#DORK 31: It

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, September 12th

Rich Keefe & Gu (Mac & Gu Podcast) discuss the horror phenomenon It.  Is it as good as everyone says?  What was the best and worst part?  Plus This Week in #DORK, Pick of the Podcast, and many other Gu-inspired Features.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Martinez. Is the due to my chances which cheek if the door. I can question if that is why don't mind that she. May or turn into another episode of hash tag or my name is rich. You've joined the three knots by Ryan gave you but by grew from the backing new podcast do a review. Date keeps our that data for nine I had have a vote current. If my eyes are just a glow in this multimillion dollar studio there you hear the torch studios have less fungal pop so it says in the back into the LS and American Beauty of but functionality outline yeah we have a couple of microphones actually you are more microphones than we'd. Is that actually how it goes in the W yeah I've podcast studios. Have what does this three mikes for every Microsoft likes her radio six. We have the capability of fourteen. Well that is nice and I don't think we were all really enjoy that I don't know we have that many people associated with us in the U load shared universe shared universe our listeners know definitely not just any -- come on by the good video and we'll figure something now all of a grand -- time are you excited for what should be packed program for the state jam packed program and I generally don't do this much open there's a lot of prep why I found myself. It's hit or miss that your little peek behind the curtain at that are missed are usually have an outline I think at the Davis I don't wanna blind Simon too much sometimes it's like five bullet points other targets like two pages of stuff. It depends on power Phelan. And thought I would this movie. Mean a lot of different things to get to. And everybody seemed to know what movies speaking them only. Brian. If who's Brian. It's does that too much house argued that a big reveal her. Own allies that too much. It's now let me ask you this spread of the gate now people while listening missile or you know the answer but when I go to title. The episode. Capital I capital T capital lower case T. Capitalize. Lower case to use what we I. I feel better without that looks better because right to capitalize capital to which you see in a lot of places. I think ITI going to be IT drought yes I think of maybe Isiah Thomas I don't on a yes vote in a while ago Laura pasty. We also with Steven king's. But technically it's like really is Stephen king's now tasted he likes it stick all the credit for now though it's a good one but we're not our outfit let's say read my. Pun intended but save it here and let's get to all the news of the week. You've got this is relatively breaking news a time we're recording this as Star Wars episode nine has a new director eight you old director has a work call limit Trevor our values that he's out apparently. From doing some odd digging his astle he's the guy who directed drastic world. And was all set to do. Star Wars episode seven and then a few days ago came out that he is off the project currently is a real prick. I guess he really likes to s.'s own. You get dinosaurs you're gonna make money via its that he thought it was all him and he's very difficult to work with so he is outs JJ Abrams. In he's gonna write and direct them. So the best part about that is that he is writing and directing so he's gonna have the clear vision of what's gonna happen in this movie and that's what's the most exciting part of this news anyways because episodes of was good yeah good very good I don't know if it was great producer I think it's very good in a very enjoyable it was enjoyable yeah it was adorable and so he did that. I believe he's going to be one of the producers on the last yet yeah now he's back in he's balls deep into episode nine does not have a title yet but that is. Great news return of the Jenna repair. Taken the you know opera real old real problem so that's good news other movie news wall also with them over what will it got pushed back to December. As opposed to the summer release it got pushed back to believe December 20 whatever years coming must be nineteen. Yes Erica class yet at the end of this year the other every other year and will be something else next year which Star Wars lies. I prefer that that's recognizable treated the end of the year as you can always summer blockbusters and then you that little period but then you get to look forward. Two Star Wars movies at the end of the year basically every year and it's a Christmas presents you really or image if that's not your thing can be a a Honecker gift anyway that whatever might be. Other moving Newser good and you're somebody though go up there and you'll you'll see movies on opening night you'll buy movie tickets in advance and I saw that the war wracked Iraq tickets are already available. The thing comes out in November I believe they were available last. Thursday may be happy bought tickets I had yes locked up Falk yes there will I have very specific seats that I like decision are you admit left right back grow. McEnroe the complete back rough cycle pass in the middle seats. Back row McEnroe full screen does the term at all now's a lot of listeners that has so much Rome usually or like a rose or is there like a significant amount rose steadily that's. All the way back is enough for me it's a pretty big theater yet. Now I can't sit in the front that's really my only limit and I I usually wait maybe a week before the movie comes out. And then. Based off of where I can sit eyes sort of the movie yet I can't sit in the front and actually when I was looking for tickets to its if I couldn't find tickets not in the front I was a minute ago it was brutal ice and now I bought tickets tonight Oliver day take. I went this past Saturday night and those are on Saturday. Early afternoon. My life better and as my eyes she says who wanted to see another epic great laments I looked it up in a sponsor with the sold out only from rose or like scattered like you wanna not a Michael I. I'm tariff on clouds I didn't sit next you more than you'd expect the media and so. Yeah how surprised do you think Barack going to be like sold out all weekend. No contest it's also it's an early November movie. I don't quite know how those economists now think Corey and focus even thinking back to Doctor Strange is that was roughly around that same time right. It was get it was really tough getting tickets. In IMAX 3-D B that's kind of what everyone knew it. But I got opening night seats on that Thursday night. If you really LA Hoya because I thought that I ordered tickets and I accidentally didn't order tickets. And then at assembly rode her like these are real tickets now Leo now these are counterfeit you are now water rest so far ragged rocker who's going to be from growth honor or a backdrop senator and actress. NBA two K eighteen as the updated cover the give you a quick look now carrier ring any Celtics uniform that's good news potency of that with the video game minute I chose not to. Joe's not you would you're not really a video game there I keep on trying to get back into it. But then. I stop for a while and then I don't know if I can pick it back up is one of those things it's not like riding a bike yeah I did get the show I enjoyed the show does good but then once I hit a point of not being able to hit in the major leagues I just trying to stop line depth on Michael with NHL over NBA but. Now yeah I yeah. I figured in want to like hockey whether about us well in the past while it far more real the rocky online wise to NATO jets of fitness experience organ. A couple of Netflix shows both Jack horsemen in season four is available now I am probably four episodes in arguably a big project so keep on the US open. The last limit I was on past I dork. I believe it was the suicides on squad episode yes it won't Greifeld out like today be changed my score on that movie. I do very high of there's a new rich keeps this year or we don't is great everything super high anymore you should have an episode we get to go back and wreck on her days of future passed everything yes on goodies but in that episode might pick of the podcast was bodes or species robbery there and a mile. But welcome together yes but that was with like five episodes left in season the race and to be quite honest. I think I watched the rest of that season but I don't know idea what the half happened and it. And at this point right now I'm am in no rush to watch season four I loved season one blood season 20 and then at some point in season three I came to the currently Canada. Is also Netflix problem where you shock penalties episode now and then so I've no idea which individual episode like the most. The one that boat Jack course episode that stands out amongst all the others is the one where. He was like underwater density doesn't occupy energize the balance obviously memorable and so I'm wants in the first four episodes of this. Again this is they show that I was today is good if not worried. But its slate. It's funny but it's also sneaky depressing it's rather it that'll have you time yet and one of the best things about this show too is that the voice over acting was phenomenal on will right now off Alice and reap all F Tompkins and cigars they're all really really payment should do they do a great job and out as a watch the first couple episodes like. They're talking about characters and things that happened with these before what. It knows the deal last five episodes right thing though Jack on a Bender I can't think about it I can't think of any part of those and now maybe that's what they intended that's kind of like boat like boat Jack you don't remember the last few minutes. Black mirror season for comes out this December of this on the shows I just don't. Yet now maybe I need to give it more episodes season one was only three episodes and I watched all of and I paid a legit. Eighties I was mad watching it and I just didn't understand it Davey watch some of at least season three. That behaved as much as I did it wasn't like this is great. But people love the show we've gotten requests to do full black mere episode could be terrible that is crap on the whole time. He wants us all you know it's weird it's there it's there it's weird it's probably supposed to be weird it's really Smart and I don't know I'm out on Don wouldn't go near there opt preachers season for you. Is in the books but Thomas episode airs. I'm not the north couple episodes however this has been a really good season this has been better than season one so I like preacher and a preacher known. Good on the dukes. Premiered on this past Sunday and HBO and usually if the show is on HBO Sunday at nine. To probably didn't need to give it ago you need to give it a shot at the very least this is about. The maybe the oldest trade in the game. That acts the skin trade off flash amendments ax wars boy Doug -- warrior political whore. Grew I have not visited the boy now so I have I've heard that Maggie Gyllenhaal is quite stunning Imus. I'm a huge fan of nasal polyps that are and I know that comes across as seen by us that for my guess I don't want her face you know this the both of her breasts in episode one not just one at a time now they're both there enough to be crass but it I know it. Her not for me was like Texas and you also think he's. If you've seen a boom could could. Use it as. The show. James Franco's he plays like twins via that have like the same haircut and they both have a mustache you know like ours. I guess I guess some twins look exactly the same age when they're forty both those are my ticket different maybe. Hey outlet have different facial there at the might identical but anyway it's that they're there and there. I give it another go it was a ninety minute pilot and it was it was okay. I guess I wanna sort of see where yet camps in there David Simon is one of the executive producers the course of the wire so another reason comic I should probably given ago you. A couple. Decent shots of penis in the first episode which is not for everybody now and unfortunately. I know full penny assay which is something I am trying to bring to that the podcast when we're talking penis we talked and lasted we talk and fully correct. Arctic car decks gas flagging corrections one correct one guy was in the middle of a sexual act in a phone Booth. And a summary this spoilers for the dues somebody was walking down the street recognize the prostitute said Andy Dillon should be. Remove yourself for a moment from the gentleman or hello that went back to work but you get this the ever that you saw everything it's like stick and hockey. It's very similar to death and though it's on the phone I don't know about the dues good news great news and facts Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg who wore who brought preacher to AMC. They are set to develop the bullies for in my time pump the pump because Amazon or the boys. On our episode which it would do you know block about. Comic book movies and or or TV shows at once it would like CB made the boys is one of the MacArthur project on oh I'm in on the act. In the last bit of news here mother or. Comes out this week it is a dinner hour rounds you films you know can be real weird Jennifer Lawrence off Javier Bardem Michelle Pfeiffer and others it looks. In saying are you missing. So. And I think this might be its problem. Is that it made me realize some men I've always new is that when I'm watching horror movie or some of them might spook me death are watching at home. Yet in the theater 'cause you never know if somebody else wait for the guy next enemies totally. Houses wait for some than ever happen. But yeah I'd rather probably watch it this well it looks now I got it looks insane my critics right now is mother is scarier than it. It's only because they're mastermind. I don't know why but I kind of got that gap note feel intuitive. Yes like that weird here feed via. Like Ike Skelton he does not horrible movie people think it's or not our looks let's get on the the next part of the program. Okay. Either hand. Seven all right David as we voted a couple of video game news and notes one destiny to. Davies implying in and talk about last couple weeks that apparently is very good. And do your tell me that the the NES classic which was discontinued is coming back. Yes that's current us real good stuff yeah obviously with everyone loving it last year everyone's going nuts over the Estonia's classic. I don't know why the discontinued last year I mean it's it's the Nintendo has a very on marketing scheme worthy gave all the power to the secondary markets which is very very stupid. Yeah I agree I don't understand any of that what they're doing that they. They could've it's almost more money yeah I make it these things but they debated one other note yes I have tried to switch. At the time which McClellan Mario Kart. Class ever in an event on March apparently they kind of ease about the little bit yeah. So that was obviously a shorter Davies video game minute he'll be back with a full minute or some time minutes next week the before we get to the topic did you or do. Did you wanna do one more I know you're famous were accusing a lot of bits to a switch to a to try. Trust that the new here absolutely retire come up with quite a few. Let's let's pick one pick pick the best one because I think a lot to get to with with the film you'll want for yourself or for me again. Surprisingly OK okay you ready you know. Who doesn't shy away from conflict and also little zip feuds she's better. Now know. Keith's piece. Now they're not a sponsor of the podcast you thank you very much by five guys burgers I love. I absolutely love a good five guys burger yet in what you do is yes for the small crises so good about yourself but they give you tons of Fries they feel like a little scoop of fry. Then they elated it's throw the bag it's just the bag full Fries the regular Berger is a double burger. How can go wrong there and you might go to Israel never believed double cheeseburger. With just catch up. In helping you know little zip through a little apples that and then I go over to the salt of the day and I mix myself up some nice maybe I go mellow yellow with a Jerry. It is kind of like a code red allow that's that's my that's key speedskating organized double paddy recommend one more yet you're gonna go one more delicate. A fastball and changeup curveball. Or four bombs. Reaches. Hates you it's now rich district either be what kind of pitches do you like to throw those aren't the what do you like to hit. A lot like the hit you know fastball down the stick but what I what I like the bitch. Is of course my my name is Paul riser which is ornament that some of the call the mad about you but it claim it's the Paul Reiser move the ball. The Titanic was really good at the obvious you're sinker yeah those those two of the best aura which just goes straight up Mike Messina not smaller. You give a little Michael solar very hard Connie gets away from me at times especially dazzled but when and but those are those solid it is if you don't I'll do it might be the same pitch you but well armed law. I'll change by now all of them won't look the same guy. Looks like. (%expletive) Chad Bradford up there yeah that's. Side you know what I think I'd wonder do the people at home are loving this I you do one more what you want an element in one more. Heat doesn't always appealed to a large audience for now. Regions mix yes. This of course when you talk about something that you specifically like but you think many people down its. Cat gore and no I could. I hate cats and LA I don't know that that other thing about the right people. Yes something that I'd like that most people don't like. Man. It's probably more things and giving myself credit for. Don't know what. And solidly in the house that's not really is that sort of a niche that does right now I've maybe maybe you're right. What might let me get vacuum them up a pair amount prepare for riches. With the niches riches and it's as William is that when later and applicable more than we used though that they. Huge markets the welcome back now you are you're the top of the resort outs of ruling out of course I do think stressing is the topic of the day. That would be the movie it's now up you haven't seen it it's. Then don't worry we're a start out spoiler free. And everybody sees this as this is gradual start off the top talking about is. I was not prepared to do episode on this I know you and Mac also an episode this porn on the were on the plane and now we actually taped a completely different episode. And then we strapped it the lost episode I do hang on of that no because. If we aren't we recorded bowl. Episodes on Wednesday night when I was drunk and we decided but he better we decided that few drunk episodes is not a good idea. Really stretching it out about the drunken episode I would like to somewhat record rooms year that I got to drive home setup on track of the sort of a fun little look and you would be out there just people would not on elective. Now the movie it was two hours and fifteen minutes yeah that was a long movie on any standard Maloney or movie. But the box office off the charts 123 point four million dollars. In America in the opening weekend which gives it the number one opening ever in September. The number one opening ever for a horror movie. And the number two opening ever for a rated. Dollar people seem to people love it rotten tomatoes last I checked 86%. The audience or 89%. In and I'm DB very similar eight point two. That's up about that is that people are loving this movie those begin on spoilers the question I asked to begin every move your. TV through breakdown did you like it. So I think the nine DB score is actually perfect right around eight points to may be like in eighty this because. I think it's a B minus movie where it isn't the scariest movie but they develop. Enough of the characters beauty really care about them when they're being attacked maybe not all of them but enough. And yet they are children so you should obviously care of children being attacked by I don't supernatural death but. Three of more than you really care for you you're really rooting for by via if we are we beyond that you can't just throw. It out there like you feel bad for the kid now yet you develop the immediacy of an early it would raise the kids were I didn't really care note there's one will get to Catholic here. But I would say. This is strictly to sort it almost falls under the umbrella for me of wonder woman in the sense that I really enjoyed both. But I went into the movie hearing about how amazing it was at hello as a you know for Wonder Woman it's changed in the game browsers axis of it. That maybe that is it that's what it is but. Everybody is saying how this is. One of the greatest power book movies ever it's not now divorcing disorders hormones error I don't think it is now and I don't even really think it's hormone. Well a well I mean just the 'cause I don't really is but. If if you look at it. The best parts of this movie is the interaction between via via kits daily do you think. I mean goodies is and horror movie but there's more elements yet weigh in this but too he's also doesn't. Annualized of course I like so that's why I it's of the it is a war movie. Bought the next month for a come out our top fifty or movies of all time this is going to be in his pocket and now now but Mary doesn't it doesn't mean I'm not happy aside it was an enjoyable experience I think it was it was crazy. Now I assume you saw the original yes did you were where your fan of that not really it's kind of a slog it is a long slog Waltz also weird how they did it yeah I mean. I really like temporary respect Tim Curry's you know need these cells out on everything yes but. This movie ism that is odd mini series Narnia movie the TV miniseries which is weird especially now is really it's opposite yes I agree that and it's one of those ones is actually is on TV over the weekend obviously as Russia despite about it now announced that they're watching or elect yeah. Mrs. There's a lot there and though. What anytime anybody would ask him what movie would you like to see be remade or like they they remake especially in the horror genre they remake everything yeah this morning was perfect for this one needed to be remade. And so we doubt they did a pretty good job. Now I never read the book you read the book literally read books rocket actually read to in my life. Maniac regain all the embassy and of mice and man oh really yeah that's that if you had a power ranked two books that you read how good. Or minute if you agree a cat so aware that 11 did out of access now apparently though. The book is not that we do Stephen King episode would AppleTV and uncle block again and they were saying now this. It's crazy to keep you basically take the movie either move with the saw this or we just saw the original. In just up the amount applaud the amount of gore. The amount of racism like there's a lot of like implied racism here I guess is more over the top like bigotry and also. We'll get into one I guess more to spoiler out you know this really matter because. Well yeah wholesaler for spoilers but to sort of look what the really big scenes in the book is different in the in the ship and if you're looking to buy the book yeah. Wal-Mart Omar hasn't they're promoting that app on all Stephen King books all are that yes they're big thing they could get on board were the popular look liberal of the sponsors of Wal-Mart wants to get on board. That you follow me. Where would you rate it. We'll get to the door scale the second but just strictly. How scary you laws. Like to give you nightmares that keep you up really where your low in the dark like gossip habits. Still want to six of course everything we do here on their knees don't just the scare factor would be one. So me personally yes. There were two parts of the movie where I either sat after candlelight. You know yeah. Not kind of jump scares Sharia is jump scares scarier in the moment but then you're like okay you're that that shouldn't keep you up for but. One of the pars with the John scared that I thought was a really cool part of the movie so that kinda counts towards it. So I would say maybe it's who were three and went nuts. Kind of the wrong and up high rate they are our only go with ties to agree with him or tube only because I don't like clowns that go out you're like me you're just you're. You don't like Claudia to your creeped out by clowns. So if the villain. If if the bill that looked like Jason Gore he's for example I wouldn't. Related scares the I wasn't I wasn't scared and I'm about fully admit I still actually get scared I've nightmares all the time and in this movie did not union members and I don't think any part was really. Scary scary I think there was more creepy imagery yes and probably one of the best scenes in the movie is the opening scene where. You can you can kind of feel what's going on and you feel dirty kind of watching it it seemed a little okay talk into a clown and then what happens to one I think that's. One of the scare scarier now quotes right right scarier scenes the most I've got a couple of the scarier part for actually revealed in the trailer you know sort of you know certain character turn around and seeing penny wise whether there like creep up from a whale a high or like in the in the likeness or greater things like that anecdote over steer the lord saw those. The overall story of it. Against some of it obviously just directly ripped from either the book or the move related they're they're not make you knees creed that. To take this and it's just pace stuff like poetic if you saw it read it you knew it was going to be. But he without said he do you like sort of the the the entire story. Story lies. I love the characters in the character development that you got from the four or five main characters. My main problem with that would be penny wise. Where you kind of didn't know. What his powers where what his goals were what he was trying to do because there are certain points where. And you will get further into this and spoilers. But you kinda like like you sit back and you'd be saying wait why didn't he do this if that's what his goal is why is he doing this why is he doing that. Yeah no that's a political point. The other overall it was a pretty good story far is you'd mentioned the kids like Cooney and stranger things have two things that come to mind where you are a group. Of kids and now the super popular kids but like they. They they enjoy each other's company and they're trying to. Figure out something that's going on in this case in the town in the water town is so weird wants only crazy things have happened there have been missing kid in this case the other guys rather like that's not. The ethos where it all that stuff other that'd be good job and for the most part. The kid actors were pretty yeah yeah and there was really only one. Like semi lull in the movie. But it led up to the finale so you kind of need that did is a buildup to build that back you don't yeah. Art the final the hash tag to work school or warned that through six. We do do half stones white people not liking apple where would you go to or score so this is kind of top because I do think it's roughly a B minus like an 82 base and that equals out to Firestone's. Men but it doesn't feel like a five stone movie at dozens of them my bucket down to Florida half the Eagles out to like a 76 the percentage wise kind of throws and but I'd say eight people look in stone wise because it's deathly not a five stone it's not a five stone movie I think output and as a solid four. And and what I need to do and before you get upset right now what you gave may be suicides honorary son about that and you are and I don't know a lot of life Stephen King has years and have confidence right now I just think we all need to all we are I need to. Start to great things a little bit. Harsher and were they for stone is actually pretty good and we never give out ones and twos with the exception of like. In an Harley Quinn the image shown via killing joke in a couple of Batman he's Superman amid gamma ray which I probably should go lower because. I think one through six isn't necessarily. It doesn't always equate with a 1300 so. What the one through sixes and you guys should probably. Do this too we had an episode where we kind of went through and we put them on tears the gap we have Betsy needed it the one through sixty we kinda do that with the tears and then you can say well this is the top of the tier right the bottom of the tier I go for your yeah go for four and a half hour out. Farm account I was very Macau government now this is one thing I really enjoyed so every time when he seven years. Is when something goes crazy in the town of Derry Maine every two point seven years and this is more dumb luck than anything else but this movie came out when he seven years after the original. Now apparently out of them out some search and adding to the old nine they like or kicking around the idea of where you at the library of at the end of the put their primary there library and I was thought to have asserts. And besides that's pretty cool like that so it's only seven years and so time's up. Com now this movie if you watched the miniseries. You obviously saw how they. What they were as a as adults yeah. This is clearly in what they did what I that'd be good job of is they've marketed it and all the trailers that are ending was it wanted to see it and that is Susie sit down and they finally get to the the opening credits scene it's it. Chapter one you Garret are here we go and it's just kids it's only kids it's only 1980 eights in and into 1989 I believe they'll the entire movie. Yeah so I'm actually happy that they'd in promote anything about it being chapter one because I love that I think dad also would scare away most of the audience. From being like an eye off I don't who of these right draw the man on this one. And I mean you have my money on the next one you know obviously I do you wanna know what happens of these kits yeah I wanna see what happens and what they should do this win another 27 years and use the same actor kids. Coming of them will be dead I guess you want to. But he could drive you could be jury duty to be in the thick of the Bob do you pop at Dave you'll have all their names and in birthdays you you put your pump out another one next year and then. They'll be fine in minute 47 years you bring the whole group act music guys where do win it chapter to this summer over and you're the work yup some homes you know you're a baby convinced is maybe the concerns things will be famous but you're gonna have to to work on the there's almost no way around there's they're gonna land before time. Yeah I think so they're gonna absolutely do that while it's 37. It comes back are you. This will this will be a theater movie for you to operative. I don't know what I'm going to say do you earlier at a high or wide but I really do prefer seeing horror movies either by myself for with a sweetheart you know -- is not only that it that you know they say about or was it's a natural aphrodisiac. Yeah supposed to get you very much in the mood it's because every twenty minutes you get a scare so it you know yeah my old right down there yeah absolutely the case via. Now Los similarities in the of course some differences the original guest experts in 1958. And then they'd jump it up you know two point seven or whatever years after that this year again. Just 8889. And that's why it has more like that's strangers things feel to it yet is just kids doing kid things in the seasonal cellphones or computers it's all of that it's riding bikes they have it just from X yeah that's all it was and then you know kids. Getting in a rock fights. Which is the best that was my favorite you're gonna rock fight I've never been an rocks it was dangerous my first thought was the it's always sunny Christmas episode which sorely. And Mac throw rocks at trains and I'm like this is what orchids and that's and it's yeah just chuck rocks now I'm like that I was very decent series there and and the kid actually yells rock fight which it that much better and then brought rock music's our plan is clearly we are all in on this spirit every movie in which there's been a food by somebody has that declare food fight yeah they always yell food by -- there were aware of our food that's our trains but yet he screams are rock fight at your high school did you ever gonna do food place. Yes. That someone yell food fight ethics. A mix of fun out of started to divert this I've. Just throw out this for money by yeah Arabs and target after as a freshman I was hit in the head with the ruby Q dipper sandwich. You hear those kind of what you do it's kind of like early primate read the Democrat yes well that well I thought Moret Orvella Lego or saucy. Those very saucy and a barbecue sauce in my hair mine in my long hockey. I want. The rest of the death blowing me yes I was in college we were it was like hey I can orientation type like Coca type thing. And they had like these. It was like a baked potato the salt potatoes the other the potatoes all potato it's pretty solid but it's smaller it's not as big as you're thinking it's like smaller yeah it's the size of like day. Am it's smaller than a tennis ball but it's like you know you can around all. Yeah album once out of the water there's a point of football players like. On the other side off your honor and I chalked this day it's hard is like hood in Atlanta it's mashed acute in the shoulder with absolutely devastated over the shoulder. He kind of went down to a neat to think pelted them. And then his big complaint to me it was. My bet shirt. And now it's time terrorists are just washing their church you know they know what you're not obligated your shirt just like potato move on to great story itself and we're or Donovan. But acted back it was terrible. Have you ever. Whacked up the paper boat and that sent the down. A street you know the rein in criminals skip the long in your launches in rankled behind and beside I had never done that it's that's that you've done I've never done now and in the of those really thing I don't need to live in the perfect place other states in the kind of belly some that you would do in the fifties as opposed. Eighties. Yet eight is way more thing the arcade games like aid to different street fighter in this cubic mile. When I don't accept vote now on a place refine a good man yeah like juggle slick this thing up and then go by yourself. It did and you have to limit the perfect place if you have a flat street that's out you know if you look at the bottom and are you really do it on up there and this. So anyway he does that those sort of a statement as part. I'd say it's what it's one vision us. Now this this is a real creep move that a lot of creeps do. Is when a kid is strong and with conviction and says hey I'm not supposed to talk to strangers. And then they say annual my name is penny wise what's your name. And then he's like I'm Georgie is over Australia's anymore. I feel like as adults mean to teach our kids at that doesn't count. I feel like when you're a little poll when you're in this town when you are dairy oh boy. Don't talk to any adults even even if you know them you know don't talk to not because most of them are either pedophiles. Yeah are there there reaps death pretend like their kids are sick. It's a bad place the idea bad mom that all about my all terrible parents the parents were really they issued their team is now one. God that guy that matches now do we really find out and I guess maybe it's after Tuesday more or groups plane. But I like the setup on that idiot let's just say if somebody goes to theater has never seen the original and is never read the book. They're watching this movie you're saying RE two the ever really explained to you. Why dairy is the way that it is veto. Or what penny wise is real. Con is no because when idealist when ban is at the library yeah. He's going to little flip book of like the mixers and you think maybe penny wise is one of the key that got canceled but and you see him in the background of one of the sixers so is he the one that caused it and he's the one that took all the kids or is he. Just a kid that got killed right there that was one of them more confusing parts yeah immediately instead and they certainly giveaway to there are he's not really a clown like this is the shape that he take yes what he does he's actually isn't like an alien or like the dark lights and handle things and you sent in the rundown and has actually made me bank is is this too similar to nightmare on elm street. Yeah I think it the sneaky rip off I think it is true because. Okay in the original it not the guy in the one from 1990. Tim Curry is basically just the stalker Kline yes he's a clown that stocks yeah sure in this easy supernatural shape guy shape shift there. And outside of not being in kids' dreams he does the exact same stuff. As Friday he does the exact same thing you know Freddie would always. Take on whatever your biggest fear was up and you do that that's exactly what penny wise doesn't this movie that's why you get what he goes after people it's a little bit different you know 01 of the characters. Richie he's actually used Fred Clark so yes he keeps the clumping but. Know what he's doing like the skinny faced. Like lady from like the picture like that's Wanda sort of the Wear wool pants that one that's Serbia throwback to the other movie. There's all these different. Things that that penny wise can do. And it and invite the whole idea of like feeding off the fear of kids like it's very. Freddy Krueger now. Freddy Krueger doubled became around 1984 the original my myrtle street this book I believed him around 86 than the movie in ninety yeah so clearly this is out there ahead of Wes Craven had created Freddie Krueger before Steven Kirk king had created. Penny wise up and they've been there are different enough. Because there's no dream the dreams would have been the big deal and others like hallucinating yeah but it's not like I need to wait for you to go to sleep in nineteen hone your dream. And I know that you counted now we're doing Easter eggs in about one of the Easter eggs is at the movie theater when it hands up off. 155 but that one yeah. If Florida lost in the shuffle there that are out some of the others. Now the kid actors in this movie certainly back to them. Often they can make or break a movie. You know one of the reasons why Logan was so good was the one girl who definitely was incredible amazed that she was awesome I'm still waiting to see which he does next and now. It's it's I'm use religion of enterprise. Think it's crises in the exports Marie with dad did via the about us so that the group of those losers of this is one thing that. If you don't want any spoilers for the book or use well what are the books not for a long time. This is what screw this one there really separates the book temple movies is that Beverly. Who is in Leo the only girl number of the losers the six other dudes when they go to confront penny wise in the book she had sex at all. Yeah yes it while she bangs all the guys. The six guys that she's friends there. Bangs the mall. And apparently pretty graphic and they like describe what happens all the classic Steven candidates basically like they'll the whole idea of lake on the kids eleven in the book yet eleven or twelve. Banks the law like young me. If I don't I don't exactly what that's like right acting you. Now with joy I comically that Veronica. But she has sex all of the whole idea of in a lot of Stephen King books I guess it's like you know kids. Doing things in having to deal with a adult related stuff as the holy of them growing up quicker than they need to and so. She just. They're like well like we could die basically it's such as an arrow opens that up a month ago you know birdies stoked that the Internet. I think yeah eroded that they get a real turn. And I would also called dibs on first or second depending on who went first I would not wanna go sixth shot and it's. She was. To be worn extra on a flying albatross that's right I think about it I have one got a record it at the post that's sort of a time or let's start out let's go whoa overall these characters quickly. You have bill. He's your your leader like yours that the stuttering kid in the brother of Georgie yeah an actor that I never seen before now a thought he was fine. I thought it was good and it was a pretty accurate depiction of what starters yes this is yet. It wasn't just the first syllable like Hewitt kind of move around and yet and then obviously you know at that speech by ham where he doesn't and they kind these are his friends where you okay did you like legislate when Richard was like oh we didn't stutter. So that's kind of weird to me because as he never stutter in a sentence has he'd never gone one sentence without doing it him. Maybe double time and at least in the movie that we so we did all the time out there ovitz and the one of those things that as an audience member. You just pick up aren't Mecca while like are he's he's got no theories do in this war pick up on it. Yet when he pointed out Mike now count yet yet and I think it probably that a purpose though they need they need to put them away. Ozzie he's pretty good now Richie who calls an outline a course Mike from stranger things the only kid I'd I'd recognize. He was great like he was really funny you know they are reelect. The kids in this movie. Or I should they finally we've seen in other places but Billick. Widget pork trails of kids they actually talked like him when you're twelve you said the F word like Hewitt you've argued makes for a guy you'd say that especially jokes with Richie making fun of all of his friends moms and like you know all of my job and about policy all the stuff like our apartment. Triple the spur of I couldn't believe I pulled the other short straw as a Tia two that we were you know comparing Dix or whatever you like the exact I was I laughed out loud out here like I was music. A lot of really good comic relief moment there are roughly like seven to ten laugh out loud moments in this movie via and they were all. The one I think it was bad was like yeah I dare use to be known as like a beaver trapping down a rich like guest at the right of the perfect joke I loved beaver jokes he results but never it'll only every single time and traffic. Since you bring up Ben. Not not not up and non. It was the little psychic. Eddie Eddie the Obama the crazy Malia via. Andy was also phenomenal in this where he was such a perfect sidekick to Richie yeah whereas gable played off each other. Perfectly he seems he seems like well the only one of the group that looks like a little simple yet but he and and like the way as Mamas and we all. We all grow up with a brand and maybe your baby your looks and that's a yeah I was that guy but we all had a friend in the group that is. Mom specifically sometimes the dad yeah thought that the kid always had something out of the kid Pollack he's got to say it was at strip are certainly doesn't he's a sore throat but there's everybody. It maybe the wrong medicine and grow of that I think Richey like every. Every plant isn't talking poison ivy and other great line and that's oil Eddie's like wealth was all of it wasn't it wasn't enough went right. So they do a good job of taking like all these different. And stereotyped type I guess and and and in flushing mall out and also he's like semi flamboyant. Which may be heading yeah which made the line of in sank. There ought to get Phibro is yeah right it's like a bomb mailed it because I think in the book. Auntie Mary's. A woman that looks just like his mother workers and yes and I thought where is that the the 1990 or movie. He just lives with a mother. So they can make a choice either way they knew that you were the where there ban as the new kid the fact kid it. I likes New Kids On The Block. Yup they had some does that and he was important and so was Mike the home schooled kid who teams up of them later because those two were the most interest that I felt like in net. History of the town up and that really paying the picture of one of messed up places that's he also couldn't be killed. Henry slashed in each into his stomach counsel we've fine. And then penny wise like slashed the poll released comic says absolutely fine. The bends and OK here and a spends everything Brooke I really felt sorry Euro possibly like that unbreakable now biscuits stand. The young curly haired kid usually aren't that Jewish kid on the lake. He is in the there's no reason for hyperbole here on the podcast he was the worst actor ever put on screen yeah. He was just saying words at the told the say. It was. I think also what would really hurt him was all the other kids were. Ranging on a scale from good to great yup and he was. Awful he looks so out of place here is the worst actor and there's a lot of that kid actor strossen is read my big that needs but he was. He was particularly terrible yet and he only really got that one scene by himself with and ladies and opinion obviously those creepy and it was okay by. Other than that he was just kind of there to be like I don't wanna do they S. Yet it seems like good group a the other trim anybody have a group he'd be the one absolutely everybody else Serbs are real purpose whether it's comedy or pushing the story forward. He made though the least amount of cents. And again go back to Micah Arnold Beverly that are weird that a bit. But just which is a good in the other building my wife wanted to play our upstart. And now she says well you know she also didn't think the movie was super scary what she did say. She really liked the kids that sit up the kid actors were really get a unit of sort caring about what they do comic that that's true it. If they were bad to the whole movie console so you that you immigrants rude if they were if if you add seven stands is this movie would've failed is rooted trash but they were good in Beverly. And that's the dark character or hurt us have heard a situation where data yup at that creep level hundred. Yak is she was the one care today by the end of the movie unlike any of these other kids can go. I don't want them to died bad right now is my favorite character the whole thing knowing that she's gonna sleep all the guys. I don't know if you've got to keep her know what the whole thing with her dad the first scene with him. Any any says to her are you still my little girl and you're like that's really creepy but is does he mean that in late did he hear rumors about her. I know that she has tampons because it was because does he donated that way but then in that final scene it was really obvious that. He he was a had a file. Yet so there's there's two things in this that degraded. Probably enough where it was so implied that they didn't need to cross the ya it was like he didn't like. Drop his pants are subject saying yeah in the same thing with everything that Mike was dealing with a those horrible all of their kids but they never said the N word yet but you knew it was there it was -- right there like they'd be targeted specifically because he was black. But there are like are were to give you this and I'm sure the book again which I've not read it's. Million pages too but I'm sure it's more over the top which is how terrible those kids are yet because the death fathers said the couple things that you're like OK that's cut that bush is it to you now known and then he also pens are down for a second before she takes him in the knots and then I don't Oscars yeah Q he was he was. They were all that different ways you know whether there was data Eddie's mom. War and his dad was also yet but you also couldn't tell. Was angry a bully because he's bullied at home or was he just the cycle. I think he's the cycle path when he and his friends were looking at him like you're doing your. Crossing the line you wanna Gillick had. But also it got to a point where practically penny wise like to pummel that's what I thought too and I think I was in short won't you don't possess you heard not all time you heard penny wise talking on the TV. But I also heard that in bad so as to when her father flawlessly. Yeah I don't why let the kids never really go immediately turn yeah. And now you have Obama monitor closure on that. Georgie was most find uses for once penny was one thing again and I'll be honest I'll I'd look away certain times and they would be just straight up clown job summit on that this will omni. I did like how they they tweaked it. And going from the lips with a lipstick. All the way up what to the I have connecting that I was sort of a different twist on it that's that's pretty creepy and that's going to be Easter mass you know what I liked about him and it's mainly with his makeup early deceived them was the eyes where they would sometimes start with just the plain yellow in the I would -- roll around the front -- and -- the pupils weren't always staring straight forward sometime right on the -- not outsiders on the I also like I liked how he would. Open up his jaw. It felt kind its import neat very timber and the practical effects that he used NC beetlejuice or something yet revealed yet you know there're there're a lot of that that also. Especially with Beverly she looks down his throat rip it or she floats yeah she sees that the three dots like three lights in his mouth. And so that's when you release or to get the sense that Ari. He's not really decline it is not like opening laws of this famous clown any guidance that word came back to kill kids that that's not the case turns Ariza more and they'll get into it in chapter two like these from the dark tower he's gonna pay for it from another planet error there and either an alien type thing. Yes so did you what did you think of the and Daley got hold local final scene where you see the kids loading it. There are all trying to fight dome they they break into the house and go back and forth that are. So you have this big. What is supposed to be a satisfying ending of all of the main characters who no longer fear penny wise is he can't eat them unless they're fearful of the and yet they'll start beating this up by he takes most of its first and then suddenly. He can't take it's just is one of them says that he's no longer for a minimum. Bo wouldn't have felt that yet there are you aren't you know like you shore and then when he is falling well and he says fear. Our. There are no bottom. But I mean overall I think it is great to be continued because you know there's this we plays out there all live for now but they're gonna come back two point seven years in Oregon. No Portland or Portland Maine yes issue leading for for Portland yes now. Clearly looks our for dinner. Because the fat kid is a wizard with words he wrote a beautiful home and she loved also is like him on a solid bill she also oh. I I'm not sure who stole the smooth which actually he stole the smooch she was incapacitated so you would be one that stole Christmas which yeah she was not present for that now she was not minerals. Yeah of that broader attack yup. So once again. That's superior. Did justice is just checks against them their past nominally cup he brought someone back to life he was stabbed several times like this angle. Now this is pretty good. To look for Ben maybe have a spinoffs and series of sort of superhero to be the next them nights in one of these are some of the I area there's more to move we get to again you can not tweet us at or podcast in emails to our podcast at gmail.com. If you have more thoughts or questions about the movie some of Easter are two references are and other questions you mentioned nightmare and on street. Five. Was one of the movies pulling at the theater so was the original Batman and lethal weapon two. That'll checks out they'll came out around that time and end of the summer months which they were would they are showing. Now we've mentioned earlier about now. It is kind of a sneaky rip off of Freddy Krueger on time if you really think about it you go through. You know how the character. Or characters motivations and now there to do things. I think honestly Freddie Krueger has Morley realistic and notes that one is realistic but there is more realistic. Got a crazy background which he was a he was a child molester and murderer. And in that townspeople the parents got together and burn them. Alive so the where he was a real person is a horrible person he sounds like one of the parents from there he that would fit in the navy navy right Dan. They should throw them with a us what you meant that are slaughtering them walking around. But so that was that was a real person worth like penny wise you can do all the research you want it aka fine. He's not a real person although they they from a one picture with a face that it looked like him. But it's a civil with a very little bit more convoluted which I took a lot of Stephen King things our. Old Richey please street fighter one point which is which is a pretty good reference there. This is this idea stress this is bound so again to seven years how long. There are gaps of these incidents were like you know penny wise or turn or the Buick apology kid stole again and in kidnapped. Every 27 years now Jonathan Brandeis. You may remember him from the first it movie from a lady bugs in seaquest. You're almost child actor very popular child actor for awhile beautiful and murdered themselves. At 27 years old nine east Judas in the declaration of that. David picked on but. So John the Brenda moiso when he told the I don't know there was any connection ago I don't I don't know Jack gay is greatly ebooks. Oh jacket jacket on his jacket and it's running Dangerfield 41 at that time of classic RIP. Throughout the Brandeis. A preview there's a lot of previews including GX which. No doubt we seeks to steal some movies but one of the movies are the preview for it was happy death yeah without them for year to. I did see that in the preview look kind of cool it's Groundhog Day except you get murdered every day yeah but I also laughed out loud when the title of the movie went out there don't like to yeah that's the tough high Lilja but it's weird and so again it's literally Groundhog Day. She wakes up every day but she gets murdered in the wakes up in the enlist the day I think it's murder and that she used the solve the murder of like. That may sound down but I think government. Not that you're probably but I do wanna I wanna see what happens under Jerry's to a rotten tomato response to that would be like what critics would think of it right Dem I'd. Groovy psychic who 40% 4040. Which is a very tough call you know get a lot of forties it's not a comedies that's a bad gas in my part 10 at Torrey when he South Korea problem right is probably more so in the in the twenties pressure. Anything else on it and we didn't cover it and we sort of ping pong around a little bit boats. Against those missiles were summon up a thing not super scary now but a good it. Sort of young teen ensemble cast where unit caring about the characters. The villain to mean not super strong in Hillary's while Paris scared of that was because it was a crowned but if you switch out anything else. I would've been as scared. With the all that being said though IE I do wanna see a chapter to watch that. Probably not opening weekend now that I think this movie has been a little oversold. Now if you're listening at this point of the podcast the missing that you party scene in the movie or simply don't care yet. Now I liked the movie I liked a lot of the characters I'd logged what they did with some of them. Two of the scenes really stick out to me and arm I thought our awesome scenes between the opening scene. And the slide shows seen in the garage I thought that was very very well done yes. But I don't think this is some that you have to rush on your house to sick. I'd I'd agree I think that's part of the movie was reaching the kid from stranger things up the worst part was. Stand but he was that was Gary to wire and uses uses terrible. But it it was it was a remake of Moses dumping ground breaking news that they really knew these that nice job to clean it up. You know what again and all the other stuff about who's who's been shot pretty well it was who's present in India. An entertaining way and I thought about African out about it so they're Brothers or review of the movie it again you can modest though. What do you guys think I'm not for the next portion of the program. I. Argue particular podcast argue or the guests or allow you to go first. All right so Don all Meyer is dead. Found on Wal-Mart on all Meyer he was EEB easy today ahead of NBC and NBC. Executives know well rusted piece by he was the Fella yeah fired Norm MacDonald. Let's. And Dow when he fired him he told them it's because he's not funny. Well that I feel it may have been wrong now was this the guy. The deal would Norm MacDonald was that Michael's or at the head of NBC who told them not to talented joked yeah. Elizabeth Arnold mired. Donald Maier was a dear friend of OJ Simpson and told him well yes the company keep yes and actually if you go on YouTube after the broadcast right or not now I I think there's like a 25 minute clip on all of norms OJ jokes in a row because keep the laughs that's a good you know by yes right there matter of fact still on my ticket podcast as the hijacked this Blake Cameron. Also debt not dead he's dead. Of course he and Eminem he starred opposite of JTT in 1990 five's Tom and Huck also not as familiar with him the night. The movies Shiloh. You Shiloh isn't silo based off the book though you greeted delivered the throughput silos the tear Jerker but the rest are now that the dead people are out of the way and Axl could applaud those of the two biggest deficit of four of the snow and died recently that's good news now although. Purdue BR we are duke does always always come in threes which you're result it suit here which is with extra. Would you ever participate or have you may be Ryan's dying I don't know if today in a death pool or dead people but you're being wanted to think it's too Panasik. I think now and absolutely it's one yeah yeah to a start or possibly but he got. You know everything over a long time and he's actually he's proven me wrong they're a solid year about rob Kardashian. Really you know that I would have in my my god you know I that was gonna die for a while at his own hand. Floyd Mayweather who. Auto the issue and something weird yeah I that's of the weird is gonna happen and maybe he loses all the money in some crazy scheme and then have to go on yeah I don't know how the scoring system works because. If you pick somebody's 99 he should get as many points for some music 33 and became vote go to every year. Until we finally Texas. People pick I Betty White so is pick it and like furlongs on the Artie Lange was the panic Artie Lange is its inherited disease so maybe if that brief aside that rule to a dead pool from. I'm also so a real good applaud you're the worst team back last week this is and that's just this is an awesome show have you seen it I've never seen it catch up on Leno is accurate are Verizon they are on season four right now I'm not gonna get in so what's on the show but. This is I think personally one of the best comedies on TV really Arnett and there are some points where you it's a bit depressing it's this it's because that's kind of what comedies are now yeah oh yeah let loose again yes it's not quite as dark as we seek today. It's funny anymore or one last season but the two main characters are two of the worst people. That you'll ever see on screen got it and you kind of get those two playoff it's. America my up and it also don't. The of the bought pasta salad its pick of the pot that picks of the fund a prophet of god it's delicious. Is that what's your favorite salad. Am out of now I love all kinds of sounds a lot pasta salad I love regular salad on the ticket seller version zealotry. Tuna salad over chicken salad. That's something by. What about potato salad is good if there's. If there's no mayonnaise and fall if it's a vinegar base yeah salad. Is venue of the contradictory taste of the vented to the bitter vinegar nine those sweet potatoes if you eat at the right time you get at the replace a seafood salad is not at all of their egos you know there's like it sells out there. But regular podcast is a Netflix show that his back taxes to back per month but. I'm finally watching now not done yet but last change it's you season to. Following yet junior college in Mississippi. Equity or want Chad Kelly apology guys have gone their in the past pretty compelling stuff they better number player from Florida State a few years ago. The Shawn Johnson at least his name is he was the quarterback or stay here and use that in the back up. And there's video of him like hitting a girl like the girls like roughing him up to. But it out of Barney punched a girl it's and gets thrown out of Florida State he won on Good Morning America like with a mom who was like disgusted with them. Michael Strahan interviewed on and he was gone. Well he's the quarterback on this team. And it's pretty epic all the guys that they go through at the beginning at one gaga kicked out of Penn State want to indicate that a Louisville one guy lately it's just all like troubled kids trying to get back to. It's free agency so I would give that a chance as a novice football season speaking of which you. Yeah we reported endeavored next week gave you will be back yes there we're going to be doing Friday Night Lights out the five season television show. We're gonna break that thing down like none other so strap strap on on and strap on and I don't play I don't wanna stop either of those I don't know I kind of lost myself there at the what your boots fully about the massive debt while one. If you took the words right out of our mouth through. Would you got where where can people find you tells podcast what do you do this week we doing next week tell tell the world so I would love to plug myself right now pluggable enough. So. You can find us iTunes yeah Mac can pursue and Gail. 10% right in the middle. And actually understand don't spell out an arsenal and actually September 8 with national Sampras and it was a religious illness that needs to dismiss what you guys are having special. We agent now. There was a pointed out just by a listener earlier Eric here or what but the count them for next year has begun we have become up for next year after it was so iTunes if you go on iTunes you dates of stride and review. You're gonna go ahead and get a Mac into T shirt along with other Mac and you're making us look bad here dork because you pay for our T shirts. Definitely we dealers are death also log on a Mac can do dot com you can find all of our links there are nice and easy one stop shop. On if you don't have apple that's the way to ago. And we're Earnest Graham now it's Graham we're gangbusters on instinct what do you guys young box that we are gangbusters on the data that they're gonna mixed review in this studio after this way out of the right now or you're on two quarters while we are on Twitter that is Mac and that's an end date. Podcast Mack and do podcast yeah. We are worthwhile. Yeah I'll get in their picture and a one there's a bit of Sotheby's says about the you policy course reporter at the work podcast on iTunes he did the same thing you can rate. Review. And stride news that subscribe to all those things are iTunes in just. Feel better about yourself. The American gets shipped from us you know just just three that the podcast the spree for God's sakes execute to that. Also YouTube oh by the way ya axis others you're YouTube videos back it's back yet. Would no explanation yeah I just was like I uploaded another video and I saw the power was now available so YouTube. If you missed this hijinks they removed the video Mars is actually wanna do with the cold you throw for cap. Then. They were like oh and it did cross like community guidelines that you eat its episodes were yanked it is gone and I just appealed it. They're like a few days later is back I've no idea they do that there obviously okay so any video output up there could be gone I don't know why but there's there's something about YouTube's guidelines and policies like I don't off I don't even have a YouTube channel yeah I'm fascinated by it's not it's wild and and there are guys I've I've heard I was a couple of podcast that have guys that do like. That are big Tom on YouTube running up bills today. They know what one has really Smart of bodies like guys like you know making money off right now but I am aware that this could come crashing down any sect and it's about it because the algorithms keep on changing basically every single year treasury saying that used to be lake subscriptions now it's like likes or comments on your video how it likes and comments that you subscriptions that's really and also to it's it's. It's all about. Time watched. So right so if you wanna have Padilla yes so you wanna have. Like it's one minute video and you want everyone to watch exactly seventeen minutes senator's been so dominant and to put commercials that he in the course of the multiple total crap that they were on YouTube but YouTube dot com slash store podcast. We snapped at the wants the weeks ago on the they announced that there are those guys. And if the Friday Night Lights out there the other note apartment lights is if you have Netflix. When I want to start watching Friday likely candidate to recap or to refresh myself. I think they're pulling it down October 1. So if you worth thinking about re watching he might wanna do it now there's no this is good to me is I've never seen it it's literally greatest show wolf I have. I one week to bench the whole thing before the next point in his 76. Episodes that believe those people along it it hourlong. Yet but it was on network TVs at the 43 minutes ever angles out much better so I look I long that it's not the best ever but it's literally. In my top seven shows real a vault. I did I who taught it sounds. It's in my fair seven yeah. With the wire. Breaking bad. Game was thrown. Signs though the office. It's always sunny and while the ago while out topping your hat to them about how about that any else do. You want and as with a couple more of these guys. Quick segments you know if there was the one. I got time for one I applaud our operative just pick the best we'll make this one can aka. Lewis a man who's known for taking the aim is to leave large jumps. Messed up. It's lives. I've got a real rough dangerous power off. But seven times so that no way no real rough day. No way yes that's terrible. My body don't do a lot of stuff right now he's been here for an hour. Yet so everything Bryan Wright leave it like three or more and all. Between him and you know it was between that. Do shoes booze blues which is of course is now when I'm sick. Blues clues I would you people who live event at the thought of mr. yes and and I abuse kangaroos.