K&C - Reimer and Gerry argue over Trump; Blakely questions Crowder 10-19-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, October 19th

Hour 2 - Reiner and Gerry debate Trump's call to the mother of a fallen soldier.


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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kurt commit ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. Mark my views I have your run stands on its own. And that's why I'm I've album bombed another portion in my life I'm happy it worked out well why not bail thirteen. Good poet or Herbert famously said living well is best for it. Have there right camera. My friend John Adams our team for our. Six point 77 cents. Seven. My friends appeared when morning. Alex Rivera alongside the first time five months well good to see Alex if this YouTube does get. Is this really it says while I've psyche active participant in the first twenty I was very. Missile nervous I was seeing these tables there is not at all a second half to usual terrible notes that sob would healing and dealing I have it right here any outing that I may not only shot and that's not fair. He prepares and I want to twenties and early. And what do you mean let's here's is how they're expecting a fight he's got a lot. My father's a deck of the TV analyst. One with our breaking news that now I represented Delaware and I thought it was the work. Disgusting disgusting despicable this hybrid it's disgusting despicable right but everything we can't have always been -- and this we have -- on you know he's not our partners we have kill him carry onto -- I like at a brake pedals and I'm like I'm only elect people who -- orderly commuters than he has all kinds of notes. Things written down aboard sort of whispering RB guys yesterday Tim yes yes it and everything about every year. It was probably project yesterday they're all excited having it and 94 year old calling card to buy a grilling steaks. For. All of them and lots of calls him hey you baseball fan outward up to play those were not. I've elected not to buy music is that it should get some of the cabin lieutenant stay in no came because we have a big day today you and I wouldn't be interviewed after the show by the oxygen network element is oh with that it so prone guys network oh let's start with that it would be great network what's on the oxygen network name back on the Franken thank Kirk and Jerry will be it would nowhere else on Comcast. 74 what is the interview about. I did you read documentary and Aaron Hernandez and not and we didn't get the T shirts made in time nuts as we don't know how great those be there and this bishop Richard. Of course we never gotten we've already talked. And the T shirts and we're gonna get the teacher it's that good we can convert that intimate podcasts from these also set you know and you get mad at me when I say we should take the cue from clay Travis who gets things on the make T shirts and those videos and what I want it to me teaching street didn't explain why you're pretty much cash or shared that it's sort of like a sensor that's a good idea. Coming in the studio at 930 this sort of do that in the B rule Stalinist pocket I'll course offshoot debris wise in this than I just have to you've got to be an induction has to prove we're very excited. We can I want you oil of that TV doesn't look. Work but it's not Russian today RT that's true or via Donald Trump what's her face a one America news network I want one. With a girl went over there just one of the blind guy who T Lee Mac maniac and democracy and then. Americans have this morning however you like she doesn't improve that's you know real and all fair and balance and has -- network is someone has to provide balance and all the other networks network is Paramount I I think it's balance it provides battle yet you have all these left wing network sleep all the lying. About trump like Fox News 46% of the public think you'd think by bright parts of equal voice to CNN NBC CBS ABC larger voice in market Royce you they're not on outlets for free TV you've written stories in the larger fees they should ask is people going to balance out they need some balance in their lives chambers that's 46% of the public thinks that. The media makes stuff up about prompt the other 54% aren't paying attention that's where we're spirit of course that makes that forty of course let's face that is of course CNN as the months ago so why in the I didn't succeed we've trump card do you believe the congresswoman in the mother of the death isolated from all women's that was innocuous act emit a note from having. The statement he made was not that big deal. And pretty insensitive no I think he's talking something in hard spot he says it which is true I mean. This guy do. To extend those aside but he only talk to them because he got pressured into doing that's different and why you change in the subject to different conversation with the guys say. He knows we signed up for that's perfectly innocuous he sang not eating not not it's how it is not putting odds as to is leaving pregnant students usually outside counsel act that's the only thing you said Jordan hung up agree with the congresswoman said he was very rears disrespect his all of the congresswoman was caught a whack jobs here in the I would much how about the mother of the woman. She is CO lacked just that quote I guess he knew what he was signing up for but it still hurts. What is wrong we don't but it still hurts his -- with I guess I got the exact quote here from The Herald which I think it's and selective editing perhaps or really yeah select the betting you're the one saying the partisan approach from now when you signed up for. That's selective editing at least. I just gave the team in context. He knew we signed up for that's not east. If a pregnant widow is a shortest ice perfectly innocuous Israel's accomplishments this year not Niger the Dodgers the urgently I mean I'm all for bang on trumpet toxic disorder. Is a reach not enough real he's politicizing the depth that's the dead soldier again and again that's different. I personally disgusted by the way this has been politicized. By this time I entered by your boss I mean really. Talking. Why defend no no I said yesterday day before when have we talked about this at. You've got a lot he can't help. Competing Paul Henri he has a comfort to on get very nice thing and I I I don't quite sure he's reached out more than Obama ever did so reluctantly went to what degree at Washington Post story. Of course it did a ton more Hyundai and once they talked actual families of those days soldiers a Kasich is a question right the question was. Did Obama reach out to John Kelly. I and the answer is no luggage I pretend I was that is able becomes time trying to knew that fist pump and knew that could help blurted out you talk a fake news you make the statement that tribes on the far more than Obama based on. I'm on my own instinct on my nose is always about Chauncey is more about the troops during yes aperture of security is more of Georgia no idea. I just sent a guy on the Phillies and I know like I I kept track of every single Soviet news organizations they screw up which is fine actors said they always just think about it initially own opinions we're watching much criticized and he said he absolutely I said it. Right played again. And K so thank you for any president from has created more than one million jobs are great all the wrong that I could tell you Paul Monti told CNN report Tuesday night is both Barack and Michelle Obama showed my wife and I. A tremendous degree of compassion it's a moment I will never forget. They was trying to do what's going item and then once referred goals whose loved. And with that we need mocked John McCain mean POW was it when he called the general stupid was he when he promised to mail that's when he 5000 dollar check they didn't do it to the post reported that. What makes you sacred finish what his hobby to bring in out why because he's. You talk maybe share the lead the national anthems of winning issue for OK I get that that's red meat for the WT I don't know I just tried to explain to us what in his mind you but this one is not an issue and is my everything is a competition and he thinks. He has I've done this better. Then Obama you also want to distract right as we had an outing any and ending when he got it when when he said the words you know. Obama said in the president's. These traditional ways just look at that President Obama and other presidents. Like he knew it sounds stupid systems he said some edit other presidents a lot of presidents don't says I like to make calls right and but he's probably right that is to write some prefer writing. And others for calling you know always a caller magic to get that trump like it's probably a real real real well written inspire just like Tweety anywhere in history to the soldiers were talking about ashes and exclamation points and and accounts letter my child actors. This I would make you sick of my child the problem of the fun of this guy who thinks that. You know elects that did that we have this like moral equivalents we're not the greatest country on earth trump who's planning and mama and you may donate entities and my son or daughter died he's on foreign wars right now appear with the prices towards your childhood and my major and he's he's saying I only and we Niger whoa hello my name I punishment doesn't need your each year did you hear why that held in the US troops and the G -- that's -- trump said that if you wanted to distract from the fact that he had this catastrophe happened in night another blown military operation under his leadership the grieving dad and army corporal another Afghanistan said the -- from promise some personal check for 25000 dollars follow through to Wednesday reports. So the stiff another loan is to spot military operation we've on the brink of defeating ices defeating ice the JV. Yeah yes he took what crisis will never go. Real crisis is gone. No I got on the brink of defeating places if you get your face on the fake news you might know something about this out he she get around right by my learns. Definitely. Crimes from my week is banning don't mean trump just doesn't care about the chips are uses and used them as a political. You should be offended as a really I'm not a veteran and I'm not offended in the anybody but Obama and I think our reach a few your regular periods the difference in his command was very nice of him yes I appreciate. Are you couple these calls let's forget that politics than than the peoples are weighing in really discussed the beaver being back I don't feel like. We did this a few months ago they never went away forget the same fight again I think a rehashing what they organized I think it's a step for my father to. What do you mean they're gonna go after my dad I have rats and I heard I heard today be ready 605. After everybody. But who do I feel safe seat podcast every once and be ready for a ruptured well I'd say an hour on Crowder you know important and it always going to be ripped through rigorous ready for new ones and it is the professional my friend my notes here yeah it's weighted out now I don't actually. You Dennis bye to her time in the past now. Never let's that Ricky quick to say act fake news taking news. Hurt bottom of anti and other radio stations as well as. For cannot process not this one other ones. And if yes accuse him of being a child of privilege ordered my dad Bob raised and now we we don't know now. I don't like that insinuation and insinuate I'm here because he. Mean of me I don't say that you're here because I'd put you here. Well you brought me on yes yes yes I encourage you to be hired by the station you absolutely I told you would approach one late at night I know yes so a lot of associate dean and battle. 02 well I sucked it wouldn't be here right now lets you got and I need to. You sit there in the past I meet Dierker and I can't walk if you were joined at the hypocrite yes I molested out tree. You yes or maybe not because looks and we both on shave and then you write Tragically Hip I did look a tragedy. Yeah. That we can do the same funding bill Curtis wants and Parker a big okay Chris without being here now. And I was a conversation the two so far unlock on I'm. Not now. We decide tether and Hollis got the plan outer Sunday morning's. Scheduled to do now and find a co host for Sunday morning yes instead of mud computing now. You Dina Ali thank you replacing much Sunday NFL Sunday when either Sunday morning at all Sunday's moved to its more marketing selling the games of all this Sunday shoulders of 11 on one was let's have got great reviews say from month he might think ideally resigning Burress says the holiest guy on the stage it's true we have a mile per hour hour. It's opera great work and the use of true hole east I was ready to go Latino reached out to meeting my aunt and from the south or we didn't Twitter yes a couple of times I. I privately little DM tell you how to make a lot of courage of their. Pictures sent back and forth no pictures same body part no pictures knew what was that it was a mass he said he asked me how these cities on the east weeks wanted to see what was going on disarmament at this objectively at her. And I citrix being an ankle and he said while it doesn't surprise who nobody got hurt his and it's that's true or let's go to the calls charms of the current term. Born. Morning. Op. Her current head of all of this year is back light. Up pack year. That regional battle armor where. Screeching in Utah team. Screeching into my car got a and our question or account well. X wired act are correct that you said that this democratic congress or. Yes and the model there of the woman is Larry Wilson he did say it but you don't put context. Clauses on. Truck each group called for twelve. Impeachment this year. It's time to not believe the mother of the wind out than does the mother got I'm moving allows for much slack job on this one we have two witnesses. I. Shot do not leave the mother of the widow. Alex said there was nothing wrong with saying jump doesn't it what are you missing from says he didn't say it. We have the quote. I believe we protected if there are. Actually quite hack the rain wouldn't want to. Each. Again how but the mother of the one million that there are you wish on how to parent. I shot up affected trop was making this issue anyway. Well I think it's I think there are two spot on the are already act. Boldly went back but the decision to listen to like we are actually. It will back at how the democratic congresswoman that at any particular. You know roundtable discussion and it alive who if I could. Very well. Forget about the congressman the mother of the win passage from said that you do not believe her. Yes yes yes. Here. He did say it was gonna lose a 100 times I'm in central China and I think you saw tonight nothing runs over the line. Asked yes we are just not exciting at Massport trusted traffickers and I'm here live on the front page of the Boston quote. I guess he knew he was signing up for but it still hurts. What the hell is wrong with that won't want to trap tonight too I don't know yesterday and that's why you asked that question. My answers I don't know he's in the eighties we wanted to say that's great he's an idiot he's the president it's yes and thank Christ proprietary and not Hillary Clinton we Edison criminal will liar Hillary for snow ice UN choice alone you know no one choice why and you voted for Hillary why can he do that god you've lost why. What would happen if it was prison we would not have Anderson we realize there yet no we don't. All eyes will not be on the brink of defeat OK this the dye would not be at 230 that's not stop what it. On top I'd fact that it was going on in fact I talked to expert yes I did I did and no reason the Dow has skyrocketed usually regulations. He has deregulated. Thousands had this conversation respond yet and it's true thank god you guys lost verses from the stripe is a he's I them honest this business investments. Investment business that I thought that after years of excuses from Abbas is it carries on my cats. Right up the middle plays well that investors.com. Investors that it picked idea from grants to editorial it's a poet headlights do it and she's they Dave and I wouldn't have him back when you guys have been the same page as the Buick tag team blocks. A Dave's in Cranston, Rhode Island made a. Just about you assess but he said that re. Stuck at home all drug Bartlett about arms. Correct he did not want to show you write about what exactly did you get rid. And concern I would dare I say this I will say this I look at the ratings nobody else does I look at them we were being number one. Watched every single month. Two books every single week since Roemer left even number on that they'll bring me. Single hearing me he wasn't much out there well we brought you new dance for you that he served a purpose fights he did you did very well. Think I thought he I don't see usually don't like to hate them known Dave Amanda. So. It was a at all. We'll oh yeah looks loves you call because they all without you want it does recognize it maybe go. Save what's the difference in which a difference and have intimacy or trendy and Alex there all morning. I really don't want to Marcy Wheeler. Try to girly color lacked that a little bit. Sure it's. I just read Alex's. Hey I'm I'm kind of like you do if I wore eyeliner and oh. I do it to you I can't break my records once you are great time in Berlin Muslim just that you don't know he's the hub he's anti love him. I just it is a big fan too. It's right what tennis from speech complete rebroadcast that I've got to get somebody gets himself that walked on an interim area and it was right where. Core but why where do where the which recruit for grounds with no no centralized right. Yeah she notes on the streets. Outside where people go and inside and more free breakfast culture I guess. I did get all excited trying to tell me about it hurts when she she trip to Iceland and it what does she know she's with homeless people in Iraq. Right she north part she'll be okay kind of closed the community pool. That's Richard Rodgers right Jack and his not so black people it'll support expanding if you re entry and it was so you guys bring your own chairs and sit next to each other that's right and what he talked about it and rose I considered they can eat is notion that it's one he's the only like before she bragged it's a very diversity right at various yes and what is true he's talked about this this event are you guys really. Why what do you what do you think they talk I think we didn't like you Kirk Alex and she's a very bad from this is over the summer now. It's just the two who did he call I've what do your friends came as two chicks tissue and teach it station. By the pool awful article re New York Times to promote the lotion on each other out implements and Freddie. I don't know she you don't put on some lotion no I don't you'd burn you gotta gloated burned I got got burned to go. Yes go to dinner afterward we did not get not only can race without lights and go in the water you in the pool of people go to the poem is trying to go I she did going yes. Signaling we all those minorities minorities when Mikey so there's a lot of open minded. Only get gay people it's are allowed to swim in the pool for people it's dry can't say yeah I mean is it gonna take notice he thought I go in the pool so scherzer by Miami at times. Nineteenth annual women's breakfast or two women's breakfasts at the horizons for. Austral 150 dollars as a homeless person on my ticket is confusion it is a very confusing but did you breakfast. And months and months. A confused way they charge and I miss. It's at the Westin Copley Place in which you have something there to get some cemeteries on the list were on sarcastic change lives before launch. These guys had she had tagged change lives before lunch is a trend nationwide and now. It doesn't feel like a grabber. It's it's what 777. It's a good has over 90% we do. But coming give back I suppose be defeated that's some good companies on us over it. PNC CFC Kurt can Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. Or try that again. Responsible you hearing everything. He's tied for. It was intended to. On how does that. Addicts Rob Blake and tackle melting it's like Roemer melting under filters watch. That's good that's the shrub like I heard I heard a word be cowardly Sharaud you know being pushed the G-8 are not what he's saying that you Crowder. All that's ridiculous. Reject what you think dreamer I thought that a strike Howard to founded. That's that's reprehensible. This pic of you would average and it's disgusting and he's picked a man wrong with a desire sites I'm sorry you phased out of the second part of that I heard what augmenting what was there was contact them played in. A tropics that was a big factor in Aybar giving her was that there was contact with him crowned meant to put it if he didn't get hurt and you know it's a big enough to say land that we are meaningless in you saw the replay you thought nothing happens I how to play your vacuum putting hit and guys who are elect trying to get a rebound all the time watch a backdoor Alley oops whatever all the time guys jump over other guys' contact it happens all the time. Was the malicious back up with a camera hurt this guy because. He signed with the cell and I nobody thought this was the thing when Kansas and Tuesday nobody thought I think when Blakely asks. Crowder Boller -- gonna surprise because it's a stupid question I was something. What are you trying to say is that his response which I don't get which it turns and I sliced and yes that's fine he's asked to elaborate but it's partly I didn't knows a thing to this 1 to 6 o'clock when you told me it was a thing yeah. It's we do this every morning. As part of and government's oil prepared my life. I understand it's not a it's. It's a make sleeping eight elegy to drop more more more more light and heat we need date to a mean in. It's hard for me it's hurt he's hurt it's overly attribute the other thing and and I thought the video was terrific and so did you but Kirk was I going out and she's I think it's funny. It's funny guy who's 42. PBS herald has bought. Sits there and sees him and in the videos and besides them and yell. I thought it was to ring that orders since it wouldn't affect the Hayward a little bit nine's and try and I think what I know that I feel bad guy hurt like I was. I like a few weeks to get to check for but now the Celtics seasons room after taxes gets a check for late. A million appeared just as I and I too mossy upset loss season now I have I was looking forward I solutions that more than anything there was a report Washington were plagues and seem playing much you like it might let you to let him play looks like a scene a lot of calorie plane carrying the play of a look for him a full season carries well. But seeing how he would managed seen what they would could do here I saw him a book or some in the and C championship game curtains that one ticket but I did a great action. With him on the show. Announcement of discussing a ticker where they're real sport is and the title. Steven Chu columns from the website that's rider paid bills doesn't generate your cup while I was sort. Now know known god I'll I wish words that was asking for updates Brian St. Pierre let Jack Edwards we not a sport always get what we can guy yelled back and forth jacket woods 56 years ago. Much of the lead and I'm honest Monday meaning no that we can guy ever reviewed. Here ever. Galleys on who's sported Iran with replace that's well now know is out all right I want the house I'm with I'm John idol Tom Giles Tom Giles and hype that's on my exercising and I Alex's favorite congresswoman. He's already messed up for Halloween arms are folded like yeah she's got such ridiculous there's a metropolis totally normal it. That's what they want to relive these that the people few who say that I cannot say that if you pick what to say. And each of his arms political child's. Sense these. And an aunt and all that only senators have to sit. Still think settling its latest when that he was the suit like a guy or let out on like the world's Hamid works press conferences and to sing like total earnings of what do you think it how do you think you work for Obama's every I don't feel everyone leaves the room. You don't you know I was president and secretary and one on certainly what they want they Obama's chief the staff was devising a plan to tackle him if he went to the nuclear football and they come line. Yes god I hope so what Kelly thinks of trump. I think he's disappointed yes you think but his job is to control the message isn't it great off to an excellent job. Bringing his dead son the conversation. It's it's good question to Obama column all the answer is no surprise was right again we don't know all the Tito I was writing the biggest one trip home users it's unbelievable. OK I'll just do it to occur as a music he says Cheney did what dummy I will say hey now aren't the only trump something is like telling you something you'd tell you something you know it's gonna be put back yet guys yeah just like I have no integrity of the things you shouldn't try to brought here by the secret secret without written about I'm a secret. You may get better bring. If you don't put an aerial shell I know in the eye some crazed and you play a sound like Harvey Weinstein an original thinkers on you know is listening he told me any pretty personal secret. So and so immediate need to be on the show so bad you hear that but don't wait like it sends out. I'm hungry since my relevance its way. At times shows ax and a half. My he didn't find out that I'm in charge of my show on T sport tock me the packet loss he's up there's as many body alone yeah. Now what he's trying to show is over I will will. I you can find it hopeful and I got it I was almost Curtis is busy work on this you accomplished all the calls who hate you and obviously this sock puppet won't touch it. Allowing you put them out if you put an intern on that cutesy and see if we'll be right owner Dan Roberts it's now been 23 hours almost and he's still thinking about that Peter can challenge victory yesterday still want to see you run brand on the hot that look. Great if it right it's unbelievable what a magnificent image that was for every. You have a senior X when they take a shower apple it was gotten about yes it's a all right. So two of those calls together and illustrate what gets you don't get to the Neil Alaska's Alex's written a lot about the himself to slave and I totally agree you can police duties actually I IC all the parallels Michael Bennett and football police that you sing the hottest team do you know he's well on occasion when we get back I'll give Alex and think about access through this one add to those amounts my sleeves have guarantee consciously and well doesn't the slave union was very strong British very strong. I want one parallel one parallel it will do some of that he's well read Scott and and I go back and Michelman who do that you read.