DHK - NBA draft and trade rumors are flying around.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, June 19th

Holley and Keefe talk about Paul George wanting to play for the Lakers and Lebron James wife saying she wants them to live in LA full time. So could the next super team be the Lakers.  


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These is that dale and Holley show what. Went and he has had to let failed. Two run home. Person above numbers right so actually it. Dale Arnold Michael holly and Ritchie and we don't want and it. Don't audit me David Ellis hit the big day on the WEEI Sports Radio network. I. Our anniversary failed Hollywood Q Dale Hall today. Maliki talked about the Celtics. And on for the number one overall pick they get number three fish. Here at all likely be another really good pick. Either team through five next year. Or I'm guessing something pretty good in 2019. The sort of weak enough figure that out at a later date throughout this season it's this is this Jersey this is a big trade involving the Eastern Conference title lightness I like this cavaliers travelers are. Pacers. Aren't. We are to kind of knew about element Al George because Paul George is who wants to go to LA Cleveland will take a shot of one year to keep LeBron happy right beaten their. Terrified these and we again and he will. Thirteen involved where they even happier now he's. Well sadly whether they satisfy him right now or not he's now if they win the title next year that I guess that would really leave it. If I did it I know I don't know I don't come through one now it sounds like that could potentially be a three team deal are. The third team being the Philadelphia. 76ers. Whether they have that's the value of the number one pick they have the number one pick in the draft. But I don't know if that's what they would get but anyway they might be the team that gets. Kevin law. Or houses three teamed trade work other details are worse body loves us CBS Phillies saying that reports every sixers intercity and adding Kevin Love. And they're just really saying that this could be the third team. Here's a couple of tweeted from pro basketball talk. Period cavs pacers talks go well semi sixers could be included as a thirteen and possible landing spot for love if Indiana preferred picks. And prospects. Her before the drafts everything you want to add shooters and a veteran to young core and were willing to trade for. Faults and love are of that so I don't think they're for the number one overall pick that would make sense because. Really Indiana. Doesn't have they shouldn't get a whole lot back for one year Paul George a good birdie at number one pick back. But we know the sixers have you know they just gave the Celtics and other picnic to another one that a lot of parents are so they might send pics that way but we're also does. Is it would affect the 76ers. Pick you might get their pick in 2019. Rates are in effect that you indicated their Kevin Love with hate it. In Philadelphia but they have faults Benson and impedes aren't here they got beat that pass that. Not I don't go be that bad. Can that really I think they they can even be a playoff team assures us that but they're just so young so they won't become. What he wants what he's being used to. The last three years old and he's already dealt with this dog used to dealt with a hate it had a delicate young team. That's got a lot of potential but doesn't quite realize the potential. Imagine going from a team that's been in the finals three straight years. It would seem that dole and B does not help the and he executed the whole thing despite you know having Simmons on. Across these unhealthy trust the from RJ unite and make the playoffs again. Let me ask you this though for the cavaliers if if it's just a Paul George for Kevin Love swap they better. Great question I'm just gonna say I don't see how they are. Noticeably better they're different clearly because now he got he got those two Greyhound he got Paul George and LeBron James. They carry you better defensively on the wing. But I don't have on I don't think you are. Georgia the better player than love yep that's right we'll and that caught on that for the team again what do you do there I think but you know and looks like they're trying to do. It's almost. You're trying to become the warriors but you don't quite have all the pieces that they have. You don't make the warriors the warriors he need those need to shooter that you don't have the gym becoming more warrior light. But it's not it's not enough they still have too much dead weight in place. For different for them to be transformed to be that kind of team. There but I figured out to do if you were there drew the cavs just spit balling if you if you're the cavs if you're gonna make that kind of deal. You're gonna go smaller to start with you would have Tristan Thompson LeBron George as your phone cord right carrier ring. And then I JJ Redick early you have to get somebody else to shoot and be the two. I'd be my guess you wouldn't have a traditional foreign five anymore. As they wanted to do. There George. Is it ball dominant guy to. How is he but also he's had to be like some of those guys it's okay here how would he be playing with LeBron. Every night all he hit as a ball in his hands hole how do you think wade and bosh and loved it well what. Always that third guy but. So what tonight's gonna struggle some as can be upset if either going to be calorie it was going to be tour. And eating George I always have to say when am I doing that third guy has an identity crisis Chris Bosh. Had an identity crime he did early in Miami and and Kevin Love did in Cleveland yes first. Here in oh by the way Paul George would probably have the identity crisis and contract year. Long Beach April about. But dugout colors fifteen points a game as long as we can win. Better for the greater here. I don't think snow. But I was I don't know last week. When it LeBron lost it he could tell a frustrating was. With the team all season long he knew they warn his physical state. And actually know about my response was he was even as frustrated as I thought he should be speculating even before the series began. He knew they were gonna beat them so if he tries to tinker too much with the cavs. They might get worse. Could open the door up. For the Celtics he loved Paul George. He done around skilled integrated throughout all Aaron Hill says it's always talked about them has I think he sees at a super IR resulting that's last year with the Celtics. Would you trade three for Paul too it's not be reckless guy. Who's already told you that wanna play for you national probably you're going to like how do you read like even for the cat slept for for Paul George of the Celtics see that would get the bronze attention because he likes he he he liked that guy so much. Jimmy Butler to the Celtics. Medicaid respected. But it would be feared that they were actually. Here all the Orange Bowl wasn't there are wind worst reports which you know is this search for LeBron during the trade deadline that. They were really monitoring the Celtics to see if they're dead acquired your source or Butler but I think bottom and anomalous to probably more so George but. They Danica big sigh of relief on the Celtics in that anybody. After that George was in the conversation as Canada mortgage or and he gave an interview afterward. Not think he'd like to know what's going on around here up in the there are really really insightful that they put me in this position is over the I don't know you put them in this position that it is set you back there. I can't ice I can imagine this is sort of our secondary topic today with Paul George is saying he's on the lakers next year exit how to how do you valuable without him with the pacers. They're good fortune to get anything of value isn't as he decides to shut them down just throwing the value. That which should trade doesn't have got them and tell them don't tell anybody else would be our secret. You could tell that's I'd tell us at dealers say helped us out are you sitting down yet since the bad news for an analyst I don't wanna come back here anymore okay fine. Let's just keep that between us sentiment you'll get Ingram out of the deal don't tell our people. We won't we won't go to our sources and will will make sure one of tribal cobble lakers right now. And and see if there it is that sort of put yourself in their issues don't you almost out of spite ones that our program. Rock country you noted the implant the year the fans are gonna hate you you're you're on the team for the whole year by who or use fighting. Mean we help. Not helping anybody but you're not letting him go to the team that he wants to go to you as soon as bad Disney is the wrong but just at the human element of extra. Trade new lakers right now if you wanted to lakers we're going to ten cents on the dollar you've played Indiana all year or not play on the bench you end. And another another threat to the conversation none of your group it's not but. I've always thought that. Los Angeles sometimes and this out of bitterness of mr. with the fact. LA. Miami to a degree Phoenix always like those teams. Have a slight advantage in free agency now hasn't worked out that way for LA lately. I the last few years Kobe was there and Dwight Howard left and went to Houston. They weren't able to draw big time free agent but isn't it interesting. The poll of yours. This team is better than the lakers right now is actually a playoff team the lakers have been the playoff and my pastor and he looks at LA. The clippers are the better team in LA and they wanted to get us something about the places on the tonight the lakers. In LA but he's from Alan Wright is from there so that that helps us Sally he's from Chicago I think possibly stay I wanna play in LA. So someone ultimately lakers. Same building for now. Yet there's still that stigma over the clippers in the there better than the lakers but they've. And that great they have it they're meant to combat Arnold's take over haven't taken over LA where people's acknowledged is Artie now. And you know Blake sleeve video Paul's probably Italy yeah on our outlook on there. Public this'll you know Kurt healing from mom basketball talk don't know him but yeah ushered out yesterday. It's sweet this is the headline is whole article to. I was the with the rumors this is great. The bride James is wife. Wants to live full time in Los Angeles. Those two get leave and blame on his life. All he can't do that would be clean egg hunt. Your kids and whether it when Carmelo wants a New York a lot of peoples of all La La La blah blah blah as you does yearly loss very New York that's part of it. A year ago thirty start at thirty start at LeBron all of his wife wants to go to gambling from Cleveland to give blame him for leaving a second time his wife wants to live full time in LA. Obama on he's gone he's as good as gone I can't protect the his guilt or more years so really Celtics fans 2000. 19101819. That's your time you're making the finals later are UI is right you should be in the finals earlier the Bronson and the lakers with Paul George generic competition. From the Philadelphia Simpson because if he thought payment of Kevin Love Simmons are rich and be. I love that town I'm not gonna like two and a love faults I love their talent before the street or. It's great but would you have been able to handle two years of what three years of no that's so this whole process like that. We'll see if it pays off on the tanks they already had a deal away girls and while nobody wants to local four so it's been. And count on. That's so difficult process if you listen with. Indeed salmon starts. And Paul and and now for federal he's going to be but I know those guys and athletic guy I don't know passions and no I Simmons should be pretty good. I like watch him in college you shoot that well surprisingly no he also never made the civil atonement well. That's that's the standard not read about it are tired as one and done guys I don't know what you expect. And win games colonize the game and mentally I'm just trying to stay healthy and are definitely. The odds go to the phones here we go all in in Cambridge she joins us next what's up on. Love the show you know thanks impressions so. Doesn't it matter when you recognizes that the reason is this what age. We swing through like eight as well since that's more than wall position release that are as small ball. Yes just an accident. In that city it goes quickly and in this case. And BA BA opposite. Former war not necessary or guidance as to what's left it. When that happens that as well. All it while they are more at all or what it means that the Smart it was a good. Jackson and dated other ordinary citizen yeah right yeah. Another for your community trade to the back garden the draft which there. Are some. They're. Not gonna draft faults with the there are draft Jack Jack will not want and Derek yeah yeah. That all of the bases are gonna get the number one thing and just try to just. Now non Catholics are not because it's one year Paul George that they're not gonna get the number three pick back the draft. And we are so. Why so you don't want them to get an established player you think anti tumor Jackson. Says I'm artery it hit so hard at the rights of Yemen how hot how. How soon will they be. All star players are all NBA players in my vehicle ended their rookie deal anyway than you're gonna have to human big boost. Actually put the plate roots aren't the issue would play out that's how important is that principally that's good news all those guys are unbelievable. And so it goes them all right all right issued credit. I don't know if your agent or what Bowen but it's just it's a very slippery from Josh Jackson which is fired if they get him. I hope he's great but to say to play crunch time minutes. On playoff team right now Philly is overstated. And and most players in the NBA most of them who have awkward shots I've come easily and had that shot repaired a bit. He's got a really weird hitch. And it shocked Josh Jack yeah it does yeah and it kind of guy Alonzo ball he looks we age and so we're we're too and I think they'll. Now I think Jackson's is easier to fix. Lob the ball has like two or three part motioned to his iron shot it's. If it works just let them and so obviously you would just keep it the same yes brother I screw up otherwise but our. Law on those it's harder to fix that that you know moving back to remove from parts to it. Jackson is problematic because it times the ball is down by as waste any NBA and I don't know how does discretion yet. So I don't know what that is he is not the is it could all have a great ball handler right now I like Penny Hardaway at the ball defensively I can see endorsed damage. Already yet. It's an exit to I don't dis like Josh Jackson but I just think if you're talking about. Adding Jimmy Butler and Gordon Hayward to receive that both of those guys there's no guarantee of that. They don't really business within that that the cavaliers have to look at that. Now might send LeBron into some kind of crazy spiral where he does he makes them trade everybody away married bolts the next year anyway. But things. Think you said this last hour. What looked like you're going to be going head to head of LeBron James for a number of years suddenly doesn't. Look at Don you know it doesn't. And I you know and keeping him. William Williams oh this is being used to date we have are drinking after this one area larger canals. Are so I just as an episode she's cheerleader and really get all three of a guy yet you remember. We had a whole special teams. Part of the game football that I do in Bilbao second firm that is no longer regarded as an out of third and again Bill Belichick. I'll take his word saying special teams that part of the game that was like. World com if you get a couple. Yeah you're gonna turn your back your Bill Belichick not to turn your back on specialty should've arts offices. And we want to account will roll on the stand because everyone's got a crazy once had a conversation and I'm gonna say. I'm I declare you. The winner of the conversation that I admittedly. Went too far down the road on this when I called me dim. I asked him out. I just make sure that you stand by to come out about what went on didn't get used to art stuff that you said to yourself don't which confrontation every time. We were going to have a conversation about. Positions in the NBA. Is a one death is five gas is three. Your stand there in two parent of each one is just soul. Distinctive. I think what we're finding now. Who in the NBA after it required here now is FICO humble humble. Fighting that. Is becoming more and more repositioned last week really. Who said that a month ago. We hear that anywhere I haven't heard that popular dispatches to the but while that you'd like so it two and three you can't necessarily tell me attitude and a three is. When the lot on the floor I think he can't at the beginning of the don't get what they when they introduce that they got started accurate. But that's the that's the affect I would say if the warriors effect. I the warriors have really. Put it out there because you think about it. They have. I have. I Thompson. Who looked at that the typically these guys altogether Klay Thompson. Drama I don't know what what what's his position have no idea I would say is a four but he couldn't get him to be more to be five to be attuned to be three. It would I'll let that tops and Iguodala drama on the force it and now it I thought the ran out there. You know point guard and show more guarded about it a point guard for a medias for their whole team has. Obliterated. Position luckily the Celtics that one line in the playoffs where it was Thomas Bradley Smart rosier. That's what is that attempts at special lineup I think for the Celtics Jessica a lot of little desperate they called warriors of the players. Everything is upside down. You you can't really figure out quite prosecute play toxic to be attuned three or four. Dream on can really play all positions and he started the offense. Oh. So we can argue that he's the five who get the rebound now he's gonna bring the ball up at the top of the key things he's directing people. I've I've seen Kevin Durant in the same thing to Rick now you're more of direct to be at three and so that might be what you get with the Celtics too and entitlement yeah Jalen brown bat or Norwood would Butler that's where I'm going peoples or why they have these guys well. Their jobs Jackson. If you think you can depend for positions I don't know that mean a watch to make Kansas a little bit but I'd watch that 25 these games. Ten of his games could play it really could play. But if you have Jackson at Hayward you have Butler yet Jalen brown and on the same team. We probably wouldn't have Butler and Jackson but I get your point. I can't penetrate get them but I thought overall but we have read those guys got Butler Browne Hayward yeah. These drove up there and they're all about the Senate's third 23. They're sounds at the garden for it's it's all pretty interchange latest the other little about it is if you get Hayward you decide Hayward. Would you rather have let's say five years of Jason Tatum or five years of Josh Jackson or two years of Jimmy Butler. There's no guarantee the other would stay you might maybe maybe make the finals in two years. And butlers and a contract year he plays well what Thomas who plays well with. Gordon Hayward and this is gonna mourn next great Celtics or. You get bounced in the second round to the wizards a tough series and he's looking around Santa I could go play wherever I want for. You know thirty million dollars that he leaves so that is a risk if you trade the number three pick is part of a deal for bought. One years it isn't no prisoners and don't won here two years. Is borderline and your your gambling on yourself and is it most likely is a bad gamble. I think people should get what they're still patient and also an iron to cash offer for two years and what we do with sports fans want to bring emotions into it on you know come on don't don't you like it here yeah and they and I think you like it here but. I'm thinking about money. And if you're practically a bunch of money or. In some cases these guys like Paul George. Indiana campaign and more in the lakers. Impairment a ton of money it's definitely didn't want any any any Indiana anymore now I think it he's one of us. I remember when Paul George first got here and we see them grow as a player and as a man and all this other that. The of that where I'm gonna bide my time and Indiana and don't have to anymore now gone. Also NBA draft week it's on Thursday night and done a lot of news from the weekend and today the Celtics trade the number one pick they moved down to get the number three pick as well as a a future what would likely be a lottery pick. Paul George wants out of Indiana LeBron James is wife wants to live full time and allies that there's a lot going on talk about viewed 6177797937. Tails off today. So it's holly keep Sports Radio that he media. Off today trying to make sense of the Celtics trade. But no longer have the number one pick at number three in Thursday's drafts. And any future pegged as well which there's a lot of and stipulations around that pick but another pick which would likely be very good some people like to trade some people love the tree it's on the way the trade. Some people hate the train them to hit the trade I'm about that I think so let's go to drew in Pennsylvania what's going on her. Michael and trade oh it's right. There bloody. Well know it until mind trading the pick. My comment yeah. If you didn't see him you have the number one in the draft right and you got to play the people want. Are you kind of in the power position shouldn't you be in the power position there yes yeah. If human didn't want. It's like a note to him was in the competition. To meet you when dealing with critical. Orphaned boy holding up and people asking for a little more energy and could back them they know you look at what I keep you would you like. At there is a business relations I mean you can't you do any particular track really is getting the player that they want. How did he have put restrictions on the next here because it would be in the kind of protect you. Ability to get Michael order. I don't own their own protection on the Sacramento the other hand look at them code no well. I don't know I don't I don't know porter's can be that the number one pick right now anyway we don't know who that player that players going to be easy to suspect rapid. Let me add something else to what you said now you start out by saying. Here's what's gonna power position because somebody wants that player so you should have all the leverage right. I mean at another. Actually had another twist to a would have you don't want that. So somebody else wants them but you also wanna get away from that deal. Because you you don't wanna be stuck with a a number one pick we have an opportunity. To get it if the players not number one on your board young player to get as yet opportunity get a first round pick. So you want to be able they want the player you want out and makes it. How would how would they know they view an eight game let me. Outpace he didn't want the player and he screwed up and. I don't know techno not to let it out you know what you're good you just that you can't dictate Jackson are you going to deal knowing what you want out of it and you know that he wants it but you up and out of it to do not have. I understand that the the much mud pulling news. Yes you may be you want out of that player but I you don't understand. Ker oh. You'll allow. All the terms that do feel to be dictated to you know you have your. He can't sing a mean let you know you just you know you're saying all they can get get a pretty good peck on the or make a difference scenario. Let's just say. The lakers are bad. Well Massaquoi is bad we thought maybe it may be equal trade let's just say they finished with the sixth pick in the draft yeah. Now we go to Sacramento is to. Let's say Sacramento's really bad. And in those six include everything all the young players are starting to gel together what you say their mid level playoff team. You know read seven seat. Sacramento and doubled her record drought toll keeps it and you get their point pick in the draft is this trade they're not a complete failure. Is that could happen to do it likely it's getting a really good. That that's a possibility German based on the phone call I think there's more out I'm more closer to drew that I don't love this trade I wanna see what more they doing it I wanna see if they flip one of those picks for Jimmy Butler or whatever else that would make me feel better about it. But that is a lot of ifs because now you're say and the lakers. Don't pick a 234 or five next year which is probably where they're lined up I'll play the game maybe that they don't get it. And then to say between the king now the kings have to win the lottery. And the sixers have to make the playoffs so for the doomsday scenario which I'd Edwards Israel could have possible plausible plot let's must not that is it's likely. To happen and I also think that if the Celtics drafted. Josh Jackson or Jason Tatum with the number one pick. We would all be asking why aren't you traitor and out of that thing how could you not gotten more and so. They did I guess get more I am within on the you'd how they can't get the number one pick in each of the next two years. Like really like you and the blogs on why is that the lies that the sticking point he guaranteed unless they get it with the nets pick next year but they're guaranteed with the Olympic not to get the number one. Here's the other thing. If they say we gotta make this or are we regret that have to be. That's I have to be the condition you have to remove any restrictions that Danny is saying that. A to the sixers sectors thing. Now. It on now but yet which is not like five nightmares okay fine. But now here's. Now is that because you can be traded number one pick but he can't trade the pick instill guarantees. That you gotta get a top five pick. Yet they three and the next pick is better than fives and that's where I can't exactly that's what age and so appetizing for you that they're Philadelphia and they got three. So you did another dance partner but they don't have all the things that you want Philadelphia has a pick in this draft that that you like. And they have future assets that you. Somebody else they don't have the pick in this strapped to like as you go down five that's too far down yet and you don't have a few minutes they don't have a future asset and those guys. Let's go to love Mikey that he joins us next up Mike gentlemen good afternoon though I was. A so a couple of things they're having here in Nam you know because Chicago apparently wanted. And number three pick and we're just on the Canucks while Butler schrader Ford if we if we were if we were looking to do that now that's been taken out is. What he had in mind and we essentially what you got Butler. The only reason that the biggest reason I'm worried about I think that kind of pick Gordon Hayward out table I don't know it would necessarily wanna have. Butler and Hayward I think they what that means it is would that mean it is. Big change might be a little bit more. In love with the idea of bringing him Blake Griffin took care and necks out or her seat and kind of late two smaller big that are kind of interchangeable. And I want no part of leaguer from whatsoever I just. I've never been a fan it is never good and burdensome and you know I decide for I he does he saw you know he's he's one of those guys where you resolve bark no bite. Those are our most guys leaker so. And I think I'd most the most most guys certainly don't want if I can only occur from there have been saying you know OK who's who who's who's tough. Scott is Kevin Durant tough raises some very talented player who's tough metal world peace. Where you know you know what I mean lately even though he played this soft if he's not gonna let it pop is kind of like powerfully like all those model he is becoming god like. Got a great you embody this you probably get beat up by somebody half his size customers know about it Linda funny you get them this I wore green you know I'm primetime what it mentality yeah don't think you don't often comic actor that you think Gordon Hayward. But some big ordeal at Mike Gordon you're does does errors reported this weekend that said Damon and the Boston. It's it's a different position lately Griffin has the power forward you know he's the big man yeah I think Al corporate scum of the I think. Evading he's this he's tough I think he placed somebody you looked at UConn player I don't think later and a physical content players weren't getting out of I mean they're gonna go out have a street you know rumble guy that's not worry about that. But I think awaiting his style player sought I think it's he's another knee injury away from being absolutely useless easy no one was athletic bunker I can't do much else right now I think I'd. The injury thing is my biggest concern Blake Griffin I think it is a lot more than Don I've I've got to refer a lot got a report is is very dated on Blake Griffin it is he he can shoot he just started at the three point shot to his game last year so not a big part of it but. He's got the Kevin Garnett range he can rebound and you've looked at you know rebounding numbers have come down there part of that is he's by Dioner Jordan who just gobbles up as a leery about. It's still in the eights which would be the best on the Celtics so I would take you near plus. You put him on the Celtics where there's a lot of willing rebounder. And all the sudden his numbers might get back ten. And I would Devlin take a chance on on Blake Griffin I'm I'll be fine with the. Yeah I think if he came here he would be a double digit rebounder and unfortunately. Al Horford. Very impressive rebounding numbers would go to a little bit would there really isn't that kind of you know fact half you don't hear that but. We've averaged more assists more rebounds. Or secret how you are if you don't it's good setters in a sense. Not everybody says the senator but for those who do not only is contrary passers those Laker great passer. Alec Blake Griffin earlier more of yourself which calls also a law. Couple thoughts on the Red Sox from the successful weekend. That they just had against the Houston Astros 6177797937. Dale off today so it's holly keep Sports Radio WEEI. We got a big next hour Michael. Not just take anything away from the rest of this fellow should also exciting for next hour we're here. Some of the conference call from gaining games are played well a game called what is the any really say. Oh everybody can play this game yet I was involved you and me are actually gonna play that nobody else. Bull to play along in your car you can buy yourself in Collison left out you you guys missed that. Murder like the main players who are number three yes this is but I I really meant what he says and what they mean what he really meant. Okay and that would also. Because you remember the news of this trade came out last Friday evening. It's a we bumped Kiefer madness keep madness normally stapled the Friday afternoon or early the last segment on Friday we bumped it. And we're a play that today if that as good as Friday key for madness is little different it is and it takes gonna turn. We have here lately it's the best and worst sound of the week yet from the station tent tents. Tense yeah anger yet you're gonna be in there fashion prominently in fact. That the into such a way of I believe you called me DM. Monday's last week in that'll be in there and he considered last Monday yeah last Monday called me dim. And people can either agree or disagree on NAFTA remember that means since that it's just it's kept me out what -- it got really snags here is that you guys he's Derek or from that on Thursday actually Mosul things but. I've recovered from that and though so we'll keep the madness. Are an hour from now. Go back to the phones are talked about the Celtics moving on from the number one pick let's go to John in the car what's going on John. Yeah I had a day. I'm well thank you very much trust him I thought. I think it didn't get all the rank. Maybe artist second on the back end okay I'm like why tumbled out of our beat the kings let them take our should be ready. You get it Qaeda rejects that either salute although the lakers did chill and you got to pick up that can't get cute meet their guns out there. Big 74 from Arizona is still available. Off lord Markkanen. I I don't know John that's. Let's keep on this steep slide now lungs he figured out you get me or give me for his own salary as Collins who is talking rated Lorie and you want me there's an anger Zagat. Are the I'm I'm I'm forty even this afternoon that's started talking myself and Jason Tatum and it could be okay potato. They're tired I don't know. Tate or Jackson yeah yeah yeah yeah outlook would you be alright somebody between the some of these and allow cuts wildcats fans are not talking. He snuck in on the pick is really the Aaron fox. The guy was unbelievable. In the orchard owner loans faster yet John Walsh says he'll be the best player in the trap John Walcott go to Kentucky it's so. There's a bias here is a little bit there's a bit biased. What would you be disappointed. They wound up with a guy that we haven't mentioned here date we we've narrowed it down Tatum Jackson. Would think on it completely gear are if Garrett fox. And out of you it was another guard. Another guard and athletic guard in my area there anyway so now what are you doing. What do you do with the rosier we're into a Smart and know fox should be better than both of those guys he's the third overall pick in the draft yet. But now there's still another move that you have to make in fox is really wow me. Really good player. Is that a 170 pound bags Bristol. And it was Hillary is nice elegant that 511 guard is it done all he's not I had a but he he weighs as much as like a 59 guard. That doesn't mean he can't get stronger but now that's among other really wouldn't excite me that you frustrating. Frustrating for the Lebanese territories when these guys come on guys and I don't want him don't want him. Now I think if we knew the glory market no chance for you know of no thank you. We knew there and have a top four pick right when the lottery started yet and that's why overall trying to call kind of format for guys. And for everybody for the longest time those faults ball and I got to know him and some mortar and now Tatum. It up for God's authority need a meeting our need to go lower than that. If I'm also started talk myself into the Jimmy Butler trade. If it's just the number three pick and can you get in and expect those yellow brick land during the crossover because glands and why wouldn't you do that now that we just had the number one pick I wouldn't deal the one pick for Butler. But you're really get a good opportunity to get picks two through five next year. And then that is worth and I have a hard time seeing it's too far in the future Alec live in the now but that would be pretty good deals with your five and Jimmy Butler and you stood up for. You can have a number one and the number two pick next year and Jimmy Butler. And Gordon Hayward or bleaker for about Cleveland worked on doves. And watch out you're warriors don't say. Go to John in Hartford he joins us next with the job. April. I gave it credit for recognizing that the important thing is just that if the number and you know curry with the number one article eyeliner you the the cart laden. Was brought a let her colon. So one member one who cannot be an independent or not I wanted to take him. Anthony Davis as the one Karl at the town is one carrier ring was one John Wall was one month so there's been some really present ones as well. Yeah. Michael Jordan now Elizabeth Hurley and Jack are so yeah. Articulate that and I hit an adult. You know. I don't I don't patent to get out of the one geek Asia market definitely going to help defend generational talent. Do you ever talk about our couple lecture. Well yes it does later on higher figure Aral point John that that's not bad does the state because of all the guys that you would look at as the number one panic. There's no way. Mark L fault is in that category right now at the time of the draft does me you develop into a great player but. About it'll look Chris Webber even an accomplished in college in Florida what his stock was two years at Michigan to championship games. He was the number one pick. And they had to trade a time to get him because I was one of the first things you think of disease that aren't last time the number one of the number three pick swapped. The team that traded down got three extra first round picks. But you'd pointed out that Chris Webber to everybody else is a lot more significant than full serve. I that's right yes it's amazing to think about it is that I was I was of debt mind mute when we were talking on Friday about. Philadelphia coming up to one negated vehicle killing again. I'm forgive us our two camps are three part of it that we heard it takes is it's only going to be tick just picks so they move well and got a lot of that that a lot in the stables so. They split the difference they re like Philadelphia I get three extra but you couldn't get into. Giving him a second for trumpet or. Take off please seek out the restrictions take off the restrictions say this is what I want I want to picks for. I want to picks but it here you can insist on this one pick that one pick has to be exactly the way I won I know restrictions whatsoever. So you ask US use just kind of unreasonable little bit unreasonable that you felt like you know hey it just means that no one picked but no restrictions hey we gotta be. A motor that's even where filly start of a filly is like today. Here's the lakers picked two through five or eaten yet our pick the next year in a wait a minute you also of the kings panic. Agree that kings that might be better especially if the process finally. You know realize real I I was supposed to be either and that might be a playoff team two years. No it's amazing our caller John was talking about hey you don't need to know more pick this and noted that this this guy wasn't on a number one pick. What's amazing is how often they've got it right when you've got fewer games to study. Yes only one and guns on Derrick Rose one and done. But they got that one right and he's injured but he was an MVP. Irving barely play our Erving played what ten or eleven games stuff like that they got that went right. John it's all done nowadays as one dollar debt relative to how well thought Andrew Wiggins one and done it. I like he had more bus we have more information. You know I'd like yelling at three player guys as strange really trillion but maybe it's just ask what's so obvious. An elite talent what he'll do for your roster room. The other great job identifying it younger like here's a fun exercise go through the McDonald's all American rosters and they hit a lot of guys even at that age they like you'd go back in five years or six years and most of those guys are in the NBA and it may do a good job. At that age even identifying the next great talent are coming up next room played great little game called what is teams really saying. As you talk to media on a conference call today about the Celtics straighten the number one pick in the draft. To the 76ers Ford number three on Thursday as well as one other. Future first rounder Dale's off today so it is holly keeps Sports Radio W media.