K&C - Gerry says the Red Sox-Yankees series sucked; Red Sox at the trade deadline 7-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, July 17th

Hour 2: After last night's game Gerry has come to the conclusion that the Red Sox-Yankees series is boring and the rivalry has lost its edge. Trenni, Kirk, and Gerry all talk about who the Red Sox should go after before the trade deadline and producer Ken Laird inserts some hot takes.


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Keeps Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Her Italian number one radio show events show the market correct call for a number one. The condemned. 43554. Adults 45 adults number one in the belts so feels good to be king people can tweet us and say you know. Through poachers who can be good they would you know. Note today twitch and those guys yesterday and it is now can cash flow in recent weeks under the law Janelle I know I don't have those people on they have to Osama chip Sullivan and get something he would bring and they are now the large Evan relic Joseph writes about the Red Sox in the Boston Herald he joins us on the team the expert hotline hello Evan the older guys now I would say Fred has more awards taking issue with a right left right left a line of what is your opinion on that enriches more won't say thank you a lot of long lines experts in the salesperson every on their person their times I have. Everybody who works for intercom to Beilein shake my hand. Kiss my hand and all the way to put if they hate him why do they blessed don't you go out of pocket. I want people crawling around. Number. For every night so I am breakfast hungry to write books. Pride at the and I feel like honestly I didn't say not let that goes understated that whole segment to be honest but in a casting couch Sherlund an that's still. One loft fun I was at 210 listening to you but I don't think I've gotten nearly enough credit because. Are you as we all know majors as we all know. Well known that you couldn't do this job without me you you wouldn't be here and say this I you would last I think this week paste them on price of a week without anymore. You'd be walking on people that you would be a mess. He just ground cherry is a calming and get caught so I was and I just think we can just say thank you wants to say thanks and now. My contradict all the things have deprived of the dividend on the Internet and how artist Aaron an annual Santa there. Are you gonna black man if I don't say I have a secret about kill. You can't think. I Sorgi originally everything that we can go with separate different directions I look. I shouldn't get a quick I want don't like to treat major stomach turn it's my stomach turn it's. That he was an all time list after I don't an old and only took him one do this you don't know I don't know. I don't I don't think it's. We really political route back to Roemer because here's what I wanna talk about what I'm constantly put taking the dump of the things we did poop reference to the yesterday. Can somebody that you poop everywhere I mean I was just responding to someone who said something dumb to me and. Didn't bother me and Richard is like talking with us ma me to said. I don't wanna disgruntled look on the bathrooms four. I just I was trying to think of what I would have treated that would have like I kind of forgot about it excited actually treated resigning stupid and so I treated and the student. It's like the united after I looked on you know the book bleep my aunt and then I engineering am calling. The that's silly and let us how important elements. And right now plus ten ways here he's president some new diet I didn't do tonight that would be about it when I would body against. He I don't talk more mechanical handling comes in he's always tells him on our diet or healthy lifestyle he's somebody we predicting a the other day care are endlessly teased liquid very successful and he said oh it's just the mix of this in this like what do you do and he's just everytime he comes in new. Plan. Is about ten isn't it makes sell gas he never really gains or lose weight it's weird he's always Lee looks almost exactly the same thing. He's always having like one or two knots but then he must be unhappy cause that's my allegiances are eaten really heats pretty well I guess front and he sits at net assured him look like that we had the picture of having it triple scoop ice cream it was Duke Lacrosse for an extra holiday spot. And I don't think he needs to be special partly factory outlet and there's a back Cleveland here's. He never say it proves interface look like they're closer. Confines ask this why are you doing this always play and the crowd. And frankly every text every caller is on your side and you lovely look that excited because I didn't look at Texas all. This is giving them an excuse them to get rid arraignment in their mind they don't care what he did it's wanna get rid of the piece of advice to the radio people out there. Number one in this book in this tech machine was never turned on once never get along and you don't need you don't mistrial but I put in my book the camp 33 method that's going to be one of the things I. And spurred a that it could be for farmers are to be for rich people can be for any method. The KM method and 33 installments is that gonna cost about 3000 dollars to be thirty pitching 33. 300 dollars yes. I mean a Sus Sunday Ernie did you. Jimmy's in the car hey Jimmy what's happened. Good morning on morning. I totally in favor of ending Roemer not only for a year virtual life. Don't realize is that you get rid of exactly what they want a college where you were talked you really want her to stop the rumor talk. Now I have eyes I disagree joining. No one likes to be talked about discussed the way that Roemer is being discussed amendment hand every. Five minutes a worm backs that weasel their as well settled on theirs well. Earth because. He emailed me only to keep trying to make a pitch for Roemer under the guise of feeling bad for my parents though that for me. Because my folks and just looking at to see some bad and now that's a snob about moon always just I'm back movers kid and he knows Katie is a lunatic that must. He Muppet well you know how is he easy to deploy the station correct and full time employee at the station he goes on the transit mossy. In go on nights in the big day after afternoons he normally. Ever he wants he just can't go on the should see you hate him number what do they came to you said that they can replace. Our key BA dad found it a sport that. A 100% a Graeme John. Johnson number okay John. The morning good morning thanks and take a call. It's also a place and I'd like. I'd I'd like when you have different perspectives in order views on what train. Trying to and and was a cynical about. No worries it's it's a weird name that's on its yeah. What that the thing with the first mistake it was a professional mistake we all make I can get past I can understand how acted out. In this case it's it's a personal home states night right where I am also gay and Umar should know what it's like to be holding a secret if you do not want a anybody else and don't vote this year amid concern that happens with that so for him to use and that out there as a wet. He should know better and in this case it is some of which he should know better than to do something like that it is because of that growing up but that's situation. And I'll but he doesn't care anymore and the ease an open book wouldn't agree yes stuff he says. He doesn't feel like no he's made all postseason over him ever again emerges is on the table Chris that was a big secret we've learned that figures so analyses that too. I was at a very clear I had day in dot eight acting real limited John here now when you have something that's carried deeper and darker and that's a very personal thing that you carry it should make you more empathetic towards others who are going through a. Again Alex has a lot of empathy you don't want my job as an Olympic zero zilch. But please them one my kids. Only Arizona is that these and that means he's very self absorbed kinda reminds big Kirk a lot of ways yeah so talented guy Jack. Jackson Braintree hey Jack just wanted to deal. Gone so I got three quick points one colleague by Serbia either give this kid Odom and impact and see you later actionable one. No material when mission to show colonial had a crazy nonsense and say. Ann Curry Kurt got a lot colonias come out like that and more credit. Because he's seen the picture of you protect the photo. Got to see you kind of funny and and you filed your respect and you'll Specter of more as there is known nothing left for Miller hit that was staged. She's just trying to describe Alex Jones is quite content influence that the maybe you know he's an alcohol and gloves or maybe that's a scuba masks it well made ages she's ready for a dive at almost maybe almost round. Here in the car we don't want to logging on to Twitter he didn't look at it but as a picture of Curtis on life support. His nose into avatar of the curtain. And your view in the icu with. Alcoholic hepatitis. On the verge of death because he couldn't stop drinking Gian. Still blows my mind that's crazy I I threat I can drink anything. In the continent of Jimmy Key tag rate. At. Deep and like never thought the cheapest price for the did you ever have little real gently you couldn't afford not my dad did you that not enough money bought the cheap stuff. Yeah that's credit card digital by high to what you like half pint. In what do you do did you trick it straight after no I couldn't move. The smell of jeans you missed it doesn't nice that this mystery. My my memories are very. Download months I was not doing did you get the same volatile quarter of time it's Schweppes and then would you mix it. This never it's Schweppes mr. Schweppes stretch and yet this season after response would you mix and you have the like coffee mug or something them at all last. An ice and allies by us in Lima no line angering freezer. That's when I'll get anger in the freezer. It's referred to say that and you did indeed drink before work a couple of times yes. Like he has a real estate only about 34 in the morning motion giving Los Angeles about that. It was about coworkers employees who would he say Scioscia. Except I'm terrible Tuesday. While ones so yeah affected the show I don't exit terrible employers to easing for now water either towards the end zone but he was blaming us for everything and I frankly and hurts my feelings to was are blaming us. Todd left the show because of these guys Abbas because you know plenty according to apologize to reach out this any way to get this just before me congratulations on him in earnest you know what you should have just given in and drink with you guys that are on all he can run together. You because you're welcome one day be as just revealed to us Lewis retreat from entering all afternoon you shall wait before you tell your guys on the air together an attack. When you would yesterday hammered and Jeanette Harris sir what do you do. Hammered host interpreted as it showed it was an afternoon show and you know out of bounds on and I think our listeners and while I was while with the analog laughed that. Would you use your you to a different show you don't know and market might have a marathon. Even if you hadn't commodities show you really kind of boring yeah you need you assess added it was a misdemeanor drunken let's move on that's. I I tell you what else was an interesting here's mine my Red Sox followers sadly I know what small in what small plane earnings all the games all the innings of and it's kind of become a running joke along. The Red Sox yankees series. Sock. Parable it's another didn't hit. But is that that the intensity. Is pretend. There's no intensity. A Fuller and I'd say I don't know about rivalry but normally. That the intensity of red such yankees even in July was up there. But it was so plotting and so slow so tedious. And it was only sixteen inning yeah my man Joseph and Tim did the math and it was like how many hours. For the four game series and our efficiency they added up like twenty hours yesterday it was seven hours. A boring baseball they won one that lost one and that was the greatest catch ever liked. It was a chore to sit through and no I don't want and no one did another look I know you don't wanna do how to improve baseball again we don't party figure that out. But there are actually people like Tony from Bridgewater who think it's good the way it is and I'm watching this and going. If this were football if this were two teams at the top of the division alone compared to snuck in there but. This would two teams two rivals stars on both sides of the ball double teams. You'd be riveted. This was the opposite rib I'd say if I was out to dinner. On the TV news I watch TV now is not TVs like the two TVs that ride the bar here. And people are really that's sixteen inning game like something I could get out of it and the bar when a rock now granted I was out of I was at eastern standard which is right. I that's me like there's jets are like those are all of people are leaving but people aren't leaving the game right they were hunger in eighth buys a house now I don't think I'd like him in the twelfth inning and went to watches the bar so intimately you could be even your acting gig hard evil bowed again. Many trips I wanna know Lewis and Joseph or Tim I don't know it can't keep. Some as yesterday it was too much as a beautifully it was a beautiful day it was by this terrible I was I'm questions attorney second. And prices could brown the great pictures and there's no action such pitched really well yes that's not exciting. It's not was excitement sale pitches well. Some cells different yeah Isaac Sowells scary in on them and kill works quickly much here like think about did you find on Saturday wise. Close to being over before 7 o'clock is on pace to be actually a pretty entertaining like Rodgers said yes and Saturn. Yes what was the man watching me in that now I was in an. You were watching you are setting up an advance. I watched earlier and then listened on my ride home I was that. It was fast enough revenue as such on Tim's fault him camps or from the weather channel here. It was just it was and how it's damaged beard he said one of them said that Sanchez leads the league trips to the mound and I must be overall as Alaska's past I want Vasquez has lead per game. But Sanchez and Vasquez. And I know he he he made one trip to the mound to snack. And Tanaka. Neither guy speaks English I don't believe their translator. And there was no translator is a real dog can rest easy and thank god and and by the way Rem dog was right they should Nolan translators that should allow anyone push out the Irish blood goes and just can't happen and I know the crowd started bowling which is good they should boot that. But there's no rule so Sanchez and act in O'Brien were I just thank beside themselves and how many times Sanchez goes to and which means we all talk about how to improve baseball we'll talk about how to pick up the pace. They don't. No Gary Sanchez. In Christian baskets don't you hate crime gonna call it a problem like the baseball games. It's the pace. Yes have probably do it democratic part of pigs on takes me agreed that the pace of red such decade it is policy such old I don't let's take a until it's gone. Over as a married adults were patches are relevant it is not all absolutely only Iran used to saw Aaron judge you she movie that's every night so Bradley and there is carelessly and no sight watching a precarious chest not. Ron well the games just not it's just man to Ottawa generational. The people under the age of 4035. Just that you know not good for could be saved if not dammit I'm thankful to could be saved if holdout Freeman's career on the ropes. But a multi race you Shiloh can't somebody tells Sanchez to stop going output Anthony emerald green and by the way snow on the Padres can't speak the same language. What do you do when you talk based on your retention calls. Older people on and on an older. I Kuwaiti ER 86 hole old Ireland people who. With his football wolf that's who calls the people with magic through Aberdeen Maryland those above Fred Fred primary read since Youngstown and read in Maryland fragment that. We do this straight you. Amenity that Euro rent and Hulu and my you're 85 lastly. Outline a lady sick that they own web answer different. Little rant today happy saying it. And you act that I didn't lately line and I agree to work that I'm not Connie more accurate. And so. I should station and he doesn't know her speed. Well I end. Understand what. You I really like or go home that day in front likes us act when I want all that. There a way had dinner so its order with an order one now with Latin aero. Back direction and I politics are there. I'm right about why the sport is is this is not it did it's it's my personal I was you're right it's kinda hard spot and we might ask. I am about and tell bloated and slow and sluggish it is this a perfect metaphor. Chris Curtis one year ago or fifteen months ago was baseball. Who's not a baseball can be a baseball player that year. Which is great. Com. If you subject to release catch gives him I don't yes you know I know Jackie Bradley is incredible in the field. This is a would have been surprised if he didn't make the catch I should I watch it over no not ever had it was not attacked twice so great it was not spectacular it was and is Susie gets it is fun to back in like. Yeah and follow the routine for him he's better and friendly and now. Who better excellent was well reckless officials elected official records of all exports have talked to them 7797937. Fred call and we haven't hurt and I haven't yet to wish you want your fortress happier for the day that. Unfortunately Bob wolf the broadcast is no longer Wear this offense the last persons converse with them paid proof. We get rid any bread lines are now. Let's say that to one he can also not working Jerry shots. Which shot up. I want you to at least pretend. You know excited about headlines I don't mind sentenced to be good edit that's values socket or do what you don't do something because I'm here to oh pine you're who thought. I don't have a single headline to. Double what you're like what cumulative enters frozen and Ann Coulter deal that would open it was a woman who was shot going I'm one in Minnesota we get a picture of Ben Affleck who wasted. And I thought he was so where he definitely gets your dog to just be that picture whose girlfriend she's all sweaty and stone lady and she must wild. Gosh it's absolutely he looks happy yes I think she's she'd yet he's there having but Alison wins immunity does not let sober now he and so we're not a picture. Yeah yeah I am recognized headlines gases server based radio. Requested. Nobody has room A thinks or feed it to be good idea for the Red Sox treat library now. No but I could be in be good for us all I don't know I don't understand that any any play first thing incidentally third Z now I can't imagine. So you know put first news what platoon with it's well Arlen. It's again I think Iran this disease is no he he's based agent Smith back traders to browse the once new capital praises and Adam. Why did you take on that salary to be the worst mover is Oprah gets a share by always. Eagle for its final night out it's not like a 15050. Points and was dropped twenty points from the year before he olden days ago was that big and that can husky. Generally he was done by 3536. Viable how worked in the old days. In the agent David Ortiz you think maybe he'll have some power left the late thirties. But he looks like one of those guys who could is best that's right significant fast and passed. He's not a great champion has given this context not bad the only is what six years like a 199. After struggling a stunt so I guess and and it went credits are getting their policy and you just mean and I yet any dead money and act is no way John Henry and let that happen. I don't know judge Henry let's these things this and after Santa volleys and no no cheap so this is just a rod thrown against global. Make a lot of attention right over the weekend is the same they think is coming from it's stupid he's just making up. Yes things just make an. I mean maybe he looked at their lack of power in the fact that they Creighton you now they were shut out for 22 consecutive innings and maybe. I have no idea us I've never even heard his name mentioned as a possible trade to 384 million left in the next six years baseball can Laird who's 34 can make the case for the straight right. Economic geez why. It's Cabrera only do you view gets too hard on these prospects you want them to move even more prospect holy don't performs as to why don't you have to give up a lot yes well and added that money on human right to get something. You would trade for Miguel Cabrera and Cabrera is going to be in new worlds here for years you can let your mind they're all matters assailant Q2 or three year window okay now with the means we need beside Cabrera that 180 million dollars means you can't sign we'll keep answer Bogart's. So yes it's well home runs this year winter we need to win two World Series what does that title and an address apps were drowned after next six years. Bets work number six years that career or Arctic number. A rare. Over the next six years arts as you'd rather have pencil and Cabrera then bowl guard is five years of living is not going to have Bogart's on Tuesday that a yeah all of his numbers have dropped at least 5200. Percentage points in the last in the last year slugging is down a major by the way Pete he earned his operatives if he's earned his options he signed through 20/20. Five. Is messenger that's enough for us. He would be 42 and 400 pounds and last year that commitment Cabrera. The 2002012. See you play you think I was like that with the composite and the law that was not. That like that that's what a lot of people elect Senegal and they just tell them two days ago can you sound like but to spend the money so unlimited right I mean it ends at some point if you. Sigh Cabrera you bring Cabrera and payments money that means somebody goes. I gets they did the budget is not unlimited. Yeah it was this offseason in an electric. There's already shadow its inject OK see you lose somebody you want Miguel Cabrera. If Cabrera free agent in the this year would you sign into the duly of course of them so that the what do you try to. Because he's major upgrade of what you have where it's something. Like China and others and I worked its efforts I concede your point is if she busy and closer his numbers last year but his numbers have taken a precipitous drop one I have year. If McCain's 34. He's paid fifteen years and only partly sport and you think you could play third. Actually deplete their tickets that he could potentially at eight years left and hit my problem pulling third remote I thought he was terrible. Still first place. Is up and he's Paris. Cabrera is 34 I see him he's listed two for he's probably to 62 cents wouldn't picture look at like at 38. Enhancements with the drug technologies for you really think you know what he's not the kind of guy and he's gonna get fat and slower and means night I didn't like a drinking problem all of new Ellis pulled over and adds two DUI a couple of years ago that you know I don't want this guy. Nobody is not real Todd Fraser. It's not Frazier does that it's not Frazier down and it Raphael and miles and hotel and I such devers went live Todd Frazier cautioned nothing that Buick is a baker has some live he's a real or good. I'm all I'm always for Russian elites and elections right cannot. Now why not why he's five at bats between double lives as to where does that standard when you've obviously on the comedy. Many assets did at that Price Chopper in the minors. I was I would rather have him trade for Frazier not about my age I had a rental plan and bring up divers and actually provide devers now he went for four yesterday sat there as I heard the L on Toronto Ottawa also date decent when he was in the minors and they brought a company absolutely right socks up 486 Marley that's enough I've carried out some of the videos are that are the most. Devers. Now let's talk Fraser's numbers issues she's heading to 200 that's FedEx numbers are. Oh send tornado BP's own blogs on 05 stinks. He's till technology you get in January yeah Asia it's awfully well. Coming home runs succeeding if that second on this team he's thinks it will set the stakes in addition to give ending up form my brain thinks that I credit devers. But. Because of grieves me to but I think if if you're if you're looking for that Stevie that's either stand for I was the veteran who occasionally will hit one. On two lands street he will print you trade for non if there was if you absolutely terrible you it's applaud doubters right and you yes achy just Dagestan are lightning rod I'm gonna happen in the majors as I mean if you think they know what kind of Katie is if he's confident. In a rat combined bring him to only 300 at bats for Denver's what do you think you're okay Frazier two more weeks off and I'm not now and I'm. He makes twelve million have to pay half of that or maybe so I'm apartments I mean six million bucks that's. Chump change chemical agent or 200 million that a source of thirty you'll this last year Davis and he's got an all he's got twelve this year how your prospect generous enough body of work from Miguel Cabrera. I have these great you but you'll also great to was like you know she goes on Jackson valor brilliant aura is catastrophic. And we love Prince Fielder wanna bring him back. We don't from the perspective of Indonesia money yeah I'm honestly if you're running the Red Sox did you make this trade no. I think the Brodsky is built in Paris it would who's winning MVP he's wasn't in good shape W Austin and you think he's going to be in good shape 34 years from now no chance. And Hickey said that he could potentially be through 20/20 five yes if you think you can beat these computer users probably won't guarantee that he'll be forty in pierce who. You're right now just popped advance for the all tyrants not gonna get those options seems to be done with them when he's forty sneaking a still with 190. Million guaranteed. I sing but there's no truth she to root right you know else is just it. Yes just a run and Ken lay and also known as the rock in the browse what are your Cabrera all time can hear in your opinion your chart. Com position your best hitters were your mouth and go 3441. Hour 3COM 617779. 793. Said he says and caicos sporting one through. We you can do everything thank you are allowed to stay for another two hours. What gets the Brenda Marshall C through. And said Concord. You've been fairly unintelligible so far to. And I want somebody banned from the show. I'm old I had no idea who this I have to tell you that from the Cali showed me it's a male so it's not mean. Correct that's true yes only check on the coach and as we shall know which you've. Just last segment you've seen hundreds of your life we campaign you because we need diversity and we're losing the jags who likes that X man that's true that hurts too good point. Turning likes to go poop in two of them supplement that with a diversity. To mossy who's who in these. Part sloth mossy also it's the Cooper to his pants and 400 to one to articulate and everything went removed same thing. We have mutt. We missed a little ape man right it's we'll put these second half. For a little dental care it as it gets about. These pro is of the Jewish faith he is of the Jewish persuade us that we lots of diversity on the couch easy you part of the country. It's gonna have to be banning everyone else and let's just first of us are part of a cash account totaling 6 central figure. It's just another example of what I like least this boil tips at this act and we have to get back to a Brandon Marshall gets his we have a comparison. The big big stars in new York and Craig carton and your Boomer Esiason my good friend. How they handled Brandon vs how we handle Brandon Marshall.