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Wednesday, September 13th

Hour #1 and we're all Sox... Bradfo and Eck, John Farrell joins us, David Price, and Sox rotation talk.


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The key to what went wrong. And it happens all the time and Michael Wright when we're wrong you have to all of it much the same way Michael when he's wrong he always does it more the incentive out of the all it's always and we don't know all the that we don't always go where. You can come up for example where the wrong recently. There you can build bill Belichick's going to be great on Monday thing the now what. Eddie are you there. Yeah it's okay and that was Monday Bill Belichick was. And what's Friday when we discussed it right yet though Andy can and cannot testify now he's been here any longer get a W yeah how many years now. I'd rather not discuss it. Hello I'm okay that's a part of the show unbelievably arrogant I don't know Rwandan. And apparently that Teddy yeah yeah like that out destructive phase and the is one of the best. Natalie at the station one of the best in the city in the industry so he has great judgment he's very talented but he does what is sitting in my work or an anathema achievements on what kind of thing. I'm trying to say is that indeed the man. Been around for a long time. So he decided that at 545 on Monday. We need to replace Bill Belichick who's acted so I'm not saying. I don't. So and I don't think that's what you meant a product I really don't yet know when not to alienate a lot of effort trying to upgrade at that field and you know what I feel expert have you truck without Michael right but think about that's about please remember when I said he doesn't hold it bodies on the year honor that's the prosecution rests its over his clothes and replace it went pretty bad things on the radio those if you want your Kovalchuk and threaten Weathers talk about field experts or not that's what they wanna hear the field expert. There are several to all of a sudden he got there they are scoring runs in bunches of the problem now let's say this if it all of a sudden at the same time Sander Bogart smoky bad start get hot same time. And pretty good about you know this team going forward. At least compared to that stretch where you don't nobody was hitting the what you thought they would guys were all. Nobody in power nobody sickness smoky Allison is it. Screw that I'm just and just knock it all over the park look to stars those two guys that happened that two of the most important guys in the lineup and how different doesn't look. You voted pets is playing it in two home runs overnight but if he's. Giving you that kind of player not having these big slumps or were were saying yesterday of one homegrown and over a month. A threatened to last night so we know what he's capable of we saw him play all last year Saber Bogart's a guy who early in the season is red hot. And as a couple really bad months but. In his career but it's a short career so far but. He's had some really good September's and they're gonna need another one out of him there if there and expect to go far I got to give credit where credit is due because when he was gold for those two months of misery. He insane. In you know her well now he's admit that it was bad that they hand has been bad but that it's feeling much better now. When he was when he was struggling he didn't use it as an excuse he didn't trotted out there now that he says it's better he said all right yeah I was having troubles out. So he he was he was reeling except that criticisms that I'm looking for mom and dad in the broadcast Booth on and I think about I got appetite of any night beat the quota of September so far only. Thirteen days in the September right now that's my favorite one that the leader that I had a field expert. Let's take a look at chart at the end let's get credit where credit is a man rob Bradford was the only person who's gotten to talk about this now apparently what it entailed was. I guess right sits him. If it. Right yet he is he ready to tell somebody about it. Which is great and knew it was tremendous and and rob happens to be the one that that he spoke whether it's available podcast. A favorite clips of it throughout the day you're not hurt the entire thing but. Very candid just what you want to what you expected to be abrupt right after he went back in the Booth we were wondering. If you get a little bit different it was like that you're the first Guerrero he was but now he's back I think I appear in a boat only in. The now so when that after it happens. Com what do you feel on what do you feel one right after it happened. I was too humiliated to be honest here and you guys as far as talking about this I've never said anything. And I'm you're the first person I've really talked to a we appreciate that yeah and it's because I don't wanna make it anything more than it is. Humiliated. Humiliated yet. During baseball hall of Famer. In your being operated. By that guy on a plane today picture on a plane. Take it knows everybody I'm David Price is one of the thirty finalists for the Marvin Miller man of the year award a man of the year I think we talk about that we don't talk enough about who he is the person to get the known I'd I would yeah. What makes them tick may be at a time again I can I know some dog walkers but it needn't Astro. You win you're like your own dog or somebody else is on what your thoughts go active rob their product and I'll be back after that is true right now. It's probably how strange look let's be honest a victory of god it's Dennis Becker's Lee had chosen to pastors that it that way if you've chosen to he couldn't. Every David Price in this town EDT that saying anything and David Price got buried. If Eck had gone after him and he didn't talk about it he won talked about it one brief comment with with OB. You know on a telecast right after and then move on he couldn't bury David Price in this town if you want it. Because let's be arrested and it was like nine out of one any. In favor back the very few people editors please back on even the the few that are out there that that don't want him on the broadcast even they couldn't defend prices don't agree in any all backlash against price. So that doing. Now you are this price and others do you think this brick right do you think this brings the story back or it's it that way behind us. Now I don't think it brings it back you know there are four games with his eighteen to play. And so we're positioned to nail down AL east the schedule is pretty soft. In these next eighteen games so associate price here at home president were in that's an eighteen games and was up John Ferrell a little bit. I'd start to wonder what what can you reasonably expect from David Price. No fewer than three weeks left in the season. And he hasn't we haven't seen them in a regular season game he simulated games. Gonna throw three is on the today game here today I went out earlier to CB was he was doing it. And the the extra Oakland a's on the roster though in early BP's those of. You whoever we're saying okay simulated game. That that might interest in its. And it sucked to watch it does it did you put that inside baseball inside inside baseball. And soul. Boring. If it's it's imaginative play war. You know we've got to bring your cost I was possibly that it ever hit that got in the play by play on it just ran out of I think I guess I gotta you gotta bring that in yeah ever again. Because you know you're just you know you're pretending it's real and it's awful so it doesn't really tell you just don't do that. You know guys able to throw the baseball worry he knows it odd that it would do. And I think it look at how bounces back just from throwing but McCain situation now. Real quick exit rate your voice announces. Five minutes time it back out there were leaders throw all your pitches Dora amount that would ultimately of these expert on all basic. Long long and it had a challenge the and that I'll run don't run they don't run. Close others not what you again I mean you wonder if if in the back of their mind they hold out hope that they could get him ready for rotation spot. Because it's Eduardo Rodriguez performance last night notwithstanding he what's his first win since may 26. We RD note that the defending Cy Young award winner reports LO at seventeen losses and looks lost out there. You've got three starters right now we feel confident again which is fine I think it a five game series. But if you were able to link it with seven game series at that fourth starter. Wouldn't you rather hole that you could get price ready for that rather than topics now or sell or Rodriguez. I've I trust them both. More than price right now just because we haven't seen them. And you can't just like bring up by bringing god back basins are you bringing him back based on his reputation at this point. You have no idea what you gonna get so you're. You are your projecting got to account to god like David Price and and doctor talked about last week how amazing the an athlete he is where he can he offer that in my time get to the amount. And still be accurate so that's cool that's very yeah special athlete needs that for most of his career has been a top rotation starter but. To have them be up for a long time and it thrown back out there and say yet to get thing I don't trust it. That the personal. Astros that don't don't not yet. If they got to get some seventy answers first. Because I sadness that I didn't mind the five game right that you you win if you win that you sort of see how the guys are going there and whether or not Chris Sale and come back on short rest or you can't do it. Maybe you can just piece that fourth team together overtimes we watched the playoff game. Whether the Red Sox or somebody else will start a guy. He goes three and two thirds vote art rather close game you're your gut without doubt the bullpen game and video Veba a starter in the bullpen he gives you another three innings. And it just doesn't look like you're traditional game. But there's somebody pitching changes in the playoffs now but behind you you do with a at least a game for. Especially in the deciding game. You know I'll I everybody starter about it Raymond you know the guy doesn't have it you know I think I may not have even given up around. Right please don't you know that are a couple guys on base two on nobody out it can't expect going to be trouble are you you don't have it let's go to the next night. While offensively. Them. After temporary thing I'd say because they kill the Oakland days you know I mean they've scored double digits against the a's all four times they've played them this year. They care the last four times they they just tortured esteem. Guilt that they stink about it and and I get news for you except for the last four games of the regular season against Houston. Everybody else stinks that the Red Sox play too. It seems like they're kind of locked in to where they are the president because they believe last checked their brief five games behind Houston for the second overall seeds are there for home field in the limited answers to Mecca but also the four game lead over the Yankees I don't feel it gonna catch him. So they're kind of locked in to winning the division again which is great. But also starting answers on the road but I'd be surprised now. A team to go on a 21 game winning streak or they go on AO lose a big losing streak won the two teams coordinate things could change but the way things plodding along it Dale's point about the schedule. Not very tough and then you might even start that final four answers with the Astros. The Astros up five games. It means nothing that's our kids are literally nobody I turn into a AAA series that Astros are up by two games also and I got them out you play that I would say yes I would they got doll last year but we have both teams playing to avoid the Cleveland Indians. Inaudible they both would in the next series in other words the play that series. So that you know you're kind of hoping you can avoid Cleveland some what don't you play it the way I think it play out it'll be locked in at number wonder if they'll get the wildcard team so it's got to be. Red Sox Astros get for potentially nine straight games the question is those first four. You know wrapping up the regular season did it matter to us home field going to be on the line. Last year they didn't really care about home field the way they played the last being the clinch. It includes a loss yeah they played all their scrubs the next day so wasn't that important to on the Toronto came in and and really really play well and it backfired let's face it got backfired on the can use those games at home start answers from them they were one of Buick all the better about it so they showed it. I would think they should go for but a lot has to happen between now and then so. It's pretty self evident obviously Chris Sale starts game yes we'll start in two parents. Tolerance for sure not to Geist on tonight. I got him and I'd buy three on each he's definitely in yesterday's yet absolute like yeah he's Robert Palmer it's too Fister three. And then look around our girls maybe you'll need for it before it's a great problem to have at that point because that user in the ALCS. And maybe start at war Rodriguez given very quick note that edit the plan right now are down already or force alone would at the dollar breach and have what three more starts. So maybe you just whoever hotter Palmer it's our ups are or solo or Rodriguez that guy in that getting your game four. Of public elements in between game winning streak earlier Cleveland Indians. Are up 4343. Europe for one and tigers got low action. So. Four to three after after six. Nick goody. Just shut down there tonight nick goody. Open at play here on Michael air it'd make up appreciate you I'm sorry it's not the middle of the sixth and both windows and it's yeah. Yeah it's gonna just I'm bitter and details in this it was all good for a minute so. It's gonna go to our parents and analyze him for your job but yeah. I. I don't have one. Of the play by play. Well although I did hear Gary to late this morning I'm not getting the Bruins radio play liked what yeah. He Eddie. You heard that news yesterday again who's getting it. It's not enough backyard now beat her about it I heard that he wondered yeah it really adds you're on now but I know law. Are they well whether I can apply to people who haven't done hockey wanna job to know that. What Gary did say this morning so I don't that's not I don't have to look at night and went well. I'm not commenting is god sort you're not getting the Bruins play rightly job on radio there are on radio. So there on our soon to be one base and sister station and let's go we've heard out. And here you tell me if you're not on our system right yeah now so how'd that work. I don't know that I know what because here's the school for Jerry. Or at. Wrong I. There's not wrong you know I like working guys I guess I haven't talked to anybody over there righted applied for the job. So I hope he technically every right I'm getting the job. They go to breaking news assortment. Of a man night you know I don't know. It lives getting out you know I don't know each attempt act Chicago. Chicago really. Getting the Bruins I actually set are clueless when we goat can do it goes I don't know. Freestyle Monday Republicans is whether it's when I like. So. The only night got to tip your cap for those who don't know Archos has gone out to Vegas. 28 allegedly do TV you've got to play makers settled right. So he's gone and there's an opening there with his back up when he when he wasn't try to bribe jobs and missile lock. Brian Johnston did maybe four games that I rumors that he loves he's another guy that works there part time but then he's the villain he's on atrial stuff. You know who you know could do. Green. Granted it. Like I've got he's got a job that you Bustamante to replace. In the mostly radio office Celtics now ethnic radio a lot of moving piece I was part of the parts and doing Bruins yet got into the Bruins and then idiotic octagon. But I love hockey you know I don't know that he give up the Celtics but this the real reason why the owns not taking that job unless it was what the real reason. What does that take them to go which was haunted him. And he goes back. I. I have to do it god if the general manager or what kind of I don't know. One of the reasons you're right the other reason is it. You know I guess I'll detail there on everyone's attitude. And that's out of it. Head coach that I think that as the quick aside and since we just played the sports pulpit yeah he has not said publicly. He's talk about stating the station all Aurora. Oh no other out at Needham started Craig carton and always sort of on the sidelines all the networks are now you know it's as though he has said. Then. Lehman. He's yet he's got to come back at me one more shows like that of us don't publish those left. And three they need to get dog back there on the a lot of sand which is to be the earth and went to six Jake got to get dog back via. They're they're troubles the car Tuesday that you know you'll through these allegations that all she put out a release that said yes it has not oh loss its chances and I. Based on just the stuff like red so far all while I have two words for Craig carton. Plea deal. Immediately hopes to words I'd have based on what are they still welcome back though apparently Andy was saying it is not something that you can. You couldn't have been on and then just talked to the Everyman operatives were trio of no big deal hoping to fly. It's great especially when human nature and Alia. Eight. Yeah now he he suffers from two rats whose son suffers from two rats. He put together this foundation to benefit a rat talked race the hold onto money but now of the money went to to rest. Well that's. How do you explain now on the way. Down to it so there they might lose what they're happy to advance those few best person now as we go on. The princess. Take them to go which was on the dude but yet there's no doubt get a big boost which was arguing that. Like that what it's operated it would be it company man here and help the team. Come on I'll write that thing my company's share them in one. Of the coupled with their right of the comma yet to happen so he has he opened the door. The good the might be willing to say the boat we had our eyes. Look out our programming without the two. Retires our friend farmhouse pointed out. None are not out back at our editors got out and back activists back. Pardons the guys that the countdown for Francis will be leaving now for instance is it arrives at NC state because of maybe he's. It was on countdown. Is different that the public good but count them. Yeah that is which is that the point bathtubs replay this is looking for Obama without the waters for a fifth on the Yankees here waters here yeah. I'm not it's very vivid and he inherited that you're gonna regard to. Oh. An influence on Obama. So we're down here Fenway Park Red Sox tonight against the Oakland a's on Wednesday when their home we got here we talked to the manager John Ferrell. He'll. Brad that golf cart on the down the aisle here in just a little bit. John Ferrell coming up just few minutes dale and Holley with key plot at Fenway Sports Radio WE. Why would you least transmitting. Naked photo of yourself. What is the point. Got here at Fenway Park if we are each and every Wednesday when the Red Sox are home with the Sox. And the Oakland days tonight game towards their series Sox had a day off Monday played last night. Game two tonight. Every Wednesday we talked to the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Farrell he's brought to you by our belly insurance town fair tire. And Cumberland farms 99 cent farm house blend iced coffee John how are on them okay are you great eleven runs makes the whole day brighter death now. Ya and you know what's been really interesting and very encouraging to see is that we've scored some runs early and small games so we've been able to do. You know maybe control the total number of pitches so much starters Salem pom rants. In more importantly an equal to that is. You know the fact that they've gone out and pitch with a little bit believes so distressed each one of those pitches and they either. A tie game one run game whatever might be our look is a little bit last. So that's worked in our advantage over the last 56 games and homes there. Before last night you know look at the great performance from rookie best two home runs via the triple there and he's doing his thing. How much you mean I think it's great how would you characterize this season yet describe it before he kind of went off. An impact on on every side of the ball defensively problem top outfielder baseball. Base running a well above average if not an impact HR offensively inconsistent. You know you look at the the batting average of the production but nobody on that you look at it a men's or position. There's some wide gaps there. I think because smoking is such a conscientious guy and wants to do well he takes a lot upon himself. And I think when which doubled to score some runs he tried to do a little bit more as a result you saw him rushing out to get some pitches. Media out ahead of himself. Where is when you look at last night which to me is a snapshot of what he's done in the past two years. Lets the ball traveled Lieberman strikes on a much more balanced the bat speed is there at the hard contact is there are so. You know last night system because back to the consistency but clearly. The ability to impact the game on all phases figures in Gary tuchman is defense because we think defensive outfielders for the Red Sox automatically go to Jackie Bradley juniors they. Bradley's. Broad center field it's kind of overshadows. What you've done right heel. Yeah and I would even say that that's the case for all three we've got through some of Steelers playing the outfield were fortunate to be in a position where we've got guys that have tremendous range their ability throw the baseball stands out above. All others as a group you don't come across three outfielders and seem outfield and have that range that speed the athleticism and the addition of thrown a baseball so. I don't know that anyone overshadows Jackie's ability of some of you two very good place last night in sort of fill me in the can be highlight real. And I I love conversation about center field because they bloat ware does he stack of care Meyer words and stack up. You know with with Clark. I don't know receive Jackie leaving his feet and when he does that might be for a slide. Larger part because of his reasons routes are so precise. We don't see the acrobatic. Catches or the crash brown type catches that others will show I think it's because of jackets precision in the outfield. It happens easier for her. When you're popular last night was Chris Young who got a couple hits Horry hit another tool. What that balance for you where you know for his career he has always crushed lefties but to this season in particular. Has been a struggle than going into last night it was 187 against lefties. So what that balance like knowing what got them first career but also were pretty late in the season and he hasn't been as good you know it's clear that the there's the splits are reversed this year you know this again that was six and all of Major League Baseball last year production and PS against. A left handed pitching that's not the case this year. And he's worked hard trying to get that get this link to me it's more plate coverage away when left handers so the ball away from him more or there's a sinking action. At times is bad habits in the strikes are much where you see some balls in the air without the line drive impact that he's shown as you mentioned of course was career. Where we've come to that the balance of this is you know we're gonna point obviously with that you know and 181718. Games remaining. We we know where we are understandings we we know what lies ahead of us and yet we've got to equip ourselves. To the best of our abilities there's no. You know proclamation on any roster. Be on the regular season and that is here. But you look at you look very closely at who swearing about what all the time who storm ball while the aren't those the final adjustments. And on the roles that will be that's doubtful for. We have at times this year questioned you about the aggressiveness on the base paths for your team and running and outs. I thought we saw a couple of examples last night of that aggressiveness paying off. Rock field devers going to third base on the hit to right field forcing what was and an errant throw in and good heady. Hustling base running are those the example you hold out your team and say this is what we were trying to force. But without a doubt I think any time that there's an example. And and the house of the doubt it's not always culminating in in safe call. Because there are examples where it's a very good aggressive decision to be made and that may result in and out at times. But the thing that we continually promote and they can you know the environment and attitude that you try to create space as it is aggressiveness yes it's calculated it's it's Smart. And I think over the past 68 weeks we've been much better that the higher success rate in terms of or stolen bases is there. The the ability to put pressure on the defense is there that's a characteristic that which continually try to drive home toward us. Are there written on this question I'm going from where trust me. Is to think the tell me that best. Baseball team at any level you've been part. We just like. While they have low and Tony and overall. Right but what would we it was 2013 with 2007 we just felt like. We'll figured out I don't know how they get it done get it done tonight. With a college if you're if you're while you were never in college it was records of you know 65 and eight. If you if you go back to was gone Cleveland right now. It's Phnom. And you can point to the pitching as the primary reason. Last nicer twentieth consecutive win. Eighteen of those wins have been by starting pitchers. That in and of itself that every night started going out for them and keep the game to control the offense given what they. Those starter has not give it back. In their bullpen slips and slams dorsal. You know can score one run two run two runs of thirteen as they've done of those one games. It's remarkable. And at a level that you went on many nights did the separation isn't that great between teams and yet they're doing it for twenty consecutive. And their head for three here today it's it's remarkable moment now sort their managers you know there users in having laughs. Yeah right not back if you news toward you know there's no politics thing I think it's gotten a point where I'd ever to quote from him today that he's an. I thought it was you know it's not argue great cloud of an awful. I've been called help a lot of things cannot break. But. You know what no it's you don't yeah there's a lot of superstition that's come into play and he's not getting outside the box right now. Every week we got to ask you what the update is David Price how're things going with him and are we running at a time years authority. September 13 no I wouldn't say running at a time he's got a three innings in game here in roughly fifty minutes that'll start up so there's been some really encouraging developments over the last couple weeks of progression from his throwing program up to won't cost them to the mound. And now his second outing in the simulated game situations so today's today's kind of a marker that we've set would David that after we get through today. Will have a chance to sit down and talk as a group with him you know having a major part and weighing in on this and and what is the path that we choose to go from here. We recognize the counter record recognize if you take the starter. Path what what realistically lies ahead because it's going to be in Sydney Games additional cent gain instant continue to build him out soon. You know a more. A higher number of pitches and there's going to be 45 today. If you take the reliever route that he is activated sooner and get in the game action. As a two any type of reliever so these are things that we need to weigh out but more importantly. What's best for David himself that's what will be the. The priority Allison is that decision between starter and reliever bode well will today determine that or is that something still illegal factor into it yeah. I was just out a few minutes go watching the extra Oakland a's taking some early BP and it kind of leads us to our. Question of the week for manager John Ferrell brought you right Cumberland farms 99 cent farmhouse blend iced coffee. Today's question comes from Brian beaten of lay and he says. With the expanded rosters how do you keep your bench players shark when these rosters are expanded the way to. Well there there's two very different environment right now we're word deep into a pennant race that while there are extra players here. That you have early works so in other words at 3 o'clock every afternoon and there's a full blown work out that's going on with. A defense of work to text of BP with with the extra players. In terms of what the benches I still view our bench. Maybe with the addition of San Travis included in that group as the same group that's been here all year so while you have Blake's why hurt. As a way to win. In and a couple of the pictures. With all due respect and for them they're here. But we have not lost sight arm what our priority is and that is the windows division. And if you have opportunities to get exposure in the game with some of those guys when the game is in hand wolf will look to do that so. Right now it's a lot of work early before normal BP takes place. I'm sure you claim a picture off waivers on June 22 June 23. You don't think that the guy will figure prominently into your post season plans. As Doug Fister already earned that award he hasn't what does he do to I know you gotta gotta take your business on us up but it. Are are you allowing yourself to think that way now about this year he. Obviously the short quick cares about is just keep doing what you don't. All else will take care of itself. But when you look at the last five starts in particular. He he's been a godsend or rotation to this team when we've got through a stretch of the rotation or two turns where we've scuffled he's been the one guy that has been. The model of consistency deep in the games lol runs allowed. Each game is kind of a similar blueprint that if he gets in the first inning without too much damage but he settled in any and he's pitched. Great baseball through seven innings so. I think it just goes to show you that. Pitcher and can come from anywhere and anytime. In his prime example but there's a lot of that a lot of history a lot of success post season and otherwise it may just need to find some adjustments some subtle adjustments and deliver to get locked back in and he's doing. And you're obviously try to win games here in the middle of September but that doesn't stop awesome radio a lot of fans talking but the post season like Michael brought up. I'm curious Chris Sale and his ability to pitch on three days' rest is that something that you use and begin begun to discuss with him more now. No I ultimately is that there's been no discussions about be on the regular season with any players. ID and likes our focus and what I really field. Confident and good about our team that. We've done a very good job of focusing on what today is. Despite some tough losses than before. And there's been a number of examples of matzo. Well we haven't changed our mind set and today is really don't think about. Lineup for tonight maybe get an idea which can go yeah Hugo with with Eduardo Nunez situation and you know we've we've mentioned the other day he's going to be re checked in and week he he's improving. But with the injury that is going through running is going to be the biggest thing that will determine here in a week's time. So that leadoff spot that one to spot in the order were peavy was leadoff spot last night after a bogey getting on base four times was it really positive sign. So have bogeyed back in the leadoff spot tonight with some speed PD in the two hole who after the time that he's missed. You look at the timing at the plate and he swung the bat very well also. Leo who's got Fister tonight on the plate in everyone else's same on the infield. We appreciate time as always thanks okay let's talk to next week Red Sox manager John Ferrell joining us here on Sports Radio W media. Oh yeah. Six point 77797937. This telephone number. 37937. Were down here at that point arc. Whatever the Red Sox are home on Wednesday as you heard John Ferrell save about 330. David Price is scheduled for lay out a simulated. Game about 45 pitches three innings the erratically. We actually have a video hookup down here where we can watch it. In R&R center field studios we want to. And I'll be curious to see because it's it's you guys were saying. You know you're you're kind of fish or cut bait time here and and today may determine. Whether they think David Price has chance to pitch in the playoffs and look adjusting to those talking about how they can decide starter or reliever I'm surprised starter still even on the table. Because he thought the difference between our 65 pitches were getting up to ninety pitches wherever else I would think you'd be so much easier to get back. Are your pitch and inning to Max heard them talking about this earlier today and obviously price has been primarily a starter throughout the course of his career he set some relief appearances in the playoffs. One against the Red Sox that we can remember but usually of a starting pitcher. Loose at maybe you'd just be better off telling him you know what David you're gonna start the game. You give us whatever you can give us if it's three innings if it's four innings will bring Hector Velasquez in you know tip to back you lopped which you just give us as much as you can give us. With your normal routines started a game that sort of thing and he said maybe that would be the best that but you wouldn't do that in the hailed the yes we are out and get three guys better than him. Right now at least three guys I don't know. Nervous about this in terms of what you can expect to get the lieutenant so with with David Price. He should be based on all everything he's accomplished in his career he should either be your best or second best start. Look at you know in his career. Increased sales career and put sale one based on what he's done. This year and in his career that you put price to. You know him being priced out for awhile so I have pretty good idea what I get from two Palmer has not expecting an eight inning game I'm expecting. Pretty good production for either five to 36 innings. Palmer. I'm expecting but it's a good solid game from doctors. Yeah it hurt I have no idea David Price is much better career wise and Doug Fister and Palmer but. Who knows if the ground at that they. They all hopeful era but it is that's roughed it can't find out in the plant up buyouts and just brand and I kept going. It's playoff record as it is not great and it could just be went to Europe politically and gases. Question maybe a month ago how many starts you wanna see in the regular season of David Price for it before to get it up or about the playoffs. More than one right in the way things are going at eighteen games left me sort of simulated game today. So we know won't be ready tomorrow or inaugurated after that so I'm sort of indicated there would be at least another Boston game the two games. The hawk and you possibly have him ready to start without doubt he pretty remarkable and I you might only get one ready throws in the in the Houston series. And then you get a get in the plant but that's all I I would leave. Total aside here but now I get the feeling that Corey clue may have. Take in the Cy Young award with Chris Sale hear me ask you politics zone are states obviously you know you look at his numbers. The only great over the sale now leafed clover is strikeouts might be that hasn't been a couple more starts with clippers K rate is still religious right I think I think he missed the couple starts or wouldn't on the DL maybe Debra efforts the. And that is why I just like a runaway advocates who have to 78 to forty rights and there has recorded it and a gated that is what you wrap your mind around this. Chris sails whip is pretty good under one point 95. Clippers. Point eight cent. Point. Absolutely wild and it this is how it happens if it if my memory is it that's with me you know meter maids correctly you know we do. So about it. I'll left thumb about 65%. If I lesson. I expect that very. I think that'll last time because 88 tie the eighties last night Indians it would there twentieth straight. American League record. So I think the last time eighties with pat that I think year to win in BP. You know two time in jail for. He may well have humvee I don't feel like ode to. That that hot team. Kind of coincided with the MVP but maybe maybe abroad are only reason I bring that up it's. What the team counteract it everybody's attention. At this point this season with their twenty straight way and we start. Elevating certain players and I think Corey Cooper with their with their twenty game winning streak he's clearly a big part of that. So I think he gets elevated to there was top with a lot of notes to and I figured I had twenty game win streak into hot it is every night. Every night using hot highlights in eighth highlight and I think he really solidified MVP. And that's when he games street. And look salesman great okay I mean we've watched him all year long we love everything the bottom yet we can't wait for sale day and all that stuff. We don't see Corey clover every single start. He's been better. And I think he's. Begun the process of taking it away now it's not a done deal here throws it's going to be close. And Barry Zito on the side and this year so this honestly I think I'd young members he beat up Pedro so they go outside VP in the twenty game win streak and they worlds are no other time off and nowadays they don't put anything money balls overrated. All right Billy V was not about. I can't do anything let's get to the playoffs it's a game the chick book yeah. Well you bet there are not do it they just I don't percentage wise you would have thought it made a World Series appearance I think Leslie there actually did Saturday and on your own the number I don't apply anymore I'll iPod owners as Michael said four game lead with eighteen to go. John Farrell wasn't a slip in any post season discussion with a snort should be by way. But I think if your rights act and based on the scheduled you've got lecture probably thinking. Yeah pretty good chances to wrap this thing up. I think so I don't know what the magic number is now in the Yankees that it will comfortably be in the playoffs to wither on the plane that went in plain admin to the Indians. It's looking like could be crazy now if there was anything other than Red Sox Astros in the divisions. Yeah and you know nobody wants to Indians in the first. We'll get that I want to nobody wants to play it one game playoff. Yeah I don't like yeah I mean I do what I don't because that is exciting and I'll watch the game. As a baseball needs stuff like that's all we'll all watch the game. But if you're a fan of the team that doesn't allow America has been reduced to your eggs in the playoffs you make the playoffs been out and he's been reduced to one game. And then your manager doesn't use the best pitcher in the game yeah but Russia halted all over. We will talk about Dennis Tankersley finally speaking about what happened with David Price and he did it would rob Bradford on the brat social pot podcast we'll get into that just few minutes we'll get your calls as well. 6177797937. As telephone never. It's gala Hollywood keep live at Fenway Sports Radio W media.