First Pitch 6-19-17

Mut at Night
Monday, June 19th

Mut and Keefe begin First Pitch by combing through the heap of rumors coming in as the NBA Hot Stove starts to burn up.  They decide if they love or hate trading down from number 1 and where could Danny Ainge possibly go from here?  Is there any chance the Celtics are simply preparing for another big move?  Mut and Keefe break down every possibility.


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There is now a lot more to talk about it fury Celtics fan at Celtic yeah opera on the radio so the blogger. Some on a social media rich could I again I don't know what is going to happen but. Ot it feels like we are closer than ever to the vaunted fireworks at the Red Sox Celtics fans and a promise now for a couple summer when there's a zillions. Aerials now here you got all these draft picks you've got these free agents who for the first time in forever and I know they signed or for last year. But for the first on forever it feels like there's a legitimate chance. That Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin could just signed within easy yes right there might not get either one but there's elites feel like our actual player. For one of those guys they also have so many trade scenarios open to them. Or they could just take a players they're still looking at the top you know top three picks in the draft and on who they can take there are so. Yet they're going to be one of the busiest teams in most intriguing teams this entire week I'll get all your reaction to this between now Red Sox baseball start with rich do you love or hate. The trade eagle I want to ask you one has to be with Sports Radio gonna pick one deal more law or more eight odd more hatred reported the turn I thought I that they get more for it. In Danny agents editors conference call that. You know edit I you can say this some sort of paraphrasing sort of a tough balance where. You don't want this trade to disappear if you say no or the sixers in a may never come back with the same deal. But also he knew that may be you do get more on draft night so you gotta kind of balance that out because I thought I think that it got more avenues east teams are kind of crazy on the on draft night in Nazi a lot more I thought you would get another. It about you would go down to. And then get to projects in May be one happens to have much more value in the other is the sixers like the Celtics all a lot of picks from a lot of different places from these moves they've made. Cica standards are eating out is the only guy may place collect asked more than Gainey they have them is now gone by these left the sit right with draft picks and bowl loads of them so now there's always the the chance that they. Take number three and they feel more willing to trade it because now they have another pick comedy in which might be a top five pick. Next year and everything else but just when I first saw the trade. Had the weekend to think about it. Until they make one of these moves to get an all star player which we've been saying for the last several years I am not a huge. In the and so I if you have to pick one of the other and I definitely lean more towards the hate the trading in the pics like it's only one other panic. And if it was one of their pick and it was unprotected first round pick. On by the sixers next year. Or even the lakers center lakers next year I'm sorry or Sacramento two years from now right they if they come out here today in San nitrate email they sent out after 10 o'clock. The Celtics acquire the number one pick number three this year and unprotected pick from pick your crappy team lakers or Sacramento even at the Sacramento pick wasn't it 2018 rich it wasn't until 2019. Unprotected authority and a protective first. Okay that makes sense because you got the chance to get back to number one I feel like you you have number one. To steal a line from sign failed. You should have hand if you if you want to know what Beck Anna you should be demanding the absolute premium for to be trading one. And then your all opportunity. In the next three years after this their act after in the next three years including are 1819 and twenty. So the next four years now you had number one you trade one for three only chance the next four years as of 611 tonight. Is Brooklyn lottery pick next year everything else is protected you know another unprotected picked. It still meant this in 2002 when he won which I don't know what good is that as the NB a I don't know who has no audio that can't break in 2021. Of those weeks though when you give up one overall whether you love faults you love Jackson you love Tatum. How can not give yourself an opportunity to get back to number one. With the trade data they didn't do that how how it's possible yeah I don't get that one and it especially for the 2009 for the actions of protections is crazy because that one also you get a look at the kings and the sixers and you get the better of the two projects right Eric that's advantage Celtics there putt. What do one team wins the lottery and the other team. Somehow gets in the playoffs and to all these guys they're helping with the sixers it's possible that's that's a very realistic scenario just to explain just appealing getting in their cards meeting your chance to pick through yet to align the minutia of this. The debt pick they got is the lakers pick next year. Only if it lands 234. Or five cell one or outside the top five. It goes to the following year. Where there are 21 round picks Sacramento's pick. And now the sixers pick and so you'll get is rich just said the best that to a lesser number one. Then you get the source of the two. So if you if the lakers get the number one or number six pick next year so we aired an and the following year that one of those two teams you mentioned Sacramento or Philadelphia. Gets the one pick and the other one is at sixteen. Congrats you move down two spots and you get the sixteenth pick two years from now does that seem like great value to you appear Celtic. Does not some it doesn't you in 1993. Now again it's apples and oranges Butler bringing up for the fifth time today. Chris Webber was number one pick by the Orlando Magic they traded down two spots of the Golden State Warriors. And the magic to get that also acquired three other first round tax hikes. And so you have rats in the match don't ever bat much better than the other players in that drop early said the time Penny Hardaway is in use anybody lightly again and Webber about to say I can draft stock it like in 93 our little penny was great and ended penny may have peaked I have ever had everything at that time. He was viewed as as the much better player yes maybe you don't have that was faults but I thought he could still get a little bit more because doesn't he seem like the unanimous number one pick. It was from he's sort of the Celtics to the sixers are trading up and they have faults we got the there was an old now they can also get although ball but no they're gonna draft. Mark health faults off that's the case. Not that he can squeeze a little bit more on the six you have the number one pick. The sixers desperately according to everybody and Kevin O'Connor is leading this charge today the sixers won at fault because he fits their team to a T. And Simmons is a is a point forward the need an offensive guard to go within their load with big CG well bead and Joseph I'll be except truck. They needed to guard what they needed that. Like you make that I asked the question today on social media and and it's a dumb question I'm shore. Oh my god and why did she wait until Thursday what was the point and the response to F majority people was in this is that the transition I guess. Is that Ainge needed to deal now to acquire the assets through then acquire Jimmy Butler. Prior to draft night the bulls wanna trade Butler they were talking to six is about number three. Now you have three as he can trade for Jimmy Butler unfortunately in the last twenty minutes yes we find out that the walls. The suns and the caps. Or all presenting offers or building to present offers for Jimmy Butler. So the price is going up on Butler. And it doesn't does he noted that the bulls are a lot to trade it necessarily so if you did you make this pick for three. Knowing you wanna trade it ended that trademark just get tougher because more teams now going to be bald entering this guy. Yes that's kind of what it feels like and it sure does if you were gonna trade forward Jimmy Butler what do you think Chicago would rather have the number three ticker the number one pick. I mean that's what we're doing that I if you said yesterday which featured the number one overall pick for Jimmy Butler I would say no. I was out rather take faults are rather rather see me yet with Tammy T I I think that he's you part of something bigger bought. If you don't and in new ADV know you're getting another one of these guys is what holly brought up to it if you know you're getting Blake Griffin or if you know you're getting Gordon Hayward. Maybe you are a little bit more willing to give up a little bit more as this case the number three pick. And maybe a future out of nets they put a future pick. For Jimmy Butler just because you know you're not just adding Butler as he's the savior he's the President Bush or a topic you're bringing in two stars. Then I outfielder for him yet. I guess that the other did the push back I got with that idea was they know their trade the pick anyway. The bulls said to them whether it's one or three will still make the deal for Butler and so what Danny's doings acquire first round pick basically for free. They was gonna trade the pick any way he has a deal in place but I think it's Congo but I think it'll cop says you want or three what do we care. Big difference it also wouldn't fit with the narrative the last 1020 minutes or so when there are multiple reports from across the league Marc Stein leading the charge. But there are three other teams out interest and butlers of such a done deal. I don't think you'd be hearing last minute. About OK all the sudden you have. Three other teams involved would be Celtics in close because the Stephen Smith presented today of sports and woods. Matter of factly yes they're drilling for Butler okay the wired out three other teams other than the bulls now I guess potentially trying to raise the price last minute. On Jimmy bulk of the Celtics wire through the teams now involved at the cavaliers. Were talking about a Arnold signed a multiyear a multi team trade. Maybe in that sense catalog somewhere a picks a moral and they could you be able to back that's a fair regular account of all this. Is LeBron James freaking out and potentially. Hurting the casts. A everything he's good as gone in two years but even next year he might tinker enough with a roster that they're worse. So maybe the cavs are still better in the celtics' next year but it's really close and maybe can you would steal a series and then when he bolts. Cleveland for the second time and the third time is left the team high and dry. Then maybe the Celtics become the favorite. To win the Eastern Conference in point nineteen but that's very realistic that. Yeah I just I. To have him turn his back and Cleve another time Mike Agassi says even though you know I don't I'm taking my talents to South Beach just those couple words he's not give the idea he's willing to do it. That would be tough to do it again and say about I guess the rumored this would this afternoon was his wife likes Ellie sees what about their. Why aren't marked. Yeah Mark Teixeira style is shopping better needle park and Carmelo Anthony Wright and voila same thing like well at the white plays that would violate that is peak LeBron not leaving Cleveland people abroad is my wife wants to leave and go to LA full time sorry guys you know it is and blame it on her you guys out as have you I've have and I involved in turn that thing thump of 6177797937. The phone a beacon Texan as well 37. 937. It is sports Radio One on ones you love or hate it straight and obviously. I I'm sort of mocking now because it's not that easy to I don't because you don't know aid they're gonna take a guy three change how love changed today its ultimate salesman. Ordering at the same guy we could've got it like the play the same meanwhile that no one's going to be shocked. If he deals that trade tonight tomorrow or Thursday of notes a player then so Angel asked to say that today. And look I have I have no strong opinion. I hate him vs Josh Jackson I will say I'm a little concerned about the off the court Josh Jack's stuff in the fact that he's a sixty some odd print percent pre or shooter 56 point six but you know. Also don't believe that hate him is Paul Pierce a re done which is being report that's the big spin today's all again and that another Paul Pierce with that pick. I don't know I I just read for three months. That more helpful to the guy in April the Celtics have no interest in. Well it does seem like the four guys at the top of the draft are all really really good but none of Omar. Like if any of moral Boston that designs for the year Reid doesn't selling could be a huge surprise or bust might be too strong. But if they don't develop into in order all NBA type player. You wouldn't really be shocked by it and that's why. As thrilling as it was a month ago to win the draft lottery in looking at Santa. All thought the Anthony Bennett or Andrea Bargnani year but it's also not the look on dumped in you know whoever else like I'd that you knew was there at the Anthony Davis year I did a year where you really would've said. We're not taking any trade offers were not demanding word is gonna roll into the draft on Thursday night we're gonna take our our new franchise player he's a guy on the team for ten years. That that's really never been the case I don't think with the. Straight sea ice or convince myself that full was back I might not be LeBron James but there was no food they ate a comp. Base for him. With guys like Russell Westbrook and James Harden offensive standpoint range but I commit myself dimples the guy and just the way this team is built. You got they a bevy of guards in the Boston Celtics you can't sign the mall. So it made sense to bring in air replacement guard to be under your control the next four or five or six years depending on in a contract an extension. Avery Bradley is due money next year to erode Ceres is ignites back up but he's going to be at some point in the side yeah you know it's rapper or get out the pot with this guy so the just to meet felt like and I guess I bought into it. It felt like Fultz is the perfect opportunity for the Celtics to get that scoring guard they need when this team really struggled this year. It was on the offensive end when it wasn't Thomas wasn't Horford you look around you said. Who the next offensive option was what do make shots late if it's not if they're gonna double Isiah Thomas and Al Horford is not and that aggressive offensive move there were nights when. Al Horford which is they are unfortunately he's a good player but short putt and I three said. You were the last quarter as a whip who was gonna step up offensively. I heard you holly to accuracy and can eight yeah insanity of the stat line for they're only up Cuba would act Africa hot and but but I do know he projected to be. The best scoring guard among the guards every job yet it's not so I thought that was the best fit apparently now Jason Tatum from duke is the new best fit at a loss. President I guess I must the end game all along was and we hurting OJ butler's twenty posthumously weird you know Gordon Harris won applause and I know he's a free agent but. If you know this Indian next move anyway. Maybe that's why they're able to. You ogle from being all hyped up about Marco fault also maybe the celtics' number war footage of the fans at the next move was Hayward anyway. A majority Butler the combination thereof and and and you're going for more in the next couple years settled down. So you would say there is a potential where your you were case you can out of this. Mark helpful and Gordon Hayward or Jimmy Butler. Gordon Hayward yes I guess the quite a runner president and which one would you rather have if if that was the Dallas area party yell it's got a three year deal left here would get. I don't know five years six years to close to Max money whatever it is you know four or over the most students on their vs faults and a rookie contract and additionally Gordon Hayward in view of the Celtics. What's better for you going fort Fulton Hayward a ball. I think it's I think it's alternate were announced I say that because I don't think you're the guy Butler Haywood next year. I still don't think at least on paper. They've got the team if Cleveland stays together as is. I'm not sure they can be clean and a seven game series yet with bolts and Hayward. You're spinning the ball for a little bit you are building on the fly but you also grooming young player that might be. That's superstar down the road fighter and apple today but this is also to me it and I understand that resolves a contingent on them getting Huard because of its just Butler and now no faults no Hayward that's the worst case there for me. Now that Hillary is I would give up as much for Butler is if you're getting here or even Griffin manager getting a big time free age I've I've ignored him only in your browser is no I like him I had never. I never thought somebody as you're tied in to the LA community which aside amid a gold but lost he was on because it might take you put. That on the Boston on the mount Rushmore of basketball it is not Rushmore sees it and part of my I think fifth plenum on the bass or any immediate thought that on the let's get known off. He's got a great sense of humor so whatever winner I'm sure that. I've listened to yet but that's. Sort of fuel that fire for yourself the fan I'm a guy DeVries and go with that free might want these he wants that on these teams get the bidding go one problem is just freeagent teams I didn't think about our teams have money and you know forget what he sat like Phoenix is vulnerable is in I'm sure they have a lot of it is so Blake Griffin here. Does that mean. Al Gore princess senator yet and define the bigger is you have Horford Griffin and did play them with. You can still make a popular trade Bradley in with an ego that goes against kind of super team and your bill. Not at the hope it's not. The next CB it would be we've top. What Blake Griffin are you getting. He's healthy or you're underneath as any any had a good start to this year obviously the injury again affect enemies had he gets some of those over the course of its seat invest big money guy who has had. History of getting her I don't know so I. But then you don't have the rookie here see your I guess you're doubly so you don't brown you're getting next you Jalen brown and I was a rookie RB well united behind Gordon Hayward when your scenario and is so don't know we have Griffin you don't have there were also. And that's scenario in a bunker and end up playing nine Jimmy Butler or maybe started and there maybe start both. They were about dies and it's a lawyer Eric back proudly sitting now eight years expand markets. You know why you like that. Thomas Butler brown Griffin Horford often that a father's side are out about Jalen rocket guard two's offensively. Have a hard time seeing him being all that in these are very put out that he's your four bodies are fifth option out there and be fine. Still a downgrade defensively from either brown. Yet again and how how how important is is the with now. Let's beyond you have convinced yourself the matter what they do you listen very Smart Ed Bradley re both great defense I would gutsy effort out of a market Smart that the bad nobody is seventh in. They're both great defensive players right. So when Isiah Thomas goes dowdy pickle the defense has just improved and then carrier wrinkles for forty tonight so I don't think defense is really the end all deal. As party gets in air that also cut more first round picks like RJ hunter because they can't fill these guys and they had a really they've got to let -- the year ago and gave him his walking papers Celtics cellular easier and it does the emotive and I don't roster out of the time I would let us put them put in Portland awful lot player right clause of the self love or hate which way you lean more when it comes of this trade knowing that yes that's a sarcastic Sports Radio wanna one idea. Because it what they're going to do they get a draft a player the trade players a lot to talk about between now. And draft night 61777979837. Is your phone a beacon Texan as well. At 379. B 37 we're starting Celtics the trade love. Hate a lot more Red Sox nick hours of Red Sox news for as well coming up next here on Sports Radio WE yeah. First pitch well and keep your Sports Radio WEEI starting Celtics I would get its Red Sox prior to the game this evening. On the one Red Sox know wanna pay about where get the phone calls dostum a Droid X ray on his back rib area we got aunts. With a fastball last night night in the game against Houston Astros came back no fracture. Not expected to go on the disable list he will not play tonight Josh Rutledge immortal John starts second baseman Pedroia at. Expected to miss that time on the DL lot more in the Red Sox pregame show. An hour from now 61777979837. Reacting to be news of the day the Celtics will not pick number one. If traded to the sixers for the number three pick and a heavily. I'd call it heavily protected. I'm giving the Qichen and number one pick in the next few guys heavily protect yes it's top five protective is number one protect our costs rappel lead protected you could say that. All okay you pick the number one and number two pick picture. Brooklyn and lakers back to back. Now perhaps what it was this year you can also get lakers this year you could also get the number sixteen pick in 2019. As a result the tree that's also true but I wouldn't you admit that a lot more has to happen for that. That means the lakers pick next year doesn't fall two through five they've been second each of the last two years which by the way probable if they get the Paul George Steele gone this year which I don't think is. Knowing magic and overpay for Paul George is your idea but I'll wait wait a year. Of this if he's Smart but that put that that's not I don't think alike is lingers Whittier. Because after Friedman also of your part or all of their their pick it doesn't exist right inept at the hope the ping pong balls go to waste they're. And this they have the second pick in this draft. There's gonna take a guy the rocker trade after pulled George. They might Ali and this year yes it adds it to Thursday there should take a peck. George told you this into the public this week is sort of the lakers to be insane to give up anything about all the apple gets the calls like you don't think there's a chance. That that dug hole George Strait talk starts to heat up. And magic panics a little bit as old Paul George goes to say Cleveland or pick a team I don't care which team it is and they have success next year. And that team says we have Larry Bird rights we can pay you more than a lakers can't. Even though publicly said he wants the lakers are not a chance that magic panics in trades for this year made up the second pick. But try to get together packed in the million young players they have yeah and future picks I don't think that's crazy human its Magic Johnson I guess that just about a bit of props literally on the show there I think they'll wait a year that's the Smart money you get him and LeBron bolts on a periphery but also at some of them with without a first round pick next year unless it lands at one. There's no incentive for the lakers to tank next year correct true there's been able to try to neither bank. Well they just were terrible event and electric says some town as a rocker guys guys but they're there was a west that are there they'll be good panic. But OK so let's say they finished sixth you know connections think so now you both need two things I believe the kings to win the lottery. Need to win the lottery and the sixers and to make the playoffs for the doomsday sooner. That's a lot that's okay but that's not possible you would it definitely possible is it likely know. Yeah I that you're just as likely if not more likely to get the number one and number two pick next year. And all this because the Indians got a one straight down for three opens up this showed huge level assets and value baby. The 2007. Address assets and value. Bill in Cambridge embark helpful Cybill. They'll. They'd hate me because our guys really old when he got. Unsure of daring and aren't really paying. You remember that. Don't mind I don't trust your phone and I think it sucks let's hope let's secrets we Gammon a better spot to be Cambridge the cellphone towers. Not acted today we'll see of the contract build them David Milton on mark helpful idea of. Hey guys that I. Been listening to Labarca good show week. Are. Open Munich re appear. Why do you think that okay and guard. How many under our guard arbiter in that Ari that you can act on the in the league have actually been. We Gaza tunnels that. Undersized me EC since Maurice Paula that Russell Westbrook. But yet it other Russell Russell Wes Welker also very what he's always ArQule Schwartzel faults and keep keep that in mind what am I mean people like like got Doc Rivers on stark who also stream where Redick you can have. Guard under 60. Or six art. You know charred art music or equipped well Ford's career began another cop car your beat you six screen shorter than remarkable late. Late sixty Chris ever regain actually like a little Matty does appear at time Harrier. Would you trade Isiah Thomas for carrier ring they've. Well that's the point a to point out that dad award but that's a point guard argued in and talk but to guard the Celtics have a lot to him at the look at this. Perry. How many of them can out. Or would slows the log jammed bit they play three or four minute time some sometimes I don't I wouldn't consider rosier part of the logjam. They have Bradley and Thomas Smart who I love I defend the Smart way more than I probably should if market forces the number one pick in the draft. He's not going to be sitting behind Marcus mark mark health bolts. Is 64 in dropped like 88 see the pictures of in the Osce and the like a brick S house this guy is Jack out of his mind is give aways out Atticus Alex and I think he got a ways wing span I think it's close to seven feet is that not a good as it was yeah it was X 966. I want Russell Westbrook 630 wingspan of 74. So they're very similar athletically and rebuild standpoint. But we can do this and we all agree. Or we can missing we're Celtics fans can say they like the Danny -- trade. That the mark healthful brush back today. Out of nowhere is not competitive yet about work now nine wins at Washington and I'd really go there. They they lost to Yale I mean and I shouldn't be surprised but is that the same pounded. Out ripped Adam Vinatieri when he left which Indianapolis. And booed when he came back with that team itself and we are at will's eyes to steal your words and see around here it comes to wealth players and defending our team's yes. The bark helpful prospect today. I do you find at least mildly surprising given that up to last week. He was considered the consensus to your point average number one overall pick Celtics make a trade for the V word value. And now today were plodding game means for passing on the number one pick when a Celtic fans give dating back to. Ron Mercer. Wanted the number one pick you finally get it they traded. And he's done the right thing without a question whatsoever. Well that you are you always keep track of you know prospects that the Red Sox trader several like you're going to be idea Rodriguez is gonna be back out this is gonna be on the list now because should be good to have Marco faults of the end that being a great player down the road. You better hope he gets something great with that three pick and or you're able to flip it into something else that you know again if your Mike Cobb and that being a great player. Find that Chris L looks like he's are the real deal that could be a big part of the team the next several years so that's fine. But if you miss the mark health holds goes on to be you know all NBA talent that is going to be brutal. And you did it in the Eastern Conference that's the other part we haven't mentioned yet but so adds to any change is so confident. And I. I Getty's a gambler he's got big ones. But he still confident that Fultz is not the guy is willing to set a mop with Simmons an MBE and us are can that whole week young. Philadelphia career see this guy. Front center a year one playing major minutes he's going to be in the conversation rookie of the year so to your point. Even if at some level you pan out I think you'll what it's gonna help Celtic and if fault turns into Westbrook Harden. Is if you win a championship based on. Trading out of three if you win a title and it shows back to late what we had this argument at some levels after this happened. But it was Durant verses. Winning a championship right you would say okay you miss out on to rant. Rightly or read you could get him anyway but I missed out on what it was at if they don't eat it if you could've gone back and gotten to rant vs winning. Would you read that dealing nine at ten Celtics fans that we loved to rant franchise player. But I would never wanna see that old seven only championship. Taken off the books yeah and I saw that in those were isn't that how the only way that you are the only way if fault turns out to be a superstar. Gains and take a monster hit for moving out of that tactic yet if they win a championship their right back there yet when they election which it sometime the next three to five years even at a tea and ends up being a fellow all star with faults and its faults and Tatum if they draft eight and number three. And there on the all star team every and Eastern Conference if you don't win out of this and we get to the end of this life cycle this roster which I guess would be. I'm not 2023202478. Years from now and yes you have an all star but no you didn't win. That people are wanna be put their hands up rightfully so in saying. What did you do although what you get with the fifteenth pick in 2019 another someone underweight and with the lack comes home and SEC but they do there 6177797937. The phone every two techs in the well 37937. On Twitter. At Mott and UT WEEI Keefe 21 Jason wants and wanted to. We get to the bulk deal about the deal's not done yet no it certainly isn't op teams are trying to get to put all the sudden it feels like the Celtics are right in the mix there Highsmith said today is only a matter of fact it's it's exciting addicts are gonna get him to Mueller an album wolves and the cabs and these are the ones the suns are also Dominic drew Butler clarity Marc Stein and others. Randy says the any panic here guys know the possible explanation there were zero reason the Celtics to rushed on this offer. Very disappointing. If they needed to get that this pieces in place to trade for ball between now and Thursday. I sort of understand. If they did it now. And didn't wait and they're gonna draft a player three. I got Italian I don't. I don't get the need to make the pick on make the trade on Friday when addressed until next Thursday. Yeah I was at this point because you're the you're the only team with a number one pick a Philadelphia was hiding for mark helped faults. I had to go there and you had to go through Boston to get them. So how does the price not go up between now and X thirty game this big deal about it was the best off we got by far. If you got to draft the player. How do you know the offer would it got better Richmond Allan Thursday we've seen these traits that happened PA people freaked out in the NFL in the NBA can avoid it is it always happens on draft night when there so they're gonna trade. Yes it and trap the guy some and explain to me what. What else the sixers have done other talk other teams OK what they were gonna get faults considering other picks yeah. They're gonna trade down for the work I get the guy they wanted they apparently wonderful what anybody else trade down for one the who thinks that. I don't know one. That's the goal is still ballot check I originate trade down for wind down one that's yellow logo get your phone calls or go back. Other fair part of this is now the reports are any might trade down again. Like all so I'd go for drew a crap I just think value out is gonna trade down again 617779. 7937. The phone every two Texans well 37937. Mott and keep first page reacting to the Celtic trading the number one pick would you keep it here. Ultimately I was I was would Boston. Four oh Drake does that is that all the viewers are just have to review the things at Boston's great abuse. I. This. They get it depends on who we talked Q. Yeah I think I think for the for the would definitely have to. Look at you the other happened it's hidden missed depend on who aren't into job. Yup I depend on what story Emery about people being tech literate but a game. Knew I noticed that Ellie wasn't on the list so interest or lose 00 up. I'd Blake Griffin always done. The guys part might take fearless and you probably should be. It's hysterical Blake. I can I can't it see this is where it should headline someplace tomorrow's going to be Blake Griffin if it is gallery at some point. At someplace today the lake reform references. Racism in Boston. Now keep but that's I mean he saw our data when it yet when he's on that show he is so sarcastic almost every single turn as the guys on me. I I I had no idea until he started making regular peers and they show that he'd done stand up comedy. And he's like I just thought it raised its gained it by stamping and annihilate any actually wants to I think he wants to be a comedian after his playing days. But he just always sarcastic so that I don't think that is necessarily really picker for digging in on the Adam Jones I was if not story nonsense hobble seep its portrayed that way places. I've. And it's it's Boston so this will this you open look a lot. It's easy to do in this country all right now that it came on the Boston being racy says on his favorite cities. Adds nine Provo. PF deputy said it's the that would have in my follow other hack them but that act as they go he is it's like free agent he's gonna be available to anybody out there would you be on Flickr for. Yeah I. Here's the issue is that the health history. Is that last three years of particulars he has missed significant time three years in a row when players get up over thirty he has the skill set right he became a better three point shooter as of late. He's a good read battery inside he conducts Horry is always an old score so. I like all those things I don't like investing in a player that for three consecutive years has missed some significant. About a time either one of the injuries as there are a freak recently this year. You get what fell on his wrist there at the end of the year pile ankle whatever whether that was actually about a dollars to practiced O. Cured is big colony of people make me want to tell but get a surgery because of it. I like the player. I don't like the injury history Flickr that makes any sense it's like the injury history and Al Horford. No it like daddy's argued it was coming up at least a year which you played every game so that was sort of used trending in the right direction but he's also been a guy who's. Miss significant. Some chunks of seasons and in the past. To be get so it's. With a three audio on on Blake in Albion on Gordon Hayward either one. You feel good about because he ignited a legitimate second score of that and that's why I guess I prefer Hayward you know when I know why I really prefer Hayward and money sounds pretty clear but he just build the wing offense and this is not a knock on Jae Crowder we all love decried what he brings now. He is so inconsistent offensively it is it would not take much to add a major upgrade. At that position on the wing new book around the NBA. If you're not so they're not going after faults not going to be scoring guard their extra guards to began Avery Bradley and market Smart. Who are. All. Okay often don't IC a rally improve rather a better offensive player Smart is ran in the past you'll cage overnight creates 33 threes in a row. As a heat check from forty feet. And the Eagles won for on the rest of the Davis mistrial league incidents that BC not gonna have a go to score there. And you're not Tatum is a good player but now again once consider him a go to score right away in this week so next year if you're looking for that next wing offensive player. I prefer they were given the way the league is set up about you got Gordon Hayward now this is this is something that the NBA today you can probably make it work but when she just think it we have a caller mention how would your record draft fault because you have some regards all of the draft Tatum sign Hayward minority have Jalen brown and even Jae Crowder. Is that a little aggressive for small forwards don't you get the impression they're trading Jalen just moderating Jae Crowder. Yep I guess what but if you're yeah I guess would he be in the Jimmy Butler deal hopefully. I guess I got what I think Israel are easily tradable peace because of the position he plays the role you play on a good team. He's now coming up adventures six or seven guys James energy peace park that's a great con not a good not a good three point shooter is Posey was now but this year well for a defensive player off the bench and a good team. That's the cop you would have. On this group with Hayward and then Jalen brown. Who is athletic. Good defensive player raw offensively explosive you want to see him play more minutes. The crowd why don't they would have a spot on this roster right wood it's is I don't think it's a very good point by you not think they go they were right you. And it's dictate and they don't you try to get him minutes to you if sit out so. Yeah if you draft pick them. So he and Jalen brown enough fighting for minutes at their feel like off the bench by and he. Yes I did what Josh Jackson when he says Jackson or is it lottery picks to draft guys were fighting for minutes. In the first couple years it would appear that way yes this is a bigger trick now let me ask is is there anybody. Maybe there is that we haven't measured by the decree more bodies I think Paul George. It doesn't make sense attorney for for the Celtics and they Davis will not be traded by the pelicans Snyder left with Jimmy Butler. And fall. To enable humbler right for our guys that are actually would be traded that you would want. And that EB wanna get some exist other things that we know are available. And I got what available and closed because what is adamantly Carmelo Anthony. No not opt for the assets they have better future is up as much understand guy that would actually get traded. That you would. Want to I can't again this may be this is in some. Places Ainge is getting lauded for this that he is he seeing 45 moves ahead. The Ziad talks idiots talk to the team that no way players to count come available. Next year note when these picks or more that I was in this what is doing Rick I know it is pushing it. He is it is along tray is a long term stock trader. He's one of these guys continue at least he's making is small return right now in Eastern Conference final. Beisel monitor and and he's put yourself pot pushing pushing pushing. The big chips the big assets down to. Whatever and hoping there's a payoff there at the end but on the trade market right now I've not seen any other names known answer your question yes and round about way in ninety any other names. But I'm all excited about trading for and I include Bob and Bob is a very good player. As the second got a superstar I'm not sure a toddler is the is the lead guy and a championship team when you go up against LeBron Easter cup what if you have X any sort of three B plus players and another beef player. What was decade is brought entirely on all eight players this effort and Kevin. Most of the year B plus play vis vis other map I'm sorry your good student learning on the job of hasty and not make it can rats and number 2 seed Eastern Conference. Odd and a big trade Kevin Love and then Paul George and abroad get don't fight because as Paul George contract year in item ball enough you love this idea of Cleveland has fallen apart yet because the GO LeBron yes meanwhile he's gonna trade Kevin Love Connecticut Jimmy Butler again when sixty slightly off binoculars that works with Butler the month no they would just they would no dollar would know what to do music when I get the ball there oh you don't. Did you duck tavern on the Wayne you're you don't get the ball because they're by the threes you don't shoot threes but the Alito and here you're athletics await the what do you know good offense a LeBron rather than spend as much yet but this offense that's what he's got to make that treated to a better often to play extra Ollie covered a lot of ground here today ushered out very few times of full hour together might be only time this week. We take advantage of it will be here you tomorrow at two wick is tomorrow John Ferrell bank. With a day game on Wednesday and tonight it's a great question I was told today Tuesday or Thursday. So the answer is not list and I could use some more rich Keefe. Follow up like some more rich keep digging into John you we'll throughout this time I figure the one guy and that show is willing to. Anja and I loved loved like that. When you press them on the handling stuff I don't think it's neat and I answered that he did not like the questions and you could tell he very heated ballot question record my favorite John Ferrell interview with the year of our Richard to tomorrow with the guys think I think I always tailback tomorrow yes. Thank god will come back here SC guys lined up on the Celtics. At 61777979837. Your calls there and Red Sox baseball at 730. And extended first pitch. Right up until first pitch your Red Sox pregame show around 73. Here on WEEI happy Monday Motley view. Throughout the course of the evening including Red Sox pregame robbed Brad for joining us. I'm from Kansas City the latest on Dustin Pedroia in his injury the pitching matchup here this week and it's wells begets said. For Kansas City three in an off day on Thursday. And the angels in town over the weekend manager Red Sox week much more on it coming up in the pregame show until then your phone calls of the focus has been a on the Boston Celtics and the trade of the number one overall pick at 61777979. B 37 they get the number three from Philadelphia for. As mentioned protected first round picks is not picks they can get you a number one pick. Next year it's the number one pick. It goes to the following year as the number one pick in that year you get the worst of the two picks between the kings and the six or so. In my whole thing with this trade is it yet the pick if you love it or paid more I trained more towards skating and because I ate. The restrictions on the pick if you are trading number one and Philadelphia wants number one there should not be any restrictions on. There should be an opportunity in the light of this trade to get back to normal overall. The all the way to Celtics had a chance to get back to number one in the next four drafts including this year's draft. Is with the Brooklyn pick next year and I'm assuming. That the next four years the Celtics are not lottery bound X I guess if they all the sudden tank. And that she's very likely given their projection of your own pick get the number one. One of the picks they've acquired going forward. All of them sans the Brooklyn trade next year in 2018. And have some sort of number one protection on them. All the way until the Memphis pick. In 2002 when he won. That is frustrating and I guess I bought into. The hype a mark L fault the on question number one minute someone wanted to get up to that spot. You got to get to number one back and return. They didn't. The Celtics did not in this case they get three and a protected pick pick appeal lottery pick. There is scenario or Brooklyn one next year get the lakers at Q would you have one into. That could happen any to be lauded if that happens. There's also scenario that you don't get a pick next year because the lakers are number one. And the following year. You only get a pick somewhere in the team's. Because they end up at one of those two Sacramento or Philadelphia. Ends up at number one. So that's where we are right now. Many people including Stephen A Smith. Are confident that Danny is going to trade the number three pick. For an established player like Jimmy Butler in fact Stephen A Smith said it's a matter of factly today. On ESPN they trade for Jimmy Butler. In that case the trade makes more sense but the last hour. There are multiple reports out there that Minnesota Phoenix and Cleveland yes we'll bronze Cleveland Cavaliers. Are all in on Jimmy Butler. So the price apparently is gone up there so I don't know what to tell you. I can't tell you about liquor trade like a really hate the DO EX and all players they're gonna get back. But the idea of big trading number one and not getting a board back in return. I don't like that ideal. Danny is a great success trading. He is had a I would say. Average success when it comes to drafting players. The trades have been a slam dunks the draft picks have been bitterness. He said today's press conference they gonna get the player a three day public got number one. Also in spite anybody hip that was it ain't speak and they trade that they between now and Thursday sell the silly NBA season we are here folks. You wanted to fireworks. You got fireworks it traded at number one pick after all that. It straight to the one. Now or they do between now and Thursday night. 617779. At 79370. Is the phone number Fred's in Maryland on Blake Griffin as a potential target hi Fred. Hi guys that lagged a lovely show on 85 years old on the big got Red Sox Celtics and you ask anybody got. As far as Blake Griffin. We're a little problem that you mentioned is injuries well during the state of all these ballplayer jet engine Google Cleveland in the last year and lay down below holds season. And still turn it on in the playoffs because they did that many injured players if we're fortunate not to get uninjured players. And the play all I don't care Blake Griffin gets turtle little bit dark statement. That's not gonna hurt them. I'm really love the player he is fallible play every the good rebounder. Is a good shooter. Any regret. Can you make so you know the argument as you know there's other teams in the league that also have very close to being very good to watch the team could be very good at stake picked up one guy at. Packed up Blake Griffin or they got back from Utah NB element K they got a good fun. The court and Diaw and mall and as far as graphics go nobody knows what it cryptic it's got to do not melodic style always turn activate about. Well they don't read but the track record isn't thanks for the call the number one pick. Oh yeah. The end of a number straighter percent from 19822012. The number one pick was a an all star 70% of the time. Number three pick was an all star 45%. Of the time. So Fred's right number one pick doesn't guarantee you a good players see it they Bennett and their play of other options but historically gone back in 1980. Over the course of 22 seasons. The number one pick was an all star 70% of the time. Number three pick was an all star 45% of the time. Mark helpful to his trajectory is a player will ultimately decide whether or not this is a good trade for the Celtics. And a full turns out to be Westbrook Harden like offensively. Which of the com city gets from guys who know a lot more about this crap and I do. And the only way Danny Ainge does not get slaughtered for the trade. Is if the Celtics win a championship during that Fultz ten year. If faults and let's call Tatum. If they draft hate him at three. There's still gonna wonder why you didn't just keep Apple's. Unless you win a championship. Same thing if they acquired Jimmy Butler with the number three pick. Tebow or can be good year but of faults they superstar all star level player and you don't win he's gonna get buried rightfully so. I Paul Flannery put it best on Friday. SB nation NBA writer who's gonna sell the trust your WE DI dot com when you trade the number one pick you better damn be right. And that certainly goes range in this case. Alex in Belmont on the trade itself Alex. They're NATO and that was a mistake my culture. You know or thought about first when I heard about trade out. Definitely not happy about it but Hewitt nick and I think there was any taken that down. Is not like you said earlier he definitely gonna take whoever is gonna take it one would get three. The reason for my call to see what they would need due to get actually having Davis when I picked up the phone doesn't talk much a Crowder and honored. Pretty unreliable report to be honest about the other Celtics are trying to pack up picks and Jae Crowder. Look to the pelican veteran like. Gary tank weighs very un reliable it's tank weighs take on this I I don't quite here's my question Alex. You're there Wallace pelicans you have nothing going for you just traded assets for a boogie cousins that did not work out for you. You have nothing else nothing. Besides Anthony Davis. Yeah what possibly would you trade for him other than a signature number one can't miss LeBron type player in the Celtics don't have that guy in this draft does not have back. Yell out my problem with so much they really liked folk then that would attract them tried some extra that what you wouldn't trade. 1918 year old her Anthony Davis. Well they would elect folks Hewitt has traded faults of the that you would have put the package together and given up yet your pick this year Alex and Brooklyn's unprotected pick I mean I would give up. Three or 41 round picks in in the right scenario for Anthony Davis back guy is a franchise changer but. You gotta play the flip side of the coin you're going up or we would always do this he would call in with their trade talk people need to be. Ask the right question okay you wanna make that trade you're the guy the other side of the phone while you do. If an awards pelicans. Why would you trade Anthony Davis right now he's all you have he's one of the four or five best players in the freaking league. Unless the Celtics had a guy that could ever get to that level or there was a player in the draft. You like that much. Why would you do it. I've never heard them link to full or Tatum in this case so opt out with a caller Alex. I would trade almost anything. For Anthony Davis it just seems unlikely and and to meet unrealistic. He's getting it dealt at this point. Rich in the car on Danny Ainge and Bill Belichick carriage. Hey all right in my future order smile on whatever on the mall and that our diamond I didn't quite get. Are at each year you do on your op yet if you're rich check is in the mail for what's going on. And the real core. It's a little bit of knowledge in surgical. Bill number. We're really our best for our problem that you're there aren't they thought they'd essentially put up mock from our. It's no problem to all around. Let's say at the now. Want Olin orchestrating this streak at. Home and you know. Out there yet it'll those first how much you're you're on the air up there. So so. Art and art. Pop Warner bought apple at our sport and where. It's not at all. We're not. I urged a lot of it is in our armed. Caller. Not only that you or senator aren't aren't auto. I mean look at all alt. Well written article yeah itself. It no I'm not the Eric 060. And the other guy here rich that if they ever were to trade down the kid from Arizona market in we the freshman power for being a seven footer can shoot the three. I I I wonder what debt how does that seem this gets it we start getting way too inside NBA but if they really like. The kids physically they stashed away or Joba Sally who played in France last year. Dvd get a big if those guys come over to play I don't know the answer to that rich but look at this point. Your theory that the gonna trade down and acquire more assets I'm telling you it doesn't sound crazy being truly thinks the draft is this good. Then what's disable drag trade down eggs and that and ask more players here. I admit that right so. It opens it looked at 66 you know well from the it was that from the ballot in anyone else. And now they are for trial and then making lecture you know more accurately have all structural or. Well that and see that this is that this gets too did the the quarter import other shoe to drop. The big thing with a straight is never once and what's the next shoe to drop in the next year for Danny Ainge is. A goal that Bill Belichick route. That he knows it after it Fultz in ball go that some team is going to get all hot and their pants. To make a trade their for number three. Is there a chance they get a another first round pick next year or the rafter the move down a couple spots I have no idea. I know they have not brought in a couple these guys even in for work out yet. Jason Tatum was just in today to get from duke could their Linkedin now. Josh Jackson Kansas has not been in for a work out. Law until ball not putted for a work out. So other work out important. That they are a couple guys might be there at three that every word yet. So I have no idea. But the callers premise that he might trade down again. At this point everything feels on the table and everything except except for an at the industry that seems unlikely. Kevin and New Hampshire on the Celtics and their picks Kevin your WEEI. Mark what mime and haven't. Love you in the morning and thanks so much better than Comcast promoters. But. Something you can imagine this scenario. So we've done. Max you know. Next year and yet it is it is bank yet bird money up yes they get this money. Let it roll over Horford for a cup warriors need to get Hayward. Would get better and we didn't change strapped. Next couple years that they let the team pulled over. And then. Or greater Cleveland. Scoreboard eyes now we're right on with your body still have to keep in second place. And then nick that passed on to that those young guys were ready from the leaders. I think we got a. I guess that is Kevin thanks for the call I guess that is the scenario that. Gained dreams of that they they time it up perfectly when you know Cleveland. You know they decide to and speak at Cleveland. I O holy mackerel. Breaking news. Ryan Wynn a horse ESPN just weeded out in the last thirty seconds. The cavaliers and general manager David Griffin. Will part ways. According to sources. Soldier any idea. I already thought this wasn't the bronze team. LeBron is the GM now not only in the fact GM they might name LeBron the real GM. The cavs and general manager David Griffin will part ways. According to sources. Is this say. LeBron wants to make a big deal now that like the roster. And David Griffin doesn't. Apps so all you what it feels like on its face. LeBron made the make moves during the year this year. LeBron admitted he liked the roster set up this year at the end of the year. Power struggle GM LeBron sorry your always gonna lose against LeBron James. So not only see de facto GM. I went worst weeding out the cabs and GM David grip final part ways he's essentially now the real GM. Who runs the cavaliers. LeBron does so entered them now as they wildcard into this mix. In terms of what they might do with a bra on. They want his buddies like to be real GM now nineteen you watch. Ralf in Cranston on the line hi Ralph. But you know why except well and cooperate screens and it and it will go. Out. Not. Let me get yourself yeah if they can go get Heyward let's say they shipped oil we import a war. All from what you think you can get a forward now. If they can get in the end. You know grow setup a picket pocket and it can be Richard technical. What I do would let me get it out. I went to Georgia Indiana he's got a caution why what you're a year or not refer to me. But you glow in. You get a possibly get him put that they're they can crowd out. BD this somewhat macabre or maybe it goes that's an older taser guy under contract a year routes that are now yes yes let's get out now. Look at that team that was going to cut it won't cure colonel look at the and we are gonna happen you're gonna have a basic. So you're. The end. Worst case scenario what an orbit precinct while he's got to walk African compare your books now you've got his money to left right now that each. And we have gone a benefit the left you have a lot of draft picks go out strict exchange you're gonna have Ellison shook it will be the pick. Just still worse case scenario would. You know what you might do way to increase over with the club book that Audi lineup actually if you do that. In what is good ol' norm Parker and encrypt decrypt the paint the beat you're gonna wanna Arco is going to be your basic. So we're in for burial worst case he walks by and I don't want a few. But when you lose it if. Other losing Ralph and what's left out I let you make I let you make your point I want stick your son Bryce scream. On that's number one number two you are you are overpaying for the players Sony is so if it danger so concerned with value and apparently this trade does that I'm what you I'd rather have. A play I'd rather taken full to number one the trade down but if he's really locked into value. Trading number three pick in Jae Crowder for one year Paul George is. The opposite. Of value that is overpaying for the player. So take your son price scream thank you for the call. If these. It can't it can't be Ralph bank if they camped George that package it just camping. Jimmy Lincoln or get a final word on this self the conversation I Jimmy. And what they'll must summon. So I'm thinking that there is it going to be a really exciting night I hope so you'd go to keep and that number three pick. What they don't what's the play on Thursday night Jimmy get righted down forming let's go. Well I'm thinking long term you know we got at the Brooklyn pick for next year immediate two through five that two. And one of those pot guys come now is Michael Porter junior yep. And I mean that got going to be top recruit another on the look forward so what are we gonna do with all these words now. You know we can't you amber we can't take like Thailand got Jackson and Ortiz and Tatum morrow on the target there today. And have a guy like Michael Porter to a company's gonna happen this pick is probably going somewhere out and Jimmy Butler might become an haired guy like that. Yeah I think that that's if you believe Stephen is that Jimmie thanks for the call but that's the scenario. And I of the players available I put Jimmy Butler top my list and act I guess that would make sense if you trade for Jimmy Butler. I'm between now and Thursday or on draft night. He had that the currency now that makes sense is the white Ainge made this trade. Six days part of the draft. If they end up taking a player there. And I'm gonna ask the same question why had to wait until Thursday. These you'll belong to you wait the more Philadelphia wants faults they get all hot bombed a wanna make that trade. Unless he did this to now all hobbled the value of three and trade down again. A couple spots and try your first round pick which given what happened today. I don't think it's a crazy scenario. So will monitor this up pretty extensively I'm between now and Thursday night the NBA draft itself which will pick one they'll take three full coverage here. Went back two hours to days 23 hours 39 minutes and forty seconds mark. Until NBA draft 2017. Our Red Sox baseball coming up here at 731. Baseball but not related to the Red Sox do all the Red Sox injury news to pitching matchups and the big play last night Christian basket is dying down Derek Fisher. I'm a baseball player of the basketball player. I to enact game and your first place Boston Red Sox quick thought. Just Mendoza she. Not be doing what she's doing any experience and a baseball curt Schilling's a much better announcer. Here's the problem that team. They are pure love baseball. You watch that game last sanity SPN. They seem bored out of their minds by the sport you can have people that are bored by the sport they're commenting on it in your premier spot. They've got to find a better group that seems like they enjoy a game or light the game or like talking about the game because that group in bone and Schulman and Mendoza. Sound bored to tears it's a terrible look for baseball we got to go Red Sox pregame next review after the game here on WE yeah.