Have the Red Sox Peaked Too Early?

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, August 8th

In hour number two of Red Sox Review, Christian Arcand takes a few calls on whether or not this Red Sox team has hit its peak too early.  He also tries to figure out if Rick Porcello will be able to turn the corner just like much of the team has.  Christian also breaks down Mookie Betts's season and how much of a drop off in power the Red Sox have had since last season.


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Is 1107 here's what's trending now on WEEI NN WEEI. Dot com brought to you by town fair tires for the best prices on tires nobody be found very tired nobody. Red Sox made a season high seven straight wins tonight blanking the Tampa Bay Rays to nothing in the first of this two game set at the trop. Chris Sale on fire tonight eight innings no runs thirteen strikeouts. That is his fourth straight start against the rays this season with at least a dozen strikeouts cell picks up the win improved to fourteen and four on the year Craig Kimbrel struck out the side in the ninth. And her to his 48 save of the year Sox runs coming from Iraq failed devers groundout in the fourth. In an RB I single off the bad Jackie Bradley junior in the ninth with a win it. Boston improved to 64 and 49 on the year Sox and rays will cap off the short series tomorrow. Reports on the mound for Boston opposite Jake odor breezy your first frigid seven catch all the action right here. Beginning at six when he on the Shaw's WEEI. Red Sox radio network socks pick up another game on the Yankees who lost to Toronto tonight. Fortitude your final Josh Donaldson a pair of home runs for the jays Sox now four games up in the standings on the Yankees who they will visit this weekend and other baseball news. Manager Joseph west has been suspended three games for comments he made about Texas ranger third baseman Adrian Beltre in an interview in an interview with USA today west called Beltre the biggest complainer in the majors. And the patriots practice with the jaguars again today there will play those jaguars. In pre season we won a Thursday united shall lead the patriots also today. Became the first NFL team to buy their own plane. The team purchased a pair of Boeing's 767 jets in the offseason that they were used to go to away games that is true. Whether tonight it's partly cloudy 65 degrees out temperatures will drop slightly overnight tomorrow going to be nice. Mostly sunny highs in the eighties nice and warm weather brought to you by large painting I'm Christian art in and that's what's trending now. He sees Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody eats a recap of Red Sox and the race he ought to. Break off fastball over the years I wanna strike at number thirteen for sale. On 112. Bit. Dial 6177797937. Swing and a miss strike through the slowdown in mid stride early in the race to the final two months in the 12 pitch from Kimberly slowed down and miss credit available at Davis over the Red Sox. Have won seven in a row for the first time this year. The Red Sox now fifteen over 564. And 49 and the final story. Red Sox to Tampa Bay muffler. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. All right your final hour here Red Sox review on Christian are cam live and our break and studios. Would announce the pike. Red Sox taking care business in Tampa tonight Chris Sale taking care of business going eight shutout innings striking out thirteen batters. He was surgical tonight always seed thirty. Any guy he just have gone mean there was no there was never a time where it seemed like the rays had a legitimate shot at scoring around. It never really seemed like that was ever in the cards in any one in particular it back even. And I know that that's not really how baseball works in just one bad pitch is all taste guy it's a home run their run but play. The way sale look tonight the way just his pitches were moved the way that slider was was moving around. This fastball. I'll god he was on it they could barely touch from. The few times they did it was it was surprising. And he set the tone at the very beginning of this one tonight. Coming out there and just dominated is overpowering the first two hitters he saw. And not really ever letting up on them after that. He had at least one strikeout in every inning. The Red Sox got the rays are 27 times. Sixteen of those out front straight yeah thirteen for sale three for kemba. I'm trying to own. You help me out here obviously Koji in and Jonathan Papelbon. Spent some good close this year. Kimbrel is the latest in a pretty pretty good at that position for Red Sox fans has been pretty good over the years. You haven't had a real lousy closer in quite some time on the stick it. And if your remember the ninety's there were a lie you know as if I was. As Jeff Reardon aaron's third after that things Tom Gordon and some of these other guys not quite. Not quite we've gotten of the since key focal put it that way. Really the last bad Red Sox closer. And I'm not counting Alfredo seven. The last bad Blake legit bad Red Sox closer. And it's not even really fair to call him that was Pyongyang's Kim I think. Right. There's been maybe a couple of guys here in their bit in terms of someone who is the last. It was his job and nobody hustling I know there is Andrew Miller in the Niger Miller Andrew Bailey in that camera and those guys who all got hurt in Koji got the job. But I was thinking about ideas bet it's a while since you've. Really dreaded ninth inning as it normally it's in the close or one point. Or Seymour the eighth inning guy is he was hair he was bad year he was bad when you hear. The double check on them. I'm try that way I sort of in my head do anyway sorted through meat goes fault Papelbon. Then it was supposed to be Daniel Bard after that and that didn't quite work out. You had those sort off years there between the Savvis and then. And then you sort of move sciences the daily Hanrahan experiment which led the Cody. And coach he was so good effort in those last couple years. And then you add it absurd that in between they goaded and they go to camera. A camera was good last year and I greet you this year he's been great. So you really. For the last fifteen or so years. With a couple of varies brief exceptions. You've not had to worry much about the closers role in your boss the rights act that is a position that this team has really emphasize. And when they get a guy who can do the job they make it happen and out. I know it's the sort of the answered this is is that while look around baseball are here as all these good closers are everywhere these guys ago he says he had insurer by. In we got World Series champions here I mean we're talking about guys who. Who came through at the highest level we're talking about guys who Jonathan Papelbon struck out to win the World Series. In down. Stabbed by fall and that they're there in all of those Tyler it's like there is you can't get away from those gag Koji having come on in the when he thirteenth. You know it's it's all. There are also home well intertwined with like the law or in the in the history of these three championships we've seen here. And Kimbrel has all the makings of being that next great clothes I mean he's he's he's doing it right now. You just got to get to a woman and in playoffs came and let him actually go out there or pitch with a lead. So it doesn't end up looking like Zach Britton last year. You know like that's the guy he can't you can't let him waste the way out there in the pen. Yeah I'd normally through. And that's the only thing really standing in his way right now I would say so you know you got you got a guy in Kimbrel. Who this year has been so good and so consistent with a couple that flare ups once we hired on in okay when Tonya was good. But he's he's right there he's had said Britain last year either but he's right. Aired what he's been doing in. The way he's been doing it has been extremely impressive. And tonight was just another example this was a game where the offense didn't really show up all that much. They showed up in the sense that they got on base. And then they stayed there on base nine left on base and it seemed like Mort in the seem like a lot more than nine. Twelve hits two runs only nine left on base you know why because they only walked once. They only worked one walk in it was Dustin Pedroia that was the only time he got to basement. I'm glad Pedroia is backed by the way. I don't know how long DH Ing him is gonna gonna work and be sort of code with everybody but I don't really care. It doesn't really bother me if it is the Droid is the DH one night in new news of the DH devers of the DH Bogart's whoever that really care what is. I just saw an easy got to keep all these guys in the lineup. There's no way I mean you can't. Egypt possibly endeavors was nice he drove it around but he was over foreign. New Year's three for five. It was almost four for five that that all the by the way we had another base running. Are you wanna call blunders anymore. A gets its beyond that at this point blunders I think just putting it through nicely this team is so bad running the freaking bases. And it's not enough to get me but I am a bright pair like I am I'm close to snapping when it comes to this team running the bases. Jackie Bradley juniors on first base. There's one out Nunez hits one to the warning track looked like he was gone off the bat. And Bradley just hairs asked the second base. And then undeterred as the ball continues to Carrey goes the third. And it just sort of starts jogging and then realizes or crap there's only one with the and it doubled off there'd and that any which isn't to say that in attic definitely would have but I get is this team. Every night today have to run into at least one out. Is that is that mandatory does it have to be this way. Because it's kind of been that way. And we're to the point in our for just happens once word we're feeling pretty good about our limit the damage. Only run in the one out and stop the bid to nothing game Garrett and out but at least it was just wants. It is usually you're states' big two or 36177797937. That your phone number let's go to the phones talked to Wally and forever a law. Tell what's so Christian you're a little young to remember Dick rather I think it's sixty playlist so don't like fifteen and blow up. And they keep it like a 165. Then but back then heavily the other pastry in this because say yeah. Totally deadly. The closers who commit in the sixth yeah I mean it was a dog totally different thing. I mean this I would just like to lead to blow everybody away. Can you imagine that closes today pageantry Emmons. Com. Andrew Miller maybe that's it maybe you're all this Chapman was the only they'll. I'm a regular basis ever Wally if that's insane I would never happen every every day no way. It's dissident Wei who waved back. And as far as yet respect them. I love you remember it clipped slocum. Sure. Part of the greatest trade Red Sox system. Yeah I've been a good deal lower Varitek while we certainly did did. But he yeah a bumpy spot to an Rory who has in just underwent these forests and I think we traded to Seattle yes there are some guys. Yeah I'd say we did I say remain out on Alan Weil is probably the best one of the best trades in Red Sox history. Right but you look at this team right now. Is your. They had just so loose Iguchi that haven't fund but Serbia's president to see what happens to the price comes back and Alec. We still need these guys closely price. In I mean that this team is on a roll that haven't won but that NB CEO also plays with the lineup flavor and heavily comes back. Yeah and it will be interesting to see Wally he played with that lineup tonight. That lineup tonight if you missed it if you didn't catch the game tonight disk you're starting lineup Eduardo Nunez leading off Dustin Pedroia DH seeing batting second. Into red attendee in the three spot smoky best batting clean up. Devers in the five hole Zander Bogart's batting sixth and short Mitch Moreland at first handily on Jackie Bradley junior 79. Well. That's a bit different. I'm not gonna freak out too much be carries. Well. They want to invite. You know the offense seemed like they were doing fine the way things word and Evian is really offense kind of carry an honest we looked it. Wasn't that wasn't read something we all agreed it finally started to click. Why did this happen tonight. I missed I missed the pregame show I was kicking myself for that. Because I would love to have heard and I don't know if we have a but I mean. I would love to have heard a wide John Ferrell decided to tinker with the lineup right now I know the FB a dry in there that's fine. But putting the Droid in the tool doesn't mean you have to move Ben attendee at the three broke into the cleanup spot. Adam Aaliyah. You know I get bad debt doesn't. To me anyway is definitely not something and asked that it. The idea Pedroia back in their fine put American every you don't these other moves that was that was just Ferrell going on his own. It wasn't some sort of lefty matchup either the kid brought to Brady so I mean. I I don't know I I I didn't catch if fairly addressed it before the game. In Newsday and the manager show with two stately old quit. I'd love to know why you why that decision got made. Is that to me. Was really trying to lose tinker around with something that finally it seemed. Finally you have a homestand where you averaged six runs a game. And then you start they get around the lineup why. Yeah any ideas or shut. Well he QG okay government. Will get at the Ferrell sound from after the game. See if maybe anyone asked them about it. It's not really I mean. I wonder now if you know after a game like this. You need to beat guys go into the clubhouse and don't want ask about it whatever with the office value after the game even. I don't know if if anyone got this bit after the game Jackie Bradley junior is a guided Jones an interview. And asked them about in driving in the runs inaugurated as Chris Ellis gone and sort of everything else. And I'm sitting there are gone they gonna ask him about how he ran into that out how he forgot many outs there or. On the Nunez Spybot and never asked that. Now he's sort of joked about it is you know they want easy to ask about it conservatives hey you know. You won the game and that's viable what now is that he bank and you know is AM it was a stupid mistake was unacceptable like in doing any answer the question just fine. But there was like a moment for your for just the second or at I think they ask about that he should ask about that. He didn't the only one ball hit to on the whole game that's how they open in a really subject you had a pretty easy night tonight only one boy had the plays yep. Nicely at about that Darren drove it and I broke the single. In what the hell was that you're Britain which you forget how many outs there where you forget what I would what was that do you think it was all right legroom. What happened there. Yesterday's that I made a mistake it was a metal air was unacceptable blow. But there's that sort of thing you know there's a and you wonder like obviously the team broadcast is different especially on the radio side. You know you don't often have anybody being as candid. About the team on news radio broadcaster say that it's actually might be which is to say it exactly is over the top whatever by. You know it he's the only one like bogs tonight was fine anti. In inserted when the way back machine in the air reminiscing inserted talking about guys from the past and how they compared to guys were playing today analysts are saying that it was fine he was. He's better than timlin and I actually like the better than Jonny Gomes but it. In room. Major may just be me. But you know there is. You wonder like these guys. You don't wanna. Yeah it is only a couple months left in the season here in and I you'd you'd towards the end. You know you're not gonna be like BFS with any of these guys but I wonder if it's sort of defense or is still lingers there at all. As I was thinking about that is I was driving over here as has spread Jacqui about that. And that is Jackie gonna take it means the grand picture with him never in the post about it is that you have dot com that and I'm there word and you motivate me every valley are sort of thinking that they. Is this still kind of a thing or Nat. I don't think it is. And maybe it isn't there just sort of ignoring it going about their business which is what you know people have to do in most settings from the word people alike. Bite it in a wondering you know whether there's still. If there's still sort of that tension hanging around I would I would hope that it's not at all that everybody can sort of be a ball to move on here we're talking about. Both baseball players and sports media members who were two of the most immature groups of people I think there are in the entire world so. Your mileage may very I guess 6177797937. Major phone number 37937. Asian number on tax. Quick break over your back after this here on reds actually. You can't swing to drive my. Left knee that put the warning track all of the others every kid that happened they can sense that ends. And you could be doubled off. First base. But the law's side of innings at third base. He has doubled easily that another round the bases for the Red Sox we're not excusable. Clinton no that was who is pretty ugly. Looks like a home run sound like a home run that was a that was a home run call their drugs they're good and yeah. Jacki for enemy out there were an Alice in Jackie Bradley obvious that obviously did more good and bad in this game. He drove in the insurance run. IBM multi game. And yes she did run into and out and that's become. A major issue with this team even through a seven game win streak late. You know I'm sure I'm not gonna I'm not getting I'm getting close I'm getting close with this but I'm not there yet. You can't you can't put about like about base running in the middle of a seven game win streak I just feel like that's too that's too much. But all cod it's every night. John Ferrell addressed the Jackie Bradley. Contributions. After you have no strikeouts. You know we we need a couple of I mistakes inside of Islam that thankfully Christian was pitching the way did so overcome it. You know a routine ball that they're roughly you don't get to the hill hill and about you know there's some there's some throws were just a little bit of kind of a sinker that that handcuffs. I'm Mitch. But so uncharacteristic for Jackie because he's always to me very heads up base runner very Smart player but in this case and you are strictly office. Yeah. You know threatened. Why does this keep happening with this team. Why is it they either they don't have many outs there are. They know how many outs there are but they're not looking at their third base coach and huge run there had done. Or sometimes they are looking at their third base coach and agent say you know I now now I'm doing what I want. I'm going forward and. Not tell us some third base coach tell me what do. Ager Bennett and the I mean I. It's van and it's not just him. In the thing is read these red sides in visited common problem common misconception that people lab is because they're young and athletic and fast. People assume they're good base runners they are not. They are poor base runners. Rookie vets is not a good base for an integrated Danny Matthew birthdays or her reasoning. He's he's worse than handling in haley's I thought would I never she worse than him. In that attendees young so obviously I think he'll grow out of a polite but yeah rights. And Jackie Bradley why didn't even have in my in my mind as one of the bad ones but he's a him tell. All of except Pedroia doesn't drive a good base or he's a good Smart baster. But that's what you need to do to be good to be good days previous mark b.'s are you really have to be that fast. It's exciting if your fast. And people get all don't go to play. I'll take the guy. Who knows when to tag up and who looks at the third base coach and knows how many outs there are over the guy who can run a really you can get the first or second base really quickly. You'd like to have involve you know when it comes the base right that's the dad rather act. Also. We're my eyes deceiving me or did move he bets blunt in the fourth inning. You know how I feel about point. Part of that is because I legitimately don't like him and part of it is because the old time he bought brigade likes the call me a dummy I don't I am Barnes but I just. That I saw that an aha. First and second nobody out scoreless game fourth inning. In Milwaukee who's not been really struggling at the plate I don't think. Pressed upon his plan all clear clean up and then he put him in the cleanup spies. I would imagine needed that on his up maybe. Maybe. That was smoky batches passive aggressive way of saying okay I should I shouldn't be in the spot and I don't I wanted to be bleed off why you putting me. Down here in the in the cleanup spot John Ferrell actually did talk about why he loses that messed around with the lineups before the game and here's that. My job a different look to the lineup today and we'll keep that goes from leadoff to cleanup. Yeah Joseph you know is as Dustin has come back to a healthy he's in the two hole. And with the the skill sets of Eduardo and PD and Andrew at the top. Felt like he was the best candidate of that group to it to be and for all he did last year for. Or roughly though the final 40% of this season or thereabouts so feel like you know keeping guys in familiar sparks. The ability to make a high rate of contact with a would Nunez and PD up there we'll we'll see how this does not help but you know we'll mood he was the best candidate to slide down for a also. Good to see PD back active in a DH slot tonight where I feel like we can gradually bring him along and just monitor in and maybe. Manage some of the workload situation as we go forward here. Just for reference. Will he bats this season. Up until tonight. Had not batted cleanup once for the state. You started the years a number three hitter. Andy he had a hundred bats in the three all start the year. Any era is OK not great. The numbers that C in a hundred at bats he hit too weighty with a 351 on base percentage for twenty slugging his 771 Nokia. He had two home runs and a hundred at bats which is not very many but no one on teams in homer into the from pretty much the whole year's show was just him. When they moved him to. Is it to the lead off by. That was in I wanna say in. Early may. He took to it pretty well. And it started copies starter or maybe it was and remember exactly when they did. It must have been and make GM is doing is under the debt. Eight at 20 well I started off the month while finished the month fine it's seven home runs 21 batted in. And that sort of seemed to be as dame on the jury was good it through 96. Four more home runs. Not as many RBIs July 23 more RBIs. All the leadoff spot. And while he never quite eight. You know never quite had that stretch late mu Q last year at a couple of stretches where he was just he couldn't pitch to. They came against the Orioles three have like three home runs. Every time we got up to the plate I mean it was just they were they were scared of him is still at least a mile Barry Bonds. And there's a couple of stretches they've last year Regis I mean you just marveled at what he was doing at the plate. And you haven't gotten that from him yet this year. He has not a bad year. I'd like him Oki Betts is 2017 season colleague David braced when he sixteen in a lot of ways. Not bad. Not great. Pretty good you know we can be erratic. Eight we all know who he bench is better than what he's done so far this year I think I mean I'd I would imagine. Unless last year was a total aberration but I don't think that's the case. And it's not like it now. Really move he's on pace for 26 home runs 99 RBIs as great. I'll take it for 24 Earl I'll take that. I would things be different if he did you know on pace for 35 home runs and honored when he RBIs yes obviously. But moat he's not the problem I guess the point. A lot of people sort of brought this up in minute when they do when they talk about David Ortiz not be on the team anymore it's always are well. In you lose thirty home runs and a hundred some RBIs from the lineup and then. What are your replace him with Mitch Moreland yeah that's. A fair point gash. The also had to keep in mind that not only are you losing. David Ortiz is thirty home runs. But monkeys on pace for about in our own. 56 last. And leader Mir is on pace offered substantially less. And it doesn't seem like a lot. We animal altogether plus David Ortiz and all the sudden now you're mission fifty armored. The had last year. And that's sort of how that's played out. Offensively. This team to finally hit their stride. It started I think with that with that Cleveland game although some some might argue that it even was before then. I think there's you know you can you can make the argument that it made me a starting against Kansas City when they add that. When they beat him 98 in from the offense sort of woke up. And it's kind of true yes but I I ate really depended on that 1210 again and the last time Celtics. When him in general both got slapped around. In the offense or is the and the man that walk I mean now is ours is a fun game. Now they're really fun game. Any offense sort of took off from there. They opened the White Sox series with a nine run effort. Then made you know sort of came back to earth a little bit but still picked up wins finish that series with a six run output. Averaged on the course of the homestand six runs per game I think exactly. And now layered. Intimate things. Just seem like odd timing for that. If you're gonna do that I did you do it played a week ago I guess you could about a week ago is there is no no on the Moran junior as endeavour's weren't here yet. And you didn't really know if Larry I guess we rearrange the deck chairs here on the Titanic back in the ended. In a July but it does not really gonna do much Nadia have some pieces to work with biggest Carol sort of thinking are not gonna optimizes. By there's also something to be said for just writing not hand in the spot the therein. You know I understand you gotta get Dustin Pedroia back in the lineup he can do that without moving rookie bats and get a better attendee and serve rearranging the whole copier order. Bite down there on the game. The offense didn't do much sharing twelve it's who runs on twelve it is pretty bad. By at twelve inches. Not bad on on its face. Any got another game tomorrow against the noble pitcher Jake coterie easy and then your golf to New York where. In mountain pop up the right field can be a three run home run so we'll see we'll see how this all goes I have a good feeling about it I really do I think the Red Sox. Earned very good shape right now the Yankees lost to Toronto tonight. And in Red Sox is their longest win streak in the is the best baseball they've played all year. And it's happening late in the season. You know it may be it's could still be too early for them to play their best baseball well all agree with that offense real or call insect by inner. It's better than peaking in May. And it's definitely better than. Crapping out in July which is what it looked like they were doing. 6177797937. Is the phone number 37937. Asian number on tech's quick break we're back after this year on reds are true. You know to. Break off fastball over the inside corner strikeout number thirteen for sale on his 112. Pitch so. Through eight innings Chris Ellis like the race. Chris Sale. Pretty good game. Red Sox win that seven in a row they beat the rays through nothing tonight the threats are real heroes Christian are canned. John Ferrell as we just heard that was before the game talking about why he decided to messed around the lineup tonight. Red Sox looking like curled cells getting a lot of it's not scoring any runs on twelve hits and one walked adds thirteen. Base runners. To a whom scored. Nine of whom left them in. And in around them. It's kind of a it's just sort of I'm not I'm not gonna freak out about it is they want and what we've sort of seen years this team is is. Capable of winning games in different ways we knew they were cable winning games like this Chris sales already won several games like this immigrant Kimberly got a actually I'll a look at a foray of lit WEEI late I don't tell you how many times it's just been sailing Kimbrel and what that what that sort of looked like. Because they've been a formidable duo here and it's been a lot of fun on nights where they go out there and just dominant like this I mean man. It was like there were one upping themselves. The sale coming out their blows the way the first to got a bird Peter Borges and Trevor we'll blows them away. Gets a strike out at least one and every single inning. Of the eight innings that he pitched. And it. Just finishing so strong to struck out the last two batters he faced number twelve and thirteen. And then finally he raised our right guy we sales guy Greg Carroll comes and it strikes out all three. Straight said doodle Longoria and more is it worth three all three of those guys can hit. Texture in the 785. What does the 75. Take a look here that is not a that is not a code I'm familiar with. 785 iron that looks lake. Northern Kansas. While hello their northern Kansas. From Boston Scott. Who's apparently in northern Kansas. Last week you said if the Red Sox give me a solid week I'll believe in this team again do you feel like there's been a solid week Kellyanne I feel like there's been a solid week were coming up on a solid two weeks here are its eyes and keep this up. In town this is a short week. Only got to cut again this game did tonight the biggest play they got tomorrow. There off Thursday and then three with the Yankees and an odd here we go now. Yeah we've got there we already got a solid week now are working on solid week number two here. John Ferrell talked to the media after the game. Here that is right now. Drop off stuff he had his best fastball remedy he was it and maintain it through the honor and told pitches and innings of work tonight. Puts it he was dominant so a lot of strikes a lot of swearing in mess I thought his slider was one of the more sharp when she's had in quite some time. Put he was he was and the command this one. And we make a really good heads up play with the potential while after a leadoff. Walk. Knew Mitch mix at the plate and cut some lead runners at second base so. You get it out on one pitch when the pitch count was climbing that those types of bounce loom large. New and in all along here here's Christina we get a strikeout when needed and to shut things off. Get a ground there in the ninth did you think about making them. Maybe possibly have him go back up definition. Noah restaurant and told pictures that we know that we're gonna rely on him. The rest of the way it was about the take him up over content Tony pictures here tonight. And that was a big inning that was a big run into operation by by Jackie. You know it's it's such a difference when you've got a two run universal and and they particularly the way they swing the baton. I can they can score on once we're about so. That was a big run. Tell you after. Strikeouts. You know we we need a couple of I mistakes inside this one that thankfully Chris that was originally did so overcome it. You know. A routine ball that are roughly you don't get ill hill and about you know there's some there's some throws were just a little bit of a kind of a sinker that that handcuffs. Mitch. But so uncharacteristic projector because he's always to me very heads up base runner very Smart player but in this case and you are strictly office. Sluggers like that that wasn't even though if that was the system so it. Joey went through over time zone right obligation to two different. Pitching approaches to it to abort Borges worries dominating fastball and it was a slider for strike and then Mexico improve where it's all secondary pitches change at Scarborough sliders and then finish off the fastball. He had very good feel for all three pitches right from the get go tonight spurts of zero. What is fifteen double digit strikeout start start to say about a guy in early August. I hit piece. I don't want to say it you if you say it's a historic year and certainly. A powerful Europe on his part he's been dominant he's been so consistent with maybe the exception of one or two outings. In the Tony's two or three that he's made and so far. But certain to maintain that type of strikeout rate is. You don't impressive it is an understatement. So. He's always had strikeout ability. I had a guy that was John Ferrell after the game there. I'm talking about Chris Sale talk a little bit about Jackie Bradley honestly if if the Red Sox weren't such repeat offenders with this. I would even mention it. Because it wasn't that big of a deal. He was on first base it was a fly out he probably when I got stranded effort in I mean you never know obviously. Two outs runner on first and Sally is values in scoring position OK I mean it wasn't wasn't good obviously. But it wasn't some horrible you know rally throwing error here I mean it was a it was a dumb play in a dinner and then batted in and destroy them over. But man with this team it's just our every night. Anyway and we were just looking through well crush I was just looking through increased sales game log. And there are three times three instances this year including tonight. Where it was just sale. In camera and only two pitchers. Ended. How they do in those they're there when all they want all three of the that's it's just one of those you know and one of those are random things. Sailors got eight innings or better one tooth or the or fire news. Six times this year. And you know I mean he's Ben. He's been as good as advertised. Annie's gonna have a real. Is probably. Clear pass through the American League Cy Young award this year. And the way Carol's going he's probably gonna win that what is the role aids relief or whoever that thing in the oh I'd say the Cy Young award in the silver slugger in the role he drove it for a while it can only drew lever of the year again. Relayed to me and they are not coming off of that sponsorship. It is the role aides earlier in the year he knew better saying that whole damn thing you know it it's it's not the reliever the year it's not that. It's closer to the you know it is the role played as a reliever of the year it's like it tribe called quest got a same old thing. And the red sex might have both of them this year. There might have moon is cy young and the role it reliever of the year. And you'd think that would be enough to make amid championship pitching staff and David I think this is the championship pitching staff it's a championship caliber pitching staff. If everybody sorted pitchers to their abilities. Which reports all I think is only done in sparse moments this year David Price. Incomplete hard to say. Eduardo Rodriguez also I would say incomplete hard to say he got off to a great start this year is pitching very well before it went down with an injury and since he came back from the injury. He's struggled it was good to last therapies truly hasn't. As a really done much that made you take notice. But he hasn't been bad. Doug Fister not a championship caliber pitcher okay fine drew upon branch. Huge huge for them this year. They're expecting this year. Drew Palmer ranch is. As good this year. And I know that there are much less expectations heaped on him obviously he's not gonna lead the league in innings or strike out or anything like that big David braced it last year. But that's sort of the dichotomy isn't it. You know here's drew Palmer and having a very good year. And he's getting kind of overlooked whereas David Price had a similar either elect this year and arrow was pretty disappointed with a now plagued pirates is even actually busy area initiate better but it's similar to wipe away at. Price gave you last year maybe even not as good that's getting kind of overlooked here. And the reason why is because Chris Ellis is blowing everybody out of the water. And he's on pace for I think I think I read that he's on pace for 325. Strikeouts. He's got 229 right now. And a good solid two months left the starts to make. So the I see I don't see him slowing down anytime soon Ellison is complaining union which by the way they have to do I think five more times this month. They got the Indians a few more times and that main in a scary too much after they just took two of them two from at Fenway by it. You know I'm never I'm never quite over Cleveland in that Indians team they're good in the air they pick their spots and you got five more games of them just this month. I think that's it for for Cleveland this year you got to make up game on Monday and then a four game set in that Cleveland. On the 21 to the 24 so. You know. Gotta gotta keep in mind that there are still lose a pretty formidable foe here although it's kind of easy to focus on the Yankees right now to get six games with them in the next two weeks. You know they got a weekend this weekend and next weekend both yankees. This time in New York second time out of Fenway and any claim again. He Plame again in September. It's is going to be an interest thing interest in a couple of weeks or 6177797937. Is your phone number on Christian Archie and this has been Red Sox rubio. And now at the clock is nearing midnight we will transition into WEEI late night. I have many thoughts on the New England Patriots and their new team plane also Tom Brady had an interview with Willie McGinest on the NFL network which we'll talk about. Is well mixing in your Red Sox calls and thoughts as the team now high seven game win streak looking good quick break we're back after this with WEEI late night.