DHK - Should Jemele Hill be fired for her tweet like Curt Schilling was for his?

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, September 13th

Hour #3 and we're going strong about the Jemele Hill tweet issue... a civil and honest discussion between our hosts and callers.


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Our number three dale and Holley with key. Sports Radio WEEI we are down there Fenway Park where we. Down every Wednesday when the Red Sox well we've already spoken with Red Sox manager John Farrell will bring that back in final drive a little bit later on today. But we have Baath. It gulf off the defense here with the Trammell he'll discussion she got product during the the white house press availability today Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that what she what your mail he'll tweet it was offensive and it by terrible offense by ESPN. Haven't heard any response from via the and it's yet. We've given our opinions on all of this and now will will talk to you guys as well at 617. 7797937. I tech slide is 37937. Will pick it up with Scott on the cell phones Scott Europe first on Sports Radio dale and Holley with key. Yes good afternoon gentlemen but what's up. Michael used to irrigate for a loop there you you said there were elements of truth in what she's dead. Where we're no element of truth that evil white supremacists or they are ramping up with what you process we're we're we're the only two true. I believe what I series. I think she went too far with surrounded himself with white supremacist. I cannot call him a white supremacists and white supremacist and in good conscience I can't do that. What I said and what's what's his name again I can't spot Scott Scott Scott what I said was. You would have to say. That there is a part of the base. That absolutely. Is 80 white nationalist. A white supremacist it's a portion of it is not all of it. And there are some people who are around him who have been accused. If not being a white Nationalists being accused of having its own. Real interesting view is when it comes to race and having zone. Issues that have. Require some investigation whether Steve Bannon who was cheap and look who witnessed. Challenging Michael OK won't you. And it while I was out of a mention that that's their names and then I'll let you let you go whether any advantage or odd jets that succession so those are two. Word. Two pretty important people and it is gone but about it strategists chief strategists at. A creating position for him and sessions just look at his record. An Alabama. Yeah. I'm comfortable saying that those two. There's some smoke there. So go ahead. Lou we are not there is nothing there's no smoke you know you check out personal just sessions. I've never been accused of being a racist. Yes yes yes yes yes it's yeah in the senate he was just yet actually yeah yeah yeah well look ultimately does is tired of what's accused accused as you've been accused I don't. Listen I'm trying to take it. I didn't I'm saying to him I'm saying to you. Not to. It's not just Elizabeth Warren is not just Elizabeth Warren did it. Yeah that. Gmail Gmail they'll cannot accuse anybody of being racist without you know without having any foundation that you checked in got. I'm not listen I'm not I'm not disagreeing with that. So if if you're trying to. No I'm not that she should be fired. I don't know she's been fired I don't know that now I can't say that. And I can't say she should be fired for that that's up to accept it. The president of the it says and yet she and yet compared to what Curt Schilling gave which we've reached we don't think. You know a lot of the public should be fired. I don't know she's going to be fired I don't make those decisions I don't I'm not calling for to be fired that's that that's. Apart from the conversation. For me. I was so yes you should be fired. Now I'm not I'm not going there. No that was Sarah Huckabee Sanders who says there was a wire fence. But I think you know it is marvel that no I think she shipments spent I I agree that the guy I think it was a mistake what she did but I don't think. The expression on a lot of work against you you're constantly tire model event about what you say it yet folks who do we do for failing. All a lot of people after that caller clue that caller wants or be fired I have a hard time with that I think you with the amount of time that she's on the air and tweeting in Michigan which is much I don't know but. All of that stuff. I don't think if you cross the line you should on awesome be fired but I wasn't that big gap between being fired and a weak ass statement that says she feels bad about it not the end by the way did not you would not think that she notes the coach and ends it right upright I think maybe a suspension or outer I don't know what you can do. Other than that India and how long that lasts I think that's probably. What needed to be done. Here but that the previous caller Chris. Scott that's got like you conquers a Scott I gotta tell you mean equality all you have to do is. There's a there's a book. On Jeff's Jeff's Jeff's all yet none at how it out I mean there's a lot of stuff there not quite frankly. There have been accusations not just with Steve Bannon and sessions open accusations of top. And some of the statements that he may now you can say oh that's been disputed or that's not true or not speculation. It has been out there and for those. Who say well you can't call the president of the United States. Racist. Other previous presidents with that was caught races a liar. I mean that aspect that's said about President Bush is set on national TV very rarely. Now at Cincinnati there have been set on national TV do. So a lot of things. Are are are put out there are a lot of things are said. About people in that position what's too much. What's too much is probably. Saying he wanted to do something to them. That's probably where the line stops. Coming presidents have been caught a lot of things over the years. Yeah which watch SNL I mean apparently over the phone I don't the comedy show and it's usually great by Donald Trump said Barack Obama wasn't born here. And he still semis and now you seem to Andy's often violently. He's saying he didn't start it he did it and start it start that movement but. Come on you you gotta you gotta look at and I think the equivalent there's a lot of false equivalency going on here I did. I didn't do it his I. I'm sick that way I do look at comments. Not wanted out of there I've looked on her eye on all I do it other than Isabel those timeline. And so a lot of people a lot. Made the connection. Hey. If you call the president. A white supremacist. That's like him calling you a. You know word yet you know to work yet so I'm looking and saying OK or sick or. You you wouldn't call that's like you or somebody calling Barack Obama. And then no it's like somebody calling Barack Obama a racist. If you call Donald Trump a racist. What's the equivalent calling Barack Obama a racist. That's the equivalent if not going to the slur. Nobody wants to be called racist. That's why the tough thing to just throw around. Without being able to support. Active active really tough word and that's a tough word to have one. Lets you want it done. Chris in Connecticut hey Chris I don't how are finally got Chris. Always do all of our area how hard Chris. Gentlemen I just wanna say that I absolutely love your show and you answered optional that they agreed to. Keep. Your day. A lot of job that I do if I were to go out and tweet something of that magnitude. I ate there would be like very swift disciplinary action Perry there's there's no restaurants or bots. And it yes the end doesn't do anything about it they're going to be in new species have been murdered or. That will live upon this earth from here on out. They have to do. That you just can't stand by and say no work we're just gonna let this one slide there have to be. I gotta be honest it it shocked me that debt and I'll use keeps term because it was the right one that it was such a weak gas response by ESP. Because. What she what she tweeted was not week it was strong it was too strong. She went too far and what they basically admitted to give birth slap on the wrist I'd say it's not publicly. Well publicly announced you have to do that it is part of it she made her comment publicly right and that's why and what am I. I don't like just firing people because I don't like what they sent guard that's tough. But I do think that that she did not serve any steady at least not that I seen she was on the air last night. The tweets are still up there today. So at least the the evidence to me is nothing hey don't do that again well bodily she's been told that before. As she did it again anyway. So it's at at this point acute ESP and you gotta say let's. Take a few days and rethink this. Cannot. That actually might happen depending on depending on the response. But depending on what advertisers say man that's a big part of this too. I point out a conservative it's that it's that TV station. It's it. Is the media business. And so. You don't have to agree with the way they look at it but everybody has a value. At at ESPN if you want to look at in terms of sports. The NBA. There's some Max. Max contract people. Stars. Millionaires there's some bench guys and men and women and so you just look at it I how to that you. Yet easier to come to come down our on a special team Canada when you're starting off of the players were not the player it's just. That's where it sort of seems like where their fitness so much invested another blood jokes people make fun that shows that nobody watches it but that's still their means shallow and they are they're committed to it. It's been on. But almost an idea right there next our revenues two out right talked on the phone in Russia Houston and it was right after that and so they're they're working on a year of this show and so how did dance over how to and there are. You know fourth string sports center anchor or something along those lines that weakness shut them down maybe at the very least it's a suspension Friday maybe to the firing was Sergio. Off to Sergio he would probably had a nice two minute apology video and and post that an up already very yeah yes. 6177797937. Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. He's aware red because on the more outrageous comments that anyone could make. And certainly something that I think is remarkable events and ideas yeah. Sarah Huckabee Sanders out earlier today. White House spokes person. I've got to believe now first well. I'm not sure I believe everything the White House spokesperson says it's like when she said I'm not sure he's aware but it. Then I'm guessing she wouldn't have commented if he wasn't aware. Can you just comment on it being a fire able offense unless the president gives you permission to do that she did say I think it's the fire it'll bounce right. But either way I'm guessing that they want about. Days where among gun dealer for someone like that who anyone know what there's a lot hole locks you out I'm sure that that begun relate them pretty quickly. Spectacle that you guys Hewitt 6177797937. Larry's in Plymouth and Larry I don't. Yeah. I'm very glad that we're talking in this issues chivalry and I think what Michael cherry orchard court in 1990. But we have a lot of ability so listen to the other side effects the art. And I sort of politics or why aren't earned so it's very hard formal posture and Gucci. Are. You disagree with people their other if there on the house floor. And and a press conference attack occurred they go out of the and you know these doughnuts too polarized and he. Yes it is it is not a it is not changing any time now when we don't like some excellence as we want them fired. You know you think about it by the way I said that when they Meyer chilling it was ridiculous that they fired. But they didn't. Went that far. My guess is that they had told him not to any did it anyway. And and frankly I'll even be more specific they disagree with him politically so what was he should be given the lack. They don't disagree with Janelle hill politically so it's a little harder to do it only rewards the player I would ESPN management. It's why this is why. This is why I brought brought Russians don't work I think that is doing them. That's paying with the progress do which are going to your right. I hope cool we talking about which I'm not skipper. What are skippers politics I have no idea is skipper skipper employing. Javelle hill because. He agrees. With everything she says that he. Is he employing her. Because he thinks she's great and doesn't agree with her politically. Implying her because he wants to say let I have a prominent woman opinion as an up and a prime time position occupied doing. I don't know like I had there are putting all of our work there. Though who worked there who say conservative politics are welcomed here when Linda can't get suspended by John skipper. You know it was pretty obvious that you like which she said when when Curt Schilling got fired by ESPN. It was pretty obvious it wasn't just that he re tweet it's something it's it's what it's slated in the political and. Well I mean maybe maybe it is but I'm telling you I don't know what is. What his politics are I don't know him but he I don't know gambles like that I've never met him. But these are three examples were easier to assume that right we don't know exactly how ESPN and I know what you're saying is yet what or who exactly is it but the people making the decision there it's hard to go out each and every one of them feel there's probably not all the same. But if you can if you take. Janelle hill and how they didn't do anything to were they fired surely you've got to some warnings so it's not just one should we. JaVale analytical reportedly the entire company as at warnings about. You know let's keep all politics out. OK so let's go here let's go win out for the liberals when it that we went share liberals. Now hill doesn't doesn't lose her job loss for the conservatives Schilling's out so we have two examples of sample size to. In more. Lost for who what what rights record rob Parker level of Philip the content Butler lost her loss for the liberals and liberals about one and one because Parker's. Is out. Loss for the content is live at home conservative or he should liberal who says too much politics. I don't know I wish again. But. Parker wasn't political losses while ago I mean not let it was more relational racial and plug right Rachel yeah so is it in that gets them every expert April. I don't ninth hole I got my love. Whatever they tell you I guys. I actually know. Black people too but I tell people vote for trump that's of that so I don't know I don't have that. Bill yes the good news but that's the thing and that's why the same thing with a with -- like basically if you vote for trump your racist and that every black person in America ought to vote for Hillary but that's not true we know it's not true. And that's yet time and time again. And and I think you know just large and this is still much this conversation mannered guy. You know on Twitter about the wood on the ice do you response every now that guy look when you look at its Twitter handle. I would just eliminated the response I don't know I don't I don't want to limit that Michael exited about what north what are I don't wanna tackle our ideas what to highlight that some of the stuff. Becomes a way disguises. Your views. Are always pro African. Now. Roll up our game and responded that applicant were hooked got a good I can tell us what other. Ethnic yeah. Confidence. Is not a country it picked up in pet name. Don't doubt that I've mentioned the dugout fence they join the show by god heard pro Africa are authentic December got out. I thought all right I'll take a look at his Twitter handle and decide what you wanna respond I don't know it's cluttered at least human lives are traders right. Maybe eat well and I like a failure. That's that we that we have no we are done want to particularly thank you colors that may have an opinion now it's not as simple as his naughty. Just a hot day for or against Spain if not for me edit it for you. That I'm not I'm not gonna make you happy. Because I don't see it that way. And I don't see it should now hills way and I don't see it opposition's way. I feel that different way and if let's get a bigger picture that's the way a look at. Politics don't get politics. And social issues and we advocate sports sports. When the game when you lose a game it's pretty simple but that's sports. There's so the real life. A little differently I'm sorry I can't I can't give aspect about sports today. I'm. I'm like this the hot one negative effect can it act and that's not what I kept on guy and I can't do that Scots and luster case. I don't aside good afternoon a gentleman doesn't heal and pollen count and it. Are are really not returned as a common denominator because they're both that it's it's definitely a white people. Now let's be honest all of a white person. Did what should now he'll step. That white person would be railroaded out of a job so that's what Nicky has been there's definitely an on a double standard going on here. And I'd like to also say you're. If you get to the Jewish banking which is your stocking rates got I I'm gonna come to Worcester and beat you. Because every time he calls it it end up paying. The Jewish bankers taking over the country bankers if a white person call down autopilot apartments. I think there was a white person and yes that person probably wouldn't be called Kathy Griffin thing with the ridiculous things she did and yet how's that working out for. Well this arrogant though it's pretty. Over the went over the line that was that was the thing right now is terrible and but she's paid the consequences for now although now she's taken back Oliver apologies. She and I should know. Yeah I happily this this was a couple of weeks ago she basic there. You know he tried to ruin me but he hit it and I. I check. That she was I know educated apologies backed out here but I did that last hole horrible but the the point about Kong capita we admit that cabinet had a two week. Came out and decent support we. We who I'm not really not about sure she's looking for that through those aerial wolf that's the right talk Colin. Out today addressed that last night that humans that are economically affluent so I think she's addressed detonated right is moved on the total. Analysts and here's the other thing. What is autism does not represent all white people and he is now. I will really help for the life. Maybe the lights here that clearly she's got no respect for apple we are not a TI got it thank you can't. She's clearly has no respect for doubt. I after it sent a copy of the represented. Like people. That's the problem here that's more stable for the broad brush because knowledge about those representing all black people adult front there's an all white people and trust me an arm many people regardless of color who don't agree with either want that don't like that I don't like either one and so. So no thank you. Let's go to New Hampshire Jake's. There hey Jake I don't. They take a wanna it to you. It's going to be tough to top the last guys that would look. Well he's got a moron palm. But anyway. You'll two things really go into one. A little while back it was the I think usability article it came out about these girls that are on a an age BP or black college university whatever that we're wearing. Might approach from here on campus than they were told. But I. The it's worth leaders that they had that there are a lot of windows thing on campus because they approach rock. Well now the reason why this type thing is if trump was really great that that why waste wanted to spread the word you're increased federal funding for you. I did not find your thought on that. If you followed up on that I'm not sure that is. I'm not sure that is in play. Well I'm yeah they keep your head checked as I stick with that I'm not I'm not sure that is. That has gone through. Not I'm not Syrian armed it yeah. I had one last thing I'm not sure I don't think it has gone through. What you don't hope who knows who knows him. As you can't you can't look at a politician. And this is this is part of problems do you can't look at a politician and today. Are the politicians did this airport he or she is that's right it's politics now and so what a lot of people. Democrats here. Democrats Republicans. In the last election. You know art. Whatever candidate you voted for. You looked away from something. That it Europe honest about it it makes you uncomfortable. But you looked away to vote for your candidate. If you are a supporter of Hillary Clinton. You looked away from some things. Especially Europe and Europe black voter. You vote for Hillary Clinton you have to wait but you ignored some comments. You're Nordson association today on the Republican mayor Beatty I'm looking in the mirror right now. You ignored some things that you would normally ignored if he had other options. But you've had either Hillary. Or you had Donald did what I did and not hold it real well and then if you voted for me just to say if you're a woman. If you voted war Donald Trump. You looked away from some things you have Norton's it's soldiers felt that that doesn't matter. It's not a big deal. You may have held a candidate to previous standard that's why do ignored just get back all guilty knock on how well. It what you said that's why I've I've always so leery of people that are so over the top 100% on board with someone like her early don't go to Ottawa back to what your voting and yet to pick between the two of the people that were so. This is the right if there and there's no way the other person be trashed this is the only answer. That when you're not factoring in so many things I always yeah I was nervous about those people 6177797. ID 37 Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Drive home with dale holly and chief continues its Sports Radio WEEI. I will give you one bit of about Red Sox news here as we get right back defaults have promised not one bit of Red Sox news. The Red Sox have come to a long term agreement with ten time all star and three time World Series champion David Ortiz. Come back he had skills they need an unprecedented deal. Double Lincoln with the organization forever in his new role Ortiz elect as a mentor for current players. Participate in recruitment efforts make a variety of special appearances for the club. And worked in a business development capacity for Fenway sports management and its partners. David Ortiz himself said the role in nations is similar to Pedro Martinez and Jason Varitek. Go to spring training work with the players that sort of thing you say DH I know it left and apparently not now included in the post season. What might just playoff softly from on the the playoff roster probably go if you and now market he might but he says that's not the cards. The city mystic. Briefly at the beginning of the season but it's over it now an analyst. David Ortiz is as formalized as long term agreement to be. Basically this organization for a and singing acts out. Well we need a public speaker these are god. Yeah our goal and. Somebody. I got to use Twitter update you on the air did you get. Out of there straight it's all the same guys. And that's Senegalese sympathizers and gloat days. As they've been totally out of bodies that have always pro African. So. It did to be fair and it's a pro Africa thought your proper gun pro Africa all the time pro Africa this canard yet. I wonder what makes them. A C port X I don't if I want I don't know it on the air reality is that. 'cause I think we kind of know what he's basing that on Brighton. Nit wit about the god of how about the robs and holy OK rob I don't. Good I don't guys what's going right. I don't thought that the troop was the best but then. And it first of all old white guy but any out. How would you characterize someone. Explain. I judge who were born in Indiana. Which was incapable. Of being in part of the viewers of Mexican heritage. Or how to keep kids he did do that yeah. And how would you characterize. A guy who took out full page GAAP and calling the execution for young black. Activated in the lottery. Or or how well you characterize. A guy who called Mexicans. Rapists and murders. I don't understand how it's anti anything like subprime every. In every war. Shot and 600700. About brown people. From this country with them home from a country that they've ever known any other country that they let this guy in the whites of its. I don't know. I don't know I don't know I don't know here is that penalties that now we can we can talk about. What years. And in definitively. He he's arrogant. I think he's a bad listener. That he's impulsive. I don't think he's very. And he has. Well that's anything to get together restraint but that's the same thing those 3 AM don't wait to get away there so I mean there are a lot of things I can say that he is and I don't need. I don't need to apologize for it I don't need to second guess it. But that's a big one. That's to say he is definitively that. I can't. But I am curious. This is other people. Have to be I'm curious about some of the people some of the people that he had or have eyes around. Some that the majority not everybody. What he's got some folks who who he has leaned on for advice all Bannon was exhibit I mean while. It who have whispered into was a year. We'll have a little something on their record he has put on his record to. So. It to let it go to the next step again. This can't. I've had I've just not. A does that comfortable doing that. Marshals on the cell phone at Marshall height of I don't go guys let's cool. I just you know everything upgraded everything got hurt all the calls. That the other Gerber would look into the air as to how important title there in your. And as you know we live in this great country America you know you've got released EU. You know the right or make our own decisions than ever own thoughts. Elect whatever president and you know this that the other state you know IIIQ she set it on your impromptu. And you know spoke these words but you know I just or whether you like hot or not everybody's entitled to their opinion. You know. I think there are trying to do you remember countless social media you know everybody's words the freedom of speeches by known. You know by an excerpt a little bit more weight than what you're just check if you're somebody at Walt but you know. Yeah of the day. There is I think a bit. They've more or issue. That is good or tribal or. You can think what you think and I agree for the most part of it you could say what you wanna save but that we've. We've proven that out that's not the case you can't just literally today. Would every want and expect no repercussions Roger because you're wishing harm on somebody or you're accusing summary that's not true. There's a there's the freedom of speech that you hit just throw that out there every time otherwise otherwise we might got you Matt Matt what do you hear in Siena on a daily basis though. That's not gonna be night. Bad choice or that's not the trump card every single time you can't go there might seem to me united that's a small vocabulary of the Olympics. Italy if that if there's an apparent field shapes that felt like I tell you forgot he's a red fly out trump card. Camped out in can allotted time somebody gets in the troubled look they say. There's always that that's out of the defenders say what freedom of speech freedom of speech in. No it doesn't 04617779793. Sevenths telephone number dale Hollywood keeps Sports Radio media.