DHK - Will the Celtics trade for Jimmy Butler or will the Cavs find away to steal Butler

Dale & Keefe
Monday, June 19th

The NBA trade talks are starting to heat up and the big rumor's right now involve Jimmy Butler and the multiple teams that are now trying to get him. 


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Speeds that Ellen colleagues shows Clinton swings that he hasn't failed. It. Two run homer percent above for the right so actually it. Dale Arnold Michael holly and Richie and we don't want him. Why didn't David Ellis and it. David on the WEEI Sports Radio network. To the. Fourth and final hour film Hollywood do you tail off today all. Keep trying to break down these Celtics trade they move on number one pick they get number three and a future first rounder. Draft coming up on Thursday. Her serve the ball appoints Michael the Celtics have traded the number one pick. The Indiana Pacers know they have to deal Paul Jorge because Jorge well he told of this is going to be his last year in Indiana and he wants to go to the lakers. There's a rumor out there that LeBron James is wife wants to live full time in Los Angeles there's another group our report out there that the 76ers. Are interested in getting in on a cavs. Pacers deal that would send Paul George the Cleveland and Kevin Love to Philly. And we also have this. Awkward agent bush around ski Chicago's price for Jimmy Butler remains elevated and there's also reports that the Celtics might take this number three pick. Ed said it's the Chicago fort Jimmy Butler but apparently they're not alone as Minnesota. As assets and interest and those sides made preliminary contact this week another one for a female are fine. The cavaliers are league sources had been working today with assembling multi team trade sinners trying to inquire Jimmy Butler. All of the cavaliers took a charge house want Bob Taylor Butler and all compiler Butler and George and the Celtics won't play there way is it. Butler over George. According remarks what he's here then. They can't it can't have both of commitment on that and register exploring both possibilities are right now what makes the cavaliers scarier. George and LeBron or Butler and for LeBron Georgian LeBron. Megan scarier however if you take Kevin Love off the team at CI think if you take capital about the team it's a little bit of mystery. No that you had George okay that's still pretty get a notice of ad Butler to the cavaliers there were there noticeably worse. The other worse. Sometimes they could screw this up they can get so psyched out by the warriors. That they screwed up the Celtics if they improve enough next thing you know the Celtics legitimately could be the caps next year Kevin. Love really hurt the Celtics on the boards whoever is the surprise here reactors which have been surprised or is the surprise here where he really crushed the Celtics. Reports are. Oh yeah he's I don't know what any just absolutely dominated the matchup against Horford but he job it but that was that one game these everything. And I just knew that three after three after three like oh they have stopped them another back and stop them tonight so you you add. Butler a you have Butler and that goes away. Butler does not shoot well from three got better this year than it has career that's not really his thing up on George here. Thought George is a good three point Buchanan. And that's morals I know he's a much different player than wade but the idea of LeBron and wade two of the best wings on one team in Miami for four years. You'd have more of that get the brawn and Paul George playing together. I wonder how that works he's still you know what was different about Miami's team compared to Cleveland. Is. The worst player on the court in Miami was the point guard. Where now the second best player on the team is the point guard and so it it makes the offense look a whole lot different you know if you if you tell me or George or Butler judo team. But Terry Irving steals the ball and then LeBron has the ball. And then where those other guys fit in and it it seemed like they were just starting to really figured out with Kevin Love. Is again Kevin Love 01 they're rated traumatic forget this guy. And then I know we did not have a great. Finals particularly game five of the finals and maybe that's what's gonna be he's very quiet the nail McCall for him but he is really good in the Eastern Conference finals. And they could make a mistake. So Jimmy Butler. Maybe it's gonna take more than the number three pick if Minnesota is interest that Minnesota has the seven or what would could also a lot of young guys. But which Chicago take would they rather have Kevin Love. Or would they rather have the number prepare for Chicago what he won. What the number three pick in this draft where you want Kevin Love because I just hope and imagine Reid and in reality so. Because that they're they're not gonna compete the next couple years didn't they really want Chris Dunn and clears your video also asked this question. Who's better player through Chicago. You like Kevin Love better or do you like Jimmy Butler. It's if that's tough I'm not really you have done anything. Now so why why are you trading Jimmy Butler went through years of his contract for Kevin Love with two years in this country. All that Phillies at their Tuesday it will take have a month so really have a lot going on within the Eastern Conference like this is really gonna dramatically shake up. The eastern conference for the cast in the Celtics at the top of that other teams like the pacers the bulls the 76ers. What they're willing to do so. It's fascinating and we still have three more days after this until the NBA draft whether Jimmy more deals done as there always says the Celtics are done the Celtics aren't done making they aren't because you'd have to think. That. The next move is maybe even more important in the player in the draft that's how I view it because otherwise this deal. Would have ban made draft night you would have set up all the parameters and many would have told Philly hey. As long as the lakers don't take player acts will make this deal if they do sorry we can't make the deal. But that's not the that's not the case I I envision another. Traders scrambling. They're scrambling right now all the summits are on scene scrambling but not and they. And it and in aimless kind of way but just currently trying to make some deals that think they got you know three or four items on their list they're trying to get to. Before the draft so you'll stand where on the straight you like to trade right now incomplete you ate the trade I. Incomplete for now but I'm I'm trending toward liking. The item. I eighty hated it originally I thought he could get more one I talked myself from the faults added to a body can get more credit they could have gotten more than what. SL I think they Biden and they made the trade on Monday or LeBron on Friday because they don't think it could have gotten more about their thirst I don't. Ago. And they explores or every two this is one of those you know and it's built they've had it for a month. Two of them that's gonna update you know what that's true I'm sure that that's time for several phone calls and several scenarios or would you do this would do that you know. And I guess you can. You could dismiss somebody in week two of having the Pickford and you'd think our legal back and revisit. And see if they're willing up the price. Yeah I guess you're OK you said. Probably gauge what the market is for this number one pick up what are they they floated about the rumor about the kings pick whatever you are the kings trade northern. All odds at least I law I'd like 30. OK you're at that here comes Philly jump and and and again. Best case scenario you get pick number three this year and number two next year for number one. Or worst case scenarios you get three this year in the amid pick in nineteen. Either way it's you know 21 round yours for one you can knock at the number one overall pick. As part of this deal so that that's kind of where we stand on the Celtics now Danny Ainge spoke to media via a conference call here. Earlier today. And obviously was asked about the picks the draft and everything in between Tripoli game Michael I respect what does change mean. Our playbook cut Ben's gonna set such yup so he was asked a bunch of things today so what are we got our first. First up the eternal question why he actually did history. You know even before. The lottery you know we've been evaluating these kids that are a couple of years and we felt like it was very close the top handful of players and I was still feel that way. And we think there's a really good chance of player that will take three was the same player we would have taken it one so this was a great. Opportunity to acquire. An impact full. Art what does it mean. I like mark helpful as a young man that I like him as a basketball player as much as you guys. I think what he's saying in my group truthful is I don't law of any player in the stretch this thing if more. I love know why don't you think I if you love a player used to knock your record taking that came out of that you would just take number one even if you felt so strongly about Tatum you don't want anybody to jump in there at two. If you have the lakers don't take them. One of all the sudden they came straight up in ground so you can't leave anything to chance if you love one player. I think the fans fell in love with faults more than the Iranians clearly. Clearly I think started with the position of not knowing much about him maybe not even hearing the name for not really college basketball fan too falling in love with them to the point. Where your angry that Danny Ainge moved down two slots. And he says we probably look at the guys at three that you take it one. Watch the contest the failure taking again yet figured he whatever I wanted now to come on share and that just leads me to. May be that pick. Is more valuable or the two Texas is more valuable to you because you're gonna get established. When you got really passionate about it anybody that's I heard I heard. Like somebody. Our coming out and like I like somebody or not it's not Marco faults and and I'm OK with trading because I got somebody else that the guy really want is going to be available. Art at number two. Next up this is the question that much really wants to know the timing of the trade and whine now. Well so I don't think the timing was. Any indication we've been on the on the phone that could have been phone calls you get a good feel for. Where team is in and if that if you can get a better offer them draft time and often times you can bet. I felt like they're we have a pretty good idea. Of what it was and sometimes you get it off if you wanna you know wanna wait for that offer to go away. And I think it was just too good here. And the right opportunity but it was are the best offer that we had pretty significantly by a significant margin. We are still able to get the players that. That we want in the draft. And acquire another asset. He said is the best offer that we had by a significant margin. When he met is this the best offer we have a significant margin there. He also said is you often times get better offers at the draft. Through set is it yeah you that often happens or get better offers there. They both the offer that he made to to the heat or go to the aisle hornets to try to get justice once a lot thanks for first routers and I'm so glad you make are now got it's that was terrible trade averted. That would have banned but had to says sometimes are desperate teams get on draft night. So I don't know what what I want to do your way to yeah I would weigh in when I wanted to hear was. Well we're gonna make bigger tournament more most. So we wanted to get this one out of the lake is we are more moves. Back then that keeps the story go linemen that that fuels all kinds kick it. And I especially the Celtics can't say it now they've done this before remember the Harlem chamber of every fireworks Merlin doesn't happen. I think I think we're gross spec is trying to avoid being booed on draft night again that's his number one pick don't boo me again. A look at the third pick for the second aero yet the wheels and it like for the fans that not like to jail round pick last year. Who do you think would be cool worthy this year if he goes up there is a game what do you think the air on fox or I don't know that I would get the Loria marketing. John that I Nick Collins when. Those guys on all of the bosses of the select will leave. But a great name through our when Leo what's next next question is aimed under the microscope this straight. I feel that way would all of a pleasure ride I mean there's obviously. Bigger risk to let businesses that are certainly a trade data is under the microscope. It's more than other trades. And side. We're not afraid of that and I have great faith in my staff in my area and in Austin indeed little a name. We're in he's been rich. And Brad. Red mean Jake I mean our our title staff that has really studied these guys and scouted him. You know we feel unanimously like this is the right move for us at this time and I have greatly from them and if there was you know 5050. Split amongst our our group. You know maybe there would be more. I hesitation but I feel like we were able to resolve any thing any. Questions that the whole staff had unanimously were more excited about this deal. Our would you hear if while that nobody in there is. The super passion at least not enough people in that group and named about everybody is passionate enough about a certain flare. That's right he Germans it's a very good draft but it's not that. Top and one guy is the obvious guy to take. So they said they were removed down in nobody freaked out about it nobody was like oh my god we're gonna miss out on mark tell false they also OK Byron look at another asset. And Hillary's wire building all these assets is to eventually. Cash them in a. On a significant tree either it's either significant trade or significant guy you hope you keep moving it down the line. There one years on the lineup yet you have that perfect draft. You're well positioned I bet the number one pick I'm confident out of them almost 100% certain of this. They're the number one pick next year. They're not moving. That pick. If they put out the nets they don't have they can't get the lakers I think they will not move in number one pick in next year's draft is just too good too deep. There is a guy that you remotely there they already know. Examiner to be a few players that say. This is just too good to be true. It's a seven footer we need a seven footer. A young guy twenty years old. He's going to be great Celtic for along time we're not we're not moving into mom Obama more or another city games after I does that add to that or I'll order the dollar is what I heard saying that that answer yeah Odeo. Owners love you kidding me. Owners love me up on and Brad Stevens. You know 45 years ago Doc Rivers said I'm Libya and a Celtic then bailed. He did and he bell now I got the teams in the Eastern Conference final four. What I'd done so I don't know. Yeah. This is one of the most significant trade those of army. The talk of the number one pick in the draft yeah. We're not gonna know for a couple years but if mark healthful ends up being a stud who. We're gonna look back they'll have a number of when he traded faults all have been worth all the time guys they're typical play scared to get play scared and he's not. He had more. That he didn't know now we got two more of it I was there I think the last one easy question for the Celtics going to actually draft at number three. Yeah I think there's it I think that there's a couple guys in mind and and one of them will be there were. We have to make that decision internally where we're not there a 100% yet. Where will the process to get in there. He didn't sound no urgency to hook up a couple of. And I'll get married man had a good episode urgent appeal on the top three yeah. We never you know demands that get the number one pick in the drier door and every search for over a month. In the draft is now on Thursday he trade down and you still don't even know you want. What's your daddy. What an incredible moment for the millions. It's there again. Now we should there we should get along the Gaza want. So quit their two players that they liked it neither mark hopefuls they're resourceful is going to. Philly. That. You believe that deeply that he doesn't mean they're taking right now. Or did you only not no they're taking because it's contingent on the lakers date but they can play couple scenarios out but I do not know you're taking because. They might trigger. That's open that's that's I'm hoping that's kind there's and got more are hearing it I wrote some of the statements earlier now doesn't it feel more at a trade trade. Yes that was his last we're those what are doesn't last that. And finally the question is going to know what the value of all of these picks actually question. You know they are that they they can be valuable in trades and they can be valuable by using the picks to draft good young players. And so will continue on that until until a brighter quicker future that we like approaches. Dose would talk didn't. Look the fact they're. We blew the Wii is considerably better that you didn't play talks in the Golden State consumer better than Cleveland that a culture. Sort of a long term plan to all of you see. Good competition and you see. Who did best Q what we give it doesn't seem to be Coles would be any emerging. No I think that we are certainly aware of our competition we know how good Cleveland and we don't good Golden State as we watch the same final if everybody did. And but I think it was still moving on the same job that doesn't mean that where. Not trying to. To become a an elite team and become a championship team that is our goal. And with the right deal comes around we will move on them and if they're not good deals that will be more pay. You know it is patient you know tortoise did beat the hair Michael but but that but the odd number one take away from me is not patients normally take away is. It depends. As essentially would remain in the right Malone there so. If if I can if I can get a franchise player in a draft yet don't worry about the pick I'm gonna use it. I can't get a franchise player in the N in the draft a me shift around a little bit and now pick up an extra pick and get a player who's good but not great. Until I have the opportunity to get that great guy that's gonna happen next year is not a just a once in a generation player in this track. I do feel like we say that. Every year. You know your atomic different and it's an action on actually just better than we really offensive investors not a great player to some pretty good players under the I feel that we get a lot of exactly what we said last year coming up next year's the drag cheers that rafter and largely neck or strap this is better this is this your strap is better than last year's draft crept. Depending on what I look at it because if you have people saying that they're about that Jalen brown master's degree wouldn't be at three in this you're strapped by pride. Not what the nomination archers and that this year's draft is better now now when you're talking about where the supper painting has been Simmons is better the Markel faults that's number locality right yet that opinion number one and number two. That's different the depth of the draft right now shouldn't matter if we're talking about the top five picks in the draft. So but all other modes of pactel player are you better position given top five pick this year. Are you better position have a top five this year than he did last year. Yet 34 and five but it what strap would rather than one pick in this year last year. I don't know. Obviously I don't know I think that's fine I think a lot to was advanced image of the better prospect. Than mark helpful. And that's really gets down what it has been the number one in the strap yes. You think so yes. You don't I don't even believe it wants a ball on the ball to your loved ones. I I would go away I mean next and it Goodman on I guess we can ask a map of Putin's. Here seven Goodman now. I have got to sort of problem and is not a problem Goodman is a problem are sort of relative price that's it that's a player does that right for games that's a play though is Dana mean there's trades happening. Trades Bruin sounds like it's on the table but tell that everybody wants Jimmy Butler in the entire week. Minnesota Minnesota Cleveland Cleveland's gonna get them but let's go to Jeff and Arlington he joins us next what's up Jeff. They would go that Philip W among them a tough sell real. State of the really well have been would undercut stolen a little bit. I think the the deal is as I can access the street your weather like it or not and I think. What we learned a couple of things they like their backcourt mystic what I did Thomas and then I also think. Currently we need to keep you didn't really like Hebert Hebert and so he's like well a little bit and after. And then wait till I can hopefully. Actually go and get it could take that actually look at free agency to. Clear so I try to commending it for not getting emotionally attached ski idea that they are. You know I've heard one person call in good shape then what do they think and mark hopefuls is going to be the next level what kind of like. Will do and we've waiting all the time for the first ticket no doubt that what are we could as well it doesn't. They have a credit backward look at it we'll flick to take full recruit more question marks that's that's my opinion. And I get Jeff thanks for the call I mean you have to make another move certainly down the road but of Markel faults is a true number one overall pick it's time all star he'll make eagle you'll think about a smarter rosier he'll make the early part of playing time record for that guy I don't think. It's great that Danny Ainge has its mindset I understand fans saying we've waited this long to be number one pick he's got to you got it in the delta you traded away he said this draft is good at strong but then it's not pretend that this doesn't make up for missing out of them but this doesn't make out for. Missing out on to rant or I mean. Because of would have owed but if you have to rant or or dumping a timely your franchise just has altered for the next ten years. This at least according to them is not that draft or they'd still be sit there at number one. Yeah it's been a long time since you've had a draft would like 45 big guys the top though so that's why I do believe and always next every year I experienced a year. And we'll all look part of that but here's here's is the the great thing for the Celtics. You know like other teams you know like Philadelphia Sacramento. Phoenix sitting there saying well when is gonna happen you do embark. Right now you're actually competing now you should be in the mix next year in the Eastern Conference finals should be right at right around that same point. As you sit there and wait to see what happens in the draft with the best of both relatives. Our look at tomorrow your phone calls 61777. I 7937. Plus Nicky from madness on Monday we didn't do it on Friday because of the news about the number one pick so we'll do it. About twenty minutes from now still hollow with Keith Sports Radio WEEI. Connected with Richie via Twitter at. Anyone now backed a more would Daylon Hollywood's rich keeps watch Sports Radio WEEI. We thank you for Matusz coming up about 1015 minutes from now we normally do it on Friday days of the week in review we'll get the views of the Celtics trade the number one pick then so we'd bomb fifth. And will do tonight so be the best of last week's down. We'll do that coming up in just a minute we still time for your phone calls a 61777979237. Let's go to Ron in Chicopee. Talk about the Celtics traded number one pick what's up Ron. We gave me gentle and my congratulations to did you think things are probably felt as slept a little bit. He I commend him for his patients than is scrutiny and in just watching wires from last few years. That we got good value for Iran the number one record at number three. And what are one as he wins so what. Exactly are we giving in 2018. And 2019. And who is Jackson. That that the Celtics let beginning I heard mark described as a guard and never have described as a forward. As well. And sit. Like this week. You might work out tomorrow right. They can't who has worked out what the Celtics. But. At the time they had a different draft position and may be. They've had contact with some of its people saying hey you know he's going to be the picket at three so or if we're we're considering him a three. Bring a man but he's been described as a garden forward because that's what he is. 68. He's he's seen already as a very good defensive player. He's got to work on a shot it's inconsistent but he does score around the basket of these very athletic. And the highly regarded player. And you have got out of high school. Yeah one or number two yeah it whenever you were updating your mock drafts throughout the year a lot of these sites updated throughout the season and he was one of maybe a handful of guys that one point was the number one pick is regard as the number one pick. He's a freshman at a Kansas but he happens to be a year older than the other guys we've been talking about like lawns a ball mark L faults Jason Tatum. But Jackson last year averaged sixteen points at Kansas little over seven rebounds shot under 60% at the free throw line. But shot surprisingly. 38% from three. And it's of the neck can not be worked on older probably a better defensive players he said get along weeks wingspan and and all that stuff. You know when I think I've figured out I got you figured out I figured out some great the Celtics have received a promise. From a free agent. I know it's it's not. Legal to do that right now eight tampering. But I think scoring error or what they have an idea that they're gonna get one of those guys almost out. I'm not Paul Millsap it's going to be a highly regarded free agents that would either be Blake. A pile or Heyward got one of those two lake where hey were they know it. Not like oh we think we can get they know they're gonna get. This guy and I think it's it's affecting the draft a little bit and if you have. Got to add a free agent that you want. You know you gotta get them. And you have a draft for everybody's trying to even richer not really blown away he bio one of those guys clearly aren't okay. So you get two players. You trade out of that than number one slot. Pick up a future asset and get the guy was gonna help you who's going to be complementary player to. Whatever you have plan plan now what with free agency with a with a new construction of your team. And so if you if you pick up Blake Griffin for example I think accurately display it is Flickr IQ. Who'll make up Blake about that. You have Blake I'm very excited at three yes either. You draft the guy which is complimentary got to play would be paid. Tuner. And so. Playing different position. So you pick up that guy. And you you feel pretty good. Or but can you can't make the argument that he could draft Markel faults that one and still applicable. War uh oh a pass out or get on board met on our we have Blake. You take that three now now of popular area ago we got lake Butler. And they complement each other as I wonder what else you got to give up for Butler and that's why I'm wondering art art Rihanna and America's epic. That's it because of the Minnesota wants them some Cleveland's found that goes along teams went to Cleveland doesn't have the Cleveland has the legal and live well they gonna love they've gotten warm. All right this but the Chicago want that I would think so but I think that they they do have you haven't done anything they're Chicago. If you try and each one personally at best support treasury Geneva. Is the thing he's gone in two years and we're right up front before Paul George host Kevin Love you know. Two years. Or a I like it at that time yeah right your I don't know generally details. But so has Morgan and one that what they have they have the seventh pick in the right accrual that three of them they want Chris terrible last year. It was awful that. So they give up seven at exactly green I don't know a mistake could that they have an adjective I guess so. You know if you look at exactly exactly mean better than anybody that's a deceptive. So yeah he's probably more value and Smart about about Bradley. I. I think I have an eight iron do it yeah. Or now let's push it a bit more as push you happy but probably that's final point tiger proudly in the number three pick. He could've just given them I don't know the one tech yeah. Although that didn't sound as good on paper the one pick for pot notice that no right but if you know your area remarkably Griffin now you're caught with them. Layers that yeah I would practice I see him giving apparently after a a player of consequence minute give up three. Jae Crowder would be like the main yen salary at the monitor this for the money purposes and it and year old that's exactly. Earlier in the gone. Let's go to ray in the car what's going on right. So stay right. You don't hello great. Our you don't ray you're on air that was going on. It's at about Andre. Irony ours irony. Does the money list that's a good show on fire right up until then I looked timid and over Tim. I haven't gone Dallas the better now are aren't they well when I Ridley called and I agree with Michael. And then when I looked sitting on the phone now I really agree with Mike. And now all Amman there there yeah. So what I'm agreeing with you guys both on the fact that while the old trick Butler which appeared to be like. Or illustrating the shot so to read a great guy. And maybe you're not gonna win a championship by. That's the god you mean the people Chicago eked out or in front office's budget figured out. It. Really out there all at this point and for what return you're not totally championship what are attic there. And second vault I think with that number three pick I'd like we got saying about. Bleak and complementary player in but it debt free agent was Gordon Hayward then great you can trade this pick. And then settle for the YouTube legend Obama in the. That's. You're all the way that he does it see you definitely heard Michael forever a Obama no doubt. And yeah he's this he's tried he's he's pandering I don't pay does he have to look at it so could this be their starting line up next year Isiah Thomas Avery Bradley Jimmy Butler Blake Griffin Al Horford. That realistic that a realistic. That a super team now. The current there though a good team ticket team. If it it could drop at worst starter you're doing playing well added you've act was well. I would say they regret can be your worst starters or even court had ordered I ordered you know what are. That's sort of I think Avery Bradley you're better player and Horford. Some nights. The got to take turns out available who was who was the better players are Horford Avery. That's the tough when in the even if there was for a regret Larry games they've risen Avery missed how many games so he's got to go work for and incorporate better and better playoffs. He looks tougher to. As Horford had a great. That's why he's Butler and yet guys. And a great finish against Chicago we have been terrible. It especially in five against Cleveland. You doing though laws. Why don't we come up next we have last week in review we had a bomb Kiefer madness from Friday to two days so let's get to that coming up next here in Sports Radio W media. Our law. Sports Radio WEEI. You know. Sponsored by him rest. Specialist crowd of the season a disaster hit your commercial residential or medical facility at any time there an arrest disaster plan in place and make your client's employees or tenants are protected learn more. At heiress serve dot com it's also brought to buy cars for kids. Don't your car and help a child today schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. She's very bad this gets ready to keep her madness. Racked up and up directly for medicines he had talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff gonna be like reefer madness who's going to be in every film of the man who. Now since I hate hate. Which keeps us he got so he's got laughed and I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. You couldn't be warmly or community Mo. Alex we're not gonna. Send me naked pictures on my cat and yes I hope you die in the fire. Are we have a special Monday madness because the the big trade news from the Celtics in our on our Friday a programs we bumped chief madness of the week and refuse this Emmy last week. In review and Michael you might remember this. There was a conversation. Put quotes that tell you and I had our first segment. Of the Monday show wow isn't the first segment from last Monday years sort of how things got started. Are you don't know baseball did you go. Nobody laws based on more than a nobody yet and I've thought about it all the baseball pitchers get an older guy yeah. Do bands I don't like the other buck like me it does not like there's some energy some people to bring attention span. Everybody gets what are the note you'll still I I shot it good. So our company must have been good because I got beyond. I series on TV it was death. As Michael into the game last Sunday night. Senator calibrated aren't yet there's great time for our game this matter I used he had a great time that start from bombers they're the ones that vote it sort of got started it that's a good. About Iraq that does Portland radio. This agreement under pressure but then it continued to term but the ratings are better bigger what are the keyword you wanna use there it is right Opel. You argue this. Numbers that you have of themselves how are let me ask how hard but let's not that I don't miss it on everything that you say why about baseball. I think you're already. You're letting our. Oh is that I feel like you're letting me it well point across you wanted sort of well did you just in a roundabout way column or. So he regretted the roundabout way or all of and I ended on yeah it has got one point that was gonna challenge him and he said yeah you do. There was that did that the little confrontational I don't sit on everything you say how about an accident on everything. I. Baseball football better than baseball ratings lately disagree with everything you're saying today but every. Listening yet I would probably want your whenever I think I don't. Now when a billion there. Including mattered in football than baseball and bigger in the ratings you disagree that you would agree and I know when he years I'm not going to huddle and wouldn't you know it is coming out and hear about the argue about things that are re. Some of it that. Dell's I don't think anybody does have talent you that conversation that apparently shot and cared what he's doing. Statements guy dale. Yes and because because arguing that football isn't really in baseball real like this Palin rich Bentley Michael it's not even. David thank everybody knew that children have it yeah it's funny funny I didn't. Everybody my age but not the same way I do about based on how baseball is underwriting and we'll all know. We won't alcoholic his comment why that dumbest thing I did six models I guess they had and I. I'm Bob don't know how could you don't want albeit. Arbiter of what you think you're Smart I'd like to think that argument you're talking this is great and brilliant funny thing about as Smart do. Everybody is glad their right football great yeah. I got out OK baseball's about ready to be a good and you haven't bothered him yes I'm gonna. Okay okay you hadn't paid it before our game like Thad Allen did a. I use it before our football it's better. That you did come at him I'd like but that's not why he can you do in hugest not correlation. Of what he called but he just overall. Tonight that the tapes we found him go with this deal done and that's something. It's sad. That does this. Also used they named golly I got a card down is that what you head out now. Right and he that would act that was faster as a personal. That they accelerating at a better no I didn't use if you stop at each week you want to separate from anything. From that I'm just. The point of view what the point is that's my point 08. I don't know it's like you just knock it. A matter. When it's. So that was Monday on. But yeah nice to. Money. Is on a Monday started on it like that. As John McCann an update now on Tuesday we have a caller who disagree with me on South Africa one name war on. All you Virginia right now afterwards we want them on. All. That. Quote from them belliard. Here's bad calls one on ones on the cell phone at one item. Do the right way. It's equipment fair and accurate it's okay. But I wonder why Lee. I'm a man called out. Yours birds that since I got it yeah yeah now I disagree with Kiefer if I'm right there. But I couldn't do. We were amicable one how dare you call me a huge global or Arafat acts of I'm all for our group. Obama LeBron James. And my dad and I on LeBron James are either I guided decided that we get up and I'm glad you're LeBron fan that's fine. Are quiet. Okay. Well great good for him for a lot of guys don't get into trouble some afraid. They don't get to trouble this year good room are. A lot are people. We know right now part. Of salt and anybody's done there. What what what what what about deserting Cleveland the first time what about a bit in Cleveland to a bigger. Other Cleveland yeah they just want everybody to get arrested for rape and yeah recipes here I love you I went back and view let's go to the last one out and get arrested somebody doesn't get arrested are so everybody better rested his bat everybody has been arrested as good. One of yours what do you. Yelling about. About the pick appeared to the pick up about the get go down like you picked up are now now it's about to get intense here. Once I don't know why did you talk about how would you know you don't let me say hey get out. And. Know it right here on. And on do you argue they call our. Whether or not to get arrested or not argue okay. And it all of our. Blog horrible firestorm blown. About the Bono. On. Quality and I'll say this it was a great yeah I would have started off incredibly correctly. Yeah you should. Now I get a budget we've done that can you really proved that you learned these days and really. Hurled all. And I thought I. Great call immediately agree it was a horrid thought he meant every time I stop yelling for its decades are gonna hurt him a better. Oh it. This isn't on Wednesday quoted Tuesday went mud areas agreement Tuesday has given when we have a way that I've done our job there at all or bucket with different. On Hanley Ramirez and they said yesterday that he will not be at first base in the National League park tonight a couple of days ago you're asked about his shoulder. And you said what I don't know specifically from Hanley is a bit ebbs and flows or it's just a constant nagging situation. Forget have you had a chance to talk to him about his shoulder. Every day. It's a few dozen of the answer. No are but what I'm not gonna do was talk you about this condition what you Condit about a good. Or other thing Condit did you kind of city either ebbs and flows or snagged situation and why I've been close. OK but you but he said before you would you didn't know it did ebbs and flows war it's a constant nag situations and now it's a dozen floats. We've got to conditioning deal with daily maintenance work because there were some days it's more severe than others. It is that hamstring you guys at all knowing that he's basically just a designated hitter no because an emergency to be your first face. What's the situation going to be going forward with Pablo Sandoval. Our rights. That was on one we'll talk to John again this Wednesday through there we sure. Going actual. Again a game that's when and dollar won't talk to its little tomorrow it's either going to be tomorrow there's two we will talk and talk on the harbor on Thursday anything John and I mean we got was over the phone obviously I think it was receiving. That that line of question I don't you wanted to. Internet smack smack your network in her a couple of weeks ago when we asked how many times that we can but the body slam Melanie. Who do you think he dislikes more now. Michael maroni. Still there and exercise because of the aluminum body that's a sizable lead. Well it's not just the best with its closing its different Israel. Difference between like the warriors and lakers warriors and acts. Yet and I doubt it Akron you got a lot the ketchup so we're not just in the best audio from our show we're doing the best from all of us yeah right here last week and it UBS on Friday edited the battle of the brain with power. Every on the morning wiz. Wait months and with Kurt. I wanna get cures back in the game theme songs who at a time actually. We pushed it too close weird to close at 6 o'clock with both up at six though unfortunately. Cannot put him and Andy to continue it. Next I'm not good for the program Michael is back in tomorrow they'll. On alcohol. And on the show yet he and on the show tomorrow maybe it'll be yet another Houston NBA trade rumor that we'll think our team into. Coming up next it is expanded edition of first and might actually is.