K&C - Mut went easy on Tom Brady; Kyle Draper is dodging us 8-22-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, August 22nd

Hour 2: Mut took it easy on Brady.


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Are we compensate you could practice every day because you don't get so. How is it possible that you are not so war given what you put your body. Some of always wanted to ask you this the TV twelve method clearly works for you so is it a misconception to say that the TV twelve method is just about. Eating vegetables and using rubber bands and liability I mean is there room and therefore you know defensive end weighs 300 pound it's a hard sport that what what's the easier part now what makes it easier now in your eighteenth. Creative editing I didn't think it was that that I'm sure Mindanao killing mode creative editing here to make people look. Let's say I'm Blair on. Already creative editing over on the at a time like it's just your questions two weeks I I mean. He likes talking about it so granted if you ask them out you. And but it's also kind of important why is this forty year old guy at the top of his game. It's kind of importance it's like instrumental everything we discuss the terms of Brady. His his his routine in the world which to drop lol what's next it's being. These stories these sub headlines as much a crumpled body will talk about the TB twelve method. September 19 less than a month it was kind of silly stating advocates who wore it football player it's impossible. The B football player and a pixel it's impossible he claims to practice every day until I doubt yes plays today attract about hagel never. Yes he went tackles are you sound like a stooge when you're forty you get sore. As you pointed out we'll explain the golf club and haven't done it. A lot or like sprinting. If you if you're forty for a look at myself fall and you play softball game and you spurred the first you'll be sore cause the united your legs aren't used to that. Even. And brat that is the one thing that I will give him. And misses the point that I made last speak and yet these comments if you if your body is used to something which is body is used to football he's doing it for sat through he years. You don't get is sore like I could. I don't get is sore running marathons now is they did my first ran you know like your body there is something that was also. You don't bury your side we are right area isn't well I don't get sore I can practice every day yes I'm gonna we're following years I'm gonna call that and what and when the votes out of tournament playing tackle football it just works and what they call I think maybe that's where it's got to be working out right. This place a and the knock it's a war needing when he gets nailed by who may album last year that inaccurate odd. Pick your collectively as it was water and Americans not a not a conceded to kick the guy for many it was Seattle. She what is and it terror I don't now all he Yemen a tie in of the quiet news on the were the injury report the rest of the year it chancellor chancellor yes I am attempting job in camp chancellor nailed you're telling me that usually doesn't hurt a little bit I mean come. Here and that's a great question and I get that you know a lot. What I can tell I'm it was a great question to my real say what job does answer you about it now. Thought I was at like ten people critical died in not to follow up on. Should've said no that was you've you've fallen up would have been pointless he went like this anymore that was good the good way to finish. I think because of the good job Kirk well kitty tomorrow that's OK but tell me what mostly what did people want you to ask that you didn't ask it was mostly that we were too soft on the TV twelve method that would overturn it police TV twelve commercial and add to buy my argument to those people and I'm. Open all criticism from Whittier ape like talk show host in Maine. Who want to criticize us or you're just a listener. When the book comes out and it says things like sleep eight hours and drink lots of water. And stretch. Then the mocking will commence until the book comes out what would you like me to question I don't know what the methods are what he said that yesterday was pretty. Generic so you sound like a Yahoo! even any heart who. Opposite emotion get any push back from people and he claims that it's it's it works for everybody. But it's not for everybody has got to catch it a little bit of trouble when Campbell comes you asked for an example of things people. Do wrong you know the patient and said the cold therapy like getting in the cold John my friends do anyone any your friends do cries Coulter I am I don't guess I mean my son does he works out gets in the cold block you out of a Brady's against Anderson does not work I I didn't want to do is the only pan Alley so to his selves on old holders the original color tub it's so cold. And you're in radio see what it does to manuals it isn't really uncomfortable to climb into it at that he's going on. Then you going home wanna have to write it I idea. I'd go right but I thought that was kind of cutting edge brings down the inflammation. And Brady's against it but whatever whatever he does works in US good question other quarterbacks would do when they call him. He called on them how to they get in touch how to what is what do they do. That he does and what do they not do you think Aaron Rodgers and and Russell will start eating like Brady. I'm Aaron Rodgers said he's doing everything except for the night cheese he said that last and we not drinking. Good question as a rock crock isn't everything except the not to recognize. And by the way do you want to cry out to be as skinny as pre. It. Tom thank you we appreciate it. Brady is rail fan and it works for him I'm guess that would work for rock. I think eats at Indy try to go down that road if you're bigger player right desist. This TB twelve method work for you sound like it's gonna have to try to mass produce this thing have a mass audience for you to speak for the fastest gaining quarterback. Sandra played Hillary play action tailored for different body types for differently if you can't do the same thing we reality different stuff brightly when Lou went through that goal. What was it doing on fat loss thing was it wasn't like they did greatest part he says of what he did was not work out exit had a there's no execs at an exercise ball but the best part I think he said. With what the testing went to afterwards or he was his body was tested for. You know what rags is metabolism what what inhibit his metabolism and the best foods for he's body type and we each have stuff like. What might make BE. Get bloated fat might made much slimmed down my way they brought a good night's every line and then hopefully you have pointed out linemen have to be strong. How big an advantage big and fat in all reality right but at a crock blocks a lot croc means to be strong Brady does not. Pretty doesn't lift weights -- past the reports that the big as say though isn't there a way to increase your strengthen Al lifting. Us like like like a wonderful like plot you know that the primary it's like to be resistance bands. She but all the muscle mass. We should get stronger and Herschel Walker never list where it's right there was push up two million pushups and sit ups every day and he was jacked. But I'm guess and the team wouldn't be happy if there alignments that San Francisco and to resist no we're lifting for us is gonna receivers that's the story one about the push back and Andy asked about the issue or there you're training staff like I guess they've had to just acquiesced because Brady is Brady. OK Alex has methods are going to work for Tom what are gonna talk to Tom now genie is doing the Alex though how would raucous I would pick a quarterback should definitely emulate Brady yes. But I know about a tight end. But well the other thing that was brought up yesterday. Lou co hosted. With me over on the oh run TV side. And he was talking about how. Diana. He was talking outside and if I think five guys summit plots implied. So on the TV side. I used talking about how one of Alex rarest big things is that they'd be need to have. Play in games right what you need to do football things in order to get your body in football shape and that's why. Rob Gronkowski played any game occurring do I guess how we really feel about. Alex Guerrero do is basically. You know determining whether or not somebody kits pre season playing time. That is because Oregon guy but by my house I never play as we know that is I have that we know crime doesn't play in the pre season. And it kind of works whenever I mean he gets hurt occasionally but when he plays but I guess not great if he doesn't get hurt maybe now does work and also pointed out was at the Solso I think in the current article where I Guerrero teaches them how to properly fault yes sit in and maybe you need to do that real time so that your body crumbles the right way and it doesn't absorb the blow is heavily acted as an easy easy it is being made fun of it maybe Guerrero method is smarter than any similar crede right and Brady get hit it sort of does a weird way that all I know dozens like other quarterbacks until I ready yesterday think. Without a purpose actually has. Ought to bring all does he does not take Haiti says it sounds silly but he does mean is a track record who will Charley that he can take it not and not get hurt. And that we talked to a lot of that's who hit and he known yield up and got in came back from that. And I thinks not everyone would an honorable and could. His old dale Beckham all the right way because last night I just the dimensions quickly O'Dell Beckham took a low here. And Don Vannatter from Sports Illustrated create doubt that the guy who hit him what's his name rhythm again. Should be banned for VC suspended for the season. For the hit. I think solid it was and it was pretty dirty cheap at a whole lot of what's thirty cheaper products. The whipping wind for a real I think he went like for his last eight Cabot that's that's what you do or news body Calhoun. Hem them Donvan at a thinks he she should be suspended for the season. But hitting guys low. Is what you're supposed to do and that's it's it was a completely legal hit ESPN broke it down there's no rule in the books right now there's no rule that says. You can't go and a leg above or below the knee in attempt to tackle in the restrictions on the offensive players. While in their blocking including chip blocks and chop blocked but those don't apply to defenders. In the same way he went low was legal and double world went crazy but altered document that is not. It's provided it. Start by should play a lot in these stupid games console I would absolutely that second quarter of a second preview game and oh don't Beckham's the plane we don't know insists the extent of the injury yet right initially says sprint up. I'm OK afterwards he what in your giant race we did last night at the extras and go back junior came back negative will undergo further examination. Thank god I thought I am are higher something you said look it feels like a sprained I think it's a sprain your ankle a mode you tweet late last night sort of like this late last. Is tens of billions of. They if you borders ACL there like Crump did win and what's his face went low on him. Bubble earlier of the whole conversation today would be about canceling the policies and I'm all for that whose whose Sox. They don't need pre season in college amateur wise news in the NFL rather than to have to make money. But mentioned or don't Beckham Blase ACL in the pre season this copy to start the game ma one of the top. 34 stars in the games again that he stopped when he's on TV used up can you watch. I a couple of and a follow to respond to somebody saying it was a meeting with pre season game he went directly for old BJ's. Needy. It was a filthy hit and you know intent matters. He didn't follow ups on someone then said your dumb. And he went to be there he went to the one my favorite Twitter response. Which is correcting spelling and saying it's your YOU. Prime not shores so proximate RT. Com he went at the knee was supposed to go out what the IE it's it's in real time that's mean he's trying to bring down a receiver. It was a clean play a Smart play. Any bad on Beckham got. I know your heart when you're watching miss though I mean I am I'm looking right now I'd there and just watching a little video content and on Twitter. I don't know that it's necessary is aware again I. I realize that real time your time a different it's different speed of the game I'm looking at it in a replay. But. Don't back to junior goes up for the ball and the defender calms down low and crowds don't I don't know. I don't know that would have been necessary for him do it that way. Maybe I browse our especially older he wanted to call Mon that what's the penalty but what's I'm at a Santa echoing a role that this isn't an illegal hit a sound. This is the league now you can't go high and guys because the concussions and some players go low back at it and they always come on I always believed I must be done I think was dirty all listen it's a bad looking differ pre season game and you wish that maybe guys but acknowledged it's in these games don't really matter let it find something in real time and that's. Is ten to morale for the year there's at and by the way the slots in them that for every O'Dell Beckham there's like a dozen guys who try to make the team. They're supposed to change the way they've hey this is broke outing and always Brody. Calhoun is he starter for Cleveland I should know that I guess but is he trying to navy is like Terry should try to make the team at that point I don't know guys that. Watch in real time and does again it just seems to me like maybe we're Don and Anna is coming from at this is. He did defender repositioned himself to look like he's going at his lead going at his knees I think he could have wrapped tackled him. And come out of full speeding got a around the wasting my body hurt my shoulder at the end of victory did not go full contact in the leg at focus on perfectly legal so this 12 things in his. I'm this again I then the rules and against the rules is not that I need to get another girl's but I'm just saying it does it looks like they're. It looks to the optics are. So I've not been out and want to show that on and not stupid unbelievable block the show. I'm. I don't remember talking about him. You know I did you don't have book about presidential golf and I'm prominently displayed why Tony why why are you sure there was an unknown what was the Brady already that's its workers from year to all that that's what atlas. You guys try to get a mob did a book about presidential golf and I'm I'm prominently displayed in the book featured because. Columns I wrote about Clinton being. Biggest cheater and presidential golf history good columnist should rice was before I'll say this was before trump well let's look at it say if before we move on yeah I have a we had gone now to Boston right now but Jerry's and it is it possible that more John Farrell could win like 95 games have the second best -- and the American League and fire fire Jerry is on October 8 sharing is not what does it about a junior prayer and only if it's ever been a manager rumors and in first place and roll into the playoffs who has appeared to be more agreement Donnie hindrance. To the to the efforts is opening by July out of the manager questioned pretty much knows these things has months of post game guy has to know these things out Reese. Addison reed pitched thirty pitches on Friday. A pitched. Wednesday Friday somebody yeah why not one but trying to idea. Said the took a lot out of him. He's like in his apartment he pitched twice after casino he pitched twice after that took a lot out of this or aware he just a lot of straight days right. Argue now that I don't know just as an eighteenth and twenty which is Wednesday in a priority on even to unsafe Friday signing Friday was and I believe it. Also game cards kicked cricket pitch and 521 game on Sunday through wasn't available last night although we would have been available. If the team have been in saint attempt on the tenth inning but he wasn't available. In the ninth inning so with the Matt Barnes is a five year reviewing key your LA lacks any more than a couple minutes to do this today these are those who all goes well he says he knows the home road split with bugs do you think he doesn't do you think you just know you have no idea. Unless I it does it sort of I sort of an idea the amount that really just for hot knows he knows us thinks he's due for good road game Matt Barnes is the eighth inning guy to avoid as did not set an act Condo seven. A month. Did that for that he's making a Smart investment by purchasing Condo and a Charlestown that's just part that's because that. Idiots that we were the first round it will lose to the Indians the first round and he will be gone and the ownership we throw because they are still. Bull crap about how he handled the David Price steals to this day on Ayers. They are still annoyed by that and go to look for any reason to get rid of this guy losing first round. Pick if it and losing a first ironically it'll be the impetus to do we'll expand on this spot in headlines coming up there's a bunch of shipments including. There are nude Tiger Woods photos up there they are floating around when will we see them get that as headlines next. I'd I'd like him who worked on. Gonna help him or George. Wallace yes I'm officially and so on. We'll bang on that dead bang on that I am. At least a list of people last hour so it's been blocked by John Dennis on Twitter I've long big John Dennis followers he's long followed. And apparently in last that hour or so something happened to change that we speculating yesterday on return to radio. I'm maybe doesn't want us knowing that I just got a locker room I don't think of sending thing about him lately I don't know what triggered this but the everyone's bloc took training cheese. I Q try and won't bounce over there what. Was the headlines all. Because as a John Dennis headlines opens but you know for a year I said some nice about that doctor Shiva oh boy I had a rule on a Jeff Diehl back again or sorry sorry I had to guide tube we are not your doctor she got. You just said I gave doctor Shiva credit for standing up even though they were how far away were the protesters from the stage about to order. Yeah I'd still like him credit that takes balls to loosen up and speak on that stem stand up and make a speech about free speech that takes some cuts like here you get credit for what was known heard it because there was like. Twenty people there in general to 200 feet away but I guess they get credit for showing up. Amid the nights two nights. What happened as was the headlines up what we talked about a spec does return to radio when you're tweeting about your radio star and Jiri hall of Famer and you tweet about your return you work at this stage of for how many years twenty years whatever one's. You don't speculate on the return let it too. I know I just doing training went away I feel like Ike. He he's using knees and a recent hockey season blocked me so I can for that it was paid entirely displeased. I think I am how I blocked he won't be a maybe it will be real Kyle Draper will not be here based on what is over the week is that definitely. We have Kyle Draper talk radio on Saturday say space with John the Osce. On about coming back to the show. Out I had my own radio show. I'd be more happy to debate those guys come under Draper show we can have a talk for two hours you know and so at 11 hand I don't wanna help those guys out and gave in and add them you know be enable to promote something. Come on CSN we have it you know a panel wanted to things of when it's up to. The higher upstairs cius and about his you know limitless habit open conversation on racing on a special one hour show or something like that. It instead of two minute to minute segment. And so it's it's nothing against you know. I'm scared damaged do I want to give them. The opportunity to use. B as a removable being too. And when you ought to get casino that we on the air and talk about. Yeah and they aren't any other way key not just race I know that's what you liberals wanna do but I would. Talk money anything easy hates Brady right Tom Brady doesn't like it is now he hates Brey but I think he does get tired of like the right. The action if you want your we helped us and we heard the red on the -- gets a legacy dislikes your worship Brady can do no wrong edit this and I'm gonna guess he dislikes Donald. I just like stats and what do we do more than anything we do. Brady and trump I. Ounce after this I yeah I. I define it is I think and whether this is the right interpretation are not say whether this is very stereotype or not. But I I think that from my conversations with Kyle he feels like. He can't. There's no way TCU not controlled and aired it sees my control the narrative but he but it's. To not feel like he's being set up to fail like not dot feeling like he's being sat out. To answer a question that is going to serve your purpose of the message you want to send as opposed to a. Actual open he is until the would you right why actual open dialogue perception and talk to separate the perception of turning coups and Eric. How has it changed since we brought you in here along with a an Internet on what he had an array anniversary. So he got was don't look you got nothing from labor from antivirus that kinda. When guys I'm glad comfort black bandanna and aware of the face next time you go to one of those. These protests out I'm not afraid you guys know I am and I'm afraid to show my face her name and put my opinions behind it unlike the the power houses were screw up hide behind the anonymity of the Internet who hide behind the anonymity of putting something over their face if you've had some men say say. But now you would say people think there's a little more you know certainly more depth more fight in you than they. Proceed I would also you know that the only that that's true but I would also say that there are repeat again I hang out you know. Maybe it's the trump facts maybe it's decayed sea effect that there are also certainly people who. Maybe never sent anything to be before or just brushed me aside who are now fairy Cary. Very mean under winner. So that's exist wherever it would listen I ignore I and I don't understand what percentage I. I just doesn't troll you want to give you credit for that's what people it controls of their lives I am not gonna re tweet every person who says sending me. I don't really know and a tweets don't get this guy that would I don't please resize I don't know who year yields on it as something I was lucky soon as somebody who who do you is someone on TV you also on the year across the street you talked mostly sports I have a different view view now you come in and you. I know you're going to be here battle every time you're here I have I would say of a better opinion of you than it did much better in a letter the better opinion of Kyle Draper as your like your Kyle Draper say that. East sounds scared to come on the year they have eight opinion and I wouldn't be promoting himself yes it is really getting yeah kind of a point I was more listen I. Is that he's on Comcast I encouraged him to come on the show I told him I think it is important I told him that I think it is important to have. An act to be crap I think it's important to have an African American come on here and talk about issues that we often talk about that are racial in nature and it is look around everybody. When Brown's ever does is quite so we don't exactly. We have no Truex theory and with black. When. It with racism. But again I think he's the year. Is that are yet to sort here that's that's the word I hear I hear say that he sounds his program aids in Vermont and he's locked. Asked you that it is not going to be a constructive conversation and it is going to turn into a screaming match in which he is made to somehow look. And I don't blame him for being fearful of is that somehow made to look like the angry black man who is looking for some sort of excuse. Ands. And I don't know that he can be had a guarantee that the conversation is going to be rational and constructive. And he's not gonna be drawn into something that ends up reflecting poorly on him. Instead of maybe allowing him to have the converse he thought he feels needs slid on his behalf show on his music his words his panel. He could garde yet it is it that other guests and what you do have I mean it is like I mean it is your mouth when you you know how this is when your hopes position it is your show like. Jerry can control the pit hone in temple of the shelf and take more that you and I can because it's Michelle Bernard James thing. What is your show and it is your environment there is an ability to control. The at least to hone an Tyner. Well yes. But I I'd like to hear you guys all I don't know what kind of like I'm here and I'll say he's not on the main highway sixty maybe it was like. Me and Jerry and Kyle and maybe that would be filling the seats you know I'm Saturday was it any way isles beach slick TV. Do love things beyond that now yeah. You know it's there's a chemistry and commission T shirts and contact your time. I added this is your day house. Very well I was telling you how does help and I now like an awareness NT Fisher. And center. The woman the but getting the Soviet flag I'll check with it when I. There are not what I stand for. We gotta get well again. And what's your inserts or as a new game throw answered an alarming new game from your house. People be tuned in to find that out we will you what he tunics will come back it sounds like Jerry has some. Developing opinions on one Tom yawkey we spent all Friday talking about Tom yawkey in yawkey way. I thought the afternoon guys on Friday dropping very good point that may affect what the Red Sox end up doing. With that street let me just trying to win you over I was on the fence obviously it's a mixed legacy I was on the fence I don't wanna change. OK good. When I did not want it changed. For lotteries is to they say that the next.