Josh Bisson, one of the three Patriots fans from last night's photo with Roger Goodell calls in to describe how he and his friends were setup by the NFL PR.

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Friday, August 11th

One of the three guys from last night's photo with Roger Goodell, Josh, calls in to talk aboutwhat happened.


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Joining us here on the line is one of these three guys. Who's in the picture lashed hello caller I were breaking some news on an island man Josh from New Hampshire joins us Josh itself not to mossy how're you. Aren't you gotta walk us through this how the hell does this happened last night Josh. Our integrated or. I know it's kind of you know law and a little bit. A water quality we're seeing a lot might not hurt here. But what happened ointment over 300 or at its side. A pretty at the so early in what was it for like app with its second quarter like what stood out. I'd like not our own yeah operate under the pre. Every pre season game that's toll allowed yup. Yeah so now we're watching now and it around and start on them rant from the fact. You know. Like what we're back in the Monica on the backside or for the practice field. And now but no I don't like it I'm on the rent this just. We'll lock you down or go to the patriots are on that boat we can. And that we're walking down there are saying. And now it is almost like up pot you know not you are people now see everything about 200 though like that we. And now one of the guys approach that they were like not guys began to stand no. It's kinda like you know. Shortstop but you know pop. Really don't know yet you know I didn't know what one or Merck kinda bird and a couple Beers you at that point. And now. You know we're talking we realize you know what I am right now. And not your ugly early on its consulate yeah yup you know I kinda caught off guard. I mean in a situation like that it. What do we now are are not. We thought like ultimate like ten sect and them guys that are routinely approached. But sadly not the only game they're under a grant I think probably we're at that point I'm at it gun it picture. Are like. Sure art though. We sought and got a quick picture. Not knowing what they would do it and now I connect that we know being we have no. Our Josh help me out a read John Bible that question so how how long after. This person I'm guessing it's Brian McCarthy. Took a picture I'm sure was how long after the picture was taken was it to weeded out with and quoted as patriot fans with Roger Goodell. Not not thirty stacked. A lot. We are still locked out of the night the line I I've heard in order for some time out there but despite economic Bono not for. I would look at something and it's already a minute you are not a good 100 or Billick got a kid like. We're going are accurate people I wouldn't have votes of myself. Note and my parents think they're by elect. You wouldn't write tiger wants that I think that I you know. What happened in the past you know yeah but we'll wait it being. You know buyers and I'd look that was there I don't. I can't see your like the guy right don't I really don't care for but it just photo op that came up and I think it's most people are in situations like. You know market Oprah I RE or not. Boston got that as let me let me out on your prayers there they used you as a prop I mean do you feel used when you see that picture online and you know. How the NFL is portraying it do you feel used. Weren't they. For the future I want sure why you know it's big city like a picture I'm sure. You know we're out there like there are you wrote that the picture and they did they what they are you know I want to picture and then immediately it's like both my like well now that but I want excellent wanted to kind of no he's not the prospect delights. You know say hey you know what to do and then Egypt then welcoming back. They've been dead they definitely do so dig deep do you feel you'd like that's the question do you feel you. You know how it went when did you when did you know Josh and Josh Josh on the phone joining us calling in because he was one of the guys in the picture. With Roger Goodell last night at Gillette Stadium when did you know you were screwed ha what at what point did you know Josh. Are important every week. Act now. So did you about revealing yourself or did you only do it once turtle boy gone through FaceBook pictures and all that what made you decide Aaland. I'm on the road that you know are out there and I know you know the whole thing afflicted. A lot of people negative feelings towards I myself you know you detect a lot of great a lot of it almost the first sporting news won't. Josh joins us back here support our retreats it you know your your screwed at that point Josh are you. Is it is it you guys are being portrayed as fake patriot fans are you guys real pats fans or is that an unfair. Label on. We're real app not about them than you know early 2000 they'll both take the watch and before about the way and you know much earlier got in through it. You know I I thought our other reads we buy it for noise and we just got misty if you like and it was reached we're sorry for like you'd. Where did you know we. Felt we found the going to be the traffic Harry and and right. In order. I feel like now as a bat Alter certain that the product they used like you answer that feature on by nick got though. How many people recognize you. I'm in big unaware few people. Modes. I'm on it and say. It's been there are actually up about it reflected in our guys. Are the F. We've got out of there pretty quickly and you know. It's my. Like a hole. Winning the Super Bowl oh. I don't and or stroke he overdue and and and future here great yet it was utter and you know look at is. We are where a lot about its water under the bridge at this point out until. Really move on I'd bank and I you know I I don't like the guys dealt but. You know it is what it is now. I'd say do you regret. Josh I I will ask to speak for everybody in the group they're the three guys but you personally regret having taken that picture. Opt. The audit our idea but I doubt it but does anyone think situation and most people. Get every bite but most people probably think he. That 60% for them and they are actually are you taking pictures. You were a program. It is pretty sleazy that they ask you do it and I plot doesn't anger that so so because we see that picture we think of some pats fans psychedelic NASA take a picture. And it was well opposite. Now a lot. And now and like that for you for it there there's no one Democrat but it was not as important game like I think it's kind of like. I think that they'll buy it you know Roger it felt like I didn't tell you they. You know so it's an effort we need their you what you thought that the suspect like yeah. Last year how how old are you in what do you do. You go. You're very lecture your very mature for 28 we're just not one your phone drop the boy your handling this very well given all the attention it's gotten today are your are your friends taken as well as you are. There are actually they have better I would love what I think but drink little more. That day there like I do I wanna let you know rolled over like he would like. I'm not gonna let you stay you know I hear like that story now. And I think absent then. I doubt what that brought you know. You're used as a yeah. Propaganda gets NFL propaganda you're a toy for the NFL to make the commission to look good in New England but I'm glad he's got a good seats out of its at least have our ports Katrina. It's it's like that now that the orient. I can now. It's the high tail on either Josh that it thank you for hub for Colin and it. People are dying to hear about the story given us a great idea great breakdown of it and enjoy the season and it's a Josh in New Hampshire.