Keefer Madness Week in Review 6-19-17

Dale & Keefe
Monday, June 19th

With the Celtics trade rumors coming out on Friday Keefer Madness week in review was moved to today. 


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Our law. Sports Radio WEEI. Sponsored by him around. Specialist crowd of the season a disaster behavior commercial residential or medical facility at any time here Erez disaster plan in place. And make your client's employees or tenants are protected learn more. At heiress Serb dot com is also brought to buy cars for kids. Don't your car and help a child today schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids our cars for kids dot com. Yeah ready to keep her madness. And I don't know enough for lucky tremendously easier talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff gonna be like reefer madness who's going to be in every film on them and now since I hate hate. Rich keeps. Got sick you just that's got to I. I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. You couldn't pick a woman coach Yankee global. Alex we're not gonna. Send me naked pictures and I can yes I hope you die in a fire. Are we have a special Monday madness because the the big trade news from the Celtics in our on our Friday programs we bumped you found this out the week and refuse this Emmy last week. In review and Michael you might remember this. It was a conversation. Put quotes that tell you and I have first segment. Of the Monday show wow this is the first segment from last Monday years sort of how things got started. Art you know baseball if he's going. W laws based on whether or not nobody yep I'm not gonna about it all the baseball pitchers and an older guy yeah. Do bands I don't like yeah like me it does not like there's some energy some people to bring attention. And because it's what are the notes you know I I shot it good. So our company must have been good because they're going to be on how. I series on TV it was death. As Michael what's in the game last Sunday night. And senator Howell raiders aren't yet there's great time for our game didn't matter tigers he had a great time bad start from former in laws that it sort of got started that it it's that good. It's about Iraq and it does support radio. This agreement under pressure but then they continued to turn yeah but the ratings are better bigger win over the B were you wanna use there it is right Opel. You're argue this. Numbers and you set it up ourselves how heartening about how hard but let's not coming home that I don't miss it on everything that you say why about baseball. I think you're already you're letting our. All of is that ideally you're letting me twelve point across you wanted sort of well did you just in a roundabout way column or. So he heard rated PG. Roundabout way or all of our. Line it has got one point that was gonna challenge you said yeah a bit is that. The little confrontational I don't see it on everything Tuesday I have a tax on everything. Baseball football better baseball ratings lately disagree with everything you're saying today but everything. That you release date yet I would probably want your whenever I think I don't. Now on the other there. In a matter according football than baseball and bigger in the ratings you disagree that you would agree and I know when he years on a delicate model and what they know is coming out and hear about the argue about things that are re. Of it deals delta as it is now like you that conversation that apparently shocked and scared or what he's doing. Debit side jail. Yes and because because arguing that put a little Israel and baseball real Mike does Palin reacts badly Michael it's not even think everybody's doing until I read them it hey it's funny I mean I didn't. Everybody my age but not the same way I do about based on how baseball is an example all the we won't alcoholic is coming why that's the dumbest things like at six models I guess they had and I. I Bob don't know how could you don't wanna copy them. Arbiter of what to think you're Smart I think is right argued yeah. Talking this is great and brilliant funny thing about as Smart you everybody is glad that all they can't. I don't OK baseball's about ready to be a good and you've gotten hot at him yes I love. Yeah OK yeah baseball before our game like that your mom did a. You sit for our football is better. Did come meet him I'd like but that's not why he did you just not that correlation. We know what he called but he just overall. And the tapes. We found him go with the job done and that's it's fantastic. And it's sad. That don't this. Also use they named golly I got a card down is that what you head out now right. And he did that I with Baxter as a personal debt goes in accelerating at a better now and then you stop and we want to separate from anything but it looks like from that I'm just. A point of view what the point is that's my point oh. It's like you just knock it. Matter when you. So that was Monday night on. But yeah nice day. I think among. Us is gonna Monday stood on it like that. As John McCain an update now on Tuesday we have a caller who disagree with me on South Africa one name war on. All you yeah right afterwards we want them on. All. That. Quote from them out years here's back halls one on ones on the cell phone at one item. You are. Right away. A settlement fair and accurate to its okay. But I wonder why the lead at the time of the call out all yours birds and since god yeah yeah I disagree with Kiefer at them right there yes. Barry cute to. We were gonna get a lot out there you call me a huge global or. Cut back. Apart all. The time LeBron James. And LeBron are at it I'd I did this I did it up and I'm glad you're LeBron fan that's fine. About quiet okay. Well great good for him a lot of guys don't get into trouble some afraid. They don't get the trouble this year but I'm not. There are a lot of people. Pluto. Got quite. A while and that he that he's done there. What they're more time what about deserting Cleveland the first time what about a bit in Cleveland to. I thought Cleveland so yeah Eddie does I want everybody to get arrested right. Yeah recipes here I love you I went to thank you let's go to the last one out and get arrested outside but he doesn't get arrested. So everybody better rested his bat everybody would have been arrested as good. One of yours what are you. Yelling about. About the pick appeared to about the pick up about the get go down like you picked up are out now it's about to get intense here. Why no I don't know why did you want to talk about how would you know you don't let these elite eight not out there and go. No right here on. And on yeah. Do you argue that all our. Whether or not to get arrested or not argued that. Hey all of our. Blog horrible firestorm blown. Up the Bono. On. Quality and I'll say this it was a great yeah I would have started off incredibly correctly. Yeah you should. Now I get a budget we've done that can you really prove that you're a defense and really. He called all our. And I thought I. Great call immediately agree it was a horrible heat that every time I stop yelling for a second term on I heard him woods you better. It oh. That it that this of them went on Tuesday went mud areas agreement Tuesday resident and when we have a way that I've John Farrell cards out there at all or Bakken skipper. On Hanley Ramirez and they said yesterday that he will not be at first base in the National League park tonight a couple of days ago you're asked about his shoulder. And you said what I don't know specifically from Hanley is a bit ebbs and flows orbit to stay constant nagging situation. I guess have you had a chance to talk to him about his shoulder. Every day. It's a few dozen of the answer. No are but what I'm not gonna do was talk about this condition what you Condit about a good. Now where other thing Condit did you kind of city it either ebbs and flows or snag constituents and wives influence. OK but you but you said before you would you didn't know what it ebbs and flows or it's a constant nag situations are now at a dozen floats. We've got to conditioning deal with daily maintenance worker doesn't work some days it's more severe than others. It is that hamstring you guys at all knowing that he's basically just a designated hitter no because in part treated your first face. What's the situation going to be going forward with Pablo Sandoval. Writes. That was on one we'll talk to John again this one's attitude there we sure going actual. Again they game that's when and now we won't talk to a total tomorrow it's either going to be tomorrow there's two where you'll a lot of talk on the harbor on Thursday do you think John and I mean we got was over the phone obviously I think it was receiving. That that line of question. He went there. Internet smack smack your network in America couple weeks ago when we asked how many times a week but the body slam when Melanie. Who do you think he dislikes more now Michael Moroni. Still there that exercise 'cause illuminati. A sizable lead. Well it's not just the best of its closing it differently. Difference between like the warriors and lakers the warriors than acts. Yet and I doubt it exactly have you got a lot ketchup so we're also we're not just in the best audio from our show we're doing the best from all their right here last week and a QB yes on Friday that it be battled the rain was par three. On the morning and wiz. Wait months and we've heard. I want to get curves back in the game theme song who at a time actually. We pushed it too close weird to close at 6 o'clock with both up at six though unfortunately. Gonna put him in it and may you continue it. Next I'm not gonna look for the program Michael is back in tomorrow they'll. Yeah or look at all. And on the show yes he's India on the show tomorrow maybe you'll yet another Houston NBA trade rumor that we'll think our team into. Coming up next it is expanded edition of first and might actually is.