K&C - Ken Laird has some hot takes 7-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, July 17th

K&C and Trenni break down who the Red Sox should go after before the trade deadlines. Ken Laird believes that Xander Bogartes should be traded.


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So radio tell you we. Real quick if nobody has room a thinks would be it should be good idea for the reception tree for temporary. No but I could be in be good for us why don't I don't understand that any any play first thing instantly third Z now I can't imagine. We're gonna put first the news what platoon with it's well Moreland. It's again I think Iran this disease is now he's based agent Smith back for his Dombrowski once new tablet craze and Adam. Why did you take on that salary to be the worst mover is Oprah guess that your bio is. He'll for its final night at a straps like a hundred to 250 points and was dropped twenty points from the year before he olden days ago was that big and that can husky. Generally he was done by 3536. Final how worked in the old days. In the age of David Ortiz you think maybe he'll have some power left the late thirties. But he looks like one of those guys who could his best that's right significant fast and pasts. He's not great champion has given this context not bad the only is what six years like a 199. After struggling that's bugged so I just. And it and let credits are getting their policy animal you just mean and I get any deadline and a knack there's no way John Henry but let that happen. I don't know generally lets these things it's an actress and the violence is a no no change this is just a rod thrown against the will. Make a lot of attention right over the weekend and hide his disdain they think is coming from it's stupid you just making up. Yes things just make an. I mean maybe he looked at their lack of power in the fact that they Creighton you now they were shut out for 22 consecutive innings and maybe. I have no idea yes I've never even heard his name mentioned as a possible trade. 184 million left in the next six years in baseball can Laird who's 34 can make the case of the straighter. Economic geez why. It's Cabrera Ali do you view gets too hard on for these prospects you want them to move even more prospect beat the holy dump a farm system why would you have to give up a lot yes and well and added that money on human right to get something. You would trade for Miguel Cabrera and Cabrera is going to be in the World Series for years you out of your mind they're all matters assailed Q2 or three year window okay now with the means we need if he signed Cabrera that 108 million dollars means you can't time and keep bets are Bogart's. PS it's a well home runs this year winter we need to win two World Series what does that title to an outstanding credit that is who dread that the next six years. Betts were number. Six years that are Bogart's a number. Embraer over the next six years you'd rather have pencil and Cabrera then Bogart is five years of living is not going to have Bogart's on Tuesday that all of these numbers have dropped at least 5200. Percentage points in the last in the last year slugging is down a major by the way PP earned his office if he's earned his options he signed through 20/20. Five. Is he asking you here that's enough for us. He would be 42 and 400 pounds and last year that commitment Cabrera. The 2002012. See you play you think I was like that with the composite and the law that was not. That like that that's what a lot of people elect Senegal and they just dumped him two days ago can you sound like it's just and the money's so unlimited right I mean it ends at some point if you. Sigh Cabrera you bring Cabrera and payments money that means somebody goes. I guess they did the budget is not unlimited. Yeah it was this offseason and electric. There's already shadow its not easy in general Casey lose somebody you want Miguel Cabrera. If Cabrera free agent in the this year which you sign into the duly of course on them so that the what do you try to. Because he's major upgrade of what you have and everywhere but we'll watch that is where its efforts I concede your point is if he'd be even closer is numbers last year but he is numbers have taken a precipitous drop as one I have year. McCain's 34. He's paid fifteen years and only poultry sport and you think it could play third. Actually deplete their ticket especially are potentially at eight years left and talk of pulling third promote I saw you. Innings and that's the first place. At least Paris are Burress 34. Seam he's listed at 24 he's probably would too says the recent. What he'd picture looking like at 38. Enhancements with the drug technologies for you really think you know what he's not that kind of guy and he's gonna get fat and slower and mis Sion I didn't like a drinking problem all of and they always told of dad's attitude DUI a couple years ago that you know I don't want this guy. Nobody is not real Todd Frazier. It's frigid is that it's not Frazier down and it grabbed him miles our hotel and I such devers went live Todd Fraser cautioned nothing that Buick is a baker has some live he's a real or good. I'm all I'm always for Russian elites aren't always right cannot. Now why not why he's five at bats between the outline says who what where does that standard what are you just can't how many. Many assets did at that Price Chopper in the minors. Just. I would rather have them trade for Frazier knocking about my age I had a rental plan and bring up devers and actually provide devers now he went for four yesterday sat there as tired DL I'm not so hot I would also date decent when he was in the minors and they brought a company absolutely no rights offer up 486 Marley that's enough I've carried out some of the videos are that are the most. He's never. Now let's talk phrases numbers issues. She's heading to a who said Saturday numbers are. Oh send tornado BP's own blogs on 05 stinks. He's till technology get it went on USA today Russia itself off. The home run succeeding at that would be the second on this team but he stinks to assess the sticks out to give ending up form my brain thinks that I credit devers. But. Because of grieves me to but I think if if you're if you're looking for that Stevie that's either stand for I was the veteran who occasionally will hit one. On plans announced that he well could you trade for non if there was if you absolutely terrible you could supply devers right. And you yes achy just jazz and in a rat combined bring him to only 300 at bats for Denver's what do you think you're okay Frazier two more weeks. I'm not I don't cross the next twelve million have to pay half of that or maybe so I didn't have pilots I mean six million bucks that's. Child changed chemical agent 200 million that a source of thirty you'll this last year this any and all he's got twelve this year how your prospect goes off body of work from Miguel Cabrera. I have these great you but you'll also great to was like you know she goes on Jackson valor brilliant aura is catastrophic. And we love Prince Fielder wanna bring him back. We don't from the perspective of Indonesia money yeah I'm honestly if you're running the Red Sox Jamaica's trade no. I think the Brodsky is open Paris it would who's winning MVP he's wasn't in good shape W Austin do you think he's going to be in good shape 34 years from now no chance. Except that he could potentially be through 20/20 five yes if you think he's a candidate who can either of you probably won't guarantee that you'll be forty TV nurse who. You're right now to top ten investment always tyrants not gonna get those options seems to be done to them when he's forty C a still with 400 pound 190 million guaranteed. I sing but there's no truth she to root right yeah else's decision. Yes I'll just a run and Ken lay and also known as the rock in the browse what are your Cabrera all time can hear in your view and chart. A position your best hitters were your mouth and deal at 34 fourth of one hour 3COM 617779. 793. Said he says and caicos sporting one team. We you can do everything. Thank you try ignore ought to stay for them to. What gets the Brenda Marshall C through. And says hunker. You've been fairly unintelligible so far. And I want somebody banned from the show I was little I had no idea who this I like unit from the Cali showed we know it's a male so it's not mean. Correct that's true yes only check on the coach as he should know which you've just last segment you've seen hundreds of your life we campaign you because we need diversity and we're losing the guy who likes that X man that's true that hurts two point. From the likes to go poop in two of them sentiment that was there and diversity. To mossy whose. Who think these part sloth mossy also it's the Cooper to his pants and 400 to Orlando and everything went removes everything. We have mutt. Venus a little ape man right he gets the pool B second half. For outlook and there it's as he gets about. These pro is of the Jewish faith he is of the Jewish persuade us that we lots of diversity on the couch easy you part of the country. It's gonna have to be banning everyone else and let's just first of us are part of a cash account totaling 6 central figure. It's just another example of what I like least this loyalty ups at this and we have to get back to a Brandon Marshall just as we have a comparison. The big big stars in New York Craig carton in your Boomer Esiason my good friend. How they handled Brandon vs how we handle Brandon Marshall.