DHK - John Farrell updates us on David Price's progress and more

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Wednesday, September 13th

We check in with Sox skipper John Farrell for our regular weekly visit with him live from Fenway.


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Got here at Fenway Park if we are each and every Wednesday when the Red Sox are home with the Sox. And the Oakland days tonight game towards their series Sox had a day off Monday late last night. Game two tonight. Every Wednesday we talked to the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Farrell he's brought to you by our belly insurance town fair tire. And Cumberland farms 99 cent farm house blend iced coffee John how are on them okay are you great eleven runs makes the whole day brighter death now. Ya and you know what's been really interesting and very encouraging to see is that we scored some runs early and small games so we've been able to do. You know maybe control the total number of pitches so much starters Salem pom rants. In more importantly an equal to that is. You know the fact that they've gone out and pitch with a little bit believes so distressed each one of those pitches and either. A tie game one run game whatever might be our look is a little bit last. So that's worked in our advantage over the last 56 games and homes there. Before last night you know look at the great performance from rookie best two home runs via the triple there and he's doing his thing. How much you mean last night was great how would you characterize this season yet describe it before he kind of went off. An impact on on every side of the ball defensively problem top outfielder baseball. Base running a well above average if not an impact HR offensively inconsistent. You know you look at the the batting average of the production but nobody on that you look at them in scoring position. There's some wide gaps there. I think because smoking is such a conscientious guy and wants to do well he takes a lot upon himself. And I think when which doubled to score some runs he tried to do a little bit more and as a result you saw him rushing out to get some pictures. Maybe out ahead of himself. Where is when you look at last night which to me is a snapshot of what he's done in the past two years. Lets the ball traveled Lieberman strikes on a much more balanced the bat speed is there at the hard contact is there are so. You know last night system because back to the consistency but clearly. The ability to impact the game on all phases think just in here you talked about his defense because we think defensive outfielders for the Red Sox. Automatically go to Jackie Bradley juniors they. Bradley's brilliant center field it's kind of overshadowed. Would you go right he'll. Yeah and I would even say that that's the case for all three we've got through some of Steelers play in the outfield were fortunate to be in a position where we've got guys that have tremendous range their ability throw the baseball stands out above. All others as a group you don't come across three outfielders and seem outfield and have that range that speed the athleticism and the addition of throwing baseballs so. I don't know that anyone overshadows Jackie's ability of some of you two very good place last night in sort of fill me in the can be highlight real. And I I love conversation about center field because they bloat ware does he stack of Karen Mayer words and stack up. You know with with Clark. I don't receive Jackie leaving his feet and when he does that might be for a slide. Larger part because of his reasons routes are so precise. We don't see the acrobatic. Catches or their crash brown type catches that others will show I think it's because of jackets precision in the outfield. It happens easier for her. When you're popular last night was Chris Young who got a couple hits or that now the two hole. What that balance for you were you know for his career he has always crushed lefties but to this season in particular. Has been a struggle than going into last night it was 187 against lefties. So what that balance like knowing what guys suffers career but also were pretty late in the season and he hasn't been as good you know it's clear that the there's the splits are reversed this year you know this again that was six and all of Major League Baseball last year production and PS against. A left handed pitching that's not the case this year. And he's worked hard trying to get that get this link to me it's more plate coverage away when left handers so the ball away from him more or there's a sinking action. At times is bad habits in the strikes are much where you see some balls in the air without the line drive impact that he's shown as you mentioned of course was career. Where we've come to that the balance of this is you know we're gonna point obviously with that you know and 181718. Games remaining. We we know where we are understandings we we know what lies ahead of us and yet we've got to equip ourselves. To the best of our abilities there's no. You know proclamation on any roster. Be on the regular season and that is here. But you look at you look very closely at who was wearing about what all the time who storm ball low but aren't those the final adjustments. And on the roles that will be that's doubtful for. We have at times this year questioned you about the aggressiveness on the base paths for your team and running and outs. I thought we saw a couple of examples last night of that aggressiveness paying off. Rock field devers going to third base and hit to right field forcing what was and an errant throw in and good heady. Hustling base running are those the examples you hold out your team and say this is what we were trying to force. But without a doubt I think any time that there's an example. And and I'll be out of the Dell it's not always culminating in it in safe call. Because there are examples where it's a very good aggressive decision to be made and that may result in and out at times. Put the thing that we continually promote and they can you know the environment and attitude that you try to create space as it is aggressiveness yes it's calculated it's it's Smart. And I think over the past 68 weeks we've been much better that the higher success rate in terms of are stolen bases there. The the ability to put pressure on the defense is there that's a characteristic that which continually try to drive home toward us. Are there ripping on the question of going somewhere trust me. Just to think of the tell me that best baseball team at any level that you've been a part where the spotlight while they have alone Tony overall. Right but what would we if it was 2013. We just felt like. We'll figured out I don't know how they get it done get it done tonight. With a college if you're if you're while you were never in college it was records you know 65 and eight. If you if you go back to was gone Cleveland right now. It's Phnom. And you can point to the pitching as the primary reason. Last makes their twentieth consecutive win. Eighteen of those wins have been by starting pitchers. That in and of itself that every night starters don't out of bound keep the game to control the offense given what they. Those starter has not give it back. In their bullpen slips and slams dorsal. You know can score one run two run two runs of thirteen as they've done of those one games. It's remarkable. And at a level that you know went on many nights did the separation isn't that great between teams and yet they're doing it for twenty consecutive. And their head for three here today it's it's remarkable moment now sort their managers you know players there's enough happening laughs. Yeah right not back if you you I don't already know they're not politics thing I think it's gotten a point where I'd ever to quote from him today that he's an. I thought it was you know it's not argue great cloud of an awful. I've been called a hell of a lot of things cannot break. But. You know what. No it's you don't yeah there's a lot of superstition that's come into play and he's not getting outside the box right now. Every week we got to ask you what the update is David Price how're things going with him and are we running out of time here at the authority. September 13 no I wouldn't say running at a time he's got a three innings in game here and roughly fifty minutes that'll start up so there's been some really encouraging developments over the last couple weeks of progression from his throwing program out to long toss to the mound. And now his second outing in the simulated game situations so today's today's kind of a marker that we've set would David that after we get through today. Will have a chance to sit down and talk as a group with him you know having a major part and weighing in on this and and what does the path that we choose to go from here. We recognize the counter record recognize if you take the starter. Path what what realistically lies ahead because it's going to be in Sydney Games additional cent gain instant continue to build him out soon. You know a more. A higher number of pitches and there's going to be 45 today if you take the reliever route. Is activated sooner and get in the game action. As the two leading type of reliever so these are things that we need to weigh out but more importantly. What's best for David himself that's what will be the. The priority Allison is that decision between starter and reliever bode well will today determine that or is that something still a little factor into it yeah. I was just out a few minutes go watching the extra Oakland a's taking some early BP and it kind of leads us to our. Question of the week for manager John Ferrell brought you right Cumberland farms 99 cent farmhouse blend iced coffee. Today's question comes from Brian beaten of lay and he says. With the expanded rosters how do you keep your bench players shark when these rosters are expanded the way. Well there there's two very different environment right now we're word deep into a pennant race that's while there are extra players here. That you have early works so in other words at 3 o'clock every afternoon and there's a full blown work out that's going on with. A defense workers extra BP with with the extra players. In terms of what the benches I still view our bench. Maybe with the addition of San Travis included in that group as the saying group that's been here all year so while you have Blake's why hurt. As a way to win. In and a couple of the pictures. With all due respect and for them they're here. But we have not lost sight arm what our priority is and that is the windows division. And if you have opportunities to get exposure in the game with some of those guys when the game is in hand wolf will look to do that so. Right now it's a lot of work early before normal BP takes place. I'm sure you claim a picture off waivers on June 22 June 23. You don't think that the guy will figure prominently into your post season plans. As Doug Fister already earned that award he hasn't what does he do to I know you gotta gotta take your business on us up but it. Are are you allowing yourself to think that way now about this there he. Obviously the short quick cares about this just keep doing what you don't. All else will take care of itself. But when you look at the last five starts in particular. He he's been a godsend to our rotation to this team when we've gone through a stretch of the rotation or two terms where we've scuffled he's been the one guy that has been. The model of consistency deep in the games lol runs allowed. Each game is kind of a similar blueprint that if he gets in the first inning without too much damage but he settled in any and he's pitched. Great baseball through seven innings so. I think it just goes to show you that. Pitcher and can come from anywhere and any time. In his prime example but there's a lot of the a lot of history a lot of success post season and otherwise and he just need to find some adjustments some subtle adjustments and deliver to get locked back in and he's doing. And you're obviously try to win games here in the middle of September but that doesn't stop awesome radio a lot of fans talking but the post season like Michael brought up. I'm curious Chris Sale and his ability to pitch on three days' rest is that something that you use and begin begun to discuss with him or know. No I ultimately is that there's been no discussions about be on the regular season with any of our players. Eight and we set our focus and what I really feel home. Confident and good about our team that. We've done a very good job of focusing on what today is. Despite some tough losses than before and there's been a number of examples of that so. Well we haven't changed our mind set and today is revealed that about. Lineup for tonight maybe get an idea which can go yeah Hugo with with Eduardo Nunez situation and you know we've we've mentioned the other day he's going to be re checked in and week he he's improving. But with the injury that he's going through running is going to be the biggest thing that will determine here in a week's time. So that leadoff spot that one to spot in the order were peavy was leadoff spot last night after a bogey game on base four times was really positive sign. So have bogey back in the leadoff spot tonight with some speed PD in the two hole who after the time that he's missed. You look at the timing at the plate and he swung the bat very well also. Leo who's got Fister tonight on the plate in everyone else's same on the infield. We appreciate time as always thanks okay let's talk to next week Red Sox manager John Ferrell joining us here on Sports Radio W media.