K&C - The Rocket had a mixed lift off, Gordon Hayward to the Celtics? 6-19-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, June 19th

Hour 3: Roger Clemens made his color commentary debut and it went alright, it would've been better if he had stopped using his nickname. Gary Tanguay believes the Gordon Hayward to the Celtics deal is all but done.


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With courage commitment and Gerry Callahan. One Sports Radio WEEI. You can play. All the goodness. These flyers we have former knuckleballer. In the Booth next to us. And his laptop. My. Artsy speak at a knuckle balls. The fans are wanting to throw it back when things go boom knuckleball he's gonna do this and we pitino's. So it's in the rose sit down by a group Pomeroy it probably gonna to a laptop. It would have been not all of it on the laptop. Sparks is good good knock the ball. Welcome back to. But he Tucker he counted tag we treading. To have to accomplishment and hello Jerry six point 77 tonight's the night before it was the verdict what was the United States I think and it's been great because we've had no calls I hate them. You hate Karl Heinz he's inspires you look you know you love so I just love Alexa good here holes I like sitting you're talking just talking it's and they very fluid climate here. Much of Clemens with our own Tim never know and it's up. I. I heard a little bit on my drive home. It's fine I mean. This what I like about the moment Roger Clemens is him having obviously played in the national league for so long. His intricate knowledge pitchers is interesting to listen. Two I can do without someone referring to themselves as their own name. Into rock rocket. Like it was it with the bats did they ever after news that ain't looking Iraq and the saudis is introduced himself as Barack. Like. This it's because each tank weight yeah eight. He you know it is so sad about their excuse be it's obvious. It's an obvious attempt. To change his image of me that's why he's doing this right meanwhile working to you know its work. Is it that it's a digital all the thank you once again all of fame so yes the change I mean helped rice right. So rice was also an anti steroid. People assumed he didn't take. ZIG I thought Bryce was natural lower. I want their dad and excellent point always enjoy the natural 0000 I'm sorry yes I screwed I current. That's a better give a shout at my oldest boy Kobe who played ten years professionally dismayed me. AA grant that he had stalled. Or David Ortiz them poppy rocket announcement. That a little bit of that yet twin boys. It's outside for ball poppy rocket on pocket rocket good when things. Yeah hi he's. It doesn't matter that the pitch was outside rocket's story. It's a little disjointed but he's telling his story IQ test and is never have to save Bob's idea you don't have exits. Will their play by play guys aren't robots and launched okay that's what they do. If Brady watched but he still hold the hospital your original loses he's on the opry stole that from pumping. You about it and they dread that he had stole and Iraq and or David Ortiz on poppy rocket now so I'll stop calling yourself bracket and the war Iraq. It is now I can think of is Roger Clemens like in bad at this live in mind now I owners or do you like anybody is saying there were once you know that has happened oh my god. Eight we know we his wife who's. Bottomless. Alone in the bedroom with Brian McNamee David Ortiz on poppy rock house. Oh and steel now with a knee wouldn't need gas if you if you go back and look Clemens. When he tried to navigate us through the steroid scandals. He blamed everybody is kids his wife of trainer always gutless blamed everybody is his teammates diagnostics. Refers to themselves and their name. I definitely doesn't causes of dinner and then. No I leave that to other people. Never. But that I'd I didn't hear much to what was Curtis that he gets good reviews we got much better as the game what he did he sounded good on with a Dale Hall in key from you know so on the casual conversational. What we and us feel as uptight as used it and you know why because he knows its work and he knows it's only a matter time we toss in the hall birthday in his pocket rocket. I think and I I think he should be in the hall of fame by. We don't select the for activities that keep mode Macomb bags may come. You know I want me nervous a little bit what what are you had a you should never be in I mean he is figure appear he's you know on the agenda version of Barry Bonds why people should be. But you know they were cheap there you know I do but I also know that I but I know why but why why not just leave them out one to say. You know you don't have a right to be in here because yeah William Hung on appropriately silent as it and I believe that McGwire. Would have been out of baseball at the wasn't for steroids and I believe that bonds and Clemens would have been an all the fail if they see not taken steroids they bother me anymore those guys who were and hall of fame talent. And credential and they sold and still treated there wasn't good enough they would just really go. I just think they're both all three players screwed up the steroids so that's why go for blood actually liked the fact that there on the outside looking in that select the fact that. You know Barry Bonds and Roger comes to all time greats capital in what they can't have their way Jerry I'm not as angry about it as you want but when I at all what but what I am and looked and never thought saying Paul falls outside in the middle of the guys spore. What I feel bad about his I have no connection Roger Clemens I don't look at him is he former Red Sox. In the eighties sports around it was great of course you had bird. The patriots and the Super Bowl to get their rescued by the bears but in the eighties. That was my decades of me for trying to it was the ninety's the eighties I was like decade that's what the college. That was part of my youth. I relate to Larry Bird relate to Kevin McHale and when I told you may care about Roger Clemens and I should. I have more admiration and love private practice for Pedro Martinez click on the page from a night Paige who your I if Pedro walked in right now I would hug them. I I think he's awesome how to lose hockey I am I doubt but he was great for the city he was great for the team I it will always considered him a member of the Red Sox even though he went to the Mets who cares right I'm right off the guy I I don't feel the same way about Clemens and it's too bad because Clemens. When he was with the Red Sox was I out. He was fun and no. I think my. First one strikeout game at Fenway. It cause you and I teased him that. As I was sizing my arm incited much of memorabilia that he she committed dies down to lies that it. Appreciated column strikes. Warming through that right arm buffalo. But we you don't say we were one of the biggest mistakes I ever made Roger April 29. Continue to suits. I was on the way to the ballpark to stop support there's pump awful. They don't hold a third baseman right now. Graphics those over the first place. It's not number two the Celtics run that day when playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks. Literally a four blocks from the way you place those both games on. We're strike which racked up the warmth of the people I've been a huge huge huge mistake I should and what it. Well that was occasional meteor nightly ritual at the garden not Larry Whiteside was at Fenway and left to go to the garden. In the middle of the game. Because obviously playoff games or more important and the messiah and his 1986 to a regions. I agree with you Gary he does not in G into the kind of passion that Pedro does or he must tell you. He's got hooked he he's like a jerk he's the same reason very on the reason Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens aren't a whole thing is because they take steroids because any headed. Probably would have a chance if youth and I'm not a chance. Mean think about all things now probably got out of post season was great about it now I just say he had a credentials or Roger Clemens he would get in the hall sure because he apologizes and nobody is a steroid guy is yet. Ortiz maybe you'd ever better Hewitt hadn't even as. What he's extremely right away now. Clemens and bonds aren't in because of steroids period but are also added because bearable that he cannot act actually Clemens was not in bonds category are conducting them honest I don't know but there's no figured think in the world the bare bones. That's right you are usage or yemen's the analogue. Chaired stuff you know a lot of stuff for the Jim funny go over their full uniform and go over the Jimmy Fund clinic. Bonds would never write reverend just like that Roger was just aren't much better guy even though he didn't acquit themselves well for the steroid thing. He's a much better guy than bonds. But Clemens didn't win here. He left here on bad terms it's for the Yankees pitcher for the blue jays he started juice and I think in on. I go to Toronto and those last 41 and while 41 in forty years last four years yet he was not great even though did the bad bullpen help though his audience CRA was pretty good to write. It's as if reluctant pitchers made hard look at and I I just and anchored I remember is in his last years leaving games and the team not being handled lead. I couldn't and thirteen to 363. Lessons here and lay out the bag strikeouts 257. K.s year yeah rocket. Poppy rock yet of mobile and those numbers were a better nine and seven. The the year before eleven and fourteen. In when he was thirty years old in his prime eleven and fourteen with a 446. That's not pay now like that and that's not expect. That he he was great. You know obviously engendered days when he is 23 went 24 and four. On the Cy Young on the MVP here. But I think he felt like he was losing that those last four years and he found that. The magic potion allergies Canseco probably hook the month but he went to Toronto strategies and won the Triple Crown ball years. In Toronto I believe and that was on the New York where he found in a stadium. The amazing thing about that is even if you have is his velocity. Ticked up. You still love to have good control and command as a pitcher and in. It's all about recovery to and that's what here's how you know Clemens and obviously everybody knows he's guilty nobody actually thanks Clemens didn't. Due due to some brains out he was 42. Years old made 32 starts for Houston in 2005. Went thirteen an eighth when he won 87. Lead the heat in the red one and how I had an ERA in 32 starts at the age of 42. It was a joke. He still was 44. Hours did you that's what steroids allowed him. Do HGH man just our family all of if all of if not. For the Jews who he had been done it like 3435. When normal guys 36 or Gerri whenever. He would not have been at on on top of his game and age of 42 you wanna know what team. That has a rep of being Jews is the 2004 Red Sox right. Because I was told that John Hay to Johnny didn't it said to some guys in Oakland when he got here. You won't believe what these guys into an Varitek had great numbers trot had great numbers but could Alan Embree I mean that guy came in like thrown over a hundred miles an hour. He was incredibly out of the height of it all out those guys added that is so do I mean Iowa I I personally I believe the 04 team was loaded with Roy it's going to be proof lowers rob Roy it's and you think in that. Varitek as his chief surgeon who else did you send an army trot had a great year. Embry was a guy like I remember people talking about Emory because his back which is loaded with acne which is aside. But Alan every it was an okay pitcher he came in that year that I was going ninety miles an hour if he'd do steroids. Amber. I don't do. Well when I don't know if my task list and you closed than. That was a drop a totally different note to decked me. I'm that Smart enough to handle and I think it was a drop I don't know that that's I think that's her best as as the voice that was struck. As a drought that was don't screw with me what are you doing great rob Bradford McKnight OK let's hear. Bradford imitation Lanka Brett did he do steroids yeah okay thank you think that's it that's outstanding you're very cute. It is kind of uncomfortable when people won't admit David Ortiz took skirt of course it's tight but we wanted and of course he did and of course you know let's get caught. And I think he probably found a way. Keep that edge refuse after that you look at his numbers guys who hit 54 home runs. For the most part. Yes I suppose than a 149 runs for the most part our deal me what you could what you attributed deserve the benefit of the doubt as while there was no not lasting effect that players may not sure there was no offense to face a lot of debt to reasonable rational people not. Fit when you think about all Ortiz and may mean those those are your. Heart and soul whose honor the many gotten hot and three times socially times sold on this on the as the conflict. From any Romero is not the guys to halt these numbers obviously is an audience. But I think it all changes when one of them gets them obviously when one of them gets in does and it. David Ortiz could be the first he's Yemen and again the difference David Ortiz is he wasn't caught. This was. Well he was meant was resolved and technically wasn't suspended and technically know that there's a ride not it's all me and there's your thoughts on it is gonna get there and A-Rod some days younger. We'll see him on what Rosie and ABC news now era. Didn't like it's an age and and they're Good Morning America. I think he's going to be a bid did news contributor she's he's getting rave reviews I think. He is cheating on jailed votes was really surprising already disappointing and just and he's like he's like sex sexting and sex this and x.s and I think they had passed via. Among his ex wife know his ex girlfriend girlfriend is sending. The Weiner pics to his ex girlfriend with jail I had actually seen it. But what is he wishing you decide. I am a gentleman or other listening we don't wanna see I don't exist and I happen he's out. Had this I think by guys you don't know our guys you know guys and I've never I'm Natalie Tinder. No matter fumbled as you know has sent a. He teaches is that junk I don't wanna see it's all we know what I I say that reason is always is tied to something big is known once a look at it. I know not enhance my wife's heritage and maliciously sneakers you guys think it's attractive and not assets yeah. You know I do I think I got a full let's send my girlfriends. San Ramon greens that you always zones and I tell the nets immediately and why wouldn't one like and I practice and and an awful old Clemens on Friday and yeah penises. Yeah see we see pat Casey backers he dug Oklahoma though Roemer was agreement now. It was it acts and we went silent. And I should Roemer on Saturday is how is he had a Kirk how's he handling his suspension because he was rattled when he was an. Am I think he's accepted his lot and life I think he eyes hopeful that the suspension it's reversed. But he is except in areas and he's just just plugging along on the weekend of ice time and is. Absurd. Well odd Kirk wasn't happy when we let you back in the in the family here he wanted Chinese. Things and it's. Six weeks Matsui as a kind of makes you believe anger and I don't accurately sold that well. And he's more says rebound from the IA's history this and he does not want Reimer back here I'm working to get him back in soon. But he has one back when it comes down to a year. -- to a year yes pretty soon we've done we've it was a mistake the misconception is that Kurt holds grudges it's over look that you hated you for awhile he never hated me he hated you know we didn't and never date him I hated you know hated something you do it on TV that these indeed and that was back and reflect how that was fake. Oh wasn't at that was that it dealt thing. Brought out every ever really I never can't tat I can't ever tell what is stake in all I can with him. It will most of it's now been begging you shtick. Oh excellent we gonna pictured there eaten this Father's Day iced the are hidden and his legs paying at the PGA McGinty thank you for setting an epic fed Iannetta. Waffle cone is ripping all the hand you're lucky cards here he would flip out. Yes it was so good look at all of my god it was so and we estimate the calories in what 1211 and 12100 no about fifty grams of these. That's why it's true that wraps around the cones and identity excuse me regular loan you'll fight just fiber of paper. That that the Abu Garry spent his father's who so the owners. Julie the mall in Somalia I know why you everyone is doing it done this chicken fingers and you're having triple. Three scoops of cookie dough was it frozen yogurt or child no no no it was the real deal. Why doesn't make you act act a lot of dairy I would be. Think my brain. Well it's just a regular day forming in and do you I I did have you been happy there I had some vegetables that are really too good vegetables vegetable pizza. It. Jerry is on Twitter at cherry shot. No more of Kurt can Callahan on Sports Radio go. Boston Celtics are are they believe they got a shot. They didn't hold Jimmy Butler and Gordon Hayward and they it and obviously this is how it would work. Because if you've got another three pick to Chicago once that they've been alternately you can continue at them Jimmy Butler plays and got the money. Free agency to go out and recorded it with the combination of bull. What the Boston Celtics are looking at the wolf so we'll we'll leave that faults would work with I think Thomas as a back court. They could be they like them they like the skills that they don't think that would work not merely as well obviously is Jimmie Baldwin. Gordon Hayward combination. Sphere today he's plugged then. And and. Investors earlier no one unfold. Obviously Hayward freeagent I think. They know now right thing we don't know what they knows his level of interest and common here I'm jar by history for Stevens has also unfortunate Rouse key hang out injured before you get crazy and Hayward is was a rusty said that he felt. That it would be would be tortured if you left Utah which concerns me tortured by what I felt it was a done deal I thought there was a wink wink nudge nudge debt Haywood was going to be here. But won't is pretty plugged in in winter says tortured by more that he's reeling embedded in the community in Salt Lake. He's happy there he loves his teammates he likes being a member of Utah Jazz are loved being a member of Utah just. I never I had never heard that before I mean I believe that these cities. Had a lot of success there art supplies including thirty million more initially make more money and not have to uproot everything but. I I just I don't know whether is coming here but I think Stephen's name now they know now whether his computer when you say. Are you actually and I always coalition's interest yes so I think they have a pretty good idea whether they are going to sign it would or not or they have an idea that we don't know Beno so what do you think it is I think. And I think you said Stephen A has connections contacts. And he sounds like he knows what he's talking about that they're eyeing old guys. Hell we just went over the summer it's that we say they have first round picks in the next three is that this is 7712. Through the well could be three next year or three the following year capable. They still have that Brooklyn picnic could have an LA live to defies that it has Sacramento could be eight but I mean there's obviously. Conditional stuff here in orbit they have a lot of inventory. They do and you know you can use the mall you know after the he moved nineteen year old arrests in three years or twenty girls. Mean at some point. I am I think I think when you look at these guys who won the feared that everyone has is their own nineteen. Or one they're all kids. When you when you Rhode Island Butler or Hayward you have. A veteran you knew what you did right. When you have a draft. In a Knoll a lot of people have said it falters the guy franchise player he's nineteen years old and I think Danny's done the right thing. Because there's no difference to be between one through five I had no idea how any of these are his that's the way he I think age has four names according to. Mark Murphy. Between you know yes. The top four people on their board. Are fools Jackson Tatum ball those are the couple. So Angel looks sentences and no they're not that far apart even on these different positions different ages and all that. They're not that far apart so why not flipped on for free why not Josh Jackson off the court stuff bother you now. He didn't pinch hitter he just said he was gonna hear while he said well. That men and yells I believe stole our son. In these deals are being on the girl woman on the woman's basketball team yet groups who did some cheat on his friend or something. Yeah I heat our regular Tyler gas and higher smashed to tail light something else on her card yes that would concern me. Tom does a good surnames I'm mature mature obviously they're also young it just don't know. Made fools. Just like a month ago turned nineteen and you look at him in space he's a kid argued that are allowed to simply can't. But this though I strategists pointed out here on line that there's no guarantee between. The lakers bull. Good what happens. I. I look at that so what happens is they taint steeple pets column in The Herald and it's a good mix of great point was to this earlier. He talks about in 2007. They trade Jeff Green for a rail for a fifth pick for Ray Allen yet I can remember everybody including us on the shows and this is stupid Ray Allen were what does he help. We didn't hit an eight Comcast which it didn't you should do we didn't because you knew it yet we knew there was another should pay for the next month for the time they drafted or traded draft pick the fifth pick in the draft for Alan Dickerson there was ever want more than a month later that tape right for good for her that. And in that time. His agent says he's not leave and he's not leave and we are remembered it was that's when race became the issue what to Camilla Nickerson immigrant as a part of it yes you've played golf the dock and change and back when he was on the good side. They should be patient. And be Edward debts that they were gonna try to scale the wall around what Barry what anguish and all the page OK sure no problem should because they anyway they traded for ray with the intention of getting on the plane and you know artists agency that he's not common he taught me it's like well it turns out you write the code pink was right doc was right they got the next shoe they built a championship team. Doesn't feel like they're more shoes to drop don't we feel like no question this is not absolute no no you don't need all these 71 round picks or a personal I have heard is. Again which turn out to be nineteen year old in this day and age we we mean the number one guy next year out of Missouri. Porter you know is what's he right now eighteen. That ice and if freshmen like this how discovered you know what chair Peter yet. His name real I don't know I don't know about that but I stories. Is it possible can you know as I'm looking at this plethora of picks can you trade for Jimmy Butler this year with these sticks and solid Anthony Davis. I believe you can. So I don't think you do that to mean and it designed Gordon hit. Rights because you when have you can't have all those guys and give Isaiah when he wants does the fact that when his talents he went and looked to Jimmy ballast hundred minutes like 595. For 95 so it's somewhat. Frankly. X it's not wealth. But but that would be that would be the problem and they don't really once you date two years left plus a plus an option on ING butler's contract that he be cited in its when he fourteen it was five your DO. I think the fifth gear was it was an option here right. So again but it in that's another debate that's gonna happen is do you give Isiah I don't think you give Isaiah Max contract I think he's gonna be left out on the. Called on this 10 would you say this is. And commitment. To him that you don't you're not drafting a guard we don't think Wright who knows but. That wasn't that the big question good full week pulls asked about it I was asked about that know each other I don't think we've played together. Since we aired that that's that was a rumor floated out there that there reason they're not going after faults it's because those two couldn't exist I. I would say the -- a reason a reason I mean you've got a lot of guards. And then you know yeah I don't buy out now I don't buy it listen Danny. Denny likes his team. He is appreciative of what they've done but he's a care. I might he does not care about why he's a good players it's just like these because because they're not that this team is constituted is not a championship team. The chorus and in place I think Jalen brown has agreed future. Eat if you bring in Gordon Hayward in if you go to Butler or Andre and continued on guard ordinary name here and I hate Warren. Such intensity and this is where she's a real pain in the pass the extension would it CAA Guardia Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart on. I mean I hate when you say I I it's my rule of sports talk radio you know lumps and pump the brakes. Now a lot of saying let's just wait analysts because it makes a bad time we we jump to conclusions as what we do but it's hard with changed because we know this he's not done. Does anyone think you'd guess Thursday night at whatever time they pick. That he's just gonna stand up and say. Just checks all know he could be identified pretend I mean I don't think they're gonna make a play I don't want to now want them to say Danish accent I don't know what it is slow but good Goodman says it could take Tatum. And late nineteenth from Tim and how bout if as you point out magic and I'd be surprised that it magic. Gets talked out of Alonso ball may be fixed a headache may be thinks maybe he loves just checks may be loved it may be Wichita at all at three. A three I I for me for selfish reasons you bet if you want it I want you want a little bit I want the packaged. Puff piece on ESP the only in the in the ninth died on the commercial around lush and commercial and I guess pasted it out piece on him on Father's Day. In Jerry mentioned Michael Porter whose project to be number one for next year's draft Cuban twentieth the start of next season and so it was a little it was a little he can share he was gonna go to Washington. And he stiffed Washington after committing to go to. Washington to play ruffles you know close hopefuls stand by then and decide because it's a mess you know the team stinks and coaches get fired he. He stiff Washington I was it was her. Big basketball school I mean like what are your parents buy it right you're when he sees go to Missouri Mike. The thing like heat opinion means he's supposed to be this project whenever they want to tell why they tell younger Kentucky or North Carolina arc Missouri's immigrate. Great journalist did a great Andre aren't with another man do Jerry if you ethics and call us next calls care pursuant wanna talk about this train I don't I hate insurers I don't I tell camera I don't mind to jump on the conclusions and get and passions and hate this trade but be prepared for the next shoe. And then you'll have to reevaluate people hate the straight including Kelly who's Kelly and Holler what's happening Kelly. Great certainly no I am not a Crowe are a lot about that yeah other. Very said the grandparents. I am average by about mile outside but this straight. I invested so much. Walks in Bart I'll sold. I knew every thing it did well. About oracle all an outlet outlet removed a sillier some public information so useless at this point oh what are really the concept. You guys are talking sports are reporting actual patient on and everywhere after not talking about what effort so that our. That's the united artists whose it is news of the day you know like. Kelly isn't like that when you talk about things like you know elections and wars and stuff. On the iron he hit list yet and DR back to sports Laos is the worry don't listens NPR RE technical. You're behind surged enjoy hearing possible isn't going to Albert Rhode Island Albert. The morning guys. Gary on the Internet since you had the basketball mind on the show us supposedly. So to treat the pickle is not quite in politics you only about a package being put together. It sacred thing that they put it to get in the treated Jimmy Butler do you think you people that are you in public to explain what it should be kicking no. Okay all right so here's my question mock helpful I I know what you just said and the typical 0124. Or to fight and that difference that. That is incorrect. Wouldn't equate these are all crack it there's nothing yet publicly every week he's nineteen years old and there's nothing. You're in the NBA draft. Yeah projecting that level he literally is a potential transformational. They lost three Yale do you do you think largely Gail and solid Dan employed. I am eating get his team in any NCAA tournament that's it drives me crazy about all you guys like this. I to transport of what. And I didn't and he plays on a team that couldn't get him to the final 64. So hot what did he make citizens and guys how was LSU. Telling me yeah it's possible all end on my god that could end up. The big problem. I don't. These schools is. Now at LA de. There are one and love lamb couldn't get. Our. Partner or a so damn good at these kids talking as it's. Back. Loose whose job all can and neurosurgeon that is closed at Yale. War does not. Not. You're back up and keep other on the war not Wear it well that's. Not how it. Don't think you can all act culprit quick quick we're ol' boys and how. Well. A reformer islands a lot of ads that Hoffman had it in our. I understand Albert you don't beautiful you don't let you don't know what the hell you're talking about you really tell the NFL always how much I watch Marco faults and I can tell he's gonna be great NBA player. Do you know how many guys we said that about college plays that are going to be outs and then there out of the league. No one. Oh god and rewrote it I. Don't know I'll. Know all the columns last the last automatic the last automatic to come out of college is Anthony Davis. I'll glass automatic. Believes it is so I think David with the Pataki said this guy's gonna be great. Why you're you are all at all. I went. Out and you. But our Arab American wrote a cover well we can do what Alberta if you you try to do you use it as collateral and you try to let ourselves get more inventory was question would. Butler the best player and I championship Teahen in the incidents. So what that hasn't stopped trying to improve Novak put together the best team possible once let's have a nineteen year old. Was the best player on championship team. Or even gunning down in the polls well Libya LeBron was older obviously when he gets on the final Tuesday as early twenties but that loss right and and if it's LeBron then you're making my point well way initial how many nineteen year old olds stepped in and lead the team even put Albert doesn't understand what people don't understand about this is we usage here. Is because of the picks that dating got you can go OK Jimmy Butler. And not into the cupboard. Right that's why it's a great deal of fact you have to you can usually. Have a breath and that's why it's a great idea of 319 year old every year and that it's all gonna come together or you can't also take all your picks. And go after appalled George Richard Butler. The only anti recovery is if you gore after an anti Davis and that's Abbot public she. As anybody in the know said in these Davis is available and this is the kinda Packers and look for it's a positive note what people and you don't let it. Know what people which is okay now both among among visionary chair the visionary but what I said was. What other people said he's. It's now a possibility. It's a pass. Check did you check the new wounds in them and now I know another friend you Laker and just cut off and has mount Rushmore and BA cities along with Phoenix and New York to our data as they don't happen every Davis thing or about two years that I keep shooting it down. You guys play perfect as and the font and come and I'm and I'm not healthy Agnelli however are bigots and mean. You know I'd rather have corn hay ward and thank you she's. He. He would he would how would get to. Because it's just these people like Albert who cannot rush out and watched a mock girls mark hopefuls place zero time. Stealing it it's it's I have broken down Marco foods is game. I know Marco floats is going to be the next one Isiah Thomas I mean the pistons Isiah Thomas. Become on the endangered right. You take a look at these guys the role nineteen the role probably going to be good NBA players summit and doesn't ask. Straight you a little bit as odd that so many people in the know in the NBA have said. That mark helpful has separated himself he might the other guys. No but you know once you know irony this is what I believe there is I believe that most of it I haven't heard a lot of GM say that I mean media and media mr. I've heard a lot of pundits say it. And I believe that. The media is basically full of copycats. I think if one person says that that a lot of people jump on say it. And that's rival I mean that's what happens and iron yeah that's an average that's why the people I know Marlins jumped on my story. I feel like at all find it looks like Chris Manning is an Audi he cited GM's. In typical I don't and maybe just maybe heading into the light on. You know gonna do when we come back and win tackle these calls or some some people and I knew some people agree with you some people agree with Albert some people as hateful these guys. I want ice cream that's voice. Back to more of Kurt can Callahan Sports Radio telling you. Finally picked up all your. This year by Kurt he's not a terribly true. Text says Fred works for the pelican and guarantees us their no trade if you do so with his friend who was it how old boy. They've coach. I don't know men are trading entity Davis now we you have to be prepared for the pelicans to move him next year OK I'm prepared. It's offering might sim card Mike. Morning guys it's sad world when Gary but destroy Albert or dial. That I really that hard. Gary don't need to do to kill Albert was set. Last year in the Washington Huskies. Had 21 round pick. Including a top ten pick him marked secret in your book or they had a captain taken care twelve. The talent has been coming out watch it all means don't head coach looked awful coat. I wanted our two what else all I actually he voted dean with Eric government from mark if you want. Bill Walton. Killed mark secrets. I mean the market for people to the editor being. I don't know if it means look and they look so Walt or build walls and Margaret Jagger and you're in good warmup though. Laker hurting him looking here for. There's one like me during the game so while I think our mark helpful to become a green our great player. I don't regaining. I'm very simple aged just didn't think he was a transcendent player he did he wouldn't do this. But I I yes it if you look at change he trusts his instinct it worked LeBron don't know Rondo was opponent I mean just he's an idiot. But as a player on it was phenomenal and nobody. Thought Rondo could play that waste any did any news that since we Jalen brown I think Jalen brown is going to be a great player and I thought that was an awful. I'm looking at. Matt Moore. Writes for who's right CBS studios come and he go to winners and losers and one of the winners Isiah Thomas. Guess who's getting 200 million dollars. Has meant more with pulls off the board to seize that no reason to decline to declined to offer Thomas these super Max extension. Port 200 million apple have fat will not happen. That is not going to happen well according and it's less obviously it is put that no he say they have the ability to eating quote a source says it saved right there yet. No way Thomas told reporters last summer that the back of the Brinks truck. No. Well it probably he's 28 years holes. No way. And by the time they get this they're not even a super Max until they probably figure out the rest of the situation in terms of and they trade for Anthony Davis will they sign another freeagent. I I just I don't I don't think he's skating tournament I don't know I don't my stomach he's just IMAX I don't he's not I would I would hold though on. There's nothing else is in a given that I would hold out on paying Isiah Thomases. Go to Korean car hey Corey. Hi. Are a little while talk of all all all six obviously. And I'll call what our goal all being. Not. I don't play that come along every so all they need to get our Bangkok. I don't what I they are great and old art director around our we're able. The big gamer. Nothing in their old Barbara I'd say that was arched it high again Jeanne Atlantic kinda are. He struggled against you like Golden State in the capitol is. Well a lot of teams do but but he can write about our existing his height is a disadvantage especially defensively we sought in the post just takes a huge eating it takes a huge beating Olympic eyes a gutsy player he he's amazing what he does but he's not Europe. I have to be honest did you win they win a championship again I don't think there's going to be on the team. And I don't think they know who that point guard is. I think that you have probably on the team. And everybody else not so sure they don't today news reply card. Now you don't know that is probably not anymore if there's no such thing anymore teacher's point but if you have. You don't need a great point guard if you have great bigs and a good three you know if you have good if you have great players escorts at other positions. And with the local to state. Is yes they are scoring guards but they don't have scoring bigs. MITRE months it's very much a really good player but he's not offensively minded he's not a three. Coolest state doesn't have traditionally had three of the 611 and that Kevin Durant. Who's got his car I forgot about India. Totally forgot about him I mean I told not forgot about him most and guys up all know they don't must certainly scored. About boy it is is if you have a Durant. You don't need if you have a derail it scoring you it's great that you have a staff but if you have a derail it and if you have another big that can score you don't have. Staff. A staff well that's what I thought polls just seemed like fools is the trend all these scoring point codes and that great the good teams all have. These warnings that point guards and expect to fall into the trend because Orleans just curling in right broken hardening but like you said he doesn't. Just because that's the trend that doesn't mean he's gonna go against the I don't think we could still give any credit for being. And fields in being confident in his own. And technology to assure he's not reading and listening to what they can say about me is a reason the number one pick rarely gets traded and everybody's afraid. You know to trade. The this next in order everyone's operating out of feet. Right and ownership to Reno area I mean nag. I take ownership deserves credit because a lot of owners would say I want that number one pick up a big party I want associates. I want it so mark I wanna so more corporate sponsorships. They solved the dilemma Chris Paul Hayward and full as the number two money and ward and and they couldn't bowl where in a place that was going to be problematic DeLia that's another factor as I also think it Danny Ainge thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. And that's why it's good he thinks he he thinks he's the smartest guy in the room and that's a good thing. And he's confident and argue he's cocky. On and everything you know you think you Smartphone camera on new. Okay yeah I forgot about can we get some ice cream but it's coming up right now for murder you and me as I'm sure some bits on this halo tubs has. This will snag him atop the streets he's healthy pro although ninety that are pro is better than halo two and that's kind of it's gonna creamy consistency he said it has fewer screenings and care of them you should care because you should want the pure stuff going in your body did you get that Barry's boot camp email. Now again invited to you what the voters who can't act not I didn't get invited with the hello I'm working on I'm trying to get journalist boot camp that you are gonna do I'm not doing all business I get invited. Top of the line amenities studio and locker rooms full bar Foreman takes a host he's talking about the vote mister OK lineup of insurance either and there are now. Eager to change of plans and one half to post on brakes and the polls and well. That's how it's been doing is the last harakiri engineering Kerry gets distracted as humans and he's he's not a endurance guy's not a he's going to have on hand there right just let them when you look at him you think sprinter van. Was mites we'll be right.