#DORK 29: Game of Thrones Season 7

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Tuesday, August 29th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey breakdown Season 7 of Game of Thrones. What was the best part? Worst part?  What will happen in the 8th and final season?  Plus This Week in #DORK and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door to Martinez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens in my dorm bond cash. Thanks a tune into another episode of hash tag or my name is rich keep journal of the about Ryan Davey Davey how real. A medical wonderful they Richard thank you for asking. That is great to hear sir and this is a very exciting episode as it's going to be. Season seven of game of the groans of the most popular television shows dare I say ever. No that's that's quite accurate I believe. Having so other than the numbers are off the for in charts for the season ranked twelve over twelve million people watched the last episode. Which is saying is you and he crazy for there metrics we have a lot to get to. Eight were muzzled diver into a now rush hour. Ira we've been all over this for a long time now but the latest in the Batman movie it's just getting absurd but it is such a joke. Where is the DC EU which again I don't know we can say that a million times but we want it to succeed we are gonna watch all these movies we love these characters but they're the most recent thing. This came out of it just after our our episode last week but Matt Reeves is doing a podcast the director of the upcoming Batman movie. And he was saying at first how. The baton it's not going to be in the DC EU but they later try to clarify and that will go badly and ends of course in the DC universe but it's gonna be it's own thing and it's it. It was even more confusing utter all I know is that Ben Affleck it's not going to be that. And all I know you know what circle the wagons all you want you know you can tap dance around this you can make a big show it. I just beat Ireland there's no ending a met reconsider he wants the DC people that they would have been applicants that we want they want Richard that. When the smoke clears you know. You were right thank you you're gonna be right and then the candidate and that's the bottom line because don't call. That's our bond the sets though. And Euro is dark corner and I'll never forget that you magnificent bastard I'll never ever forget. About this also leads me to believe. Another reason why. It may not be in the DCU is because they're creating these other movies they've already admitted to this that because there's so many great characters in DC they don't wanna be. Forced to only make them in this contrary to the can be difficult even marbles because they've been we've called them out for certain things about how. But I does that make sense or what year is it's like they've that they've got to re map out you know what you're the avengers took place what you're Spiderman to put all that (%expletive) so. They're gonna make a standalone Joker movies and apparently Todd Phillips. We all love from his comedy movies Todd Phillips might write and direct. A standalone Joker like origin movie would Martin score says the as one of the producers what do you make of that. I'd make nothing of this idea I gave. You know it's one of those things like you know Pullman what kind of things with videos suicide squad and Joker and stuff like I know it's not let out right. And in this might be an unpopular opinion I thought this was I thought let go as the Joker was fine. I thought it was an interesting take on it. How he was used it was completely ridiculous darker yeah they did you know I think that he. He would he would even say that they elect I was sold a bill of goods that you know I was supposed to do this and it never happened. So right. They used them to put on the poster and on the trailer they didn't use him for anything in the movie the ghosts I let down there. But yeah I don't I don't know I mean year Martin's score says the and Todd Phillips edge if they do like. The problem is they aren't DC animated movies or he did the killing joke in a sort of mayoral twists and like the things that they changed the worst parts of it so. I don't know that that's a that's seen so far off to that this could make you pull this thing off. And I'm gonna say that's right now and has might be able hot chili hot taken up which is do you think Emmitt take. I think that Martin Scorsese is attached to anything meant something to be twenty years ago doesn't mean anything mean. Who boy you know it says to me is that Leonardo DiCaprio probably and it. I area or not and that's not that's going to be done. And now. Speaking of what you're doing for you lately coming up on September 6 Comedy Central is gonna run every single. South Park episode in order the only show will be on for a week. Is just The Daily Show if it's not The Daily Show at eleven it's going to be South Park in order. Spoiler alert skip like the first three days. He met the person who's not. It got better. Let's just say got better and so you're not only that. I'm a huge fan of what South Park does above it's like watching it the first season and simply why. You know. Now. Nine on the first Jennifer edit the animations off. At least the voices of the same with South Park the voices and draw off. To strange but so yourself park mimic many of you are you can jump in there the whole week. He and now come up here is that number there's no stranger things poster we tweeted out at the or podcast really Kamerion mirroring. An old alien poster of those pretty cool. Do you think their lead into the heavily on the misspelled the eighties nostalgia thing. Mandates vocal line in season one Legos soul over the top with the references and just them talking about. Certain things or just the imaging all rounded that this the lake. I don't know I like this I I really liked it all the first season but it seems that they're really upped the ante here. Yeah and that it's okay but to a point the united mean. They didn't and you ask yourself what do these kids even know that what they're talking about. Now the department. Of NATO but that their care to know what they're doing his or playing a role in pulling child of the EAU a we also get a new image this is also in the yen the Netflix category. Got to look at publisher. In his standalone. Movies are steps ours standalone series. Now I want it. It's delegate that's got to the corset feel like to another picture. His thing and that you can sort of see like the the skull like which is always known for. But that it looks like he almost has like a boost you know like a rest late it's. I don't know it's funny when he. We need weeded that out I I looked at it and I kind of like step back. In my garlic of Michael wider view of it you know like I get where you say conflict the wave that eye sockets. Of the skull comic public under his boots yeah look at like highlighting the man boobs. Yeah elegance that if a woman was wearing the same thing would you be able to see your cleavage. Look at the mail like a likeness. I mean there's some. There's an interesting article coming out John Kerr and Paula talking about like this character and stop and see there was one interesting thing he says that makes me hopeful for the show or he was talking about how like. He didn't really want anyone rooting for the punish or what you think it's an interesting character but it it is edit score you put not a good dude that's the thing. So that you know what. I like that but I like defected you know we got a glimpse of that commemorative plate is sports scene. They wanted to tell they wanted they wanted to save of the peak yet the game you know like part of like him Gigabeat music now like but that but that's what this yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I don't know because yes I am all hopeful but it. These are I. I am pumped for this they give us a release date yet I think it's like November though I think that's what the plans most of so I am fired up for that also on the marble on the role others an image of bowl loss in the upcoming ant man in the loss. Is very. Very ant man he very leathery against those that. But they want though that Evangeline Lilly is open up well under. I am a sucker for all of that lost a bit better OK after dark eyes and in the green ended did dark hair green eyes are what combo. Which you know it I married a blond hair blue light girl but besides that you know. I you know I got to but I have yet dark haired green not a big sucker that Jennifer Connelly yes it legally give them. That I do that's a nice lie at the year your foreign. How about don't ya Saturday Night Live season 43. Is set to premiere on September 30. And not mess around are going Ryan Gosling as the host Jay-Z is the musical guests. Coming up when it got them up that's pretty do them right probably Dexter really good the last time he was I was hunting him on you get a big greeted like a hot data this week over. Yes that was a valid ballot hilarious about no one of the flooding just get to the. How is on that now this is something I don't know if you wanted to save it for pick of the pod casting a vote Tobe Hooper passed away at the age of 74. He of course the the writer director of the original Texas chainsaw massacre. He also directed double for Geist is amongst other films. And done. This book might pick it apart told her just think it's a or icon known to be yes or icon that is your thing that failure to mr. I do I do you do him also. The schema I think yesterday's super troopers who had a teaser. And you don't really we thirty announced last week or they announced and then we've reported it on the podcast that it is going to be out on 41. Of next year I'm surprised there I guess. An idea it's that we thing. My biggest takeaway was from watching the teaser was that all of these guys look remarkably. The same. From like 2001. Road whatever the super troopers came out by o.s with of that look at but either so to twelve years you would think something else isn't it really matter somebody's gonna look old like they all look great that they'll they'll dissent. Billick took a look at exactly the same in if you gave what's funny is that like part of the joke of what the wet hot American summer series. It helped awful I have a problem look on the in his book would you like younger Vietnamese. So it it's been remarkable that they've. You know you can't barber can't really get fat that he was pretty. Yes he looks good though the gotta look good so I will we'll see what happens there again out of the suitable reform but I rolled all the publicity and at some point. Are you ready to serve for the next part. It's time. Yeah. Either man. All right already got. I got a couple things but I'm gonna try to keep it. Under a minute this time I'm gonna go get a lot of we a lot of stuff to do so the hitting all the console so we got a big Mario and rapid. Game is in the game that exist for the Nintendo switch and people are making noise about it that comes out this week. You know that in Mario on the. I do like Mario I don't know what the hell you mean by the rabbits. You know like dead rabbit there and like rain and they remain rather do it Google cartoon rabbit. The jump around a. I'll kind of yeah and if that's Mario it's for me like Alomar hit it real. Yeah you got that sense that we are biased that will mention that it would just went live today as we speak is going live right now is over watch has released their third team debt. Match and free for all mode in that yes I am. Yes yeah billfold BP yes and just start you know crank it up to move the payload we don't have the secure point to point shooter people. Orange to get season five is in the books that leave. Yes didn't I was in the books as of yesterday and create that. At midnight there 1159 so that's all done we got to go all the way were supposed to not. And we are promised they revamped ranking system. Next next season so we're looking forward to that. The key is really that we need or placement matches together so we don't get around. But it. Absolutely. Com and be biggest news of Paul Richard it. That and I will probably have a hands on by the time we do our next podcast is destiny to a drop next week nice. So a lot of buzz about this game I've played the open beta it was good. Were promised some other things I did play the call of duty beta as well and that was needed. The aka not not not huge on that but some people really like that I didn't really care for it but. Teach their crap but I got for the video game and at this. Diego that's the other DV GM as the kids the column at the V video game minutes. It would move on out to the topic is your Ryan. Well of course is the topic of the day and it is game of groans season Savion. And only what we do what it's a movie or a television show is we go non spoilers first then we go spoilers. But again I feel like this shallow. People don't mess around they don't put it off they certainly wouldn't start a podcast like this if they haven't seen it still wouldn't you. Think of just going all spoilers. If you haven't seen this. This show this series you're not up to date and it's Tuesday. Capital it's been the last episode ended on Sunday you can just get the (%expletive) out of here plus plus. The just a fair warning to everybody we are going spoilers. Ryan let me ask you right out of that right out of the gate here. What did you think of the season. Solid even. For going to don't I would built by the sixth spot and six. Oh OK Ari can I you know what I like the I like this cover from I think it's going to be more positive take that you might get another podcasts or on other. YouTube channels or other. Blog posts because. Davey since since episode one or two when people start complaining. And I mean of this season's start complaining of time jobs and how quickly people can travel. You were or you're the first guy out there sand just shut up and enjoy it. Yet any other pick there where I would say this season unlike the other seat and have like the highest of highs. They're probably one of the lowest points of the theories yet in this season that quite well for me it's five out of six six six. Yes. I I'll probably agree either simply things you can nitpick but they're definitely a lot of really memorable moments certainly is episode four had just the Harlem on the last episode did the penultimate episode did. Let's start this way. I think it's a good way of sort of understand what happened in the season when you take a look at which main characters died. So this is sort of beyond the RIP. In season seven. Then feel brooding jumpin and we can talk about their deaths as we go hereby. All went Tyrell. Died and probably a pretty. Dexter waited dies well old lady Tyrell Marjorie is grandmother. She drinks the poison additionally our Kurt Thomas up that's gonna it's gonna do for her. But she gives Jamie a little information that may be that's your scene Jamie did not know so she's dead but she she went out with a bank. And probably the one of the more meaningful debt yes in the in the entire steered that seven years so I've. I was sad to see her go she was one of my favorites but that she was a bit of a balk as the as the kids say he was so it is very sad but. It'll ministers had to get their money some way right they did an. How's ice. House Tyrell is in the dumps are house lot of houses actually as you're seeing them go down are amassed including house mark tell you the sands. Three of them though that the ladies and they were old I feel like they're storyline was just kinda off. It was almost surprising you know that that they didn't die last season but this season they get their comeuppance. They do and it was a long time common you know and I you know I don't adolescents. There because to get it thirsty. I understand why he gets their she's she's she's a great villain she's she's a bad character. But her daughter didn't do anything like her daughter was the opposite job very well we did see her time but she was a sweet girl and Thabeet get at her. Idea sir see they kill her. So okay that search is gonna ditching back for that and so I felt I thought no no reported its price or she does a really interesting. Job in this whole series where you hater for awhile. And yet she also has come across on a couple of occasions as some. And that was limited to one of the best parts about the last band state dying. Wit. Of the Martell chip watch you watching her daughter yeah it's TC gave this same poison and she said you're gonna watch her die. And he ordered the agency ordered people did not move the bodies is that you know what you're gonna she gonna dive Friday duke and limit a keeper there are new guest they're better for it until you die. I mean that's just cold but it. Does ethnic group dominated you'd you would think I absolute I for a classic for. That's what it's worth there vengeance dark. He died heroically and and vengeance stark. Yeah I just. Like. Just got a wicked day at six knock in a kind of thing like you had to get John Snow out of there somehow you just plug in a character you haven't seen in the could even. Yeah and he's gonna you know we kind of lame yes it kind of convenient. As well and end up being a couple of big deaths here Randall and Dick on a Harley. Housed Harley not completely gone obviously we'll get to that but Randall the father Dick on the brother of Sam while all die. GO dragon fire. Which is which is a great way to die and also be in my front runner for the best name. Of this it can't. Pick on. Dick on. So they're both dead. Four also Mir he died in north of the wall Doris in here of course he was a bad ass part of that Magnificent Seven group that went north or great. Yet that we discussed on this you recap too we do one of more than police one of more than make it. And it has it made sense there'd be him because say Derrick on Darian died again played just bring it back Soros and his revival right that. Now you also not yes and now it's like he might be down it was last life and make the argument pound says that the pair were here are your real one like now. Now. We lose a dragon we lose a goddamn dragging and that was the biggest loss. You look at a mall lot you know Ned stark Robb stark. Anybody you want on this via com in going to be like common but all these different deaths that we've seen through out the show. The dragons the worst one. And it was I was the cereal clinically. Is there any out there screaming at the television along with my wife. We're just like public dislikes screaming go like at whether they get out we don't mean like we don't what does this area I would pay attention. Now gone attention. He's is that he's up there for reply it's like Dora backer of gonna spear these are Chaka you chests. That was heartbreaking and then obviously now right you know they're using a messy weapon against them that's brutal that's going to be amazing when an heiress sees that. The dragon has been brought back as a walker that's gonna knots and yelled as the ship for sure and then the last episode little finger. Who I thought was our president make at the start of the survivor he's made it through seven seasons are almost through seven full seasons. But the I'll start girls get together and little finger debt. It's about time like it did they were too scared there's a in this season like I needed to die early one of them. And it's still one out there who I need to die because I hate him so much but little figure was up there for me you know kind of a bucket and his story. Well as a him every time they cut the moment it's a different accent every time they they've they throat or tool but. I do. There's part of that I love the bad ass guys like we've debated over who'd win in the fight all the stuff but not world to have guys like little finger and have Gaza terrorists who edited Syrian who have to do everything with their minds like I do you like those guys the only difference in the it. There are those that revealed finally it is well at least. A handful people get the idea that. Is the Starks in the land masters only hate each other because of little finger like the whole thing got started by a little finger in and you know who like the Charlie's and and you know that whole thing it's. Dot Harley the the helmet thing you know. Liza Aron and whatever the hell out Blake all that. That was started because of him and now that seems to do a one of the great wars one of the great house vs house we've seen this entire. Series has been ridiculous. And only that but like he's the one who handed her over to the ball. Yet but they're hoping she went through yes he deserved guy just just that alone but can you kidding me yeah you don't mean and then you try to tell me you tell me you love me. If it. Out here. So what was your favorite part what would you say is the best part of this season. I love the scene where. Did you do okay the last episode when you saw at the big battle would you say you knew the dragons were coming for John and we called on the magnificent that he knew the dragons were common for. But I think it was an episode for which it would they're taken a goal back picking landing with Damien brawn and the dragon came out of nowhere. Like that that was thought that was the that was my favorite scene of all thank him and you know Jamie's. Like went into the abyss and that you'd chasm that existed in that need deep water but that to me like that was the best seen from me for the entirety. That was really do I think there's physical Lotta park like. As you're starting to see aria developed into that on the legal like unbelievably skilled fighter like an item SaaS which he stole it. She she kills all of the phrase which he felt house Frey goes down because our stark. If there's a the first first scene of the buck and series is played bad that's what that what. So I I absolutely love that part of it with the thinking of they're sick of the police the polls I think. Note only care. And and that's just about it of people are correct and I I'd as we've been up a double down the aria. Odds of becoming appear put it past the phrase that whole thing I loved and then just so we got so much dragons. In battle but before you know that we've seen them fly around occasionally we've seen that change now for God's sakes tells us to me out so this was such a good pay off. And it looks great that the the CGI was awesome. And you see them just lighten (%expletive) up but whether it was that you know the battle there I would with the twisters or just anything. Even even this last episode like when she rise wind dinners arrives to me thirsty. And I just love when people when you get there. Perspective of seeing a dragon for the first time and how they're just like holy (%expletive) are this is real like these are these actually exist but I just love all that stuff. And I thought that the Lena heady because lonely place or she did a really good job like being really impressed but trying not to look impressed. All yes exactly you know how we got English yet what's the feel like yet but you know loser (%expletive) but you could tells us they get our eyes it's is it okay mrs. This this is. Those good awards are the worst part of the season. Okay. It's mean this is a bit of the low hanging fruit but so I'm just gonna say that edge here and cameo was the worst but they get not even close and I said. In the beginning late this that this. These and had the highest highs and the lowest that was probably the low point of the entire show not just this season for the entire show. Because not only was it like. Kids hearing is probably one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Right they can just one of BMA collective of like artist of the year but he's one of the biggest part start in the world. To put him in this show. Not only cheapens the show. Right yes but the scene he within which bucket appointment. It meant nothing we never saw him again we never saw those people again he didn't like help our daily get anywhere it was it was used now some would say. May be the conversation that they had maybe it's often Dario a little bit that might be the only argument dislike. A real with the exact words were but. You know she didn't end up killing all of them sleep EE solid a little more human side but I'm with you I wrote that down to like I was. That was crap that's not something that they do that we've heard that there have been other. I can't our other famous people have appeared to give us drones probably they've ever had a line or so you don't sit and Mike Scott. Yeah I didn't get useless scene dedicated to. Bell and likely to. You clearly saw that states like presume they would like tight shot that is basically knew it was him. You say you on the same right to. He was singing. So yeah how I Alexei. The dragon dying it was like the real worst part but that is a bug like it was necessary for the show clearly it was necessary is now they get a you thought they were serious before but all the walkers now they haven't gotten dragon can take the wall around. Digit yet Sharon thinks a moment ago is now under a little point of season seven. And the only other two I would mention again I mentioned that independent like that seemed pretty convenient. That he would show up yet I like and that's fine and the ever think you'd like. Good brand character kind of pissed me off enough because the kid was bad enough because I don't like that character to that. He was weird. And then like he's sitting talking with Sam and at last seen at the last episode. And he that I can see everything and then Sam had like correct him. Right you gonna be agreed that no actually I read something that said that if they're Americans are guaranteed got a marriage annulled and then he married yet but Italy and start so like that hole. If brain can see everything out and held giving up no. He missed with a pretty important partner with. It's that is so his name's sandy but that's you know not authoritarian like spam had to correct. Right exactly. Who would you say. Was the MVP of the season. It. Drove on program was legit you'd have to give the night king props like again. Yet your root against them our enemy. It is but he was he was legit and I'll say aria like for me is on there. You know you who was fast rising on my list of favorite characters was there are on variant. Sure I'm in store for Christ's sake let. It. Like like it lights in his hand he's an ice rocket and I pat you know he's seen since yet. So I am I'm very pro bear on there. And every time that the hound. Tell someone to (%expletive) off you know I like giggle every Debbie how we said that the little matter of factly you bought it bought some. He is I I'm not a huge pounds and I think he's overrated in battling every time we brought it up before we always get two weeks been like what about the pound pound to Catholic. Almost lose any game he glossed over it we've seen it killed him a realist kill them with his brother almost kill them like. I'm sure Arctic until now I'm not. He's good the Agile idyllic as boisterous in the way he get he hates everybody at every opportunity. By the way pounds. Approaching mountain in the last episode that was pretty sweet. I was waiting for the pop off prepared you are right. Goddamn mountain look like Darth Vader. We're getting it out. Holy smokes look for game bowl put off to another season or definitely giving. Think that's what they are setting up there. Art so with the MVP. You have drove on I'll go either aria or the night king what about the LVP that of course being the least valuable player. So I have a bunch of one of the people like I mentioned was the mountain. Like we have waited this he has not lifted a finger to do and maybe it's because of his die is that he doesn't have to do but isn't done any. Now all what did you think of sir see kind of nodding to the mountain to kill Jamie. And he pulled his gun and he pols gone he pulled it is on its sword out and many direct active. Country I don't know I don't know about all about you know so I met Amy my gets it would. It's like he's like called a block it would have been doing things. Yeah and she did call him a candidate Dick on Charlie. Yes in aggregate Dick on parlay. But in terms LB LD PO one of the and I'm again might be hot take I was not a bit I am a huge span of this character and he let me down all season at that period. I eat some analysts as well absolutely right he's still one of my favorites he still my my top five favorite characters but. He he had a lot of this is this year that. He thought he slipped in. What the hell are really explanations. Or is he just they got a guy who loses fastball dissolves and that's not the same anymore. Yeah I think he's he's got got. I think you've letting net debt blind him a little bit. That's what that's or do you think at the end we're jumping around here but whatever it is it's harder. Talk about seven plus hours up so you think he likes Danny and now he's steam in that snow is in the in there. And I think he's a little bit bummed out that he's he's lost her trust in laughter here a little bit yeah I think that bugged him stymie missteps and yeah yet he can't you know can't (%expletive) up like that and expect not to have any consequences that calls pointing out. But the other thing too quickly get it wrong like he went have you ever seen him be like dead wrong. You don't have any doubt that we ever have. This is it this this whole season and it's bad the misstep and bad like. Two or three different battles and many he advises the Marist and not go north of the wall that would have killed Johns now. And everybody else. And maybe in like me there are people saying maybe that's what he wanted to maybe you if you want a job now a lot of the picture Paula. In out of that would beg gray area with here in that we get from time to time the other people who got to let me down this season. Dot I was it was just a no until the end. Yes I know you redeemed herself at the end with the image had some really good stuff but your yeah. Early on. And then be admitted the character who I hate more word I would say more than a little finger is pee on you here's an analyst. Sarah fought just kill him now used to try to keep so pathetic just and they edit he just want some of the key element. He's trying to redeem himself like he was trying to be a definite loss that I I public Purdue must await a much screen time there are obviously setting up like. Great joint vs gray joy at some point next year 'cause you'll learn that you're on is a completely taking off. And by Saudi yeah our it's enough DS to go get them but what the guy that Dion got into a fight with. Wouldn't back I know they doesn't have a Dick. Why don't yet they'll make fun of home Marty medium there like five times. But he don't. And you know what like if you kick. If you kick I would but it's still gonna hurt like out of that not even affect him at all. Yeah rightly no matter what she got down there it's still. It wouldn't matter everything on some way to peace he sucks he's he's a coward. And it's really. They got like. Ser sees people all lined up and then you have to an heiress is people all lined up at Mike beyond is like representing gray Joyce though it like it like you don't belong here they can. I can't read aloud like they were they show the scene with them failing to keep landing in someone I think John death and Kyrie question about can landing is the only people with fear and you know that stuff a million in the background you speak to young great joy and amicable you can keep doing. And I hear that Sony your elected GA people. Get back thanks shot. Yeah anybody else LDP I got I had I'm with the against the commentary and this year also LDP. For you know. Rookie of the year in May be unopposed but probably you're on great joy but he was the guy who again he's he's back he's the villain. But he was pretty Getty's pretty entertaining. You know I go crazy it was. I like that octopus. Logo acknowledge their flag. That's a good house while I was there. A minute that so my updated. After season seven my updated five favorite characters. Are are yet to aryan Eric on Darian. Performance. And I'm Mike genial yes there are really like in banks that are out there adding Jamie. What did you do you think now yeah as a the essay like he probably is floored that thirsty is making is in cahoots with you're on. I think again I've been saying this since they want to hear that. If so are cius pregnancy may not be but if she is. I feel like you're on knocked her up and then now Jamie is can't believe. What's or seized it was a Jamie might you run and the other side yours soon. I think peaceful sit I think one that they keep that I think you know proceeded to beat you with. When we are great joy Thalia. To probably early and lit it he's not going to get some mercenary army. Paula you do you think he's just he's bounced. I think I I just think there's these blocks of I don't think she's. She's got anything in I think he's planning on. Game our Jamie I would take the army ago there populist and hurdles they have. That's true they need to get out there and they need to needs Achilles what walker lake Thurman meet them or won't be realistic that they can win. They have like a 100000 white walkers to get the night king riding a dragon like they need hope the (%expletive) health they get the point. Yes and I and I think you know. It's it's going to be interesting but I think I think there's two. As in half and and I think she's beautiful ship to air some other and it is again way and we've whatever you got to like whether. Questions comments different theories that are out there one I don't know if you would answer this one why are some walkers. Clearly intelligent and like blue why the tonight king and and others are just like zombies from like formally. So maybe it's like who how long they've been dead account for. Who turned out. A bad Iranians like the more look at the making turn you use some Alec more powerful than that but some underling bit. Yeah and it's pretty clear at this point to if they can kill the night king the dragon will die and so will probably thousands of thousands of dollars others. Well what you gotta figure he all of his generals like he'd probably turn them sort. If you get him they all died. Do you want him to be somebody that we've heard of or it there need to be elected by an unknown. So they are threat is really weird theory that lake came in brand are connected. Well yes I've I've read that too I don't want that's that's who I don't want my communicate either but it makes if you watch what you. Like from what they Wear like how you know other movement what they look like it. It kind of makes sense of it that theory out there to brand it somehow connected that the three had raven is connected to the night came as the millions. It makes sense because it in the children of the forest created the night came just that instant and they also were part of this Riyadh ravens crew. So they make and in that respect. Welcome and at the other the other bunkers they never too is that period is actually part area. I like that all team effort that wants your target area or. They could be the other way and it could be. Jamie and searched he could actually be targeted Armenians. Right there they're probably only half Brothers like hearing in Jamie. Clearly but did it being that meet that makes me lean more towards theory is that everybody who's tried. Two birds he parred Darian who is not a target area. Has failed always that's true. So we think about it like Syrian was born on under arrest in his mother died correct John's mother died. Cal broke those Cade died. You're going to be a select the people who are not so basically the target area and can only. Made within a line. You know what that makes it Thomas since then because so that now because. That airs is Ben going on and on and on about how she can't have a kid but now that she's getting knocked up by a target area they'll have an incest Davey. And yet and we've seen it in that maybe there are fully functional and you know better. Run not the same as well you know so it rained like it'll be in the blood line. It occurred Kyle drove those kids as you mentioned that Yale. Learn how to guide. Is that she needs also rose with that puts the let areas after the date without that area it's a milk that is. So that's about spears actually getting leg and that's why. Geary in is is not like his brother and sister and his mother died giving birth to him he just happened to survive. Yet that also means is that hearing to knock up to any. It's true and that's and that's why key. Here but I don't think he knows not I doubt it I don't know that it. Now do you think that that's greatly regret that we've hit on something here though now do you think. Sam well Charlie. Once he finds out that John's girlfriend murdered his brother and father do you think that's gonna bother him at all. Now he expect. You think he hates Dick on and alienates Randall ROP are going to be. That I think he'll beat doubt about that and I think. But I that's still weird to me that he doesn't know the game they have of that house. Before we get to predictions for the eighth and final season and then bail out I didn't brand tellem. Why didn't brand tell Ole elf Sam well that he had a household now. How many branches notion of at. Death of the laboratory Betsy was just too short a bit they've they did jam a lot of things in this season seven episode there if you want some stuff been. Given you the questions comments series for its predictions for next year. Policy questions comments fears that having it written down they also I have to say you know what you have buckets here in minutes. Angelic voice. Now that's good. I also have a lot of stuff upcoming year two of our other game with bronze experts shark and Nicole who have both weighed in on podcasting and YouTube videos. They answered a lot of questions I thought of a brief question there. And Bernie it's all that here in a second but first predictions for the eighth and final season. The one we always gonna start witness who dies next who's the next character did die. It could gain. Who want migrant skeptic we're gonna get what they shoot the bull it's gonna come yeah and I think one of them of not Alter ego but according has probably gonna die. My biggest concern now they do some word Bewkes for awhile juror more my outlook accused gonna die then he'd beat gray scale. But then right now mormons and Eric both look like they're about to die. But I wonder if they're able to hang on a little bit longer a kind of like I think that college maybe hound. Or mountain. Them going now my pretty. Don't know we don't know if if Derek implement a debt right. No we have no idea they we haven't seen it got out operating out of their still alive they could die in the first episode next. I think we will get pounded mound like we says I do think that Jamie ends up killing seriously we think about theory. I have a I have a different theory. But they hit it off the wall. It's so here's here's my theory ready yes Jamie take an army nor about. You guys. Jamie does you can yep and then aria kill their seat as game. Policy he gets into space Ohio while I doubt on. That nice. I know it's funny I was one of my predictions I had written down here was that John's though. We'll of course impregnate Danny but I thought she would die during childbirth but now after hearing that theory of the that's a 100% correct after the big. Now the child not died. But I do think that Dinara I love the mad clean theory I do you think she goes nuts. And so she might get on the throne for like maybe an episode or maybe half an. An episode you guys may be it seemed a zombie direction that pushed her over the edge. Yeah oh yeah that puts anybody or against you see is on the dragon he's doing now. Well the only other thing I said is that you're gonna like you're gonna see John ride right at all. The other dragon. Yes especially now there's only two I think giant annual rise drags together who will edit euphemism don't be cool 10 would be. They were rod drag alas that was although they kept saying the camp cook. Brands like you have that their related to their related signaled they called out and show up. The call that a confused Boehner when you get one of those mile a minute but also like this are not like this happening right now. I was there I thought public Internet game that was like. But even ones that deal in that they haven't even seven gay and. It really is an absolute is being celebrated at this point. The last question Ryan who will end the show on the iron throne. Oh boy. How about a a reluctant John. I wonder if they do time jump and it's it's just John and Danny's kid. That's now that's that's Lanka that's my my lame. Prediction right there are you real we got to get the aggregate through these words from both shark and the colts are in the coal pastor at the best part of the season laws. She says either Danny's dragons or south that are killing little finger she also says that she needs to re watch the entire season before she could fully answer that question okay. Worst part of the season according to Nicole. How rushed everything fell and how there were so many episodes the little character development. I think if they've added five minutes each episode and use the dialogue to propel the story better it would have been all that was needed it. And then she also asked why did they have to give up the John Denny seen in a mixed with a constant reminder that they are on and nephew did not need that CNET Roland. This year the big proponent of them getting it on but you're right that yes. A little weird. Her comment. She's up of the white walker dragon was nuts is I'm excited at the last episode really set a season eight in my opinion. To get back to more a character driven plot on the games of the season was governor minds me of a filler. The gates of the and sort of like Harry Potter deathly hollows part one. Or mocking. I'm fond of that and I think we have a good set up leading indices made everyone is where they need to beat the story lines have all been established. I do not know what to make of John's comments that Danny that he would not believe an old which the Miree man's door prophesy. Does this mean at the show runners are telling us we cannot believe all prophecies. What about those or high or the prince who was promised. Are we to take this sign from the show that we are not to have a lot of stock in these prophecies. Maybe as Laura hi is the is the child. Yes could be. Yeah could be. Just that I loved the brand Sam's seen I was laughing out loud. That was so well done with Sam asked them what happened be on the wall Brett says I became the three I'd rape and and it says reaction to master those. Did play like I I just pictured pictured demo do about some like our Madrid riveted and they've got Mike. That's cool metallic backing out and the low came in all of deal later. I'm learning to be at me stare at a project are here are some questions from the coal. All what are we to make a hearing and at the end is he in love with Danny is yet that the jobs knows banging his queen is they're not going to be a rivalry between John interior. It. I think really. I think I mean he has not done very well and they says what did he considers he talked about to be turned on to. I was water all along like we said this that teary and is so Smart and as always made the right decision. That to have multiple missteps. I I'd find it really hard to believe that haven't searched he would be lined up with the each other but like something's off with him. So. That she says it. Right is not warm and or Barrick Don Darian dead and Whipple Torre said. Not the second that they are not. Does this mean a free hand in Jeannie reunion you give Jamie decides to go on about maybe him breeding and differentiate. Where is gentry. The question for a team he made it back in the mid Aqua may still resting from previous sprint back to the wall. It OK this is a good question what did you make of the silence arias storyline when do you think sought to figure all out. I think it was not until are had it hit her back the dagger after playing the game faces. Much is that I cried during the artists on the scene that made me so. Here's here's one thing and I I liked a lot of artists on that bought. I felt like they probably. Were on the same page earlier than they showed on the show. And I feel like you know sometimes it often happens in horror movies or like whodunit movies where they're literally just trying to will be audience. I got I got that sense that like our insults or probably planning something but their like let's make it seem like they might kill each other up until the ends of the debate old (%expletive) moment that's vitally. And I think where it where it kind of all fell on the place for sun that was when the what you said when she set it back to Mexico little figures have like the game he played. Yeah where you think of people like motivation and stuffed them into that one I would. That was pretty cool. Doesn't it nodding. Yep overalls. Now the Cole also sit next to die she says I do not think both John in the game make it out of season eight I think Sears he dies at some point I wonder John. Has to kill to eat or something like that I think a lot of people on next season I predict at the white walkers are done by the third or fourth episode. And then we deal with the actual phones yet that's a good point I think. That's that's and that's adjusting to a bit like that have to pat we need a lot of there's a lot of things that need to be resolved. We need to get the white walker thing out of the way first. Would you be okay. If the white walkers just killed everybody. I'm not. I think it would be (%expletive) nuts what what what this decision. To kill everything that character a descent zombies. Ruling that you have made an amazing I think there'd there'd be such a backlash it would be so mad but I think there'd be whole area. It would be worse if it was like just don't dream. You know I don't know that yet. One of those yet it's a brand if they are brand dream. And it goes all the way back to a beginners some polls aren't. The thank you Nicole for that now we also checked him a shark are our other resident game throw expert the I asked him best part of the season he said. Pretty much the entire spoils of war episode course I was above board this season off the charts. He just got to see the full destructive force of a dragon vs a conventional army that whole scene was jaw dropping how are my favorite part was the fight between aria and Brea. Ari is the boss any references we did our who wanted to fight podcasts than a year maybe two ago where shark and I basically broke down to brackets of like. It does. Second tournament wins characters from deep throat who would win. And sharks as a colonel Ari would be number one but she's definitely in the mix now. It structure. Worst part of the season sharks that pretty much everything that happened north of the wall. The let's scrabble white and it showed the search the plan was just terrible from the start that oral Stein at the hands of zombie pair which was sweet. Shouldn't they have just held on to the morals and let his asked her. That's a good point. But maybe maybe I didn't know that particular. After I think I think the wild wings know that right because that's what it earned their dad I think they do now. Having in my nose and a he goes than the part where they were on the little island for what had to be days is also a lot of (%expletive) why do in the nineteen starts shock and spear at them on the island. The pound was makers that the row with rocks the Nike could easily pick them off. Also the fact that the whites can't do (%expletive) about water kind of pisses me off. Instead of building a big wall brand builder should have built the moat and then everything would have been fine. Point. Jesus tearing or John Cheney plan almost ruined the season forming but the reunions and the dragons are good enough for me to say man let's forget about the stupid story line. That's sort of where if you really do focus in on. On how long things last and need to be. Then as a good pay off to me it's fine. The ends justify the means now in the quest they're forgot to ask you before. Does burial come back. Yes I've been saying yes you better come back I love Adidas best single fighter because they're gonna be it up sites. Think about it though. The whole world is gonna be in jeopardy of the white walkers so they need to at least tipped off to R&R us or at least get him to join them. So yeah you were right we better see and probably really pissed. On here's one of the comments from shark if Philip nor really important died this season with the surprising. I know little little finger dot dot put out expecting some on the viewers law of to get killed. I thought it was going to be genie in the finale that scene was intense also I find myself liking Euro on great joy I was in introduced him earlier he's a crazy bastard. Tigris. No that's a reply I would say. That was the biggest death that was the biggest care people love to bring. Source humans are concerned church probably rightly none of the scare people have had a huge attachment. Like a little that would cut the defense favorite but he's not he's not starting spot you know and I mean yeah right they exceed the six mentioned the first guy off the bench receive not. The starter yet. People don't love Dick on. Soros of Mir if doing so Mir was in it longer they might but you get enough screen time. Yet is a while here's a question from shark with a focused the night king and where his generals. I know there's a popular theory that the vikings brand or created by brand but I don't buy it. Yeah I hope Alan's wrong either out Dowd downloaded nor do I do I do want him to be someone. I read this really real weird abstract theory that lake. The three I'd raven is just old brand and they're like stuck in a time loop. So that. But do you think a Nike has also brand now. Aren't what can activities like a part of it if they just weird thing is that this. But weird part of him. Are probably the target area and because everybody at target and it. Next the die shark says I'm assuming our privacy to Mormon to bear on Darren crawl out of the rubble of the wall and then there is gonna get killed by the whites. Shocked admitted out of it or obstruct him in off that got him island. Yeah that's true maybe they're just prolonging those guys on a shark also. John do they season eight prediction that. Oh did the colts for the same thing he says. Johnson though kills the game he because she starts turning Mac lean on us Jamie kills their sees it I grew them not one. Sam and brand. Find some way to defeat the night king. Aria kills the talent. Dion dies and he puts the prophecies hopefully in some hilarious way. And he his prediction Syrian ends up on the iron throne. So what do you think of that. It. There's the vehicle through. But thank you very much shark and the coal are great insight there are some good questions. We also. Davie this is not so there are normally do rocket open this up to it to anybody to do it but we have they an audio response to the last episode. Are you are you OK with that. Can from a a friend of the podcast. And serious. I didn't listen to my name is Josh radicals. See Tom Arnold caused little emotion. Vowed to if not have understood it but I'm just kidding about that it's actually. Shine time he works here at WEEI and he was really upset he's helped us out with a with stuff on the podcast before he was he was Warren a little hot. About the finale so let's let's take a listen though it. Gentlemen hello. It's friend of the podcast show on time after having 24 hours have determined. At the finale of game of thrown season seven was in fact one of the worst moments of my life. And it seems a little strong but let's let's hear about our meet an area only earlier both it episode. I was extremely. Heartbroken. And I was extremely. As the kids it's day tilted fan. I cannot believe. That everything that they have worked for four years now. All came crumbling down with one simple. Word. I bring you to the scene. Where Sam was partly sits next to brand by the fire. And he goes on to talk about John Snow our good friend the one we've known as the son of radar target area and we had a stark. We knew it we knew would all along with the old tulips the outright said. They said they hadn't that he in the name. And name was different. No one that he had been living with all along I don't know about you. But I heard that name. And I literally said you've got to be balking kidding me you're kidding right. There is a zero point 0% chance that that makes any sense at all. Literally zero. You're telling me that John's name. Is going to be Egon target area well let me tell you something. That ruins everything everything you worked for everything you've set up. Until right here right now is done it's over in Ito could put whatever you wanna say it's done because that is just leaves. Right. If you don't remember an affiliate. Regard it's on when Ilia Martell. His son's name was he on target area. You're telling me. John. And A half brother. Whose name was also eight on target area. That makes lots of sets like. I don't even like me be radar it's still so dumb that he had to name his second sound the same thing he named his first son. But what mother in their right freaking mind would name their child the same thing that her husband's. Ex wife named her first son. Who the hell does that no one no one does that. Not a single person on the planet who does that willingly. It's ridiculous. Absolutely stupid. In not to let this just in the shell in the books there's no other person that's supposed to be named it occurred area though. It's and it's a giant. Finally the moment that I don't understand in a show that it paid so much attention to the smallest of details every little thing has been laid out. In the fabric scheme and you go it's grew at all. What are you doing. At sleazy writing. From guys who have spent meticulous. Time and effort into putting everything the way it needs to heat. What wait for what purpose does it get nothing. If not parent. But if you had named him into one word that word Egon it could have been amen. HE MO and just like. The main Easter he happened to meet up with a walk and that would Vincent great symmetry missile homage to the man who really helped John discover who he was. Not you know his heritage we knew we was inside. That would have been fine. You could named him something similar to do in areas like donate on channel two which I don't care. If he could have been named ray gun and it just happened in the same name that that that Danny's dragon was named or or radar because he was named after his father. My god anything but 148. Gone. I'd make me wanna jump off a cliff stick my hand in a blender and then. (%expletive) die. I'm sorry I get really really dark there but it's true. I was so salty so on till still. Freaking match. Because this is done in if this if anybody in their right. (%expletive) mind thinks that this is the best finale where one of the best episodes ever you're eighty you're a moron and use your your takes duck and I eighteen. Because that alone that one moment. Sucked. I could have over I can overlook the fact that you like it took about thirty seconds for dragon to take Al Walton had been standing up for 30000 years. I can get over the fact that it basically seems like they have portals and they can move from here to there in no time at all. I can I can suspend some disbelief but for God's sakes I cannot allow bad writing. I'm done. I ate I am so mad good thing they showed a command or for eighteen months because I don't think I can listen to other book you weren't at that show has to say. For one should at a team incest. You. As managed Simon is about eight on. Ticking and it. I feel like a buzz it's that I feel like it's kind of blamed sure. I get as hot about it I hope I don't think our wish I'm no. I think very very few I think you know maybe just a month that the underlying issues there maybe that's now what he's upset about it I. That's what I'm afraid of is that something else and it definitely has the picketed and that is actually a tour review (%expletive) sandwich. Yeah this weird. I don't get that hit then it out of he was really news really fired up. Now George Foreman did name all of his kids George Foreman. That is true. And you don't the most impressive part of an entire rant was that in the fact it's time print out all the names correctly. Are now in nailed it well obviously he's got a passion for these names clearly. So you better get it right and he did. Well what we play over watch with a my nobody said a single parent whose name correctly. It's hard that was what I thought I'd been granted immunity expected to name. Correctly at that point that's fair enough so there's a final thoughts Iran on games from season seven I. I would say one thing I did notice in either a little bit of last season is if you start watching older episodes that these episodes. I don't know if it's just because the books are are there no longer working off the book. Maybe they have different writers I don't know it does selected dialogue. Is kind of Arafat's dumped down is the right way forward but it they're the characters sound different now than they did earlier. But steadily go quicker like the pace ended a gadget of the talking is great they're much more to the point you know any of us. Our. Next brother rather it would ever opened jointly both enjoy the Florida the next season which is gonna come out for a year now so. The. The. There right kick perceived offender goal. Or it. Dick defer to idle wrote I will receive of course and you know I think I mentioned this on the podcast or they lose on the on the YouTube channel but. I'd ice I told myself I wouldn't do it but I've now become a collector of phone call pops I'm a grown I'm a grown adult man. And I have now starting to add vocal pops to my dragon slayer. And on theme I've two games bronze characters I have are a stark and I've teary and Lance there. And I've seen a new they have a new naik king exclusive and this thing looks. Pretty bad ass. But I think. I'm gonna I have a few other ones elegant random categories I think my my two aisles are they Freddy Krueger Jason Gore he's. A couple of video game guys on the green arrow but I think. I might have to focus on like certain genre as I think about it do horror horror villains in game of their own characters think that like. Those are going to be the two things that a focus on. And that at least you know what you're Europe's obsession with these things near collection of these things has an end point in. You know enemy yes right not just going all Mac I'm gonna go on Willy Nilly despite every bunker we comply. Those guys have a million million goddamn phone calls. Yes but yes but that I don't read into it now. School another gets a little earlier but they have all different genres that's that's true but guys Arctic is sort of a confession to let everybody know that I. It man in his thirties who's married. Two to a woman and I have several. Uncle pars and then gonna continue to buy them so there ego but the bulls on the development what are you got. I got I got to pick and applaud that and applaud the plug. So are my pick the podcast as we get big in the game that's been on Stevens on PP. And it's kind of it's kind of funky I've gotten a little bit time and it's called a golfer. It has a melee combat teams mixed with the card game mixed with an RP GA hole. So it's a little it's a little funky we're like you get that set of skills these start off with and then. Depending on who you'd defeat and and I think how you do it you received cards and like Lou from these people look back. And it didn't give delude you get elect different. Moved and differently you know it means so you can kind of dial your fighter that way and you elect people compete Q you can trade deal. So it'd though that's been out for little on PC it just came out for console today. That that that kind of like pick in my blog and it just felt at one. I meant to this on Twitter. I forget exactly who mention is that they wanted us to do you meted do you like a classic dork right talk about. Movies from antiquity. But you know. So I thought that was a good idea but I didn't think necessarily was an idea for an entire podcast right. So what I'm gonna start doing that I'd clear that we view obviously it could start using. Being YouTube channel to do you kind of like one offs were like to be it would necessarily be an entire episode. But I'll give you my pick for the best. Greek and Roman movies. In the dork world yes I have a night out couple ideas coming including dork rocker. Food Robert talk about it or rock so like those are going to be like got my own little spin off series that happens beyond videos and I'm. A lot of that sounds very good very enjoyable next week and hash tag to work we'll get to the defenders. Note can opt for a little while but obviously with. Game withdrawn that sort of takes precedence but next we the defenders. So make sure you check out on Netflix if your interest that is eight episodes long you're daredevil he just beat Jones and the teacher iron feast. Odd view finish our I watched the opening I may watch and again if you optional thing. Mom almost there I think I have two more episodes left and a mild spoiler. Daredevil still the best care there. Iron fist still the worst. Yeah hard to argue that that is for sure. For Shirley Texas a and actually we got the defenders coming your way of course you could follow us three can subscribe and leave a slow review. On iTunes you can check us out on Twitter at or podcast YouTube which we're gonna put in more videos up isn't just her debut mention. Just go to YouTube dot com slash dork podcast you can subscribe Brit there we also occasionally snap chat and it's just hash tag or podcasting in the fourth there. Or you wanna follow just Davey can do so acts. Our Von. You know that's that's our game has thrown episode let us know what you're thinking any between our golf email us to our podcast at gmail.com. Let us know if you like the this season you dislike the season you agree with some of our predictions are a short yes Simone a series of your own. And Davey you usually like to all wrap up with a I think some important notes before we Yasser. Yeah I'm just committed just just the word of caution right now I don't know what's happening in my neighborhood right now. And that there's a real threat happening. In the wilderness and that is coyotes. And it's getting that season where these these. These yellow eyed bastard leaders are trying to fatten up for the winner so you're gonna wanna hide it you're cap yeah I wanna bring them inside the and I hate to Davis reject it pains me to David but you know also. Yes it did Xeon based on the pages are crazy end and aid can imagine not one at a time but no going to be a couple of don't pat them don't come near them. And for the love of Christ don't veto. Don't you dare freedom as an exact opposite tell you right now he angered right do the opposite of that because they're gonna have a real coyote problem hands. Yeah those great credit to those yellow bastards. Try to discover it for so you can bet it really important words thank you right Oprah.