K&C - NAACP is protesting the NFL over Kaepernick; Brady on Goodell's extension 8-21-17

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Monday, August 21st

Hour 2: The NAACP is boycotting the NFL. 


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Always very busy show here this morning bought at heart in for Kirk and Jerry you had to hear from Tom Brady less than now at twenty minutes from now 730. Patriots quarterback scheduled to on a sunny patriots Monday less an hour from now we'll say 8 o'clock lets up pushed this in assuming Brady joins us at 730 you'll hear. The sounds of the free speech rally Chris Curtis. Braved the elements on Saturday went to the Boston Common. He left pledging home thankfully left of lovely wife home thankfully went there by himself did you Wear comeback Yorkers. I did not many people there yes a lot of people there or via Internet polls wearing the combat gear in the gas mask was Batman is cool as he thought he'd be. Yeah he was one of those we'll be funny thing with him was that you get these guys away from the group. An outside of the sort of chanting mob mentality. And they sound a lot different little bit more reserved and not quite as angry but he. It was their mock outrage and all the way from the crowd it's an outrage goes away anti parades in full effect we have some awesome sound I had I. People are allowed to give Chris Curtis that I'm giving Chris Curtis ready the dialogue. Is going to do that 8 o'clock and extended. Rally edition of headlines coming up at 8 o'clock because Curtis has so much sound and because the media it's such a terrible job here locally. Patting themselves on the back for Boston exiting great city and pretending there was not violence Curtis will pay you a much different story that you're reading especially. In the page of the Boston Globe today that comes up after we talked to Tom Britt let's pencil it in 4. 8 o'clock couple NFL notes we'll start with. Another non surprising thing in the art this was coming as a matter of not if but when our over the weekend the N double ACP calling for a boycott. Of the NFL. Until Colin cap predict is on a roster they'll be no football in the state of Georgia. If Colin cap Riddick is not on a training camp roster given an opportunity to pursue his career said Gerald Riggs of the Atlantic NAACP. To fox five Greg's warned that if capita remains unsigned to a deal. As of 5 PM on September 17 quote. We are going to have the world's largest tailgate and that's tailgate will not go to Mercedes-Benz stadium that is referring obviously to the new home. Of the NFL's Atlanta Falcons we will take Indy any continue to take any on the NFL until they act with one voice. The threat of a nationwide boycott is meant to send a message to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners of the NFL's 32 teams. You know this is coming. You knew that it would die happen at some point during training camp but it took two weeks in a that after a year of people saying they stop watching the NFL because of Colin Capp. We now have a boycott of the NFL. If in fact Capra is on and on a roster according to the NAACP and this is day. Excellent former grandstanding by the NAACP over the weekend. And will probably affect about two actually nothing. In affecting account capita get himself on roster yet what exactly do they think or how they think they're gonna accomplish anything to threat and and I guess it's great because. At least Fox News picks it up according to our everybody courtesy CB I'm looking at the CBS news story today CBS sports story today they gonna make a human ring around the stadium and people and no they're they're saying they're not going to watch football that they're going to a lot of other guys well. Against that since the Nazi since the end of last season results the protest on capita has been on it and we'll find employment. I find that strange seeing the NFL's employed individuals who have been convicted of sexual assault domestic violence cruelty to animals along with driving under the influence. He wants to do this is that the cause here if cap and Exxon sign about what's gonna happen. Boycott the NFL. Engaging community service by committing one or two hours every NFL Sunday. To mentor young boys and girls. Spread the word others. And then folic follow Capra knicks' lead by taking in the in this case he wants you to take in the saying a prayer every morning it's six. That is what they're calling for Al solid number one. The boycott of the NFL it costs. In Atlanta where the NFL is a crazy in the league that even if they have for bad and forbade sports city Ali still support their falcons. I do not expect Lotta people to turn their attention away from on their team in town. Because can't count critics on a roster is I don't think. The people in necessarily care I immediate cares about this I think there are political groups that care about this Andy. I don't think the average NFL and even Atlanta or New England or wherever cares whether or not Colin Capra Exxon crossed. I would agree I think some. There's an interesting one because that did the people who feel passionate about it to probably do care I think it's such a small small ports into it's in our car. Commune with it's it's been the I mean it's no I'm sure there's a small portion of the population that does feel passionately about. The call and kept on both sides I think on both sides of the issue there's some that'll say if you hire Colin cap predicament watching game again. And I believe there's a sprinkling of those that actually exist just like there's a sprinkling of those that say if you don't hire Kong Kapanen. I'll never watch a game again. Most people just gonna watch and then the other things on the list in my good things he did a great deal as it went with a cholera every other writers are not legal pro rigs why pray every month that's why people or why do you put those Alyssa things you do only if capital on any roster. That's seems silly to me about this speaks to. That the you're right there is a fringe group either way when it comes to cap predicted actually do care this is a this is more immediate cause and anything else. What are spent in this week Wednesday with the capital New York rally do you think the pelicans and steam as the likely event. I don't know now I I'd I really dial I think that this is. You can have as many rallies you want. Colin Capp pretty good screwed himself to BA dum I'm sorry I'm sure the people that that their respects on the things he is Donny was music while hand raised. I cap Rick morals topic quarterbacks I was with Roger worst I loved his game I love the way he played for a couple years there so it's not about the player. It is about his approach to his causes and when you do things. Like I support Castro to a note to fans of the NFL and fans at Miami. When you Wear anti police socks when you make it tight police statements on social media. You expose yourself and guys like Chris longing a lot of credit Doug Derek Karr over the weekend we'll resolve around colonial back and said he did that because he wants to show kids. That it would be black or white you can be friends and it it's it's great those guys are what they're saying what they're doing makes sense with cap critic and eight. Every time he says something. I ate some stupid I think what I do and support about contacts and spun a different way. Well I supported county started he did an absolutely I agree with you right I think there's a chance that the smoldering is now starting to grow a little bit with Chris Long and Derek Karr. I'm in Seattle. Somebody put their hand on Bennett shoulder I mean there's this is starting to be a a unification thing with the in teens I guess and across the league. I'll be anxious to see if it continues if we if we start seeing this basically. At every game I mean right now it's it's happening. 345. Pre season and guys are talking about it right now records and becoming store may be now this is going to burn and burn and burn and spread. And you can say anything you want negative about the way Colin capita has handled this and what his goals were and all that. But he started it and if this leads to something positive. I think that's what he was he was looking for right I mean he may have been misplaced and some of his beliefs and some of the things that we're going on but. He deserves some of the credit if this takes off with Chris Long and I would just say that his rhetoric of of the anti police is not what their car was doing this week and that is this where was really recklessly and he was very quick to. Distance himself from that. He was basically saying. You know it was sort of like a Disney movie which is two kids Coley a Mac to -- our cars car yes we're in Iran as California and he went to buffalo and I went to Fresno but we can just be great friends together black and white all as one can predict do say this offseason once and Gordon meals or really doing its work on to the culprit we're playing he said you went protest Elvis right and that's my point I don't know any longer includes caught yeah that was to get a job cleaning agent did that's like a pie -- I think this is now bigger than Colin can't predict which is probably a good thing is that I guess that half the chase he's talking tapper he's the election opposition well yes was not going to work could agree it certainly could work if Derek Carr Chris Long you know Martellus Bennett may be guys that are more prepared. To deal with the issue. Take the reins from him and say you were you where the ignition point good job will take it from here. I think that could be a good thing that's at it's it's a good thing but it. Even you did this and and guess it's just pitiful thing. We give Kaplan a credit I go back to what he started the discussion what what what was the discussion that I knew what the discussion turning into what was discussion of it was blacks being mistreated by police that's what started by Colin Capp pretty it was not. Any deal with Charlotte's failing to do this this reaction of it this this the culture and our country now know capita was standing up in his mind to. What he thought was. Police against blacks in this country that was a big part of this I don't wreck that but he is all you're Gary Clark systematic oppression and yet it's a phrase he used very early on in this. And that goes is that all these guys are wells promoting no I think they're promoting race relations essentially if you wanna boil it down to something simple. I think they're trying to promote be good people I mean sort of at the the basis just don't be a racist don't be a big it. There's a guy next to you he looks different does different things but you guys are on the same team and that's what this is starting to come to. Now how we got to that point aware a ghost from that point moving forward I have no idea but you can't say that happening didn't start the discussion heated. The judge don't know that the it's such a different discussion now it's frightening it's not know what this close to notes Laura you are about NASA like they were trying to make something and ended up as velcro. Or like they were trying to make something and ended up as some. New invention that helped the world they never got to where they want to be they didn't get a new space suit out of it but they created a chemical that we use in everyday life and we didn't you know still accounts. Prayer some and I'll settle think this means a team should now have to feel like they're under pressure to sign Colin Kaplan because once you sign him you were signing all that stuff that you and I are still talking about that dead Derek Carr and others are not. A striving to these are guys these are. He's still a player that is going to have some especially some anti police baggage so whether it's the NAACP whether it's other groups that want to protest that. On. It's not gonna matter because these teams are gonna have to tell their fan base we just citing god as a backup quarterback. Who. Not a big fan of the police and those are people that as you know the NFL you're down every Sunday. That's a huge part of the NFL game day XP and is it worth the trouble that's that's the biggest issue is not worth the trouble. So that is the one of the big stories in the NFL the other and we'll get to more this coming up Bali and on the showed Daniel Kaplan sports business journal says the commissioner. Roger Goodell. About the giddy new deal another five year extension beginning in 2019. And the owners onshore are thrilled given coupled that he's taken for that 617779. 7937. In your phone number more your calls coming up we expect pump rated join us next yearning patriots won. Like Eddie talking port forward here Gerri Gerri back tomorrow. Treading here I'll be here as well recapping the events of the weekend in Boston. But he free speech rally can hear exclusive sound from that at 8 o'clock right here on Kirk in Callahan. Tom Brady will join us we think it a couple of minutes until then your phone calls a 61777979837. Ritchie is involved in the morning Richie. We're going Obama would average. I want the lucky because they're now my that you water here. I thought it was commentary and it is outlawed. Audits I think. I don't I think understand what he's stocky body is a very anti police message doesn't appreciate the police our country thinks that they'd I just approach black people a different way and target black people a sense for you that's what Colin capita is said and and reporter with his actions. Sure so that the in what he's talking about you know open lacked in. That is all behind Hewitt doubles solutions and then we had a black person. So I I would I would not I would not pretend to but I would say that comparing police officers in 2017. Two slave owners the way he did a couple of months ago is not the best way to present my message Richie that's what I would say. Oh yeah well that's understandable but I don't. Or I would say this Alexei wearing wearing the police pigs Sox at a practice. Not the best way to get on message across by supporting Fidel Castro that I'm sure it at the base of it Ritchie. There is a message that he wants to spread he's done it in an anti police manner and in in 2017. I I believe. There are police if you watch in this weekend new buildings are there to protect every one no matter what your color is so per capita to look at them. Is decent you hurt them. Among architects on this story or this weekend but it. I've heard that it was like that he got protests and I don't wanna say not he could not not. People without your daughter stepped up all right all right yeah. One called. Heart that that we his children I don't know what it down if it is Oregon editor and probably is that he bought in. And just hit it or or you know. What do you mean choosing sides is the story we've heard is that the the peaceful protests and easier courts here Richie. The peaceful protesters were throwing rocks and bottles of urine and at police and in fact there there was 11 protestor. That yelled and called a black police officer a a very bad words that you should be on our side not protecting them. Yeah I didn't hear that our. But hey. And hit different type of stories so I'm just telling or daughter outnumbered Astoria. Irony here since out Richie and thank you thank you for your call and maybe yes maybe I am wrong. When it comes to Colin -- and I would just say I never talked to the man. I can only go by how he projects his message and right and a waste rejected his message has been awful. When. You'd like to. See there's different issues there the Sox I think you can also. For the Sox let's start with the Sox okay it may be that was some sort of shock. Factor in a really good that the talking point Yurman a shock people and talking. Castro stuff I that was just tedious that was just missed place that was wrong. So. I think there's all a bunch of layers to this but the bottom line is he got the discussion going and that's that's where I think you come back to. I don't think any team needs to sign him I I don't really understand that. Myself because I I think the bottom line is he's not worth the trouble. Mean that's how you boil it down it's not worth the trouble if you were better be on a team I think. A 32 owners. Someone would crack even if you believe there's some sort of black balling some sort of going back going on some would crack. These teams you don't think the money involved if they thought it the jaguars. Yeah only Tom Coughlin would sign Colin cap predict if he thought Colin capita could take the jaguars immediately to the playoffs and Super Bowl in a heartbeat. That would cut off his left leg to win that's what those guys are. And are probably jags fans who think they capita is better than their totals well Chad Henne right now he may be better business portal socks because they're so bad but on is he going to make a difference do you suck a little bit less with Colin capita that's the issue. That's not worth it that's not worth the headache that you're gonna create yourself 'cause he's not that good if he were that good he'd be on a team I firmly believe that. Not and it will win the many you sign him. You are trying to explain to party your fan base. He. What what Colin cap predicament by his statements you have to I think there's a chance easel size of a team. He has to take back especially. The anti police rhetoric stuff like that that would have to go you got to have a press conference and explain himself. And if you go to his Twitter account where he compare his slave owners to modern day police. And a region the text underneath. That is a tough one to walk back because you're gonna add a police union officer or police union executive. In your office the day after you sign this guy. And say does this mean that you don't respect us and here was the Dick Greg curtain Kalish retreated as for Richard others who have not CNET. You can't ignore your history always remember who they are. Andy as a slave patrol bags next to a police officer badge a system that perpetually condones the killing of people without consequence. Doesn't need to be revised in needs to be dismantled. I'm shore is in his brain he thinks he's presenting some sort of message. But by comparing police to slave owners. I think he skews that messaging and he's the point where he is on the so I double right now and I understand that I I completely understand why he would not sign this governor adult why team. For saying we can't have this guy on our roster given the message he is present in your last couple. And I can't get a clip in it and correct me if I'm wrong I thought Chris had this in Arpaio is there are New York. Police union that's supporting him yes. Are there is a one of the European and marketed unions is on their rally yesterday I believe I'm in support of luck so to me that's an interesting next step in this debate because I agree with you one of the issues here is the the police unions the police brotherhood. Being against Colin capita because he's against them and how does that affect everything you do when players supporting the police players not supporting the police. Police not doing their jobs act games I have a police union. Supporting Colin Campbell he is say he's safe. Former new York city police officer he was the guy that the movie Serpico was based on. He held the rally yesterday frank super close apple exploits were featured 1973 film Serpico. He admitted to not being a football fan but felt it was important support cap critic for his stance he's trying to hold up is government. Got a hold up this government up to our founding father said he now 81 year old Serpico so that happened over the course of the weekend. And Tom we'll get shot on this the report this morning that the commissioner Roger Goodell is gonna get a five year extension through 2000 when he for any thoughts on the commission. Being here long term clearly. I the. I've thoughts on training I thoughts on Graf thoughts on Billy O'Brien and Mike Vrabel and nice shades and stretching and liability. I know thoughts on the commissioner Roger translation. Yeah I have thoughts and this year would you in the rest of the world that is my I don't want to talk about this. I don't like instrument later. Players that they take them lately typing in notes on their phone and then they take a picture post that means Ingraham yeah like that and he'll do. It. He did post a I believe it's called boomerang yesterday a note Mary and saying no days off. Boomer. It's been an whom the video won't repeat I think and again and not and on up India. It's quick. And force the that gets him saying no days off over. My wife. She files. Which are now finally like with these certain policy ball to sell and talents. And dial and if he decides what to do that. A little buzz yesterday and the also should be on the picture opportunities. On a sound boom ratings and never heard that term. My guess yet Tom feels part recently to his dad and everybody else in the Brady and when it comes to Goodell that he got railroaded that's gruden would won the MVP last year enough for four game suspension that's who you need to get that question to. The father question of the week goes to Yahoo! he did on seniors he did some sort of blow things up here are some that would Bober. Did Tom Brady senior idled you guys are reach out to multiple times the records answer you'd be an awesome yes he would he would be because everybody talks like station and California are those little sit down to the local TV station try and do not see it would be great. On the Chicago and you just get an excellent and father thoughts on Roger Ailes extension and you could go to the bathroom I don't get a copy Ambac and you'll still going on if I. Yes there if you missed any of Tom Brady you'll hear it 930 here later on in the program with Kirk in Cali and won't get to a break we are rough backed up oh come back wanna get too. I'm finally this morning the work that Chris Curtis did over the weekend he was there on the common. With the aunt that for people with the couple dozen or so. You right to unite people that were there he was in the trenches police. Bottles the urine. Rocks knockdown drag them out battles Curtis as they hear the sound from the comment always come back here Kirk a gallon and Mott and heart with. And LSU.