Kevin O'Connor, The Ringer, calls Giardi and Bradford to provide his take on the Celtics/76ers trade and where Boston goes from here -- 6-18-17

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Sunday, June 18th

The great Kevin O'Connor calls the boys and is raring to go! He gives his reaction to Danny Ainge making a huge move to give up the chance to draft Markelle Fultz. He discusses his thoughts on the rest of the draft and where the Celtics plan to go from here. 


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Happy Father's Day after Sunday morning CO WBI might GRE in bright rob Bradford. In Houston yet ready to call. Red Sox baseball all are not calling tonight again wants to call the nightstand. I well I'll do do a social drug open modcast. You periscope. FaceBook why you have all you can totally do it. I'd move against you ideas for free. I applaud the IQ you gave me the idea from my last podcast or two of these thoracic outlet syndrome addition yes athletes which whoever had that the pool whether that would could be dropped in June there you ago. And now I like it eight is stimulated podcast a similar broadcasts for the podcast. Late that. It's. Cutting edge anyway it until I got to be honest with you Micah Wright in a W Kevin O'Connor second there was little daunting I've done. Numerous podcast you know I've. I've I've well versed in the art of broadcasting. Yes. But it was all daunting following up Roger Clemens yesterday. It wise because you know it's like he's breaking down stop that you don't see him. And this and that and in you know I'm saying Arcadia a north with forty mile an hour straight ball that's equivalent of this vehicle. That. I don't sell yourself short one home. They were Fiona I know every every one I felt like a got a lot of this every one. Watch TV turned on the sound. Just gazed into the guys have done Marcelo. And listen to Tim never put myself on the radio a lot of people did that broad but most yes most if not every 15 and. It's gonna do. The gas line it was pretty Kevin O'Connor from the ring or chop and at the bit I love it. Kevin as a as a group had as you well know I get the young said of the DM I gotta talk about Israel once I went astray. And love that Kevin. Let's talk about it. What is what is your initial reaction to what happened a while recourse all star last night. That so vote that it took over. Social you know it says it's a little bit to try haven't seen her reactions. Serbia Munich felt the are all about books about it should just serve or actually absolutely nuts about it I think. A paper value standpoint it's a great deal mobile is its global rare instances where. I think you trade expects global. That you get a guy the perfect fit for them. So we're straight arrogant and additional outside and we'll get a guy like agency like national air behind all. Yeah well that's where I was gonna ask you him indicates people. You do a great job of the draft preparation stuff and you know the ringer dot com looking at right now yes. Foltz Alonso ball Josh Jackson Jason Tatum fox in that order. Jeff Goodman what's on what this before and he said that that he didn't feel like there was an enormous difference between those top four guys do agree that. Yes I felt like that Russia each with about will be updated. Payers tomorrow morning and I got my personal board like I have fault one paid into paltry. And yeah I would interject like there's not a lot of separation I think. Remember one guy just because of your ability are open water upside there but one behind him. I don't think there's much separation would pay them. Maybe even a little bit of drop off a lot cobalt like from your kind of a top three were a lot of corporation located in god for me lactic on the topic on trading below one target. Figueroa. Court to go to scored defined. The secondary scored slightly on either spring Perot bought just personal standpoint. And from a team needs standpoint. Never mind just the career acted keys are little pot yeah. I think that's where the bell even met you could trade down it's still get a guy who. May be juices valuables all. Am an addition to the picnics here or whatever it eventually book eight that a lot of value when not much separation of the exit strategy here's there's not a Kevin Durant talk more helpful than prospect. Ken Ken Jason Tatum score. Quickly immensely you know how how quick how quickly do you think you can integrate to the NBA level. And become that second score. You know I. I think a lot of that depends. Perhaps I guess the progress of his jump shot back I think OK compared. Jailed Berry brought the ball handler and decision major. Voter merger would move rates paid over the opposite in the sense that he's very fluid movement. It's orchid outstanding through the age old Watson I think he's ready or you can give him the ball he can score or. I interpret what the level the ability that he can actually do literally correct told us about it and the parents appeared on how good his jump shot is that the level. I think. I think you're shot out of there gawker report future shuttle verdict or some country people you know you'd and I'll get tired but he's 85% from the streets are wide good good sound mechanics the bill that creates space got a jewel like. I know Jack mentioned earlier about your remarks at all clear and are right there with. I mean Paul Martin averaged altered level obviously is an extraordinary player score to the topic. You can see you conceive upside they're just because there's this spiral play. Would before war. More so yeah got a lot of reason for the score or go to. Picture in order to vote and that's a and then you're only if you happen to act or if traders are watching highlight to these guys. Hit the plot or Opel. Now wouldn't it. The average that's the arm that's the big hit the the YouTube is gonna lose talk on the page views on the mark Todd as a mark of faults from Boston. Thought a spin the wheel of Alonso ball questions here because that's what we'd have built on the last two months. OK let's say this say in this world that I don't think is gonna happen but the say the lakers like Tatum as much as you do as much as we think to insult it may be the Celtics do. And they take him. It sells like it sounds like you're putting Josh Jackson behind on the ball who do you think the Celtics would take. If they're facing that possibility of Josh Jackson Alonso ball. It's possible cure I believe the lakers. Were trying to get to work out in the navy alienate swing and after election could also likely. I think between the got on the board from me. I'd be looking retreat out again if that was the case moved I do I do think there's a lot of appeal on the ball in terms of sitting here with Gretzky system. Delegate subway it like her great match just in the ball ability to walk quickly. That are perfectly. And all were that a great. It would revert for the well. But I would return moved out again it would. All of that. Who who is all but Tatum yeah but here's a so here that leads me to my next question which is. The other thing that I asked Jeff that about wall what's the level after those guys and in fox seems to be sort of in between. The he's not quite those top that top four bodies better than the other guys after him. But this to say six to time you're saying you'd trade down again do you feel confident that you be able to get a guy who would be. These what you're looking for which is a good eight. I think job market a bit of the moon like mr. like I can I pick. I have a hard time they had in the sense that like when you're drafted that high you've walked the guided become. I get a primary player on the off of them and all of the red that the war however he got that first year. And I pick this fall all at the highest books signed a little that the that the slaughtered anybody in the pocket and he felt that could realistically at the lottery and everybody else could. Six foot 11120. Pounds. He is. The result of interpreter for what causes. Trooper trooper court utterly. So he really really Smart for wired go to defend multiple awful question to avert a little bit long arms. Actual other revote or true Europe or north north with a IGG he would be somebody who is a cure lecturing their their spirit that. Six or seven range in the draft I think he'd be Arab Igawa iGoogle could get it just cookbook. Defense batters and they also exposed to buy a ticket can hold all bad. But effectively he can become I guess I ignore traditional superstar looked in the ability to defend multiple positions protect the red at all and today where. Now with a collection of of assets and and you mentioned you know it if you think an all these four guys are in the same and you move back and you can still get one of the guys that you really like. And you've now picked up essential. I'll lottery pick your next year or the year after depending on how it falls. What are what does Kevin O'Connor GM doing where those picks are you still making the picks or you're trying to find. Would you view on a package couple of those who Jimmy Butler. Are you going after Paul George even though you know he's a one year left on his deal and rumblings are is headed to LA after that what what is Kevin O'Connor do. I would go to their value wrote in the sense that if I think we're between Jimmy Butler Paul George my. Between those guys Jimmy Butler I think the conventional wisdom is that she's regard you'd go for more troops of the election year contract. But I think that also regents would differ significantly more expensive minute the true and you know it workable one of last year true. Reported a multiple of what we had to McGregor that they were looking for players and toothpicks which is probably Jake Trotter. Or are Smart last year's epic which would have been trapped bunker on it and it got a future pick in marketable clearer minded in this year's factor that brought a lot. A big mix of players. And critics. The patients don't have their color which I don't think. So I I wonder maybe even more credible guy and that's what kind of be targeting. A player would go to Drexel would not saying if you got to give too much. Org I hit free agency in the year from now if you had to dive on the lakers go to LA I don't think you'd give a lot of values they're short you're. Otherwise it did you being patient care sure straw at four really good prospects. In the suburbs have. Eight but no per cent chance of keeping that they're preparing and ordered the lakers are so the more look like the Indians had sent in the past. Picks are always treatable so you can be patient care and entire Rihanna react depending on what the tree barker as luck and George makes a lot of sense if the price was right technology beat just increased. Last question from me Kevin Marco forces what will come back to this than what this whole conversations about. Market a mark Dell faults is he going to be in your rise significantly better than these other guys I know you like Tatum. By whom this is what this is all about in terms of if the Celtics trade this pick. And Marco faults of terror and up with the sixers and these other guys are easing into the life in the NBA and people are gonna get frustrated this. Is Marco full gonna be the star the level star in this league that these other guys won't be. It's very possible on the fence fall yet so few weeks. I need it much like you and he does have a whole defense and but still some questions about. And natural shooting ability okay you generally comedy view which you worked out womb. But I would Marco hope. I think you are higher overall outside in the drought that's why he's our number one by being by everybody else from the murder Bible follow and well. But would that shed. And other mean I think early in his career it's very possible to feed from south insurgent treading. Watch more helpful if he's gonna at every opportunity sixers they're going to be an incredible full of people watched. So we really won't know for five years from now are great really whether the elections are about like pressured triggered. 45 years longer term pay. But I think all they have your question Paul has the best chance of becoming the ball and strap that cadence or hide. Rick I'm here. Well what does that say to you to hear what Kevin about about Danny's. Face in the back court that he already has and does this indicate to you. That they are fully committed to Isiah being. You know the face of the franchise slash a Max player going forward. I think that peaceful manner I really do you I think what. But he got a lot for free but the personnel that the players go in the player is going into matters right so for the fixes. It makes it different than they needed a point guard. Who could play on the ball and off the ball and then that's why it was worth to trade up. Sort of felt that area have a lot of point guard that. And there are the guys and they come sort of at the K so makes some sense of trade down whether you know Josh Jackson who were being the emerging and treat them. I'll talk about it for them that although guys are better personnel commitment also offer a lot of upside. My opinion on the trigger change I mean it's a check. Want to I don't. But but kingdom. I've heard from a value standpoint. Those guys like hell of a lot of sense based on the fact that they kind of does seem like he got. 888 we re all here there's more volatile fall. But I do think Paul Abbott now this certainly feel like this kind of a commitment to right there. And lastly for you you know Jeff was on and he said he wonders about. If Heyward they fit for this market. Because he Sudanese economy is different guy good kid but just a different kind of a guy and whether his. His personality would sit here what you know about Hayward in what would imagine based on Brad stevens' relationship with aortic college dead. Danny is fully aware of what Gordon Hayward personality might be like and whether he's a fitter and on here. Yeah in a while smaller. I'm certain that help matters that could wonderful post about it go as Serb their their kid on its program when I'd go green shirt at the percussion rock on the in the comments section that. Observe about a little a little bit I'll lay off I don't I don't know I mean I think I think you word. I think it would reward the company Eric Vickers strong possibility that he will spark ultimately I mean there's two other. Very enticing options were on the table in time Miami and other Arab just federally that saw the other tweet about it. But I believe he's a compromise. Utah character and personality. I would agree with that the same time I think. There's so many other factors that it's really hard no terms like situation where they wondered where they want every family. What are while live. Where what are what are his followers about all the reasons we want to compete for the title. Help from the felt extra little about a position in the eighties there's so hard on the other side of it to me at like that the south through trap. Or actually Martina. Debate ought to collector from. And so it would if you make a little bit more. They that the other side of a lot of thought about reform. It's going to be crazy it's already crazy good stuff Kevin O'Connor can read him on the ringer Kevin we appreciate that in the. As as Ricky Bobby's father said this on lower the heart rate. That's going to be awhile and it's good. There is going to be trading off season all the attributes a lot of Austin. I just haven't done and O'Connor from the lunar great stuff there. Talk about a moral. Reacted that we'll get your reaction as well 617779. 7923761777979237.