K&C - Gerry wants to rename Yawkey Way; Pirated Pete returns 8-22-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, August 22nd

Hour 3: Gerry has reconsiderd his position on renaming Yawkey Way.


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Keeps Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt committee ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. I personally really without knowing don't go without knowing the facts I think field doesn't end here. Usually have to go. Here's the difference of a couple things her first it was hurt charge was hurt not here while first Paul Kirk you're right you don't have knowledge under calls that's the one part you got right. Number two we never said he was absolutely telling the truth. What we said what we don't believe. We don't have reason to believe that he's lying there. As opposed to people I. He's why I don't know he has enough I don't have reason to believe he has and I for the life of me can't come up with a reason why he would. I that was still calling on Friday. Firing back at the discussion on this show Friday morning about you off the way I'm a factored. Ellen and Adam Jones and believe that part was by Jones for the discussions started dale and dale you are disingenuous on by the way dale with with the minimum podcast excellent that's it. Different side of dale. Can't we ought to yardages you got those good nights on my hand and he he brings that mentos are other lips may they are being disingenuous he knows. Why Adam Jones the Adam Jones had a problem with a fan a fan was a jerk. Most heckler large trucks and the game and was using profane language and he and Adam Jones in recounting it just took it to another level. And by the way he gets standing ovation the next day everyone believed and everyone applauded him he'd be he was the hero the other that was the villain. It's pretty obvious why did and it's pretty obvious to me he did I didn't use were line Kirk does. I say he exaggerated. With the guy was saying I was saying you're an happened whenever. Which is that mean heckled searchers. And holes to begin with. You're a grown man standing up in the crowd and we hate your seat and a player you also have an a hole or whatever you columnists come back whenever you call them. Mean your life and it's and and judges figured a ticket to a low levels say he's the inward and watch everyone just fall into place and they did. But that's not what that discussions about about jockey. And I initially was reluctant because I don't like to be on the side of the mob and uncomfortable being in the mob with with training and only empty of people. Those are my people. I was like I was like human like screw it leave the sign up again and Motley a sign up you probably don't have diabetes I know this I donate a lot of money and tell your kids when he gold aired I was right I was exposed to finish in the Yugo and he might be the greatest philanthropist in Boston history I think. And Tomas he talked about this Robert Byrd on the mixed legacy. He's OK with Klansmen as long as they gonna say that they've had some bad things before they die anyway. Hockey is the definition of a mixed legacy there was no concrete proof that he was in on this. Clearly racist. The red nick or five over the weekend there's his biographer said he could find no evidence that he was racist hoosiers institutional organization. Didn't you know assign a black eye to 1959. That's that the organization didn't centric heroes didn't send Willie Mays that's that bit. There's no proof that it went to the top went to the owner it's a bad legacy I think the worst thing he ever did was hire Mike Higgins as GM that if you arrive back cash. Then it's on new leader you're getting when you hire outside in mixed feelings but then holy brought up Friday. I don't know why didn't think of it Friday morning miss Italy. But he mentioned the dawn Fitzpatrick. Stain on this organization and I was there not poured in the beginning the hockey here but I was there went on Fitzpatrick. I knew him I didn't know that well obviously. Another dioxide but. Dawn Fitzpatrick if you are paying attention was Jerry sandusky. Tom yawkey was Joseph Paterno I'm convinced of that now have to re reading everything listen to the discussion over the weekend re reading Alex Roemer regarding greats an excellent piece kind of recapping it. On Fitzpatrick was Jerry sandusky. Joseph. Tom jockey Joseph Paterno. Tom yawkey had to know it was the sky I was a prolific child molester. Although he didn't have any interest in any of the white kids he only molest the black kids definitely have to ignore all right there he was a monster. And yucky had denial. I'm Jeff passed and expansive story about the is that through sources telling him that yawkey protected Fitzpatrick. When it's called tendencies you gravitate towards young boys. Became apparent Red Sox reportedly instructing young boys especially African Americans to stay away from its Patrick Pass annals reported one players sought. It's Patrick sodomizing young boy in eighteen shower told the team. But that Patrick kept his job and Alex streamer equates that to Mike McQueary catching sandusky. And sandusky keeping his job I do not think it is at all. On Saturday I know the details until I ever that re read pass and Serena again Alex regret a story right now. On WEEI dot com he posted yesterday I believe it is a mile street and I was indeed do not as of Friday morning with you guys I I thought you wanna change it. Then you guys mock me for saying this take it to a vote of Boston I can deal credit the elbow did is on social media he tweeted out on Friday. Deep into the city of Boston changed name to yawkey way. 59% said now. And I was at that no group in terms of OK he was a racist guy you explain that to your kids to go to yawkey way. And you keep the name because of what he did for the city. But the same way I felt about bill common hall of fame. I got to be consistent here this crosses a weird lie no it sounds crazy to say this is different than racism the ball very bad. This is is a horrible stain. On the Red Sox organization I act and not Nick Nolte worse than racism. But this crosses into an area now we're the Red Sox won without a vote wanna get the actual family in the butter is on that street. The other wanna make the move after re reading some of the stuff. Called flip flopping but I feel different giant I don't know how does that. I was I'm running to enter GG only reason that this didn't. Garner as much attention is because it is brought to light 1991. And I say now after the age of before social media mean yes. I mean listen pipe and baseball. Since some you know covering baseball since 1990 nine's only eight years after this happened I'd never heard this story. I always heard talk and people you know discuss. The jockeys and their racism in their failure to integrate and their failure to just like you sick institutionalized racism whether or not was overt that may be up for questioning I unanimous knew the jockeys. A bomber at least not Tom jockey bet. How did this state so quiet for so long and why couldn't it why is it never banging. Something that is a meat every time now that you talk about Penn State every time he talked about Joseph Paterno. What did you go back to you go back to the way that he covered up for Jerry sandusky care how much money Joseph Paterno and see you gave too big and state university I don't care about all the good things they did. They covered up for a child rapists and Raleigh got. Ironic that there was a statue. Now on this hero bring pared down statues it's now in. Storage covered up somewhere down there in this lots of people wanna bring out of stores bring it back to timing. Scott yeah I have a it's a good question why this isn't mentioned in every. Every story about yucky or about the Red Sox and. Even Pataki and wait for Catholic forty years at a Catholic Church just discussed in this town right you know and everything that widget chippy it was and that's that is such her sister are narrowing. And you can't mention Bernie law Bernie the pimp without mentioning the scandal that he. Covered up. But the thick of this you'd John Henry you by the team 2002. Correct. One of the first orders of business is taking over the life except in liability. He came with the club. And one liabilities is more than three million dollars to the kids were now men the men. Who were molested semis and in this monster. So you have to kind of came for a yes or at least twenty alleged victims Alex's story you and by the way he was clubhouse attendant for how many years how many decades 1971. No I think he imported them anyone something it's thirty years or if you will who. Yawkey was that 44 years that's amazing on the team for 44 years. But one of Henry's first things is trying to check for three million bucks to the victims. And it if you read pass this story read any of the stories about this it is chilling it is very reminiscent of of us and ask because he preyed on kids vulnerable kids that is that we're and that Sony organizers have from Winter Haven area who. No plot broken homes poor kids and thinking that the police or to the lore was you get to meet players you could be in the club house. And every once in a while he'd be in that back room and had locked the door in this thing was to. Perform on them. Tennis monster thing was to perform on them and then you know him a couple of blocks. I knew him Ternium Tony he was the nicest guy. The Red Sox whole organization was not very nice nose is the venue Orlando's home almost he was mean in a whole mentality of lots of them organizational thing was to be as adversarial as possible with the media as a young guy go on the clubhouse and it was tough there was. Just one Jim Rice as before that it was never very welcoming welcoming. He was the opposite and I am. You know someone on one meeting. But he was very friendly very well when you are adults when I was not at all than some of his victims were adults. I believe annulment but some of them were in a young adult. Any Coke whatever he he was very friendly. And very helpful and I literally couldn't I called when it all broke and I was like stunned. He didn't pick up left and left a message I needed to confront them myself is this true you can monster had me fooled. But never actually got to hold them and then I went away and egg them in the and and and died a deadly force serving an eighteenth there prison time. Pull the Paterno died before we could stirring them up. Then you read this and they're very believable it's it broke when one of the guys went behind the dug out in yeah some anti whining picks up. Hi I was molested by a dog that. I love that day that was he usually anti justice right on TV from the crowd. And it's certainly not believable to solve the story right thing and every stories this. 120 alleged victims right now and everyone has the sort of same story a lord by the Red Sox brought in and let me now do this to you. And a lot of them as you said or young black men who part of this. Yeah yawkey foundation home they had for these kids and he preyed on and the same way sand dusty. Preyed on a young kids who saw Penn State football as anything in Pennsylvania Gannett parent well all the other dads and hopefully thanks to Roemer and to pass and then took us do you think of where remind everybody and then you gonna tell me you want on this man. Who was covering up for this march is that shocking now that he didn't do this sooner. But it is it's still fair to question the timing of why this came out now verses not eight years ago given what John Henry had to do it cherry point had to write this check. He wanna fight Menino on this they wanna fight the city DD know that we pushed back because of the charity stuff because it's. If it's you forget to think about it John Henry didn't it John Henry didn't bring to light these stories it was Jeff Kasten and then Alex dreamers so what he wrote the check like Jerry saying why he thought the team and O two and bank your three point 15 billion dollars when this. Winter Haven 7 this morning the last thing you get off easy I mean not gases that Brett sparks of points. At least seven victims a three point 15. Million event that that's a drop in the bucket etc. you don't like the reason I'm sure he'd wanna fight is because he knew the minute that he started to fight is what happens right you start digging into the past. Of the Yankees these are digging into the past and why you would want to renamed people and unheard of all though right they had to re probably just by the team ya bad publicity is on the team even that's the jockeys. It still is the brand to right thing to think of the way the Penn State brand has suffered. I I think and right pins I think as pandering and users into the wind. I'm John Henry. The first thing nothing I can at times the first day I take over this club like climb that hole myself in tune that's time they're right if I'm John Henry I hate. Tom yucky I hate the whole legacy. I'd say east you know in the Angelos already given the permission I go out there right now would whatever latter and hammer and take that sign down. I agree with balls and even I don't know why the only thing I can think of and I'm sure it never commented as the only thing I can think of is I'm gonna quietly make this go away and I are not going to have this hanging over a team that is starting to be real restarting start to rebuild listens relevance. And you don't wanna do you want to add goodwill to be covered up and in Allen a black cloud over Haywood to this new ownership group. In my John if John Henry Madonna's right away and trot out this story he would have looked like I damn hero. Yes it's what I mean like sixty so dale buses pull on Friday. Before they really talk about 60% of people say don't change jockey weight they do it again today you read the pass and story Gregory her story. It's going to be 8090% of people say absolutely it's me exact opposite because the gesture of what this guy does it affect the way you feel about the yawkey. Buildings at Mass. General and then a five and add my name is me the creeps now I have. And but does that kind of show museum you can docking name is children is that children so the children isn't easy isn't easy actually began in December another. And they've been 500 million or up with upwards of 400 million to two various charities in the continue to do and they're not happy. The yucky foundation John American happy we have to stay in the other day. They don't want the street name taken down. I'm sorry it the more you read more here and I know you can't prove it but you can't necessarily I. Who Paterno was a lot of speculation and just connecting the dots. You'd have to be a more on that bench and Joseph Paterno was not to not know or sandusky was up to cannot. Understand what kind of predator he was players sought yup he was very. I can't stop Clinton Natalie that when you are the players went for a time goes up in 1991. And the needy they pay a 100000 dollar settlement to Fitzpatrick and he leaves the club four days later. And there's no speculation. There is no way to second this about it. Some crazy person. Who didn't like Don Fitzpatrick gone and I'm held at that sign if they didn't think it was true they thought slander thicker stood behind him at that time midday in new. They knew this was finally. Low slices Tebow put the defense made the people close said that in the Miami news is still does it became public they polled. All right let's fix and call 6177797937. Let's talk to Brian down the caper it. Yeah. It was on on that one talk about John Henry and and just you know and being. Just so disingenuous about this whole situation. And in borderline fraudulent when you consider the fact that. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't com doc he has his initials in Morse code on the remark sir. Is it is then why aren't you are and what ought. You practically hear a remote because it's not likely looking at the name when you say who cares so you'll feel better to take the dots off the board no one even knows the street side. But what what would not be the right thing to do to remove that yes. That just repaired just told you don't really care like an artist but. Average Arab rises I mean it again you're right and evidence I didn't mean it's like he's accurate he's not at remove them Morse code if he has that remove this in the streets. Well he can't remove the streets time without the neighbor mark look a we know they're gonna he owns the stadium correct he could take those done off the wall tomorrow yes. And he showed. I mean and do we holt chief yucky. I mean let's face it Paterno is sea hag of a widow she walks free she still uses the of the GM at the college for nothing she still has or five million dollar oceanfront mansion. She she has enjoyed the benefits of being missed paternal love paying any price she. Haven't seen hockey culpable at all is very Dottie sandusky compares him right did did did did she know am I gonna add I'm gonna tell you don't Fitzpatrick was not married. I will say this in dot innate you know missed a saint Toski. Timmy you you probably have an idea of what's going on she's upstairs in the kitchen table like yeah right well I guess while boys are coming in. That's to me is different than a super turn out who. If Joseph always keeping this is it and we understand he was keeping it secret keeping close that he may never come home and told him about it because that he they've been so torn about it is. Just a human being Manny made out of wanted his wife to know what he knew in the fact that he's not Jean yawkey also on the team for a couple years with hard to believe thinking about it now now that she dished out as part of ownership this wasn't like whispered out hey. He's as you still there when shield the team I believe who he was only 91 when he. Because things are arguing that hits and in DC was there to 76. So what who is out who owned it 91 not the way after he was still the clubhouse of general Eric pointed to buy American in congress. American now runs the yawkey foundation. Which does great work community can't tonight it's obviously go anywhere I mean how high places in the city gate don't you see that name. I don't know I'll tell me uneasy jockey on the team until February of 1990 to a case she Zelda and yawkey bad job oddity she was gonna pay this out. She got out plus you paid them 100000 dollars settlement and I had got Isaac when he fell over a win win win in 1991 when that their fans showed up that sign Jerry and it paid dockets Patrick to go away a 100000 dollars slower than Jean yawkey was the F the panel but yeah. I think it's a great question but if you're saying is is she culpable in this she only team that paid down that's Patrick to go way. It was a polo team and that I mean you think about it was because it was the yawkey. Family that owned the home for disadvantaged boys and South Carolina. That's it's kind of like second mile an awesome thing in the state college. 61777979837. The fun of my guess is once the story came down it was three hashed in 192017. People probably feel differently than we did. Even on Friday about the hockey game at some point we'll talk about the current team as well because the manager. Continues to La give Red Sox fans a reason he is even with the team in first place Kirk and Callahan. And ball sports. At pitches little fastball and Barnes wants to win door and was nobody out. The Indians have the time of war. As a new mom go and trying to stay away from. And working as well I've been in this situation before us or whoever has to it's it's it's it's that pink elephant in the room that that becomes apparent. We're here on the road and you know I know has been trying his best. Tried his best last night Matt Barnes is 54 ERA on the road pitching in the eighth inning of the game where. Brennan worked was not available but he pitch anyway Craig Kimbrel is not available and what do picture it sounds like with you John Carroll's post game. In the tenth inning or had been a save situation map on foreign to one run game on the road and once again. It's gonna allow Lou Maloney here about an hour and twenty minutes to actually tee off on the manager and it's. We did this last week with a hydraulic and company in their first place I understand it but if you guys want to let the manager off the hook that you are whistling past the graveyard because he makes mistakes on a weekly basis it will cost. This team a playoff series you'll lose the Cleveland and best of five because he gets a spot like this when he got to work the bullpen. He can but he is not that do complicated it is a fine for him any news or kind of got you guys sound like this vast universe of you know it decisions that he must make its couple of simple things but it's little things that he thought why you sharing my PC flyers general accounting and all this stuff let's play this game. Why was Craig Kimbrel an 851 game on Sunday. 51 I'm sure the manager was asked with the he said he needed the work out and so we need the work in a five to one game Sunday so it's not going to be available last night. Against Cleveland. That was the plan you how many just some day I hope this pitch count here is it was on one she was released a 1239 inning like twelve caged and welcome no one unlucky player the money do you think Farrell claim the body is the players should be available in the players and amount of oil he wasn't that's the problem that Ferrell basic came back is that I was gonna try to stay away from him. But admitted that if they got to attend the hour later which is he now I said twelve soccer while I was it was obviously that and is that a senator Reid who writes fault pitches on. Oh I'm available I'm not sitting on Saturday disqualifies you on Sunday those guys month. I want for no definitely I really scored the bottom the gators were on Mubarak's it was 100001. Run game. The Campbell's getting ready to save it correct. And he doesn't have to go sit down as to four currently playing tomorrow you're playing Cleveland socket it's a little one update July unveils Campbell wanna go and again. Patsy to meet. Kimble is a beast you must feed the beast that's where you know we learned that years ago Lucerne neck he got to treat your closer. Like he's. A little I'm maintenance and you've got to do what's right to keep him right. Degree it's absolutely so whatever Campbell needs to stay sharp as he's been he do it. This Kimmel need to work on something and I. Say no session with Asia crucial Friday or games series coming does he want to work on Sunday. Why well because you maybe he's quite successful unless decent. Unless he told a barrel when you get me a warm be up you've got to put me in the there's no excuse for Kimball to pitch in brightness and point that's it. I'm not I'm not berths and a I thank B I I have heard a lot of our camera whenever that you may not be ascertained his wife heard he wants the saves he believes is next conduct so based on five to one is not a save situation so why would he care. If you pitched on sunny 85 to one game. My guess is he didn't I Johnson that you just put remained Zeev warming up they got the runs I allied. You use him in the bullpen not he's a mini game and they put him out there but to use the excuse. I want us there with those guys because they've pitched a lot recently Shari got the old the win and the save you pitchman a five to one game is that's on the manager for jumping avail. Massey space and thank god we sent Tomas in the Cleveland I'd never know what happens came within there this week this he says Carol. Ferrell was particularly concerned with the thirty pressure packed pitches Addison reed flew in Friday's. Win over the Yankees the. Zone but he could should Sunday Paul not twelve pitches that once an age where everything I leverage. Tell me through eight strikes of those wild pitches Celek. Some like little phones like the Kravitz but as Addison reed who is. Whole let me check that now Campbell's point nines in his prime is and great year. You wanna you as a twenty X 28. And he throws twelve time. Times on Sunday who threw him you know he's an available on Monday it does that make any sense to you. This is the manager making up things that goes works and that is his blind spot with. I'm yes that's what pushes the Lou my loans over adage well and as I'm sure Barnes is terrific I mean what it feels that he was right trying to talk with a couple more. He went for the baseball that's you're known as UConn it's likely support Matt Barnes all the time to how have you cheat off him in class I did in nutrition class. On he hears the call from Barnes last night is quote from John Ferro. On a night when not everyone's available Barnes is the one says that he most experienced in the eight inning and ball lefties and righty is trying his best. Experience yes but how about this so weak you mentioned EO Rick I can progress on the road to your really saying he's trying his is. Who's got noticed from anybody think Matt Barnes is she going to. They get some orange slices and a freeze on money is trying his best. And so when we get the tone down criticism. I knocked receptions one thing but she's not working as. Thing is if you lead walking leadoff guy thinking through what five. Order rope and our fit five and a half four out of five experts are powerball so it's it's difficult and. Sure as when he can't throw strikes on the road which he had not done all year you don't pictured in that spot so it be what that let's say let's give John Ferrell little bit of credit here. And say those guys weren't available couldn't pitch wanna work there from Workman added a pitching him and Campbell said he would pitcher. He's got a guy in Workman. With not given up Iran since the end of July or that same time period. Matt Barnes has given up seven runs he doesn't pitch well on the road. And you ended up pitching Brandon Workman anyways so what the hell did you gain by pitching Barnes overworked and you have got one for you already overall. Evers like I was a 54 ERA on the road. It seems pretty simple candy bar and she clearly so today when they're up 51 that if. I don't know when he takes on senator dance track and. The guys are more important court seek news and in and buy. Matt Barnes quite a bit okay because thinking was at Fenway Park where is he a reasonable ones so we would've been fine in that spot this is what I need Asus passionate Matt Barnes and that is that. Because he's been good all I get it and I guess it's an idea at all that you wrote him and he's not really attractive than what it is. Did not realize that. But this of these answers your read right now which were sort of mocking by John Ferrell. They'll be different tonight. By the way did Doug Fister going to has got to seventy I'll race so used if saving keg Craig Campbell freight Doug Fister night. I think our sense is going on let's go it alone we're. You he's your all steroids user asked relievers last nine and tight game when their eyes and say Errol lol know barely good sound that so that I bet on Tuesday's game aides might be a block according to it's not. Would you say bullpen has become more or less import in the post season more weight like I guess. Alms and more comfortable right. You guys trust that this manager to deal with a bullpen and pays off when I get to post these guys are Leona mutt and no I like the outrage that's good I think it's sort of some it's actually genuine. Communists. You hear them things about them owners not happy with yes you may I've heard from multiple people feel slot chassis with the way to the end of the David Price situation that has lingered. At its bid they've made that they've they've not hidden I think if you ask the right people you'll get. The answers that they are surprised and disappointed. In the way Ferrell John Farrell handle B David Price and it's a personal and stuffs it Irish offense this zone is cumulative I don't think it will fire John Ferrell if they makes it the ALCS and the World Series if they lose in the first round this will be easy play and I believe will be gone. And the owners will be. The won't shed a two year if that was in the first round to Cleveland and are gonna make the post season that's a lock at this point and sources tell us just what a con or Charles tons of true. I didn't have a sources are like report it I did not hear that and Ira and I heard that he still with just burns a true path offered us. And and I said are married and well maybe he's happy that's good he's had. We're like 95 and and fired. Yes I'm only 93 and 95 his last two years and it fired up and if as it wouldn't let it laughter Buck Showalter. When he did not Pete separate week in your wallet is he doing. How what are those moments and show off color and I don't much better reputation of being aid could manage. That's an understatement and as does Francona Google base in the post CS we are headed towards a in the playoffs started right now. While the playoff rotation block that you would likely the first round you will loosen the Indians we will see that was Andrew Miller knee injury. Let's say he's help you lose to them and and with that last flat iron giant now there is. Only me. Came and a half a game and a half that separates the Indians and the Red Sox start on the road in Cleveland. Watch for someone sent Red Sox nine and 54 in Scotland and in 71583. Era it's that is that the mayor has lost insider yet. All of good at a good spot even to this may be maybe even if he makes a good pitching and pitching change may be. At the most ill advised time out telling got a steal a base power. You know. Did Clinton is so good dishing out another it was a pretty good friend. Yeah do that. A couple of really stupid steel. I don't know all too low with Jackie Bradley junior ball around ball three try to steal as a nation in when ever Francona was attacked the aggressive. Dale it was a process would defend the bus and Francona could always explain what he did things even if they seem dumb Francona knows explain that. Was Karl's explanation the last Aysu which was always been he likes the aggressive based on and that's what he said all year when people questioned. How many outs the visited this out face it does not fit your calls and aggressive and shrugged his shoulders this is guys like that before we talked about like the velocity velocity of whoever was pitching for the Yankees at the time. And they thought that he couldn't deliver a ball quickly to hold it there are some. Convoluted I think there are cold and calculated risk. I feel like tens looking for an I want you to hear the exact SoundBite because if I if he hasn't. It's definitely except to Ferrell is right like well his. Velocity to the plate that trajectory of the ball goals and an angle in which we thought it was a calculated it was just likes talking in circles when they answer ship and we were overly aggressive in this time it did work. This is gonna happen for the next month or so the so gonna win the east and then in the post season we will ever normalcy this and the fans that are standard first place white bag and the manager. They will see it front center against the Indians it is a tragedy it is much it is Jerry Kirk out he's back tomorrow. The president has at a busy couple days including speaker of the nation last night and my guess when I am happy with Jessica oh number and you impeach him on inside this. Really took us inside me and being Catalan club trumps state we will find out why next. The. A lot of interest in story lines from the Buccaneers 128 win over the jaguars in week to a pre season football Roy Cummings is from the program from fabrics course covers the Buccaneers and we have a mom once again. The road motivator is defense looked real good last night and of course wounded in Newton to playing against Blake portals and Chad Henne. You are you amazed at. Ms. Burke. Maybe shock and that's early chagrined at how inept their offense looked may look better and Henne because I think the receivers were sock the ball was were supposed to be. But at times. How can how can jaguars possibly go through a season without starting quarterback alleged that 1134. I mean at that that he can't continue. Who else I think. Always thought mistakes now is that was talking moon is that the link these World Series freedom jaguars. Yeah the way I hastily grocers Kirk agree would realize until later tell the guys are seen yesterday's in this is choice great cases Dominican against Venezuela Venezuela kid it's to double some for the win that that the Dominican pitcher falls down on the mound. Face down on the ground crying. So the other team's manager starts pick them up putting along with a stop crime and the other team gathers around the house and and the Q can't stop crime. And it's like. I guess that's supposed to be entertaining for adults to watch a twelve year old kid. Whose life has probably grown in the property and life is not an end up losing on the streets now probably end up shoot he'll learn from this I'm just great to these beards trying to create learns what life was ruin the kid diving over the fence made a great catch I'm glad with a wall in center one because they connect it. It the food they win they approved the losing her own style of death and when they get. Happy meals is that we're Dina is ending up is he Venezuela now. Public so. They would she image Shepard could be third man in the wind out of town spends time in Florida spends time up I still think while I go back and he's well and it kind of corny but I think it's the 22 months in Dino show TDD. TT and T. Has come to the sat out now happening beat good good you think nominally I would listen. I would through and be good grade blocked a vote by the way I am I am never going to be the same I'm affected. For life trigger. Triggered to hold Lee triggered I just saw. A naked photo of one type and elder Tiger Woods. Let me tell you. A guy could swing a big stick. Not to click on the unaudited which. Let me just say non named John saying let me just say it long turf. We say no line Johnson who left the club head cover on. Analysts say it's always these. I'm circumcised headless horseman and we call uncertain status. A lot of penises. It is. Sentinel say the clean looks to me finally I don't longtime boyfriend is uncertain times. This time especially that is kind of used to it that that pulled it does not want it comes out to exit comes on to say hi island's mountainous area. No matter where I was there isn't a very and Erica king and other countries don't yeah argument is that ugly penises. Do that tomorrow. No it's. I don't know a look at how noisy is an ugly tiger is I was Zahara have. Tigers lefties Shaq O'Neal it looks. Just like appears only bigger. That's what it looks like I'm. It does narrow it not a lot of kids in gym class in seventh grade look like that on me just say. But the real scandal I have to say it's not me it's south of the tiger to be ashamed of but he's right the pitches and Lindsey Vonn. Pretty graphic. Now at the funny at them very well Billy good news. Louis gives them lots of parts and Lindsay on the I was not honest you you know want to decide I think she's very different obviously she's she's fearless. Great athlete. She tomorrow. She is anymore I can't let it now like you don't let him or maybe she did herself take pictures over and over private parts and I mean like right in May and that's why. Okay here's some good why would you want to like I understand the stuff that we do at those parts. I bet I'll feels good tournament I mean of a gynecologist did that say one that's one thing she's doing this for hicks like playing her. Innards. Play. Everybody needs. Giddy inner workings of it may be out. Lou. I don't get. I'll get around that like does something I don't know of tiger and all his lawyers telling them the chances of winning this lawsuit but I'm just gonna break it's tiger. It's too. It's to prove you're putting. In this gal now hope one all on Mike is likely miss he's looking that your girlfriend's. Which color line bears on back inside stage he would would be her prime minister of private parts is what you'd call now you're looking all of you why you wanna see again Jackie wanna know she's very attractive but. So used to seeing like supermodels in this position I got here on mulch is thick the it is that we should expect from the downhill skier. Well and then there's that's not attract health care system. Certainly have both. What do you think of tiger's. I don't do any private parts. Kind of overlooked it Kirsten Mayer get not only at least the online courtesy imagery when it is the year ago Lindsay that's not Lindsay in the bottom. Area. Live okay we're. I just went and as we're on this burst. Gimme tiger first. That's tiger. Is gonna the only film tripod at the oracle of course. Folks like. Now Allen is definitely enough behind. Analogue back here to set its human and this is over again. Yeah that's what Jerry is talking about. I understand that some people find that attractive. All okay so the first groupings and teaches us cage just you know she survived only bodies had agreed in founded body. Selig opened up the most. It probably means that this is the the closeup in general of that area. Does and I looked and I do it for Mayweather showed video whether it is not up this is probably your wife my wife text be right now. You've finally you probation already. Well finance and that closeup in general video still shot would have this result and by now aroused and nobody does not rousing morneau but I. When I when I occasionally go to those web sites Jerry how come they're everywhere like the the the there's been out there and I don't need all those what's the wisest please use a pity everybody at that it when they put the tag up. For these different videos and click on many of them are these zoomed in a female private area that does nothing. Form and maybe that's it for women for other men but. Pat that's Xoom is just more now it's too graphic but I've seen 300 penises. Have you ever seen one that that's has currently mean group a lot of Irish cast two tie tiger looks like he can. That's that's one of the drivers adding that some elements that like standard flight on. It taught. Policy on the issue and that posts on but man I mean it's not like me I'd send pictures that's standard and there was like a Wisconsin. Tall again this stuff. A lot of tall I really like to halt whenever I have had a lot I had many tall boyfriends and many. Tall things were actually average penis size. Have you had. One you've been when one like that sends. And she was not shy away from that there was not there was no I mean it's nice fine I mean I would be like it's ironic. For arm burning and you liquidated babies anyway I was president until you get is he would not afraid of you are running from a snow that's it is there is I ran I ran for the close of the the Lindsey Vonn. C. Joseph Google hopes so that I asked the question and I don't have to react and not maybe it's not appropriate for morning radio but. Do you really light a fully. Bared down there like to either to seems sort of childlike and expensive China is a little bit like like I don't like Republican analyst at yeah. Like just kept saying that says hey I'm not there everybody. I'll be honest that's huge but like are you exist in the likes their tunnels assurance that all I realize that and thank you you know nice and clean and captains stuff but you don't hurts. That gap hurts to get that done tiger's always all I heard that the closer in you go all the. Don't have a day off to get waxed. Only accurate happening is that how hard is it I am happy how are wondering what would be the monthly fees. Let's get back to that is the decision making on I just really Jen I mean as. And I stand like Kyle Draper won't comment it's your fault can make them talk much as Wiener. As I say de ice it yesterday and I am I too huge shall not be named I host a show it is not accurate and way Lou I. I wore like -- jumper yesterday elegant lines aimed it apparently earmarks are line can't whine and let me guess Monday was tempered then I'll remind dancing and and this person that is in a jumper our earnings and I actually had a robbery is a short when I said the man picking camel toe competitor really look like that I did. Exactly most. It's that means are we done and I gave filtered. Unfilled brigades as something in the segment that Fleischer was the we have to get back to lead in the first when I say instantly. Attacked others today. It was an attack viciously knowing it's not going anywhere yeah. Glad we got to lose them by half silence Afghanistan what has yet what do you guys start by agreeing on something that get into what happens that works for me that happens next. And for.