DHK - The Pablo Problem, Hanley at 1st, and trying to find a Farrell Fan

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, June 15th

Hour #2 features more Sox talk about Pablo, Hanley at first, and we try and find one Farrell fan out there among our audience.


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Helen holly Jones read what people buy this site because it's a great. Lilly took hold of Portland they always want their business sucker born every minute detail Arnold Michael holly and Ritchie it's hot I. Excellent detail about Dave Pitts Bob Ehrlich trotted out the Susan Waldman. But it Watergate has been on the WEEI Sports Radio network. So. Our number two gala Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI this hour the program. Brought to you by Salem five bank. We've begun talking about the Red Sox. And at. Expectations where we thought they were going to be at this point this season they're two games behind the Yankees in the American League east. They're third in the American they left everybody behind Houston Houston is. To be an interesting weekend for the Red Sox in Houston. This weekend as they go up against the best team in baseball right now. But their third in the American League's second in the American League east. And yet we hear it all the time. Got to get rid of Farrell that's that's a common refrain and by the way. We're still trying to come up with the exact Genesis of the Ferrell hatred. And I don't think it was that though the whole chest Moran thing because I think it was there before that. You know it people wanted him fired. After he finished with a cancer treatment there were folks who wanted him get him out of here now. And end it there there is a general dislike for a guy who by the way won a World Series in his first year as manager here. I think it's those those next two years. I add that that's being held against him. The next two years 1415. Did deadly expedited expected back last place finishes. I I think it's all that. Oh what it becomes personal when you're talking about a manager. Yeah you pay attention to him all the time here of all the time so. Over the years. What's happening with John Ferrell it happened to everybody who preceded them the only differences. Were in a more technological age but. Then tell me that Don Zimmer go back candidate people and imitate Don Zimmer talked about the way it looked in. The weight sound terrible. That same kid who think they didn't think I'd if it wasn't meets an unedited Al that if people imitate Jimy Williams in and and Kevin Kennedy. I thought Hedo. Butch Hobson I mean. I just just what it is but I don't I don't think it's a personal thing ought I'd still like this guy I think. It all starts with back to back last place finish as well what are you thinking. I think yeah you lose that much especially after the winning even though your part of the winning. All someone's gonna change and it wasn't going to be just all of the players I think it was that there's also certain things you can look at I talk about winning the World Series but. You Brandon Workman hitting it in a nationally park where those are things that you still remember you know certain moves that that is made. Omni like Joseph Maddon made. Don't moves when all I or are they want in spite of Joseph mad now notre I think they see each were up a bunch but these were still able to win the but yet you that you hear. That bad for two years when you get a pretty good roster you know wasn't like all is that Iran is gone and and you should know better Palin in that. But they still I think should have been a playoff team topics on 2013. In. I don't let that lasted a dead lab maybe that's they shouldn't play I was added in September. I'm very pleased at the fifteenth as is your first year Hanley Ramirez in left field ball. Haley and lab analyst pretty pop blow Pablo a third of your big free agent signings. You lost. You lost Jon Lester. Get out of the five bases there to your life you know what I always have certainly don't know me via our advantage him. A playoff team best so glad you saw Pedroia and Ortiz. You know it Hanley and Pablo he didn't know Pablo is going to be and it is. It's an open there's going to be quite as bad period ports so that year that person does yeah it was badly needed these could be. That bad. Our threat that wasn't a plan to buy I think afford it was surprising that you make about a case of fourteen that that they pick up the World Series in 2013. Peninsula and then go to last place. But any follow up and allows listeners to admit your roster wasn't as good but. Uniting two years in a row where you weren't even playing competitive games in September maybe even in August that will it matter at that point you or you were out of it both years. That was that was hard to a rapper had a one quick baseball note I'm Mitch Moreland is back in the lineup tonight. Some Knoll Hanley Ramirez at first base Moreland is back at first base obelisk back at their pace again and. So that's an irregular ads aired controversy averted. That you know even if it but if you look at it. Just in the moment do you think John Ferrell. Was a reason was a significant reason they won the World Series in 2013. Don't you eat. And I'd say significant do you would get an hour on Tuesday and both managers are that's just my pennies give 15% of the credit 1550%. 15% yes at least that. I would aka. You wouldn't. That's fine and I don't on the pie chart just yeah I have it is out of out of the blame pie and I haven't done that I have worked with somebody not that caused a lot of that oil is the only reason I say that is if you feel like. Is that was following another last place finish in 2012. So I think anybody replacing downtime motivated is MK ethnic and he's got his manager he's competent definitely. That's fair so improve the atmosphere and most guys could've but I think he not only did that despite not being Bobby Valentine. A lot of platoon situations that year was at my car was wanted to put two guys. Daniel Nava. Was what their platoon guys he finds Koji terms area. Our coaches it's not a guy that eventually only those guys the fourth option yet he now locked in a start up as a setup guy Davidson became a closer. He like he was like the setup guys setup guy sent a gap but it was their fourth they try not to more credit things happened. He actually was able to make some things that Jonny Gomes is another guy got some production out of he had a deal to Johnny got on got a doctor. Yes our production out of only Reno Israel got a lot of crackling get credit for 2013 source well it's tough. Say here's a guy who helped us win the World Series in third buddy get no credit. That's place in fourteen bully gets all the blame and last place in fifteen so he's got to go some three seasons one World Series to last place finishes time for him ago. That might be the year followed up. I playoff appearance now adult wasn't exactly what you wanted the right you get into them also you know your pretty quick what about how he handled Zander Bogart's early on who. Because that's in the and and you're not here. We can talk about announced when he seventeen and it doesn't look like it's really affected bar so much he's a very good shortstop defensively any of course is a great hitter but. Early on that they need to have Stephen Drew is our shortstop does not just kidding so our guys that's an out without in the the negative column let's get back to the calls checks in Plymouth hey chuck I don't. Take it straight McCall is political situation Ireland Italy easy to look away and then that you know. It's not an issue at. Overall I gave it apart on this one and I know now that double switch or change. He called and I call. Joseph Kennedy and where it probably than just baseball really. I do I have I have one and you'd tell me no hold on their child can tell me if you view by this amount I think the way he has used Craig Kimbrel this year. There's a credit to have and if you've had a couple of not just ninth inning because ninth inning. I think saved everybody does that. But eighth inning making those moves come and I did an extra out here ID two extra outs and out that's tough situation and then you can go to and I thank you really that there would be sent. He's here I agree that it erratic bullpen that's solid this year I'll give some credit for that but I think overall cute and I really don't like. I don't like him at a bit of traction in general what senate all. Cigarette or whatever Iowa equal to that picture court try to get a single. Man and it's not the manager's job at times and you don't owe it to everyday I don't think. Jet fuel at the apple actually the Paul's volatile it can really take control. I really don't. I. I understand your criticism but if you think John Ferrell can cut tablets and all forget it. Yeah I don't think that's I don't think that we know that's on his decision and are even though how much of the match or Dave Dombrowski can do that are illegal in some point ownership can say women and their pay this guy how much for nothing. But how much of the U in the lineup stuff it's his decision is the lineup his decision I hope so. Well I don't I only gave them browse he's making live calls him what about. I don't thing is that fairly obvious all personnel the GM dot Cerro op like starting personality that you can shake out one through nine but hey it's Iraq Tuesday no I don't think they don't I don't know. If that was the case Pavel sent a ball would have lost his job at third base last year. Wait a minute wreck. He got that he wrecked he lost his job in spring training base to base that it yesterday victim Brownstein. Said world golf now I think John Jarrell addendum prosecuted mr. Brodsky and sun sentinel. Now they don't abroad they had an apparel could wasn't out of what are the kind of Ferrell so I don't I didn't but I just I always thought those words on browse you ever admit that at my job I think it was a terrible I don't know what's your quest about karma had to come out of the lineups before he did cart minded programs and audio these are the manager didn't do my line harm our body armor are severely might have. Karma I was here with Ferrell. No I don't December that's my idea that if I was the manager that that comes up with the hear the nine guys were playing to win but you honestly think that that he hits apiece at EE it's a text message. From Dave Dombrowski saying here the nine guys who you who you're gonna play today about their might have been yet times really had to Chris Young net 00. Change out our life. I think zero chance with the Brodsky I think 25% chance with with Theo and within. They're completely different they are and mathematical. And political kind of guys so those guys always kind of wanna be. There's a lousy money ball right on the lesbians literally how to Burton. I don't know all the decisions but I don't know what he's got a letter or what the blame for some time but to browse these out of money ball kind of guy. No he's a trade all your prospects for the day hits or cannot hide its starters not done yet to is not human senate's second year arrangement Chris in Connecticut sacred site on. Hey you guys when they call. I'll either have to say I'm I'm 58 years old at a much in the Red Sox in the sixties and at the state being the manager of the best Red Sox is at least. Appreciate job in the whole freaking city I think I have to say. It's like I enemy in Iraq didn't want to let me just interrupt you for one brief moment here. Tyler Thornburg will have a surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome done for the future. Have to do. Done for your editor I don't even talk about advantage let's put the general manager. Yeah I'd forgotten at bats. He will have surgery to relieve a to alleviate thoracic outlet syndrome and thrown a pitch this year. Will miss the entire Z may never throw or hits in Fenway Park. Katrina crisis met by the literal pitch probably. Unreal so if you play you don't quite get it under its and I'm under appreciated job or a job just in appreciation at all because what. I didn't put my dad would complain about Dick Williams but Eddie Haskell what everyone who came down the pike you know during the seventies and sixties and maybe. Eighties that we came down and belittle what happened and then I hear people say like what parish that they should do that game time decisions that. Would you want to compare it to someone else to do the job better. And you know everyone hated Tito and 2004. But you know I want and that's the worst. Yeah before the other things and they said double B is in the Red Sox won was because it's by the people they want to let you know he would be delighted. To have on the chopping block in the middle of 2000 war. Yeah I don't I don't nobody nobody nobody likes the job nobody likes his job at a Red Sox manager is doing. Most off while I'm I was shocked at and how soon. The bloom was off the Terry Francona rose though I really wise. It just it happened so quickly I thought he had built up enough karma in the bank that OK the team sucked in September but hey. We know what you we know who you while we know what kind of manager you lark let's let's climb back on this horse next year in Fort Myer no you got it out. I was shocked that the that it happened that quickly. Within the organization. I think you need to control or. And AM oh thank you thank you I am proud of that sound I got that out of him I got that out album. Did you talk about wrecked it it during the did you sort of Lebanon into. As the that tightly so we have president you talk about Baylor Bears they pay utilized Manning in the mine and I'm glad that buys you know all the that's a lie you guys got a two goal. I just thought that that the the bloom off the Terry Francona rose just happened faster than I ever would have expected. But it's it's like I said before. You know when Schilling walked off the mound in New York with a bloody ankle and I think he'll never have to buy another beer meal in this town again it within like six months people hated them. Yeah out yet Tim top promises you know and and the way people not everybody obviously but the way some people turned on him. It happened with Francona to regard from John peril starts to Boston sucks it's gonna factor that the conversation. Boy we changed that. Quick Campbell wouldn't think so but Scott's intrudes very hey Scott I don't. I got the afternoon. I'd go I think that you know it is say one thing majority going there are multiple of the things that I say or layers that would add. Why that perception is there on Ferrell. One is that it has to losing seasons that was the case right that. At the end of the second one where he ended up getting sick. You know they've brought in his replacement well. And instantly get straight is that he started playing better looking better there is a better mood and feel I think that had to play. And they and they got it in the playoffs. After that. You know I think a lot of people felt like they should have gotten left the weighted edition of them better. Bellic we had a stronger better team than Cleveland and we got swept right out and I think that's anonymous as well. Yeah I'm I mean. I nice guy not known I know Scott and I might challenge that. Avatar and the fact that he got swept they got swept by Cleveland that Colin Farrell. If you you've got I thought she had the pitching advantage and overwhelming starting pitching advantage in that series and no clue verve have very good starter. But yet clue over. Forever the Indians are best one vs the Cy Young winner. And a previous idol winner David Price. And those guys cannot even get into the fifth inning and what no what you're supposed to do about that. Well he's supposed to make it look where the home team. OK so there's the home team David Price base in his playoff history you'd you'd like is is options better at. At Fenway as politically I was got a I would like to into outer starter but did you think David Price. The perception that you did that thought about barometer I think people went into that post season. Disappointed that we went in as we did and then we were better team in Cleveland it should have been on he. And and the fact that we work and they got swept right out as a post what might have happened nipple if we Cleveland would come at us. Well it was on him. Managing game by game I'm not trying. I'm not trying to say that he can account for the players I don't think anybody I've. OK I can understand I get under look I can understand that they they should have had home field. So given that I'll olives and the exit now that's not he should had a team opposition at home field. David Price picture how many innings with 4332. Thirds of what what is at ports on it before. In Paris thing I think that if you'll. General you're two aces couldn't even get into the fifth inning in the playoffs so. How I'm gonna give you two more innings at Fenway to get enough. Price on three and a third three not hurt. Our. You forget about it and you know David I just need to get out from you today any doubts. And will be okay well we'll make it a ball in game but it can guarantee need to announce about Abdullah pretty good. Allowed five runs on top of by that I like Torre look Belo as much as the caller did. And I looked it up you know when he took over he took over for for John Ferrell on August 14. From then through the end of the season the Red Sox went 28 point one. I was there record under LaBella. In a month of September that meant nothing to anybody anymore pressures all off where we'll see you later we got an up and we're we're not worried about anything we just go out and play now they played. Well. They were 28 and twenty with Tora Lavelle I was the manager they did play well for him is at last place team going and when they and twenty and he's turner on the Diamondbacks. Yeah yeah as yet as I got to shut they're terrible last year and they're one of the best teams in baseball now. How I don't know I don't want it on Torrey. Don't know I'm not anon on either and I'm saying you know there wasn't much pressure on those players in the month of September. One Lavelle was the manager meaning the end they had already played themselves out of it by. They were they were certainly better you cannot argue that their record was better at 28 and twenty. It's you know like a 560. Winning percentage or something. Good that's good. It's electronic an unbelievable and Lavoy Allen played better but it seems unbelievable based on the weighted team at the plan earlier not nearly true. Brockton Attleboro hey Roch I don't. As we go on this afternoon against Barack Obama and I think it's plain and simple like people have probably talked failed despite they have probably every minute apparently you don't. For the most part it is the nature of the job and I edit that this same type of parallel look like. Raptor special Larry if if they're doing their job well. You don't notice anything bucket then and running smoothly it is. No reason to open an android. I eat it's all behind the scene opinion on noticing anything and then once says problems. It they did a bit the first person that get this thing appointed adequate. You know. Made it. It and buried under appreciated because we're in their doing their job well you don't notice and you're not gonna notice that. Ty being offensive line and I get it there or an umpire. And then I think that I think that's why people always have problems managers look at. The same reason people always have problems graphs and I want normally don't aren't aware of late I rested a good job you only get it event criticism. They're good no call there could help thank. I sir I think so let them play nice job you know don't call that elbow or whatever it's a thankless job figuring that. Primarily out of the of the four teams in this town. V most thankless yes. First of all it there's too many games so so you're you're watching every single night you're watching what he does every single move. You know and and for much of the year he's got the spotlight all to himself. They're a Celtics now colonel Bruins now there are no patriot pass or watch in the Red Sox every night so we get a chance that clobber remiss if we feel like it. We also all think we know everything there is to know about baseball as we all play. Some played football some didn't some play hockey most didn't I played basketball but there's this whole idea of I could manage the Red Sox. He probably couldn't but we all think we could write of course we US bashing. The course. Easy job and you especially I kind of think the at at times with the Red Sox this year there's you. Has led to you may be a lack of identity. In the clubhouse we talk about leadership where on Pedroia is out in Ortiz is retired. Who's a leader for the Red Sox so we've had that conversation. I let it be the manager or your family needs to be a player like he needs to be anything any severe player and about the management not even by answer either knows how that discussion Mauritanian Massoud be sailor price. And I think there's you actually helps fair. When it comes to that because these guys play hard form and you might have and a veteran I've got a veteran Lleyton team that just didn't like him. If it had about when John Farrell's jobs in jeopardy hear those stories. Veteran teams know how to make that job in jeopardy become a reality after a heated today soccer resort will we discussed out. I mean like they did with Terry Francona has ever clearer if you add. Three or four more Pedroia goes that's what would appeal is that quota humanity. When we come back just will give you a brief little a little shot. The dream on green scent that the but the Cleveland Cavaliers. And the response that LeBron James sent back at Ramon green that's coming out just a minute dale and Holley with key Sports Radio W media. We'll keep that suicide triple shot have a cycle when he came to bat in the last inning last night. And instead of getting the Tripoli got another another home run second of the game. Real quickly the patrolled job by Dre Ahman Green the Golden State Warriors had their parade today or NBA championship parade big crowd everything was great. He had a T shirt made apparently got the Larry O'Brien trophy on the T shirt. And the word quick and you know like the Q like the name of the arena except instead of quicken on his T shirt it's it quickie. You know before I won it says laughing it up yet about so LeBron James tweeted out that are in two grand out the photo. Of rain mound wearing the quick ET shirt just wrote that's which he sent home. C'mon LeBron you got other things to work you can't be Michael's gone I'd like try to catch this team I mean come on now yeah it would I gathered Greg burns that story of one LeBron they get to where the teacher. And if they want it if you wore a teacher of the year before every at a guilty better future for the year before it was better you quickie the set as part of passes it was him in his heat. The social media team never Carson to. Perfect paradise yes Greta Scott yeah line it all through the front ultimate warrior teacher was much better on copyright infringement. Probably could event. Available warrior foundation some money out of it would be hard paid a warrior but directly but Dana warrior in and it end at two daughters death now painted them. The decent shirt I drama because there are getting all kinds. You know who blew a 31 lead crap all season long. Where are shirt Belfour. Either way I LeBron let it go. If you have bigger things are now. As is what do think about this talk about unlucky in the news of the day on Tyler Thornburg who's who's gonna miss the entire 2017. Season. Be back in 2018 that let you they say output and maybe may be back in 2018 that. If you think about the unlock the the unlucky streak that Dave Dombrowski John. With pictures that he's acquired. There's nothing I'm lucky so far out there with cursor keys but David Price. Tyler Thornburg. Carson Smith. Drew pom rants. I mean he when he's trading. The gym I'm Kimberly and Kimbrel and I would say unlucky. About not at all he acquired are no doubt about other budget cuts but the unlucky but but these those guys I mention I aspect Thornburgh and price glamorous. While that's I had a lot of them a couple of and you wonder eight. The Warburg is suing his enemies who was a government seem like we're talking about okay what was going on with them. You might wanna check their books check out the brewers and see if they got a little I basically got a Padres thing going on there are the worst part about that Suzanne do you get a guy who won't pitch for you'll see drivers shells killed on it and shot at like you threw 99 or something hey I got that he's a great player out that he was a guy Ayers argument all star third baseman. But he's part of what you have is the third baseman he's a certain things what you don't have right now where in most offensive categories the Red Sox as a team at the third base position like 282930. This is you know the one caller in a great call by the way Hussein. Hey I'm gonna put this on Farrell last year with the playoffs they should have home home field advantage was a morgue and now it's only go back and forth and and at that I talk about we when that event. We met the middle of the guys is the kind of breakthrough there at the end but in this case. I would put output Travis job. And Thornburgh I put that trade on the organization. It's not just on to browse them for some of that on Beryl too. The he I'll give him credit Ford giving Shaw the drop job over puddles and Devoe last year. You get credit for that but I'm also gonna take some credit away because. Trevor shot lost his job down the stretch. They their last week two weeks of the season. All the set where they brought Cole what. He's going to be starting in the playoffs yet people weren't bitching about Shaw's trade when it had to lost his job now. In the post and I. I think everyone on president postseason losses job and then the browse to traded and sold to browse you treated unfairly to the job away that's an organizational laws. And right now Travis Shaw's pasting it 27 home runs and knocked in a 109. Of course C yeah right I Johnson western hey John how are you. They gathered on what's Al's done. So I had a common about the pitching coach but first I won't say have been reading out Big Papi new book and I think. You addiction dominant job cooperate netbook I think it's just it's it's it's a great read so we're a good job on one. I appreciate that John thank you was fun to work on. It took scampered down. With the pitching coach I think we need you pitching coach a lot of people claim John Farrell for. Now come the miscues. And being be quote unquote. Pitching guru which I mean if you deter it from us but. It just it makes sense so we should want to ship fired one did as you know this was very good pitching coach. Editing car world I think he handled situations that it then. You know Carl Willis hit some situations. If we're gonna get a pitching coach I think Pedroia did pretty well with try to last year. That's that's the only downfall IC is if price if Pedroia said you know put got to go out there doing great job. It was so lasts three innings gave up five runs and we walked I don't want that trust comes to behave that's not me I can't tell him to throw that pitch he conducted trying to resolve to go. On the. John I understand I understand your point about ports solo and problems and there's no doubting your exactly right. But Carl Willis hit none of the credit for guys were pitching well. Well did a thing about I mean if they pitch well it's not because of him but if they pitched poorly it is because of him. What did the same thing that's afterward John Farrell if if that is the Red Sox do great scout gets credit into Red Sox on bad child gets credit. So or not typed out doesn't get credit they went in and he does get credit they're losing would with Carl Willis. I just think Carl Willis doesn't. He is not a good of pitching coach as John Carroll was and that's saints on the terror with a great pitching coach he was. Nobody you know Richard Richard you're missing my oh my question you've got a bunch of guys were pitching really well on this team both regards. Up until recently that are like and and so he doesn't get any of the credit for them right. I mean no I don't think you guys because that's the same argument as you say OK so you know David Price you're an awful. Why why John got starting in my. So how can I how can I blame Willis reports sell it by don't give him credit for guys were pitching well. They had thank you dale long collar zero we came to a rapprochement I think to. I and exonerated and Atlanta wanna. What happens I think the overall point hump or solo as this kind of actually my view what he is a bit he said more years like this step did when he won the Cy Young like that wasn't him. His last year Detroit usually got a gut our expectations out they make the trade forum. He was terrible near one amazing in year two he's off to a bad start here but most of his years in Detroit. It's ironic ERA high four's he's good. He can eat eat trick a lot of people I think last year when he goes to 42 and four with a three whatever ERA wins the Cy Young deserved to win the Cy Young. But we've seen pictures. Dallas high close of a great year with the Astros right now. Last year was a bomb the year before that did you when the siren or use closed so we've seen pictures before. These guys that you are as consistent as the decree sale when he's dominant pitchers they're capable of putting together a year for whatever reason and I come in the pitching coach for I do think there's a there's a long track record pour solo. Not being that dom. You know it's funny I did this and it dale can backing of a did this all last year on on Barcella. IRS. What you just said you are believing in anything entirely clear on what you guys are great and our Herbert I would tweet me after every start eleven into. At about twelve and ten of thirteen into the gonna back down here and like the guys have a great season or season. Two I think he's great now I had a great. When this guy on and off he deserved to start the first game of the season. As you know 51 thought that we deserve when the tide are packed theater yes I know deserve to start. If playoff game his that was did that are if. ERA in Detroit in six seasons those four point 30 as ERA right now the Red Sox in two and a half seasons is four point 05. He's fine improved he's either he's a fine cancer improved here. Fine okay he's shy he's just fine 6177797937. Instill in Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. Every loss. I heard one last night there on out of the now what your life. Well Casey Smith suggested that that it's of less than a word that starts today and ends with the Ian describes a certain anatomy part. A whole rock without one on her Adam's apple on I'm. And an equity boots you don't brazen that those terrible and I like over the context. She said that someone was that through merchant there. Not Argentina and here he doesn't hear these things are first ought to hear 12. That I was in that segment. Oh yeah you're you're never Richards on it and she's that was that was used in our budget art because he's gone on. Know the context of what was they were talking about the off the locker commercial. I had called the moral. Yes like Lavar had that solves I didn't tell that'll staying on main thing is kind of pushed her over the top love that Michael. There's somebody person's shoes blend together can't remember that refer Ellen yeah. And now an outlet to bring it up yet again I've heard you you're on set for that one yeah that was in that child's public four year old Ali British articulate you know little girls there. So so you guys were blow there this year. Is that work. On times and them know that that that's fair characterization. That does work regular we have a lot of heard that Eliot samples there. After a three hour show ever now that you know people get heated this before our show don't swear call you we don't not on the other side to keep the claim and you better bleep and it's constantly. Seamless you guys will be read here. But you know majority last bags praising. Jimmy drop below saying hey you don't know he's a Super Bowl MVP you don't know. If he's Tom Brady. About anything it was. He is all in Italy Egypt and it at every stop did you ever ask that question is that in your all's gonna evaluate the quarterback position. After that Kansas laws you've got fourteen X it is so that. Is at odds and EG. They'll never get now so he if he's on again tonight is there will be more perform more cuts will be there will be there will be swears it will happen. Before. It's. If like Catholic and NC seventeen. A bridge to begin well or the like after 10 o'clock and I had about 9 o'clock it doesn't matter it's cable TV the FCC doesn't monitor so doesn't that again if safe harbor on all you have to worry about his advertisers at that point. Yeah so so if you dropped an F bomb tonight Comcast would be okay I'm okay. I'm not soon enough well well well well like doing question is if you did. They'd be okay. All it's all money coal. Hey Mike you little early to show up when that Cheney was basically yeah I said it appropriate inappropriate words won't want to apologize if I couldn't defend them. In my. Forty to go to. Oh yeah had a good save them there now. Newton was John does not me. Well everybody to know yet although I barely breathe a little bit so nobody bigs I'd get. That back that the way back to life. He's using GPA Peter you don't hey guys I think. And we Americans think a lot of beauty doesn't deserve entire radio not only your show autumn. But in general. I think rightly said a bike it's obvious you know or their frustration yes there are pretty good dad says to quell the job market or in March. He pulled out of the World Baseball Classic. Between those sort. Great. Are throwing shoulder and wanted to split in the Dominican. If you sit well ought to be ready redshirt season. In spring training complaint states because. He started getting treatment then. He's been getting treatment for a all year. Our home. He says. He want what's best for the team Australia and he says he's good treatment stated today. So I think he did it a bit out. And you're law as their place. Well I don't know and I think that's what comes out to Peter bring up get some some great or you're right about the World Baseball Classic yeah. It really comes down to do you think. He was doing that because of the shoulder. Did you think he was saying I can't play first base because of a shoulder or because you'd wanna play first base think that DH spot opened up and he said who's gonna beat me out. Here that's on Joan VVH. Yeah obviously he got Moreland. Yeah Moreland at first and he's a go out gold glove first baseman so yeah also attributed VH. And I I think there are some frustration with the team. Oh over the shoulder. What will what. But he says this is the shoulder. I think things wanted to play some first base and some DH but I think he wants to play DH which throwing Peter first faced a lot times just. While throwing the only you know before the inning when your throat you know you have a ground ball over to the thorn the shortstop and than I it's easy NASA back in the through the ground ball over the Dustin Pedroia routes but you know he throws of paktia. And bathroom and wonder pomp lol although it with Florida through the Pentagon let's get a guy down. That would draw refers back some of its. You don't have heard on the active activist out here. What was the Buchholz is that William Hung up and throw over here about sort of back what they tell Jon Lester if she got adult brought over here if I won't don't do that I can't bodies in Bridgewater hey Tony I don't. The direction from the east to Red Sox this sort it you are ready in the week that seventeen hectic at seven in the last 24 right. They were the top story in that it assert that aid record wise and are currently the site. And stood in a correct all the stops are right. I'll take your word Tony does sound correct what. So what do we principle they haven't been hit its stride yeah. On a pig to bear Olbermann the play spirit the way summit you know some of the season as the bullets or Italy at a rest. Immigration right now. They are average everything that's how we start of the show were Syrian what do people really expect I think I think a lot of us expected to. The Red Sox to win the division this year but maybe didn't think that the Yankees were going to be as good as they are I think got a icons start its own Red Sox are right there. Our thoughts are on a pace to win but it went off two games in a don't like your standard size advantage of but he seven the best QBs at all. It's. Like I did what people expect foursome this with the injuries yet or it. And I think is right now or what is it urgently. Put the outrage. But probably surely they're ready now lightly and and that they haven't given up a runner like 26 innings or something. Quite well. Well get it on Boston's Tony really mean with her and it was our company it's the way we began the program because I was just asking a simple question. Both of you guys and everybody out there listening. What's different than what you thought was going to be. The Yankees are better than you thought there are going to be right there better than we are under Iraq's biggest ever got zip. The Red Sox are about what I thought and realistically. With seven pitchers on the DL right now you've had nine pitchers on the DL but you got seven right now. I don't know that I could have expected there going to be any better than us for some must have major injury that just. You think affected their season. It's got the Lola mislead market had a lot of injuries so you have to go out there you'd say Carson Smith but men out of they found a way not saying they thought he was the setup guy to get you to Kimbrel. But they found a way to work around. Take your biggest injury has been David Price and had an answer for. Thought you had an answer now turns out he didn't because your answer for OK yeah so you got three aces you think you have three you lose one to get to race. If you don't have sail into the gap or sell. But but he thought at the other injuries. Now for Pedroia being out was significant chair. Pablo being out was not Rodriguez's pension while. As you know you haven't had any injuries or any major long term injuries have been in the lineup of earlier your top guy killer bees are doing aren't. Salem temblor healthy so at what I'm saying galas I don't wanna use injuries as an ex. No but I'm just saying if if you told me I was gonna seven pitchers on the DL I'd say. All right two games out of first on American League you know I was I'm you know all right regards saying what's with seven. As long as Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel had two with a seven year probably Phelan. Okay about a site about 6177797937. Dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio W media.