K&C - Curtis is going to the Free Speech Rally; Mutshank Redemption 8-18-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, August 18th

Hour 4: Curtis is going to the free speech rally. 


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It's Kirk. And Callahan had even mentioned you know the way trump is handling this stuff. Right now I won't call them monsters. Because they weren't there like that there through one entry I love the Packers. They took a shot of the country's leadership experience that's something goes right up my people. Oops if you're racist you because I'm not a racist I'm on the walls in the sports it's great for the sport state and that's that's all I do with current committee. There will be questions about copycats there will be questions. If so what happened. In Barcelona. It was their fault at all. A copycat version of what happened there Charlotte world what you just said. It's one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard even though there may be different character different political ambitions. They use of the same killing device and Gerry Callahan. You feel bad at all knowing months beat guys feel like you. Tough one you know I was a total dipped them he should be like a little bit high here it is that you guys like it's. Lines. Sports Radio WEEI. Final hour on the fifth and final eight blue I love you until we record our delight and I totally out of it and I'll office. And why it hurt us the very rough the way we're between him phones yeah politics like just that you are too was not earned runs are one of the it didn't know it. Yesterday curse of the podcast. He was not a fan and military handles the mechanics of going and experts says. We can LB is adroit at the real toll on rate any story not in the podcast spite of the highlight for me today along drop than analysts had to to their sorry. So picker its filing Tuesday that a team has gone accurate with the show more in the podcast. It was a governor had once he retired for health for risk update knowledge did he put his smokers can and if elected yes to eighteen months and eighteen months good luck to we're gonna help we're gonna do our Karl Rove will be will be minor characters. Turn assured the dual percent increase was thirty points and no don't have or he was leaving he should be it was a war he says he's gonna beat it Liz war marked down there aren't a tape that yes. Before we get back to the subject at hand too quick update shore. There and a fourteen did in Barcelona. That does not include. All the terrorists have been shot and I give the the police in Barcelona and as surrounding communities that community Campbell whatever it's called Kimbrel. Craig Kimbrel admiral. Hundred clicks away where they blew up a bunch of terrorists and apparently they had real. And shot them but they had real suicide vests on. Originally said hey crichton the real and they detonated them have to you think it took them off from first. But these blow up the aisle and not just do it they shot the dead you could see some video of dead terrorist the street to see that later. However that's the good news the bad news is. The driver as far as I can tell you still. Counts at fault it was just a few Hussein volt and anyone try to chase so readable. I don't even understand I realized what he did is pretty evil he went up on the sidewalk and just mowed people I mean her. Hundred plus people he killed fourteen. Now including seven year old child. If you look hard you can find the video on the picture of this aid kit in the street. And nobody chased them it's bizarre and how fast could even going to a movie and then if you don't get rundown of singer copper just a security got to just the guy. And he eats they killed you can't kill your wife kidding don't you chased the van I would think he has no gun obviously got a gun he used it right. He gets out of and it runs. Yeah that's a copycat move. I know that's James didn't do that or could not have sank so now we're back I think up. But nobody does he have help to begin again we're gonna find out shortly what their massive manhunt if people have the today. Yesterday there were some questions about copycat crimes that they're now. Zinc zones in 320 pre. There and they will shoot some of the numbness or as a unit in Iraq and let's have this thumped like go to try to take him alive what's update images of the number one of them to his. Klansman from Springfield. Are expected to appear on the common tomorrow that's the word from the national. It's a guy's name that amends and Brian Roberts obamas were promised Rosie national president spokesman Russ title. National hero. To appear on their that I invited the international structure of the knights of the kkk it's official yeah. Absolutely calm nice guys from Springfield we don't know the women's robes are parents Tiki to Tyler Moore can have a Tiki torch right right and I have a rule I go to Boston apologies write notes a major party. I've never heard of national director of the party you know this is a big time operation he swears he lived down south Arkansas markets you know the Cubans let you know though he said they'll be coming in Springfield. Two I know some of our members of the street for their gonna be there there can be disturbed she said now. Our members don't stand out in a walker giving Nazi salute to make your next door neighbor or cubs got an extra hour they know that the commitment archetype of the Internet how they know that it we know for America's Curtis wants to interview them yet curses artists is also breaking news curse will be there tomorrow right. You got on either one of two things you he's gonna Wear the robe. We got we've working again a formal Nazi outfit got that arm bands that are on the camera was just my heavenly SS bad staying on the caller of the American history Exel hit his shirt off and experienced a lot of Jack swastika tattooed chance that would be awesome -- optimism and its arch over your stomach Stacey could you be able side wants some anti for people to oh I saw I want to get them to talk to each other with me. And Monday's Ramon they are going to be screaming at each other Kirk is wrong person killed over this after work Monday than. I considered dialogue to the city. Now what if the Gerlach awake or something new and I got to continue our government. New bank. But I think it's going I could be wrong that they would produce agreed to cops will be a factor pops will be a much bigger effect it has our cups of better than child analysts. And they've done this before that experience and I do this to gonna keep two sides attempt to keep the signs away from each other. But if there's hundreds. Klansman. And the free speech as the count them as Klansmen. As the organizers not plan to close some I would say no. But they can't stop the Klansmen and joining them. Correct. Then will be a 1002. Empty of people house. You may this may police won't make arrests and cameras any words of the public doesn't it like I said earlier if it was. Three weeks now which not to be even bigger all the schools right wrist Cuban food nuts that's true but the cameras the cops have installed cameras on the took on the plan my apartment apartment platform Demi get their course. Out or legality you have to and new signs yeah it is that you it's hard window while the two of the cops shut them down to around eleven. It to him will be naked to that's the this stand is adding get eating get to that point Charles Wright got so out of control of the round and round on Friday. But this the other good thing was I certain guys currency can't the tortures the work through the guy was trying to hold a press conference that's chasing Kessler's right right that your sister kind of used to be left Winger now is the right things. But he's smarmy and everyone trusts that doesn't seem thing you think that the collision that literally nonstop. He came with Shaq couldn't everybody's going to be all dignified exit ahead and there's just chased them numbers. But those guys that again and I was kind of funny I guess that's the video oh not on the advice you haven't seen it HBO. From vice or whatever vice yeah his place. It's a show it's a news show on HBO the new show and HBO their embedded within six. Eight cute blonde chick is embedded with the Nazis and politicians want a comedian lucrative position on girls' class all of this and vulnerable blog yes and no added and I was a white supremacist band feels Springfield this strong group. Could questions from proposals that some weirdos out that's western mass I hate all. Helix Springfield mountains. Broke my favorites they're making the drive in the theater room. Probably Alston one room and you're brought in you know. The Hispanic. These guys have money that's and they handed duke was always that website. Did they would and storm that the Irish. It right or we should definitely. We are these are our number is all its growth and teach at a point of again because he thinks he's geysers on a dangerous one album. Because he spotted the rally lost his job and hot dog stand I will say just I lost his job. Delivered pizza and the third guy by the way Boston Globe and often recommended. In fact and you can recommend that they use one of the YouTube for is to clicks to read the story by. What's the Desmond Bashir and Nestor Ramos. The Nester Ramos announced a three page one once they brighten friend now in March or for hate. One of the Nazis. Is from Brighton where it is an able would Turkey. Is that security guard as it is Matthew Colligan. Good to see the picture and it showed us he's that is at this cheesy looking mustache right in the middle. He's literally one or weirdo so much with Tiki torches from Brighton. And he's got and they tracked him and they really expose them because sees an online was into the website that reform. Daily storm. Zone as they storm storm tornadoes form that once had a terrible headline about the war the woman who died of course descriptions of Bedard site. It's close it's. Quite right down the alt wade through that but you know to be fair they have politics. They said people of West Virginia to just at the cover a football practice let's talk to Robert Newton had Robert what's going on. Good morning gentlemen I have no tolerance for racism and bigotry but our country is turning into a bunch of Elizabeth Warren clones. The severity of jockeys racism can be debated. But what can't be debated is a positive benefits of what you Rockies ownership tenure and his foundation have done for Boston. John Henry Sam Kennedy and now Marty Walsh are grandstanding. In an exploit it politically correct way that is out of control. My guess is that Elizabeth Warren takes a stand that Washington DC bead renamed. Rainbow DC because George. That's actually important you think it's called hawks did you see is what it is and eliminating monument etc. is sweeping things under the rock. That's history. Gonna have to move the goal post if you say slave owners he can't commemorate slam or has done. In the whole country had to and Hillary sound from yesterday and I'm gonna have a different how many different cities in America are named after slave owners out or Columbus Columbia. I mean you know so Washington State is gone Washington DC is gone on this five million pounds in Washington and how can you not love I Madison. Jefferson yes and send it the whole thing changes I mean it changes and again FDR this already banned people believe George educate him about what is called for an FT. Tune in appeared on his statues and things will pick him up at the time. There's a story today the New York is named after horrendously evil. So the good New York Thomas who Aniston and Thomas no Thomas had been the person an incident New York there's a big. And a Holler out now I think guys called it an animal that people who named it now I think the guy in charge of in its racist because I was in right candidate to assist the jewelry slope you're talking about our eyes Fargo on down. Where dale talking with a slippery slope. We haven't found. Illness that slippery slope. It's gonna Richard Falmouth they Richard. Only room. Honolulu that I'm totally against Slovakia and then being changed in. Michael Cutler and Honolulu are never coming here but he talked Campbell often do you rate this week. Does that mean Detroit. Is only a great fit for the one year removed and they got a lot of these original 58. Other Phillies had a planning Kennedy and fifteen. And while the Yankees. He's gonna help them out and 55 total and you don't want to three years. I mean from. How to plan a didn't I that's a good point to Willie Mays trial for the teams I'm guessing you did right. That could certainly see that yeah. I cancel all that went on vacation clauses. They talked about racial places where Mussolini. Had him and I went up to eat. He called Netflix. And eagle's nest wouldn't know where Hitler used to bring his career right I'm not talking offices. Yeah. Indeed you need a place to be yes or attractions because they're not government role in history. That's true I mean you gonna get rid of them tackle and one. Most intense and turn and decent golf course. And knew I would think those who. If you want to watch it. What whip everybody's going to be better for I think I'm more I'm all right guys did you raise when we should pledge allegiance and to work towards. Right yes. I can't change guys used on earth as it than that right. What you're doing you're KGB now and we need down the sleep thing now you was sent there. My grandmother used to me is how quietly he hall room down the street and I pray the lord my soul to keep I was like eight if I should die before the week. I pray more like my soul to take. It's that there has announced here. So we were not father held merry before when I was a heartless soul I am so that I'll follow before football games. An elegy skits and routinely gets tougher on them. No I'm just after the basketball team hundreds of but. That's true that if that his concentration camps as towards the talk shows I mean that's that's history if you go to Germany. Don't you wanna see them Schwartz from Germany whose can confuse who puts in Poland what's in Germany ocean which is in Germany writes Warsaw. Analysts are right CD not a real concentration camp true. A month ago of course. Go to Poland you wanna say I am now that it's a it's a fun day according we will take a self. We heard Ireland who went dated Davis stated this fame and museum in the big toward that's yet to go it's great and it was really interest and Albert is a food that social chow adventures of best you know I had the whole that the great capital. It was quite good I I would to elect. Were the best or structure the scenes. It's your muscles and a bunker right in London possibly actually go down in the preserve the way it was done. Completes a realize you were hit the Cubans. I would look Sudan the custody went to the owls and instead. You can go there and exe yes. That and that's that's my point is like usually Gettysburg is already said it's non negotiable than not get rid any statues. But that's today yes what about next week went on XT at its and so I think it's not going and I think when we're alive. They're going to change the state of Washington that's going to change I agree that you agree that and it's kind of take a rope and all the while smaller bullish hopefully it lands only in his right now running parallel Russian war. Mount Rushmore is going to be blown out just like the Taliban blew up all of them the Eagles when they took over certain area I said this yesterday and standbys if enough it's gonna happen. While this night history of this country will be Donald Trump is reelected that night is going to be insanity. To mortal like Matt purged it would only link legally kill people and all that praise or read. So that is the least. Across early he took two and that is his sport wells knowing any of the now we know he plays basketball Casey's what's it doesn't what you have to play good. My wife and I talk about its all time. Cheese that is painful. John tire couple Fridays ago. Not o'clock now let's go. Hangers on the next. Play. Think your voice person's down there's more wreckage in the future. And that's unlikely just take that certainly wouldn't refuse like if they don't care. But. Next week we'll have a lot of papers are close right. On Monday Tuesday now knows what pitches well we'll recap the the riot on the commonly known artists will be right in the middle of the nets on Monday I sit dispute the brick and normally don't feel like I'm. Fearful I don't live my life in fear for your your Corey. I've been to London and then to Rome I don't really bring in New York City I don't think like you can't go to these places bumps cut me get a little fear. I don't wanna go to Barcelona and wanna go back to Rome I don't wanna London anyway. I mean sometimes I there was an hour flight I like to see these players beat you. When I go to Italy next I'd like to go to Germany at like to see the owls minister of Switzerland. That talent like to see. Some of the World War II picks in Normandy of love to sit or go back I was all set to go there. Last dagger. Now I think you're suggesting that is yes. And they were warning then that it wasn't safe that was before knees. Right niece as we know the knee scope in the truck killed was a hundred people what's in this area since 86 people injured hundreds. Which was he got an idea congestion charge Wolf Blitzer city stolen there from the Clinton isn't it but. I'm starting to feel that way because so let me tell you. Even inspire magazine and if you heard this from mark these and inspire magazine a year ago two years ago I believe had the whole road map for a when using trucks and cars are they use of the same the same killing device yes the same killing devices that as the Nazis. And they explain to their followers how to do it and suddenly they started do all of Europe via a spike would. Well let's say they knew they learn from niece and from Berlin and from London. Well late club recently inspire magazine has turned their attention to the new. Battlefield which is trains they wanna blow up trains is no security and lots of trains you to bring backpacks on the trains. And their they believe their focus they said their number one target the Acela between new York and Washington. They want one of their followers took on the cell. Now I'm in on what it's if I was planning to go on the seller still would. Mean technically. But you can't know hippie extra cautious. You know nothing allergies you know because she's example the odds are so these two anyway. I mean even if you knew who would you still go to Barcelona and achy feeling better giving up plans to go to Barcelona next week articles. Now here's that would make you think they're getting trained. Knowing that my dismembered the changing may have built train that's a good question that good question I get them it's gonna mean you're gonna join a gang like you're gonna have to write. He shave your head and get him with the skinheads. You close. I don't know if you have any argue and many like orange shirts and your cause he could just advocate Castro on two and a couple or pull its view is look at your door locked out to a current. Spirit. You could pretend Europe in Rome Middle East and Arabic journalist there's and you could charge that it went back her conditions are like this you simulate she'd be happening should be just for you would just like us you could brush in my knuckles and there that you. Obviously you make friends in the weight room to be in the weight room all day. Lifting going home and actually be Jack I think guys get out here we eat before noon imprisoned. You Collison is as a wack packer much by the way grab it by the way Lou for Millicent wrestling in the seventh that was set up. My host Trace it. That was months it was the rest of Basilan for different now differing and we look pretty make an appearance is what is it and wrestling wasn't it was incredible hall. Was that goes on OK VOK. You think you could have made an appearance and sign autographs and it's usually produces them on my own money here. Now I'm not criticize my thought was funny it was that we do believe that. Months mother. Had an evening. Yes a passionate evening Wear for ignite the best yet we have this little it's a little movement in front of us Lou Lou yet. It's a very user BEB garlic in the same area. Or no. Clarence. Otis. I mean really crazy hairy BB. The mustache like well let's just you know he's got two of the pie if you're too small and try to Bible you know alcohol and you like seventeen I think the answer yes. W. I have an idea that's we've always asked is the Harry's kids to go from true. What these kids the kids for six to mix alcohol listed policy yet. Why didn't you play on the high school basketball team I did. You made the TS. As one SE art TV Purdue four feet tall. I'm 58 Chara played. They did I don't all the pressure and each freshman if JC guys well know years of Martha Middlesex soccer coach wasn't good and I pulled you out there was it like six on six and that was five kids will girl covered games and sent home as games like six the floor plates have very good team goes there he did is we don't Middlesex the potentials and one. I got the starts he unite my only start ups not just tonight that's that's that's nice she that we can punch a sword games wasn't here I think what your twenties you varsity pointer that jump shots it's true Tyson must wage jobs and the best defendants. Vascular play regards William. I think of one of the four vessels and myself number one seed. I give attention to these movies every Friday night that's right. Like oatmeal the oatmeal. Joliet hots. It's as wrong but it is such as they say don't you go to W though I for no gain for the stay means. Let's go back in my back. A shank redemption. Brett and I and tonight and I go like there's enough wit and what we started off well. And I just halted its IOC guys Monday and asked what was it Monday what's the nearest refused from the gets so was he gonna work is that going to be it's good. And a first Ebert. We started seek guidance is good stuff to show we will grieving we're mourning because Dave Kosher is no longer where those right. As were sent you an hour finishing with a laugh. Which is good mud is walking out if you want to know. Welcome to can't walk out he's not he's coming back he can't he can't these things like that none of these you know on the on that I. Thank you can't erase kind of behave he does he's had a dish it's. Over it's. For a base as Jones who conditions. Over it. This. We have a good times laps I generate another huge this year third moment because of his toughest. Turn my Brothers out to warm up act we're but had doing comes well I think you probably know they go come with him I was upset I saw his. About a hundred place that so we've already we check with the boss where we are not allowed them to take us its over we have to stated it's over just kill myself. He can do that the epitome units annuity begins on TV. In heaven he would have an all visited Goshen College except a we're gonna go months who Bruce here. The guy in the van still at large. What's that about by the end of bush on the Politico the driver SRQ much too soon though it's so he's going to be you'd be here Monday cracked. I'll be your Monday with not sure who. Tom Brady working on Tom Brady will be different wrist hurts tomorrow will be yours Curtis sound on Monday attending the rally. He's going to be right in the middle and the and the peninsula before Klansman guy who stepped in Iran is Nazi elephants get a skinheads and a secret Nazi nobody's offering pledge to the temporary tattoo like a deface this was that have Chris lost it at this is yet. It's she yes. I have a guy just get a little roughed up and it I'll group for the show he got no brawl somebody beat you up it's all of them on the show last month. What have you done since the announcement would stop drinking that's great congratulations. That's in July way ago. I was fake it can mean big guys are you what you want it's your real drunk. Made big guys are a natural three guys and then. Not a political analyst Donald CNN version here he's still grieving these little talk about in game with a paperless. Good election for sale what 915 and 1245. Media guys are up next we will we are you on Monday morning at six Tom Brady with Tom Brady Aniston I want to know does he really. Not it's or what is apple find out X. This girl expect. That's what's trending well on WE LUWEEI. Knuckle. Could we can. Dale and Holley. We speak.