K&C - Headlines with Kirk 7-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, July 17th

Kirk gives today's headlines: Caitlyn Jenner and Kid Rock are both thinking of running for Senate, what is going on with the world? Ben Affleck was seen looking fat and sweaty with his new girlfriend.


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Had my eyes. It's time for our class from a show that values conversation not confrontation. Hurt Locker what you do really good job of putting words in my mouth like putting no more Jimoh did you not saying anything on my answer grow. Oh I hear there's man we make headlines smarter I think prepared due to hear your opinion because they're so valuable and I know I've had vetted she knew without Davis trust me that's like dead at every three. Earlier this feature stick no watch and Jerry Springer mark there and we always politely go our separate ways. So you court drama happen anymore Phillips political work hard which warns that an amount of the chores I put your mouth. I just told you know you did you know you didn't. It's not a big guy didn't I see this isn't going anywhere today I felt I didn't actually might find thanks Mike they say about it Kirk king Callahan. It's headlines. You we've been accused in which it accused in the past. Rea on don't you guys about. Who is is if you want to chase them away. No I did it is black that's why these white guy in this assassinated it was always like this is noticed. Uncle Marty Blackman and member last time the giants Hadley I like that you have women judge brown was extra black. I'd hold franchise. Dumped them. Apologized and never gonna do it again. Next I'm pretty agency comes along they sign a guy who has a much longer rap sheet that just won't get to that second we will move get federal laws we have a lot to get to that Brandon Marshall and matter fact we have somebody call and it was ripping us on Twitter correct about this at some point litter on the matter plucked out of and you headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard B haired doctor Wes Welker 100 days hair carries them you today about him to stanza. Why don't confuse you know we agree or. Whose best. Ships with a break in the end I just asked him what we thought of that. That's just got. A Mac and rip on him. And gone through our area. On the rip on them pretty I ask you but you say yes if yes. What. I'm what's. Your problem is here yes I you are trying to out Ken's big seek out. But he didn't know what you eat your shortcoming on Monday's motion okay. Appeared well on all this you know I don't wanna be here next we gonna. Do anymore Monday got Bradford Mondays who worked so well last week we do it again a good. Good idea yeah greats by issued a fundamentalist apostle oxygen packs little son willful willful and of course it's. It was if one and was there it's and other privately is that girls. I headlines it's about human doctor Robin Hood but you won't start start with came Jennings or an act like you're very this but half. That you publish I don't care about this. Okay you know you don't care about the segment. I love doctor Robert Leonard can do better at my secretary manipulate headlines this now. Obviously I try to look at the things that interest you is the king giving them washes on balls no such thing. There's. At the queen of England what Obama has ability he's picking prints I actually if he's the prince McCain and okay. Is there really was going to be right. Where's Harry and and if so Elizabeth dies and does well now when Elizabeth I he's not William hair is just not as Chad's got the job. After an extra but when he donors. And it goes to him because he's an analyst Charles parents were not really do all that way that they were the first cut and put the first cousin and they gave him a lot of drugs. You know what's the crown on Netflix you know he's. Have you with words especially pretty good I watched the first half of the first and wrong to him for the coach I don't there's oil payments. I loved it I loved every likely you like when. Become known him cute and stuff and nobody cares about it. Now I don't like that's a project at the crown is it's a fictional shouting for the Buffalo Bills out of based it's based world's biggest welfare frauds on the royal family Jews who live here or there and the biggest welfare them in the world are you gonna vote if I get the opportunity you vote for you lieutenant Sharon percent yesterday I would want to spends huge cal and and again she searcher looking for rugs are Republicans whose notion that the there's. Never ever going to be Republican senator again if it was probably governors will not anymore. That is changed the demographics have changed you'll never be another Republican governor or senator. In this scale we have we have a team we do in its New York Tokyo exploit. That he wanted to run for the United States and the mouth once. Stronger here than rumors and I had to go away. And we're back. I have considered. Like the political side of it. If there's one thing I've worked very closely with the group of American unity on. That their sole purpose. Their mission statement is to get the Republican Party to do a better job when it comes all LG BT issues. That's kind of my issue obviously I'm more on the tees portion of the LG BT. And I want people to understand that. But the political side of Oz always been very intriguing to me. Over the next six months or so. I got to find out where I can do a better job. So what trump has done you said that the break the Kid Rock to rock. I love Kid Rock. And I certainly would vote for him over like who is warm but he's not it's purely being what do you love about camp rock I like his score in this politically or maybe it would you grit your stories didn't come from like a really good wealthy family. Again I don't think you'd like I pulled himself I removed his price for that I like is collecting music like this is that people 4%. If these are Republican yes of course when these pull more. Well tell me who's running against had no primary and probably wouldn't vote no idea that suddenly the general election of course. Imagine when he gets no sane person vote for a Democrat you think the primary the role you think the primary the other trust upon you be a better choice which will be crucial for work all the time that's what went if you send you have to go to work if worse too much history. Work we have two of the office of the a lot of obligation that these senators work you're probably has a hundred million dollars in the top at least right it's shrunk every night and you know has a good time promotions. Some witnesses these stunts serious story neither is the case and generous use. She can't do we look at what a look at what your guys to eighty million it's just turned into a worth eighty million reef or Oliver celebrities well how many senators have been have been worth millions of dollars fund to attend the ones were the most is John Kerry price and his merry. Those three wives first husband's trust fund correct he's the greatest goals that you grew as a man named tidbit that those guys run for a for ego. Right as you do have to go to work you do afterwards who knew of the show open meetings. Like it rocks again John McCain needs the money at this point no god no please cite his wife is rich it's funny so these guys keep doing. An open again you picture Kid Rock artists who tangled meetings knowledge of it would never have a depiction Caitlin Jana Pittman makes risks and don't we ever pictured Donald Trump as president of the united snow mix works the guy it was a worker you know rights a's worked. So I mean I. It's unbelievable heart and office Ferrari. Like handicapped out like they hit some awful golf on the weekends I think he neglects his family's cables like Obama did because when they're off they call. That means you don't care what your kids the employee dues working gulf. You know good fun. That's probably have a degree that. It was a good father I think we may disagree spent half like he seems that he spent a lot of time as kids I don't think he calls does not a he does really taken at 5050 equal split custody heart is that what it is now at night is what is what is going I've. I know that I had no idea of what he's really like he'll look if I was loading I was. Friends. I'd be saying we're at the Chris Curtis like above you know fourteen months ago stage here on that occurs at the New York Post this yes OK now. Your post has a picture and yes girlfriend just shook us yeah. Who is okay looking but you must pay a ball of fire she's Hugh has wrecked marriages and she's wrecked his and now he's out on the town with her results witty Alter they had an affair and funny thirteen monitor both both. Oh I'm not saying you know she was. Responsible I'm not blaming him solely. Couple married people got together it's like Joseph Scarborough Mika. And now there are on the town pizza. And pretend you're coughing and I think he's drinking coffee and I cheese you let's drunk fatten its. Sweaty it's why Eddie and that's how does a big star it's bizarre to watch CS house elections bigger disaster and you are next. People from New Hampshire after. What's wrong remedies and factories. Producers not supposed to be. Clean and sober is about I'd say he sort of has signaled an image elected to projecting maybe not but I'm not all the great ones kind of troubled them knoller was great comedians are a little child actors not as mine was Clint like. Now Clint is an exception every rule a subsidy switch but he's the greatest movie star vault he's he wasn't like that. Was he his wife's how many wives and what's over forty kids and he's never speak kids all the players this kid's like twelve. And I don't think he's a good father either you don't do you see this on I think and one who is the basketball player that's currently fourteen kids. Which shows who's on campus on cash on cap yeah that's a disease which new movies on that train attack comparison he's happy meals cattle guys the same guys. The actual like yourselves if it. It seems like them I don't be an hour and a half one of the excellence in moving immigrant RD through will be great and Turks are degree Osgood is Dunkirk occurred I heard the last movie you've never seen this advocates who have never seen it. And as you point out it's when our fifth hour and 48 I looked epic war movies that don't go too long that's this is going to be good. I'm sure they'll like that movie Shockey at seven hours when technical this week. Yes I believe that warning which fright when it first you consider Boston on Thursday 6 o'clock from a pewter. Friday's white women of color wide release to get us tickets for the want to see all of you guys who are now. Sure I'm trying to wait a wait let's closer to me or I'm I'm I'm done with traffic moves in my mind traffic ticket tape around to the team in Belgrade. It's thrown out was that he's got out of it but it frustrated about that one drive in the bullet as a wanted to drive MG AM what time you cannot tell you. Did you drive back from Maine yesterday. The groove back last night and I had to the Google Maps waited all. All afternoon into the evening nice to finally gave up just said what are the ways. The difference with tangible ways gives you alternate route there are now have to trust me I've been doing this for years with help relieve bouncing into believing that like. Well I talked to nine now. 73 and there's traffic and yes non Jews can't win your daughter until a better off stay overnight lever. I can't leave at 3 in the morning because that I've known as sleep she he's the I just couldn't feel at 30 I don't care if it doesn't matter how many alarms us to be laying there to thirty go on like to get up. Let's shut up. You had islands over there we want to get up in the morning swim team so sensible time the your secretaries and doesn't wanna say he was driving home and Red Sox and indeed what I can just explain to you I listened to Joseph and Tim the whole time I was that. Excellent today pointed out to Gary Sanchez leads the league trips to the mound and I was wondering. I thought Chris cursing give me an answer if this is actually yours is somewhat actually. Record this I can't buy this regard and so they were just guessing that the league's I'm gonna guess Christian Vasquez doesn't even more while I would never say that would. Delta's fired back in culture for bizarre tweets on this hole either they temper tantrum. But over measly thirty bucks that's killed each and thanks so much Mike why don't just my first class ticket she bought an extra leg room ticket. Explicit I can see her being upset about you should never tell you. Doubt that does suck on Delta's part when I did not like develop Coulter dig you don't take a picture of the four woman who we've given a seat that's not her that's awesome to. President Clinton and it's true isn't a move. And then called the moves she's objects she is so you. Next time you the problem when an airline which just keep tees I don't I I have Zell I have zero problem at their lying I don't know column airlines idealized treat. People are redshirt I don't browser monsters on the left that treats customs look she's checked over the line when I don't how than a regular person who's listening to your in the world that nothing wrong gathered to that level and lightning rod white lighting. As a prisoner violence can we would like I did so well mentally I know their tails and all our rental places and you know treat people restaurant treat people once out of a country to another a couple of how often how often as the basic person Americans care about anyway about the price who is Google search on arrests. It's all for airlines just prices hotels are good you can look at it compare them right restaurants you cinema going time or you don't know. Most people I bet you surgical in the way toot -- Iceland right yet. But I'd say most people in the book a trip to an airline right he only kept the share price just to check again so so in the cold just right the most elegant but people still book delta 'cause it'll be five goals cheaper. I called that she I don't like I I go with allowing airlines and Iceland air that you didn't you would put the best part price of that. Well sales with a direct flight that that's all I don't think your choice of ice was really good result we don't hear and I was ever Atlanta or something you are really looking or directly it's throughout usually care wouldn't make it to the best that's the problem now like they also have real contempt for their customs and an attempt to life and wolf some airlines don't. Some don't. But it jetBlue those I don't knives and other experts and narrative experience and to you TV has always worked themselves frustrate the they'd be apologizing crazy and then they always they always critical right yeah. Whatever airline we took to the Super Bowl was that was at the Jeanne and I asked you nicely united Wright wasn't yeah. The spurs and worse than him and what's happening this year it was a light at the golf. It was just this total putts and help don't can't edit edit your contacts always get lax extra weight around these would have figured out that they. Teach their people that the customers don't matter obviously that you don't have to respect and you don't have to be nice. If they give you one bit of grief just don't screw it they'll have no choice to have to fly us because you know where that store with a guy that's a matter anymore. So now does it all united because if it's the fastest cheap they don't want Expedia whenever it comes to go to a U gonna go to the penis museum and go to Iceland I forgot about it. They yeah well that just look at gun windows like I did you can look in the windows you don't have to educate it's like fifteen dolls no I actually had an affair my prayers with Sharon on what I congress means you choose. I give it seemed like whale penis now and have never olympians her autograph they are all in there I loved it. And it's only a one human audience and there and that's the founder is still alive. I think so this is it's a lot of fun weird thing to do I believe I actually actually have to suggest that the guy that's supposed to be what Iceland's excellent Wi man and you know kind of wacky we are seeing a bubble bubble thing they are headlines brought you by doctor Robin Hood the airline sector 1800 days here we'll be right.