How will the Celtics build their future?

Dale & Keefe
Friday, June 16th

Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss the future plans of the Boston Celtics (note; these discussions took place BEFORE news came down that the C's are in talks to trade the #1 overall pick).


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Our efforts to fail in Hollywood keeps. Sports Radio WEEI. Roger Clemens will join us on the program and about 515. This afternoon and he will work tonight's game you'll be in the Booth. For the entire game with Tim never a joke is thickly on his off for the weekend. So Roger Clements who worthless in Houston anyway will be filling in do in the game tonight I've I've seen him do this on net on naslund and he's really good. Unease these got a real I obviously pitching especially he's really good. Eyes as Lu pointed out we did the cross the day for Palmer hit my drive Roger crazy night are you a while might not be such a a good match for Roger note for our hands. Aria yeah. Now are undervalued the unions and a member of childhood flashbacks here during breaks you know it's actually kind of comical to you five stand by for a turning now hold on what it's doing to rock that's like your mom's home. Mom's criticism level. I'm not return team Andy on radio annual special teams there you we need to sort out you prevent its hold on that's the thing Europe. Right now while Washington is really having its way in this NFC east matchup. I.'s Washington thirteen. Giants nothing. My of them and a special teams play there with a locket to point the extra LBJ LT block that point but it's not enough blown coverages I feel like blocked terrible lie you know gonna position one but we're in the grass but that it caller back there. Happy holidays in the grass so like OK to play at you every mall it Japan. But it's early and a on 49 seconds left in the first half got the ball. You feel on our own you know I've missed a field goal early have your choice of four plays. I'm one of those whatever if you Google. It's global goal for our god I'll admit I did the points I got. Both reported that its rely Ahmadinejad that Israel points you have a good defense but I'm not today. The freestyle Friday see you guys bring to the table whatever you want at some point this afternoon you guys have got to talk me off allege. My Celtics gurus have got to talk me off alleged lie because I'm starting to get the feeling. Maybe it's not all happy talk maybe the and he's not gonna draft markets full mark helpful it's maybe Danny's looking to wield expect. Well that's not what I want him to deal why woods wowed the fans I Arizona what I wanted to. It depends on what he's willing what he's willing to we roll it for. At what channel to keep his options are pretty limited. After all these years of losing they'll draft lottery than you win the draft lottery and it straightaway that would be kind of thoughts. It's it's I liked it there and his position they got so many do whatever they wanted to I do like that you don't have to. Don't have that I hope. Hopefully he'll screws it up and this guy falls to you you know you screw every putt but it's were not you could screw it up. I don't think they can work Clarice. Number one they had them on pick and and you I think there are three guys who worthy of a number one mr. That's probably right heretic faults but Fuld is worthy of it I do think Jackson is worthy of and so as long as the ball. So you can do you have anybody you want your take Marco pulled here's the other reason. See that's the thing for me you can take anybody want okay let's just taken in and begun layers of the and a big man they got a seven footer commented on. OK so does that have to do with Fultz. Or Jackson donated it and he did not lead to hide at you and I Martin's style icon to bring up visit I love what he's been great. They're great where is occurring in the Adriatic a basket Omaha. At that they'll own. Later. On on enables them up a low level he's playing at a lower level in Turkey NN and he was so they moved into the upper level. Alex what went out eight team out there. Became well you you know the as rich Lavin points down in Today in rich having read about our writer. Said before you laugh BA BA is a respectable leak. Dario sarge came from there and Arctic and joke. I choke and kill Joseph Chappelle. Our all and I thought of that on us and is is that you can't be the next their teacher yeah okay it's I'm not here to tell you that. But whatever the number one overall pick your San while I feel pretty good it did is they got out well let's hear what they're gonna do with the number one pick the that I. Since they got options that they they're reinforcements at the that the Celtics are gonna have. Coming in this year. With the number one pick whoever they get in free agency. And their overseas stash guys. They're going up they're improvement is going to be dramatic going to be much more improved then Cleveland will improve but Cleveland. Even stagnate. Whether they stagnate or drop down a level I got to Cleveland still better than the Celtics. But I think I think people are gonna be surprised at the dramatic improvement in Eastern Conference finalist is gonna have going to 1718 season. Mark health Fultz. In just you you got him you wanna you've taken you've gotten. Is that better than and I'm just throwing this out there on Maryland's Noel and Josh Jackson. Yes I think faults is that enough yet another Apple's yet. I talked with the we've all told me that that there's not a lot there is their three number one picks right in with Philly you get one of those three. Give us I'm not. I don't jeopardize a worthy of it. But for this but remember this right here I think faults they were ER yeah Jackson if you draft Jackson I guess he's a good player Reggie put him on the Celtics. You have Jalen brown you might get Gordon Hayward. And whether or not you like him or not yet Jae Crowder but I also Josh Jackson when it went into lawlessness. About eighty templates in there and once that you want aren't they all small forwards like what are what are you gonna do with that there that spot so. Take full sports is is that that I mean that's a long one and trying to do is figure out what's. If the NEC and think you know what I noticed that what he's doing he's he's he's I think it's Smart what he's doing what you you would go any lower than Philly three which I don't think he would do it out of the tragic note I don't mind saying you wouldn't go low at three right. I hope not. I think what he's trying to see is if somebody had some crazy for me. And I'll listen no listen all the way up until draft day all the way up until the moment I have to draft that's what makes sure. That nobody's gonna overreact like Brooklyn did says it's Wheldon will make a trade like that. You always notify at least job there's a possibility that somebody else can be that stupid. You try to and it's been brought up a lot but Chris Webber Penny Hardaway in the 93 draft yet they float for more than three. So they go down two spots in what they have like three more first round picks is something insane rightly or there was a guy Herschel Walker type deal. Just so they could get web legislative flip flopped. And so few do doubt if some team really feels that Fultz is a much better than Jackson dinner adding all these future ones. I guess you do it by. I'd I don't know I I've sort of convince myself on faults the ball to fit the player the upside on all of that but I wouldn't wanna mess around and in draft day in my mind worse player just because you're yet all these more like pickles what they have contrasting what do it's it's Okafor and Jackson. For mark L policy old Lola your anger I am tired I don't know what they got. I think the body to body and in Okafor is not as good in not as inspired as. Who it is as a thank you know. The problem at the pride of the ABA module indeed. Then he'd been OK okay event that I don't think about you know and I can't stay healthy pretty abstract. So that was MBE and Glenn Beck an idea you doubted that the I think I'd make that and that you were nurtured in eight. Even even with the physical problem aggregate I think it's still the upside. It is still very young and the chance that he could put together a you know it's a risk but that he also you at least at that one also of the three pack. And who knows might get logs of all with tree. Liquors to take Josh Jackson because they easily. I don't actually think this rival GM if the rival if the rival GM does exist yet to point that out any time it's an anonymous source a pillar. I'm sure our wire reporters have to do it. So I don't wanna just assume the person is made up but in the back your mind you say. This is personally affect Africa and back in Iran but. Let's assume the person Israel. Anonymous GM could be. Match it could be a lakers source that is trying. So hard to you either get Marco Fultz from you. We're so old or or just trying to put something in your head to try to they've got an agenda. And they're just trying to throw it out there pick to cause some chaos who knows why people live lives of punts allies. You know it is both more lies are told in United States of America before dress me any league is having a draft that you've done better tournaments that is when you have the most lies floating in the atmosphere aligned sees just. And and tons of its false statements. And they know it is that it ate much you know I hey you know what I heard. Put it out there. Well that's what people are so disappointed last year with Taylor brown are indeed it was a silly Jalen brown proves just the zillion trade rumors that were out there you got results and do something. They don't they keep the tape they don't add another player they they have a drafting guys there put overseas in a pattern to sell off draft picks. So I was frustrate you heard every other scenario leading up to. Your daddy's drafted for someone else there are varying. Who left field router or NATO JR ground for now. It's along draft. I want to keep the number one pick and take it. Take faults and beat them a message is that something. Just irresistible so and another like NB a era isn't another lopsided. It's a flat out lopsided deal and say indeed is irresistible. Advocate because there's some risk there is some risk involved and it's unless something really stupid like I call new loans in Orleans what if someone picked yeah. We regulars were Anthony Davis okay thanks. Especially after like that that's a no brainer and you you would do that I'll do something that kind of I cannot offers can be available to. Probably not really said NBA GM Vollmer dumb yeah a lot of our really bad phrase really about it. And a lot of danger is has won a bunch of trade the time so Meredith was looking to do here. I've backed the call 61777. You have sort of talk enough belittled it. Good because I want them to just take picked you sort of indicated you want them to just take the pain also. And I would mind some stupid but probably 56177797937. Marks in Medford hey mark. They have this Friday night and won't among Ari. It took baseline so delicate and pat on the Bruins segments from a little white ball are you. They're actually excluding the patriots. I think the born out of the that the three other teams have a special auto within the next championship all of it in your opinion on back. Oh and if you had to choose. Jala great she Rask couldn't betray one album which one would it be a listener of the economic I don't have a great weekend. I easy yet preaching. But hello I indicating actress isn't is it to be nobody's gonna take you know forty year old Tara with one year of his contract off your hands problem. So you know I really cheap the year right at its a four million dollar year. A good team would take on the bimbo would they give you back sorrow. For forty year old fan yeah I as far as which team is closest I think it's the Red Sox. He said excluding the Pate excluding the patriots I'd say the Red Sox it's funny that like where the Celtics are there the furthest away. Based off phone Cleveland business and yeah and right and that bounce eagle steak on anywhere for a couple years so. And at that gap is pretty significant in the oil like where they are an idea I've been like the construction of their team better than the Bruins or maybe even better in the Red Sox. It's just the nature of that sport their conduct screwed whereas you saw the predators make it to a game six of a cup final and baseball seems like. In each you can get hot at the right time to have enough talent for you get high and you could definitely when it. And answer I would say the Red Sox that are closely. I agree with you the Red Sox are closest they're a playoff team. And so. You don't even think like that baseball may last year the cubs were great. Other great regular season everybody assumed that they were gonna win the World Series which they did put the peck their path to the World Series was not a cakewalk. I mean they were down in the series three games to one. And they came back in and won it in extra innings in game seven. If so that's the best team that's the dominant team that you have and that's how they got their World Series of baseball is pretty much wide open to start the playoffs. Anybody's got a chance to win it literally anybody's had a chance to win a base I break now. I disagree with you on the Bruins because. Yeah the predators. From the west. As an eight seed got through it and Stanley Cup final but the team that won it. Has now won back to back and they got their core returning and there's nothing that suggests that. There about the falloff. Another brewer was too late but the Celtics ahead of them which it. I would now really I wouldn't get both Cleveland and Golden State ahead of them because it's what's gonna happen when the senators aren't they are decorated team so they were able to do in the post season. What I'm I'm looking at the what with the so the Bruins in the same conference as the penguins back to back champs. Then you gonna lose we mentioned a forty or forty year old car's gonna lose Chara. Who's your you've you've told me anytime he's your best offense he has right now via via a full season on a Mac boy well I thought it was beloved alma Mac yet but it. But how how. How close are you having. 44. Really good defenseman. Seeded difference from. Though Michael is that there's a much better chance of having a team get on a role in the playoffs in the NHL. Than there is in the NB. The Celtics can get on a roll and probably still wouldn't get by Cleveland and if they did get by Cleveland they're not get my Golden State. So yeah there's too overwhelming obstacles there's the conference finals and the NBA finals for the Celtics that. I no matter what they do this offseason that would probably over the collegiate I don't Nationalists the sixteenth seed going into the playoffs get on a role in the back there and systemic but the they're in the Stanley Cup fine. How do you feel but you resent the Bruins the Bruins are close not so we are because there anymore once they're in they've got a better chance of progressing yeah than a team does in the NBA. But we are lower and lower seeded teams the NBA don't get there I gotcha but I think we're. I think two things were missed too obvious things were missing one for me and and it's a freestyle Friday so we we gotta we gotta projected that. But the real and and I'm missing this one. The real answer is. Asked me that question mark in Medford paparazzi with the dew free agency. Because I know the drought of two boroughs are all Celtics now I know what's gonna happen on draft and a pretty good idea was gonna happen entrapment. But. They pick up in the offseason they pick up mark helpful and Gordon Hayward. Of course and two scores that's like 28 when we give that a 28 points that are just thirty points the economic. From a giving up fault eight to ten being conservative and knowing what's minority can't just add thirty points of what they have but. But I do know that that Gordon Hayward is twenty points core. Yet I hear it now Crowder is gonna go from fourteen day ago that there's going to be. The teams volumes worth of Mormon I know but they got a guy who is another threat they've got an avid legitimate thing this guy. Who they got two more threats one off the bench who I don't expect. A beautiful things from because he's a rookie in nineteen years old and another guy who's got who's gotten better every year. In the league. So yeah your little closer I don't think Cleveland is an overwhelming obstacle at that point there's still an obstacle Golden State clearly. Is is something. That's why I'm honest I don't argue with no matter what the and he does he can't win the NBA title next year. The Bruins probably won't either by the way but I'm just saying now they coal and I could see it happening in the NHL eight that it can't happen in the India. Well even if even if let's say San Antonio. Picks up Chris Paul so you have Chris Paul quiet Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge. Who kind of thinks I'm. Worried. Although there's kind of thanks a evaluated how big a good player but will have and change that balance of power in the west. They'll be it'll be tougher for the warriors to get throughput at sixteen and one main everything they lost one playoff game. Let I think they're all coming to a game and haven't since March. Lost two teeth and eighth since parchment and at that thing. I just in the NBA you've got to dominant teams. You've got a great team in Pittsburgh absolutely positively. But in the NHL lower seeded teams win more often than in the NBA where they never. Short but but add that I said the second of two things are missing so we are to talk about something free agency the other one is. We're minimizing Pittsburgh. On I think their great team but do you resent the warriors might be the greatest NBA team of all time single season are we saying about the penguins know. The I don't maybe that's Apple's charges but the pointedly that that that's an all time team were at the time when they're really good team though that teams deserving of winning the cup that won back to back they have up. Couple all time talents on their team. But I don't think there in the mid. For greatest team member arrives ordeal with with the warriors the Bruins lost the first round of the playoffs to the team DJ being continues Tuesday. They suck the but that they dale a couple of rounds failed hold to I told us the beginning of the playoffs they're not very good Ottawa not very good. They lose in a first round of the playoffs. And they are in the same conference as a back to back champions you're too close to what your fish like I did both all the clothes are closer than the Celtic. I don't think they are I think they got it and I like how close do you think the Celtics. Yes let's not let you other when the east also obviously I think there I don't think it's once again. I can tell you it if they get if they get one of their top two choices in free agency. Okay it will play and I Gordon Hayward they get mark helpful three years. Two years away from beating the Golden State Warriors or somebody. I don't think we I just don't feel that this. And when you do and I don't know I don't warriors they they implode and they they hate each other what can I had the possibility fifth it is but I I have a harder time predicting that. And faults hits and in Hayward continued late. How many years can he continue to get better we thought I would I don't hear a midget aren't they right Erica stay right where you are. Very good player very good addition not a great player but very good I just think Isiah Thomas Gordon Hayward Al Horford. As your as your starting point your three best players. Still isn't enough. Not not the way the NBA is today the bronze gonna create another super team whether it's in Cleveland or in LA while likely in LA army doesn't LA it is he doesn't LA now you're stripped to another layer because now he's opened up the path for guidance at all ironies. That's fair and out and going up against a bigger Wagoner in the. But I don't and I wanna keep making the assumption even though I'd love and love what they did this year I love what they've done the last three years Golden State. I don't wanna just put them in. The the NBA finals and take no one can beat them I don't wanna say that. Notes who knows if they get there yet they are a monster to deal with but. We we don't know you know where where does Paul George lined up where where does where it is Chris Paul wind up where some of these guys go. It can be pretty interest in British Carmelo is he joined up with the spurs and I don't know what's gonna happen. So. I don't wanna compare the Celtics the emerging Celtics two years. To the Golden State Warriors of right now. So that were in agreement about wanting to patriots obviously head and shoulders every Red Sox to. Or only arguing about what order to three and four fall. You think the Celtics are three I think of the Bruins are three an and that doesn't mean I think the Bruins are better team in the Celtics and their respectively and hackers hockey. No it's just that it happens more party in the NBA just never happens. An eight seed which is what Nashville was. Never BSE in the NBA but I. That's true but that's to me is not a good argument for why there close for championship if your argument for why they're closer championship let's have let's close well or or closer to a championship is that anybody can win. In the NHL it I does tap it is it is happened how many times and laughed when he partners. I understand I just on eight seed in the in the Stanley Cup final when it went when it how many times has an eight seed won it in the last 25 years they just the kings but I. What would be I would feel better of the Bruins beating the penguins in a seven game series there will tell us about the cavaliers have or warriors. But I'd I'd like to hear an argument for not just finished the history of the league hire anybody can do in the playoffs. An argument for what the Bruins are doing and what did you like. From their personnel that makes him championship caliber now OK if you can give me that well we got something. 6177797937. Its telephone number freestyle Friday hop on board with us we'll talk to Roger Clemens about 515 here on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. 6177797937. This telephone number. Tex minus 37937. Several techsters point out once as dale the Celtics aren't NHC you're right they're not elements is dale. You say you're saying the lower seed doesn't ever win the championship in basketball but the Celtics were a number one seed this year. If you wanna hang your hat on the fact they were a number one seed in the east go right ahead we know who the best team in the east once that's right they didn't care about the number. Martina and there were they there were either at the second then the second question I mean that they finished second best team and we dot. Going into the playoffs realistically they were the second best in me. It's everything we all the sentence him for your news takes away that's my number says on the smash that for a minute and a half. An expert. I have been smashed and after a Michael tired giggled as an inch before halftime and get a spate under the radar this perhaps time. Busted coverage by the giants. Gift to the one time expiring nobody. I want to throw on the red flag one inch your way I think I'll and tackles inflated though tackle all sorry it's happening now 37. It was seconds left in the third quarter and okay that's not a put it to replace about birthday bonuses for the birds in your back through. What it teaches them the power he him watching and one good time unions work. That's still a sandy. A daily at a joint effort of president ten Friday every Friday that have a keeper madness is I don't know it's idiot but we derivative. Oh without the 545. Gonna join us this great matchup odds it's fascinating there are competitive Crowley game was looking at low left in the primetime with runners Austin. All I was pointing out to that to the techsters is that hang your hat on the fact that the cells for the number one seed if that makes you feel better. Then tell me at the same time how great chance you'd think the Celtics have a beating Cleveland next year. And let's just say the miracle happens and they beat Cleveland. Tell me what you think chances are of them beating Golden State are you think the Celtics are four years away from winning anything right. He had there and they are as far away as as Golden State can keep things together are. How far do you think the Bruins are from being champions. Realistically. 34 years so brought it closer but the because there's a better to show you can't app I think the C alienate China. Is that this at the Celtics are better team in the NBA than the Bruins are in the NH. You're absolutely right. I'd take get two super teams to still climb over and I just don't see how they get past those two super. You would you like Vegas odds Michael you know if if the Bruins were able to face the penguins and a series let's say they beat the senators and one and and eventually face the penguins. They would be the underdogs no doubt but it would be closer than somewhat Celtics cap. Well right now it's funny to say that because right now Vegas thinks that the Celtics are closer than the Bruins yup. I think they release the odds of me not agree with them what else altogether this guy third guy got you they're tied with San Antonio as the third favorite in the NBA Bruins were seventeen. So in a weird way to the Celtics and you've done a nice job of separating themselves from a the wizards the raptors candidate to face the air holes and fairly quickly it's quicker than I would have a match yet you're. I still think they're about a year ahead of schedule probably they are ready giving birth again. Before the season started everyone on our runner up around went around you find out what you there once the united underwent more than one round and didn't. It so that that's great the Bruins meanwhile are very much just admit if you look at the Eastern Conference you at the penguins. And then they're not the second best team but I'm on a given night or given series there's such that they they could. You know he. Probably anybody else in the Eastern Conference. I wanna see them make more championship moves I love the championship move they made would back aboard. I think that was a great move about they made a counter move. Quick. Backus. And I think I was championship move at all. I think I got the bad they debate they've also got others. I'm not saying as good as Mac one under his Bjork is is a move like that like you were sank guy who's a whole B baker finalist this year. Comes out of Notre Dame says okay I'm ready go I think he's a top six forward next year. I mean you've got a guy who's a top four defenseman now in Mac boy may be a top to yes. Unless you've got Bjork quite think is going to be a top six forward so your adding young not just young guys who were fourth liners and third defense pair guys. But who will be significant contributors next year. Now what happens this weekend you know who they protect who they don't who gets taken from them by Las Vegas. I'll be curious to see how that'll. And is there anybody that is gonna be on the expansion list that you hope Vegas doesn't take that you really sick of him. I hope I hope they don't notice him. Yeah I they're gonna lose one of three defenseman. They're gonna lose either Adam aquae Kevin Miller or column. Now the question is which one of those three is Don Sweeney and protecting because it's gonna come down to he's gonna protect one of them went grocery. So they're gonna lose one of those three the one that I probably don't wanna lose of the three. Kevin Miller Dennehy played the vessel playoffs that's funny guy. Which is surprising to you by Letterman and third on the list at the beginning of the year but at the end he's probably guy I'd want most. And then I guess still without side when she also still want Colin Miller yes and benefits that were played out there idea he's still. And it and makes you wonder what Vegas would be thinking. Though some it some expansion teams just I hate to take give me a bunch of young guys and we'll build it. Some make the mistake of think that they can win immediately they thought they pick it anybody. If the bigger and bigger opponent if they go to Fred Von I got team definitely competitive right now and I'll take guy who's pretty good but probably. I shouldn't be taking on an expansion team. And what it would it would Sweeney looks that way of what what you wonder what he sees as it is looking at the contract situation. And trying to bait Vegas in the. Can a guy you'd love you love teh Vegas take Jimmy Hayes or Matt the last ski. But they won't these people not mean you're if you're Don Sweeney you'd say hey you know I'm really sorry to see one of those guys go. As Sweeney has said and he's right you're gonna lose that player. Whether it's Adam Quaid or whoever it's gonna you gonna lose a player that you'd rather not lose. Because you're not gonna lose those two guys who you probably would be okay with lose great. By law happen this weekend the protected list scope going this weekend expansion draft early next week. Where they go from there I don't know but I I just think that. Both the winter sports teams are young up and coming getting better Celtics could be better next year than they were this year they're going to be. I think it'll be faults and and Gordon Hayward but just those two guys alone. And his age and don't forget to visit on Richard did you and universality. Yeah I'm not as a franchise marriage I'm not at all excited about the first Larry Johnson is just I know it's hot and so highlight supposed to make you look good all the time they should and can him. It was very EU. Just watch very skilled. It's slow though. It's a little slow for its been way too much time in front of that computers are a lot of video and it listed Matt 68240. On an attack. And some more pronounced that to afford more war of one tack on two more. Like Sully all of that Salinger. No I I obscene I don't want that. That that 240 be higher but might I say it's little more blue I'll I'll oh I think is that like to see it went out why aren't seeing more got a forty got a I don't know maybe it's just this how this is your highlight real happy yeah you should look pretty good and he knowledge of the game great. Pick and roll beautiful. This looks looks a little slow. Tough but slow. I'm an existence now I've felt on the on the Internet and had a right all and Dexter as fellow leftist group. Right tell you compared your YouTube want musings about my Obama. Why is it completely different a different player items in athletics you can. Those guys can be argued that 6177797937. A promise right back to the calls that you coming up next Roger Clements at 515. He goes seen Andy I don't turn your loud mouth yeah Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. As telephone number. Excellent 37937. Back to the calls we go with you guys Wallace in Cambridge at all I don't. What's cholesterol well. You know the word dynasty has kind of abnormal sound to it whereas the words super team just sounds. This doesn't sound right. But I mean basically the same thing that bull one sounds better and I. On double what. I think there's only one legitimate dynasty in the last say fifteen years in. And that's an illegal parity is Paramount and it just amazing what they've done it has people scratching their heads except for those who kinda say well that's a bit acrid. Where is this super team that just not find that that's. Or lose that he's got a dog yeah yeah does that meet your traits what the spurs. Yeah sort of borderline okay patriots can't argue right. Jamal yeah I didn't. If you don't argue the patriots you count I can't argue the spurs the same. It's pretty much the same thing Internet. Look at me and they they what the patriots separate yeah. You know that week is not for the pages to do it went up by one which Iraqi is percent real quick urgent broke. I'm Stanley Cup hockey withdrawal on the beat try to be quick. First of all the reason why the Bruins have a better chance to win and save the Celtics. It because Serbia my beloved once you get knocked out or don't make the Stanley Cup. I got the game so this year. I called an interest in action goes I've got these Saint Louis they don't know I don't Mikey has audible it's about that team I'd like. And nobody nobody's brought up the fact that Ottawa. Like Pittsburgh. To a seventh game. Double what a time table one global. From being an Israeli cup finals they just anointing. And the talk about the Stanley Cup. I just by luck at the twist and turns in Pittsburgh without plate. By the the first experience at least with the two gamely. And that actual. Shut Pittsburgh doubt that 37 minutes any shots. And shuts down quite involved in a whole day but don't shots and when I called awake at glacier DL you impressed with natural you scream yes. And I said they have no holes and that idea that you want. Pittsburgh rutz has six goals. And then the next game gale that gained six. A lot of work because it was just so exciting and real legitimate drug because circle. I mean that was a quick whistle I just felt the natural no one should wonder what sex game. Well like I I'm not saying the Pittsburg one in the win the game anyway by. They absolutely gets screwed out of what should medical it is bad call and and that's the sort of thing if you're gonna have replay in any and in any sport. Habit to fix things like that and oh by the way you can reveal that. The National Hockey League just screwed up yes they have reviewed that exact play before. It's just drives me crazy because it's dome dates on the cell phone hated I don't. They had created and it was. Got to go live to go on the road next time. Well I don't all agree you know currently there really are definitely closer. Getting a good pilot when Egypt Egypt and the reason why I don't. Think you're very close disclosure under close senate and the Celtics. Almost all of it the notably Michael Clark on the purple a little bit it will help everybody a look at about 12. That the pregnant I think you're right I think I need to and it won our Internet electrical this now under Benedict the mentality at play. What they have a good ol' robot veteran leadership but don't let that they've got pea knuckle ethernet on the bench. And the speed on the ice would be youngsters this year it definitely put in the position at the plate you let me tell. Well they certainly look faster and much more skilled than they've been in recent years when they were making the playoffs. How having said that to Michael's point about it David Pakistan seem to fit back. Jimmy Hayes and seemed to fit that Alaska doesn't seem to fit that. But if you look elsewhere around the roster they do seem to be building. A team more like the rest of the national. They're free agent they can pick up when you were saying over that makes sense that's dissect a good. Smart. Free agent signing fits the Bruins. It's what they're trying to do is there a guy like that reaches an advocate trade is going to be more likely a trade but it is there. Josh protein Minnesota. Defenseman. That's what they're looking for what's that rumor I was that a rumor last well all I've I've heard his name come up there for. You know a guy like that I could see them trying to acquire they TJ Joshi are of and they can afford them or not but that's it we're looking at a guy they can stick on the first or second line. You know or on our right wing they could score. I'm that to some renewing their need shot occurred when they got for you. Not for me Dick net noninterest adopt a lot of money Iran I think the basic is too expensive and I think he's game is a little overrated. I like him but not. He he's gonna be like up to use a basketball term he's going to be like a Max contract kinda guy. I wouldn't take. I mean you've already and you've you've told this many times I'd I do this and I hope we can listen to your listened to you listen you just sells. You only thing I said I believe it adds don't always I listen I'll always agree with you favorite to listen to that. And so you've said many times that they've god. A stable of young defenseman. That are that are coming up through your system and show and we already received one of them and and the one guy in it he looks great that's Charlie Mack what they've got more they got more. We're going to be coming through on she'd contracts. Couldn't you couldn't you see is scenario where he got a guy. Under control. Or several government control and then you add a big signing. By Jack and Kirk would have makes sense. It's possible I mean I'm not as big Shatner Kirk fan as you are but but yes in a year you're also gonna you're about to drop in my opinion. About thirty to 35 million dollars on David postured. I think that's what it's gonna take and and I think they're they're approaching getting that done that. It's gonna be like five and a half to six million a year I'm that that's. Appropriate. Path it did but I don't I don't misunderstand I got no issues with donut they're going to do it. They're gonna sign and he's not going anywhere but it's gonna take you know a chunk of your salary cap money the cap is gone up next year to 75 million. 2.5 percent increase or something and it's marginal but at least it's gone up it and go down. But you know they've they've got some things they've got to get done. At least now Sweeney has done enough in with other moves that he's made so that he's at least in the discussion here. He's got a couple of who's that you know his his design his call Julie Mason Matt olasky we're not good signings. He's one abroad and in here and now it was back that's right I disagree with you about back story you're you're more negative on Backus and I'm not. Not negative is just what city hate him if you let you hang out signing what he was a captain in Saint Louis yes. They move on from for from their captain they don't wanna sign a guy who's now know they did wanna sign they couldn't salary cap wise they couldn't. They liked him they didn't want indigo and say dislike them but. We said is that they didn't wanna sign him they get what they wanna side of two that the contract that the Bruins won it prior to that I want it back out after they didn't have the money out of there one did they wanna give them six million dollars a year find out what what are abroad it was six million I'd I'd over five years they had they had cap issues and Saint Louis and the Bruins gonna have character issues that keep making signings like that. You know. What is he now 33. 3334. I think so I started three years old third and he's got four years left on the contract. You know he got a broad. So that's good I mean I've had I think he's a bad guy certainly seems like a great guy does it's a terrible signing. David back its 33 turned 33 on May first. And he's got how many years four years left it up like a five year contract from not mistake during a five record and equivalents and promptly missed him. All of it up for during the break 6177797937. Is telephone bill in time. If I if I think Clemens not not for you it's not Roger Clemens joins us at 515. The island Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media.