood with with Miami apt buffalo and then at Miami. And then at Pittsburgh and look if they go undefeated during the regular season. The the talk is obviously gonna wrap up but I don't I don't think they need to focus on I don't think the players it's nice for us to talk about. In it would be nice accomplishment put. That doesn't mean anything if he gets a big dance it doesn't mean anything at all and I think a lot of people around here lake scared of that. What the giants are better necks and you meet them in the soup won't you're eighteen you know. And they're gone you're gone for perfection again they've grown. You wanna go to that our story yen. No but I'm not afraid that I'm picking them the go undefeated I think they will go undefeated and I'm not afraid to talk about that. I understand what Julian Edelman saying I understand where he's coming from but to me at your will ever really looked at the serving size for cost. You re obviously nothing. You know it's a little cup it's like that little yogurt countries let's have a cup of pasta will cop. So what you do there is you look at it you acknowledge it noted that is ending eat more than serving size this issue to do. Look I get it okay it's not wise it's stupid to talk ninety you know. But we're not go we're not gonna say listen that I'm gonna talk about it because they're nasty. They are stacked they are loaded. And they've won five super balls you know they've won five so I want something else to look at to assess to analyze so yes I'm gonna talk about this and you know what. I don't think would hurt. Jewels and bill and the rest of the guys over there they may be embraced a little bit just embracing. People are gonna talk about a you're gonna have to answer questions about it well they do embrace internally they embrace it because they put that banner up and they go an undefeated in the regular season until they finally took that thing that I liked having a bit of highlight that's. Oh yeah as you well US IP in the early and he's seated in the regular season but is it a cop like a cold put up but you know a second round playoff victory not this is still. I'm not a challenger dollar was not enough yes it was it was still pretty that is. Eagle would do what happened to Super Bowl were telling me that we published it shouldn't be noted any. That's that's that's that's something that you you know Blaylock I'd never been done in sixteen games you can you can put on a nice coffee table book that nobody's ever gonna look at. Because it means nothing I have absolutely no issues I don't want to being there because that's something noteworthy L franchise now bush obviously because they took it down it's so noteworthy. So noteworthy that they took down they've realized I would agree with them taking adults should have had enough what a dumb idea was not white it's SE it's like the colts putting up. Banner of them being. Second round playoff blown playoff team butchering BA's highest Super Bowl banners are as big as a Super Bowl banners but you should make note of that somewhere not to them. Now I'll do that from Miami. You do that for some other team that doesn't is never there or shoot another low ever in your cap you finished the regular season sixteen you know you know how hard that it's it's hard feathers got crap on it. You lost that initiates. It's not it's not it is it's not it's not the same thing he cornered the market it's just not. These are the same thing but you can still make note of it just make note of it no. Yeah yeah put in the off the book don't put a stupid banner up to embarrass yourself let gay yeah Hewitt succeed in don't know what happened ultimately you lost when it mattered most. As you choked. As you choked so yea UN sixty news and let me ask you for some advice here. I got nominated for an Emmy and lost should I not put that in my race is different I loved the Dallas shots at a job analogy it's an analogy it's a question. If you're trying to make a connection between eight. Regular season in football in sports going sixteen you know ultimately for the patriots specifically. Ultimately not winning not not achieving your goal. And in being nominated for an enemy. That's it's completely different completely different not an enemy to enemy and I said a cat. I'm just saying. It was in noteworthy accomplishment not you know whether what your life in Iraq. Not know we're OK I would banner would you so you don't want it knowledge at all you wouldn't have had rating knowledge panel noted they went six you know but again like I wouldn't maybe not a banner but I would have acknowledge in some way in fifty. Devious and now when you forget about them go to 160 you know we're gonna remember. And they lost they lost in this it right well you know remember the sixty and almost beat bush knocked in a book back in that seasons they while I was just a great regular season. But it lost it for an enemy. Aren't as an enemy it's. You know any outrageous and people want to remember that they're gonna remember the though the loss in the civil to the tire right and I can remember them going undefeated in the regular season because around here especially. People are spoiled. Because of all assists all the success that they've had. And they're not gonna remembered that Goran six you know the gonna for David a remember that they choked in the Super Bowl and they lost the what a lot of people thought was an inferior team. They were an inferior team not that night but overall they got your number twice a day. And back can't be denied but Tom Coughlin is not there anymore. I don't think it's the same team. Now that I thought Tom Coughlin is not a list for there ability to play the patriots well yeah I can Lilly's I still did people have their druthers I still think that. You you if you get to the super ball. Again this year I don't think they wanna see the giant apple logo is walking through the other side does or not. Is that will bring back a lot of heart or you know bad bad memories that however. However I will say this if the patriots could beat the giants. I think that would be. That would represent. May be the best case scenario do you agree with that of course of taking gets George risk reward yeah if you could win that game what then that's the best I could it's like finally got I got the monkey off your back to beat the team that you can be in the playoffs patriots fans will be cuddled up in the fetal position. Watching it but if they can win. They need to you know they need to exercise all kinds of demons you won another super wal no more team insecticides and I would say this. People you know some people don't wanna roof of the undefeated season some people want it the only way you could truly. Truly. They stay I'm talking about the Boston New York rivalry and all that. Gil we could truly redeem yourself for what happened in 2007 wood to be go go undefeated and beat the giants in super. Yes of course and it's feud that's as the only way could truly redeem a lot of people yourself for that's a lot of people want that. Because you know the stakes are too high. Got nervous yet Nur as it happened twice. Geez. But and media will be that would be the ultimate you know and commodities with a gap. But they are there you know they're fantastic team that on paper they're fantastic team and they're gonna be a lot of fun to watch here I just don't I don't focus on the nineteen you know I focus on them. Seeing how how how good they're gonna be defensively yeah we know how good they're gonna be offensively they're gonna be a forgive wagon yep but it's gonna be inching to see how Jamar Butler worked together McCarty. And some of the young guys they haven't defensive line like Cody Lee gets not if it's about time. I mentioned budget times he's come back from injury Malcolm brown you hope he's got finally got to make that next jump into the governor gray flowers could wind up a scroll ball player Trey flowers was fantastic views may be your most valuable player on defense last year in the second half of the season he had what seven and a half sacks last year. Tutu and has our soldiers who are to look the popular dominate you look like a guy that knew. When the when the light drawn in the in the stage was the brightest that you you was gonna go up and big moments and he came up in big moments time and time again the man. In the second half of the season you'll pick them to lose any game though if you look at the schedule right now you're not gonna pick them to lose any game. You know it's funny but I mean. I don't know about that because I'm not crazy about them going to at Denver at. At Oakland's yeah Mexico and then Miami and then you have app buffalo which I know. Buffalo Sox find whatever but then you got to go back you gonna travel and go to Miami. That's acted that's not an easy stretching gains in and you got to go to Pittsburgh that that's just a question right there. Yeah after their bye week reached ten through fifteen the most difficult. And it's their most difficult stretch of games does that that's you know if it's Martinis Bryant can stay off the we'd. If he actually can play and stay in the field this year that team between mark this week in Bryant. Antonio Brown those in radeon doll that is a danger is dangerous trio received is that the pages are gonna have to deal with. Even though they have Gilmore about that America's but let's be realistic and the Gilmore. Was good at times last year in there were times where look like a dog. So yeah no he's not Darrelle Revis yeah you know in his heyday you don't you don't know we gig you're gonna get from him and you don't you don't know what you're gonna get from Butler immediately becomes unhappy. Do you get it gets frustrated with his role. I doubt it. But I mean you just don't know how those things are gonna unfold over the course of the season Tucker. Coming up next here on the market Jason show our true. I wanna get into the espy's. We could circle back some basketball if you want more to come here it is the mark and Jason Joseph wanna two point seven WEEI.