K&C - Gerry on Kirk Hurricane Irma; Bob Ley is a douche 9-13-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, September 13th

Hour 4 - Gerry, Kirk, and Tanguay discuss Bob Ley's level of self importance, hurricane damage to Kirk's Florida property, and SC 6. 9-13-17


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I had to lower energy Wednesday when Jerry tang was here again in the room is now I thought I didn't like your FaceBook thing I couldn't get through those pretty boring I darted. I did I grew 2000% mean you'd yelled. Yeah yeah. To understand matter note that is. Now it's one problem that carton. If it is looking you know. Here's what's around the remote quickly ten whereas this is. Word tang wages doesn't want to do showing mormons I am music and I start yes more physical you bastard you're the second biggest Port Charlotte and if you. No because you and I agree on this thing way sometimes seem a little taste interest yeah. And there was a point where we thought he was so good we. You don't podcast on whether we should make them permanent Arco have a problem. I do yes. And he actually came to him my father's funeral cause he wanted the job at that I've efforts to me and Saturday. Or for celebrity challenge for Saturday. The right and and I finally and he wanted the job he wanted to be our third host right that's when the job was available we'll run it will bounce on the stuff available in the great is it is not only agree known and now you know if somebody emerge in the great various notes are maybe yeah I'm happy that yes sure sure yes open to that. Foul you and I'm damn paying you too much money for the open mind there campaign Gerri too much they saved money there's no third man in there's no job. Yeah so what did you come to that conclusion that you was no longer work I mean I realized the stuff going wakes and funerals but it is at some point we'd like Letterman and so awaits you girls that wakes Whitney were part of my schedule and keep track or any convenient to keep track inconvenience by Paul we have made me cry should general Paul has could have via early today if you started I told the three. He had gone eleven to management to make them cry to your radio it made me cry I have a vote in the past. I hadn't taken this thing you're used these to Ro cup of ice ever come on your I think to excellence and iced article one was better or did you think net sellers of here's what it there's literally archer. You yet you face picture and it's sometimes I wrote I found it in you to death outfit I hurt for. Johanna to Paris proposal. I did enjoy the story about the money through his second of medicine and on and hit a you know yet we still have to pay your freshman year at Maine thirty dollar and restore I was a good capital goods store announced this thing is hopeful that before you never thought true that's good stories 100% true. What does that everything stays true every chicken and I destiny right now and tell the truth. No I might declined comment but I won't lie do you if it would Kirk called his mother from some basketball court and said who was center golf course and an orchestrated city for future right now that's you can't talk about that is a lie and there's no question he made that. Yeah. It. It's sick. She died some month you know with all that actually you know it doesn't really matter now go out you have to date you had. This fifth of show you sound and it. Yes we all have our problems you realize that the it was at the U. The curtains were ripped off the bureau two million dollar Condo Marco Island over the weekend when the Kurds was damaged when that occurs is damaged or pointers by the format blew away completely can't find. I know for a fact one tennis courts clay court and that's generally you don't get bored yet one of the ruling courts ought to go for an hour. Gosh yeah men and you have some of one point one exit one point eight it's a question on the to drop that much I would open Jesus. I cannot limit lowered a few times. The what are you can we need a name for this when we started doing the show. Only hope for the belt humor when the thorough enough. Her own incident you amusement we don't care about the list is like. Those are questions elicited Islam dominate itself had what is he gonna woodcock and how we expect listeners that I was talking about tuchman asked DiMarco exactly that your parents always on always on the goes since Ronald she moved the showed deterrence. Unlike. Forbid right if you're you can swap square footage tremendous. Luck it pretty hundred square feet swords had sent. Even though nobody is duke blue once it's only houses he can't keep straight time for house's south epic. So commitment on your own discipline my nose at you at one and experience. No that's been my dad have we have Bermuda. Do you have a online via Sola that was so you would oppose a marvel at them intently but you know told me that I was before just before she'll. Would house in Bermuda yes and Marco Island yeah I know mark I was a case he would Bermuda among pork Winchester. Yet. Cayman Islands. Dialogue about mental anguish of fans who washing money for the gotta like it did in the market the market for having like vacation homes let's take a huge hit because look at these people that own houses. Or condos in saint Maarten saint whatever Croatian. They're like destroyed what do you do. It sure you know from mark while for right now as we speak answered can be it's that's like it's some restaurant it. It's Condo manager talented please destroy it. It's shelter right on the on the American insurance yes you do yeah I'd think you could get it. What you earn the pirates right. We're certain that's got to be better than being little I would think so if you're a high aren't yet old really knows yet. Yeah like you can you say you own little place saint Maarten whatever and you know you've invested and save your life. It's destroyed. What you can and don't just call it local construction company ticket to rebuild my hopefully we don't like ten years and you got a sick passenger check. These are why you hide a computer for pool. What went wrong up there nothing mean nothing if you drive up and check to immunize our media spotlight markets we can't find out. We cannot really don't like and you can't find people my neighbors board their house is open Kohl home Exelixis. Marines who want. I've put Curtis on this we can't find out of Trump's house survived at I would peacefully said that attention confined and I've updated story of good it survived his redeem though survived Irma. It's totally because it's a big compound I saw from the water. That was in the Baltic Sea and its code DePaul me here abuse smuggling in your people steroid in the Czech hood upon here yet citizen and Paul plum bay saint Maarten. Survived it couldn't smug enough since about six month took on when it was wrecked. It teaches these house censure on that destroyed and did it yes. Yes he went on with Anderson Coopers and wiped out. How he'd be in a long thousand sentence or even if you're Kenny Chesney how do you do a good run here say two skis only producer confidence yes OK all people in the car award Pena made long. It long is house and sent my knees of produce and I think Johnson whose parents. And it's about any of south survives on money in refereed August oh. Geez honest parents and his dad owns iron company now be good for moral package William and I'm just surprised Nate fans were also politics Ani Jan. It and they're surprised they force what does it matter Ehrlich and Kenny Chesney has his success Telesis ovals I mean basically they might like the and he knows what it's only if it is as famous from you when he talked idols heroes at his place was built build better than other place I believe the salesperson told the that I do believe was your insurance bill yes OK don't super special as house Marco was just destroyed so was Tino in Lanka shelters and no he was in his laundry room did you surrounded by sandbags as we said he knows quite what the size. He's driving range right sides moves on garages garage which is specially built for cars are. Still there if you wanna make an offer but my point is can imagine anyone like appear Bynum plays on their listened to get tough night. Announced it's not a justice related Atalanta bill. Has a question for the room while Benji Jamaica Plain has a crush question for the rules for was that way. Yeah no I I don't I don't want to interrupt the F riveting you know our team in my property talk poetic. We greatly over a 145. The score around the world you can guys don't mind over under 45 how lewd. Denmark coach Kennedy when he got a mess. Stroke yeah. That's a fair question is eight holes it now well it's 33 who he is not in my office. A little wonder. Kerry I think portrait as one of those guys that's never gonna lose weight and it led to believe nothing but I like -- how can I said this before. But I it's W I don't know now why I like them I don't want him to the doesn't make sense to wait much dangerous it is stated this place. You know he should he's of these as a nice job you should he should lose some weight as they base we can lose weight get paid close and he's on TV shows you yeah. Driving force wanna get chipped in on TV. Executives whom I mean every lesson probably telling Tony Stewart one of those type things now yes yeah. But I'm with the with the whatever weight loss. Yeah the weight loss thing is a factor is of the column. Com why would he do that I wouldn't mean you can do for free I urge you took around. Bets off that's taboo and yet he didn't want well actually it was a good move by Bertrand because he wanted to compete shepherd of these these these obese. What what's become repeat putting us at about fried pizza well no I think that he did one become punchline and Pizza Hut and he. Accused you bring up a conversation. I've talked to about it on the air not on the air what's that mean it's sort of on the that's hard to do that do show the guy who's fat Joe's Obama wants to the show with him. The full time hosted the says Gary's Shell Oil on interest that we need to get a full time guy and anyone who. Bertrand is a full time third or good. I can be would have been good lord metadata I like Jews to have a good was he ahead as he talked a lot of politics it's rhetorical honeymoon ends in Elkhart was that you have a great unity great grandmother still we could still do. You know and distinguished there was an awful wide all he's got a contract abroad you're paired together and Fred's going to New York touch is going to be a lot of saying no OK I hope he makes my guess is as part patient will not make you say what I think he will like Jerry I say I Verizon now reverently on the highest heights in time he's got a huge guy he's eighty still going to quit smoking now. Merchants ages poignantly. Against her body it's a little bit of difference. I'm sixes is a friend it is like he should get disaster here. Current knew you disagree. No I mean I don't know what the future that legitimate question that much in recent days asking you your right we'll question I love published every couple days the questions there that's put into Lawrence that's usually go to balls awful that's terrible. I mean seriously. I mean you can go after Hamas seat but you know what if and we always are law. Say this is a tradition I had know what you're too much it's worth looks like none not a clue. A bit too much of the sneaky Smart. She's got a good look at life I know he barely out experiencing great really intractable NC and sensing deal so as much Serbia but that's kind of person I can see might know like my crappy little Chicago mock up his girlfriend Paula for everything's in play. These in the early on we're we you amazed last night we were the post show post premiere party. And I swear the most of Boston like modeling agency fortunate whose home mannered targeted. There are actually probably did and I assure all yeah he's definitely an Angel and a lot of young doctors there and they have lives on the loose and obviously. So actors are there certain ones yes a lot of that stuff. If there was just I mean so much to look. Yeah yes obviously. It's their laws in the wondering I Gerri yes. If miles followed OK go look. Unlike Johnson on the mine mine was among the beautiful women certainly she was in she's I think you what time. Thank you. I think. That by police out very issues that threesome and a tank victory here. But he you know today I definitely married out how devastated GB on the way for him ferret tank. I I if if my wife left me I would and a within ugly and broad print on recess let's consider some minor league I understand that you mattered that your success to be you know but I think that in them with some poll with the second might be. I would try again and what's young. Forty bigger stage for you there or twenty years younger on the music and work liberal. Whether or liberal or strip mall I don't mind that. I don't mind that I like like liberals are on the witness like the fight do you think a liberal woman or conservative woman which one would be veterans day. A conservative but so I disagree I think liberal I've always been grooming and yet case I think thanks are pale and while I would go to conserve their hiding stuff angry. Yes that that be might take care of and public. Separate them because it'll she's cardinal public. National Mall in harming the long run. Rudnick and Marie McKenna isn't usually. She is he berg holes as her McHenry has to be. She'd do it now anyway she got fired national conversion to in this conservative and she's she's got a car loans this year this is gonna be there calmly launched in August. A little niche. It's gonna look ridiculous 31 reason she owned she looks like she's estimated that. No I don't fighter attractive at all it's understandable cracked anyone attract trouble. Not true at all what's your face route to Dole's all. In only if you tap that's another traffic at all now she's figured everything is not attractive than that on TV weird. We are persons when she first wants to what you make up to his senior in person you struggle too much too much. Yeah I would group. Is unimpressive. Disagree real never senator an impressive numbers. Especially in part I can just can't wipes out right espresso market Bertrand. An industry that now wanna lose Matthews went to keep those puppies direct. I'm or is it no this is scrambling quarterback that Friday morning he was an open field marvel. Talking to reporters the patriots can't by the we have Brady press availability can be as frequent as a solar eclipse. Brady was asked flat out by a colleague Mike Reese whether to sell bonds and statement that her husband had suffered infections was indeed. Accurate you know communication want to force it it's none. And notice the hell it is it is it. When do you should buy over what does it mean. Brady's availability well I understand solar eclipse reasonable what's week but every other quarterback and we are right right right and that's no yes once a week. Yeah for now here. These own Jim Gray generally Gerald Ford grapple with us and whenever I want to have a few new era of but he knows he's under great shape our. I think. Even you. And notre. Would admit the bubbly took it to new levels Paula do Sheen is seuss'. It's not this is like at Bob being institutions out of nowhere comes this incredible you should moment. It's that Roger Bannister do (%expletive) to hit his support your view that's a milestone. But he was not happy with the trolls who mocked Sergio would tip we've whoever's name sir we have Sergio Dick who. Sucked yes can't hired as a huge government that football he sucked in America mock him that's the deal. He may have videos saying plaza at 9/11 where exactly and people cry right actually cried you cried in a truck cried a truck. Pivot back to Jerry's a practice hotel on some news it was nine eleven's 29 years old and with Ayers and he said it was an elementary school on 9/11 degrees and then there's like fourteen and it is it has several works in Mexico here's the problem with people in sports television. The closest bid degree of self importance is not Shiite group founded really repulsed a gate. You know you yes you do that's why I do what you do action the fact that people who sports television think there's so indispensable. And that his report was offensive and so it wasn't that bad KG get nervous is screwed up. And the fact that ESPN didn't put him back on Schilling didn't give us this. We had a surgery in July and I don't think it was the second lightly he was nervous another surge addicted realize that the took a deep breath by today it's gone it's gone. Holy to please. Oh you're not that important but Bob Lee came rushing to who's allowed to think it was Robert Lee bubbly yes Robert -- the guy who did David obviously people got fired its Ian gave the tip of his hat that you did hair Richard as commentaries of people like Bruce Arthur dead space detailed file police meanwhile apple fought for and one of them injured in summer they felt that topping your head of the hot pay the bills covered addiction like 96. That person's collection of get a weird. Change. Anyway here's migration of these thoughts on this show he's got he's got that's got to know is she in fact you know I mean he's everything he's but he's not like obese sort of like old guys sort of life as vice guys T do you think you have a real conversation with him. No. Though he is known as it is the single product of right tweeters product of the the you know the DC police out there and I am looking for approval but I heard dead in the ESPN newsroom accuse those were the big news. What's breaking news what's the what's the what's the since he's a guy's guy that takes himself. Wait merry way here recently when we lovers hey Lee that's his net medalist locals call Robert Daly direct descent that the mine is probably so it feels the same way I think I think feels like it's. Yeah we turn to our season as a couple compare at to keep it has. I here's how Bob beat Robert leave weighing in on this whole situation yesterday. Eight years ago when I was covering the World Cup qualifier in San Pedro Sula Honduras so we'll show. Traditionally asked me if I would be interviewed there could I try to do in Spanish now I know a little soccer Spanish and around the game a little bit. So I gave a shout outs away at the twenty seconds it's stopped now had to apologize this guy's a surrogate do this in English. I've worked with many people in that sport from all over the globe. Who comment live on the air English is their second language in my respect for them doing that is absolutely on rivals of the Internet. Trolling my colleague. Sergio did last night really ticked me off when there's it was working the sidelines of our Monday night and the film nightcap in Denver. Its first report was not as smooth as he wanted you've probably seen it it's all over today. And her. The trolls with Sergio does not need me to say anything to date he set it on line. The movie farewell to a farewell from Bob as a social also notes today on next week. God bless America and Joseph grassroots menial. But this had I think we do has nationality. Of course now it was just. It had nothing away it's not his fault the kid doesn't belong in that position I believe it's preemptive strikes the videos fault yes that's true but it usually and that's why I actions on his side to the video yesterday we said let's go get a good timing of himself on Twitter whatever letting go. Who cares we can happen. He goes on and wants to feel bad for the September. 1. NATO immigrants. And on some people's perspective. September alone Obama made up my image a slight immigrants did you spears she's there and all went wrong he's right about that to me to vote on Tuesday. Yeah like immigrants got together made up. What were below. 100 is easy look it was simply because immigrants. You know flew planes in the power. When he reports that is the illegal immigrants in the media not ports and did you really they're a good job and you're dedicated to your armor to. September. 01. NATO led immigrants. Now she says in her husband and a pit. Did they have their reaction to advocate digit ID and hopefully we'll get sorted and now an honest ago. Probably is the ultimate hander he's not real he's a to pretend you know he asked to weigh in but he said he comes down for rough high weeds and on these big issues like. Have a shot to humans are the guys socked in and they'll say this is he didn't blame on them. But just I mean it's not yes he should have been in the job. He was not qualified to the united job and I don't think he's nationality had anything to do what that I corset or or second line that's if you just wasn't ready wasn't content does have to do it. If it doesn't have a grasp of the language is rising faster but it's I don't think it's that it's Hugo it was overtime is our presence that's the excuse bubbly and so many others are making formal you know try to second language or way. Well you know what most people don't get hired this high profile job Jerry in their second carry when he should okay Woody's tweet with his video he sounded fine. He sounded far right it's not in the blank on you there are a nine year old who didn't belong there ESPN 810 wanted to. Sure that's the plotted security Dan Harris is panic attack on ABC. If ever CNET serious to say what Google about to say yes well let's or you know yes as a TV shows on note Dan Harris who's an ABC news anchor yeah excellent and and it was right they would before Lehman episodes. And he's a local guy and he had an anxiety attack during a news any Greek and he couldn't. Picture it would distinct thing that nerves got away well forget forget all of us forget Elvis bright Curtis writes a story on the raider but from now he'll of and two owner Michael Smith is asked about me this story. I mean pieces in either responsibly. And and I do and out Ortiz will do next. We were naturally ten minutes left. He wanted to write a Smart I'm dammit how you doing now. Smith admitted some segment of viewers you given SEC's. Six affair shards did work. I arrogant enough to think that's a significant number of people who said person doing the story lake recently. I guess with about one of the shows lavish critics Kurt many Boston radio host who called the show dog the Smith who live off leap they can't swear remembering dates. Well packets on the safe well usually do not an ounce down sake I can't win with you. Smith who lived in Boston for years told me he had never heard movement. While he's pretty aware of believe that Michael Smith and that's a sure every day which amount hill it was battle with me on Twitter several times has never heard of me ever. Of course so why should quietly. Well next let's. Another guy another guy Ayman rat him out room six seed in the hands apartment that has room. Another guy I don't. Michael Smith joined the club moved except for notre there they go in front of price move to New York that's your friends move on to move in the apartments never heard of Portman and ever. Michael Smith. Some you know went and Bob hey maybe. I can listen to us down there they do listen to I have no idea too I know this spring feels Philly O line correct comes in great and particularly the Michael Smith has never heard of there's not a chance in hell that means we own them. That's perfect that's all you need to know and even use my hand today that it required that's Horry and this way we go to stick to sports. Is there anymore. Amid Michael Smith doesn't even get political legit mail right doesn't now it's so you were will and everywhere sneakers which is a quiet thousand word story it's a long story but it's got some lines like this. Twitter is now the de facto coordinating producer ESPN's daily line. Would prayers whether it's rights which is pretty Dan and an observation the heart of ESPN's problem he. SC's six staff meeting everyone had their heads buried in the social media fees. I told the completely believe you yes it was a Twitter you know what to Mel hill's gonna feel empowered she's in a lot of support from the usual certain places that span. The globe and all the Bruce offers all the use those reports are sent on to our technical. Opened Arctic. Spoken to feel at all. Shy or sheep she's embolden. People these stories as did the reichert we have Curtis on right after the more so than I was gray was pretty good yes you are you'll remember that it is about us. But this time route in fourteen. Ian crunch in The New Yorker the cultural comments section. ESPN can't winning trumps road America spiritual hallmark sign it likely to resign and Freddie appeared gates are trying to read The New Yorker yeah overall policies are part of the argument that you probably could elaborate. That. Booth. And I mean. Back. But your searches of the homes in the area. Whose last night to. I'm sure what the song was never a great sense of ever moving. Yeah yeah I was but there's a bunch this the music. When it. But the credits that there has looked good so he sings which McCollum and counting that's right them move open the door. You know you're aren't birds being birds Joseph Nelson and excellent movie A minus can't go wrong US a good question before George hall who is how old 4030. Seven I see the best actor under forty alive right now may be absolutely the best at age 36. He's almost thirty cells pulp and it's going to government to he's related pages yet primal some movement I didn't excellent although Cusack was bad that was because she's acting feted by the U I think you might like that movie. Beat LaMont you can she certificate Giamatti in Austin too much for attacks the best I suppose I don't care how old news that these single performance. It's the best out of hand shelf life. The best acting job will ever seen in and realize more than appreciation because the real Jeff Bowman is there any better choice of policy Kelly's heroes Ella better than that better than. As we mark as the greatest cast in a movie ever. Up here at two dollars and Briscoe from Kelly's here is the best apparel because this is clues Archie Bunker after. That's right better than Carol. Yes he he passed Kevin carry them out or when cheers being original half its closest general hospital or Amazon. I think so yes that I did that ten way in the previous life when he used to pretend he was like a real journalists user base is the date those were the days it's Osi to actually carry. You've I'd I'd miss out on like they are not me. Should show that closely actually receive it back if you have a reader read both the source for tomorrow yes they got him right at six you know I don't know fight for the future of ESPN and ES Pincay when trump Freddie America and short to mid to do the job of the stuff is always. We all over this as well. I would back tomorrow morning 6 o'clock with something like that to be ready to fight for me who's an air correct she's India I would back tomorrow morning at six due to.