DHK - ESPN's double standard on their social media policy has people puzzled

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Wednesday, September 13th

Hour #4 and we're still talking about Jemele Hill and ESPN's social media policy.


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Fourth and final hour gala Hollywood people. Sports Radio WB yeah we're down here at Fenway Park that's what we do on Wednesday for the Red Sox are home. Are we parties both in the Red Sox manager John Farrell what happens in the first hour of the program I'll we'll bring it back fourth and final drive about 540 or thereabouts as he. Talked about David Price and is. Simulated game that he threw today and where they're gonna go from here all of that stuff coming up with barrels we spent a fair chunk of the afternoon. Try to Howell holed a reasonable discussion. About Janelle hill and the tweets that she put out ESPN's response the White House weighing in today Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling it a fire able offense. Now no response from ESPN and not the I've seen so far this afternoon to anything in the White House has said. I I already said you guys I was shocked that Janelle hill did not address it in some. Way shape or form last night I'll be more shocked if she doesn't address it tonight. Adding now aren't gonna force the new. But little bit I mean recruited wanna go there they thought that there statement was gonna be enough please ESPN did an arms are part of the conversation they had. Which mill hill was. Or to move on from this here's our statement and outdo the show what you normally do the show. Albeit the White House walls of that and a little bit different. Not a a player's standard operate they are expected they waited all by the way to develop the other White House believes he should be fired at the White House is calling for your 200 jobs. Think maybe it's 6 o'clock thing that you lead off with something there. Although. They didn't they didn't yes Hershey didn't yesterday. So many yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they just did another one where it's public those then in toilet straight. Yeah it's it's a strange thing they have going on I mean suspending Linda Cohn let's something else was happening I don't understand why he was to suspend Linda Cohn as well or her opinion. Which was a response to. General's opinion presumably now. Do you agree with cone. That they shouldn't talk politics. I'm really don't care an integrated and Andy when you think it means. Should or should not talk politics on the air yet on the during their show about your belt was twenty. I that you treat voter you want anybody at the pay the repercussions for for some of the things that you between voter we want. On the air. I would not suited to ESPN. To listen to Janelle hill or Matthew Berry or anybody else talking up all the time. Of this they were to do it for it obviously you tune in for anybody's politics anybody in the USP two and you know I I don't know now. About etiquette do other popular. I think that's fair and now it if you're running a show like this six. And and you're getting into a discussion you know that wide ranging and somehow. Politics makes its way into the discussion I mean where it's quote unquote all Sports Radio station. Yeah there are times like today where we talk some politics. It it has it has I don't. I don't mean it's been forced panels they don't want him I think he means a gun happily. And I have. We talk about it it's more how it relates to race for either actually or in this case a on air personality emit and their sort of take and then when that yes some of the calls. You are gonna sort of steer us into away but on the any of the three of us have really salute this this now I feel this is why I voted for this in this I don't that we get into it in that we have talked about dreamers we have on the the report. Care act that haven't talked talked about white supremacists we talked about. Jeff Sessions and and accusations made against him in the past. We have talked politics today. Now it it may we may have been led there by some of the callers is fine but we have talked. I've and we all have undergone a hugely successful show on the morning. But they do not a lot yet and they and they have another one rated right radio stock Schoen in Boston but the difference thousands of Austin that I would say is let's say day. Famous actress. We did the same thing that you know Hilton. My guess is the more of your guys might pick up on that much wrong with it never discussed that I feel that we would not that's fair. Rick Rhoden who cares if Angelina Jolie or if Fogg just appeal said it would that would applied or wait wait Jessica Biel. Denon was just reveal. That she's spoken. If it it and I'm serious here of trying to figure out the because I think we got about. You do what do pull on this thread you probably have seven different camps. At least get seven different camps. You have. If this if this were a white person we have something different camps and there's we heard that hundred acres and uttered a racial kept this up yes there's a political there's Democrat Republican. Yeah absolutely right which as you often just becomes black white. Yes there today but yes there's a we don't like Michael lynch him though camp and they give me something so I can just go off on them but I hate their show is that they're joking yet. Is also. Now we get down to it. What can you say about. The president or anybody talking about public. So if we if we and I'll I'll I'll I'll acknowledge all the camps are here SC over there you got all these tribes going on but let's get to that. Because that's what I wanna know when or whatnot and you saw what a park on that curve it and and worked its way. Is it that you can't say that. About the president is it that you can't say that about anybody. Yet say that without proof. What is the issue with saying that. Because I it probably. Just with a quick. Google's search by connecting people upset about presidents over the years. It probably by some pretty NAFTA vile stuff that has been said about the president and not just people in congress left but I'm talking about just in you know media wise no it. It's a great question you ask yeah I mean. Most folks I shouldn't say that a lot of people thought that Gmail hills tweets were offensive. Okay why. Because you're defending Donald Trump he's not a white supremacist remember we had a caller earlier on today. Who who you know he's he is no rain this date at all around you you can't say that about him in line. I mean Donald Trump's net Barack Obama shouldn't be president because he wasn't born in the United States. And improbably it in others and other other other things I've got to think like what what I trumps it let us. Expanded expanded beyond trump me think about what you've heard. Politicians say about other politicians what you heard commentators. From either side say not the other stuff. I think what's also out here is it it. What can be said is also depends on who is saying it in the sense that art if they stand up comedian says something crazy offensive or ever. I feel like in May not have to agree with us but you say a cast that's sort of their job that's or what they do they date total on the cross the line that's their thing. They're also sneaky kind of self employed and if you're also you run your own business and you say whatever you wanna say. You don't have to do get any kind of pushed back on it whereas if you're an employee of ESPN. And ESP and we we brought virtually been a lot today Iraqis authority. He had some things that a lot of people would find it be offensive or didn't like his tweets are certain things that he would say and he lost his job that you're looking at this case and saying. RA YY no punishment why nothing I got the big part I. That we may have with it and thank you. There while you may have let me thank you welcome to to answer I think the answer for a lot of people is ESPN. You can't do that on ESPN and maybe if that that crossing out. I don't what it ESP a person who say it and what happened what happened with Schilling before because that take you down the dial. Never take you to. MSNBC. What has been said about Donald Trump on an MSNBC in the last two years. It is it is it it. Do we have a match we have a match and MSNBC just now milk two now they'll have a match there I think she does. What has been said about what was said about Rocco bomb in his eight years. Let's can we checked and cultures be looked at last eight years. And her interviews. That we haven't that we have the equivalent. Probably so what you expected you take immediate and appropriate to me instead of political commentators sure I think. People expect political commentators to push. Expect them especially their represented your team. Your side definitely look at politics now sports. Myself. So your conservative and you're going you're being unfair. And you're not necessarily backing up your claims it's OK if only you represent. My opinion an excellent job status of these people today can't go there with you can't do what you want me to do it can't just. I'll put a hash tag audit state. That's for him. If instinctively people think of being pitched very well maybe I am that's why am I hear something from. A liberal. And I just instinctively say that about that. That's what I do you trust me nowadays you don't wanna be an adult life I hear I hear you keep an ad is Eric you don't wanna be around me when I'm reading a book. Reading the newspapers fashioned paper against all those awful. Off talking back to April. Like to quote those are my wife don't like to go somewhere else out circle in the paper that's how I am so. If if you wanted to know you know why it won't practice go flat out say. Eight Donald Trump as a white supremacist packet. He likened it say about hill should be fired now. That I need to. I can't tie it at the horse firing people for what they say stuff. Scary when you do what we do for Olympic of this I've wanted to answer that era I don't there are folks who wanted people on our radio station fired in the past but things they set right and I defended them not only because they were teammates. But because I don't believe in that. Now there were punishments. You know suspension to serve the fact that Jim L hill could say could tweak the stuff she did and in effect get nothing. Nothing happen that's phony baloney released that yet gay and put out yesterday you couldn't light a fire with that thing. There was nothing to work and I love it longer work on the democratic got a little bonnet or or say it. It's always easier to say which day. So you say we as a company. Disagree with it but you agree with it. OK maybe says look dangerous but let's say that if you say we the company. Disagree with what she says but she has her right to express that we had and we give our host. Great latitude. Two be themselves to express their personalities. Are. Which is a lie. They don't give great latitude we do now. You know how well does he got a little problem that that would the F flat out allies have because Curt Schilling went our releases dated light and so basic you gotta go. And and it could be. It could be they didn't like his politics like promise credit data could be that might pop it could be like. So that they may I believe was coming up at the policies of the policy no you don't. You don't have a pot of all the NFL they're third of them out policy and bill in jail. Somebody. Who really respect or somebody you really. OK now well. I reported on them right. Sort I don't know it may finally get real if you can't yet he says. What keeping it real goes wrong your brother. Michael Smith is your brother from another mother had told him he is use your best friend. While Democrats now are but haven't Arlen what I've tried to cover but they alliances so so that show it's on life support. I mean it has not caught on with faults it has not gotten number it has not gotten viewers it has not gotten critical success. And and I think they're scared to death that if they fired Janelle hail a show that's in trouble already could be could be you know put out of its misery. How much of let's be honest here how much of the decision on Gmail hill was based on the fact that killed show off we if we fire her here. But OK but if if if use it as you saved the show is on life support. That's my opinion by the way are you based on the numbers that is but if you say that you say that shows on life support. And they'll kill it. By firing you don't know what's the problem. But maybe they think they they have given up on it. Yes yet given up on as an idiot a year yet whether or not there they're still committed to it and they made a lot of changes in the and they went through a million changes with a with a although we'll playoffs and they had so they're committed to the show. And then maybe where to return there at the same thing or about before where. Sort of if you didn't ESPN depth chart. Would it or however you'd make it out Javelle hills towards the top and if you happen to be towards the bottom. Maybe you were talking about not just the suspension they were talking about fines and asking why she's towards the top. I don't know about the results don't justify all the 6 o'clock sports senator that. Big deal I guess right what she's not exactly helping the I don't she's not but they obviously chose her and Michael Smith to be part of that show last February. So how they came up withered after I don't know let's go let's a lot of NBA and NFL teams look at their detriment I don't know why that guy starting that you you don't really get it. But they obviously felt that way and I'm guessing it hasn't changed even with the with the ratings not being great they're still out there aren't they pulled the plug on after a couple of months. It's I don't know if financially that's auditor that I don't know what the reasoning is but it they're still committed they want to at least see it through the. Yeah and I agree with you top of the depth chart I'd I would say if you look at it if you're breaking down I would say for them. I've seen Stephen is way up there cheer for them Jon Gruden. You know go on based on his pay and and based on the prominence of of Monday Night Football. Mike and Tony. Yeah he's gotten way out there. Chanel hill Michael Smith and there is it'll help me. That don't yeah very good night they'd let it goes on and so I think that that's part it's an up close and yesterday dale. If they are at it if you have to get down to like the thirties. Forties and ESPN. A cure what that person's IQ IQ who they are what you look like. I don't care if if if your mom and dad. Our our African American and your dad why your mama black in a matter if you're like number thirty on the depth chart. You're saying is they say well what are we have invested. Why is this person causes so much trouble he. So Curt Schilling wasn't high up on the debt heck they even tell you what's on Sunday night baseball idol Wednesday right that's what was so maybe I don't. I can't I can't speak form. I don't know how they look at. But I I think that as it is corporate America now. There's not an easy answer either because if you do you fire. That agent to get something like any kind of political pain immediately half the people ordered tests. Right or right around half the people are going to be upset that she should be fired and that if she was let go how dare you are for this what happened to freedom of speech like that the last caller. So there there wasn't necessarily about fitted at a good job if it did not do the job that they're state it was terrible. But also it's not the easiest place to be there wasn't an obvious answer if your ESPN and you got to show that's not doing very well and am one of the two cohosts of the show that's not doing very well just pissed off sixty million Americans. Approximately dummy that's the number of folks who voted for the guy. But you know why don't don't you don't you last night talk about it. Don't you don't you wonder I don't know the rating will be the last night on earth says there's like 67 million Americans to put it. And maybe some that hadn't seen the show before maybe they wanted to Syria and there are what is what is yours I get a lot of heat here it she's on the air up that report yesterday. And that's why tonight I think these probably just embrace it sort of lean and totaled it you're just the White House addressed you and that's a larger beat on play the clip. Political and that they talk about it this year the whole person on this incident yet what you mentioned. At the white house press pre. All of that time generally speaking in the what you were mentioned that's not so well. Note on saying it what they're saying oh heroic. Exactly. This and yet there yet more support the White House that's gonna showed just that Bryson. Just turn over it and and Steve the ratings rule turn around them. I let's get back to the call that you guys 6177797937. Jerry's in Salem Jerry night. I did afternoon. I was listening yesterday and I've been listening today as much as it could endure all dancing around the real issue Curt Schilling was fired. And now there and abide because they can't fire her because. She they can't fire a black woman. And I can only a little leveling out monument danced around this at all Gerri we talked about it on it just. Now I did around the city to show off what that imaginary. Now. Here's an early and Jerry. Readers your call and ask me to call back. And I did when I was able to date and the phone rang and. All right so rightly did a good guy Jerry Urich up there Gerri thanks for you lied. That the show doesn't start when you turn the radio so they're quality that are happening we ought to routes to and to tell me why. What happens why can't they fire a black why not tell me. They can't fire black person in this instance because of the issues that she raised. And and and and when when it it's just it's just too they're gonna have. They're gonna have to butcher what was heard the rich keep fighting to sit people will be outraged by little they do. Oh well who is all the people who were on that side of the issue that we know and we know. There are. Government agencies and all that exist to prevent. And it all out yet. Discrimination. You can say if they want it to you at all but trust me I don't buy that a black person can't be far. I don't. I don't Jerry I don't I don't believe that but that's it that's what it. Is black or you. Jerry Jerry that's black or belief that black person to be fired up about it. Is that I always. We will outpace that that's all they could handle. The Vatican doing. They go back. The policy. Beltway policy which we don't exist right well I'll admit I thought I weep at the white guy. I'd like guy and we just like I know. Some view update. Well through the power and all that but we got policy. And did what Curt Schilling that'd do it which you know if you. Don't want to do it they don't want to fire at it because we can't fire. Through. And you crazy and it shows that it's all subjective and that way that way. But don't give me that they can't do it because the bush backed they can do whatever they want they don't want you. Yeah. Now figuring out why they don't want to it's possible we got this out on and around here another hole because the show it's good to begin quit their she's not exactly kill a bit in the ratings. I don't why don't they want to and you know locked in and you know what they're replacement would be maybe they don't have a good replacement I don't know I don't know Arnold. Six what they think. They think geez they can use to mean look at it from from there perspective. They let them how they're positioned Pena then there everybody they have been a prominent position. Based on their on their costs. They had earlier this year people Warren who were prominent positions are supposed to be there from the perspective he has in management so you look at John McDonough John gruden. We liked it. Right there that that you look at. NFL countdown crew. OK you know got Berman out there Tom Jackson out of there the people we have in place now we like them around the horn. PTI. First tape we like what we have these are. Our stars. In sports nation to. All of those shows that's the dictionary and wait and it anybody. Michelle beatle. Said something out of chutes at this she would have been fired I believe that Tony Kornheiser. White man says it he would have been fired because of where they are not let that. Let's let's stop saying well it's because that this particular that sometimes. And and and trust and overly receptive I have to get this app to get this out. You know how many times I have said. To myself because I don't want to go down that road. It didn't work out for me or somebody doesn't like me I don't think they just don't like me. They just don't like I'm not gonna think you don't like me because I'm a beautiful shade of brown stepped up its act. Let's say you don't like me and that. I believe that was the case with Curt Schilling. They had an XQ he gave them an excuse they people like them edited like politics. 6177797937. Final drive with John Ferrell coming up about twenty minutes but we'll get right back your calls here in just a couple of minutes Sports Radio WB. It. We we were gonna try to bring you a bit of audio now on Heath Evans regular on this program with a every great friend of the show. During the the football season I think it's fairly safe to say that he's leans. Fairly far to the right politically. These he's a pretty conservative guy proudly so he's not afraid to tell you that it's on not giving you any information that he wouldn't tell you himself. He put out a tweet today. Which was directed not just Jim L hill but also everybody who's out there criticizing Trammell hill. The truth is unimaginable. The big thing I'm probably using your freedom of speech. And if a matter grew frustrated anybody on Madden angry frustrated at the conservatives because. We constantly want to claim freedom of speech to to voice our opinions and and our thoughts and our feelings and beliefs and got ridiculed for them or be fired for them or not be reprimanded for them that we're doing the tides it's hard we've got all these conservatives out there on Twitter and social me it was interpreted fire fire fire or what for freedom of speech I understand it's sports and a big order mixture sports and politics but it's freedom of speech this great country gives us so. Conservatives get that got the way to play the double standard you know my alignment is mostly on the conservative side I think we can't be hypocritical we can't show the double standard so get over yourself and don't. Part of this world it's wishing for people get fired because big voiced her opinion and their beliefs. Yeah. He Evanston that's. When then thought it was pretty good. And as I said he he will freely Italian that he league sport you is and certainly as the electorate out there. By the way I and you know this was gonna happen because that they treasured grow. Somebody it's already re tweeted Donald. Third of October 2012. In which Donald Trump wrote and I quote. Obama's 07 speech which act daily caller just released not only shows that Obama is a racist. But also how the press always covers four. It used daily to those 2012 we know that the president really grown up is that your sense that it probably doesn't feel the same ways that he did another long time you knew that people were going to be other findings provide more clothes but go through. I'm more than those from. A bunch of people. On on every side air Brees died of the other side of the hour and a on the periphery of the I'll look or you know that era panoramic view elevate him. What happens. This is what happens in in in policy you bring up politics. And everybody everybody thinks their view is the right way to look at you know look at it. You're missing. Pocket you missed it. You're afraid. Your your compromise yeah if you're that. That. The elections recently. No 081216. Elections every year we keep hearing stories about out there to America. There right there America is right. 812. Or two Americas. Your Democrat that's fine. My America line a little bit at sixteen. You're American service you're America line if you would and that's about the camps tribes that drive the other tribe is. You're still mad about the election people at its futile that is still debating what happened in no error. Hillary Clinton's book that came out yesterday. Certainly fall in in line all of that is so November 2016. It's clear that. You still thinking about the election it's all over Hauser Twitter mentions known. I guess they don't there now number three of these people of good. That's that's latency yeah leveling up one winner on. You know you're full of it well that's part of the court to be honest with me until you cut it off my Twitter. Years. You're afraid to criticize. Four way. Now. Wendy's which. He said any threat but he you know bill's woman now I guess that that's not to say anything I don't. So. So he maker deleted or what what what happens most of them and there on the show the other for the money must agree that you know she'll work. Your free I am clearing out there. That you know my girl. A girl. Grows to mill hill I'm afraid to criticize her smoker. One felt last year. One sort I'd do it to the class. There's one girl in my life. Lever that and there are days. Without her liver that girl there's younger in my life that the old toddler noticed it too Booker. Okay yeah there's a woman ought. I am employed by yields. But my growth. So. Work for answers your message and I forget where we are right that. You work friends that you are going to work on Friday. My birthday. I got back a little bit. And it doesn't regret bank. Always either of us say now how did you become your mother you're here here she's in so many ways she's just like her mother's okay. You'll really be about Wednesday it harper and. You're going yeah I don't know I love her work yeah yeah do Turkey that guy you know that accurate like your months ago. I don't don't don't don't don't hold. You know black people picnic and everybody's. Don't you don't do it. I don't I don't Tyler Perry makes the best way to do but that's not the real all right don't don't do it please. What if what if you told us before Michael we are not you see him live and apathy. At the water down a bad idea. Curry yes what's a guy I always appreciate the sort of caliber conversation you bring when you start talking about this stuff. So thank you personal thank. Well I would be I'm polite guy you can probably tell about how I talk column I have. Acting collectively older African name calling it war was once in awhile and sometimes. I hear a little bit. What they have said to them and they have to kind of swallow. Because they know if they don't swallow it if they don't want to see all sorts of reasons. Our own you know and I that is if you're an accurate public figure on social media announced that much more wind. The tables get turned a little bit. It feels to me and I in this person. That as we are you know again all what people and it's. But our school so fast for something relatively speaking that so much smaller. I know. I elaborate on that outcome. I don't curious. It's I don't feel like a country which I don't like it should be controversial. You know part of going back cabinet. You know African Americans. Are stopped by police in cars at a much higher rate and you can take all of these social economic Scott. And when you when you you know across demographics across cart they drive across this crap that. African Americans are stopped at a much higher rate what. They should not be controversial. But you see me you know but some. So in fact you'll get ate some conservative commentator and there what how irritated as reverse racism population out. The numbers in the numbers. And but I feel like and you know I think you'd agree without calling Donald Trump like supremacist but she is a little bit thin skins that there. I think that's a fairly safest option broke. It that you. That is to say he he criticizes. You'll you'll criticize Chris I could say what summit comes out and it's very well how about Obama well I think. When it comes to issues of race and racism. Like people. Over generalization. What people's backs up so much faster and we are so sensitive. And it makes it hard to listen. Two realities. And facts and numbers and I'm not condone what Janelle also necessarily I've read it I I've heard a walk he. People like us but again I feel like the uproar. Is tempest it is relatively speaking it's of this. Yeah and I can't imagine crap she has to deal with. Perhaps how to deal with in her career being black and a woman amount of time she's had to bite your tongue and now when she speaks. It's as soon well. I gotta be honest I I I don't get the sense to Melville by mr. tong all that off now. And but the but the amount of crap that she deal was probably with just one we get blurred where liquor. Just the only just go take a look it will be pretty obvious Tia and and it's it's pretty ugly. Locked. The idea that someone should be fired because you don't like what they said scares the hell out of me. Scares the hell out of I don't know you know by the way scare the hell out of everybody. Racial. Summit when it works great where your guys on them there's this before after the pitchers hitters. Ball who were called that because that's going to be quite an endeavor. Now you publicly again that's all our security now that's what I have if you count the 800 aging and I lifted. Everything that happened a little off on I gotta I gotta I gotta pay considerable doubt that that path you. Got it racial summit racial summit racial summit in concert I got to Boston they. Can't do it I Claudia got off at eight dollars that the entire day it evidence be there to about parent everybody everybody can do it again so then that's a racial summit leaders law. Of course. I got to work on this. What's. That's ultimately we you know that you recognize and CJ McCollum you know hot rod I'd I at all. I think that you final drive with manager John Farrell's next Sports Radio WT.