John Farrell with Dale, Holley and Keefe 09-07-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, September 6th

Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe sit down with John Farrell live from Fenway Park and get in to detail about the NY Times report concerning the Red Sox using and Apple Watch to steal signs from the Yankees.   We also get in to the marathon game against Toronto, and the rain situation for tonight's game.


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Richie plus Sports Radio WEEI. The Boston Red Sox John Ferrell brought to you by. Are selling insurance town fair tire prevalent forms 99 cent farmhouse when iced coffee John choices. And our Fenway Park studios howry I'm doing okay Leighton I'd obviously you know. A really good win last night's an important one given what took place in Baltimore. Give us an additional game lead so. We're back at today let's not bury the lead Major League Baseball had a big story yesterday the New York Times chatted about. You guys relaying signals. Through an assistant trainer. The response of the team was OK now we get it at the guys have been doing it to where things stand right now. Well it's still ongoing as we know way they're still a lot I think the examined. The investigation as far as interviews lessons taken place there and his owner. Complaint that's been filed so that there's a lot longer you think when it comes to sign stealing Major League Baseball has been going on for years and years. You think there is a line that shouldn't be crossed and so what is that line. Well I I think here's the thing that every picture that we have we we try to equip them with two or three sets of science for this very fact in it's something that's been ongoing as a former pitcher. If you didn't have multiple sets to go to that change on the fly. Almost shame on you for not having the ability to counteract. The information but it might be relate from second base so. You know in a day of technology. That's going to be pervasive at some point. Now you said yesterday you know about that apple watches you would accept it now what about apple watches news. And it just takes Liu or. Something they use he has as wrong what went about it well I don't know and here's the thing that the fact that if I was aware that this was ongoing it's not so much the device itself the device is being used yeah that's clearly gets rules wouldn't shut down so. I can understand and appreciate the question here regarding its going on and gaga to not know. I can delve into the complete specifics at all. But had I known about a hate that that's not accept. So are you disappointed with those who were doing it again well you're not letting you know that was going on and I have been disappointed had I known about. And still was taking place but the fact is that was not the case and we're dealing with the the consequence. Without putting names on it that tell me where I might be wrong on this I pictured a situation where. They got this idea of their own their gonna put in place but let's not tell John because he's not gonna let us do it. That's sort of feels with this this is an yet again 22 gonna get into the specifics of it I don't think we're at that point. It's still being investigated. And it's a league matter and like I I get that I get why you would ask the question I get the whole perception at all but that's right where we are he do you think. That should have been had a different way in terms of that and if an organization. Has a problem with how you're doing business is there is there a way to handle that that. Doesn't look like what's happening right now the other the other is it and whether that's a conversation. At field level across the diamond between managers or was it between general managers. Which I think in the situation from my understanding is typically the case when you have that kind of relationship. Above one step above the field in this particular case obviously that in platelets so hey look you know. The sign stealing is the party game so what would be the conversation we we think you're using cameras or. And you're you're too obvious with it I mean what would be the complaint since everybody steal signs well I would anticipate if that were. To be had the conversation if it was to be it's okay Lou we we feel like we got this. It if in fact it is you know it's time to shut up because we've got some. Maybe some proof that it is going. But when you when you go to the other extent. You know I think it begins to expose. All not just one side. Now the commissioner yes. Days it really sounds like it's not that big of deal. But it it it didn't it get that you get the sense that he was sample size that is highly obviously any kind of electronic device does make it. Legal but it seems like over the last day there's been. Red Sox are cheaters and do in this but that on the other side the commissioner and data browse you speak yesterday as well so that it's not that big of do you think it's been over. Blown to this point. Get to a certain extent because I think there's there might have been an alternative went hitless. It wasn't so where we're dealing with the you know the league matter that it is. I'm in its. I I think. Commission met for comments were ones based on what he is now finding out through a crucially not just. From being here in Boston yesterday or elsewhere there's certainly no precedent. You know in in a case like this were maybe in past years if if there was some improvement organization using something. There is an vacated of you out of wins and losses that have things so. We do know this that this goes back to the whole premise of science it's a constant. Every day. I want to baseball for a little bit here I was looking at the numbers earlier last year you had to regular members of your offense. Who were not hitting 800 OPS thank you David Ortiz was over a thousand but everybody the two were above 800. This year with the exception of Nunez in devers who arrived here late. You don't have a single guy at 800 no PS well aware of that and how do you explain her. If I had the exact thread that linked all of them together. Whether it was myself to Chile to Victor it's our entire staff. We we would certainly. Change whatever it is that link them all together. I think that you know at times you've had some guys that are trying to do too much. That ends up putting in place with a rushing out to address some pitches. That they're not in the same position from a mechanical stamp on a swing from most of what the drug drug baseball. Smoky depths which I think this comes back to. The last couple nights we're seeing signs of a guy that's getting back to a more balanced approach not trying to overs went about not trying to rush out. You see the line drives. To the poolside a little more regularly the backpack is more consistent hard contact there we need him when he bogeyed we need Hanley. You know there because you're probably referring to that overall statement. We need guys you know on track you know. This team has built a little bit different when we pitch better as a group now the last ten days has been rough. From an overall which is important but to keep knowledge base a little more on pitching and defense was just an overall. Power house of production is for laughter. In the Dominican rookie last year number two in the MVP race terrific season. You think are based on on what you've seen from this kid being around him you think that was just the season for the aces or is there room to grow where you can even. Maintain that or build on what he did Mike I don't think. Less choose the city via wire to me this year's BO because we see you know the supremely talented player. That that it was on display last like all phase of his game was was worth the price of admission he himself. But I think right now as he's gone through some things as outlined. And I think he's coming out of that word there was a tendency to try to do too much he's highly conscientious and and very strong willed person. And when we scuffle as a team he takes more on upon himself. Yeah you'd love that characteristic but I think at times it works as a detriment. He's been a little bit of a stretch where that any concern with Chris fail and I don't just last week we're talking money the fastest got 5000 career strikeouts he looked like a lock for the Cy Young. But he really struggles against the Indians and it's September numbers in first career. Our normal kind of Chris Sale numbers we've seen I think three of the last four starts have not been ideal body and it kind of concerned concerns no nothing out of the ordinary and at the fact is today here to September when the pictures start to show the workload. We try to take every available day and build in some additional rest which were doing with the the off they come up tomorrow depending on what the weather does tonight could be you know whom even more than. But he's also set such high bar for himself this year works like while everyone's expecting twelve more strikeouts or retirement watch them around. Two starts ago Thomas startup in Toronto. Last from a New York high pitch count three runs allowed. Three home runs we we recognize all that so we're trying to do everything that we can't build in some additional rest knowing what his career path has shown. And to do the best that we can within our means. If you've been able to put your finger on and obviously the interests but to put my finger on we fix what's been different for reports all of this here. Consistent location. An animal oversimplified but you know what that's from what it boils down to he gets on a stretch and we sought for probably. 56 start period early in the year it was rough coming out of the gate then he kind of settled in. Offensively we were producing so the win loss record I think in in which case you almost have to do win loss record put aside from. Because there's been some games in which is pitched extremely well comes out with a you know eight innings two runs allowed. 32 loss. Against the White Sox when he's in a stretch were wins five consecutive starts it's five and two thirds in four runs allowed and you take take some wind. Bottom line report shows sinker ball in when he elevates pitches which by design. But the yeah the key is to get back down a knee high in the strike zone and when he's not a when he's in the mid thigh range that's one troubled first. It's crazy since school started when I was phase three weeks in change left in the month of September seasons come into it and and what can we expect to see from David Price this season if anything the regular season. Well I think we're gonna see David Price getting back to amount force I really do believe that and yet he has yet to face hitters and that's that's my own personal opinion that's what I see in the last. Three bull pens and which he's thrown his schedule from the bullpen today. And then faced hitters upcoming here in the Friday Saturday rings depending on how he feels coming out but I marvel at a guy who can prolong toss for the period that he did. Or hands in this most recent period. And then get on the mound and throw the ball like he like he is right now if it's remarkable he he is a unique talent. In what role that I know that's the next logical question and it's one that we continue to ask ourselves the I don't know the liquor will we will be best equipped to answer that question until we get back to the point of closer to full speed facing some hitters and simulated situations general do you think doc Carson Smith to play golf or. Well last night it was the eighteenth inning I don't know that I'm making it very often looks like. Is I think he's got a pretty regimented and and there are some type parameters runs usage he's gonna need rest to be down today whether state and when they're too good too but. I'll tell you this for I hasn't pursued a Major League game and almost two years more than a year and a half. He came out and it was ninety to 93 which is what he's been thrown on rehab. It's not back to his full power which we anticipate would be the case after a full normal offseason. But this could say there's arm slot that is very difficult on right handers last that was a perfect match of forum so if there are spot similar to that yeah I won't use them but it's going to be with some. Pretty consistent rest and and used better. Our question of the week for Red Sox manager John Ferrell brought you by Cumberland farms 99 cent farmhouse blend iced coffee. Today's question comes from Jerry Freeman of where Massachusetts Jerry asks what existing rule would you like to see changed we're gonna wait. Boy. The that you could close but hold top whole show on this discussion itself. You know the the the neighborhood play the slide rule that would be probably a number one because we're still I think at times getting varied. Descriptions are opinions or judgments on that play at second base and obviously I think if you look it's teams that have. These characteristic. When when a team is hard nosed tough type of group that's a play that has a major impact on the outcome of games. And I and I get the whole player safety and I'm all for player safety but I think middle infielders talked to avoid contact when it's. Normal or not egregious. So the slide rolled in one I'd I've looked to remove. Annie line up issues tonight. Well no I think the weather's gonna have a major impact on peace a situation tonight that's one that while he felt good coming out of last night playing full ten innings have anticipated him to be in the lineup tonight but. If I were in any kind of uncertain footing. This is one that will probably. Maybe take a rain check of parliament and the guys. There's the report you get you into that particular game. Well that there's. Your nearest 5050 so you know that there's some talk where it's gonna slow down later on but I don't know just coming down here before we get on air most of them pretty good so. That that the percentage is going to be above 50% pretty much all night so. Tomorrow's the common off day for both teams. And yet we would be in violation of the we're told between the four consecutive days they'd be at 27 consecutive days. The alternative to that could be a day night double header in the compact and counsel. Three options. But and rain is in the air pressure for Brian Butterfield sick with the patriots hope he'll play tomorrow it'll just be bitter I think he's. Probably second thing that most Cotchery back and we know potter films huge patriots fan you root for the patriots are another team known on the without a doubt that I'd I'd love the fact that they could turn the roster over like they do. And maintain the league championship level year in year out and you marvel out of undrafted guys in and what they command and how they contribute. That's second and a we appreciate time it's always hope it game and tonight we'll tucked in next week as Woolsey thanks John Ferrell joining us Sports Radio WB yeah.