Former Patriot Heath Evans with Dale, Holley and Keefe 09-11-17

Monday, September 11th

We check in for our first visit this season with former Patriot Heath Evans, now on the NFL Network.


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Keep enough. We're working hard and not listen. Noises. They talk about. How did we can do whatever. We have a lot of lesions seen a lot of guys have been around for a long time. Yes it was both of those guys if I keep us here today even keel and it's tough to win this league is never it's every single game you I think it's going to be tough. We know that and you know we have to drive to deceive. Well you don't have to worry about the outside noise that's my guess is Friday at meetings time. They had enough inside noise to worry about that so wide receiver Chris Hogan talking about how Bill Belichick handles things for more on that. Our first regular weekly visit of the season with former patriots fullback Heath Evans. Of the NFL network he brought you by the New England who voted tractor dealers they carry no. I'm good man. How are you guys all right couple day's top. As you know not as long as if I was a player not that tell me what it's like that now that we're not a lot of clunkers there aren't a lot of clunkers when you play for the patriots but they happen. What's it like in the meetings on Friday when you walk in there. Pool 100 or so much blame to spread around. Listen I think if anyone listened to Brady's postgame presser there and listen to his words very carefully about competitiveness and the mindset. The players should have been on edge because of though that verbiage much less what would build got to put up there on the little real and I'm sure that'll real loose. Probably an hour along with all the blame to go around so. There was intent some churlish pointed. A lot of times when when bills get into different individuals for there. Lack of performance. Everyone else in the meeting room laughing because he can do in such a way where it's coaching and it gets its point across but it can be fought and others I promise you there was no laughter in the room that dale imagine. He fell from where you sat what was the biggest issue for the patriots on Thursday night. Offense so well because we I don't know or start obviously comes to look at that tape church meant a lot. He sees players getting man handled that we have an immune from branch all the way down hightower exits out its. You try to replace him and you know groups which are under police you know. African tools. Just what they do would probably bring to their sides of the ball it is very different offensively it was very bipolar. There was times through like man assault and so multiple content so many different things you see deep passing. He saw 22 personnel bang it down there for the second touchdown takes a look 72 and you there was just that there were a lot of good. And then there were a lot of bad in the receipt inability to. Hunkered down and get things done. In those money down and distances you know. Skills we will get better house watching those. Too short yardage runs in the affordable ones again in. You know I've SATs. There's a lot of talking to go around but at the end of the day. You you're expected to get those and find a way to to get those done so. Mentos it was still there was a heartache watchers say that. I know it's only one game but it is the defense in trouble because it seems like you know 42 points of the chiefs long plays erotic or the running game was good for the chiefs the passing game was terrific. As the defense in trouble. You know comfortable that we're going into the game with which stat sheet for Alex Smith look like acid you know probably. To really you know passing a budget Dixon dunks and indicated what field goals in the they scored one touchdown. And he's always able to find a running back so I would have expected a decent rushing performance but. I think it's shot plays you know that busted coverages. Listen you wouldn't. Marcia still you know gravel back out of the backfield but you know. Those high tower there who every little private bombs in the rerouted some pictures have been done different but get a 150 plus yards of offense and two touchdowns on to place. Until. You take goes away it's to one point ballgame that ghetto kids city once 48 point seven. If it's you're not looking at this devastating defense of blow. Bill coached technique. And positioning and toughness and and all those things are correct if they don't get it fixed yet as defense is in big trouble. We're talking to former patriots fullback Heath Evans analyst for the NFL network. I said the other day on Friday that a big you could count the number of really bad games Tom Brady's had on the fingers of both fans but Thursday night was one of them starting with this. First pass attempt of the night worry overshot Dwayne Allen by about ten yards it seemed. Could you put your finger around what Tom's issues seemed to be. Well I think sometimes he's he's he's looking for got to win in man to man and then they didn't. I think other times middle pressure was the issue. Sometimes it was an eight man dropped it literally just carded his vision and in truth be told when you couple could be all 22 K two there's really just not places to place the ball safely. He'd be playing is great is he played on on Bronx. This I'd try never to get surprised by the amazing players in this league like Eric Berry. But I but I expected to. A better performance no matter what the coverage seamlessly and so I think listened to be twelve he's he's human I think Gil. Kept up to start overshoot secure Woody Allen. Still go down they turned added seven points to drive was beautiful also the match. Not some nice chunk nickel runs some nice shock passing. There was everything you wanna see and then the fourth and one on the short drive nexus kind of debilitating in some ways they bounced back and get another score another touchdown after that. It was really just this hit and miss and I think they hit and miss. When you've already done that in the game in you party's senior offense. Play at an early level vs a talented defense. I think that they probably frustrated Tommy more more so than other games we've played bad because. There was some things on there you're like K this is what we are coached do this what you expected often as bad as it was they scored 27 points in each. They just the consistency factor of what we know is always been their heated greatness. Wasn't there and I'm sure that frustrated more than any thing. Now he's done and try to get one of my cohost to move Alex Smith from an average quarterback to above average is not taken a day. And I'm wondering is. Kansas City not getting enough credit. For what they do and we're talking about all the patriots issues that defense in the public still has the cleanup that. Could be as simple as this Kansas City has improved in the offseason Edwards Edwards darkness the the beginning the beginning stage of that improvement. I hope that's the case some of always enjoyed Andy Reid have always enjoyed what he's put on tape you don't I think he's always. Coke somewhat similar to what bill is and you can anytime that you. Track just seems you're gonna get. These physically tough teams mentally tough team and and that's because no bills like that's what he coaches and teaches. And that's where they deserve the most praises because I think they wanted to Foxboro what about their own game. They're the ones that are more mentally prepared they're the ones normally better. You know technicians and every detail the game from the aligned to their full work to their hand placed into their half placement. To bill DeWitt of their splits on fourth and one you know. Shoulder comes over on the first fourth and one to kinda creep just unbalanced line and he's trying to narrow the stance right before the snap of the ball and I believe that it had a difference had an outcome there could affect the outcome of that play. So I think the praise needs to go to the the more physically dominant team won and beverage DJ Gary Johnson him back healthy Houston getting more more confident throughout the course of the game. If this breaks my heart what happened two EB and didn't. I have more on that defense what he's brought to their defense early and I gave me was heat seeking missile hit never condemn move trying to decapitate people and the first 41 was all him but he just ridiculously in the hole and those the things that you expect to get done for me back so. Their praise was a polity there was nothing to take away from that team. They were the better team they were more physically and mentally prepared to a minute it's showed up all throughout the course Thursday night as well just all over this statement is gonna watch it again. Now you were on set with Maurice Jones-Drew you guys are breaking down the patriots season match up but he did the coaching edge to the chiefs of all I was insane we were all making fun of home for a for a few days now. After Thursday night he must've been feeling pretty good about himself. Oh my Diego August Twitter feed you most of the nice little picture of himself. I hit. Who could that I always take my tailback backed but they do get these back to question was political subject period I don't know when. Don't think again and read over Bill Belichick. You know this debt that he used to could read his reasoning for choosing him was you know his record it and reach record after you'll buy and in the opening week will. Bill Belichick's record was better than Andy Reid's cells. I assumed it was he's sewers it was a hot take he ended up right for at least one game. Eight we always appreciate the breakdown we're looking forward to talking to yet every Monday throughout the course of the season thanks. Take care I think that is a former patriots fullback current NFL network analyst Heath Evans. Who who said you know quite honestly the chiefs came in here just. Outplayed the patriots. And we all saw that I mean he's exactly right they out hit them they outplayed him. They out exe cute and they beat him they deserved to win. Now the question is can you turn it around you've got a little extra time and it was interesting I heard Tom Brady this morning on without Kirk and Callahan. And he hated. The extra time he said to be honest with the kinda sucked. Because you know you don't want extra time to brood about it. But you know I think all things being equal he'd rather play game seven days after the first one. Well and what was he says nobody's. Nobody's disputing however her one patriots fans say. The patriots outplay that she's not not even that none of the biggest patriots homers academic argument that this is where the discussion is and this has got to. The coyote again your favorite article yet so coyote says. I report. Sunday against the saints will find out if the block of the problems were communication issues talent issues or maybe vote nobody was talking about talent. To that degree. Two weeks ago. It suddenly and talented and so I mean that's that's a discussion do you think it's a communication issue or talented both wanna hear boat. You guys you know take a side note is that they're talented enough you'll figure out the medications are you talented enough. And is just you had a miscommunication. Or you can communicate perfectly and you don't have the talent what is. That's like it it's it's interesting how the conversation has changed after a big loss to Kansas City you know policy and a good yeah. Well I for that or after a loss to get excited to throw it blows like why do we what do we go here I would say at the beginning of the season. I was just all just put it out here but how do you feel about Bill Belichick is doctor the beginning of the year. Because I don't is that whole argument thing to think an argument is over it's I never thought yeah if something goes wrong now. Then all you report to get three years ago yeah we have to set that is that still on your heart so we bring up when they lose a game. And I hear about. Chandler Jones did. In Jamie Collins what would never looked good and a patriot what you're talking about him in February where you talk about it when you what that 283 shirt. On the front end and then. 3428. To talk about who they replace them then why and what the talent is left out there how long. We never I have made parts that we breathe bringing out is if the put clothes and Asante Samuel is a book close I mean. What we'll examine those governing Jamie Collins was on the team until your last trade him away for for nothing nobody thought and won a Super Bowl and I know I love about about a type not a bottom of the playoffs. But I thought about it in the I don't think his name came up one time in the offseason. I don't government would come I'd like to note nobody mentioned Jamie Collins now Dante and only time it came up was when they made a captain in Cleveland and we had. And there are many took in the day yeah. They want to be fair when we looked at the linebacker depth. We said while Donte' high targets hurt every single year right when he goes down for two or three games what's left and we also said. Terrorist Roberts has been annoys you are much more similar and are a lot less like. Jamie Collins or other more half what do united Gary Guyton got tight not that they need to have that specific player but we knew general cooled a bit. That every loss for the patriots les leads to a personnel evaluation as opposed to throw it's got crushed. We got beat down 6177797937. Is telephone number tax minus 37937. Michael asks. An interesting question after a defeat like Thursday night do you find yourself. Gas. Questioning Bill Belichick and somewhat old Ron Borges questioned him every day so this was not at this was not a new idea for seventeen years of fur all of these yeah yeah I didn't want it to you got here. 6177797937. With telephone number we're live at Gillette on a patriots Monday Sports Radio WB.